Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Good Luck Laura

Hey everyone,
I've got a ton of great photos from the past few days! Been to the beach a few times, had a small party for the guys on my team, and got to fly down to San Diego to check out some repairs on a friend of a friend's boat! It's been a lot of fun but, I'm sorry to say I don't have the pictures ready yet, but I will do soon!!

The main reason for this blog today is Laura Dekker. Most of you have probably heard about the young 14 year old Dutch girl that wanted to sail around the world alone. She's been through a lot lately with the Dutch courts keeping her from going. I heard this morning that they are now allowing her to go.

I admire Laura's spirit - it would be hard not to for anyone who has followed her story. I'd just like to wish Laura the best of luck and a word of advice from a sixteen year old sailor(though I doubt she needs it) have fun! Live life the best you can. There's no time like now so take all the opportunities you get.



  1. Hi Abby, So nice to hear from you!!
    Can't wait to see the photo's.
    Hope all is well with your family.
    Love to all!

  2. Good luck Laura. But 14? yikes
    Benny & Lily

  3. wow. I had not heard of Laura. I hope she is as skilled as you!

  4. Abigail,
    Good to hear that YOU are having some FUN.

    I have been reading Laura's log on her website and like you Abby I feel her spirit and passion for sailing, adventure and her boat...GUPPY.
    I recommend everyone read her log:
    (read "news" beginning to end)

    And Laura is ready to go. I had no idea how far her preparations had come along. She reported on July 25/10 "If everything works out I will be able to start on my voyage and sail to Portugal within the next two weeks. And to continue sailing from there.I'm looking forward to it."

    Looking forward to your photos Abs.
    john, Bay of Quinte on Lake Ontario, Canada

  5. Yeah, I understand she's gone through a lot to be able to launch. Best of luck and safety to her. Hope she'll blog.

    BTW, welcome back!

  6. It will be fun to watch Laura's progress as her voyage unfolds.


  7. I heard about her
    Hope she succeed and enjoy that adventure!!

  8. Now that's a good word of advice! I look forward to seeing the photos. Blessings to you & your family, Abby.

  9. Hi Abby!
    Nice blog. Good to see your keeping busy,


  10. That's funny. I often spend a day or two processing pictures from a one hour hike before I write my blog. Over the months that I've been reading your blog, I've thought about how what you write is so much more important than the pictures you post and that you don't have time to do much editing even if you want to. Sounds like you might be doing a little photo editing now, though. My adventures aren't nearly as exciting as yours, though, so I try to include a pretty picture now and then. I'm looking forward to reading about your further adventures in the future. Thanks for being an example of what perseverance and the right attitude can accomplish.


  11. Thanks Abby.
    I will check on Laura.
    Good to see that you are having fun.
    Richard (QLD) Aus

  12. wow that is amazing. i haven't heard of laura either but sounds so inspiring actually. i wanna sail!

  13. It was good to hear you weigh in on Laura's efforts and to encourage her to have fun with it all. I hope you will chime in on her shared experiences. Your comments would add enriched depth and a youthful female's perspective. A rare thing for all of us to have.

  14. Abby:
    GO GIRL GO!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you for the update on yourself and on Laura. She is another remarkably focused young lady.

    Keep being Abby and keep enjoying life, that is the real key to it all. Far too many of us die saying "Gee, I wish that I had ...". Grab life and live! I cannot wait to see the photos.

    GO GIRL GO!!!!!!!!!!

    John R Willis

  15. ...and let her know to keep a lookout for any North Atlantic Right Whales that may jump out of the water.

  16. 07-29-10 @ 09:49
    Hi Abby,
    Thanks for the post, always good to hear from you and what you are up to. A little fun in the sun, some partying, some flying and even some time to help out a friend of a friend with a little boat maintenance….lol… pretty active schedule. I’ll be looking forward to those pictures, did you get some from the plane??
    I have been following Laura for a long time now and have suffered with her during the time that the courts were hassling her. I know that 13 or 14 is very young but it’s what the person is made of, she has lots of sailing experience and plenty of court appointed classes in survival, first aid and emergency situations. Abby, both you and Jessica proved the doubters wrong, it’s not the age of the person, it’s the total make-up of the individual. A lot of people doubted you and Jessica until they read about both of you, then they were behind you 110%. I believe that Laura will succeed and that she will enjoy doing it also. God Bless Her.
    Looking forward to your pictures and hearing from you again, take care and be safe.
    Loads of love and hugs, and remember God is always with you.
    Your faithful friend, fan and follower.
    Michael (75) from Kingwood

  17. Hope you haven't forgotten your BOOK, Abby

    I know it's a push right now when there are FUN things to do... but I really believe you will look back and be very thankful you did it.

  18. I'm glad that you girls are sticking together! I wish Laura well also! I think she'll make it!

    I'm happy to come across you, Abby! Live well!

  19. Hi Abby,
    Thanks for the updates. I am so happy to hear from you and I can't wait to see the pictures. I miss your blogs from the sea!!
    Have a great day. We've been pretty lucky with our weather out here lately huh? I think it's going to get hot again soon though.
    Kindly, Alyssa from Irvine, CA

  20. I've been following her story too! Inspirational, really. Not unlike yours. :D It's amazing what people can do. Age never really should have mattered or limited any of this in the first place, huh?

    -Howard W. California.

  21. Abby, except for a little problem you had there in the Indian Ocean you seemed to enjoy every bit of your journey and I hope Laura does too. Life is about living it and sadly too many people don't. Can't wait for the pics Abby and good luck to Laura. I hope Abby can stay in touch with Laura while she's on her journey.

  22. I agree with Captain19 up above!

    I hope that Abby and Laura stay in touch! That would help Laura along! Abby might learn something too for her next attempt!

    Meeting you girls is just as great as meeting Miley Cyrus!

  23. Thanks for the update Abby! Looking forward to your pictures. Good Luck Laura!
    Kevin, Aiken, SC

  24. You got that right! She will do just fine. Have fun!!
    Al P

  25. Laura needs to have a chase boat. You, Abby had a very close call and may well have died at sea.
    I have sailed for 30 years and single-handed the atlantic..I am not a pessamist but Lauras chances are what..? 50-50. Good luck to her, but know everyone, she is risking her life, and possibably those of others who might be called on to rescue her. This is very dangerious business.

  26. Hi Abby.

    Here'a a link to another world saining voyager, with an education purpose.

    Bill Holliday
    New braunfels, Tx

  27. Hi Abby,
    I am glad you are doing well, glad to see that you are having a little fun. I will be looking forward to your pictures. I hope Laura does well in her journey...I am sure you will be following her and will keep us posted, my prayers and thoughts will be with her. You take care. Gail/Ventura

  28. Did everyone already forget about what Abby went through? Wow,now allowing another child to attempt this. Unbelievable,these adults are allowing this child to risk her life just because they don't want to stand in her way!! Thats why there are adults-to care for the children. Children need much advice and guidance,not just approval from adults.I wish I could have been on that panel. Nea!

  29. Abby, It seems Laura has your spirit, but I hope she also has your good common sense. Gus

  30. Thanks to Anonymous for bringing to light what these voyages are really about.They are very dangerous undertakings with the possibility of very dire consequences. Abby was very very lucky to say the least. In my eyes, the most adventure was had by Robin Lee Graham. He did this with the smallest boat with virtually no aids to navigation, relying only on a sextant and his charts to find his way. He left as a boy and came back as a man with a wife and child on the way. In between, he saw and visited with many different cultures of the world. Not that today's acheivers aren't remarkable. Anyone who sails around the world with any type of equipment is remarkable. Robin Lee Grahams voyage was just a bit more remarkable.

  31. Hello Abby,
    so good to hear from you again! I wish for you, that your plans crystalize and you can do again, what you love doing / sailing!
    So thoughtful of you too, to support Laura, I will follow her too with my best wishes.
    Take care, keep well,
    Trudy, Austria/Australia

  32. Hey, wouldn't that be incredible if Laura happened upon Wild Eyes??? Wishful thinking, I guess. It IS an awfully big ocean....
    --Sue McGah
    Laguna Niguel, CA

  33. Bonjour Abby,

    You are being your usual good sports - Kudos! Not that I am surprised!

    Can't wait to see your pictures - you really are a good photographer - Not that I am surprised!

    How's the Boat of a boat of a boat's friend looking? :-)

    Don't go changing Abby!
    Take care, Be safe :-)

    Looks like those anonymous are at it again...

  34. Capt. Abby,
    So glad to hear about your newest adventure to San Diego. I go there a few times a year. But to just hear your adventures also and how your progressing.
    I am also trying to get a paperback book of Zac's story too. Can you help me on that.
    We love hearing from you as always.
    Hope all is well with family,
    Your faithful Fan,
    Dee in Santa Clarita, Ca

  35. Abby:
    GO GIRL GO!!!!!!

    It is always to hear from you. Keep the faith and keep the light burning as a beacon to all all that doubt and whisper. As I have stated before, do not listen to the little people they are vexations to the soul. Just keep be Abby and enjoy life, you will be too soon old and the wonder years will be behind you. Keep dreaming and keep doing, show the world what can be done instead of what cannot be done.

    A special note for Anonymous (July 29, 2010 9:24 PM). I like your child rearing methods, basically keep the kid wrapped in cotton batting and in a closet. Then turn them lose when you die. Then wonder why the kid is at home at thirty unable to function in society. And wonder more at the lack of drive or any dream of anything. You need to realize that the job of adults (including the child's parents) is to teach the kid, to develop the child, to teach the child skills, and then let the child explore life for him or her self. This is how a child is turned into an adult that then starts the process all over. Most parents will not willing place a child in harm's way but will allow the child to enter into a calculated risk situation to let them practice the skills required for the day when the parents (or other adults) are not around. I am curious as to how many children you have and what they have done in life. I am also wonder why you do not sign you name to your posts?

    Back to Abby, the star of the show. Jessica Watson will be coming to the US (Sept??), do you have plans to meet her? Maybe you could do a book signing together with her, that should be a hoot.

    Abby, just keep exploring life and enjoying time with your family. Start (and finish) school and plan the next adventure.

    GO GIRL GO!!!!!!!

    John R Willis

  36. Hi ABBY, So good to see your doing ok. Keep reading your blogs to keep up with you. I had sent you msgs when you were on your trip. Had hoped to hear from you, but knew you were busy. Flying as you have been is a lot of fun. Will by waiting for the pictures. Have a good year in school. Later Joe

  37. It is always good to hear about your plans and endeavours. I have checked Laura's site and she seems a very determined young lady and I will be following her blog as well as yours and Jessica's.
    Thank you for the update.

  38. Dear Abby, I wish Laura all the best for her up and coming world venture. I know each one of you have sailed the open seas in very different directions. I wish Laura good success and much safety.
    Our lives are planned out in many ways for us. We can set out on a journey, yet the outcome is not always predictable, it's up to the Universe who placed the desire in our conscience to bring about what happens. Life feels a little unfair, but just mostly it's unpredictable.
    The pictures will be fun to see.
    God be with you Abby and keep you safe in all your day to day journeys.

  39. Abby,

    You made it back safely.
    Good for you. But, I am
    moving on. (Days ago I wondered
    what most commentors
    would have said if you had died at
    sea. What a thought!) Today, I had
    hoped there would
    be less of "John R. Willis"-type
    hatred comments. By this time I was
    expecting a little more grace
    in the blog comment entries. Not so.
    My sincere best wishes
    to you in the future!

  40. Abby i was very proud of Zac's successful attempt. will you try again?

    Has your old boat sunk or is it being rescued?


  41. Abigail,
    Fellow sailor Laura Dekker updated her plans today:
    "It's so great that I can officially set sail and that will be on Wednesday, August 4 at 9:00 AM.
    Finally I sail away at sea, in the company of my father for the trip to Portugal.
    The date of departure from Portugal is not yet known. But I will keep you informed."

    And for those of us that followed you and Jessica....Laura adds something familiar: "On the picture you can see my schoolbooks that are all ready for my journey". A photograph shows her binders on a shelf.

    Your support for young Laura is appreciated Abs.
    john, Bay of Quinte on Lake Ontario, Canada

  42. Hey Abby
    Great to see you supporting Laura. Not going to rain on her parade. Circumstance put your journey off, but was favourable to Jess. It is a chance game and some will make it, while others meet insurmountable hurdles.

    If Laura sets off, I'll support her, no matter what the ney sayers have to say. You teenagers, live life to the full and that in itself is an inspiration.

    Good luck with whatever you are doing.

    Cheers Lyndall Perth West Australia

  43. Hey everyone,
    Laura Dekker is going to sail around the world!! She's going to start on Wednesday August 4 at 9.00 AM. I've read it in her blog ( is only 14 years old!! Go, Laura, gooooo!!!!


  44. Support/Join Laura Dekker solosailer from the Netherlands!

  45. Abby, I miss reading of your adventures on the high seas. I'm sure you are hoping to get out there again soon. You have a spirit reminiscent of my childhood. What I would not give to be 16 again--instead of 60--and sailing the deep blue sea. Nancy M.

  46. Have you heard anything about "Wild Eyes," or did she eventually sink?

  47. Hey Abby!
    Good to hear you are doing well. It is also great to see you World-explorers stick together.
    Im sure you can tell Laura lots of stuff, because of your experiences.
    She has been through a lot already, because of the insane bureaucrats in The Netherlands.
    Thank you for flashing Laura here at your blog!
    You are both beautiful dreamers who know how to live life.
    Bless you Abby. Nice blog!
    'The best thing in every noble dream is the dreamer...'
    Superstars, both of you. :o)

  48. Abby, you may want to talk to Laura and convince her to change her route through the Suez Canal, the Red Sea, the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Aden at the Horn of Africa and Somalia.

    These waters are the most violent on the planet and I cringe for the life of a teen girl sailing alone through them.

    I can only imagine what Somali pirates would do to her if they caught her.

    Mark in Charlotte, NC

  49. Thumbs up from Canada to all you young people sailing around the world! An inspiration to all, no matter of age.

  50. 14?? that's awesome!! it's so good to hear teens do crazy awesome stuff like this, cause if we don't...nobody will! Life is whatcha make it :)
    Best of luck to Laura!! :D

  51. Hi Abby,
    I love it:
    tank tops, flip flops, lemonade in the shade
    blue skies, hot guys, late nites ,water fites
    ice cream, sweet dreams, bathing suits
    shootin hoops, party time, schools out
    sleepin in, sneekin out, light hair, no cares
    high tides, slip & slides, can't wait for
    Summer ...

  52. Marion from The NetherlandsAugust 4, 2010 at 4:39 AM

    Hee Abby,

    Now "our" Laura left sailing the country, i heard about you. Wish you luck and health and a lot of pleasure!



  54. Hi Abby.
    I'm glad to see that you're at home and doing well. Have you considered going to sea again. We would love to follow it! Maybe you and Zac could go and be a first brother-sister team to do it! That would be pretty cool.


  55. Abby,
    I am the father of two girls, the grandfather of three girls, (and the great-grandfather of a fine young boy). I have followed your adventure from the beginning but have not commented because I didn't want to get lost in the crowd.
    In my life, I have stretched and fallen short on several occasions. Throughout my treck through life I have learned a valuable lesson that you probably know, but in case you don't I'd like to share it to you.
    Abby, failure isn't falling down; it's staying down. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again. I did it; it works. I wish you every sucess in life, you deserve it.
    Jim Wall
    Malvern, PA

  56. read her blog on her website

  57. Hi Abigail♥,
    I wish Laura all the best. I hope she has a safe voyage and makes it. But it doesn't mean as much to me as your attempt did Abby♥. I wish you the best of luck in "anything" you choose to do. You'll "always" be the greatest female sailor I ever knew! Fair winds to you Skipper♥

  58. Abby, tus palabras son muy alentadoras!!! Creo que todos tendríamos que ser cada dia mas ABBY!! Sii todos lo somos pero no lo vivimos, vos nos demostraste como. GRACIAS!!

  59. We support Laura Dekker and her pending adventure. Yes, we have considerable experience bumbling through the child rearing process 3, and grands 3, and great-grands galore.
    Skipper Abby your voyage will always amaze and flavor our conversations... We are still wondering what it was went "Bump" off the coast of Chile? Our favorite photos are the "toe-show" and "laundry day" those pics will be hard acts to follow... we think of you Capt. Abby and your Wild Eyes too, with respect and full acceptance, "it is what it is..."

  60. I just came across your blog today bt accident! I admire the courage of both you and Laura. I am 15 years old and could never dream of accomplishing such a feat! Congratulations and best of luck!


  61. I find it disturbing that so many people around the planet have seen fit to decide on Laura's behalf that she should not be attempting her trip. It saddens me that they would judge someone they absolutely don't know.

    Against that backdrop, it's refreshing to see you share these words of encouragement with her. The human spirit is alive and well in both of you, thank goodness.

  62. Laura left for Portugal on the 10th! She has people with her (a legal requirement for her native waters) and they are also field testing the boat. Once in Lisbon if all goes well she will start officially from there.

    Laura is as prepared as anyone could be. Waiting won't make much of a difference in her case, it's not like she's going to become a more experienced sailor, she has more experience than most, including solo.

    She's also stopping, taking a longer time, and being accompanied by a chase team, so the risk is much less. A 14 yr old alone in some ports could lead to problems and harassment, but she'll be 15 or 16 by the time she gets to the hairy parts. The real risks here are in the ports not on the sea and for those her people will be with her.

    People talk about safety. Living life is unsafe. There's always a risk of death, even staying at home with the doors locked you might slip in the bath and snap your neck. Most accidents happen at home or while driving and we don't ban travel by car or taking baths.

  63. Capt Abby,
    I check in every day or other day to see if you have a message. I love the photos from San Fransico. It is so great of you are still with us out here in blog land. ha.
    I have been trying to keep a eye out on Laura's blog, but I can see it will really be a challenge due to the lanuage. It's nice she is at least bloging in English, but a lot of her countrymen, will be bloging in dutch. The news from your site will be in dutch, probably. I dito the message of Ken h-Fla. Aug. 6, 2010, your blogs and your adventure were so great and fun.
    Blessings to you always in what ever you do. Love hearing from you what ever it is. Blessing and good health to the family,
    Dee in Santa Clarita, Ca.

  64. Hi Abby,
    I haven't been on here for a while because I had Big Problems with My PC and I couldn't access your sites, also I can't remember My Username for Your Site and was unable to Access my E-mail to Recover it, so I'm Going to send it as ANONYMOUS (but My BLOGGER NICKNAME for Jessica Watson is "YOU CAN DO IT JESSICA WATSON !!! ... so you will know who I am until I get This Sites NICKNAME Recovered) How have you been ? Any more news when you might Attempt Your DREAM VOYAGE again. It's good to see Laura is going to Attempt Her Goal: We all wish her GOOD LUCK.

    Will be Watching you in your Future Ventures, Abby :)

    Good Luck, ABBY :)


    P.S. " You Can and Will Do It Too Abby!!! "

  65. Laura has now officially begun her solo round the world voyage and is now crossing to the Canary Islands in calm weather.

  66. Video from Laura's departure from the Dutch NOS news from one week ago. Laura wasn't allowed to leave from Portugal as they have regulations barring minors from sailing solo so she and her dad sneaked away to Gibraltar where they do allow this (being a British possession). They were briefly stopped by the Portuguese waterpolice but they used an excuse that they were on a test sail. The video shows Laura's ultimate departure on her world solo sailing tour.

    She arrived in the Canary Islands several days ago, which she has written about on her blog: