Friday, December 11, 2009

Work, Work, Work

Hey everyone!
Yesterday we pulled Wild Eyes' mast. It all went pretty well and we have Allen Blunt, a very skilled rigger, working on it right now. We were hoping to get her out of the water today, but you know boat yards, its always just one more hour or day, and in our case its a few days. We won't get her out til Monday now, but it all works out in the end because we can't do any fiberglass work right now with all this rain. And seeing as The Boat Yard is pulling her out and letting us stay there for free, we're happy to wait a day or two.

Wild Eyes looks pretty sad sitting there with no mast and a bit torn apart inside, but once she gets put back together it's going to be great! The engine was pulled today for a complete service and over haul. Mike Smith is busy rewiring her electrical systems. Still to do is to install the solar panels, wind generators and water maker. Dad fixed the diesel cabin heater today which I am looking forward to using! UK Halsey is making a brand new set of Kevlar super-light, heavy duty sails.

I have been trying out a lot of different long life foods and am surprised at how good they are. They even make freeze dried ice cream. Next week we'll be packaging up my food bags and getting ready to stow them. I have been spending all day every day on board Wild Eyes getting to know where the key areas are, helping Mike and Dad. I'll be spending time with the rigger and mechanic as they do their work, observing and learning the particular ins and outs of all WIld Eyes' systems and equipment.

I'd like to make a quick apology for any problems with my website... My sponsor thought that the old website might be difficult for some people to figure out and has been managing the new one. We were getting too busy with the boat and other things and didn't keep close enough attention to what was being put up, but we are clearing things up now and we should have it all working pretty soon.

Thanks for your patience!--



  1. 12-12-09 @ 00:36
    Hi Abby,
    Thanks for the update, but it looks like, as you say, work, work, work. But that's part of the game. It is nice to see that the boat yard is working with you. So that delay helps to balance things out, plus, as you say, it's raining so no fiberglass work could be done. But there's always a zillion other things to do. Sounds like there's a lot of work going on inside, so you should be in pretty good shape for the voyage.
    You know Abby, I'm addicted to ice cream, but freeze dried ice cream, you've got to be kidding. LOL……..
    It also looks like you're pretty busy yourself with the sorting, packaging and stowing of all the food, all the gear you’ll need and then staying on top of what's going on with the different mechanics, seeing what they do and how they do it. Kudo's to you for that. It all may come in handy some day.
    I hadn’t noticed anything wrong with the website, I thought it was pretty cool just the way it was. Okay.
    I was looking at a picture of you and Spot recently and he looked right at home sailing along at your side. I wondered if that was his spot, it appeared that he had his own special pad to relax on. LOL……
    Take care Abby, I’m glad to see you making such good progress.
    Good luck to you Abby, and may God bless and guide you.
    Looking forward to your next blog.
    Michael(74)from Kingwood, WV

  2. You mention you are waiting for the boats cradle. Does that mean it's still in the water right now, without the mast? This might be an opportune time to do a controlled 180 rollover test, (a) for water and more importantly (b) in the event a knockdown or rollover does occur you'll know what it feels like. I take it "Wild Eye's" does have a canting keel according to spec. Take a look at an open 60 undergoing same, most if not all say it's quite scary the first time so if you can do a controlled test it would certainly be beneficial to you:

  3. Here's another 180 rollover test with footage from the inside:

    Maybe you can set it up as an amusement ride when you return and charge tickets :-)

  4. Sounds like a lot of work, Abby. Do you have a tentative departure date? And what about a route? Will that be on the website?


  5. Hi Abby,
    All that work is exactly what you had told us as being still to do. Wild Eyes has to be completely checked and fit until the smallest piece of her is ready. Quite a task when you think of all the equipments on board... Hull, sails, wood, rudder, motor, safety, communication stuff, electricity, heating, cooking, water, food, and so many more.
    Go on and prepare your boat thoroughly, no detail omitted. hen it will be time to get acquainted with your red and yellow partner and to tame her on sea. And then, time to decide what you do, and when.
    Be patient, tenacious, as there is no place for chance in your challenge.
    It is all a question of work and competence; you are not going to paddle on a small pond.
    Good luck and remember that bravery is also facing the loooong and sometimes less funny tasks ashore, not only sailing brilliantly on the free ocean. I am sure you are brave and quite a good sailor. The point is that you need a good (done!) and fit boat.

  6. How about setting up a webcam over the boat where you are working on it so we can all watch?

  7. Don't change the paint scheme or you will not know "Wild Eyes" after the fit out, the amount of work being done is amazing,and this is what is required for a strong boat in your hands, once you have set off on your dream adventure there is no stopping for repairs if it is not done now.
    You sound to have a strong support team Family and sponsors behind you.
    Will talk later.
    Hervey Bay,Queensland. AU

  8. Abby,
    A lot of us sailboat
    types would appreciate
    your prep details. And
    the webcam sounds good!

  9. Just walked by a magazine rack and saw your face! Congrats on getting on the cover of Latitudes & Attitudes (and a subsequent artical about you).

  10. Great update, Abby! Looking forward to seeing some pics and reading more about all the hard work you & your team are putting into Wild Eyes and your preparation. I'm still curious if you're going to keep the name & paint of "Wild Eyes" or if you're going to impart your own name and design on the boat... Take good care out there -- Peace, Your Oklahoma Well-Wisher

  11. I think she's calling the boat "Evil Eye" now --right? Or is it still "Wild Eyebrow"? That's kinda like a caterpillar unibrow kind of thing, I think...I've seen them before. Great name...I love it!