Monday, September 12, 2011

Recent Travels

Things have been going well over here with the book and documentary. Wild Eyes, The Abby Sunderland Story (the name of my doc) has been accepted into a few different film festivals and was nominated as best documentary in the Silent River Film Festival. We'll find out if it won anything next week. You can watch the trailer for my doc and buy a copy at my web site at

We'll also be out in Big Bear at the Big Bear Film Festival this coming weekend. I'm really looking forward to that one because they have a whole side bar of young adventurers, including my brother Zac Sunderland, Jordan Romero and me. Jordan is the guy that climbed Mount Everest when he was 13 and of course my brother sailed around the world the year before me.

You might remember awhile ago Zac, Jordan, Joseph Machado, and I all got together in Big Bear and hung out for the day. It will be good to see them all again. So, if you're out around Big Bear this weekend, stop by and you can see all of our docs, meet some awesome people and have a fun time hanging out in the beautiful mountains there. The Young Adventurers Sidebar Showcase is on Sunday.
Go to for more info.

My dad, Kalpna, me and mom at the Silent River Film Fest
Photo courtesy of Bill Bennett, ASC

Me, Jordan Romero, Zac and Joey Machado - Big Bear 2010

Tonight I am speaking at the Pacific Singlehanded Sailing Association in Marina del Rey. It should be a great time taliking to sailors and ones that know a lot about what my trip was about.

Next weekend I will be at the Norwalk Boat Show in Norwalk, Connecticut on Saturday and Sunday. Then it is back to California and back to school. Life has been busy but I am loving it!



  1. Sounds like life is moving along!

  2. You are one busy lady! Good luck with the film festivals!

  3. Just keep living the Big Life! Those parents of yours must be special people!

  4. Fingers crossed on your nomination Abby and I hope you have a great time meeting Jordan again. As a follow-up to our earlier discussion Laura was presented with a new set of sails by the Carbon Club of Darwin....another example of the kindness of sailors everywhere that I know you have experienced yourself. Take care sailor.
    john, Bay of Quinte on Lake Ontario

  5. Sounds like you've enjoyed your stay there! Good luck on you journey and success!

  6. Congratulations..sounds like things are going really well
    Benny & Lily

  7. Wonderful book, very inspiring. It is so nice to read about courageous young people. Thanks for writing it.

  8. Abby, you travel almost as much as I do....and I hope one of these days we happen to be in the same area so you can sign my copy of your book....anyway, just keep on truckin' girl....