Monday, November 30, 2009

Foul Weather Gear, Food and Friday

We went to meet with the dietitian, Kristy Morrell, who is advising me on my food for the trip. She is in charge of monitoring and advising on the diets of all the sports teams at USC. It was good to finally meet her as she has so much knowledge. She's been working on the different menus for each of my approximately 30 weeks on the boat. Mountain House Foods will sponsor some of the long-life foods that I will be bringing. It is super important to have the right foods to keep you going out there. We're talking about all kinds of stresses and how to anticipate them and deal with them.

The ship that Wild Eyes is on has been delayed so she is now arriving in Ensenada on Friday. I can't wait to get on her again! Zac and I picked up our new passports today. I finally qualify for a 10 year passport instead of the 5 year kid ones. I am so anxious to get to work on her.

There is so much to do back here that its been good to have a little time at home to get details organized like all the various foul weather gear I will be needing for the trip. There are layers, hats, gloves, dry suits, survival suits and boots to be tried on and purchased. I spent an hour in the dental chair today getting a few things sorted out. Don't want a toothache out there! And then, of course, there is Sid Wing, my trainer, who comes by faithfully to torture me with weights and running exercises.

I was hoping to take the boat from Ensenada by myself, but there are so many issues with traveling to Mexico and clearing customs that it is better to have my dad along. But as for the sailing part of it, he's just along for the ride!



  1. That's awesome news, even with the delay, seems very quick delivery from Ft. Lauderdale. Even better idea to take Laurence, you're effectively re-exporting the vessel from Mexico, be interesting how you unload it provision it while in bond. Plus Dad can take his stethoscope and monitor everything from inside on the ride up, to see what needs adjusting and fixing while you do the sailing home. Looks like a straight 180 miles to MDR. One massive tack? 2-3 day sail with luck?

    Don't forget to take a life ring and fog horn in case you get checked by the USCG, that's what they pinged Zac for on his way back :-)

  2. 12-01-09 @07:40
    Hi Abby,
    Glad to see that things are finally looking up for you. A slight delay on the delivery date, but that might work into your schedule, since the trying on and fitting of clothes and gear can take up some time. It has to be right!!! The dietitian definitely sounds like a good idea, I can't imagine trying to figure out what to eat for 30 plus weeks. And that's a little more off your shoulders.
    It's good that your Dad will go along with you, that's a lot of paperwork and they could take advantage of your youth and give you a hard time.
    Not meaning to insult your capabilities by no means.
    I just purchased a 13 Inch Antiquador Blue Lapis Gemstone Table Globe with Stand (Silver) from Hayneedle, Inc. I’ve been wanting to do that for years and something always came up to put it on the back burner. You know how that goes. But now with yourself, Jessica, Laura and some more young sailors coming along, I figure I’ll buy myself an early Christmas present. You guys are my entertainment.
    Work up a sweat young lady, "no pain, no gain".
    Do you have a departure date?
    Take good care of yourself and "Wild Eyes".
    All the best to you Abby, take care and stay alert. Looking forward to your next post. I will keep you in my prayers.
    Michael (74) from Kingwood, WV

  3. Its got to be getting exciting for you to think its this close to sailing time. I know it is exciting to think of following you on the journey! If it is only going to take you 5 months to do this you should be passing Jessica on her voyage at some time! You two should pull next to each other and wave and say hello while in the southern ocean where I presume you might pass! Make dad sit on his hands while taking the run up to Marina Del Rey! Be safe and best wishes.
    Dwight from N.C.

  4. Will you have the capability to post videos on your trip? I hope so. When you get back to MDR at some point before you leave maybe you could shoot one of yourself giving us a tour of Wild Eyes. I think it would help us to understand the boat and also help us get to know you a little better.

  5. Here is a link to a real interesting video about sailing around the world

  6. Ipods and Kindles.

    There's a specific water-proof pouch for the Kindle on the market.

    Frankly it's nothing more than a glorified ziplock bag.

    As with ipods, which based on Zac's 'melting' (though I suspect he dunked it in the sink), there too are numerous "aquapacks" for / from anything to key chains to pdas, cameras to notebooks for kayakers, divers, boaters etc.

    In reality all glorified ziplock bags.

    8 months max, the ipod should be fine. The kindle is an electronic waste of time, something to break. All you need is 10 x 500 page books. Nothing like dog eared paper backs to read on the boat.

    More important is to save the money on the Kindles and housings for them and get a water resistant military spec. satalite phone, along with a reserve solar charger for it.

    Ask your brother about that, the simplest solution from day one and the biggest headache he had his entire trip.

    Water proof phone + solar charger is what you really need. Box of ziplocks with the proper locking slider and a handful of lotsa pages paperbacks and you're set. :-)

    Still hoping Laurence gives us one of his mega to-do lists, once she arrives in MDR, what needs fixing and what needs to be done. Along with keen interest at this time and at this space for this voyage, it's important to record it on the internet for future's sake.

    Contact Patagonia for fleece and wet weather wear. No 1. Not necessarily sailing. But the best. And since you heading down and around their name origin, they may be interested. Plus a now not so young lady runs the show.

    Dell or Panasonic. Note that they literally threw Mike Perham a toughbook and they insisted Jessica take 3 x's Panasonic toughbooks on her trip. Where's Panasonic USA????? Failing them get Dell Panama (Zac's buddies) to set you up with a handfull of their ruggedized notebooks.

    In fact phone up Apple tell Jobs you're taking his product around the world non-stop on the sea. Let him give you their prototype water resistant ones and better still finance the whole trip itself. :-)

    Hammer away at them,it's too difficult to think they're opposed to this, it has to be sheer ignorance, and unless someone tells them, they'll never know you are doing this voyage.

  7. Abby, It is getting close to sailing off. It sounds like there is much to do and get ready for. I would enjoy hearing more about what foods you are takening with you and about your weight training. That is something I had not thought about. Best of everything, and get going soon.


  8. Abby, I am getting excited just reading about your excitement! Can't wait!

    Karyn in Simi

  9. Abby imagine when you finally get underway on this monumental global journey you'll be able to catch up on some needed rest after all the work involved in the preparations prior to departure !Will follow your progress and wish you A safe sucessfull non-stop circmnavigaton! Best Wishes !

  10. C'mon, are you worried about how to waterproof your Kindle two weeks before taking off around the have got to be kidding! There are probably 1000 other things that are more important to be thinking about now...

  11. I can't help, but to wonder if you are indeed up to the challenge from a skill-set standpoint.

    With all of your talk of departing in time to set age records, etc., I hope that you and your family are not rushing the journey a bit too fast.

    I certainly wish you nothing but the best of success in the pursuit of this adventure, but I do hope that it is the thrill of being alone at sea that is guiding you as opposed to the notion of joining your brother in securing a "record."

  12. Sure, why not worry about the Kindle solution two weeks before leaving.

    Obviously everything else is under control except that. ;-)

  13. 12-03-09 @10:40
    Hi Abby,
    I just wanted to wish you and your Dad good luck on your run down to Mexico. Are flying down? Take care and have a good return run. Let your Dad be a passenger and then that will give you the feeling that you are in control.LOL........
    Looks like you should have pretty fair sailing all of next week. Take care and be safe.My prayers are with you.
    Michael(74)from Kingwood,WV

  14. Yay, Abby! Can hear the excitment in your voice with all the preparations and getting back on Wild Eyes! Do you have a departure date set or a specific plan to share? Will you spend Christmas at home or at sea??? Take good care -- keeping you in my prayers! Peace, Your Oklahoma Well-Wisher

  15. Natasza Caban just completed her 2 year solo circumnavigation, arriving back in Hawaii yesterday. :-)

    Just as Abby's about to set sail.

  16. How many self-steering backup systems will you have? What self-steering options do you have on an Open 40? Can you use a wind vane, or does it have to be electronic? If it is electronic, can you carry backups?

  17. I'm new to your site and I've just read over your original posts. Please make sure you are doing this for you and for you to be 'ready' - sailing ready... it sounds like there are so many people behind you and encouraging you, but you are the one out there in the middle of the ocean, so you must be very sure you are mentally and physically up to this tremendous challenge.

    with kindness regards,

  18. I realise you must be busy, but you might want to take a moment to look at the mess some bafoon has made of your website...Is your boat really called 'Evil Eye' - is it really a 36 ft double ender? Is your name really Zac?...C'mon team, you are letting this girl down!

  19. wow what have you done to ?

    riddled with spelling errors, calling you 'sutherland', calling the boat 'evil eyes' referring to 'circumvent the world' half the site refers to what boob has taken over the site?? where's the original site gone?

  20. Abby, we are very excited to be apart of your adventure!

    The Mountain House Team!

  21. Abby, you've got the my evil eye! Electronic wart removal your specialty! Bag the Kindle and keep it dry! It's a-gonna be mighty cold and wet in the ROARING FORITES, my lassie Sutherland!