Thursday, April 14, 2011

Good Bye New York

Hey Guys!
Well, we survived
New York! The TodayShow, Fox & Friends, CNN, The View, InsideEdition, and three hours straight of radio; 17 interviews in just three hours! I may besuffering a bit of trauma from that, but afterarriving in Virginia Beach this afternoon
and spending a few amazing hours wandering around here, I'm glad to say I'm back happy and normal and not feeling like a robot so much any more.

Meeting all the girls from The View was
great. Back stage after I got off, I got to chat a bit with them all and while of course they didn't all agree with me and my trip, sevral did say that after having me on the show and talking to me they had changed their minds. I had never watched the view before, but it was a really fun show. New York was tons of fun. It was probably my best trip there so far and I definitely want to go back again sometime.
I've got the 700 Club tomorrow morning, and so I should probably get going. Dont want to be up too late again. I'll let you all know how things go tomorrow!


  1. Hey Abby in Virginia Beach.

    Well you already know from my comments elsewhere how blown away I was with your handling of the TV interviews...I am sure the radio audience was treated to the same wonderful presentation. I read tonight that you are soon going to be doing a live feed from the USA to Australia on SUNRISE and WEEKEND that will be terrific for the book and dvd sales overseas. I am sure you appreciated having Lisa and Jason with you in NYC....looks like they did a terrific job.

    Well...I don't want to keep you from your beauty sleep. GO TO flashlight under the covers...reading YOUR BOOK!!!
    john, Bay of Quinte on Lake Ontario

  2. crap how did we miss you on The View!! Great one on CNN.
    Nitey nite
    Benny & Lily

  3. Some might say that surviving New York is almost as big as an accomplishment as sailing half way around the busy busy....Don't know how you do it....but keep on truckin' girl.....Gus

  4. Wow and wow Abby. You are one brave girl; I'm glad that they were 'hospitable' to you on The can be a real "Lion's Den!!" WELL done! I will watch for your interview on the 700 Club. Is there any way that you can tell us when it airs?
    Louvregirl (Karen; the poem writer in N.C.:-)!)

  5. I followed both your journey and Jessica Watson's journey as well on Daily PUMA. Amazingly Jessica also had a similar experience to the one that broke the mast on your ship.

    It would be interesting to learn why Jessica's mast did not break, but your's did. It could lead to important research in the design of future sea going vessels.

  6. I think you got relaxed and recovered after NYC by being by the beach and the ocean again. Hope you have a good day today.

  7. You are an amazing young lady! I so admire you and am glad you were able to change the minds of the ladies on the View.

  8. You are really awesome Abby. Just had a great conversation with my 11 y.o. daughter about you. Looking forward to buying the DVD and the book. I would hope that Larry Ellison will get you on his "America's Cup" yacht race for 2013 in San Francisco. Have you ever been approached for this yet? That would be cool if he did. Thanks for being such a great inspiration.

  9. Remember Skipper, it is "our" focus on Christ that will keep us on course! Amen?!

    Fair well & Fair winds,

    Oh— BTW, you look Fantastically Gorgeous!

  10. Decided to get 3 copies of your Documentary. 2 go to friends. Even though you were probably the most villified, berated and verbally spanked teenager in American News last year,the curiosity of what makes you tick is worth a second look. Like any other female you're kind of hard to read. Knowing you like Avril Lavigne's music , I'd say you fit her lyrics about wanting " to be anything but ordinary please." She arrived in 2002 with alot of criticism and shock and she kept on being herself and even outdid herself in her newest album. Her star shines and her love songs are beautiful beyond words. Avril finds higher plateaus. You and all who may be inspired by faith in your ability should find success in its proper time. Higher plateaus in time. May it be a little exaggerated to say " Your anything but ordinary Abby "?

  11. H Abby,
    Keep it up, continue what you are doing,you are an inspiration,the experiences that are involved in will be something that will look good on your resume' in whatever you do in the future and will be great in your memories.
    You are from a Christian family never forget there
    is a God who loves and cares for you.
    I would love to buy your book and DVD.I am in Australia and look forward to it being available
    bye for now, Peter from Newcastle Australia.

  12. Have you heard "Whispers in the Dark" off Skillet's Comatose album, and did you like it? When I heard it, I thought it would be a great song to listen to whenever you are out on the ocean (or anywhere) at night.

  13. I've just finished reading your book, Abby. It was a great read. Thank you.

    It was as if I was out there on the ocean again with you, and we were doing it all again. I'm sure that everyone that followed your voyage and then reads the book feels the same way.

    Once again, thank you and God bless you and your family.