Saturday, January 23, 2010

Bon Voyage Abby!

Just heard from Abby who is sailing in light winds down the coast and due to pass Catalina Island this evening before heading due south. She was a bit annoyed at the light winds but knows that it was now or never. Her goal for this week will be to settle in to the boat and get as far south as possible as fast as possible.

Thank you to the Del Rey Yacht Club, especially Sherry Barone, for hosting Abby's departure, to Nate N Al's Deli in Thousand Oaks for supplying abundant bagels and cream cheese and to Kauffman Sports and Susan Hartman from Magnetic Entertainment for coordinating the day.

Laurence got pretty choked up when he tried to talk about Team Abby so that it was hard to get a Thank You out. You all know who you are and you are in our thoughts this evening as Abby benefits from your dedication and expertise.

It was a clear, crisp day and Abby was surrounded by friends and family for a few miles as she sailed out of Santa Monica Bay. She was stowing and tweaking things and promised a blog, all being well, tomorrow.

Good Morning America have been filming Abby's preparation and will air a segment tomorrow morning sometime between 6-8 am! I am told that it should be on the web as well.

Thank you for all of the encouraging comments and emails. I know they mean a lot to Abby.



  1. Good luck Abby...may your journey be a safe one, we will be following you daily and saying hi from time to go and Sail your heart away be strong and focus on everthing you do!

    Clint - Melbourne (Aust)

  2. WOW, what an endeavor for Abby. I will be following her. I cant wait to share this with my daughter. She is Abby's age. Good luck Abby. My prayers will be with you. Margie Benedict

  3. Hello Abby,

    Congratulations on your successful launch! We all wish you a safe, quick voyage around.

    Best of luck,

    Mike D
    Philadelphia, Pa, USA

  4. Have a great sail Abby, we are all looking forward to your updates.

    Happy Sailing


  5. I'm proud to be the first topost a comment here. Though I am from Iowa I hope and pray for Abby to have the same success as her brother. I know she will do well for the solle reason of her backup team. I wish I could have been there. Marc

  6. Godspeed Abby.

    And have fun!

  7. Thanks for the post, Marianne. I am sure that it must be an incredible moment for the whole family as the second young member sets of on her journey. I stand in awe of Abby's courage and of the courage of the team behind her.

    Congratulations and Godspeed!

  8. Go well, Abby! We'll be following your journey with great interest.
    Waitara, NZ

  9. Wow!! What an amazing day.......I especially loved the photo of Intrepid following Wild Eyes and giving that encouraging sendoff, boat-to-boat. I can only imagine how it felt for you Marianne and Laurence, Zac, and all the kids, to watch Abby sail off and out of your sight. Godspeed to our awesome Abigail--can't wait for your first blog!! You go, girl!!!!!
    --Sue McGah
    Laguna Niguel, CA

  10. Godspeed Abby! Now your are off to fulfill your dreams. Best wishes shall travel with you all the times as well as dolphins and albatrosses. Being German, I send you off with a German salty wish:
    Mast- und Schotbruch und immer eine handbreit Wasser unter dem Keil.
    Follows the lines of "break a leg" and end with a more normal wish: break a mast and sheet and always a hand width of water under the keel.

    All the best,

  11. Bon Voyage Abby ... God speed. I look forward to going along on this journey with you. I know you'll take care, but still, "take care!"

    God bless you, your family and TeamAbby.

    Looking forward to your blogs, photos and videos.
    Bebie - Sunshine Coast, Qld. Australia.

  12. It is a great thing that this project is finally underway, after so much planning and preparation and no small amount of controversy.

    All best wishes to you Abby. May your voyage be a success and may you return home safely.

  13. Thanks for the nice update.

    The video about the dodger gave just a hint of how many people were involved -- helping hands seemed to be everywhere.

    I'm sure someone will post a link go the Good Morning America segment. Look forward to seeing that.

  14. Thanks Marianne for taking the time to inform us of the lastest news. Glad she's on her way. Looking forward to the airing of Good Morning America.

    Have a good night's sleep.


  15. Thank for the quick update Marianne. I couldn't make it there to see her off but I was there in spirit. Probably the whole "Zac Pack" will reform here at Abby's blog and encourage her around the world like we did Zac.
    You have an amazing family.


  16. Even with light winds, it must feel great to be off. Hope the wind picks up, Abby, and hope you can relax with her having embarked, Mom and Dad.

    Scott, Denver, CO

  17. Good Luck and GodSpeed Abby cant wait to hear your on your way back here, have fun and enjoy..

    Julio Martin :)

  18. Looking forward to tomorrows post having your first night behind you.
    Be ready for the coast guard to pull you over before you leave Ca..they might ask that question "do your parents know where you are" haha.
    Stay Safe and have fun!!
    Laura Bermuda Dunes

  19. Godspeed Abby. As my mother said to me so many years ago as I sent forth from home to make my way in the world, "As the rivulets follow the waves to the sea, so may his blessings follow thee."

    Bill Mann

  20. You are so lucky to be so young and have this opportunity.

    Keep a good journal. Many of us will want to read your book when you come back.

    Have a great adventure... Good luck, fair winds and safe journey.


  21. Hi Abby,
    Light winds are probably the best for you to become settled into a routine of work and sleep.

    Sounds like your dad did not wish you to leave, or was so happy his daughter was on her way to fulfill her dream,that's dad's for you.

    Ive set up a rum-line from South Catalina Island to Cape Horn and will follow your progress down this each day.

    Keep Smiling, & safe Passage.
    Brian Riley
    Hervey Bay.Queensland. Australia

  22. Hello Captain Abby,

    Great news of your departure on a beautiful day. TEAM ABBY ROCKS.
    GO ABBY GO!!

    Best wishes,
    Bay of Quinte, Lake Ontario, Canada eh!

  23. You go girl... wave when you pass by Dana Point.... fair winds and God Speed till you return.

  24. Thanks Marianne.
    I wish Abby lots of fair winds - as much as she can manage. The beginning of the next stage of her great adventure - long awaited it seems for her!

    I guess at this stage, navigation is easy. Keep the hard brown stuff to the left! :-)

    Light winds might be good for a day or so while Abby settles in, as this isn't a dress rehearsal this time!

    Good luck Abby

  25. Good Luck and may the Wind be with you. Will be following you all the way.
    Dave from Manurewa, Auckland. NZ.

  26. hye abby~ i heard bout your solo's sailing~ hehehe~ hope everything is okay during sailing~ hehehehe~ i will waiting u when u pass here (malaysia) i love u abby~ hehehee

  27. i luv you, abby~ wish u luck dear~ muahhh~

  28. Fair winds and following seas Abby!
    Watching with great excitement here in Waterloo, NY!
    God Speed
    Anita Miracle
    Captain SV Wombat

  29. Well done, Abby
    Praying for you
    You can do it
    Richard (QLD) Aus

  30. Good Luck to you Abby... from New Orleans, LA
    We wish you much success!!!

    Be Careful!
    Kelly - New Orleans-

  31. I never did much boating and virtually no sailing. I never lived near the water—until recently. I took up sailing a couple of years ago—now in my late fifties. I sail on a lake in North Central Texas on a 16’ lateen rigged boat, a 1972 Dolphin SR. I absolutely love it!

    My sailing experience is obviously miniscule compared to yours. My life experience is somewhat larger and having eluded the reaper twice, I understand how incredibly short life is.

    I can only imagine the adventure ahead of you. Grab all the fun you can. Take it all in. I am circumventing the Earth vicariously.

    Fair winds,

  32. Well congratulations Abby, the time has finally come for you to take off on your amazing adventure. We hope you have a safe trip, and we look forward to following your blog over the next months. Of course there was no TV coverage of your departure here in Australia, so we look forward to seeing some video from the net.
    Stay safe and enjoy every second of your adventure, but most of all - stay safe.
    Love and best wishes from Faye and Max (Mulgrave, Vic, Aus)

  33. Thank you Marianne. I understand Laurence; if my daughter had been sailing away, I am not sure I could have said one word. Let's hope she will be OK and come back safe, that is much more important that any record.

    Go on, Abby, enjoy your adventure. No worth being disappointed by too light winds; look at Jessica's terrifying ordeal in her hurricane-force storm, and you can be sure that in several months, the winds will not be light all the time!

  34. Marianne, thank you for your post. As a mother also, one whose son has been deployed with our Australian troops overseas, I can totally relate to the feelings when waving goodbye to our precious child into the unknown.

    Please know your precious child, Abby, is in my thoughts and prayers as she endeavours to realise her dream.

    I wish you all peaceful hearts and for Abby, fair winds and smooth seas.

    G'day from the proud Mum of an Aussie soldier* in Adelaide, South Australia.

    FYI: Anonymity for obvious reasons*. :)

  35. Hi Abby,

    Bon Voyage & we wish you all the very best for your journey.

    So happy this day has finally arrived for you, you're a very gutsy girl and we do hope you have fair winds & following seas.

    The McGraths, Nowra NSW Australia

  36. Dear Abby,
    We wish you all the best of luck and good weather. The latter is going to be your best friend...Enjoy this endeavor as well, it is such a unique experience that will guide you for the rest of your life..God Bless and God's Speed....
    Rochester Hills, MI

  37. Just read about Abby starting her voyage. Her spirit and bravery is wonderful, I can't even imagine how great an adventure this will be. Good luck and Go Abby!

  38. Kath, Qld, AustraliaJanuary 24, 2010 at 5:09 AM

    Godspeed Abby.

  39. Good luck Abby. We will be watching you wishing we were with you. The sights you will be seeing! You are an amazing person and I wish you the very best. Paula S.

  40. Bonjour Abby,

    Bon voyage et bons vents!

    Keep warm, stay safe.

  41. Just heard about Abby on GMA this morning. What adventurous young lady. I will be praying for her and for her family.
    ~ Debbie ~ Blue Springs, MO. 7:15am

  42. Abby, good luck and Godspeed. mike, wilmington nc pearson 26, "chardonnay"

  43. Hi Abby,

    Sail safely, be careful, well done and good luck

    greetings Els from the Nehterlands

  44. I wish you all the best and as German sailors say "Mast und Schotbruch" Now everybody can get into the Abby Pac routine LOL. Do we need a visitors map on the blog page?? :-)
    Good luck

  45. following the blog!

    i hope sailing goes well for Abby and that she can successfully reach her goal. looking forward to hearing more about her adventure!

  46. Good morning, Marianne!

    My girlfriend and I just saw Abby's GMA segment, and have bceome INSTANT fans! We've bookmarked the main site, and will be following her progress and praying for her daily.

    Having said that, our only wish is that we could follow her on GPS somehow. We didn't see anything on the "Where's Abby?" tab, so if we missed something, could you let us know?

    Again, prayers to you all, and Bon Voyage!

  47. Abby, You are very brave. To sail it none stop and without outside help is the real test. You will far surpass your brother's feat, though I'm sure that is no concern.
    Travel safe. We will follow you and prey for your safety and speed home.

    Peter M.

  48. Has Abby emailed Jessica Watson from Australia? She is about three months into her circumnavigation. I think she is 16 too; she must be a few months older. I’m sure they have a lot in common. Good luck Abby.

  49. Good luck and happy sailing!

    The Beadles Family in Wisconsin

  50. Good luck, Abby! Bravo to your courage and drive. You're a model for even old men like me!

    Richard Gremillion
    The Woodlands, TX

  51. Wishing Abby safe travels! She is strong willed -as my own grown children are! I will keep Abby family, friends in my prayers. Thinking of Abby in Pittsburgh PA!♥

  52. Full Respect to You darling, its unbelieveble that You taking this great trip on Your own! Hope, we gona see that beautiful smile after your mission! Good luck, Godspeed! gabriel

  53. I am sure that you all are so proud of her. I am the mother of three girls, that have a love for the sea too. Let Abby know there are alot of moms praying for her and you mom because i know this is gonna be hard on you.


  55. GO ABBY!
    You are an amazing young woman to pursue your dream. Wow! What a dream - you can do it. Make it to the end of your rainbow!
    I admire your courage and strength to embark on such an endeavor. I have an immense respect for the ocean and I now have a new found respect, a new hero - Abby, a 16 year old sailing around the world solo. My hopes and prayers are with you - vaya con Dios!
    Melinda - Key West Florida

  56. Excellent news! I am praying for her safety!! Godspeed Abby! I followed Zac and will be following Abby also! (I feel like a stalker!)

  57. You all must be very proud of your Abby and she has to be the bravest 16 year old on the planet.

    My wife and I will be following her exciting journey and inviting our friends and followers to do the same.

    Our thoughts and prayers go with you Abby!

    Global Green Earl aka, Al Boek, Redding,CA

  58. Hello Abby,

    My Name is Rob Leighton and I am a aerospace engineer and yacht designer from Seattle Washington. I am excited that you made it off and now sailing south. I will be following your blog and believe that you will do very well. Congrats!

  59. ...fair winds and following seas...

  60. Saw the story on GMA today Sunday and found it fancinating. Quite an undertaking and I look foward to following your progress.

    God's speed.

  61. Here's a practical suggestion, after I went to the official website. Abby's hair is below her shoulders; I hope she keeps it tied or clipped back, rather than flying loose. Too many unsuccessful journeys result from inattention to small details. Getting hair in your eyes while trying to trim a sail, or worse, getting it caught in a winch or cable would certainly spell disaster.

    Teenagers, even bright and capable ones like Abby, need to remember that while their souls are immortal, their bodies are not. It's worthwhile to take the extra caution that eliminates unnecessary risk.

    I'll be following her progress, and I hope she achieves her goal. She's an admirable young woman.

  62. Best of luck,may the sea be kind to you.nick from ocean county n.j.

  63. Best wishes Abby!

    Here's to greatest success with your grand vision!

    May you remain focused on your intent while maintaining presence in every Now moment of your incredible journey.

    Best of Now, always,

    Greg and Alice

  64. Congrats Abby on your adventure and good luck and god speed! I read your story on and it reminded me that about 10 years ago I designed a website for a family that set sail from the Chesapeake Bay and sailed the Atlantic to France. I put together a message board, a "captain's log" of sorts and followed them along their journey. I'll enjoy following along with your journey as well.

    Good Luck!!

  65. Hello Abby!

    I'm sure you don't know me and I don't really know you. I just wanted to let you know that you are really an inspiration to a lot of people who have let their dreams sit in their hearts and heads for their entire lives. The ability to take action for that which we have the ability is truly an amazing quality that is extremely rare. I am very proud of your ambitions and I know that you will someday be an extremely successful young woman. Thanks for showing everyone that dreams really can become actions!

    Wisconsin is behind you and good luck!


  66. Good Luck Abby, Wayne Poinciana, Fl

  67. Abby, Wishing you the best of luck as you begin this courageous journey. I admire your desire to make you dreams come true. Now I have two marvelous young ladies to follow as they attempt to circumnavigate the globe. Check out Jessica Watson's page and blog . You may be able to keep each other company along your fabulous journeys.

  68. You are an inspiration, young lady! Keep your head low and your feet dry.

    Gunkholer in Maine

  69. Well let be one of the first to comment on the Good Morning America piece. First I had to set my alarm to get up an hour and a half early. Proves my dedication, right? ....GO ABBY GO...GO WILD EYES....come on coffee maker, get with it....Abby, you were great, very eloquent expressing your reasons for doing this, you crazy girl. I KNEW YOU WOULD GO AROUND CAPE HORN!!!; I just felt it. Mom and Dad, it was nice seeing you and hearing about your love for your daughter. Laurence, I'd take a guess from where your accent originates, but I'd probably be wrong, so I'll pass. My favorite line was "Abigail,Don't grow complacent!"....soooooooo.... Abby, in about three months I'll be reminding you of what Dad said.

    Fair winds Sologirl.

  70. Abby,

    Go girl. Have fun. keep us updated.



  71. Good Luck Abby! I'll be praying and watching.

  72. I am having trouble with your website, it is not loading and providing page load errors. I am following you from Hollywood, Florida on comcast HS cable. I hope you get this taken care of so we can follow you and your great trip thanks.

    Jay, Mia and Isis.

  73. Marianne,

    Thanks so much for the update. I can’t imagine Laurence or you not getting extremely choked up. I’m sure all members of Team Abby know how much they are appreciated and share so much of your pride in Abby. I just watched the Good Morning America story and I was also feeling a lot of pride in Abby and your entire family and team. I wish ABC could have done an entire hour program on Abby. Congratulations to all of Team Abby for providing such an outstanding boat and support team. And congratulations to Abby for all of the years of hard work in preparation for this great adventure. I’m looking forward to hearing from Abby.

    From Seattle, WA, USA

  74. Go, Abby!

    I just read about your travels this morning in the news.

    I am a Girl Scout leader of a Troop of Daisies, meaning 5 and 6 year olds. They're also all homeschooled. I want to give these girls a sense of the possibilities of the wide world, to face it with courage and passion. We go climbing, we go horseback riding (we have to use minis)...and I will definitely be bringing you up at our next meeting.

    When I was 16, I rode a bicycle across 6 countries in Europe, camping in strangers' backyards and getting to know that the world was kinder than I had previously thought. I hope this proves true for you, too!

  75. Best of luck to you. You are doing more with your life right now then alot of us will ever do. Live it and love it.

    Philadelphia, PA

  76. In case you want some advice or additional companionship on your journey...

  77. Good Morning Abby,

    We're so glad to hear that you're on your way south, and beginning to fulfill your dream. We'll look forward to reading your blog over the months ahead, and will be cheering you on from Canada's Wet (west) Coast.

    You go girl.

    Brian & Phill
    (aka kiwi_canuck)
    Vancouver, Canada

  78. The Hicks Family of Okemos, Michigan will pray for Abby throughout her voyage and ask God to watch over her while at sea, give her good passage, and bring her safely and successfully to harbour. She has tremedous courage and is an inspiration to so many. Godspeed Abby.

  79. best of luck on your fabulous journey! my wife and i will be following the blog from north carolina.


  80. Dear Abby,
    I wish you all the best and safe sailing. Sixteen year young women ROCK!! So much energy, vision and passion.

    I've learned so much about geography, the ocean, sailing from reading Jessica's entries and those of her fellow bloggers......I look forward to reading as much as you want to say.

    As so many have said, though, safety first. Take care of yourself and get to know Wild Eyes really well.

    In spirit with you,
    Mary, Maine

  81. Abby! As a life long sailor,you have my utmost respect and admiration for seeing you live your dream! Be safe out there & may you know a fair wind and a following sea. ~~_/)*~~

  82. Abby,

    You will be in my prayers. God bless you and be with you.


  83. Good Morning Abby, Marianne, Laurence, and Team Abby,

    I trust you had a pleasant first night out Abby. Did you get any sleep with all the excitement of Day 1?

    I just watched "the short but SWEEEEET" story on Good Morning America about Abby's adventure. It was great to "meet" all of you and have a tour of Wild Eyes high-tech interior, see her under sail and hear from Abby herself. Good job on camera Abby. Laurence's wise words about "complacency" and "boredom" stood out. With that in mind I think those of us following Abby can do our small part in offering our words of encouragement as she sails along. And that's what I plan to do.

    Safe sailing on Day 2,
    Bay of Quinte, Lake Ontario, Canada eh!

  84. Wow, such courage from a young lady. You are in my prayers. Good luck and Great sailing!!

    Shane B
    Luna Pier, Mi

  85. Good luck Abby. I grew up on a sailboat in the florida keys and have always loved them. I think it is amazing that you have the chance to follow your dream. I'll be keeping up with your journey.

    Sacramento, CA

  86. Abby, You have a brave soul. BE aware of the dangers and I will be praying for your success. I know you will succeed.

  87. Wishing you safe and steady sailing and favorable winds Abby. Have fun...know you will be very busy and occupied during this wonderful adventure. Would rather be where you are at rather than stuck up here in the snowy mountains. Will check in every day to see how things are going.

    Dale in Colorado

  88. Hi Abby,
    So pleased everything came together and you have been able to set out to fulfill your dream. As a family we continue to hope and pray that all young people are encouraged to pursue their dreams.

    Mike is looking forward to his next adventure in the spring when he will be following in the footsteps of Captain Bligh and sailing from Tonga to Timor in the Pacific.

    Hope you have a wonderful journey and keep smiling.

    Best wishes

    Peter, Heather, Fiona and Mike Perham

  89. When dreams come true! Best wishes to you from Germany! Keep on! Juergen

  90. When I was sixteen, I was lucky to be able to drive my "48" Chevy around the block without running into something. You seem to have so much more than most other 16 year olds. I am excited for you and I wish I had the courage to go with you. I know you will do well. Good luck to you and I wish you the very best.

  91. Abby I am so happy for you. I will be checking every day to see how you are doing. Please be careful. You are a brave girl. I admire you.

  92. Wow... Best wishes to you Abby. I will follow your trip, keep us updated. Your parents must be very proud of you.

    Orlando, FL

  93. May good winds carry you safely on your great voyage and back home again!
    Hot Springs Ark

  94. Abby,

    I learned of your trip, via the web, only today.


    The last time I was off the coast of Catalina, I was on a minesweeper. Operation Endsweep took us to Hawaii, Johnson Is, Kwajalein, Guam, the Phillipines, and Haiphong Harbor (off of North Vietnam). We never crossed the Equator (yes, I'm still a polywog). It was really cool to see the flying fish.

    I will never forget the beautiful blues of the Pacific.

    Have a wonderful and safe journey. Pleasant seas, and God's blessing.

    Elliot Christian []

  95. Good Luck Abby,

    We'll be keeping you in our prayers, we'll follow along and wait for your successful and safe return.

    L. Rivas, Gardena, California.

  96. Abby, our family we be praying for you. You are very brave and a great role model for other teens. May the Lord bless you and keep you safe through you journey.

    The Kennons, Eielson AFB, Alaska

  97. I'm a 46 year old man and you are my new hero.

    Good luck to you and I'll be following you everyday.

  98. Abby: You are already becoming a huge inspiration to so many around the world.

    I want you to know even though you might feel alone out there at times, you really are not. Our hearts, minds, even some of our souls and spirits travel by your side, our best angels and prayers sail with and guard your efforts.

    And I've discovered,

    Even someone so young can teach something to someone so old as I. In the future I will ask myself...

    "What Would Abby Do?" Global Green Earl

  99. Abby,

    Have a wonderful adventure. We are wishing you safe travels and wise answers to all of your questions.

    We will be watching your travels with great interest.

    Be well.

  100. I just saw your voyage on of luck and save passages from here in Toronto!

  101. Saying hi from Ontario, California. I will be following you on the web throughout your journey, stay focused, be alert, stay far from pirates, and we will be awaiting your safe return.

  102. may the wind blow your direction. good luck and hang in there kitten. hk liny

  103. Best of luck!!! Abby

  104. Good luck! I hope God blesses your travels and keeps you safe. Word has traveled to Alabama and many people are ready to see this happen! Our prayers are with you!

  105. Dear Abby, all the best, Bon Voyage and God Bless you! Have a safe Trip.

  106. hi from england(GB) good luck girl really hope you can make it,do it for the 17 and cant believe your doing this your so brave... GOOD LUCK

  107. Hi Abby,
    Wishing you a wonderful and safe voyage! There are many of us that will be "with you" everyday in our thoughts and in our prayers. Enjoy every moment, dear girl, and stay clipped.

    To Marianne and Laurence --- Please know Abby will be in many prayers in the months ahead... Rest well and I wish you peace in your hearts. You have an incredible daughter!

    Marie, WA St.

  108. ~just heard of this amazing journey! i am so thrilled be able to send positive energy to a brave and intelligent young woman on such an exciting adventure. my family and i will be thinking of you, Wild Eyes and your support team. ~ follow the voice of the sea...!
    aloha, stacy & the holme boys
    SF bay area, CA

  109. Congratulations on your successful launch!

  110. Godspeed and enjoy every moment of your adventure.

  111. Living your dream @ age 16. How incredible is that? Stay safe and Godspeed. Dan in NC

  112. I saw you on the news today! I wish all the best for you on your journey. God bless you and keep you safe.
    Lori, Ontario, Can

  113. Way to go young lady. God speed in your journey. I look forward to following your adventure. I'm an old guy who followed my dreams when I was younger as well. Following your dreams is what this life is all about. Remember, if you run into a Kraken, they like oreos.

    Craig B
    Keizer, OR

  114. Jacob Matthew HammockJanuary 24, 2010 at 4:00 PM


    I hope everything goes according to plan, and what doesn't is manageable. I've never sailed, being from Arkansas, but I've always entertained the idea of it. Goodluck. I hope you can get the record back from the limey's. :)

  115. As an Australian, I've been following the voyage of Jessica Watson. I hope she completes her journey safely and I hope you do too and the same for Dutch girl Laura Dekker when she sets sail.

    -Geoff,54 (Melbourne)

  116. So exciting Abby, such an adventure, good luck and stay safe.

  117. You're an amazing young woman. I wish you calm -but not too calm - seas and a safe and exciting journey.

    Eugene, OR

  118. Abby, may God bless you with fair winds and following seas. You are an inspiration to many,
    with the courage of a lioness.

    Tony in Gold Canyon, Az.

  119. I sailed around Cape Horn last week--only on a cruise ship. Abby, you're an awesome sailor and I wish you the best! I'm looking forward to watching your progress. You go girl!

  120. Good luck. May Fair Winds and following seas accompany you on this historic journey.

  121. Abby, Caught the story of your departure on today's national news -- best of luck to you as you follow your dream. Terrific blog and website, I will be watching from the Gulf Coast (Pensacola Beach Yacht Club, Florida) your progress, remembering you and your family in my prayers over the months to come. Wishing you fair winds and following seas! Linda Kraft

  122. I wish you all the luck in the world. Its such a
    great undertaking for a you lady like yourself.
    Be safe and sail with a clear head. God speed.
    Wishing you calm sea's and good winds.

    Joe in Iowa

  123. hey abbey you are an inspiration to a lot of kids, but as a parent I think your family is nuts.

  124. Abby,

    Good luck. Will be following the journey. I have been in every ocean of the world and wish you the best sailing.

  125. agathe (texas & France)January 24, 2010 at 10:12 PM

    Good luck on your journey Abbey !

    Much love!

  126. fasteddy714@aol.comJanuary 25, 2010 at 1:10 AM

    Hi Abby , I'm Eddy Santilli - "" from Rhode Island and I have you in my prayers for a safe trip. When all else is failed around us remember that God & his angels watch over & protect us - if we only ask, thru prayer for the help we need.
    I am so blown away by this undertakin' of yours that I'm jealous :) All luck is yours. Remember:Homer's Odysous-bad speller-who traveled on his Odyssey from the battle of Troy, back to his homeland in Greece. His drive came from the longing to finally ,after 10yrs. away, to be on his way back home to his family. That longing to accomplish our goals-in life- is a burning urge that is beyond breakdown or failure. These words aren't even in the vocabulary of a winner, such as yourself. Keep your chin up and your ego down and Go Baby Go tear 'em up!! You got the power of prayer & God. YA CAN'T MISS ! ! ! Well,its 4:00A.M. & I gotta go out in the cold & go to work to pay these damned bills. Oh well,lets abolish the use of $$$ -LATER young lady

  127. WOW! Danica Patrick wouldn't even do this. Best wishes Abby. Smooth seas and favorable winds to you. Can you have both? Be safe.


  128. hey abbbby!
    have a great sailing.

  129. Bless you Abby... Good luck. Well be watching.

  130. Hi Abby-

    I saw you depart on Saturday and if I was 30 years younger I'd still be too much of a chicken to try sailing around the world by myself. You are an amazing girl. Good luck. Bring yourself home in one piece.

  131. What an amazingly brave young girl you are....Safe sailing to you......Kelly from Pgh Pennsylvania.

  132. Hi Abby, I am in awe. Please have safe sails and enjoy every minute of your trip. Blow kisses to the dolphins and whales for me. I will be following your blog and am going to show it to my 17 year old granddaughter to follow also. What a brave young woman. Stay safe Abby. I will be rooting you on from Northern California. Rusty

  133. Wish u well and will prey for u,As i am for Jessica Watson. Gods Speed

  134. Spend more time focused upon your dream than upon the reality. The reality gives birth to the dream - but the dream is where you are wanting to put your attention.

    As a mother myself, thoughts of direction, advising how to spend your time, somehow trying to keep control over all situations flood my mind when thinking of YOU, as I do these things with my own children. On the other hand, I also recognize that all control and outcomes have never been in my hands, but instead ALL is in the hands of God.
    As I have turned "my will" for my children over to God, released my hand in their destiny and trust in ALL of Gods good works to guide them daily and decided to settle peacefully into the JOY and PEACE of God, I pray all of these things for you and your loving family. I am so excited to follow you through this journey, watch your growth, and highly anticipate your safe return home.
    Journaling, drawing, poems, reading, meditation/prayer time, setting goals and plans through out your voyage are just a few things I could say helped me immensely during a 6 month challenge (p.s. throw in some morning push ups, crunches and face down superman pose). I believe God comes to us during times of stillness, quietness and alone time~I believe this because God blessed me with His presence in times like this. You will never be LONELY, because God is with you NOW :)
    See I couldn't help but to still put my 2 cents in, hehe. Love your day today.
    Sunny Miller, SoCal

  135. Good luck! You will need to pray to God every day. This is too dangerous for a girl your age!

  136. It's geat to have found the problems so soon, and wise to stop and get the bugs worked harm done. You'll soon be on your way again, and happy those things are fixed. Gotta have the essentials working.

    Remember to get a few extra pens and utensils while you're stopped! And you can get a new supply of fresh fruit and veggies (washed off well with boiled water).

    Take a walk too, since you won't be able to do that for awhile, and that is one the things that Jesse misses.

    Susan in Oregon

  137. Hi Abby,
    Nice knowing you.. honestly, i really like your blogs and i am looking forward for your updates. Congratulations and thank you for the encouragements and now you are one of my inspirations.

    Micka from Philippines

  138. Hey Abby! I love it that your doing this journey by your self! You have more stones than I do!! I get bad motion sickness, I could never do what you have done! Keep up the great work!! I have faith that you will complete this great journey!!

  139. hola big girl here is a friend,i know you got a big chance outhere to see a diferent arte so pleas dont forget to take all ot of pictures cause i like them.i like to share my arte chek
    or keep my mail is
    so take care i will write you.GOD WILL BE WITH YOU. hasta pronto.

  140. abby my name is melissa, im 11 years old and maybe when i turn 15 i can try to beat your record.☺☻ i probaly wont because i cant stand to be alone and boats freak me out!!! best of luck, be safe, and god bless☺☻♥♠♣♦•◘○
    From, melissa your fan

  141. I like to read alot about biografy specialy from people with big dreams in there mind and also knowing that is a power out there tou will see the art,with your eye film all you can in your brain like a computer.I lived one time in san pedro cali.i love the water and everything around,im in mexico far away,with my dream,:some day people will reconize my arte:lets remember the magic thing is in your mind.all the time positive.and the dream will come new in the computer,so is why im living my mail,it will better to live my
    take big girl! and please the picturesssssss!!!!

  142. Well, its 30deg.F and in Rhode Island where I'm at, its getting ready to snow and we are supposed to get 6"-12". The bright side is that we got "NO WORK" today,no school either. YEEEAAAA--- but I wish I was in sunny climes. Anyway,I hope you win your journey and become the youngest lady to ever circle the globe alone. Imagine-your going in the history books. GOD BLESS YA-