Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day 5 and Wind!

It's been a good day so far. I'm not sure how much wind I've got, my gauges have gone and decided to stop working! But I am making good speed and having lots of fun! I'm surfing down these big swells going 7 knots! Once Wild Eyes gets going she is a lot of fun, and the conditions today are perfect! Hopefully I'll be able to make up for some lost time today.

I had a visitor yesterday afternoon. I walked into the cockpit and there was a squid there looking up at me! I tossed him back into the water, but I keep finding more! They're all over my boat! I never heard of a flying squid.

So far I haven't seemed to have left anything too important behind. I only have one pen on the whole boat as the team was using them while they were on board and you know how it goes with pens. I also have only one spoon but other than that I think everything made it on board!

My long hours of being awake are starting to catch up with me. I just crashed out for about an hour this morning. It looks like I'll have some steady wind today so I'll hopefully get some extra time to sleep today.

I spend most of my time either outside in the cockpit or down below at my chart desk. I haven't actually pulled down my bed yet, I usually sleep right here at the desk. I feel a little safer being right by the radar and all my other gauges, and my big seat here is really just as comfortable as the bed!

BTW, for anyone who saw my nav station on Facebook, the red button switches the display on my wind intruments. The seat at the nav station is a half circle and really a tight fit. I wedge myself in there with a few pillows and stuft animals from AquaFriends and it is really comfy.

I've been keeping close tabs on my power usage which seems to have a few communication problems. Team Abby is working hard to help me figure it all out. I have to go and trouble shoot the wind instruments. I'll get to your quetions in tomorrow's blog.



  1. Thank you for the update. We here at True Men Ministries are following you right along, with our prayers and thoughts.

    Fair winds to you and God's grace.


  2. Other than the flying squid and the gauges it sounds like you're enjoying yourself. And that's what it's all about.
    Get your rest while you can girly there will plenty of time you won't have the luxury.


  3. Great to hear you're doin fine! Keep it up!


  4. Good luck with the debug! I have chips in the battery packs of your laptop but at least I'm not responsible for the wind instruments!

    According to Iron Chef, Squid make for good meals, although I'm not sure I would suggest it!

  5. I've been reading about your journey for a few days now after I read about you on the news, I think. I'm incredibly impressed! Go you! I think I'd be more comfortable at the controls too. Hope you have a good evening, and get some sleep. Love reading your updates!

  6. Hey Abby, sounds like things are going pretty well. Thanks for the blog entries, nice to hear how you're doing. Keep in mind that even though you're out there in the middle of the "big blue" (remember Finding Nemo?), you're probably on more people minds than anyone else on earth! Keep a smile on your face!!

    The Beadles Family, Wisconsin USA

  7. Very excited to follow you. Awaiting your location for day 5. Takes me back to my first passage - Va. to Bermuda and back on a 39' Niagra - me and two other guys. I was considerably older than you at the time, but hadn't gone on anything longer than a day sail to that point.
    G-d speed to you.
    B.C. Hofeld, Grand Terrace, Ca.

  8. Cant wait to read your posts. Good Luck with your adventure!

  9. Hi Abby,

    Interesting to read your blog. I googled on squid, and there is a flying squid, but I don't think it was what you found in the boat.
    Try to sleep while the wind is moderate.
    Sail on safe.

    Ingrid, Tyreso, Sweden

  10. Hi Abby,
    I thought you could eat squid, but I never tried, especially flying squid. Good luck

  11. Hi Abby Jesse had "flying" squid all over EPL as well when she first started out LOL. Hope some dolphins accompany you as they seem to be with her x

  12. hi Abby,
    Great to hear that you've got some favourable wind. Surfing is fun in the right boat!

    How are you at cooking salt and pepper squid? - an Asian treat that many of us enjoy in Australia. I've never cleaned a squid myself as it is rather messy - maybe better to just toss them back!

    Sure do hope you find another pen - up to 6 months is a long time for one pen to survive! Maybe check behind cushions etc - they do tend to have a habit of hiding themselves away somewhere.

    Got to go and have some breakfast - happy sailing and stay safe.


  13. Hey Abby.. Me and my kids will be following along with you on your journey. You are one impressive and brave young lady! We're cheering you on all the way. Now, get some sleep.. which may have something to do with the flying squid.

    The Tucker Family, North (by God) Carolina, USA

  14. WE at TBC NEWS will following Abby on a daily basis at We look forward to reporting on the progress. Cheers! May you have gentle but steady winds! John Fleming Ceo TBC Global News Network.

  15. Hi Abby - good luck getting all the instruments back online! And I like the sound of your wedged in sleeping arrangements -- good idea!

    I'm enjoying keeping up with your progress...and will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers!


  16. Hi Abby,
    in our newspaper was a tiny note about you and your trip. We are going to follow you and wish you good luck and fair wind.

    BTW - how many books did you take along? :o)

    Jan Patak, Czech Republic

  17. Abby,....I can close my eyes and imagine bright yellow/red Wild Eyes surfing down a blue swell. White sails full! Skipper smiling! What a beautiful picture.....Watching the video of your departure from Santa Monica bay, I was blowing so hard on your sails, I had to clean my monitor.

    I don't have a PhD in sleep, but surely it is easier to reach deep sleep (which you need) in a prone position. LAY DOWN ABBY!!!....your gauges will still be there when you wake up. Did you even think for a second about a calamari dinner? Haste makes waste.

    One pen? That's why I called you a schoolgirl.

    I'm off and running to check out your nav station on Facebook. Cheers from Seattle

    Abby..Abby..Abby...oi..oi..oi..!! they say in Jessicaland!

  18. Glad to hear most everything is going good. Just a note, I think it is the squid who are stealing your pens. How else do they get their ink? They are known thieves!

  19. I have never been on a sailboat, and I rarely have been on a boat of any kind. I do like to travel, though. Any kind of travel is an adventure. I am enjoying the following of your adventure. Best wishes to you, Abby!

  20. I am happy to know that you are doing well. You are a very brave and courageous young woman. My thought and prayers are with you for a safe journey. My God keep you safe. Please log on to DAILY, for daily affirmation and prayers. I am anxiously awaiting your daily postings. Get some rest. Until then !

  21. Abby, you're an amazing brave person! You're optimism is refreshing. keep it up, keep you're head up and heart open!

    Sail away!

  22. Abby, I must say that I am a bit jealous of you and the remarkable journey you are on. I just found your blog yesterday, and to see someone doing something that I would like to do (to an extent). When I retire, I want to sail the Gulf of Mexico pretty much year round. I wish you nothing but smooth sailing.

  23. I love ur blog and will follow you every day. I write articles about girl empowerment and have friends who empower me. Now I have a new friend. U R colossal. Love anna

  24. Glad to hear that things are smoothing out - at least getting more comfortable. . . . You gotta wonder where all the gremlins hide when they are not messing with the boat . . . Thank you for taking the time to keep up updated - I am looking forward to future news.

  25. Good going Abby!!- nice to have unexpected visitors on occasion, even if they are squid- appropriate too given your location- I bet they made you smile, at least on first site anyway- It's an interesting jouney you find yourself having- as always, my prayers are with you. I wish you safety first, after that a wonderfully exciting adventure-

  26. Interesting coincidence about the squid: apparently Jessica Watson had the same problem a few days into her trip! You can read about it on her blog entry of October 26th at:

    Maybe squid have an affinity for smart, brave 16 year-old ladies!!!

    Stay safe and have fun!!!

  27. hey abby,here in san francisco my son 8, is following you, reading your blog thanks for been so brave you inspired so many young ppl,have fun and always remember we are with you.

    milie missaghi, san francisco ca,usa

  28. Only caught up with you yesterday Abby. I made a link on my blog for others to do the same.

    God how I admire you....and pray to Him for you too.

    You need all our love and affection and certainly have mine.


  29. Abby,

    I am glad to hear everything is going well. The Squid are good eating. Hope you get the gauge problem worked out. We are rooting for you frm Virginia.

    S/V Ad Astra

  30. Bonjour Abby,

    Better find all those squids, and that means all of them before they go bad...
    Look all over Wild Eyes carefuly, some of them are real small. :-)

    Spoon and pen: maybe the squids have got them?

    Take care, be safe

  31. Thanks for the update and get enough sleep. That is important as you know.

    All the best,

  32. I recall that Jessica had the same problem with squid. Just find them all. They stink when dead.

  33. glad things are going well... one spoon? omg...

  34. Keep up the blogs for us Abby, between reading yours and Jessica's and keeping up with where you both are it is excellent reading, don't know what I will do when you both finish the course.
    Hope that you fix your problems soon.
    Bill (Brisbane)

  35. Hi Abby
    I am incredibly impressed with what you are doing and have become a fan. I am also a powerboat cruiser with thousands if hours in all types of weather, and old enough to be your granddad. The day will come when you need to deal with some critical issues. When this happens you will do best if you are rested and sharp. Get some sleep-lots of it.

    My wishes for a successful and enjoyable journey.

    Bill in HB

  36. Hi Abby.

    Good to see that you are allright and everything goes well. In my fantasies I will folow your journey. I'm looking forward to your update every day...sometimes I just cant wait the hottest news about you :-)

    Stay safe. Best wishes.

    Ilesill - Czech Republic - Europe.

  37. Thank you for the Update Abby I was worried about you even though your just 5 days out - I'm sorry for your equipment failure I guess it's better now then when your Voyage gets in rough waters - I hope your Abby Team can fix the problem with the Guage - Later Greg Lee Redden

  38. Good luck Abby! We're following your progress. We are 5th graders from Kodiak, AK.
    We hope you reach your goal!
    Johnny, Alex, Jaiden, Hayden, Adelheid, Isaac, T.J., Eric, Trent, Hannah, Madison,Jacob, Cassidy, Chloe, Leah, Emily, Elin, Matt & Isabelle.
    Mr. J's 5th grade, Peterson Elem.

  39. pic of Abby's nav station for you tech minded people:

  40. My son Canaan and I are watching your voyage. Our prayers are with you and your family Look to GOD he will never leave you or forsake you. Many blessing

    Randy and Canaan Kennedy Florence, Colorado

    P.S. Smile alot and have some fun!!!!!!

  41. Bonjour Abby & Wild Eyes, Jessica & Ella's Pink Lady,

    For those adults, yes those! :-)

    Take care, be safe

  42. Hey Abby! I don't know if you've ever seen the movie Julie and Julia, but ever since I saw that movie I've wanted to find a blog to follow and I ran across yours last night! Your story is so interesting, and I'm excited to see how you do. I was also excited to see that you and your family are believers. I'll be praying for you that all goes well!

    Janna, South Point, Ohio

    PS. I think this verse is perfect for you right now. Psalm 91:11-12

  43. It sounds like you've got things under control and are adapting well to your voyage. If there's a way you can post pics, we'd love to see the squid... and anything else intersting that you might want to share. We're praying for a safe and speedy trip for you!

  44. If you decide to eat the squid, cut the tail so there are circles. Remove the ink sack and a clear plastic looking piece inside the tail. Then batter and fry the squid "circles." It's chewy, but better than fried onion rings in my opinion. I'm so proud of you for being so brave. I'm keeping you in my prayers. Judy Morgan City, Louisiana

  45. Abby ,the california squid is small and it usually takes 10 to make a pound and they cook in just 2 minutes and they don't jump on the boat.What you have there is a humbolt squid which is much larger,usually 4lbs and up to 30 lbs.They are mean and vicious and they bite and have a big beak,very dangerous in the water,but if they jumped on deck you can just pick them up and throw them overboard. usually found in Mexico.When you go to a restaurant an order calamari steak.its humbolts squid and its tenderized because its very tuff.I will be following your position every day.I'm an ex fisherman and what your doing really has my interest.I'm praying that God will give you a safe trip.Your my hero!God Bless.
    Libby Di Bernardo

  46. Hi Abby, squid, should have cooked up some calamari and had a "squid party on the patio." Hope we can figure out how to get you some pins, probibly need them for charting and navigation. Any way, look out for giant squid, and be safe..Ben.

  47. What fun to get some good wind. I know the rush of slicing through the swells, and that's cool.

    Following you closely, and so excited for you.

    We are with you. Stay stong!


  48. Little one: the sea is offering you food. Squid is very good for you! Boil or steam the squid for 10 minutes and then mix in with your food. Just type in the net how clean squid and you'll find a site that shows you how!
    Almost forgot find a feather and use the ink from the squid for a pen. :)

  49. Hi Abby

    There's always going to be few teething problems. I hope they can be sorted out quickly. Perhaps a seagull could leave you a feather which you could use as a backup pen. I guess you still need ink though... any ideas anyone?



  50. Interesting you and Jessica both had jumping squids.

    Hope your trip goes well, I'm watching along with the world here at my desk in West Lake Village.

    Steve and Michelle

  51. You must be like, totally in another world right now! This must be the coolest thing you've ever experienced I bet! What's it like?? What kinds of unexpected things do you find yourself thinking about?

    It would really be neat to learn these types of things from you as your jouorney progresses - sort of like a public version of your diary, if you will.

    You are doing something that practically nobody anywhere will EVER get to do. It would be really cool to be able to, sort of, live vicariously through your experiences... to hear a bit about some of the deep, personal aspects of this great quest upon which you've set out. You will undoubtedly learn more about yourself in these next 6 months than you ever imagined possible. This experience will shape and guide your entire future in ways you can't possibly imagine at this point. I hope you will be willing to share some of that enlightenment with the rest of the world, so that we may learn from you... so that we can perhaps learn a bit more about ourselves.

    I hope you'll be willing to share!


    Take care,
    Chris in Las Vegas, Nevada

  52. A good progress is always good news, though it is quite early to meet instruments' failures. Work, work, work is the sailor's motto, Abby...
    About the squids, Jessica had his deck full of squids, one of the first days. It seems to be some traditional welcome present from the Pacific Ocean.

  53. Abby,

    You go, girl! Thanks so much for the blog entries... I can only imagine how many people besides myself are living vicariously through you!

    Adventure on!

  54. Hi Abby,

    I learned about you from Jessica Watson's blog. So it's now two of you I have to follow! Best of luck in your journey, I hope you round the Horn in good conditions. Your boat looks great.

    Sergio (from Venezuela)

  55. Nice to pick up a little wind for your down hill run to the Cape... Hopefully you'll get the speed you want to make up some time. I know that you have a lot of freeze dried food onboard, I'm wondering if any bottles of lemon juice concentrate got added to your supplys... Any seafood that lands on the boat or your hook is easily 'cooked' in the lemon juice. I'm sure you're aware of that, just thought it might be a good reminder....
    We're a little snow covered up here Wyoming today, with an overcast 19 degrees.. I'm 'with you' on Wild Eyes right now and sure enjoying the journey!! As all of your fans are currently doing.. we're riding with you but staying out of the way!!
    YeeHaaa... ride those waves!!!

  56. Just read the Times and as one who lived in CA, (Now Costa Rica) and the Marina who once went alone on my boat "White Heather" to Hawaii, I stand down to you; a sailor and more. You go lady, you go with the wind and whatever you worship will give you the courage and strength when you think the gas tank is empty.

    (If you have any problems in the south, blog it. I have a really fine sailor friend in Chile.

    Sail well!


  57. Hey Abbey,

    Hope you get to find all the squid early on!! Rest up - I think you should try your bed - last thing you want is back and hip aches from not stretching out properly - take the time!!


  58. Abby..greetings from NW PA... You are on a God given adventure of a lifetime.....savor every moment! There is no doubt you are an extraordinary person with class and maturity beyond your years. Sail well knowing God and the world are with you.....

    My prayers for you and God Speed! Bob

  59. Dear Abby: Thanks for blogging. For those of us who may never get to experience something like this, your descriptions of the wind, the sea and sea life helps us feel like we are there with you. May you have stiff winds and gentle seas.
    Bill in Missouri

  60. Abby,
    Don't toss em, eat em. Squid are one of my favorite foods. It does take a deal of effort to clean them, but yum.
    Sleep Grasshopper, sleep.
    San Diego

  61. Hi Abby --Glad to hear you are making good time and that you have gotten some rest. Keep up your good work and your good attitude. I continue to be amazed at your bravery and courage. You are definitely a cut above!!!

    Love to get your blogs and will be with you all the way around the globe! ( first!)

    GO GIRL!
    Janell in Oklahoma, USA

  62. Abby,

    Holy calamari. Sounds like your uninvited guests are keeping you busy. I wouldn’t be surprised if you see flying fish soon, if you haven’t already. I sure saw a lot the last time I was in the Sea of Cortez. You’ll have to introduce us to your AquaFriends crew, if they have names yet. If they don’t, I bet they will soon.

    Well, Abby, I hope you get the wind instruments and power usage issues solved. You’ve got a great team working with you to come up with some solutions. Thanks for the update and enjoy those nice sailing conditions.

    From Seattle, WA, USA

  63. You have a Ham radio license? Whats your callsign? Best of Luck!

  64. Abby....greeting from Ventura. Thank you for your amazing blog, and sharing what you are experiencing...the good and the bad. I am also following another young girl who is rowing from Africa to So. America. She is 24 days into her trip and writes amazing stuff too. If you are interested go to and see her blog.

  65. Your awesome Abby! Keep those updates coming.

  66. Abby, wow what an eventful last few days.It was neat to hear about the squids. I was wondering how u are able to wash and dry clothes. The wind sounds like a perfect day to sail and feel the wind on your face. get some sleep and stay safe.My u have fair winds and following seas. Just remeember god nevers gives us more then we can handle. Trisha in missouri

  67. thanks for the update .what did you bring for food are you going to port anywhere or is it a non-stop trip
    stay safe out there i am rooting for you

  68. God Speed Abby!

    I am envious of you and wish you well. I'll be following your journey. I'm well versed in trouble shooting electrical systems, so if you are having problems, please post for suggestions through your support crew.

  69. Hi Abby,
    Good you passed the starting line and got going.
    Don´t get too bogged down by questions in comments. This is YOUR blog and we´ll all be happy whatever bits you feel like sharing. We are here to support you - and as it appears even keep ourselves entertained when you are busy. Hope you'll get all the systems working and talk to each other. Save the pen and put things in the ToughBook. Good luck.
    Soren 55-43N 12-30E

  70. Abby
    Thank you for sharing with us the great adventue you have started.Each time we hear form the Wild Eyes and crew we can dream a little.
    Smooth nights,fast days,safe journey

  71. Let down the bed Abby! One hand for the boat and one hand for you.
    Steve B
    Birmingham, AL

  72. Good to see that you are picking up some speed, you blog yesterday didn't give me any high hopes that you are going to make much headway. My daughter wanted to know how much distance you had moved and I showed her on the map.

    "That's it?" She said.

    I explained that it's not like driving in a car, the s peed you travel isn't in your hands. Anyway, I hope that this wind stays in your favor for a while. I've been watching the satelite weather maps, and hopefully things will stay clear for you. Good luck and stay safe.

  73. Pen.

    As was already mentioned, ink from the squid, quill from a bird feather, or fish blood as ink and a fish bone as a quill. Should be able to fashion something out there for sure.

  74. Hi Abby; I was on a cruise several days before you set sail, and the waves and wind were horrendous, which delayed your sail. Hope the weather will be good to you. Have a great time, get some sleep and we will be praying for you. Betty in Minnesota USA

  75. Hi!Abby, Nice to hear you have some wind in your quarter increasing your SOG good work.
    I am concerned that you are sleeping sitting up,this is not a good rhythm to get into as you must bring your legs up horizontal at least for a couple of hours each day, this will stop any syndromes effecting the blood flow in your legs, allowing you to be able to use them as soon as you become alert, without numbness.
    Hope Team Abby is able to overcome the wind instrument problem, at least you have the shore team to advise you of wind and weather conditions, and save your power for navigation needs.

    Keep Smiling, Safe Pasage.
    Brian Riley
    Hervey Bay, Queensland. Australia.

  76. Hello Abby.
    I am praying for a small watertight cargo of pens and spoons to gently come floating your way! Will also pray that your sleep with be doubled! Love you and think of you ALL the time.

    Kristi Nash and family.

  77. I laughed when I read your post. Zac had the flying fish and you get flying squid! Perhaps you will be visited by the infamous booby birds at some point.

    Rest when you can and I'm so impressed with your spirit and poise at the point in time. The spirits are all around you guiding and protecting your path!
    Melanie in Torrance

  78. Avast there Captain Abby. You know, I've seen me a fruit fly, and a horse fly, and even a house fly. But I've never seen a squid fly. ::Yah, I know, that was lame::

    Just think of the stories you'll have to tell your grand-children one day.

    "The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails."
    - William Arthur Ward

    Sleep some. Eat some. But mostly stay safe.

  79. So cool girl! I'm checking in every day to wish you well and to send a little juju your way to sail you on.
    You rock and are inspiring so many. Thanks for that

    Be well, sail well and all our love from Old Santa Fe, New Mexico :o)


  80. Squid hmmmm. I'm not into calamari but if you do any fishing they make good bait.

  81. Hi Abby,just a quick note from Australia,dont waste the squid ,after cleaning soak in milk [long life] for 12 to 24 hrs then fry,save the rest for bait when you slow down.Have been following Jessica from the start now have 2 brave young ladie's to follow, safe sailng Terry

  82. Hi Abby,

    Pls. see second comment left at Dilip's blog at also left for you as for your fellow solo circumnavigators.

    Really worried about some of your sleep patterns training, or lack thereof. If you have to slow down final arrival for as much as 2 weeks to train yourself to sleep a couple hrs at a time 24 hrs a day, now is the time while on the easy trek. Later, you could simply not have the chance to condition your body and mind, all the while getting all the sleep needed to stay alert again, no redundancies, body and mind wise. Yes, keeping up your physical conditioning will also help.




  83. Are you scared to travel the whole world all alone?
    If that was me I would be scared. I hope you stay safe.

    your fan Sarah, 10 yrs old, SF CA

    PS...YOU ROCK!!!

  84. Hey Abby,
    Big fan. Enjoy the experience and thanks for keeping us so updated. Good luck on the rest of your adventure.
    Chris in Miami

  85. Abby,

    You and your brother should collaborate on a book about your adventures. Any plans to publish something.

    Its been a blast following you. Good luck,
    Team Bauer

  86. I hope you're enjoying yourself, Abby! I'm sending this right now from an island just off the coast of North Carolina, and know how beautiful and sometimes unforgiving the sea can be.

    Best of luck to you - thanks so much for sharing your experience with all of us!

  87. HI Abbey, Greetings from Maine... I enjoy reading your blog. I find it very interesting. Sounds like you are really enjoying yourself. Hope you are able to get some much needed rest.

  88. Yeah I couldn't really imagine just "going to bed" away from the helm when you're soloing around the world.

  89. Dear Abby: What an incredible adventure that you are on! You have lots and lots of people with you on this journey. Thank you for being a wonderful role model to us all. Be safe! We will keep you in our prayers. The Reyes Family

  90. Isn't that interesting? Squid must be Neptune's welcoming committee! Yours took a bit less time to find you than Jessica's. She'd been out 8 days when she reported this odd visiter lurking in lots of little nooks and crannies. At the time I thought, "Wow, those waves must be washing over the boat and the little squidies are dropping out of them." But I think she mentioned a recurrence a few days later of just a few...or maybe it was one fairly good sized one on the dodger, that made me wonder if they were just snaking their way up the sides of the boat for a look-see.
    Now, do squid have ink sacs, or is that just octopus? Cruel as it sounds--(and therefore I don't think I could do this) it seems like they'd make good bait.
    OK, well, off I go.
    I hope those wind meters start working again!

  91. Guess you don't like Calamare? They cook up in a flash!

  92. I read the book "Maiden Voyage" by Tania Aebi, about an 18 year old girl and her adventures circumnavigating the globe in 1987 and was blown away by the courage and beauty of sailing the open seas by this young girl and how inspiring it was and now my daughter can read your blogs and experience it as it's happening, we all can as a family. Stay strong and focused, get some sleep and stay faithful and thank god you don't seem sea sick!

  93. Abby - God be with you on your global sailing adventure!! We will enjoy following your journey online and will be continually praying for you in the open oceans. Remember Isaiah 40:31!!
    God Bless!
    Todd & Lesley, PA

  94. Hi Abby!
    You are an awesome girl! And is a great sailor just like your brother. It will be a wonderful adventure. Bon Voyage + Good Luck , Cheers! =D

  95. Keep up the great info! I check in everyday now with your updates! Awesome. Jerry

  96. Good Luck and I will keep reading your updates. I hope you remain safe and get some sleep!!

  97. hey there Abby,
    Pennsylvania wishes you Godspeed,
    you have a very sleek looking Open40,
    looks solid for the voyage!
    use squid for bait further into trip.

    wishing you the very best,
    Lenny Pittsburgh PA.

  98. Thanks for the posting! 5 days on the open ocean is a bit more than I've done. Best wishes for fair weather and wind. You're amazing in your dreams and dedication. With my children, we will watch your success!

  99. Well done, Abby.
    Have fun
    Richard (QLD) Aus

  100. Hi Abby, glad that you are under way on your trip. Though it is a bit disturbing to hear of equipment failure so early on, hopefully you can get all the kinks ironed out. I have followed Jess Watson from day 1 and i'll be following you too. It was really lovely to hear the way you both speak so highly of each other, like sailing commerades!! Gods Speed Abby, go and have the time of your life girl!!
    Julie in Deniliquin NSW Australia

  101. I love your blog! My husband was huge into sailing when he lived in FL, but he still has yet to take me!

  102. I wrote yesterday that you have inspired me to learn how to sail. Well, this morning I rode to Marina del Rey and met with Mark Yaney at Marina Sailing to see what they had to offer. Mark was great and I plan to sign up for the 2 hour introductory course in the next week or two.

    Stay safe!

    - Donald S.
    Glendora, CA

  103. Abby,
    My family and I saw you on Good Morning America. We were amazed! My boys sail, but nothing like this. We thought that your boat looked great. I decided then that I wanted to follow your journey. I will be praying for you.

    Try to get some rest! Not to sure I would be thrilled with the squids!

    In Him,
    Scotty Mac
    Raleigh, NC

  104. Squid are yummy. I hope you brought vegetable oil and batter. :)

  105. Hi Abby,
    I'll be following along also. I got hooked on your sailing adventures following Jesse.

    Ditto to laying down! You'll get much better rest and it will be better for your body!

    Stay safe...always safety first!


  106. Abby,

    Enjoy your trip! May God Bless You!!!

    Austin Texas

  107. Here is the same photo as commented about above it is of the nav station that i took the day Abby left. But on this link you can mouse over the equipment to see what it is......

  108. Abby you are doing fantastic! On every boat I've ever cruised on, the wind instruments were the first piece of equipment to break.

    I think these kids feel alot of personal pressure to "put on their happy face" when they shoot their videos and write their blogs.

    I believe these young solo sailors are not describing clearly the true challenges of offshore voyaging alone, for fear of sounding like whiners or to be too negative. I especially think the girls try to act extra tough to show everybody that they can handle anything.

    Solo offshore sailing is extremely exhausting, stressful, physically and mentally demanding. It is lonely, and at times very scary no matter how much experience a Skipper has.

    There are moments of delight enjoying dolphins, and beautiful sunsets, but those experiences are usually muted by exhaustion, and the non-stop hard work of keeping the boat sailing.

    This is no vacation by any means for Abby. After 4 days already with no uninterupted sleep, she is already pulling deep from her reserves of strength of character.

    Unless you have done what Abby is doing, you absolutely can't imagine how difficult this is for her.

    I strongly suspect that right now she has no energy for cleaning and cooking squid, or towing a fishing line to try to catch a fish.

    I wish Abby would be brutally honest with us about exactly what she is going through mentally and physically, but I just don't see her complaining.

    So I'll say it right here. For the most part, this solo sailing is not fun at all. Yes, it's a challenge, and an adventure, exciting, but very, very little fun. I sincerely hope Abby will be having alot of fun, but I don't think that this is what this is about. I think this is about Abby testing her personal limits, and becoming closer to God. But fun, not likely.

    Abby, hope you are smiling and getting some sleep in.

  109. Hi, I am praying for your safe and fun trip. when I first heard about it I had the normal anticipatory uptight feelings, but decided that since you are on your way, that I will root for you and get others to do the same.

    I belong to which is the premiere social network. I think it would be cool if you add your web site there, as they have over 20 million visits every month.

    Take care and visit my blog whenever you care to. Google SKDD and find link to "Sleeping Kitten - Dancing Dog!"

  110. Hi Abby,

    You are truely an inspiration! I am enjoying any news I hear about your adventure and will be with you in thoughts and prayers until you are back home. May God's breath keep your sails full!


    Black Hills of South Dakota

  111. May God be looking over you. Enjoy and try to get some rest.

  112. Hi Abby,

    I am a teacher in WA and I have my high school classes all keeping an eye on you. I am also a sailor, sort of :)and really think it is inspiring that you are doing this. I lived on an old Kettenburg K 38 in college and sailed it back and forth to Catalina from LA Harbor - over 20 years ago. Be safe out there and don't take any unnecessary risks to achieve your goal.

    S Davis
    WA State

  113. Dear Abby,
    Haha i have been wanting to say that.
    Sounds like your starting to settle in...i bet you'll get used to it a little easier than Zac did... he would say that when he made a stop, it took a few days to settle back in and since your not stopping you just might do better..just a thought?
    I agree with other posters...don't stress over our questions...take care of yourself and really try to get in your bed soon!
    Laura Bermuda Dunes

  114. Hi Abbey
    Good luck with your Voyage and I hope you every success.
    I'm also following our own expatriot in Jessica Watson.
    I Look forward to reading your blogs
    Fair winds and safe sailing.

  115. Rob Rose - Atlanta GA USAJanuary 27, 2010 at 10:42 PM

    Good luck on your journey. I have seen your videos and when seeing your Dad I can't help but think that he is from South Africa.
    Again good luck.

  116. Can you use the wind generators to somehow determine windspeed from how much they are charging? You can of course determine wind direct which way they are pointing etc.

  117. Sounds like a learning day---just like I am sur they all will be. Try to get some sleep and I totally understand you wanting to sleep close to the controls. Hope you get some help in fixing the few minor issues. Take care and God watch over you.

  118. Good Evening Captain Abby,

    I think you had better keep THE pen for THE homework....hehe.

    I was really moved today by this particular question/answer that I read in ASK ABBY:

    How much is Wild Eyes worth?

    "When Abby is not on the boat, it is worth nothing. When Abby is on the boat, it is priceless!" – Laurence Sunderland, Abby’s father

    From one father to another...well said DAD (Laurence). We feel the same way about Abby too.

    Goodnight Abby..I hope you get a few....zzzzzzzz

    Bay of Quinte, Lake Ontario, Canada

  119. Once we heard about you on the news my co workers and I at Four Winds Casino, New Buffalo Michigan. Have been following your blog. we are so glad you are following your dreams. Good Luck

    From everyone at Four Winds Casino.

  120. Hey Abby. Looks like you are off to a good start. Too bad you are having some equipment problems so early in your trip but I hope they can be easely fixed. Good sailing to ya and keep us posted.

  121. Congrats on day 5.

    I read your post about sleeping...

    Sleep, freshwater, eating, positive attitude, exercise and boat maintenance are the most important things out there.

    Above all, get enough SLEEP.

    Impaired judgement, impaired coordination.... and seeing things that are not there! All are eventualities when you don't get enough sleep. All are dangerous on a boat alone in the ocean.

    I know you likely know this... just don't take the sleep thing lightly.

    While you are out there on the boat alone, we are all with you.

    Good luck, fair winds and safe journey.


  122. Abby,

    Oh boy! I hope you can get your instruments to working real soon. Squid, huh? Sounds delicious, although I don't really know how to clean them. Must be interesting tossing them back in!

    Keep going and we look forward to the next update!

    Dora and Rachel
    Czech Republic

  123. Love that idea!

    High tech modern satellite auto piloted driven race boat sailing around world using a good old fashioned ink well and quill pen to plot the course on paper maps. I think somebody out there in the deep blue would be quite happy about that :-)

  124. Hi Abby,
    I'm from Ventura County, CA. and I'm enjoying your blog. It's like a good book you can't wait to get back to. I served in the U.S. Navy
    and following your historic journey takes me back to my time out at sea. I'm sure Neptune is by your side and smiling.

  125. Abby, do you actually read all these hundreds of comments? I hope your team does because you need to have sufficient sleep. Lying down ! ! Do you have a "Parker" automatic steering as Jessica Watson has? She can sleep while her yacht keeps a steady direction. Abby, you must have rest as you can take an example from Jessica how much is required of you rounding Cape Horn. Then Jessica endured an horendous 8 hour hurricane storm with 4 "knockdowns". Abby, you cannot handle that without good lying down sleep. You need all your energy and vitality to get through rough times, but also when there is about no wind and progress. Both require the utmost of your stamina and abilities to cope. I follow you and Jessica. Have a lovely good happy juorney. Renbe.

  126. Hi Aby,
    keep up them dodgers,
    Jony the Pony

  127. Abby,

    That was a shocker, eh? Flying squid in the cabin. Did you invite them for supper? not as a guest but as the main course! LOL. Glad to hear you are doing great. Let us know if you get any dolphin visitors. I think they are a good omen anytime they show up. Hope you work out the bugs in the electronics. You may need that stuff later, eh? I think Jessica Watson had squid on her boat too. Maybe they are a good omen, who knows? Safe journey, you are a true inspiration to so many.

    John in Ashland OR

  128. I'm very impressed, you go girl.....

    Smitty Hohenfels Germany

  129. Hey Abby,

    I'm getting your updates on my phone now so keep them coming! Hope you get the guages squared. Get some sleep. I'll be thinking about ya.

  130. 01-28-10 @ 04:25
    Hi Abby,
    Well it sounds like you’re really happy out there, just sailing along with the wind in your face along with a great big smile. Ha, ha, good for you.
    It looks like some pretty smooth sailing down along the West coast for awhile, so I hope you enjoy yourself. Nice to see that the welcoming committee was there to greet you. Maybe that’s a good sign if you figure on doing any fishing. Do you?
    Too bad about the gauges, how much do you depend on them? Only one (1) pen on board, I hope maybe there’s a couple stuck in a corner somewhere. I figure you’ll need them when you doing you’re navigating. Wow, worry about the big or major items to be on board, and miss the pens. Bummer.
    Just make sure to get as much rest as possible, eat well and drink lots of liquids. When you get into the colder regions you won’t feel like drinking, so you’ll have to try to remember.

    I see that you mentioned that you brought along a couple of friends, will you tell us what they are, and what there names are? Curious people like to know. LOL….
    Seems like I’m asking a lot of questions, but these are things that are not covered in your previous blogs.

    Take good care of yourself and be cautious. Looking forward to hearing from you.
    May God hold you in the palm of His hand and may the Angels keep your sails full, and I, I will be praying for you.
    Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

  131. Hi Abby
    Hope your having fun.
    I was in the US Navy Back in the 60s and 70s and loved being out at sea, It was a great time.
    Anyway when you cross the Equator make sure you mark down in your log book Date, Time, Longitude, and Latitude. You will be a shellback in King Neptune's Reigieme.
    Anyway have smooth sailing, be safe, and may God be with you.

    Ken Weems

  132. At some point you're going to lova Calamari on the plate! Even marinated! Enjoy the good sailing and continue to rest as much as you can.

  133. Hey Abby & Good Morning from North Carolina where we are expecting snow tomorrow! No sailing for us this weekend I'm sure. I can sure relate to your frustration with the wind instruments. What is it about those things anyway? My current & fairly new NAVMAN is in the same condition - non operational. Keep on Keepin on Captain Abby!

  134. Hi Abby,
    Hope things settle down for you soon and you can get into some sort of routine, although that is hard with the weather and conditions changing all the time.
    Hope you and your shore team can overcome the problems with your gauges and you can get some rest.
    Enjoy your adventure,
    Keep safe,

  135. Hi Abby,

    My family and I are in South Dakota following your journey. This is so exciting. We've also been following Jessica and she too is doing an amazing job! Wish you well and a safe journey. We're looking forward to watching the rest of journey. Sail safe!

    South Dakota

  136. Abby,

    My oldest duaghter's name is Abby (Abaigeal) and she is an adventure seeker as well. Our prayers are with you along your journey. God's grace will always follow you and will be with you always. I commend you for your courage and confidence to attempt to accomplish your goals. The world is fortunate to have a person such as you, with that kind of spirit, keep it up :) We'll be following your journey.

    C. T.

  137. You are an inspiration to my 4 kids, 15-4. You are teaching them they can do anything!
    L. Ward

  138. In case you DO decide they're worth eating, I found you these really straightforward instructions for preparation...

    Place squid on a clean chopping surface and straighten tentacles so they're all in a line pointing away from the body.
    Trim off the 2 longer tentacles & discard.
    Cut the remaining clump of tentacles off just below the eye.
    Locate the small hard lump (the beak!) in the middle of the tentacle clump, pull it out & discard.
    The eyes are attached to the squid's insides which are tucked inside its large tubular headsac. If you pull the eyes gently, they should come away and bring all the insides with them.
    In the head, there should also be something that looks like a transparent plastic feather. This is the quill and it needs to be pulled out & thrown away, along with the guts.
    Pull all the icy blue-white membrane off the outside of the squird, give it a good rinse inside & out and pat dry.
    To grill or fry, it's a good idea to open the squid out and score it. This tenderizes it and makes it curl up nicely when cooked.
    To do this, lay the squid head flat on the chopping surface and push a knife inside as far as it will go without being forced.
    Slice open one side of the squid's head and it should open out in a single flat piece with the inside facing up - lightly score this surface in a diamond pattern, making sure not to cut right through.
    It's now ready to flash fry, along with the retained de-beaked clump of short tentacles.


    Hope you resolve the technical gremlins quickly & easily.

    Trevor Leslie, UK

  139. Hi there Abby! Just found out about your trip, and have been reading everything I can about you and your adventure! What a great Achievement you have made, just in the planning, acquisition, and Departure! More then Most adults could handle! You must be a very sharp young lady! I will be following your blog closely now, Good luck, and Fair Winds! I hope your support team is arranging a technician drop for your wind gauges! :)

  140. Good on you Abby ,I admire your courage and spirit of adventure.Both you and Jessica Watson are amazing young girls . Stay safe ,Have fun . Terry and Patricia Melb Aus

  141. Great job Abby...keep having fun!!

  142. Abby,
    Greetings from St. Louis MO. I am following you each day from my office. Hope you are settling into a routine. Look forward to your blogs and pictures (but be careful on deck). Godspeed dear, I can't help but worry, but I know you're well trained.

    Rick Bonin

  143. HI ABBY,


  144. Fair winds to ya lady! post pics when ya can, then get some sleep!!!

    SH NY

  145. squid are delicious.....

    So... I do these science shows at elementary schools around the southland... and each day I show the map of where you ARE.. and where you are going... so you are officially being taught in So. Cal Schools and kids ( and parents) all around LA, Orange, San Deigo, Ventura, Santa Barbara, Riverside and San Bernadino are learning about your quest as you go.... Keep the good updates....

    Richard Rumble
    Full Spectrum Educational Services

  146. You are an inspiration to me!!!

    Nancy G.

  147. Hi Abby,

    Best of luck to you on the adventure/voyage of a lifetime. It's very impressive to see someone (at any age) with the inner strength & determination to undertake such a challenging journey, especially given the personal sacrifices that you are prepared to make on this trip (e.g. eating freeze-dried food, taking very few showers, sleeping less, etc.).

    In a day and age where we are constantly bombarded with bad/depressing news, your story is a real gem, and we are lucky to be able to share in your adventure through these blog entries.

    Your courage and strength is very uplifting and inspirational and, for me, makes me realize that some of the things I've been procrastinating, really aren't that hard to do, and I need to brush myself off and persevere.

    Your story is a triumph of the human spirit and those of us trapped in the mundanity of a 9-5 job with long daily commutes in heavy traffic...we salute you!


  148. Hello Abby! Great to learn of your departure and will plot you on the world map I have been trackinh Jessica on. The squid on deck was deja Vu as Jessica had a similar event shortly after she set out from Sydney. I guess that makes it an official greeting for 16 year old circumnavigators!! If I recall Jessica used them for bait and caught a nice tuna. I hope you uncover a few more pens or pencils.. I know you'll miss that if the one you found is a lone item.

    Praying for safe journeys Bless you and safe sailing!
    Gary & Jan
    Savannah, Ga

  149. I offer a strong second to Rod Jones' commentary on the difficultyy of Abby's undertaking. I'd also offer the thought that following such an effort via blog postings sets up an immediate contradiction to realities of that effort.

    As Rod points out, I will guarantee that Abby has many more things on her mind than what to do with the squid on her boat or whether the fishing gear was properly stowed.

    Remember she is a veteran delivery skipper along the California coast. If she's beat back up the coast from SoCal to points north, she's handled and adjusted to sleep deprivation before. That's the nature of sailing either single handed or with short crew. I'm not necessarily dissing the suggestions from bloggers that she "get some sleep", but hey, folks?....have you considered that she has probably thought that its a good idea as well?

    Therein lies as good an example of the built in contradiction as any of being "attached" to her trip via blog/net connections. We all sit here at keboards, most wishing her well, but really powerless to do much else than say, "go Abby go."

    No insult is intended in this observation as well: We certainly are not privy to ALL that is going in on Abby's boat (anymore than those of us who are following Jessica have been given the full story behind the "knockdowns") and I'd bet big money we are not actually reading Abby's unedited words.

    If she is spending more than a few minutes considering what to "blog", then she's NOT putting those minutes into attempts at sleep or boat maintenance. Her success (and her safety) depends on her focus.

    Any boat on the water is 24/7 Consumer Reports Gear Test. Every part of her boat: fasteners, wiring, electrical connections, lines in her running rigging, and deck fittings are being subject to strain, vibration or attack from salt and mositure. Boats don't always glide atop the water; they get pounded and stoved around constantly. Water maybe a liquid, but its heavy and its hard.

    Her solo non-stop attempt has to take these realities into account each and every moment. As her father pointed out in a video comment...the greatest danger she'll face is complacency. I'm not sure I'd agree with that 100% but the reminder to stay focused is excellent advice.

    Enough from me for the moment
    (maybe even too much)

    Steve in California

  150. Abby,....I'm still thinking about your sleeping patterns. I wish all of our questions could be answered but realize it's not possible or even probable. Did you study polyphasic sleep (the study of sleeping multiple times in a 24 hour period) before you left? Dr Claudio Stampi, a single-handed sailor himself has done extensive research on the subject. Here's a bit of what I found:
    "The extensive data Stampi obtained from the monitors led him to an interesting conclusion: Sleep-deprived humans are better off snoozing like most animals—in brief, precisely timed naps."
    I'm going to keep researching this subject myself but it seems very important not to be deprived of level 4 or deep sleep. I would think you would want to lay down in your bunk and train your mind to relax and not think. Then sleep would come quickly. How often or for what length of time you should sleep I don't know but I bet regular patterns would be important.

    Cheers from Seattle

  151. You are crazy awesome. Keep it up!

  152. Hi Abby,

    To me it's a little bit daunting that you've lost your gauges but it doesn't seem to be concerning you too much? As for only one pen and one spoon they'll be precious items throughout your trip (and great keepsakes).

    I hope you reconsider your sleep position and move to the bed for deeper sleep - vitally important to keep you alert and for clear thinking. I'm sure you'll work it out.

    Surfing the swells? Sounds like big waves to me. This landlubber will watch from here if you don't mind.

    Take care and God speed.

    Sunshine Coast, Qld, Australia

  153. Rod and Steve are both correct of course re the realities of it all. But this is the whole point of the blog and comments, if and I suspect she does when she can (receive select or or maybe all the comments), she has time to read them some or even all, will definitely put a smile on her face if she's feeling down or even if she is not.

    For sure more entertaing for her than reading text books on calculus while out there :-)

    So keep 'em coming all the same.

  154. While it is a fair question to ask whether it is in fact Abby (or Jessica Watson, in her case) writing these very polished blog entries (and I too doubt it, knowing the realities and real challenges of singlehanded offshore sailing --it's not *always* hard, but often is when solo), some sailors out there in the middle of very impressive sailing voyages do post very well written and insightful blogs, amazing as it may seem. I, for one, can't imagine how they do it.

    As an example see the blogs of the crew of Berrimilla. These two blokes have sailed nonstop from Australia to England via Cape Horn on their little 33 foot boat (maybe 32?). They then traveled through the Northwest Passage (after sailing home to Australia from England!). Now, having gone through the Northwest Passage to England, they're currently returning to Australia via the Cape of Good Hope! They are prolific and very talented mid-ocean bloggers --I never fail to be impressed how they can do it, imagining the conditions they usually face offshore, and especially in the Southern Ocean! See here for their current trip blogs, England back to Australia. (They're currently in the Kerguelen Islands, so are writing from land, but their earlier at-sea blogs are good writing!

    Anyway, just thought I'd share that with everyone here. I somehow doubt Abby has much time for writing, with every she has to manage on board...and that's just fine!


  155. boil the aquid, they are great with teriyaki sauce.

  156. Hi Abby,
    keep up them dodgers,
    Jony the Pony

  157. Abby, I think it is competely amazing what you are doing. I wish you the best of luck and look forward to reading about your adventure!

    Cheers from Maine!

  158. of course ! the Berrimilla crew have done it how many times before?

    it's called chewing gum and walking at the same time.

    it's unrealistic for somone doing it for the first time delving into the unknown to spill their guts out when they have no idea what is going to happen next.

    your mind needs to be completely free and clear to release and physically write what you are feeling. Not while you're jockeying for position, or lane changing on a highway, 5 days in with some slight complictions at hand. Very unfair to expect more than a quick condensed light hearted recap of the days event's. In the doldrums or at the traffic light, sure start texting what you really feel and just went through to get there.

    But please not while it's all happening. That's completely unfair.

    p.s. Berrimilla crew too write after the fact, days after the fact,when they have time to catch some air.

    Let's be reasonable please.

  159. Hi,
    I found your blog and I read it every day. So young person sailing aroung the planet. I wish I do it 10 years ago... but there was no option for that. I'm glad you're douing well! Go ahead Abby! Trade winds are close :) It will be worm and wind will push you nicely down.
    Best regards from Poland

  160. Good morning from Kansas City, Missouri Abby!

    My husband and I are following your adventure and are so impressed that a gal your age would have such drive and ambition to tackle such a challenge as this. Be very proud of yourself! There are so many people following you, praying for you, and wishing you a safe journey.

    Your blogs are perfect. Say what you can, when you can and say whatever it is you want to say. There is no requirement to bare your soul to anyone and everyone on the world wide web, now or ever. Keep doing what you're doing...and that's whatever the heck you want to write! I, for one enjoy getting up every morning to see whatever it is you have to say.

    I'll echo most everyone else...please try to get some sleep! It's critical.

  161. Way to go Abby! I love to here about your adventures..I worry about you. Please be safe. I will be keeping A worried eye on you. Keep up the blogs as much as possible. God speed and fair winds. Craig ( Sarasota Fla. )

  162. Hitting the doldrums is a good time to inspect all your gear. Things happen at the worse time possible, so it's good to stay ahead of any trouble. I cheering you on from Palm Springs, CA
    Good Luck!

  163. I should correct what I wrote on an above comment, Jesse Martin is the youngest solo nonstop and unassisted. Michael Perham is the youngest with stops.

  164. I hope you have no more problems with your wind.


  165. Abby, were so happy to follow your trip! We wish you luck, and we are learning to sale too!
    Catherine (the same name as your little sister)

  166. Hi,Abby we wish you luck and we can't beleive you are sailing around the world only in 6 months. I hope you have a lot of fun and hope you get where you want to go.
    from the hannegan family

  167. this the hannegan family again that is so cool that you are sailing around the world. Hope you make it. We wish luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  168. erin and shannon
    we can relate to you sailing around the world becauce we rode our bikes from Pittsburgh to Wasthington D.C it was tiring.