Friday, August 7, 2009

Developing Plans

A lot has happend since i last wrote and I'm hoping to be writing more regularly now that things are begining to get moving.

Last week I went with my dad and a friend to look at an Open 40. The one that we looked at won't work for the trip but there is another one that we're looking into. Open 40's are designed for single handing around the world solo. The average speed is 10-15 knots, getting all the way up to 20 knots. They are really amazing boats.

After checking one out and talking to a few people who are experts when it comes to Open boats, we pretty much decided that that is what we want to use. Though they are designed for single-handing, they are still difficult to handle and are much different from other cruising boats.

Luckily, we have a few friends that are more then willing to help out and a team of sorts is begining to form. We're all working hard to put this together and I'm very lucky to have so many people here that are just as excited as me.