Saturday, February 26, 2011

Book Progress & Sailing!

Hey Guys,
It's been a fun but busy few weeks here. I've so far survived two months with my permit (I thought that was pretty impressive). Driving isn't so bad anymore, but I still would rather be driving a boat.Remember when I told you about O Canada, the Open 60 inMarina del Rey? I got to go sailing on her twice :) The first day there wasn't a whole lot of wind, but the second day there was 15-20kts and that was fun! Of course these boats don't go well to weather so it was a bit painful on the tack out, but then we headed down wind, we were surfing along at 20kts in just 16kts of wind. Now that was fun! :D
It was great to meet all the crew and get to spend those two days with them. They're really great sailors, and it was neat to see how they worked together. Although, I think I'll stick to single-handing - not sure I could ever get used to sailing with a crew.

The Owner of O Canada produced a really awesome documentary about the 2008-2009 Vendee Globe. I've watched it more than once. I've never seen so much good footage of really any boat race. Its called Racing Around the World Alone. Their website is and is definitely worth checking out, I loved it.
We've also just about finished with writing my book! In fact, its at the printer now which is really exciting. Its nice to finally bedone with all the editing. We were all getting a little tired of it but it will be great to finally get the whole story out there for everyone.


  1. awesome! can't wait for the book - driving is a little different than captaining a boat, huh? :-)

  2. Wow! Good for you. Looking forward to your book~!

  3. Love the photos, and can't wait to see your book in print!

  4. Oh, what a great wait for the book to come out. I am so excited to read it. Stay safe behind that 4 wheel vehicle, Abby.
    Thanks for keeping us in touch. So great to hear from you.
    Dee Thompson, Santa Clarita, Ca.

  5. Hi Abby, Great pics, and I can't wait for the book! Do you have a release date yet? I would tell you look for my big truck on the road when you are driving, but I have been "shut down" for a couple months due to a slight heart attack, but I am recovering nicely. Anyway, you be safe out there, and keep on truckin'....

  6. Wow, you write fast!! I can barely write out an essay for school this quickly and you already have a whole book written. You wouldn't have any autographed copies by any chance, would you? :D And nice pictures! I can't ever look at a sailboat in the same way again, since I started trying sailing myself. It's amazing how something that big can glide through the waters just powered by the wind alone.

  7. Abby:
    GO GIRL GO!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am glad to hear that the book is on the way. It would be nice if the book could be ordered from the web site (maybe even with autograph, for more money!). If that is not possible please let us know the publisher, title, and ISBN.

    Good luck on the continuation of the adventures in driving, it is not the best relaxation but it does enable one to get around. I know that you will do well.

    My continued thanks to you for sharing your life with us. Also, thank you to your Mother and Father for sharing you with us. They raised you well and must trust you a lot. Well dome to them.

    I will continue to follow, with awe, your adventures and comings and goings. Thanks again for sharing.

    GO GIRL GO!!!!!!!

    John R Willis

  8. Can't wait to read about all your adventures!

  9. That's wonderful news Abby! I look forward to buying it and catching up with all the little details.
    Good luck!
    Jeanie In The Lakes

  10. Bonjour Abby,

    Thanks for the great pictures!Looking forward to your book, I'm all out of good reading material!:-)

    Functional links to 'Racing Around the World Alone' :-D


    Getting a good provision of chocolate for your Book Event!

    Take care, Be safe! :-D

  11. Great pictures! Wonderful news about the book!

  12. Wow! Done with the book already? That's impressive. Can't wait to read it. I've been following you since before you started on your adventure. May God grant you fair winds and following seas!

  13. Up here on Canada's West Coast we're looking forward to getting our hands on a copy of your book. Be sure to let us know when it's released, and how we can get a copy.

    Meanwhile, it's good to that you're both sailing AND driving. You go Girl

    ~Brian & Phillippa
    aka kiwi_canuck

  14. Thanks Abby.
    Love ♥

  15. Oh, I saw her (O Canada) a couple times! She looks amazing.

  16. Abby, Could you explain to us landlubbers out here how a sailboat can surf along at 20kts while the wind is 16kts?

  17. It was fairly easy to find the ISBN number for the book. Google for ISBN 1400203082
    then you will find several references to the book and I liked the info I saw about it. The title is "Unsinkable: A Young Woman's Courageous Battle on the High Seas"

  18. @ Tony

    When a sailboat has an efficient rig and low-drag hull shape, the sails can generate both push (from behind the sail) and lift (from the curve in the front of the sail).

    In addition, by playing the wind angles correctly, one can not only use the wind that is actually blowing, but also the apparent wind from the boat moving through the air (like the breeze on your face when you open the car window) to generate thrust.

    The limiting factor, then, is the drag from the wetted area of the hull. That's why catamarans and trimarans, with long, skinny hulls that barely touch the water, often reach or exceed 2 times the actual wind speed.

    Cool Stuff

    Mouse in Whittier

  19. I am anxiously waiting for your book. My minds eye reminded me of days long ago when I sailed on the Atlantic Ocean. Thank you.


  20. Heard you speak at TEDx in Waterloo. What a fantastic adventure! I'll definitely pick up your book, and read it to my kids when they're a bit older. You rock, and although it must have been tough to have to stop, your accomplishment is a fantastic one. I hope my kids grow up as bold and as courageous!

  21. Nice, wonder which is harder, writing a book about going around the world, or going around the world? :P

  22. i found an advance readers copy of the book on ebay
    "Unsinkable: A Young Woman's Courageous Battle on the High Seas"
    you can also preorder it though amazon for about $12.95

  23. Great Abby! I'm looking forward to reading your book.

  24. Amazon says book is due out April 12.
    Good luck, Abby.

  25. @Mouse in Whittier

    Thanks for the explanation. I see there's lots more involved than merely hoisting a sail to catch the wind.


  26. Hi Abby,
    I have followed your courageous adventures ever since you started,,I continue to look for your blogs.Keep them coming Abby and keep doing all that you have planned for the future, I believe that you will achieve great things.
    I am looking forward to your book, I would like to know I can get a copy as I live in Australia.
    Best wishes from Peter in Newcastle, Australia

  27. That wonderful day trip aboard OCanada refreshed some memories, probably more for you than us... a beautiful vessel but surely no Wild Eyes!
    A year ago today you two were off the coast of Chile, soon to meet up with the "Roaring 40's" on the 14th... we are retracing your voyage through the Drake Passage; yes, only in our dreams. But thanks for those go get the book out!

  28. Ahoyyyyyyyy Captain!
    Just wanted to say thank you for the absolutely awesome pictures!!! They made me home sick, but also were soothing to the soul.
    Captain, if I may pretty-please, I just like you to know that: "If lovin' you is wrong, then I don't want to be right! Aloha & Fair winds 2U.
    (33º, -117º)

  29. Awesome pictures Abby! Glad your driving is going well. When your book is done I hope we can get you to come back to PHYC for a book signing. Take care Abby and keeping following your dream.

    Your friends at PHYC!

    PS The Ladies Race is 9/10/11

  30. Hi Abby...
    So glad you had such a great time in Canada! The photos are amazing, thanks for sharing. Abby, I am SO excited to read your book. You and your family were being lifted up in so many prayers as you were actually living your story...
    Amazon better get ready for us!!! :)

    Continued blesssings,
    WA St.

  31. Abby, I hope it will be ready when we see you at Strictly Sail Pacific!

  32. Thanks for the update Abby.

    As I am commenting on International Women's Day I was inspired to tell you and your followers about a Canadian woman who recently survived a shark attack in Mexico. It's a story of an incredible brave woman like yourself Abby.

    and she now has a blog devoted to her recovery:

    "Life is tenacious: it is endowed with the impulse to survive and the power to heal. Ultimately, it is we ourselves who cure our aliments, and the decision to undertake this battle arises from within." unknown

    Thanks Abby...looking forward to the book.
    john, Bay of Quinte on Lake Ontario

  33. Hi Abby........can't wait for the book to come out!! Hope you will do a book signing in the Marina!!

  34. Every time I read one of your posts, I am more and more proud that I knew you last year...many thanks, I'm anxious for your book!!

  35. Abby, glad to hear you're surviving driving -- glad to hear, too, that your love of sailing and exploration is surviving intact. I remember how your dad was quoted about the dangers of driving when there was all that brouhaha about you making your round-the-world attempt. (The busybodies got me riled to the point that I had to write a rather ranting post about it on my blog.) Congratulations on your book and good luck with it. Seems like you're making the most of your opportunities, which is all any human can ask for.

  36. I can't wait for you book either, its going to be great. Good luck driving, i am there. In 1 week from today i will have my licese. Good luck.

  37. Hey Abby you came to Fugett today. It was so awesome !!!