Monday, April 11, 2011

New York - Day 2

Hey everyone!One show down, five (or so) more to go! This Morning went really well.Of course it was pretty short, only about five minutes long but they did a really good job with the story. I think we're all happy with how things went. Just had breakfast and we're back in our hotel now. We're staying on the 46th floor. You know how you jump up when you're in an elevator sometimes? Well when you do that in these elevators,you've gotta be careful your head doesn'thit the roof!
Okay, not really, but almost. It moves pretty fast, and you have to yawn to unplug your ears at least once on the way up to the top. We have a pretty awesome view and are right next to Times Square. So far we have been having a pretty fun time, we have the rest of the day to mess around, so thinking of going to see a Broadway show.

Well, I'll write again soon, and try and get the link to this mornings show up soon!

Tomorrow morning, I will be on two shows, Fox and Friends and CNN American Morning.



  1. Abby has posted this link (on facebook) to a video of the "Today" interview.

  2. Exciting! We will be watching
    Benny & Lily

  3. So close and yet so far...I spent the day in Western New York...wish I had a T.V. on my truck, oh well....Have fun Abby....

  4. Great job on that interview Abby.

  5. Good show go get them Abby S. The Macklem's of San Diego Calif.(

  6. Good Morning Abby,
    I would think you are exhausted and in bed getting your beauty sleep as I write this. The Today Show interview was great Abby. You looked beautiful, in control and well-spoken. I hope you got to read the wonderful message to you from your mom on your FB site. Good luck with the two morning shows today....and please say hello to Lisa.
    john, Bay of Quinte on Lake Ontario

  7. Check out Abby's new book, Unsinkable! A fantastic read about her solo round the world sailing attempt. I highly recommend.

  8. Hi Abby!

    My, you're busy with all these interviews. I hope you're not letting them get too overwhelming. I am planning on getting a copy of your book. Try and find some time to relax if you can.

    Enjoy NYC! I live in New Jersey, and am in the city (New York) often. I hope you do get a chance to see a Broadway show. So many great ones!

    New Jersey

  9. Congratulations Abby (and family)!
    Nice rescue of the kittens!
    Flying too!? The more you fly, the bigger the aircraft you will be qualified to fly and then higher you will go. Then it's more like sailing (well, you'll see).
    Hey, maybe astronautics next? You know how the astronauts simulate weightlessness (in the "vomit comit" and also under water. Have you learned how to SCUBA dive yet? You gotta see a boat sailing overhead -yes overhead - while your diving down below!)
    I look forward to reading your book!!
    Break a mast, leg, or whatever one sayz to a shipmate going on stage!
    Best wishes and God Bless you and all!
    USNavy retired

  10. Forgot to add in previous:
    Abby (Zac too) - think space station. You have many prerequisites already such as living in very small area, not on land, whilst rolling to and fro, for weeks, months at a time; eating from little packets; not showering too often (heehee), you'll be getting flight time soon too, non-land navigation, etc. ... You guyz'll be perfect for such a job.
    God Bless All!
    USNavyAviator Retired

  11. Haha, "not in a fixer-upper." Certainly you of all people deserve a little more than that! I really hope you can get back out onto the water again soon!

  12. Great job on the interview!! You were wonderful, and I'm proud of the way you handle yourself with adults. I only wish I was that confident when I was your age. :)

  13. Congratulations on your interview! You look so nice on T.V.! I would be a bundle of nerves but you were so calm and collected...great job!
    I also want to congratulate you on your kittens. I have 5 cats that I adore and that make my life so complete. I am sure these kittens will give you so much love in return for giving them a beautiful home.
    Love to all

  14. By the way any plans for a book signing in the Miami,Florida area?

  15. A Proud owner of "Unsinkable" now and several pages in already. Feels like the voyage is on again, and that's good for my dreaming.
    Must mention: our local book store has the book only in the strictly "Religious" section. Most of us heathern fans look for "Unsinkable" in the "Adventure" section. Can a word to the publisher get it posted/notice in both areas? We hope you can make a book signing in Orlando and/or Daytona huh? maybe? Lots of fans hereabouts...

  16. Bruce from Sydney AustraliaApril 13, 2011 at 7:02 PM

    Hi Abbey! Bought your book yesterday from Amazon for my Kindle. Sat up all night and read it in one go. Fantastic read. Now I have two great books, yours and Jessica Watson's. Both were great.

  17. Was there an undercurrent of defense in you on TODAY and FOX & FRIENDS ? Awareness of criticism your parents endured ? Would you hear more ? Last June you said it was " extremely hurtful " and depressing.
    OK....12,000 miles more faith in more like the Abby we saw on the CNN AMERICA MORNING...warm smiles and charming expressions made good camera. The real you. Now you can keep about your resolve to find peace from fear for yourself and others in a world sometimes so hard.
    Near 25 years before the rogue wave hit you, another young girl who had the dream of world peace , was lost in an airplane crash with her dad and 6 others. Samantha Smith. A rogue wave of sorts took her in a most heart-rending way . She had gone forth against criticism that she and her parents were naive, etc . Her undaunted resolve crossed border and barrier to Soviet Russia where Statesmen tread not. Her efforts did not return empty. Whatever the coincidence of anniversary, your survival honored and limelighted the memory and spirit of Samantha . You are a good girl don't hold back your happy face.

  18. Hey Abby...that elevator ride sounds (just) like being in the mountains! Your ears pop here when getting UP to 3333 here in Boone. N.C.
    Karen (Louvregirl) Go girl! You rock! :-)

  19. Hello Abby, I downloaded your book after seeing you on the View. Great read, it was hard to put down. I'm just so impressed with how you dealt with all the problems you had to endure. You are a very special young woman.