Sunday, April 10, 2011

New York

Hey guys,
So I'm over in New York right now.I was up at three this morning to get to the airport and fly over with good friend and photographer, Lisa Gizara. We had a good flight and a nice evening here with Lisa and Jason, the publicist for Thomas Nelson who is here to get me around town to my different interviews. We went and got dinner and talked over everything that's happening this week.

Jason keeps insisting that I "don't need to worry, its only going to be 20 million or so people watching you over the next few days." Not sure why, but somehow that wasn't the biggest help. Guess it's a good thing I'm not as scared of cameras as I used to be any more!!

The next four days are packed with interviews and shows, but there is an afternoon or two that we'll get to run around and have some fun here. Well, I'll be up around 5 tomorrow and on the today show sometime between 7-8 (local time in New York) so that should be fun, hopefully it all goes well.
Talk to you all again soon!


  1. Is it ok if I say New York City is not what a Californian City but if it is Los Angeles it is like New York of California.

  2. You'll be fine, but best of luck!

  3. Well aren't I regretting turning off the cable service because I never watch TV here... Have fun!

  4. 8:26am just watched your interview on the today show Good Job!

  5. Just watched your interview. I am sailing since I am 4 years old. Crossed the Atlantic in '78 after extensive training but no ocean experience. Did many deliveries and races since. I am about to embark for maybe my last trip next week.
    Yes, I have cried at sea. Yes, I have been scared stiff. But like in the mountains, it is the place where no-one but myself tells me what, how, and when to do.
    Congrats to you and your family.
    As a capt, I always believe that in order or reverse importance, you have the weather, the boat, the food and the crew. A good crew manages all situations. Your family was responsible to educate, grow and nurture such a strong crew.
    Keep running before the sun (East)! Keep your sponsorship smooth sailing as you already do.
    Hoping to shake your hand one of these days.

  6. You did a wonderful job explaining your trip on the Today show this morning! Enjoy New York!


  7. Darn, I missed you, but I'm going to NBC's website to watch it!

  8. I just watched your interview with the Today Show, online. You did remarkably well responding to questions I thought were a bit on the antagonizing side. I wish you every success in the world. ~ author Sherry Gore

  9. Hey Abby,
    Just saw you on The View- great job. Keep up the enthusiasm!