Tuesday, July 28, 2009


It has been a bit crazy over here lately with Zac just home and trying to work out some of the details of my trip: route, boat, sponsors, etc. The whole project is still in the conversation stage right now. I would like to go non-stop, but whether or not I can do that will depend on the boat, time, and preparation time.

As for the boat, my dad is actually designing one right now. The boat will be something like a cruising class race boat. My dad is hoping to make a boat that is smaller, around 38-40 feet, so it will be easy to singlehand. Ideally, it will be faster then most cruising boats that size going 8 - 10 knots, but stronger than a sled and other racing boats.

A lot of sailors compromise their safety for speed and the goal of this boat is to not necessarily be a race boat but to be an extremely strong boat that can reach pretty high speeds.

We met with a potential solo circumnavigator who was wanting my dad to help find him a boat. He liked the idea for the new boat and thought the plans looked good.. It is really expensive to build a whole new boat, but God-willing everything will work out in the end.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sailing Solo

I plan to be leaving to sail solo around the world this time next year. For three years now I have wanted to do this trip, before my brother ever came up with the idea! Even though I did come up with the idea before Zac ever did, it is due somewhat to him that I am actually doing it now.

I had begun to think that dreams are meant to be no more than dreams and that in reality dreams don't come true. Then my brother left on his trip. It was amazing to see all the support that he got from around the world and to see how everyone worked together to help make his dream reality. Watching him do this really made me believe that I could too.

I'll be keeping a blog now to keep every one updated on my progress.