Saturday, July 10, 2010

Settling In

It's been a little while since I last wrote. It feels a like there isn't much to write about - no weather to report, no new sail plans or big course changes, no auto pilot problems either. There are some things coming up that I am really looking forward to. I had been planning to talk at a local mall and am still going to be doing that. I don't have all of the details yet, but I have to say that I'm even more excited about a new project that has come up. There were two ladies that came by yesterday from our church. They work in a jail ministry with young women, girls even younger then me, all the way up to 20 or so. They mentioned that it might be a good place for me to talk. I guess I'm so excited about it because I feel like I could really help. None of the details have been ironed out yet, but I really can't wait and hope I'm able to do some good there.

Now, I thought every body knew, but it seems a few of you haven't heard. My new brother, little Paul-Louis Charles Sunderland, was named after the captain of the Ile de la Reunion, the French fishing vessel that picked me up off of Wild Eyes. It was getting close to his due date and still no name had been decided on. Everybody called him Charlie - my family always comes up with some sort of interesting nickname for everyone. That is the story behind little Paul's name. My parents really liked the name, and under the circumstances it didn't seem a bad idea at all. So, to Paul-Louis La Moigne of the Ile de la Reunion, thanks for giving us a hand naming our newest edition!

A lot of people have been asking about Wild Eyes. She was still afloat when I boarded the Ile de la Reunion. She could end up on a beach in Western Australia at some point, but it's just a guess, we don't know for sure. She would have to be very lucky to wash up on a beach, and not get smashed on the rocks or something like that. While I do wish that she would be found and fixed up, its not all that likely she will be found.

Well, I think that's all for today, thank you all for your continued support, and a very, very late happy 4th of July to you all!



Abby's father, Laurence Sunderland, told the Today show on Monday June 28th that the recent Newport Bermuda Race had lost a boat, he was relying on an erroneous USCG report. The USCG has now issued a retraction at

The Bermuda Race Organizing Committee has asked Laurence to correct his statement.

From the the Journal of US Coast Guard Search & Rescue:

08 July 2010
The Newport Bermuda Race 2010 commenced on June 18, 2010 and On Scene is happy to report that all race participants successfully completed the race without incident. The On Scene Weekly SARSAT Rescue Report dated Wednesday June 23, 2010 incorrectly stated that the sailing vessel associated with the June 15th SARSAT Rescue was participating in the Newport Bermuda Race 2010 when high winds caused the vessel to lose its mast. Many thanks to the On Scene subscribers who pointed out this inaccuracy.


  1. I am excited for you about the new project you may be working on with the jail ministry. These young women have tremendous challenges and odds against them and they can benefit from your experience and you courage. I will pray that God will lead you in the right direction and that he will use you to bring Him Glory.
    grace and peace to you

  2. Thanks for the update. You are a remarkable lady!! Don....Slippery Rock, Pa

  3. Greatest success with speaking through the jail ministry. I think you'd set a shining example to those young women about the beauty of possibility. And prove to them that they don't have to spend their entire lives being defined by their crimes. That they can re-write their stories whenever they choose. Good luck with whatever you do. Tammy Ryan, Los Angeles, CA

  4. Happy to hear an update... and to stay posted on your unfolding adventures in Life :) I'm sure you will learn much from your work with the jail ministry, as you will from each new venture you participate in.

    Sad to hear about Wild Eyes... let's hope she's found on a beach somewhere someday.

    Never lose your lovely spirit, Abby! And I'm still praying you will write that book! ! ! ! :)

    All the best always... Russ

  5. Glad to hear you're settling in all right. Keep up the good work !

    Love !

    The Netherlands

  6. From every crisis comes an opportunity, and it looks like you are already taking advantage of the opportunities that are there for you. That is wonderful and I wish you the very best Abbie!

  7. Your new project sounds wonderful. Mom also works with incarcerated youth/girls. If you are down southern cal and are interested in talking at my place of employment let me know.
    Benny & Lily
    Congrats on your new brother

  8. Abby,
    Please excuse the mis-spelling of your name...maybe someone will correct it for me.

  9. Your new opportunity sounds exciting! I hope it works out. I agree with you - the Lord could certainly use you in that ministry! : )

    Take care!

  10. I love your new project -- and your desire to "give back". These girls are most likely demoralized, have lost motivation, and don't know where or how to turn to make anything of their lives. You can show them - in your own way - that life truly CAN be full of possibilities, exciting and full of promise. You can also show them that "so called failures" are simply "forks in the road" and learning experiences toward different and maybe unexpected successes!

    I can't help but be sad about Wild Eyes, because she was such a good boat which took you half way around the world, then kept you safe, when you needed it the most. You wonder if someone might spot her before she hits rocks and saves her. Or -- you never know - - she might come up on a sandy beach and be ok. I guess hope springs eternal *g*

    Best to you - Wendy

  11. Yes, you can be a great role model for a teen that thinks their life is hopeless and worthless. If I had a daughter in jail, I would love to have her talk with you! I know of a church inside the nearby state prison, the pastor being a former inmate, and you're no doubt aware of Prison Fellowship and the great work they do. No life is worthless in God's sight, no matter how messed up!


  12. You do continue to amaze me. How proud your parents must be. Hell, I'm proud and I don't even know you other than from this blog!
    And I love that your new brother was named after the ship's captain that rescued you!

  13. go abby.
    i'm sure that whatever endeavor you decide on, will always be worthwhile. you are a determined and remarkable young lady. i know your star will always shine in whatever you do; you will succeed in whatever you set your heart upon and above all, you will always be an inspiration - with the ability to touch hearts, lift spirits up and make a difference in the lives of people.

    go abby, forward...and always forward, you have a lot in you...share it with others and let your light inside you shine.

    God bless to you and your family esp baby charlie.


  14. May your stories of dreams and courage inspire others at the jail, the mall and everywhere you go! I do hope you'll be writing that book. We want to hear every detail.

  15. Abby:
    GO GIRL GO!!!!!!!!!!

    It does not matter if you are at sea or on land, you will find an interesting adventure to ride. That is the true spirit of America and especially of youth. Do not every give up on your dream. Do not allow the temporary detour from your original plan to so poison your life that you withdraw from living life. Just remember, as one door closes several others open to you.

    Do not get trapped by the little people that snip at your heels and that make hateful comments about you and your family. Learn from them, pity them, and pray for them but not let them rule and ruin your adventure.

    You are the best and now that the sailing world knows who is Abby, your mission is to show the rest of the world what a 16 year old young lady can do. At some point you need to introduce your little brother to his namesake, that would also make a good ending chapter in a future edition (revision) of your book.

    Abby, GO GIRL GO!!!!!!!!!

    John R Willis

  16. Hi Abby,
    Thanks for the great update! Even though you are currently not sailing, it is still wonderful to hear everything that you are "up to". Good stuff!!
    God Bless!
    Keith and Kathy Wargo, Lynchburg BA

  17. Yo Abby!
    It is so nice of you to share your uplifting spirit with others less fortunate than you. Be careful however, not to let those whose dreams and aspirations are much less than yours, slow you down. There will always be people who can not rise above petty jealousy and hatred. So while it is a noble effort, on your part, to lend a hand to those who you might be able to help, be aware that those hands reaching out for yours, might drag you down into a much darker place. I'm not saying don't do it, I'm just saying be careful.
    Cheers, Phil

  18. I'am happy for your new project, i hope you'like it and we want to have news about it soon.
    Does Paul-Louis Le Moigne already know about the name ? He is at sea for the moment, did somebody told him, did you sent him a mail ?
    For your father's mystake: everybody can make this sort of confusion one day.
    Good luck for your next projects.

  19. Hi Abby, Looks like you are setteling in quite well. I think what you are going to do, re: the jail, is quite nice. As a former California Deputy Sheriff, I can appreciate what you are trying to do there and salute you for it. Many of the young people just need GOOD guidance and have not necessarily received it at home. I wish you well.

    Luv Ya, as always
    Bud & Charla Winnett

  20. From a fellow christian and sailor in San Diego, I applaud you for your desire to direct your efforts and talents to something so worthwhile. So looking forward to reading a book on your sailing adventure and hope it contains photos of the open seas.
    Best of luck to you.

  21. I'm so happy about your new project. To be able to show girls that even when they are knocked down over and over there is still hope. You're living proof of that. I'm sure they all had/have dreams. Show them that they shouldn't give up on those dreams whatever they may be. About Wild's possible that as she nears Australia that the Australian coast guard or someone would be able to tow her in before she hits the rocks. I haven't given up hope for her yet and you shouldn't. Love & hugs from Florida.

  22. Dear Abigail,
    I do not know what your next adventure may/might be but I'd like to thank you very much for the one you took me on. I'll never sail the high seas, but I got to a little, through your blogs and stories. I'd read them over and over again, then sit and wonder what it would be like, even dream that it's me. I've seen some pretty atrocious waves down here on the SoCal beaches but I couldn't imagine a 30-40 footer out there in the middle of the Indian ocean! When I heard about your quest I thought "cool" I hope she makes it. Then I heard about the mishap and the negativity from the press (that really ...? ticked me off) I became "very" worried about you. It felt like no body cared about your safety and welfare, only speculation about you being to young and your parents being unfit. I wanted to have God's arm to reach out there and pluck you out of danger because the rescue efforts weren't going fast enough for me, but that didn't happen. So all I could do was pray, and pray I did! I do not want to boist about me praying though, all glory belongs to God. But I will advocate the power of prayer in the believer's life, it works. I can't explain how God used you to get to me, but he did, and now you're always in my prayers! Along with all your family. Isn't God great?

  23. Hi Abby:-)
    If Wild Eyes is found, would it still be your boat to claim? Also, do you, your brother or father race yachts? I hope you do not mind me asking questions through you blog site, the ask Abby page on your web site is not taking questions right now. God bless you and keep you!

  24. Hi Abby,
    We're all very glad that you're home and in one piece. We're also very happy that you're committed to God and you and your family are willing to allow that to be seen. Thanks so much.

  25. Sounds like your heart is as enormous as the seas you sailed. Helping steer young girls in the right direction is an admirable thing to do.

    As always, I appreciate your posts. Never bored by anything you post.

    Warmly, Ferret

  26. Hey Abby,
    I just read your latest blog and thought what a great God we serve! He is using you to reach troubled youth. To share your testimony with them. To give them hope, to not give up on their dreams, to believe and trust in the one and only true living God: Jehovah-Jireh (the LORD will provide). God bless you my friend! As well as your family and especially Little Paul! He looks quite distinguished for his young age:-)

  27. You're an angel. It's amazing to hear how excited you are for the opportunity to help those girls in jail. I'm sure you will be as inspiring to them as you have been to all of us.

  28. It is such a great idea for you to speak to the young women at a jail ministry. An inspirational person such as yourself could be the positive influence these young girls need in their lives.
    "‎Really great people make you feel that you, too, can become great."
    -Mark Twain

  29. Go Abby!! Great to hear of your new project. I am so glad that you are staying in touch with us all. It doesn't matter if you don't have much to say. I always check your blog hoping to hear from you and your family even if it's just to say hello. You are such an inspiration.I am confident that you will be able to help others as this where the Lord needs you to help.

  30. I love the idea of your new project and am so excited that you are so looking forward to it and the possibility of inspiring those young ladies.

    Also, I love that your parents named your new baby brother after the man who helped you! What a great story he'll be able to tell someday to anyone who asks how he got his name! I can't help but feel a little happy for you that you were able to be there to share in the celebration of your new baby brother. I'm sure that helped ease the blow of leaving Wild Eyes a bit, didn't it?

    God Bless you, Abby!

  31. I wish you success on your next project! You should be a real inspiration!

  32. Good luck on your next project Abby I hope it goes great! And i have also been asking the abby sunderland fan page on facebook about how to join the Team Abby but no one has gottin back to me so if anyone out there knows how to join or become apart of it that would be great. And good luck Abby on your project.
    -Douglas, Honolulu, HI

  33. Hi Abby:

    The ministry work with the young women sounds like very important work. Good for you.

    By the way when you left Wild Eyes, did Pelican Charlies come with you or is he still on board watching over Wild Eyes?

    Hugs seattlesid

  34. Abby,
    Keep up the good work !!!!
    Best wishes for continued success in all you do!!
    Best wishes to you and your family also.
    God Bless,
    Capt. Chuck

  35. Bonjour Abby!

    You are still the best! Go Abby, Go!

    Take care.

  36. Good Afternoon Abigail,

    NOT MUCH TO WRITE ABOUT?? could have given us a weather report. Let's Abby's home in Thousand Oaks at 1400 hrs it's currently 78F/26C, partly cloudy with winds S at 14 km/h and humidity of 53%. A beautiful California day! DID report a "course change": speaking at the mall and the jail ministry. I have no doubt you will do well with both. You are on AUTO PILOT to help others...and I am proud of you for doing that. Good luck (of course we will need a full report)...please.

    Third...I hope baby Paul-Louis and mom are doing well. By accident I believe I came across the family nickname you were referring to. If you try to "save" the photo of you, Paul and Katherine (in Home is the Sailor) it reveals the nickname....."little chuck". "Home is the Sailor" there was a question about whether you had a horse. I found the answer back in a January article in your local newspaper the Thousand Oaks Acorn. It stated that yes Abby did have a pet horse, loved her horse but had to decide between him or sailing. She had to let the horse go to commit her expenses and her time to her circumnavigation attempt. That must have been a tough decision for you shows us the level of commitment you had to make to sailing.

    Fifth...while I am sure Zac(18), Toby(12), Jessie(11), Lydia(6), Ben(2) and Paul(days) are happy to have you back at home I was wondering how Katherine(5)who you have a close bond with is doing? I have read that you shared a bedroom with her before you left and she did not sleep in the room alone since your departure. Are you back together...flashlights under the covers...with late night stories of your sailing adventure? left MDR in January with a cold/deep cough and returned with a cold. I hope you are feeling better. I am pleased to see that you are keeping yourself busy with family and friends....this will help with your "settling in".

    Thinking of you Abby, big hug,
    john, Bay of Quinte on Lake Ontario, Canada

  37. I think "Angel" is a very good word to describe you Abigail. Check out Heb. 13:2. Who konws huh? If God be for us who can be against us? Run the race, and fight the good fight by sister-in-Christ. Mark Twain also said:"I like a good story, well told." Write the book Abby:-)

  38. Dear Abby: What a wonderful blog from you and you are still on an adventure, just alittle different from your sailing days. You are moving forward and going to help others by giving them the good advice that you follow. Don't give up your dreams!! You are talented and courageous!!Your blogs are enjoyed by so many. Grandma & Grandad, West Los Angeles, CA

  39. Dear Abby,
    You said: "I'm so excited about it because I feel like I could really help." it's between you and God, but it sounded to me as though it was the Spirit of God talking to you. Pray on it my friend and remember to "trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not unto your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths." (Proverbs 3:5-6) I will ask my Church Prayer Community to pray on this for you also. I too will pray for God's will on this my friend. Thank you for helping those who have fallen on hard/wrong/bad times. You truly are a marvelous, wonderful, thoughtful and caring person. God bless you & yours!
    Surfdog, OS, CA.

  40. Good idea on helping others, jail ministry etc. Get bored, let us know, we got a lot of minority prisoners in Thailand's jails we need people to write letters to.
    But what a lot of us want to know, is....when are you getting another boat? Maybe waiting for Wild Eyes to show up somewhere still safe and sound? Lets hope so.

  41. The young women at the jail ministry will be so blessed to have you talk with them,dearest Abby, and we know that God will give you the wisdom and knowledge for sharing to give these women the inspiration they need for their lives.
    They are special, and so are you!
    What a great thing God is doing by bringing all of you together.
    It's beautiful, and you will also be blessed by it.

    Strength, peace, and comfort to you and all of the family

    Love and prayers from North Carolina

  42. Dear Abby,
    Reaching out to help others who have experienced pain and a loss, like yourself is sweet.
    Sometimes when we hear about another persons pain and loss, it can bring comfort knowing that pain is real. And seeing the affects of how pain and loss has affected another persons life, helps us to not think about our own pain so much.
    It might be uncomfortable at first, sharing your story, but being alone out in the huge ocean for close to 6 months, for most of us would be uncomfortable too.
    It is a time of learning and sharing.It's okay to cry over your own pain too!

  43. Abby,
    I don't look forward to the day when your busy life no longer has room for you to give your blog followers their periodic fix. You can be assured that I will be looking for any news of your ventures. I really do hope you write that book so I can get a more detailed idea of how your adventure unfolded. Just keep being yourself. Best wishes to you and your wonderful family...
    John & Darlene
    Kerrville, Tx

  44. Thanks Abby.
    Bless you ♥
    Richard (QLD) Aus

  45. Jesse Robinson From Banks OregonJuly 10, 2010 at 8:48 PM


    I have mixed feelings about you being home and starting new adventures. I have gotten so used to checking your blog every day to check on you. Thank you ever so much for alowing me to share in your adventure!!!
    I am just an old landlubber but the past 7 months have been great following your preparations and your trip.
    Sorry about "Wild Eyes" and I know that you will soon end your blog. I and many others will miss you, but you took us for one wonderful ride.

    Bless you Abby!

  46. Abby, you never cease to amaze! I wish you all the best with your upcoming speaking projects, especially the young women at the correctional institute. Most people hold all who make mistakes as irredeemable, and so waste no thoughts or time on them. You have much to give, and you could change some troubled lives! All the best Abby! And thanks so much for the update. We all consider ourselves part of your family in some ways, and you part of ours. And so we want to hear all about everything! Please give my best to your wonderful family (especially little Katherine and youngest Paul), and an extra hug to your new crew-mate Charlie.
    Kevin, Aiken, SC

  47. Abby
    Please find a way to tell your story, be it a blog, book, movie, magazine article. You will bring insprition and hope and a smile to many, many people.

    Thank you

  48. Abby,
    I know you must be feeling like so many people are hanging by a thread waiting for your next exciting adventure.
    Well Abby, You’re not Lara Croft come to life as Abby Sunderland movie star adventurer in the back lot of a movie studio making movies to thrill couch potatoes.
    You are Abby Sunderland a 16 year old real life adventurer on a budget. Who has sailed into so many hearts of so many people around the world that it really seems you very well succeeded in your voyage.
    I’m sure everyone is willing to hang around and give you all the time you need to get back to your life. Get settle into your school work and family life for now. We know your day to day life is as normal as most of ours and none of us could come up with wonderful adventures every few days. So don’t worry so much that you have to entertain us every minute. We really do understand you have a normal life too. We do ask if you don’t mine to keep us in mind when you do get the opportunity to reach for the stars and set sail once again for your dream. Just know we are all very proud of you and your family as well as all the people that helped you get back home.
    May peace be with you Abby.

  49. Hi Abby,

    It's great to hear that things are getting back to normal for you. May you be a blessing to everyone you meet, especially with the Jail ministry. I am especially interested to learn more about what happened in those last moments in the Indian ocean and how your last night on Wild Eyes went. Those specific details have been unclear in all the publications and stories about you. Are you planning on sharing more information on how things were going on that last day when you were trying to get the engines started, and what condition the boat was in after the roll, etc. Also, what was going through your mind at time when you set off your alert system, etc.. Thanks so much! My family has been watching your journey since the beginning.

  50. Good luck with all that you do! Gus

  51. Hello Abby,
    I have been wondering why it was not possible to take Wild Eyes in tow and salvaged? Wild Eyes was surely still worth the effort?

    Regards, PIP.

  52. Abby:

    You and your family have inspired many over many months. I am certain that you will continue to inspire others as you travel through life.

    Your parents can be proud of how they have created a family that radiates good to others.

    A most impressive family.!!

  53. Abby - thanks for the update. We followed you half way around the world and want to continue to follow your journey. For everything there is a reason and a time and purpose... You would be an asset to a jail ministry for young women. Sharing your experiences with danger and with rescue may be a life changing message for girls who are otherwise struggling with being "lost on land."

  54. hi amazing young lady you never cease to amaze me for someone so young! Please let us know if you intend coming back to Cape Town for a holiday as I would really love to meet you in person as I'm sure a lot of other people would! Go girl and good luck

  55. Ahoy Captain!
    I thought you might like to read what I sent in to SAIL magazine.

    "I think Abigail (Abby) Sunderland is an amazing woman, and outstanding sailor! She received much flak from the press for possibly being too young to "solo" circumnavigate the earth. Although she is only 16 years old, she claims to have been sailing all her life. Since she made it half way or better around the world I'd say she was more than capable of performing the task. I understand that her yacht was specifically designed to handle the rough seas of the Indian Ocean. Someone needs to give this lady what she deserves: recognition for a job well done!"

    Your readers/followers might like to know that they can come to your aid/defense by writing their thoughts about you in 100 or less words and sending it to:

    Good day to you Capt(*♥*)

  56. Dear Abby I was wondering and hoping that you might tell us what it is like to float in the middle of the ocean at night with stars filling the sky above you from horizon to horizon? Did you navigate by them (celestialnavigation)? Did you see any whales? Sharks? Or other phenomenon? Thank you for sharing your tales and adventure!
    Kenny(33.2º, -117.2º)

  57. Greetings Ms. Sunderland and thank you for your ministry to those troubled young ladies! I know you would be a great source of inspiration and encouragement to them and I hope and pray that you will indeed get that opportunity. Good luck to you, and God bless you!
    P.S. ever thought about becoming the first woman to win the America's Cup? Wow!?
    Pauline Allen
    Phoenix, Az.

  58. Dear Abby: I love your blog and your wonderful writing. I was sick again so I didn't comment right away after ur last blog which was wonderful. A jail ministry would be fantastic. Love, youdi

  59. Well Abby
    Nice to read the update You our the Amelia Earhart of the 7 Seas and I hope I spelled her name right I do hope that one of the Boating magazines will Interview you and hope you start writing the book of your Adventures I want to write a cook book would'nt It be nice If someone does find your Yacht and sends It back to you you deserve that Yacht well Abby hope to read more of your blogs and hope you bring me luck one day soon I just have to win the lotto

    Always a Pleasure
    William K. Hass

  60. Hi Abby,
    an Haiku for you:

    antarctic baby brother
    survived the storm
    californian earthquake


  61. Dear Capt. Abby,
    yeah, it's us still here in NSB Fla. Some call it BFE Fla...anyhow, great about the new baby one Paul and the mom's okay - and how he got the honorable name and ouch, dad Laurence got some bum dope and worse, used it; matters little tho' if at all... I'm quite uncertain as to the wisdom of your "new adventure" but hardly anyone listens to me. My fears are traditionally wrongly placed. But I do dream of Wild Eyes being recovered, refitted and you doing what you set off in January to do. I look at the photos and dream and will wager a lot that I am not alone in this...I'll never accept that dream as only a fantasy.

  62. When I prayed for you, (when you tripped the emergency beacons), I prayed that God's will be done, that God was so much smarter than me, yet how important you are to the world. (I just know you are going to make huge impact on the world.) Not to lay any kind of head-trip on you, Abby, but then God took Nelson Mandela's 13-year-old great-granddaughter, Zenani Mandela, killed by an alleged drunk driver. I couldn't help but immediately wonder what her overall impact on the world might have been, (maybe as great as her great grandfather's), and the degree of loss that meant to the planet in the future. I thought about Lindsay Lohan, and prayed that she might realize, that by not driving drunk, the lives she saves could be lives of similar greatness of the likes you are destined for, or as of the greatness that Zenani Mandela's life might have been.

    I am glad you out-maneuvered the nay-saying media when you landed back state-side. I am almost surprised that the media didn't assail you with derogatory headlines such as, "Crabby Abby Evades Media Welcoming Turnout at Airport". You controlled the moment. Good for you. But then again, some of the media is now probably reading your blog, and so must surely know, that from early on, they had you all wrong. (They were still stuck in all those media-created stereotypes of their own making.)

    I know enough about you to be certain that a jail ministry is not some idle P.R. gimmick. I will spare you my citing the long list of young women abused to death in boot-camps and juvenile detention facilities, or young women otherwise so traumatized in them as to create permanent psychological damage. You will make a difference, we can be sure. I am so humbled by your choices, by your godliness, by your soul, by your courage, by your fortitude, by your heart, by your faith, hope and charity. God bless you, Abby, big time.

  63. That is so-- cool Abby! Remember to tell them: no matter what they've done or how unworthy they feel, there's "always" room at the cross! Amen

    Mark 16:15 (New Living Translation)
    And then He told them, “Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone.

    May God bless & direct your footsteps!

  64. It sounds like an excellent ministry opportunity. What an inspiration and source of hope you could be to those girls, Abby! It will be exciting to see what the Lord has in store for you.

    I love the fact that little Paul was named for Captain Paul of the Ile de la Reunion. Thanks for sharing the story.

    After all these months reading your blog, you have become a special friend, Abby, and I love hearing about your "adventures" even when they're not out at sea. Please continue to keep us updated!

    Blessings to you and your family,

    Lori in MN

  65. Dear Abby

    Just was on Zac's Blog I have An Idea I told Zac to see If Kcet would host His Video on his trip I watch PBS STATIONS Often and your story should be told many people In the world as you know our very Interested In your exploits and Zac's I read His Whole Introduction To his adventureyou might combine the young lady with the pink boat that Sailed as you did

    Yours Always
    William K. Hass

  66. I wish I still lived in Thousand Oaks so I could hear you speak at the mall. But given the distance, I can only wish you the very best for now and in the future.
    Ed in TN

  67. i only want ( at first) to sail from Ventura to the Channel Islands, but I am glad for BIG dream people like yourself to inspire me and others to do new things... God bless you and your family

  68. Hi Abby -- Very nice to read your blog today. What a wonderful opportunity you are about to have in speaking to unfortunate teenage girls and it will be equally wonderful for those girls to get to hear you. Praying your message to them will have a positive, profound affect.

    Thanks for continuing to write. We love hearing from you.

    Take care now.

    Janell in OK

  69. Abby, I have to say you are so amazing! I've read your blogs with great interest and loved them all. You took us all on the ride of our lives. Huge thanks!
    I am a published author of almost a dozen books, all Christian fiction. I would LOVE to send you my most recent release titled "Abbie Ann". Here's the synopsis: Abbie Ann, the youngest of Jacob Kane’s three daughters, works at the family’s general store and teaches Sunday school, not unusual for the day and age. But she also works diligently with the local chapter of the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union on two divisive issues: pushing hard for women’s voting rights and working to ban the sale and use of alcohol, controversial enough as to warrant life threats.

    Abbie Ann also wrestles with a challenging matter of the heart, her attraction to a divorced father who does not share her Christian faith. Getting involved with him would not be proper, even as the Victorian era gives way to modern times. MacLaren creatively weaves coming-of-age and spiritual themes into her historic tale, as Abbie Ann searches for purpose and learns to trust God.
    What this synopsis doesn't tell you is that the man Abbie's attracted to has a great love for shipbuilding, and he builds a boat which is eventually named the "Abi-gale". He is a true sailor at heart. The story's setting is West Michigan 1908. Let me know if you'd like me to send it, and I'll put it in the mail!!!! My email is:

    Love you, sweetie!

  70. One month ago you shadowed Elton John's lyrics 'like a candle in the wind...never knowing where to turn to when the rain set in '. Then came your Dad , Mom and Zac all confirming technology and training as your compass and their surity was evident in the video of your January departure at Marina Del Rey. Mom's little ones sitting abeam as she majestically viewed you across the way, one boat to another , sending you on your voyage and your Dad following an ovation with " Go baby Go " like a Mount Everest of Faith and Love as you passed over the horizon, already knowing where you'd turn to when the rain set in.
    Now you are excited to help jail ministry for girls who may have lost their way bereft of a lighthouse beacon to restore their faith in life. Lots of them may lack your family cohesion so you will have to work and pray to to earn trust and encourage them to believe in their own goodness . Be you of good heart and sincere wish for them to shine again. Perhaps metaphorically they were marooned by a giant wave of temporary setback and in some measure you can reflect an image of hope to them like Reo Speedwagon's ( Can't Stop This Feeling ) lyrics >>> 'And even as I wonder , I'm keeping you in sight...your a Candle-in-the-Window on a cold dark winters night...and I'm getting closer than I ever thought I might.' ( Not too late for youth to be born again when light appears.) IAO

  71. Abby, It was fun sharing your dreams with you. the next time you start an adventure, invite us along again.

    I would like to see a movie about you sail half way around the world, even though I know the story. It would be good to know the truth about what went on behind the blogs.

    Good luck in the future,
    Captain Bill from San Diego signing off.

  72. Don't give up, Abby! Life's a beach.

  73. Abby, have you or Zac thought of doing sailing charters for hire? I for one would pay for a day of sailing....

  74. Abby, I am glad you are finding ways to give back to your community. I am sure you will be amazing at it. Hopefully you speech at the mall will make it onto youtube.

    I believe wild eyes is not done sailing yet. I think her story does not end in the middle of the Indian ocean.

    About those age critics, just tell them age is irrelevant, Einstein proved that by finding out how time is irrelevant, can't that be applied to age?

    Good luck with all your future plans.


  75. Abby, Please tell us about your last days on Wild Eyes and what you felt when you left her. What gear / possessions were you able to take with you when you boarded the fishing boat?
    You are a courageous sailor and best of luck in all your future adventures.

  76. Abby; I think its pretty awesome that God has given you a ministry opportunity to share what being ship wrecked can be and how even the bad things can be brought back right if one is willing to abandon their course and be 'saved'. Or however you will apply all the exciting things that has happened to you. I do hope you still plan to write your story as a book. While I look forward to Jessicas 'True Spirit' book , as cool as it is sure to be..Your story is unique and still on going. What a wonderful God we serve..Our mistakes, and broken pieces can be put right and restored. You have a grand story and on the surface may seem a failed adventure- but the way you carry yourself and your testimony of God' grace and provision, His ever watchful eyes upon you and your course..Wow.. What an incredible journey. A month before Jessica set sail infact the Sunday before she got hit by the freighter that demasted Pink Lady before she got started, I felt the Lord leading me to send her a Bible with her name engraved on it. My wife works at a Christian Bookstore so I told her to pick one up for me and the name to put on it.. She did and I looked through scant few articles for the place to send it. At that time there was even some question whether Jessica was going to be permitted to go. I mailed it and posted it with 5 lighthouse stamps that were special at the Post Office . I put in the envelope the other feeling God had placed on my heart that being to commit to pray for her throughout the journey..everyday. I put a photo on my phone wallpaper to remind me. That evening after I mailed it the freighter hit Pink Lady and she struggled to bring EPL into the Marina. I was amazed. Because of the bad thing-EPL getting hit- the Bible inscribed Presented 'On The eve Of Jessicas' Grand Voyage' by etc.. would be given time to get there before she cast off. Now only God knows whether she got it , or had it on the journey or not..but It was important to send it and be obedient to pray for her as I promised. I studied the boat details, and even scrutinized the photos of the interior whenever it was shown to see if by any chance the Bible was there. Now I don't know if she is a believer or not and while I hope she becomes one if shes not, I thouight it ironic that I felt the same unction to pray for you but not the sudden desire to buy a Bible I had for Jess..I believe that you already had yours onboard.

    It was so cool to have confirmation of yours and your families faith..and it did my heart good to join my prayers with so many as well as Wild Eyes captain and family. It is so awesome that the moment the word went out people began praying covering and protection. Yes it is true Many were [praying for Jessica too..but theres a warmth that fills the heart like wind in the sail that comes with knowing its a sister in the Lord that is cruising. What a wonderful witness yours has been..So never doubt the leading...

    You will go far..

    ( Oh thoughts when prompted to send the Bible to Jessica and almost talking myself out of doing it? I remembered Tania Aebis' journey and how much the Book Of Psalms meant to her when she went around the world at 18 in her 26 foot Varuna. )

    Be Blessed Abby!

  77. Hi Abby,
    I just stopped by to see if anything new is happening. What if I may ask are you going to do with your website? Also are you going to have a newsletter like Zac? I have to go now, Homerun Derby is coming on!

  78. Abby, you may find a new meaning of your life, a new purpose gain true your experience. This automatically "sail" you forward a new woman. Good! You can "touch" other life in a very special way. Yes! This is a new meaning, purpose and a new woman. Beautiful! Keep sailing your dream sea.

  79. Hi Abby!
    I am glad that you're safe at home and are sharing your inspirationl story. I am curious if you are considering going out to sea again. Have you thought about you and Zac going? It would a very unique adventure and something I don't think anyone else has done before. I hope you can do it again, this time maybe with Zac! Keep us updated on future plans and God bless!

  80. I read the "Charlie" bit of your blog with amusement. I am the oldest of 12 children (6 boys and 6 girls) and everyone of us had the name "Charlie" until we were born. It was my Dad's tease to my Mom because she hated the name.

    Good luck in your endeavors.

  81. Thanks for the latest updates Captain Abby!

    Sounds like you'll soon be off on another adventure with ministry to young women in need of positive role models.

    Perhaps in near future you can obtain a larger sailing vessel (and create ***Abby's Sailing Ministry***) - large enough for a good size crew. Then, in addition to talking about this positive and productive activity, you can actually take some of those in need out for a little of the sailing life; to see for themselves some of the wonderful creations God has made for our benefit - the ocean and marine life, (seeing land from the water, floating on the ocean water and waves, peace and quite with only wind and sea spray, nothing like this so awe inspiring, filled with positive, maybe even life changing lessons).

    BTW: A very long time ago, in my surfing days, I knew of a few Surfer-Churches - complete with pastor and flock holding worship meeting on their surfboards on God's Ocean waves. Doesn't get any better than that!

    Best wishes for all you do.

    p.s. Don't worry about pleasing any human beings (in anything and everything you do) -we have only One true Master to please (which requires all the time we have been given on earth).

  82. HI Abby,

    Life probably seems wierd right now. You spent so many months dealing with the enviroment and what nature had sent your way. Now you have to settle in on a normal everyday life.

    What a change, to what was happening to what is happening in your life right now.

    All you can do is sit back and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere.

    It's not everyday one is asked to give talks about what they have been through or what they did in their life.

    I don't quit know what to say so Ill go for now.

  83. Hi Abby, very exciting about your new projects. Keep in prayer and see what the Lord will do through you, His vessel!
    I know the Lord has plans for you and your past experiences(Jer 29:11), and it would be just like Him to use what you have been through to use it as a "plat form" for him and to glorify him. Blessings to you and your family.
    We love you in Jesus' name
    Lisa from So. Cal.

  84. Hola, Abby~
    Baby-boy Paul-Louis-Charlie is absolutely gorgeous! Well done, Mum Marianne and Papa Laurence.

    So proud of you, Abby! When you speak to the girls in custody, just remember that you are sowing know the Parable...

    ps: very cool to see your sweet face on the KTLA News ads!

    Stay safe,


  85. Say H~E~Y Captain Abby, and TEAM Sunderaland...
    and of course the new "PLC", numero ocho...
    sometimes it's interesting in how things have transpired, the way the journey ended, may actually give you more opportunities in reaching
    out, than you could have ever imagined... and being able to connect in a different way with your audiences... and individuals
    "Adversity" and seeming 'failure' are often our best teachers and character builders and 'humblers' as others reach out and "HELP" us
    in our hour of greatest need...
    your new adventure is going to be fantastic,
    miistering to the girls incarcerated, you're gonna be "amazed" at how much you have with them in common... not the incarceration part... but the uniquness of "being alone", which is exactly how they feel, "being incarcerated"... alone in a sea of time 'abandoned'... waiting and not knowing their future or their fate...
    "a social knock down for them"
    you'll also be able to relate to them in the limitation of space... being confined to a small area on "Wild Eyes", especially the small size of the cockpit...
    share with them the strengths you were able to utilize and capitalize on... and the mind tools you used... to fight the 'lonliness'
    share your faith and knowing the support you had from TEAM SUNDERLAND and the "Abigail blog family"...
    and also the disappointments of 'seemingly' failure, and the hurts of losing "Wild Eyes"...
    be a great listener and prayer warrior for those alloted to your charge... come to know their hurts and challenges...
    the friendships and connections will be for a lifetime, especially their familes and loved ones you come in contact with...
    much in the same way you were "rescued" at your most needed hour...
    you'll also be giving 'hope' to these girls in that anything is possible and acheivable by them, "after their knockdown", with the proper support and encouragement married to hard work and singleness of purpose... and not to be thrown off of track...but rather be dependent on The LORD
    and be ready to get some incredible blessings from them as well... for that is how "IT" works
    so great that you're home with all this wisdom and knowledge, stored up and now ready to be shared.
    it always brings a smile to my face when I think of how great your Mom and Dad are in raising you all...(looking for the book someday) helping you to reach for the stars and to make each of your alls 'Dreams' reality...
    always, always in our hearts and prayers
    mark n adino, vicksburg, mississippi USA
    ps you all need to take a little trip to Kauai and visit Bethany Hamilton... you remember Zack

  86. Hi Abby,

    Good reading. I wish you good luck with your new project. You have plenty to tell the young girls about your exciting life and experiences.

    What an honour for the Captain that your parents named their new son after him.

    Maybe we will get to know about Wild Eyes destiny or not. Good luck to all.
    Ingrid, Tyreso, Sweden

  87. Hi Abby hows the new maet is he happy to see you all the times you are there have a goog day The MacKlem's SD.CA. {:-)-<[

  88. Hi Abby how's the new mart doing?up there is happy whth you most of the time have a good day The MacKlem's SD.CA. {:-)-<[

  89. God bless your ministry Abby and you and your family also! Peace!

  90. Hello Abby,

    You probably don't realise yet, but your adventure was much more interesting than another record to be broken soon or later by another person.

    You were challenged by unexpected events, meetings, destinations, language, and you handled them nicely, and probably matured more with this experience than only sailing alone.
    There is more than enough for a book with your appreciated style!

    Don't feel forced to jump in another sailing project right now.
    Your plan to talk to jailed persons is great, and you will also learn from them.

    As a French man, I hope you still remember some words, and enjoyed the few hours you spent in Paris.

    The naming of your latest brother is very touching, and I hope you will always remember the BBBBC (Big Bald Bearded Brave Captain).

    Enjoy the summer, and agree to spend some "normal" time with your friends and family.


  91. Who knows...It's possible that in six months to a year, sooner-or-later, you get information regarding Wild Eyes! We are hoping for good news about her. We shall see.....and the story goes on!

    Best of luck in the ministry!

  92. Hi Abby...I enjoyed following your story since I first heard you were setting out. I'm sorry you didn't make your ultimate goal but the sense of accomplishment you must have still is nothing short of amazing! I have not accomplished 1/2 of what you have and I'm twice your age. You are truly an inspiration :-)

    I'm extremely happy that you made it home safely. Keep posting and we'll keep reading.

    Enjoy your time with your family, especially that new baby brother :-)

  93. Hi Abby,
    I do hope you will be able to make it to Australia soon. You have meny fans down-under. Perhaps you could do some publicity for Qantas while you are here?

    Robert from Melbourne

  94. Good to hear you are doing well with your family. So glad you are putting your experiences to use to help others--that shows your maturity! May God use you alot and guide your steps. I hope also that "Wild Eyes" defies what should happen and is found again--if nothing more than just for you!
    You are special--keep looking up!

  95. there are a lot of malls
    in southern california
    do you know which one
    the close to you would the oaks malls
    but there are others hope you find out
    would like to hear your talk about your adventure
    maybe shake your hand

  96. Hi Abby,
    Have you heard of Zach Bonner
    he is a 12 year old who is walking from Tampa Florida to Los Angeles California to bring public awareness to homeless kids. Like you he is having a bit of a hard time with cruel and narrow minded people who say he is too young and doubt his intentions and his sincerity. I thought you might find his latest blog uplifting. Take Care

  97. Dearest Abby,

    Sorry it's been a little while since I checked your blog but was very happy to find that you have arrived home safe and sound when I opened your blog just now.

    Welcome to this big wide world Paul-Louis, you are such a cutie pie! I bet you he has many to fuss around after him.

    I'm so pleased that you have had so much positive support Abby. It seems that in live when one door shuts another one opens. I'm sure you will be a real witness to the girls in prison. You will be able to share with them that whatever life throws at you, you can say "I can handle this". If one says this enough we can handle anything in life and you are such a great role model to these young woman.

    Thanks for the great photos. You are looking very well.

    Well must sign off now and get to bed but take care my dear Abby and thanks again for keeping in touch with all of us keen followers.

    Much love and big hugs from Jan Pace (Auckland, New Zealand)

  98. Your Oklahoma Well-WisherJuly 14, 2010 at 6:32 AM

    Abby -- Thanks for the update -- good to hear from you! I love that the next projects you are looking at doing focuses on helping and inspiring others. I continue to be impressed with you and your family, and know that your hearts and intentions are in the right place for yourselves and for reaching out to others in a positive way. Wonderful story about your new baby brothers name and namesake! All my very best to you and your family... Peace, Your Oklahoma Well-Wisher

  99. Abby,
    I work at a boarding school and had the opportunity to speak in our chapel this morning. I told your story to inspire our students to not be afraid to follow their dreams. I really admire the way you have carried yourself and have a great perspective. The fact you are considering telling others about your life (and at a women's prison) is just more testimony that the real story is not the attempted trip, but it's about an incredible teenage girl. Thanks for being such a great example.

  100. Hi Abby,
    I do hope you will be able to make it to Australia soon. You have meny fans down-under.

  101. Good luck on your new Projects. Let them know how much God loves them! =)

  102. You have the gift for inspiring people, and have a great tenacity of spirit. "No matter how great a rage a storm is handing -- It must leave one tree standing."

  103. Laurence, you do of course have a point, that a boat with a solo sailing man had to be rescued far outside the coast (even if he was not part of the Newport-Bermuda race), and it was not mentioned in the news, because he was a man.

    Also, for those who followed all seven solo circumnavigators who passed the southern ocean the last summer/fall season, there is somewhat sad news: Bernd Luchtenborg, from Switzerland, who started a two-lap circumnavigation, had to be rescued after abandoning his boat near Cape Horn June 8th. He tried to pass Cape Horn in western direction in the winter (1000 nm further south than Abby was at that time), but he broke his arm in an accident on board and tried to go to port. In the infamous archipelago with strong currents, the wind died and he started the engine. The engine died because of kelp in the propeller. The boat drifted into the rocks and was destroyed. He managed to reach land where he waited for rescue. He was given hospital care for his arm. This was given a few articles in German language, but nothing in English. He has been rescued once before, outside New Zealand on his first lap, where his boat was towed to port. That was given some English language attention, since New Zealand is English speaking.

    In short, young girls are much more precious so they get much more attention if there are accidents. Grown-up men can do as they like according to many people, so accidents are not considered a big deal.

    Ben Larsson, Sweden

  104. Hi Abby,
    I had not check in on you since last week and was very happy to see a blog from you this morning. I am happy to see that everything is going well with you. I think it is wonderful that you are thinking about going into helping with the Jail Ministry, these young women would benefit from your experience and that you could encourage them to follow their dreams, whatever that might be and never to give didn't and you can encourage them to do the same. I got your t-shirt in the mail last week and I gave it to my 8 year old grandaughter, she loved it....she is leaving to go to Canada on a vacation and I told her to be sure to wear her t-shirt because there would be people that would know who Abby Sunderland is.....she was thrilled and I am sure she will wear it alot. Abby, I am glad you are home and things are going great for you. Please keep us posted on what you are doing and where you might be speaking that would be close to Ventura....I would love to bring my grandchildren to see you and hear about your experiences. You take care and God Bless you, you are a wonderful young lady and I am looking forward to seeing where God leads you. Gail/Ventura

  105. Hi Abby, I am a person that was in sea scouts sea cadets, u.s Army and retired aviation. I have sailed the San Juans from Seattle about 15 years ago for a week. Was a blast the boat was a hunter a outstanding boat. I when sailing towards the shipping lanes during high winds gusts to 50 knots had to lower the sails. I had to turn on the motor. Bell sea mae, boats name came crashing on to a wave that was I'd say 20 ft high and had water come over my head and yes I got wet lol. I am a avid sailor and know how to sail, but at gusts of 50 it was time to lower the sails. It was raining that day, but to no avail it turned great the next day at Friday harbour and went on to explore the region. And tied up to sucia island on a boat anchor. Its a floating ball that is set in concrete and you have to pay the park ranger as they check the $$ each day. We rowed over on our 10ft little boat. I shall never forget that trip, the weather was freakish that week it hit 100 deg, that was the most highest the temp got in about 100 years for that area. Needles to say glad the boat had a nice canvas cover to hide under during the heat of the day. I was in needles and pins and followed your trip for the past 1 month of your trip after reading about you..glad you home and if your boat shows up, go and fix her up and sail her back home with your brother...:) the two of you would have fun and you would not be alone then...
    God speed

    John Volker

  106. Aloha from Hawaii!

    I'am very happy about your project. Go for are a real inspiration! May God bless you and your family.


  107. How wonderful that you have this opportunity to talk to women who need a positive role model. You just have to look at your blogs to see how many lives you've already touched. We will keep this ministry in our prayers and that you will have as much of an impact on them as you have had on all of us.

    Like everyone else, we're eagerly awaiting the details of your trip, be it in a book, movie or documentary. It is worth sharing the "true grit" that your adventure required.

    Hugs to you and your family, especially the newest. Please let us know how things are going - I know it won't rate a daily update, but you've become a part of our lives and we'd like to keep in touch.

    Wishing you the very best today and in your very bright future!

  108. Abby, you are truly an inspiration to so many people, and you are a natural to work in the women's prisons giving motivational talks about your experience, and your ability to believe in yourself to fulfil your dreams. You Go Girl!!
    ~Phillippa & Brian
    Vancouver, Canada

  109. Good Morning Abigail! I just wanted to wish you a most lovely day! And a most wonderful weekend! God bless you & yours!
    Kenny (33.2º,-117.2º)

  110. May God's blessings fall upon all who read this: "Jesus is Lord"

  111. Hi Abby,
    SAIL WANTS TO HEAR FROM YOU! In 100 words or less, they want our thoughts on your circumnavigation attempt. We can send our emails to and they will post the favorite responses on there website. This is what I sent:
    "I believe Abigail (Abby) Sunderland epitomizes the free-spirited adventurism of some of today's youth. Her bravery to withstand the onslaught of a cruel, merciless and unforgiving sea proves her ability to handle the unknown. Then there was the display of courage she showed when she stood up to the criticism of the press, to defend not only her parents for allowing her to pursue her dream, but also her seaworthiness! I think therefore that if perhaps more of today’s youth were persuaded, rather than prevented from chasing their dreams, as Abby was; we might have less juvenile delinquency and gangs."
    I hope everyone will send them an e-mail for you!
    God bless and keep you, Abby!

  112. I've been dying to hear how the demasting took place, what the point of sail was, and the sea state. Did you cut the rigging away or leave it thrashing around as was implied in the news stories?