Thursday, April 7, 2011

Lots of News!

Hey Everyone!

Lots has happened recently, and it seems like I haven't had a down moment in awhile now. Well, I have some good news, actually, there is quite a bit of good news, so I'll try and organize it in order of importance. Number one on the list - kittens!

Any of you that followed my trip from the start probably remember that I was contemplating picking up a kitten in Cape Town, South Africa, but in the end decided it would be best for the cat, and myself, if I just waited till I got home. Well, I got home, and still no kitten.... till about two weeks ago. Now this is where the flame thrower fights come in and the story starts to get interesting, no kidding, there was really a flame throwing fight involved in the discovery of the kittens, but maybe I should start from the beginning and try to make it a little more clear.

I actually spent the morning in jail because I was asked to speak to the workers at Lompoc Federal Prison. That went relatively well. I went from the prison on to a film set where I was working as the still photographer. It was amazing! It was one of the first somewhat big sets that I have worked on and it was so much fun! The short story they were filming was for Dolby, for the convention in Las Vegas. The story involved lots of fire, and some pretty crazy stunts, such as the girl dancing with her legs on fire, breathing fire, a fire heart, and yes the very second to last shot, but quite likely the most awesome, was the flame thrower fight.

Now in case your mind is starting to wonder, let me just reassure you that despite the talk floating around the room about if we could find a way to work the little kitties into the story, or set them on fire, they were not set on fire, they were in fact, found at the other end of the large wherehouse that we were shooting, in the corner in the bathroom. Of course, everyone was falling over the kittens the minute they were found. I got lucky and ended up getting to bring them both home. They are really the most adorable little kitties ever, two little girls, both black with white paws and blue eyes. We named them Dolly and Bebe, kinda like Dolby :)

Okay on to number two. Well, this actually kinda clumps a lot of stuff together, books and documentaries, Tennessee and tornadoes. The book is done!! You can buy it on Amazon now, but it will officially be out on April 12th along with the documentary. There has been a lot of hard work put in by so many people, its gonna be great to have it all completely finished.

My websites been updated with more info on both the book and the doc with links to buy both of them. Check that out if you want:

Another exciting thing, I got to go to Nashville, Tennessee. Just got back last night. That's where Thomas Nelson, my publisher is, and it was great to finally meet everyone behind getting the book published. So much hard work was put into it by so many people there, it was great to be able to talk to them in person finally! I flew intoNashville Sunday, spent the night in a hotel, then started up with media training the next morning. After six hours of that we headed over to Thomas Nelson. Inside, all the lights were off and everyone was on the way to the basement. Okay, so the weather wasn't the best during my little visit, but I can now say I've been into the basement along with everyone else at Thomas Nelson Not sure that's anything to brag about, but I can also say that I know for a fact that tornadoes do exist.

After signing a hundred or so books I headed back to the airport. Waiting at the gate with the lights flickering on and off while watching as the flight departure time was pushed back further and further was slightly disconcerting. Needless to say, the flight was not canceled nor was it hit by a tornado and I am safely back in California where all we have to watch out for is earthquakes.

Now onto planes! I have decided to learn to fly. I had originally not been all that excited about the idea. I prefer being on a slow boat where when everything starts falling apart you get a good few minutes to try and sort things out, rather than in a plane where you're going 100kts or so, you wouldn't really have much of a chance at sorting anything out. I have to say I am having more and more fun with it. It will never by quite as amazing as sailing, but it does come scarily close. I've only had about two or three lessons, but I have a secret little hope that I might be able to get my pilots license before my driving license - how awesome would that be!

Well, there is so much more I could write about right now, but I'm off to New York in a few days and have so much going on between now and when I leave that I really have to pack today so I'm ready. I'll be in New York Sunday and am going to be a on a bunch of shows, The Today Show, Fox and Friends, CNN America and The View. If you want to watch, my Facebook page will be updated with the time that I am going to be on. I'll try and get a blog up with the exact times for anyone who doesn't have Facebook.

I've gotta run, I'll try and get another blog up soon!



  1. Wow Girl! You amaze me!
    You're awesome, just incase anyone hasn't said it today :)

  2. Wow! You are one busy girl! Congrats on finishing the book!

  3. Amazing, Abby. I can't what to read the book. Have fun in New York.


  4. Good luck with the pilot's license Abby. It will grow on you. Flying and sailing actually have quite a bit in common, even down to the physics of the wing and sail. Flying's a blast - a nice substitue for being on the water.

  5. Yay!!! I am so excited for you! I can't wait to see what else God has in store...He has already done so much in your life!

    God Bless!

  6. i have two copies of your book alreayd
    hoping you will have book signing where your adventure started -maybe you could sign books
    in the marnia del rey libray?
    i know some of the clerks there were also following you as well

  7. I'm thrilled to hear you will be on those shows- was hoping they'd pick you up when your book was released- will have to tivo them. I had to giggle at your blog comment about how you are safely back in CA where there's only earthquakes, because we had one at 4:31 this morning in T.O. Surprise surprise ;0)
    Enjoy your upcoming whirlwind week girl and know you've got people cheering you on in every corner of the world.

  8. Abby, how exciting that you have decided to learn to fly. Like you plan to do, I soloed an airplane before I got my driver license. That was a long time ago (1972) and I have enjoyed flying all my life (and sailing). My daughter soloed a few years ago at an airport in Nashville (small world). If you ever pass through Memphis, we would be thrilled to have you speak at a school in our area or to the Chamber of Commerce meeting. Going to order the book and documentary now....

  9. Sounds groooovy Skip,
    I have to get to the ocean soon, to my biggest trusted friend,
    And all I want is a seaworthy vessel and my trusty GPS,
    And a leeward wind and a secure helm and a full-blown sail,
    And a blue sky and a warm sunshine.

    I have to get to the ocean soon, for the sound of its bellowing roar
    Is an absorbing sound and an enchanting sound that can not be ignored;
    And all I want is a steady wind with frothy white-capped waves,
    And the crisp air and the nautical atmosphere and the breaching whales.

    I have to get to the ocean soon, to that wondrous wandering style,
    To the dolphines home and whales home where sky meets the sea
    And all I want is the satisfaction from the spirit deep within,
    And a relaxing rest and a thankful thought when the trip has reached its end.
    Fair Well & Fair Winds 2U Skip

  10. Wow...that's so impressive!

    Land - driving. Check.
    Sea - sailing. Check.
    Sky - flying. Check.

    Hmm, that covers just about everything. Just curious, but are you going to learn how to fly a space shuttle next? :)

  11. Hey yourself Amelia...sorry Abby,
    From the first time I saw pictures of you in Bill's plane I knew you were hooked on flying. Good move to get your pilot's license. Could be a career there too. Thanks for the heads up on your upcoming appearances on the tv networks. Just be your beautiful self and proud of your accomplishments.
    Have a safe trip to New York.
    john, Bay of Quinte on Lake Ontario

  12. I definetly want times of the shows so I can see it. Cant wait! I will buy the book and documentary. Keep on Keepin on! Tracy

  13. Hey Abby~ Looking forward to your book!
    K.Annie Powell (I sent you the poem 'On Poem Writing...') :) You GO girl!

  14. Nice book trailer, also! Well done. Makes me 'want to' read...the book.
    lg :-)

  15. Keep up the great adventures!! I will definitely try to get your book. You are an inspiration for all young women, and don't ever forget it! You definitely lead a blessed life!

  16. Wow, I'm are an amazing young woman...I wish you could bottle some of your spirit and ambition so I could give it to another 17 year old I know.....but that is another story. Can't wait to read the book, and as always, Keep on truckin' girl......Gus

  17. so exciting. You are on a wonderful journey
    Benny & Lily

  18. Sup Abby,

    I'd like to take the opportunity of learning that you're going to be visiting the northeast to extend you an invitation to visit and tour the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. If you can find the time to fit a trip to Boston in your busy schedule, we would absolutely be delighted and honored to host such an amazing and adventurous young woman such as yourself. While I don't know if your interests are immediately in line with ours, I also understand that you might be in the age range to consider options for colleges, so it could certainly be a good perspective gathering experience for you!

    Now, I can't guarantee any publicity engagements, as I have no authority to summon them. On the contrary, if you were to visit, I figure something low-key would be a welcoming break from all the TV shows and speaking engagements you find yourself in.

    I'm an undergraduate here in Mechanical Engineering, but I've been designing and building things on my own way before I entered high school. I therefore sympathize strongly with you with regard to our society's attitude towards youth who engage themselves in above-the-norm behavior and activities. You've probably already heard all the "You're too young to..." criticisms, and I have also experienced them in the past from the perspective of handling power tools and operating metalworking machinery. It's irritating at times, I'm sure you understand.
    That's why I think that even if you weren't directly interested in the technical and industrial side of things, you should pay a visit here. MIT values independence and uniqueness alot, and I especially value how it so readily gives students access to resources for their own work and lets them flex their creativity, sadly unlikely most technology universities. I'll refrain from harping the usual MIT sales pitch though, since I'm sure many people have already invited you to visit places before.

    Anyways, I became fascinated with your story a few months ago when I accidentally stumbled upon your website through Wikipedia. Incidentally, I was trying to learn sailing and nautical terms at the time, since I gained a persistent itch to build flying ships recently (Difficult to explain, but bear with me). I ended up writing off a whole day just reading your blog and also the immense media coverage you received, which is when I began strongly being supportive of your endeavours. Your past achievements make my years of allegedly precocious talent seem astronomically small ;) I'll probably end up buying the book when it comes out.

    So I'll nod out here with a very personally felt congratulations on everything you have done. Whenever you think you can swing by, even if it's not in the near future I would be absolutely glad to give you the runaround. You can find my contact information on my website (should be linked through my name), and you're of course welcome to peruse it and read all about my maniacal engineering adventures.

    You're the best. Rock on.


  19. Hey, something exciting would be if you put a team together and went and raced Jessica Watson's team in the Rolex Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race. Kittens...not so much.

  20. Abby,

    We are the publishers of Unsinkable in audio and I would love to send you a some copies. Please contact me and let me know your mailing address. Here is a link to the Youtube video -

  21. I'm enjoying your book Abby and I am looking forward to the DVD. You have a very full life now and learning to fly is amazing. Robin Graham also became a pilot when he got back. Both my parents were pilots but I just stuck to sailing.

  22. Hi Abby,
    I also already have 2 copies of your is fantastic!!! Like Mark, I am hoping you would do a book signing in the Marina.....the Barnes & Noble or the library!! Now have to buy the DVD!! Dr Tom

  23. Two things make your post ironic: 1. I had a dream last night I was at an airport doing my first solo flight. 2. I've always wanted to do flight lessons, but I refuse to save up that much cash, ha.

  24. In regard to flying, one lesson that I learned the hard way is: DO NOT BELIEVE WEATHER FORECASTS. Don't ignore them but take them with a grain of salt. I was taught to call weather before every flight. I was taught to get the winds aloft and compute a wind correction angle. But for example, when the wind correction angle figures out to be 30 degrees left, I suggest flying 5 or 10 degrees left and then checking your progress over the ground to determine whether that is too much or too little to follow the desired course.

  25. Hey Abby,

    Just wanted to say I read your book and how much I enjoyed it. It was rather well done and having Lynn help you write it was a good choice. You really brought out the reality of the dangers of solo sailing which I think makes for interesting reading. I followed your blog religiously as I did Jessica Watson. You had some tough breaks what with equipment breakdowns and getting de-masted and all. I can only imagine what emotions you had to deal with during those storms and getting stranded. For me, hearing about a person's inner thoughts and feelings is what makes for a dramatic read. And you clearly and honestly shared that and more. Please keep your blog going and let us know what your future plans are. You are an inspiration for so many people, and not just young people either. I heard that you now want to fly around the world. Is that true? Personally, I would like to see you do the sail again and make it this time. Surely, you have more experience sailing than flying.

    From your upbringing living on a boat in Mexico, I can see where you get your spirit for adventure. Whatever you decide, know that there are lots of people around the world who support you.

    John in Ashland OR