Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sponsorship Update

It’s been a busy couple of weeks. I have been training constantly on and off the water. Though we have been busy, it’s been great to have a good excuse to be able to skip a few classes to go sailing. I have really been enjoying it the training (mostly.. the running I could go without :)

Since there are a lot of new people following me, I thought I would give a little overview of every thing.

I am 15 years old, I will be 16 on October 19th. I am planning to sail around the world solo non–stop and unassisted and to set the record as the youngest ever to do so.

This trip has been a dream of mine since I was thirteen. We are getting very close to having everything fall into place to make it all happen, but as close as we are, we still don’t have enough funding to buy the boat. Although I didn’t start planning things very seriously until recently, preparations have been progressing amazingly fast.

It has been quite exciting since our first press release went out. Our first major sponsor, Shoe City , came on board immediately after the first press release. We are at the point where the next step is to buy the open 40 in the Bahamas that we have decided on. The problem with that is we cant buy the boat right now due to funding. If we don’t find another major sponsor soon the whole trip could fall apart, which would be awful after all the hard work and time every one has put into it. Happily, Kauffman Sports Management Group has come on board to deal with any potential sponsors. Please contact Matt Tolnick at Kauffman Sports Management Group (310-456-5400) for more information.

With where I’m going, timing is very important. I will need to train on the boat for as long as possible before leaving. We won't purchase the boat until the trip is completely funded so timing right now is key.

We had a good sail yesterday with one of my dads friends, Peter Kokelar, Lisa Gizara the photographer. It was a lot of fun and Lisa (GizaraArts.Com) has got some great photos of the different boats I have been training.

I can’t wait for the week end. I’m going to be going out on an Open 50. It’s the most amazing boat I have ever been on!

Me on Lady K, Peters boat

This is the open 50 that I have been training on. It is pretty much the same as the boat I will be using, just ten feet bigger


  1. Wow Abby, you have a lot of exciting stuff on your plate. Thanks for the synopsis of who you are and what your goal is. I will be praying for you as I did for Zac. You go girl. It's all possible with Jesus in your pocket.

    Stay safe,
    Bend, OR

  2. keep posting your updates :-)
    and I'll keep updating my blog

  3. Your slow & cautious planning is amazing! It's clear that you & your family are teachable and constantly able to grow from the lessons that the L-rd places in your paths.

    It's great that you're taking it slow now, so that you'll be able to fly when you're surfing down the swells later.

    Still praying Numbers 6:24-26
    Mouse in Whittier

    Buy "Death and Coffee" here!

  4. Great update, Abby! Glad you are training hard and enjoying it. I hope that a sponsor arrives soon - I wish I could help out or point a direction, but not connected to that kind of money... I'm here to cheer you on! Peace, Your Oklahoma Well-Wisher

  5. Abby you need to get a video done to help you promote your project like Zac. Are you having Praxis do yours like your brother?

    That was such a wonderful group of videos they did for Zac.

  6. Hi, This is Samet from Motor Boat & Yachtimg magazine Turkish edition in Turkey. I try to reach you for a news about you. can you sen an e-mail to me? or

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  8. Looking good kiddo! The website looks great!
    Prayers are being sent your way.

  9. Great homepage. If I may say - the pic are running a bit to fast for a slow reading German LOL

  10. Hey Abby,
    That is so cool!! I pray the Lord speeds your travels:) You go girl!!

  11. Abby,

    Just like your borther I will follow your adventure. Have fun.

    Gary, Houston, tx

  12. Sounds like Zac's boat is available, as he wants to go motorbiking or mountain climbing.

    His boat might not be as fast as the 40 you want, but it has proven itself, and it ought to be available for free.

    Since you are younger than Jessica Watson, and from a PHRF handicapping standpoint, Zac's Islander 36 rates faster, you should still be able to grab the record for youngest around.

    Another suggestion would be to forget about being the youngest, and to just go out and see the world at your own pace, rather than racing the calendar.

    - Grant Fjermedal, Seattle

  13. Best of luck to you Abby, Your brothers trip was a daily conversation topic for my 6th grade class. As much as I respect your will to partake in an adventure such as the one you have set forth to accomplish, the necessity of outside funding may be something that is more of a "want" rather than a "need". It just seems rather odd that the urgency for funding your desired boat is starting in such a relatively short time considering that this has been a long time dream of yours. Again, I wish you luck with the financial challenges you face before you leave as well as the personal challenges you will face at sea.

  14. Great new website, Abby! Hope to hear good news on sponsorships and purchasing your Open 40 - I'm ready to follow your adventure this winter! Take good care... Peace, Your Oklahoma Well-Wisher