Saturday, July 3, 2010

Hi everyone - I'm back!

It's Abby here. So much has happened over the past few weeks. From tomorrow I'll be updating my blog more often as I settle back in and plan the future. I really appreciate your support and all the emails and comments have really helped my family and I. Check back soon - I'll have a new blog up with the latest news.



  1. HOORAY ABBY!!! Great to hear from you! Continuing to pray for you as you make plans and travel!

  2. We are so glad you are back safely!

  3. Welcome back. Glad you made it back just fine. Sorry to hear about WildEyes. I hope you try to make another attempt before long. God Bless!

  4. we followed your story with interest and are glad for the happy outcome (you home safely!). all the best to you and your family. ~ana

  5. Hi Abby~ glad you are safely home. Can't wait to read your updates...what an adventure! Suzanne from NW Florida

  6. There is no place like home as Dorothy said on the Wizard of Oz.

  7. Welcome Back!!! So sorry about Wild Eyes, but so glad you are safe! I'll be reading your book that's for sure!

  8. Abby:
    GO GIRL GO!!!!!!

    Thank you for the update, we are waiting to hear what happened and what went through your mind when you got barrel rolled.

    I spent 20 years in the US Arny with most of that time overseas. I really enjoyed being in a different culture, not knowing the language, and not knowing the customs. I found that if I made an effort to learn and understand that the natives would bend over backwards to teach me and show me the real culture. I had a blast and met many, many people for a chance encounter that was also magical, I hope that your experiences were as good as mine were. My only regret was that I did not take enough photos and did not keep a log (diary). There are many things now that are lost in the mists of time and that I just cannot detail them now. Please learn from this and write notes on what happened, when, and where. It will be very valuable when (and if) you write a book, it will be even more treasured when you get to my age and look back at the adventure that was in 2010.

    I hope that you write a book, I will certainly buy a copy.

    Abby, look back at the blog comments. There are many stories there. There is a lady that has a bad problem and will die but her death is on hold until you finish. There is another lady that suffers from depression and is here largely because of you. There are many school classes and families that are following you as a living example of what the kids should emulate. YOUR TRIP WAS NOT A FAILURE! You touched more lives, in a positive way, during your trip than most of us accomplish in a life time. Please remember that you did not fail, in fact, you succeeded beyond your dreams.

    Please say hello to your family, especially your Mother and Paul.

    GO GIRL GO!!!!!!!

    John R Willis

  9. welcome back Abby and congratulations on your new brother! i'll look forward to hearing more about your return and am happy to see you are back to blogging!!

  10. So glad you're blogging, as I was scared with all the negative and (in my opinion) downright mean attacks on you and your family, you'd recoil from sharing anything more about yourself. I'm glad you realize that you DO have a support system out here who doesn't listen to everything the mainstream media says. We blog readers, who have been reading you from the beginning, know the truth of your competency, maturity and readiness for the challenge you set before you.

    I am looking forward to reading what's next.

  11. Glad to see your back online and cant wait to see what your next adventure is!! I hope within a few years you will try it again and sail around the world...

  12. Abby,
    Welcome home to the USA for the 4th of July. I am just so proud of you and how you have brought so many of us together to cheer for you hurt for you and prayed for you. Now we celebrate your return to your family and us! I would also like to thank your family for sharing you with us as well. I look forward to your next adventure. Please take us with you as we so enjoy your blog.

  13. Awesome!
    Have a very happy 4th.

  14. Abby
    Have been watching your progress since the day you left. What an adventure! Do not look at it as a failure but rather as a great accomplishment. Your family should be proud and not even consider the negative comments. You did a wonderful thing. One question, though, what happened to Wild Eyes? Is Davy Jones sailing her now?
    Best wishes to you in anything you decide to do and congratulations to you all on the birth of your new brother.
    An 80 year old well-wisher from Louisiana.

  15. I'm glad you're back home safe & sound, though I know you'd rather be completing your journey. You really are an inspiration, and I know you will never stop dreaming big!


  17. Welcome back Abby !! You're my hero !! Don't let the naysayers get you down. You've more guts & mturity than all of them put together. I firmly believe the risk-takers of today, are the change-makers of tomorrow. Carl

  18. Glad to see you're back! :) Hope you're doing fine as always.. :)

  19. Welcome back! Enjoy your time at home. Enjoy your new brother and the rest of the family for awhile...but never lose sight of your dreams. Keep dreaming; they will come true in time.

  20. So glad you are back and safe. I hung on your every post while you were on your voyage. It was almost like being there with you. You definitely have to write that book, girl!

  21. You go girl..we are soooo proud of are in our prayers..Welcome home..

  22. Nice to see you back in one piece and healthy! I wish you good luck, because now you're my personal hero, despite the fact that I'm 22 years old. I hope you won't stop challenging yourself!

  23. We watched and waited (and prayed) from Denver, CO to hear that you were found and okay. I am interested in the first meal you wanted to have once on land/home...

  24. Hi Abby, we are so glad you are back.
    We don't have a tv, so I didn't catch your "news media" coverage, but I am sure you did just fine. we were praying for you.
    Enjoy the 4th, and the blessings of your wonderful family!
    God Bless America, and God bless you, Abby!!
    May our Lord and Savior fill you with His love and comfort and PEACE in the coming months.
    yours truly, and in HIM,
    Lisa, from SO, Cal.

  25. Hi Abby,
    It's wonderful hearing from you again. Enjoy your time with family and friends.

    When you get time to write here of your future plans,we will all be here cheering you on.

    Your friend,
    Clare, Spokane, WA USA

  26. Everyday I have been ckecking your blog. You REALLY are my hero!(heroine?}....I am almost 80 and still living my dreams! I have COMPLETE CONFIDENCE IN YOU AND WHATEVER YOU CHOOSE NEXT! Your family and the freedom they gave you is most perfect for a 4th of July day. THEY ARE SPECIAL TOO! Love, Ginny,

  27. Been following your trip from the beginning. The increase in geography knowledge (like: "What is the most southern point of Africa?") using Google Earth was fantastic. But so were your blogs/pictures/adventures of the trip. I checked every day for a blog entry.

    Welcome back to California, we are all proud of you. Best wishes for the future. You've got a great one ahead of you.


  28. Hi Abby - I am happy to see you blogging again. Glad you are safely home and look forward to hearing about your plans for the future.

    Janell in OK

  29. Abby, now that your back, tell us about the horses you've ridden!!!! Do you have any pictures of you on your horses? Will you have time to ride some now?

  30. Abby... you and your family deserve all sorts of good things for your combined efforts. I am sure that many people will want to see your blog....and maybe your parents have an announcement to make also..

    Indeed, you have been an inspiration to many.

  31. No matter what anyone says, I admire your courage and maturity. Thank the Lord you are safe at last.

  32. Dear Abby,
    It is so great to hear from you again, I and I am sure all of us out here have missed you so much. You are part of are every day thing now. Your our guiding light, sort of speak. We too are anxious to hear about your NEW brother. How your mother is doing Or even how dad is handling it all. ha.
    We out here will be watching for your newest blogs for sure. Love them. Hope you and family have finally been able to relax a bit more. You all have been through a lot. Blessing to all the Sunderland family.
    always, a fan,
    Dee from Santa Clarita, Ca.

  33. So glad you're home safe and sound! God is good - all the time!

  34. hi looking forward to reading more soon.

  35. Welcome BAck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SMiles :)

    Glad to be able to read about your current progress & fun.
    Congratulations on your accomplishments, you're so awesome!

    Say "Hi" and a BIG congratulations to Mom and Dad on their new (a little late) Father's Day present (your new brother).


  36. Well Abby, you deserve our support and admiration. That goes for your parents and brother too. It gives us older geezer's hope in your generation, with examples like you and your brother.

    Ken Burns, Master Mariner

  37. Hello Abigail, I hope you are well, and getting your land legs. It would be interesting to hear from you what you believe you have learned from your experiences over the whole trip, and from the events in this last month.

    Denise Murphy
    Perth, WA

  38. WELCOME HOME ABBY! We all MISSED YOU and we all LOVE YOU. I was hoping that you would update your blog. It's great to hear from you. I hope the cake was your favorite. How did Katherine react to your comming home? Now all we have to do is wait for WILD EYES to return.It's possible. All you have to do is believe.

    I've been checking your blog page at least three times a day since you were picked up north of the Kerguelen Island.

    Abby, I've saved everything I could from your webpage. If you need to remember something to write in your book, I have all of your blogs, photos, and the photos from your blogs. I can send you a DVD. I also have some of the NEWS reports about you too. I didn't make the DVD to sell to anyone, I made it for you if you need it, I'll send it to you.

    Take care abby. I'll keep checking back. Bye for now.

  39. Yes! You're home!! Congrats! God Bless!!!


  40. Dear Abby:

    I just wanted to admit that I used to be one of the many people who was highly critical of your parents for letting you go on your journey. I thought to myself that you were way too young and not mature enough to undertake such a quest. It is dangerous for anyone to sail around the world, let alone a person who is only 16. I thought it was very irresponsible of your parents to let you try to sail around the world.

    However, I just read all of the posts on your blog and I have to tell you that they brought tears to my eyes. You are such an amazing person and a true inspiration to all of us. You are mature beyond your years and all parents should only wish that they had a daughter like you. Yes, it is very risky to sail around the world but you are just as qualified as anyone else to do it and I was wrong to think critically of your parents.

    I completely support what you did and I hope that one day you will try again.

    I am also very sorry that you lost Wild Eyes. I know what it’s like to form an attachment with something like that so I can only imagine how hard it is for you to know she is adrift somewhere in the Indian Ocean right now.

    I will continue to follow your blog and website and will be happy to donate money to help you if you ever want to try another voyage around the world a second time on "Wild Eyes Too".

    Keep sailing, Abby! You are an inspiration to all people young and old and if I ever have kids I hope they are just like you!

  41. great to hear that you'll write back.

  42. I will be looking forward to your new blog.Charlie

  43. Hi Abby and welocome home! Sorry things didn't turn out like you planned and we all hoped. Best of luck to you.

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  45. Yay! It's good to be home, isn't it? I can imagine it will take a long while to really sink in what happened.

    We love to hear your recount of what happened during the storm, and how you managed it all... I can just imagine what it is like when the boat turned upside down, things flying everywhere, and water coming in all directions, and got a concussion from it. Just imagine, what could have been if it did not right itself up? The Open 40 is a life-saver, a well-designed boat, don't leave home without it :)

    Hope you will be able to fish your Wild Eyes back soon. It won't take long to drift back to ashore... I'm sure you will find lots of squids and flying fish on the deck too... They will definitely be fried and dried by the sun, and better-preserved than Mountain House dried food that you had :)

  46. Welcome back to the jungle Abby a few things have changed since you were gone so don't drink from the tap and be careful of the seafood.

  47. glad you are home ok and wish you the best.

  48. Oh Abby. We've missed you and are so glad you'll be posting again.

  49. Welcome back, and all good wishes for your next adventures.

  50. Abby....... you did good!

    Congrats to you for having the guts to try this and to your parents for supporting you!

    Best wishes in the futures... :)

    Kind regard,
    Capt. Chuck

  51. Welcome back Abby! Looking forward to hearing updates again from you and to seeing the new blog up and about. Take it one day at a time, and never lose sight of what you are as a person, no matter what the others will say against you. :)

  52. Yea Abby!!!! Welcome home!! So good to hear from you. Will be checking back daily to see what's up!
    --Sue McGah
    Laguna Niguel, CA

  53. Hi Abby

    Glad you are going to stay on the web, so us fans can occasionally check on how things are going.

    Some of us will be up to contributing to whatever you and Zac are up to next, least I expect so.

    My wife and I have two kids, and now two grandkids. We also have a lot of books. Want to read any true stories by women adventurers. I know two that are great. How about the new book "Heroes for my son"? Give me a generic postal address, or maybe your press agent's, and I will ship the three straight from

    You and Zac have a nice summer.

    Bill Holliday
    New Braunfels, Texas

  54. Abby,

    I am sure I was not the only one who did not sleep when I heard about your situation. I stayed up all night praying and waiting to hear anything about how you were doing. My concern, too, was about what could happen while you waited for God only knew how long; and, while my concern was later abated by your parent's and brother's confidence based on two manual alerts being sent, I wondered how you would fare, while you waited, in the middle of another storm. I imagined you could be tossed, I did worry. Having been with you since you left Marina del Rey, I had observed how God helped your team and you through the cyclone (wasn't that two that merged into one?) and a relatively calm sail (I think you might have said, 'boring') through Drake's Passage; and, He was there with you as you sailed through busy traffic on the seas in the Atlantic Ocean and around the tip of South Africa, and then finally in the Indian Ocean. He most assuredly hears your prayers, your parent's prayers, and the prayers of the rest of us. Along with my "welcome home" to you, I'd like you to hear me say, "Keep walking tall, young lady!!!" I don't believe I need to tell you, so I don't mean to be doing that...yet, I want to offer another speck of encouragement, "Continue to keep your head above human negativity (dark clouds are followed by blue skies); go to that peaceful place you felt and breathed on the seas; and take care to meditate on the feeling you had when it was just you, God, and what He created in the majestic seas." Thank you for coming back to the blog. Barbara in Olympia, Washington

  55. Abby
    I am so glad that you are back! I have prayed for you and your family. You are a very courageous young woman and I look forward to reading about what adventure you have getting your driver's license!

  56. 07-03-10 @ 20:40
    Hi Abby,
    You are absolutely right, a lot has happened over the past few weeks and I’m really looking forward to reading all that you’ve got to say on that. I always enjoy reading your posts so I figure these will be extremely interesting. You’ve had a very exciting and adventurous journey and I still say that you handled it all very well. I’m very proud of you Abby.
    Good luck on planning your future, that can be a big job so give it a lot of thought and always leave some avenues open for changes. God Bless You, Abby.
    Loads of love and hugs, and remember God is always with you.
    Your faithful friend, fan and follower.
    Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

  57. Welcome home, Abby! Sorry things didn’t work out the way you planed but glad you made it home safe. Hugs….

    Andy in Maryland

  58. Hi Abby,
    Now that you are home, we can all relax, safe in the knowledge that you will "stay clipped" and not let the spot light of the international press get to you.
    It might not be such a bad idea to be a teenager for a while ( you only get one shot at it, unlike sailing),and do all the things others do, like school and getting a drivers licence etc.
    I hope you write your book, including heaps of photos, of all those unlikely places you went and people you met.
    You are undoubtably a role model for all young people, and I wish you all the best for your future.

  59. Abby:

    We are so glad your back home safe. Now back to the drawing board. We all support you and your parents. The spirit of Brasil is always with you!


  60. Ron Zaccagnini in ColoradoJuly 3, 2010 at 6:03 PM

    Hi My Hero Abby! Praise God for you!!!
    Ok, you little goof ball---where are you? Are you home? Thanks for updating. We've been praying for you.

    Ron in Colorado

  61. Hi Abby and followers,

    Welcome HOME. . . . I got to thinking about when you need to leave someplace in a hurry and what do you take with you, Passport, Credit Cards, Phone numbers tooth and hair brush and a change of clothing. Thinking back to my days in school I always tried to come up with a good reason I didn't have my school work, yours is better than I could every come up with, "Well I had to leave it on my sailboat after the mast was snapped by a REALLY big wave in the Indian Ocean and I was rescued by this French fishing boat".. Just one more card in the board game "Where in the World Is Abby".. Sleep in and again welcome home.

    Be Safe in you Adverntures
    from around Redondo Beach.

  62. Hi Abby
    Glad you are back on line
    Please don't think of your voyage as a failure,maby it didn't have yhe best ending but I am sure the experience will be very valuable in future adventures after all you are the youngest to round Cape Horn solo and that in itself is no mean feat,your courage and determination will always see you through
    Please go ahead with your book I hope it will be available here down under
    All the best to you and your family for the 4th and future.
    Kindest Regards
    IJC 'Daddylonglegs' Victoria Australia

  63. Hi Abby,
    Great to see you are safely home. Look forward to hearing your story in future blogs.
    Best wishes,

  64. Welcome back Abby -- just in time to celebrate the Fourth of July!
    You are amazing and your story is very impressive.
    As I myself was one of the "boat people" (I hope you have heard of that term) who lived through a horrific journey, I could relate a lot to what you experienced in the open seas. That's why, to me, your courageous attitude is really praiseworthy.
    I will continue to follow your blog and look forward to more of your recent and future stories.
    Best regards to your family.

  65. Glad you had a safe trip back, Abby. Now, the world is full of stories of highly successful people whose initial attempts at something did not come to be. An unsuccessful attempt is only a failure if it isn't used as education toward the ultimate end. You will never again have an opportunity to become the youngest person to solo circumnavigate the world non-stop, but, the world is still here and sailboats are still being built. Good luck next time!

    Tampa, FL

  66. I'm really glad you are back and am looking forward to what you will say. Your story and adventures have been a real inspiration to me and many others too. You are most welcome.

  67. Hello Abby, Glad that your are home safe and sound with your family. Best wishes to you in the future.
    NJ Mom

  68. Thanks Abby.
    Keep smiling.
    Love ♥
    Richard (QLD) Aus

  69. Abby,
    I've been following your trip the whole way, and I'm very inspired and impressed with the way that you've handled this whole thing. I am looking forward to following your next trip around the world! Most of all, though, I'm really glad that you're safe and sound. As a sailor and a coast guard swimmer, I've been a few similar situations myself, but they do have a way of all working out, don't they?

    I will definitely continue to follow your future adventures! Stay safe and best regards to your family as well.
    -Heather : )

  70. Welcome Home, Abby... Welcome Home!
    I still can't believe (well, I guess I can) the beautiful timing of your return home and little Paul's arrival into this crazy world of ours! Please know we are all still out here supporting you and praying for you. Tell the family hi for me!
    Blessings always!
    Marie, WA St.

  71. Bravo, Abbie! I'm honored to at least write on the page of someone who has this much gumption, but who also knows when it's best to go home! You've got bigger conquests ahead of you, that you will no doubt conquer --

  72. Welcome back home, Abby. It is great to have youon the blog again. Looking forward to your post here as well as FB

    Luv Ya
    Bud & Charla Winnett

  73. Welcome home Abby. I've know sky divers who have told me any drive you survive, regardless of injuries (broken legs etc.) is a successful dive. I believe you are a success! You lived your dream and if the conditions were more favorable you and your boat would still be together. Congrats on surviving a tough situation.
    Northern California

  74. Im stoked your home. Keep the faith, and keep your dreams alive. What the world needs is people who come alive.
    Congrats on the little brother...
    Brad from Texas.

  75. so glad you're safe. WOW!! what an adventure you had. i'm so upset by all the harsh media publicity that's been happening. hope you know to tune it out and focus on what you love to do. you have some amazing parents. keep following your dreams, abby!!!

  76. You do have a lot of fans & everyone is glad you're back home. I'm looking forward to following your new blog & hopefully,reading lots of details about your time sailing Wild Eyes. Happy 4th!!!

  77. Abby,
    We have been following your adventure from the beginning. My wife was almost physically sick when you were "condition unknown". Whatever your plans are for the future, we know you'll succeed...You've already proved that you're a survivor. Good luck and fair winds.

    Mike & Joanne, Sacramento, Ca.

  78. Abby,
    Sounds like Faith , Family and Friends have you back on track. I wondered if ever the tears flowed when you realized Wild Eyes was DIW and if the beacon would bring rescue? Did you touch your Cross and pray that you would not die in a lonely place? Did Love bring you back from the edge of eternity?
    You have tasted the bitter cup of dark criticism very hurtful to you and yet have already extended forgiveness. Where your heart is, there your treasure will be. Zac and you on Reunion Island > a Message that we should cherish young people and their effort to overcome fear? ? Relevant equally to Christians and all of the world ? Surely.
    Video from the time your Father went to get Wild Eyes for your 16th birthday to the present should be a 3D companion to your book that contains deep thoughts of your voyage in many aspects. How often do we try while reading, to imagine how a percipient in adventure looks and expresses themselves? Only personal video can complete that. I think your Mom said you are a sweet girl who became determined to sail around the world. We want to see that documented. Your new little sailor wants to see it. For those who said the Sunderlands are birthing more so one or two will be expendable probably didn't consider that one of two more active souls might add glory to God's creation. IAO

  79. I thank God for watching over you through all this. You did good sailing to get as far as you did and we are proud of you. I look forward to reading your blogs again as we followed them regularly when you were sailing. Enjoy your family and ***Remember*** there will always be criticism when you do anything or nothing at all!

  80. Hey- Its really good to hear you at the helm of your life again. So proud of you. So glad the ordeal ends in safe relief.
    I need to tell of the enrichment your saga gave to my life because of the tenacity of your character and the truth of your telling.

    You are home to celebrate Independence Day a tie in to you - that young maiden who dreamed of independently plying the waters of the planet and tasted it.

    What a testament to the depth of your family's gratitude the name selected for your expected baby brother Charlie was changed to Paul. Nice touch.
    Thanks for the note and the promise for more. I'll be there when you are.

  81. So glad you're home safely...and just in time to meet your new sibling! Hope the nay-sayers never get you (and your parents) to change your gutsy way of living. All the best from a 70+-year-old lady who wishes she had lived her dream like you've done.

  82. Welcome Home Abby. Can't wait to read your adventures. I hope you keep dreaming big......

  83. Hi Abbey,
    Glad to see you are home at last. I betr Mom and Dad are glad to have you back.
    Well take care and look forward to hearing more about your adventures.
    Tim and Rosie

  84. Glad you're home, Abby! Happy 4th and keep following your dreams! Thanks for sharing them with us all. Best wishes, Elaine

  85. So happy you are home safely and feeling rested enough to get back online and blog. You've inspired me to do the same.

  86. Welcome home Abby, and as always, you keep on truckin' girl! Gus

  87. Welcome back Abby. Hope you know no one in Australia (not even the journalists) are suggesting any reimbursement for our part in finding you. You were in our search and rescue area and there is no hesitation about seeking to rescue someone at sea and not the slightest thought of any recompense. I am sure all nations are the same and are only interested in acting in the interests of 'those in peril on the seas'. Rest up well before you decide what to do next - we are with you whatever that is

  88. I'm really happy that you're at home, Abby, and I would tell you that this week I've seen the video "Teen sailor feared to save her". I have found it on Facebook. The best time is surely when your family were welcoming you. I saw you have written in your comment that all the comments have really helped your family and you. Well, if I can do something for you, I'll do it immediately.

    Matteo Caldonazzo, Italy

  89. Hey Abby,

    I still am ever grateful that you are safe. I can't even explain it. You would have made it...dang rogue wave anyway. I can't imagine the terror in that moment. No broken bones. Probably plenty of bruises though! And I am sorry that Wildeyes had to be left, yet she is probably going to be rescued too I bet. Who knows....
    This Independence Day will be a most memorable one for you and your family I'm sure.
    Paul is so precious! Don't you think? :-)
    I watched the segment from the Today Show on the computer. It was very nice. You were awesome, and it was cool that Zac was there to support you!
    Do write that book! People are still reading about the Titanic. You are our modern day Molly Brown!


  90. Captain Abigail,

    Hi Abby...welcome back to your blog. Our patience has been rewarded. Thanks to mom for keeping the site running smoothly while you were "busy".

    I am looking forward to hearing from you as you adjust to everyday living. Happy Fourth of July.

    Big hug,
    john, Bay of Quinte on Lake Ontario, Canada

  91. Dear Abby, hi from Bulgaria! It's so nice that you're back home! I suppose your head overflows with memories and images of what have happened! It'll be interesting and thrilling to read your future posts! I'm very much impressed by your character and the way you managed with things... I can't even imagine what you've come through, because I have nothing to do with "sea and ocean matters",but I really appreciate your efforts, knowledge, skills and I admire you! Good luck with your future projects and have a nice summer!

  92. Welcome home Abby. I have enjoyed your adventures on the high seas. You will have fabulous stories to tell your grandkids. I look forward to your book as I know it will be an incredible read. For now, enjoy your family. Nancy M.

  93. HI Abby,,,,happy 4th of july to you all,,my little boy and I have been singing 'battle of New Orleans'' all day,,i'm sick of it,,,but it must be great to be with Family again Abby,,what a trip you have had,you are a tough you are home ,but where is 'Wild Eyes' still out there,? alone,drifting in the roaring 40's ??
    Wow,,so whats next ??
    All the the best to you and Family.
    'different drum'

  94. Abby,
    Great to see you home again. You have set an example for lots of people young and old. Your goals suddenly changed directions out in the Indian Ocean. You handled that unexpected change like a real trooper. An adventure with a known ending isn't really an adventure at all. I suspect that your world has expanded and opened up many new interests and possibly new goals. You, keep an open mind and take the new experiences as they come. I never expected to have such interest in a sixteen year old sailor girl. Don't let anyone steal your experience from you through negative comments. You are a fine example of a focused and goal oriented teenager. I suspect we will be hearing about your accomplishments in the future. You knowing that there are thousands of well wishers keeping an eye on you might hopefully have a positive influence on your life choices. Very best wishes to you and your fabulous family.
    John & Darlene
    Kerrville, Tx

  95. You've handled this situation with grace and maturity. So glad that you've home and with your loved ones. Be careful getting that drivers' permit, as there are more dangers on the road than you encountered on Wild Eyes.

    Warmly, Ferret

  96. Abby - you are a role model for all women in today's shifting world. I hope to hear your story someday and all that you were challenged with and how you pushed forward. At age 16 you have a lifetime of wisdom to share. What say you?

  97. Bagg-man@hotmail.comJuly 4, 2010 at 7:35 AM

    Hi Abby
    It is nice to see you writing again. I have enjoyed reading your blogs and your style of writing. It was so unfortunate the way your trip came to and end. I am and I am sure everyone else are glad that you are safe, and appreciate all the people that helped rescue you. I look forward to buy your boook one day.

    Abby The question everyone wonders now what about WILD EYES? I can certainly see how you can be attached to such a beautiful boat, and can understand how hard it must have been to leave her alone in the middle of an ocean. Is there any word of what happened to her? Can she be replaced?
    Will you be competing in any Regattas in the near future?

    In whatever you decide to do next I wish you the best of luck. I think you will to good at whatever you do next. I have already inspired many people.

  98. Welcome Home, Abby! You are one brave young woman..will be so eager to hear of your next adventure. Happy 4th to you and your lovely family!

  99. I'm so glad that you got back safely. Now I'm looking forward to reading your future blog posts.

  100. It's good to finally hear from you again! :)

  101. Hi Abby, it's wonderful to have you back in CA! We caught a few seconds of your meeting with the press last Tuesday, and you came off as wise, calm, and smart! Great job!

    Hope to see you sailing soon!



  102. Welcome Home. Was exciting to follow your journey with you. I know you received a heap-load of cricism, but I know you learned stuff out there on the open sea that you would have never learned on land. PRICELESS!

  103. So glad you are back home safe and sound.Lots of people have worried about you and prayed for you,looks like it worked.
    Congradulations, you showed the world what a young lady can acheive even if her main goal is not reached.You are a winner in every way. I am proud of you Abby.

  104. Welcome back, Abby! Your voyage was truly awesome! Just remember that no matter what anybody says, you did an absolutely phenomenal job sailing Wild Eyes half way around the world and nobody can ever take that away from you. Keep your blogs coming.


  105. Happy 4th of July Abby: We have had such a wonderful adventure sailing around the world with you. Sorry you had to loose Wild Eyes, know she was your pride and joy. Maybe there will be another Wild Eyes 2 in the future. You have given hope and inspiration to so many. We are very proud of you. Our congratulations on the new baby boy in your family. Hope everyone is doing well. Take care. Love, Grandma & Grandad from West Los Angeles, CA

  106. Abby ... I like the "Where's Wild Eyes" chart. So the battery on a GPS unit or an EPIRB is obviously still working. How long will she continue to emit a signal? Do you have even a glimmer of hope of retrieving her? Someday she will drift closer to land where someone could tow her in at a reasonable expense. Could that someone be you? Water will fill the cockpit but will the door stay sealed leading into the cabin to prevent water damage inside? Are the rules for a boat adrift in open ocean first come first serve? Lots of questions I know. Be we know you'll be right there to answer every single one of them :-)

  107. BY the way, you did real well on the Today show. Well spoken and confident. I was impressed.

  108. Hey Abby, I am so happy you are back. God is so Awesome, eh ?!

    I know that your mom can breathe easier now and both of you can focus on welcoming the newest Sunderland into your special family.

    Much love and many prayers,
    Kathy in Bend, OR

  109. Happy 4th of July Abby,

    I prayed for you safety when you were lost at sea. If you ever want to go sailing in San Diego, Captain Bill will take you and your family for a sail around San Diego. It won't be as exciting as 60 miles an hour winds and knock downs, but you'll be on the water again.

    Glad to see you are safe and look forward to Abby's next adventure. If you ever choose to go sailing around the world again, take a friend or two and stop as many places as you can.

    Captain Bill from San Diego

  110. Congratulations on your efforts. So glad you avoided injury. You did a fantastic job. I just wish they could have saved your boat. Better luck next time!!!
    I am a paraplegic live aboard sailor from Florida.

  111. What an adventurous spirit you have. Don't let that fade. Go Girl Go. We're behind you no matter what you do.
    I'm glad your back safe and sound.

  112. glad you are home with your family. I look forward to your upcoming blog. I have been keeping an eye on your and your story since you set sail. Keep on keeping on kiddo

  113. Courage! Even Captain Paul Watson of the Sea Shepherd has had his naysayers:

    You now have a veritable cult following. What do you intend to do with all of us? Never mind, we'll follow you anywhere. Ciao.

  114. Welcome home Abby, You may not have sailed around the world. But you've sailed in to our hearts. There you will sail forever taking us with you in your dreams.

  115. Hey Abby, happy Fourth and welcome home from your adventure. (A big success I might add) I have followed you since day one and I have the upmost respect for you.

    Some comments from the sidelines. The media looks for the sensational but they also have a narrative that seeks to make positive the push for our youth remain helpless and dependent, as the goalposts of adulthood are moved towards the 30 year mark. I am sure your advisors will tell you to ignore the bait, not defend yourself and just continue to be Abby. It is your message that needs to break through.

    You, Abby, are a role model for the today’s youth, but you also are a messenger. Your message is at once inspiring and revolutionary. That a sixteen year old can dream a dream, articulate that dream and overcome the obstacles to achieve that dream. A hundred years ago a sixteen year old would be an adult. Not so today, our youth are being robbed of the joy in life that maturity and responsibility bring. Your message is a big deal and it needs to be heard.

    I do pray that you pick up this mantle. I hope you use the current spotlight to expand the reach of your message. I think a start would be to document your story with a book. This is a challenge that in many ways is more difficult than the solo sail, but you have shown the world you have the stamina and the backbone to meet adversity head on.

    If you ever decide to plan another sailing trip count me in on the front lines for support. I am confident that with the help of your fans, funding Wild Eyes II will be no problem.

    Best Regards,
    Von Bear

  116. Welcome home, Abby! Have a very safe and fun Independence Day celebration with your family. :)

    Jeanine and her mom Dianne,

  117. It's so good to hear from you and I can't wait for you to tell us more. I followed you from day 1 and stayed up all night praying when you weren't heard from. You have changed many lives. The word failure doesn't exist in anything thing you have done. You're making life an adventure and that's the way it should be. I can't wait for you book. Abby, you and your family are not alone in all this. You have world support. We are all here for you guys. Love and hugs from Florida

  118. Planned or unplanned It's turned out to be NOT about the voyage, but about the girl. You can be proud; we are.

    I think Jessica's voyage turned out the same for her.

    Jon in Oregon

  119. Welcome home, Abby!

    You know from your Web stats how many of us have checked in daily to see how your trip was going, and most of us are very proud of you! I know very few people that accomplished as much when they were 16.

    You did a great job of handling the media--they can be tougher than a rogue wave, but you showed them home schooled kids are at least as capable as others. As a former home school parent, I've always been impressed that kids that learn this way are much more comfortable talking with adults as equals, not to mention being very desirable candidates to colleges because they know how much you've learned.

    We will keep praying for you. Have a great summer, get some rest, enjoy that new baby brother, have fun with your friends, learn to drive and all the other good things you've missed this year.

    Thanks again for being a bright spot of encouragement in our lives in a year when there's been mostly bad news in the headlines! Keep us updated as your plans develop and put me down for a copy of your book.


    John (Seattle)

  120. Hi Abby, so pleased to hear you are back home, safe and sound. It was such a thrill to read your blogs whilst you were sailing. Your adventures certainly livened up the day. Do hope you continue to follow your dreams whatever they may be now. Best wishes, Jana F, Auckland, NZ

  121. Abby,
    I am glad you are home save.
    I am sorry you could not complete your trip and that you lost your boat (I was hoping that you could leave it adrift and someone could/would find it later and eventually get it back to you. :(
    Were you able to save any pictures/videos of your trip?

  122. What are the chances that Wild Eyes will drift close enough to Australia to be salvaged?

    Welcome home, we're proud of you.


  123. Abby -

    You are such an amazing person and God has given you many gifts...
    I continue to be so inspired by what you did!

    God Bless you with His love today and always...
    Anna Margaret from CA

  124. Hey, Abby! I'm from Brazil, and I just got the results of my school tests. Right back of the notes, there was a text about you and your adventure, and all the students of my grade are going to do a text showing their opinions about your lifestyle. :) Feel proud!

    I'm actually really jealous of you, I live in a building in front of the beach, in the Northeast of the country, but I've never had your chance! :) (who knowssss)

    Sorry about my english.

  125. Happy 4 of July Abby! So nice to hear from you!!!
    I have been checking you blog daily and don't know how I didn't see new post. Eitherway I am so happy to hear from you and hope at the same time that your family is doing well. I will be looking forward to hearing from you soon.
    Hugs and kisses,

  126. Someone will retrieve your yacht. Fix it up and continue.

  127. Dear Capt. Abby:

    God bless us all. You're back in the safety of your home and I am sure basking in the love and affection of your dear Parents, brothers, sisters and caring neighbors.

    Just posting a note to let you know that I have not lost interest in your life's adventure even if your dream of sailing around the world was cut short. Living our everyday lives is as much an adventure as sailing in a stormy sea!

    Take your time to grow and begin another dream or building resources to accomplish your original dream.

    We all wish you the best and will keep tracking your progress.

    Jaky O
    July 5, 2010 10:00 AM

  128. I saw this in the Kern Valley Sun by Ray Conner and couldn't agree more Keep going Abby your doing Great.

    Item two: On the flip side are those blaming the parents of Abby Sunderland for allowing her to try to sail around the world. Do we or do not want our children to reach for the brass ring? To try to accomplish great things, that only few people have done. And then if things do not work out, blame the parents for allowing that to happen.

    That is pure hogwash. Are we supposed to frustrate our children by not letting them take risks? I have heard it said, “Without great risk, there can not be great rewards.”

    The Sunderlands granted their daughter her wish to make a dream come true. It didn’t work out, but at least she can say she tried. There is more regret in never attempting, than trying to and coming up short.

    For being only 16 years-old, look at the things she did right. She preceded to write in her blog about the approaching storm and when she did run into trouble she set off the safety beacons. Pretty mature for someone that according to some should never have been out there. I for one applaud the effort and thank God that she was found safe.

    If we stunt our children’s growth by being proactive (griping and complaining about the coach) or not allowing them to follow their dream then they will come up short every time they start something.

    Bottom line seems to me is that we need to get in the back seat and let our children drive. Who knows maybe one day they will surpass greatness with our help and not our holding them back.

    With Great respect, Scott and Debra from Seattle WA

  129. Glad that you are safely back at home and congratulations on the arrival of your new baby brother.

    It has been now close to a full one year (July 15,2009) that you have so honestly and generously shared the adventures of your life in public, and courageously allowed everyone to be a witness to your ups and downs and to make judgments on your decisions and actions; you have told a very moving story which has inspired me in so many different ways which I thank you for that.

    I was encouraged in January after hearing about your circumnavigation trip and almost twenty years after reading the Joshua Slocum’s classic book, with no practical sailing background to purchase my very first sailboat (17ft Mc Gorger Venture 1970 with a 4hp outboard; don’t laugh, it sails great and good for learning the basics). In these short few months, sailing on some selected Sunday afternoons on the San Francisco Bay, I have found out that sailing could be very challenging, must respect the force of the nature and it is almost impossible to be 100 percent prepared. But above all have discovered the fact that “the more I sail the more I like sailing.”

    You always remain a source of inspiration.

    Steve Nikfar; El Cerrito, CA

  130. Welcome home Abby!! I am looking forward to hearing about your future plans.
    Alyssa from Irvine, CA

  131. Welcome back! Keep your head high and your eyes on the horizon (wait, do sailors put their eyes on the horizon? where does that saying come from anyway? :^)

  132. Happy Independence Day! I think we owe you more thanks than you owe us. Your strife and drive to achieve a goal you desired - the work put into attempting that goal - the fight you must have put up against nature until it finally beat, not you, but your equipment - that is the epitome of how all of mankind should be, and you are the example of it. So, thank you, Abby, for reminding me that there are still a few out there who are not afraid to embrace life for what it is and truly live.

  133. Abby,

    Congratualations to you and your mom & dad on your new baby brother . I'm glad you're home safe & sound. I saw part of your news conference on the Internet. I thought you did just find handling the press.

    I'm sorry there were so many critical, mean-spirited, or otherwise vulgar comments over time. You'll notice they're all from the same person - "Anonymous". Ignore "Anonymous". If he/she were so confident in what they had to say, they'd use their real name.

    It's good the hear form you. We're all looking forward to hearing what's next. And Good Luck if you've started driving. I'm sure you'll master that as well.

    God Bless,

    Nick - Waterbury CT

  134. 3 sailors were rescued today after their sail boat capsized in 52 mph wind & 20 ft waves off the Mendicino coast of California. This was mid summer, not winter in the Indian Ocean, so it goes to show it can happen anytime, anywhere. They were also saved by activating their beacons and fast action by the US Coast Guard.

    Abby, I have followed your journey from MDR and think you are a brave & wonderful woman. I look forward to hearing your full story as you write your book. Robin Collier

  135. WOW Abbey!! Great to see you back up on the blog. It has been a long and patient wait. Now that you are back up, it is a real relief to hear from you even though it was just a "Howdy, here I am". Looking forward to your future posts as always and of course your book. I too, encourage you to not think of your trip as a failure. The experince you have gained since you set sail are invaluable and will serve you well in the future. The possitive effect you have had on your generation and to parents around the world is admirable. Hold your head high and keep your chin up Abbey. Happy 4th to all!!

  136. Hi Abby,
    here an Haiku for you:

    Surfing the waves
    eating fish on a french boat
    better than coke


  137. hi Abby,
    Like I said on January 1, keep following Your heart. I'm glad U are safe, I would love to crew for U sometime.

  138. hello Abby!

    Welcome back!!

    we would be glad to see if u can upload some pics of soloround!

  139. I'm glad you back safe and thanks for sharing your journey with us. I admire your efforts!

  140. Hey Abby!
    Ive followed you through your journey the whole way and i want to say im so happy your back home safe and sound....I wish you could have accomplished what you set out to do but everything happens for a reason and you made it a long ways girl! and thats something to be proud of! As a 21yr old Girl, its really saying something when i say that you are one of my did something i could never do and made the best out of it ALL....Your positive attitude with everything just blows me away....Abby, im so glad your safe! I most deff cant wait for your book!! BTW Dont even listen to what all the haters have to say ok....Those who mind dont matter and those who matter dont mind......I know this is probly pointless as your so busy now, but my email is i would love to hear from you one day if you ever got the chance.....Keep your head up and Welcome home!


  141. Hey Abby, great to know you are really home now safe and well. Take care. A pal and I have a slight argument about the sails you were wearing when the Big wave came. He says reefed-main and full jib, I say triple-reefed main and storm jib. Please resolve !

  142. Is there a reward for recovering "Wild Eyes"?

  143. Your journey is so much beyond what most of us will ever aspire too! Congratulations on a long ocean journey and a safe return home!!! We look forward to hearing more from you as you are able!!!! Best wishes!

  144. Your courage is commendable. Keep up the inspiring endeavours.

  145. Happy 4th of July.. I saw you and your brother on TV yesterday.. Nice Going and Welcome home.. I have been following you since before you left Ca.. I live in Long Beach and have never sailed but love boating.. I must say that I was very scared when you left Marina Del Ray..But at the same time I was thrilled.. Thanks for adding some excitement to my day..

  146. Welcome Home Abby! Don't give up on your dreams, whatever they may be! :)

  147. Abby,

    As with everyone else, I am glad you are home safe and sound. While you did not achieve your ultimate goal of saling all the way aournd the world, you did achieve many marvelous things, not the least of which is your following around the world.

    Even more important, think of all that you have learned from your experience; not only for your next trip, but also for how to live. You may be young in years, but you have packed many years of experience into your months at sea! Conserve what you have learned carefully ( a book is a great idea!)and it will serve you for a lifetime.

    Kevin in Chicago

  148. Glad you are home safely! Hope to hear from you soon. I enjoyed reading your blog!

  149. Great to hear from you Captain Abby!

    Looks like the Sunderland Flotilla has a new sailor and you have a new "shipmate" to train for sea duty.

    So try not to let your sea legs sprout roots and don't become a "land lubber" (you will regret it - trust me).

    However, before you head off on your next voyage - maybe you can finish your first book about you and "Wild Eyes". I can't wait to read it (any stories about marine life encountered will be most interesting).

    May God continue to bless you, your family, and all sailors (and Wild Eyes - where ever she may be).

    TC (temporarily landlocked) in Texas

  150. Dear Abby

    You our by far a wonderful lady you have gotten my Interests up again on sailing you know about the 7 wonders of the world I would love to call you the 8th wonder of the world you surpass all expectations of a Women who has one thing In mind to better yourself each day I hope to one day hear and see you on your endeavors and I hope and pray that I will find my way To the same dream as you have had I just wanted also to tell you that i'm second oldest In my family of Ten Kids but Abyy I'm 57 years old born Feb 7th 1953 I love the sea so much I just hope soon I will be able to get one 40ft Sail yacht and live and have fun before I get to old but even then I still will wish and hope as you have.


    Yours Always
    William K. Hass

  151. Abby, as a fellow sailor, I have followed your voyage from MDR to the present with great interest, tracking your progress through your, (and Mom & Dad's & Team Abby's )blogs. While I was not outraged by the decision your parents made, I must admit I had to ask myself a very difficult question....would I let my daughter do this??? Then, I realized, this is an experienced sailing family, they are certainly aware of the risk involved anytime one leaves the "safety" of the hard, and ventures offshore, and they would never jeopardize your life. You caught some bad breaks along the way, but you persevered, even beyond the last knock-down.
    Now I'm going to be a little contradictory. While I wish you could be the prototype for your generation, please remember, YOU DON'T OWE ANYONE ANYTHING!!!! From reading some of the comments( no offence to anyone ) it seems as though some have expectations of you that you really should't be subjected to. While you have inspired many, myself included, to make more of ourselves than we thought was possible,you, and your family,deserve to have a private life, at your discretion,of course. So go get your drivers license, have a boyfriend or two, hang out at the local In-N-Out.
    While I will continue to monitor your blogs, I hope they become less frequent"as time goes by".That will tell me you're moving on with your your life. I hope you never stop sailing or adventuring. The world needs people who believe anything is possible.
    As for Wild Eyes,I know this is painful,I recently had to leave my boat(Cilcia) behind, though under very different circumstances. Always remember, She was your best friend, and She was there when you needed Her most.
    Enough of these ramblings,
    Godspeed to you Abby,hope you have a great life .
    Capt/first mate/deckhand
    Cap'n John

  152. Abby,I'm Glad your home safe and sound.
    I would have loved to meet you comming in at Marina Del Rey with my boat but thats life.
    I'll tell you, you gave millions of people an E ticket ride with your adventure since January 23 rd.
    Abby I purchased two of your T shirts back in May but I don't know if you discontinued them.
    If I get them I will wear them but If they stopped making them just keep the money and consider it a gift because you gave me so much more with your adventure.
    Abby if in the future you have a town hall meeting for a fund raiser for a new boat please include me.
    You are the most bravest and courageous girl I have ever known.
    God Bless You

    Libby Di Bernardo
    San Pedro,Ca.

  153. I admit I did not know much about your trip until you set off your emergency beacons. Then I read your blog and everything I could. You handled yourself and the media well. The media blew everything out of proportion.
    I have a ten year old daughter and I will give her a copy of your book when it comes out as you are an inspiration for girls as well as for what is possible if one tries hard.
    The world is full of naysayers, so don't listen to them. Congratulations.

  154. Dear Abby

    I forgot to say Hi to your Father and Mother also I bought the yachting magazine and low and behold I did see a few sailing yachts that I would be proud to own guess what I have only ten bucks on me right now Ha Ha Ha. Well I hope you do write that book Abby Mr and Mrs
    SUNDERLAND YOU HAVE A GREAT Bounce Of kids there
    parents should get an award knowing how to bring and raise kids there our not to many parents like us around anymore

    Yours Always
    William K. Hass

  155. Hi Abby, I too am relieved to hear you are back home safe and sound. I once was 16 with an adventurous streak like you. I could never have accomplished what you done on your own, at 16. You are a "very brave" person. I would much rather be sitting on the sofa listening to music than to be out there in the freezing waters of that huge Ocean!
    It will take some time, but before long, school will start and there will be High School adventure to look forward too. Be proud of what you did accomplish and how far you did make it. Maybe it is a sign from God, you were not meant to be a solo adventurer, all that you went through must be meant to be shared with another person. Two is better than one. Be happy!

  156. Hi Abby:

    So happy you are home safe. Look forward to your future blogs and updates. Is Charlie still in the Southern Ocean with Wild Eyes?

    Hugs as always, seattlesid

  157. To all you special commenters:

    Zac has and interesting blog about his and Abby's trip back from Reunion.
    Then click on his Blog.

    It's great. Be sure to check it out.

    Clare, Spokane, WA USA

  158. So very glad that you are home safe with your family. I just wanted to thank you for not allowing the negative people to take away your self esteem and confidence in your abilities. And I agree with your mother and father and I thank them for helping you to take control of your life what ever situation your in. Whether out on the ocean or in front of cameras. You handle yourself with dignity and respect.

  159. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  160. sooo when are you gettingyour next boat!? :D

  161. Bonjour Abby,

    It is really good to have you back! Just can't wait to have your impressions on all that went on.

    Take care.

  162. Abby, Even though you did not complete your mission as planned, you have accomplished so much. You are too young to remember the space flight of Apollo 13. Their mission was to land on the moon, but equipment failure prevented that. Their flight was deemed a "successful-failure" as they learned so much from their failure to land on the moon. You have many years ahead of you to complete your mission. I look forward to your book, your blogs, and stories of your next adventure on the high seas. God speed. Nancy Mattson

  163. Hi Abby! Its good to here you got home safely!
    Your baby brother is ssssssoooo Cute!
    God Bless

    Angelica moore

  164. Hi Abby,

    Welcome home. I know you are probably saving it for the book but would you, could you, give us a small description of the night you turned on your emergency beacons and the day Capt. Paul went overboard??? Thanks.

  165. Abby, if all young people had just a bit of your drive and strength, the world would be 1000 times better!!!

  166. Hi Abby.Great job in accomplishing as much as you did.. Best of luck in any new adventures and life .. Bravo ..

  167. Hi abby,
    What has been or is the scarist thing that hppned on your journey