Saturday, October 24, 2009

Busy Days

Things are moving along nicely over here. My dad and I spent most of last week freezing in Newport, Rhode Island with Wild Eyes. We planned to buy her while we were there, then sail her to Fort Lauderdale. The survey revealed some delamination so that needs to be fixed before we move the boat. It worked out well because I needed to get back home for a meeting.

The repairs for Wild Eyes will be quite expensive and we are working in a pretty small time frame to get her over to Fort Lauderdale and onto the ship. Other than finding the delamination, our trip went pretty well. We got a bit of work done and are now getting insurance to move the boat down the coast.

We had been thinking of getting a few people to deliver Wild Eyes to Fort Lauderdale, but we've now decided that I'll be flying back with my dad sometime soon to move the boat ourselves. I'm really glad that I'm going to be able to spend some good time sailing her and getting used to all the systems. I'd just like to make it clear that I may not be getting Wild Eyes. We are spending the weekend praying about it before moving ahead.

What a rollercoaster ride!



  1. Great reading until the last part. Not clear it's meaning :-(

    There's another one for sale in Main, more expensive but perhaps in better condition and already geared for circumnavigation. Quite a history to it:

  2. It is so great to see a girl as young as you getting out there and doing something so big. You are and idol to me and prbobly many other female sailors!

    Good Luck

  3. If for any reason you decide against Wild Eyes, there are currently some Sparkman & Stephens 34's on the market. You can usually buy them used for less than $40,000, and this is the same boat that Jessica Watson is using on her solo attempt, and it is the same boat that Jesse Martin and David Dicks used on their successful solo circumnavigations. The S&S 34 has a proven track record in the Southern Ocean and rounding the 3 Great Capes.

    - Grant Fjermedal, Seattle

  4. Keep praying, and work toward your ends. Traditional intgerpretation says that G-d has 3 different answers to your prayers. Yes, No, and Not Yet. All are answers.

    Look at Romans 10. If G-d's plans are in line with yours, then nothing can stop them. Of course, the obverse is also true...

    Still praying Numbers 6:24-26
    Mouse in Whittier

    Buy "Death and Coffee" here!

  5. Hey Grant, don't you think Laurance is a little beyond needing "sailing boat 101?

    After following this family for over a year, I kind of get the impression that they have a pretty good idea what they're doing.

    I'm sure your intetions are good but my god it's like telling Richard Petty how to drive.

    Sorry for my rant Abby, good luck and I can't wait to see you succeed.

  6. All the best with the boat Abby! I'm a friend and supporter of Jessica and we're all hoping you get the chance to follow your dream just as she is doing. And it would be great to have some competition (and companionship) for her out there too! We all wish you the best and we're following your endeavours with enthusiasm.

  7. Is there any particular reason you have to actually buy a boat? I'm taking it, it's in order to refit / customize it for the voyage?

    That 500K open 40 "ANASAZI GIRL " seems to be exactly what you require and also seems to be full fitted out for exactly your requirement. The owner's been racing it in the Southern Ocean all year uptill this year and is set to go. I'm guessing in sailaway condition today:

    Maybe he'd be interested in chartering it to you?

  8. I, for one, was glad to hear from you again, Grant. You know what you're talking about, and your two cents worth is always a bargain at any price. Personally not aware enough about these boats to know if the young women are strong enough to do the heavy lifting Zac and Mike had to do on occasion, and although the women in my life have more stamina than the men, it seems, the call for brute strength at those rare moments always seems to come in dire straits, so I'm not enthusiastic.

    -Hugh, Canada

  9. Hi and all the best Abby from Jessica Watson's NZ Granny