Saturday, December 5, 2009

Update from San Diego

Mom here:

Abby had such a busy week that she was unable to update her blog before heading south to Ensenada. Good friend and avid sailor, Peter Kokelar, sailed south on his sailboat, Lady K, with Abby to meet Laurence, Zac and the LA Times crew in Ensenada on Thursday evening. Pete offered to come to allow some of the LA Times crew and photographer, Lisa Gizara, opportunity to get those 'at sea' shots. After a good night sleep they were able to receive Wild Eyes and head north on Friday late morning.

I spoke to Abby from San Diego this morning briefly while they were waiting to clear customs. It was a long night with little wind and motorsailing close hauled the whole night. She didn't get any sleep but seemed cheerful and upbeat which is good. After clearing customs, the LA Times crew hopped off Wild Eyes to head home. Peter and Zac will continue on board Lady K. Laurence and Abby will continue on Wild Eyes and all should be back sometime early Sunday.

Abby will write when she gets back to fill you in on all of the details. Sorry for the troubles with the web site. We are working things out and all content should be up by the end of next week.


Marianne AKA Abby's mom


  1. Marianne, thanks for the update on Abby and what is going on with her and Wild Eyes. Very helpful for those of us who want to follow her trip.

  2. 12-05-09 @15:55
    Hi Marianne AKA "Mom",
    Glad to hear from you and that things are going smoothly. I was also glad to see that she is getting some good coverage from the media,(LA Times).
    I'm sure she's cheerful and upbeat, she's going to get her "Baby". It looks like she'll have good sailing up the coast. I hope they have a good and safe trip. God be with her.
    Looking forward to the next posting.
    Michael(74)from Kingwood,WV

  3. Hi Abby,
    I hope your trip up to Marina del Ray goes smoothly and I hope your dad doesn't interfere too much with your sailing lol! I see your site has a picture of Jen Edeny's (of Zach). Will she be following your trip like she did his? THat would be awesome!!!!

    Patricia J.

  4. hay abby my name is seairra miller i live in nampa idaho and my class is following up on you and i would just like to say for myself that i think you rock i hope you have good waters and you have lots of fun!!!
    seairra miller 12 year old girl

  5. I am soo sorry! I'm a ten year old Aussie girl and I heard she is lost at sea! Sorry!

  6. So happy to hear the news that you have been spoyyed and have communicated that you are "fine".

    Disregard the comments from those who say you are too young to have attempted this challenge... it takes maturity, skill and strengyh of character to even consider such an endeavour, never mind attempting it. You have all of these qualities and more.

    Come home with your head held high.

  7. To Abby's Family;

    Thank God!!! As the parent of 4 girls, I can well immagine your distress during the last 24 hours. I was and will continue to pray for your childs safe return.

    NY Mom

  8. Hey Abby, some of us are really proud of you and what you are doing...keep it up girl...some teenagers don't have your gumption. Good luck in all you do with your life. I am sure you will kick butt!!! Take care girl.

    Kelly Davis and family

  9. Most parents would not have given there 16 year old an oppotunity to try. I hope she gets home safely.

  10. I don't need to tell you that you are indeed a hero for young women, and everybody that needs an inspiration. Most of us dream of doing great things, but very few actually do anything about it. You have several highly paid guardian angels looking out for you as well.

    I look forward to your next adventure!

    Mark MacLeod

  11. i think your brave and not too young, i know your a true american , at 16 , just like the kind of people 200 hundred years ago that made this country the u.s.a. , a great nation.... at any age... never stop , your life long dreams.. go for it.. we need you......

  12. hi there jan from n.z. here. sorry to here about your mast breaking in a time i am sure will be okay, just remember abby, older sailors have problems with the weather as well not just 16 year olds. you go girl, get your boat going and have another go, i am envious never give up on your dreams.

  13. do you want to sail across the world again?

  14. Right sailor wrong time of year, wrong type of boat..Heavy displacement needed for the what if factor.

    Charlie B Cape Cod

  15. I commend your parents and you! We as a society , think adults of 22 are still children...well I say you are mature and capable. While other girls are crusing malls, dying in car accidents, getting pregnant and calling their parents stupid; you are being very mature and responible. Great parents produce great kids! Go for your dreams.
    Cathy Hill..a mom and grandmother

  16. When I heard of your distress I prayed for you. Not many teens, let alone a girl so brave to try what you wanted to accomplish. Maybe your detractors object because you are a girl. I am sure some thought you were just being a show-off. Well, I admire your courage. You are a special person and one of a kind. Your voyage ended in damage to the boat, but I think you shoud get it repaired and sail on any how. You have not been damaged. You may not make a record sail, but you will have completed a goal you set before you. Wow, it must have been really scary with those gigantic waves. I know you prayed to God and I believe he answered your prayers. Pastor Reckart

  17. Abby if this is what you wanted to do!

    You make me proud!
    That young free American Spirit!
    I would rather hear about your sailing of the world,
    instead of..... pregnant and single mom on welfare....or addicted to drugs or living the life of hell in a domestic violent relationship...

    You have gotten to know your weaknesses and your strengths and that you can count on yourself!

    You probably have one of the clearest minds, all that peace and quiet and room to have your own thoughts and no t.v. to junk your brain....or greasy hamburgers......

    You have gone where many of us cannot go and never will have the chance you have had....

    Enjoy this it happens only once..........

    I wish for you a great life....who knows maybe Mars will be your next trip......

    don't you just love the wind in your hair!
    I bet other youth made this journey way back when and no-one was able to document their journey......