Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Exciting News!

Wild Eyes
I finally get to write a blog with some really exciting news! We bought Wild Eyes, the Open 40 in Rhode Island, yesterday!! My dad, Zac and I will be flying out to Rhode Island tomorrow to sail her to Fort Lauderdale. It should be a pretty fun sail and hopefully we'll get some good weather. Its only a 6 to 7 day trip and then we have some work to do on the boat while in Fort Lauderdale.

The boat will be shipped from Florida to Ensenada. We'll fly back here and wait for the boat to get here. In the meantime, there is always a lot to do; training on the water and in the gym, organizing supplies (food, clothing, tools, meidcal kit), meeting with potential sponsors, media and TV.

I'm heading out to my school's Mock Trial scrimmage in West Hollywood tonight. It may be the last time I see a lot of my friends together in a long time.

More updates soon...



  1. Good on you.

    Enjoy, train, and good luck with the refit. Cheers!

  2. This is great new!!!! Keep me up to date and go well on the trip down the cost.
    Erik Bjerring

  3. Congratulations on buying the boat!

    SUGGESTION: Keep the running backstays, but cut 4 feet off the end of the boom (and reduce the mainsail size accordingly) so that in an accidental jybe the boom wouldn't hit the running backs. But keep the runners as extra protection for the mast.

    That boat looks plenty fast without carrying tht massive mainsail. Running backs can cause a lot of misery -- especially when single handing.

    MEDIA SUGGESTION: Tell potential sponsors that the value of their logos just went soaring because with you and Jessica out there, this is going to be an EPIC RACE! ;-)

    Jessica is getting 300+ comments a day or her site -- sometimes more than 700. Zac would get perhaps 20 or 30 over a period of days, and Mike Perham would get maybe a dozen.

    There is HUGE INTEREST in Jessica's attempt, and with Abby jumping in -- doing a start from behind but in a faster boat -- this is going to multiply the worldwide attention.

    Jessica + Abby = Global Race with a Global Audience.

    And tell sponsors that 300 plus comments a day translates into what must be hundreds of thousands of hits. Most people don't comment on blogs. And with Jessica's, there are so many people commenting on her blog that I haven't left a single note yet -- there are just so many others.

    The Jessica + Abby Race should grab a great audience and the stories will always carry photographs . . . so line your sponsors up now for the best places to locate their name on your hull, boom, mast, or sails.

    (And please do cut down that boom. You just won't need that much sail area, and especially for a nonstop, unassisted voyage, you would be protecting your mast, and boat.)

    All the Best,

    - Grant Fjermedal, Seattle

  4. Congratulations Abby! You must all be so excited! Your adventure begins and I will surely follow it all the way! Pack some warm clothes, it is cold and wet here in the northeast! Bon Voyage!! Gema

  5. Great to hear that you have a boat and that plans are proceeding.

    Knowing that you are very busy, am very appreciative of your efforts to keep fans/supporters informed.

    Best wishes,

    Don Stubbs
    Summerfield, NC

  6. Are you about the same age as Jessica?? Which one of you is younger?? Can you tell me how you can do your trip w/o stopping considering Zac had to refuel, get more food and then he had some damages?? What will you do different?? Looks like a beautiful boat---

  7. Great, Abby! Looking forward to hearing more about the repairs and the sail down the East Coast, etc. Best wishes! Will also be curious to hear what you decide to name the boat once she's yours :-)

    Peace, Your Oklahoma Well-Wisher

  8. Mazel Tov!

    Now that that huge hurdle has been overcome, it only gets harder from here. Of course, the harder it is, the more rewarding, too.

    Still praying Numbers 6:24-26
    Mouse in Whittier

    Buy "Death and Coffee" here!

  9. Awesome news! :-)

    Check those rudder bearings and recheck them again and again. You know why of course!

    Grant's right, it should be a media frenzy. The coolest part being I'm sure Jessica Watson will probably be waiting for the right window to go around the Cape. And if Abby's weather router see's it the same as Jessica's, the two of them will go around at the same time.


    Abby will maybe aim for this Dec/Jan which would be about the same time Jessica comes back South from the Equator.


    Zac + Mike + Saito in Cape Town, now Abby + Jessica crossing paths around Cape Horn at the same time.

    This collection of circumnavigators crossing paths like this surely will never be repeated ever again.

    One for the history books for sure.

  10. Hi again Abby! Mean't to say in my last message. I will be praying for you at night, as I pray for Jess! In fact I have already started. I am proud of both of you young women, even though I don't know you, I know you are one of a very special breed. Jessica's Granny W in NZ

  11. Hi Abby,
    I'm so excited for you. Looks like you got yourself a FAST boat. I can't wait for your adventure to begin and I hope you'll blog about sailing down to Ft. Lauderdale and give us your impressions (and maybe Zac's) of Wild Eyes.

    Stay safe and enjoy!
    --Sue McGah
    Laguna Niguel, CA

  12. Congratulations! Wave to me as you go by Cape Fear, NC!

    Sweetwater Tom

  13. Way to go Abby!!!

    Are you planning on changing the name? It's such a cool boat!

    Always here,
    Chrissy <><

  14. The Greatest Race!
    I'm following both blogs but if I have to pick sides...........being a charter Zac-Pac member............You go,Abby!
    Straight Wakes,
    Mike S.

  15. Hi Abby,

    that is exciting that you have now your boat! Enjoy the trip down to Florida and learn as much as you can about the boat.

    All the best,

  16. Hi Abby,
    How exciting for you! Have a wonderful "maiden voyage" to Florida with Zac and your Dad! I will be praying that you and Wild Eyes will become steadfast companions, just as we saw with Zac and Intrepid. You are in the thoughts and prayers of many... GO ABBY!

    WA St.

  17. Abby, This is indeed exciting news, but what is important is endeavouring to fulfil your dream without being put under pressure to engage in tortoise and hare race with Jessica. Do things in your own time, at your own pace with safety being uppermost. Risking all to be record holder is just not worth it. Take the voyage as a personal challenge, perhaps just to get around non-stop, and if you fail, that's not the end of the world.

    My very best wishes for your great enterprise.

    Bill (UK)

  18. Awesome! Congratulations! I followed Zac's journey and look forward to yours as well.

    P.S. I like the "Steal your face" sticker on the end of the boom :-)

  19. you are one lucky gal to have a dad that gives you all you want.

  20. I'm just not sure about a boat with a "DEAD" sticker on the end of the boom.

  21. That's all Abby wanted since she was 13. ;-)

  22. Nice bought. Very well known and experienced builder out of Australia made it. Might want to pick his brains. Under the current name no info at all, but under the original owner who commissioned it a wealth of info. in his logs obviously want to quadruple check the issues he had on his vouyage, specially the rigging and mast:


    Will Laurence give us one of his mega break down repair job to do's or done's?

    Hope Zac's got his vid.cam on board and recording the jaunt down the coast there, importantly to record all the bits and pieces from day one. Are all 3 on board for the 10 day sail? Seems not setup for more than two or even one by the looks of the sales pictures, no toilet!

    How about the name? Cool name but I'm guessing Abby's got a name thought out over all the years " one day I'll name it...?"

    What's the rought plan of action? How long the voyage from Fort Liquerdale to Ensenda? 3 weeks? 10 days to get there + 21 days to the West coast, now end - Octoer, you only get it there end Nov? 1 month or more to fix, end December, set out middle Jan, how long is the sail down to Cape Horn? Roughly it looks like 7000 miles, say 100 miles a day (probably more in the fast boat, 70 days or 2 months. Looking at a March rounding which is Autumn down there. Same time the original owner went around, read his logs on that.

    You can always go the "other way" of course, hang a right at Australia and get to the Cape in Spring or Summer 2010. This way you can have more time repairing and training as well of course.

    Should all be very exciting and looking forward to following it all.

  23. Any chance you will be stopping in St. Augustine? We would love to see the boat and meet you guys!

  24. What does Mom think about all of this? On the one hand, having just gone through it with Zac, it has be less frightening than the first time, most if not all the unknowns know known, anticipating things that can and do go wrong etc. while on the other different route, different boat and of course different person all together.

    But I'll bet when this all came together Mom real concern and compaint if you will was "oh no, another year of blog moderating" :-))

  25. Its really, really looks good, I am jealous, just kidding, you go kid...