Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Early Days and Sleepless Nights

I wish I could have written sooner, but as most of you probably know, the first few days out are pretty hard. It isn't just having to get used to being in the middle of the ocean alone but also trying to troubleshoot all the little problems and figure out power consumption and all that.

So far things have gone well. There hasn't been much wind during the day, and I've been getting a few hours of 15 -20 kt winds in the afternoon. I think I've been out here three nights and so far I've found that I sleep just as much during the day as I do at night, just napping here and there. I'm pretty far off shore so I haven't had a lot of shipping or any other boats.

But even without that, keeping the boat up requires being up at all hours of the night. I really need to start working harder at sleeping, the long hours of no sleep are beginning to catch up with me and I'm feeling pretty tired. I'm 15 miles off Guadalupe Island and going about 3 knots. Not the best speed, but for there being only 4 knots of wind its not at all bad.

Saturday morning was pretty crazy with people and press everywhere. I hardly remember any of it, it was all just a blur... I was told that that morning would all be a blur, and several people told me it would be like getting married. The wedding analogy didn't help me with what to expect a whole lot... but I guess I'll have some idea what a wedding is like!

The first day was pretty hard, but things are getting better, I'm sorting out my charging and getting a handle on everything on board.

Thanks for all of the comments and emails. I'll start answering your questions in my next blog.



  1. OK that's a good start. You indeed would look like a bride going on her honeymoon, if only Wild Eyes was your groom... but a boat is supposed to be a "she", in english... unless you are a disguised boy? Ahem! I must confess that your disguisement ought to be almost magical, as you undoubtly look like a girl. Please tell us... Is Wild Eyes a "male" yacht? Are you a pair of ladies, or a just married couple?

  2. Hi Abby,

    I am sure things will get better as the days roll on. You do need to keep up your sleep so that you are ready for anything that is thrown up at you.

    You are at the start of a massive journey. Enjoy every day, some will be tough, but I am sure your tenacity you will get through them.

    Stay safe,

    Ingleburn, NSW, Australia

  3. Abby- good luck out there. we are all thinking about you. you are one lucky girl to have such an incredible experience in your "around the world" trip.
    Kevin Wildermuth

  4. Abby,
    You are to be admired for undertaking this journey. Keep up the good work! It is great to hear all about your trek. Look forward to your next blog. - Sarah

  5. Wishing you all the best on your adventure! We'll keep following your progress.

  6. Great news Abby about your progress. I'm landlocked in the central US, (Missouri) and am an armchair sailor who longs to go to sea one day. I'm living my fantasy through you and Jessica Watson right now. Thanks for taking the time to update us. May you have stiff winds and gentle seas ahead. Bill Clark,55 yo Columbia MO.

  7. I spent last night reading Zacs blog. I was drawn to your story, admiring your sense of adventure, maturity & strength. As a mom, I couldn't help but ask, gosh...how extensive is their contact with their family? What confidence your parents must have in you & most definately, our highest protector. Our Lord. You are in my families prayers. Enjoy your adventure & be safe!

  8. Glad to hear you're OK. I must admit that I'm checking your blog earlier than usual, because it seemed like there was no news yesterday. I have trouble believing that "No news is good news." ;)

  9. Hello Abby!

    Great Blog! I can tell you from experience that getting married was a complete blur that day, but very much worth it, just as your adventure will be.

    Now get some sleep!

    Mike D
    Philadelphia, Pa, USA

  10. Good luck! I will be following your journey as will many others! =) Be careful and God bless!


  11. Truly Amazing Abby! I find myself captivated by what you are doing. Best wishes from Central California.

  12. Abby, I am think you are very courageous for taking on such a monumental task. I know you have heard and will hear many people say you are stupid for wanting to do something like this or what is wrong with your parents, but you should just ignore them. Life is about adventure and taking risks. So go for it. I do have one question that I am sure many people have, do you ever get seasick being out on the ocean that long?

  13. Abby-So glad to get an update from you! You are such an amazing young woman. All I can say is that my son who is 16 has a 10pm curfew...last place I'd expect a 16yr old to be is sailing around the world ALONE :-) You are an inspiration to so many.

    We look forward to getting updates. Be safe, be smart and enjoy!

  14. Hi Abby, this is Rufus from Illinois. I learned of your voyage on the news, and now I plan on staying updated on your adventure through this website. I know you already got a ton of support, but I want to be another voice to tell you that can do this! You're awesome for even attempting such a feat! I couldn't even paddle a canoe across a creek!

    I got 2 questions? Do you eat different meals everyday? What kind of meals are you eating?

    You are so courageous! Stay strong out there!

    Sincerely, Rufus

  15. Sleep well little one :) Get a line out and catch some fish! Fresh food will make the day go by faster.

  16. All the best to you Abby as I am outstanded by your bravery and ability to take on such an adventure. Be diligent in taking care of yourself as you take care of that boat. Learn to "catnap" as much as possible. Remember, your body is a vessel too. I lived in my sailboat for 7 years but never was able to fullfill this dream. I will be following you with fascination. Abby, just please take care of yourself... Get plenty of rest so you can be alert when needed!! God speed ~ Tim Parks

  17. Abby,....Good to hear from you! Hope the wind improves. Sorry to hear about your tiredness but it's just the start; your mind and body will adapt. Guadalupe Island?....you got me there...I can't find it. Oh, I got it, it's Isla de Guadalupe.

    Well sweet girl, keep plugging at it, and all things are possible for those who try.

  18. Abby- So glad to get an update from you! You are such an amazing young woman. I have to laugh because I have a 16yr old son whom has a 10 pm curfew, last place i'd expect a 16yr old is sailing around the world ALONE. You are a true inspiration to so many :-)
    We all look forward to the updates! Be safe, be smart and enjoy!


  20. Wow, just heard about what you're doing on the radio today, so very awesome, I wish you the best of luck!

  21. Abby, Way to go. I'm glad to see that you are on your way. Good luck. I have confidence that you will do well. You have a great team behind you and even though you are going non-stop, their support will be as important for you as it was for Zac. I will be following you all the way around the world.

  22. Abby:

    I saw your story on espn.com and have been checking your site each day. I am excited for you. Good luck out there and stay safe.


  23. Go Abby Go :) Lots of eyes are on you and hearts are with you....God Speed..the lady of the seas.

  24. w0w..First off..I don't need a response, just want to let you know, your Awesome..and Please take care...

  25. Your story is amazing...I must ask...How do you entertain yourself out there all alone? I would be so lonely! You are an inspiration to all!!!! Best wishes!

  26. Hi Abby from Ontario Canada. I stumbled on the news about your adventure quite by accident while searching other news online. I was intrigued by your courage and determination. I'll be following your adventures on the open seas. I am currently undergoing chemotherapy and my days are pretty mundane. Reading about your adventure's will certainly be a highlight for me on a daily basis. Good luck to you.


  27. Abby I applaud your courage and will be praying for a safe and not too exciting voyage. I had a dream to do what you are doing when I was younger, but life got in the way. Rest while you can and enjjoy every minute of your experience.

  28. Dear Abby,
    Stay safe and sail strong.....Our thoughts and prayers are with you from Pleasant Hill, CA

  29. God Speed Abby Sunderland!!!

  30. So glad u are off to a good start... Hope u don't encounter many storms..., I'm here in Cali, and we are due for another storm this week.. Hope it doesn't follow you!.

  31. Abby, I took my three year old son James to your press conference at Del Rey and he talks about you a lot now. We're excited to follow your journey and wish you all the best!

    Venice, CA

  32. Abby, I am a mother of two children boy and girl and as a mother I wish you well and keep you in my prayers. I will be following you and keeping you in my thoughts daily. I wish you success.
    MS-Southern California

  33. Best of luck and God Speed.. I will follow your movement's every day. Be Safe

  34. Hello from western Canada. Our ancestors were often young pioneers who took on the challenges of settling new, unexplored areas. We often lose sight of the fact that a teenager in those days held a lot of responsibility and often overcame whatever challenges they had to in order to succeed. I admire your ability to set a goal that is important to you and forge ahead. God speed and may you have supporters around the world to boost you during difficult times ahead.

  35. Hi Abby

    Greetings from Dublin, Ireland

    Wishing you God Speed, safe passage and the luck of the Irish

    John Naughton

  36. Bonjour Abby & Wild Eyes,

    You'll get over the 'jet lag' and the red eyes; Soon you will settle into your own rythm.

    Amazing how far you managed to sail with almost no wind!

    Take care, be safe.

  37. This is Florida calling Wild Eyes, do you copy?

    Hi Abby,
    Hopefully Mountain House has supplied you with their Raspberry Crumble. If so, you might want to eat it on a cold Cape rounding day.

    Sail Fast, Sail Safe.

    sssht, over and out.

  38. Wow, this is awesome! Happy travels!!

    Swansboro, NC

  39. You seem to be making good time in less than ideal wind conditions.

    Here's a question I haven't seen asked yet.

    Are you listening to any music on your voyage and if so, what?

  40. Hi Abby yes it will be a hard voyage but a rewarding one, always Double Check your equipment and I hope you can get some sleep to lessen any mistakes - Keep us posted - Good Luck, Abby ! We will be watching - Greg Lee Redden

  41. Hello Abby,

    Greetings from Holland. I will follow your sailingtrip! Take good care en I wish you al the best!

  42. Great to hear all is well. The light winds in these first few days might be a blessing. It gives you a chance to get acclimated and to work your power consumption, sleep needs and the other million things you have to keep an eye on! Better to get into that without having the toe-rails in the water!!!

  43. Abby -

    I learned to fly when Dick Rutan and Gina Yeager flew non-stop around the world in Voyager. Just as Dick and Gina inspired me to become a pilot, you have become my inspiration to become a sailor. My goal is to become ASA certifed and sail solo from Marina Del Rey to Catalina by the time you get back.

    We all need heroes, even if they are only 16.

    - Donald S.
    Glendora, CA

  44. Well wishes from Charleston, West Virginia!

    The analogy of a wedding was a bit odd to suggest to a 16-year-old! LOL.

    I envy your strength and determination. I feel most at home at the ocean (compared to the Alaska mountains and West Virginia hills I'm used to), but I have 10 years on you and I definitely don't have what it takes to sail the world alone.

    May you get some restful sleep and beautiful weather. Best of luck!

  45. Hi Abby! What a great adventure for you and for those of us watching your journey. Thank you for sharing it with us. If I can be of any help, please let me know. patricklyons1@us.army.mil

  46. Good Luck! Your a great roll model for America's youth. I'd love to read a book about the voyage some day.


  47. Here's wishing you fair winds and God Speed on your adventure. Be safe.

    Los Angeles, CA

  48. Good Afternoon Captain Abby,
    Day 4 brings you to Guadalupe Island an ancient volcanic island (so says my source). Unfortunately no cheering crowd for you there....the 2008 census recorded a population of only 15 persons on the island - mainly abalone and lobster fishermen. It is interesting in that it's considered one of the best spots in the world for sightings of the Great White Shark. So no catching a catnap with toes tangling in the water today.
    Have a great sail.
    Bay of Quinte, Lake Ontario, Canada

  49. Congrats on a great undertaking. Wishing you well on this journey.

    We'll be praying for you! Here's to an experience of a lifetime!

  50. Careful around Guadalupe Island. Been there many times and great white sharks are always around.

    Good sailing!

  51. Hi Abby

    Whish you a good journey :-)
    Now I will follow both you and Jessica Watson, who is alomst halfway round the world by now.

    :-) Glen, Denmark

  52. Oh Abby, so great to have a blog update from you! You are constantly in my prayers and thoughts! While Saturday was a blur for you, for me it was amazing and the highlight to see your face just light up as you stepped on that boat unlike any expression that I have seen on you before :-) Obviously, it was clear, that your dream was coming true! We love you and will be praying for you the whole way! Mrs. Austin

  53. Hi Aby,
    keep up them dodgers,
    Jony the Pony

  54. Abby,

    It’s great to hear from you. I know that you would like a bit more wind, but a few days of moderate weather might be good to give you a chance to iron out the little issues and to unwind from the craziness on Saturday. I’m sure that it will take time to settle into a routine since your entire day is so different than at home, but it will come. You were awesome on Good Morning America. I really liked one comment that you made that was right on. You said that you have a little nervousness but it is a good nervousness and you have a healthy respect of the ocean. I think that any nervousness usually comes just from the unknown. And I’ve always said that a sailor needs a healthy respect of the sea as opposed to a fear of it. Your comment was perfect.

    Jessica had some nice words of support and congratulations for you on her blog just as you always have done for her. As I said in her blog, you, Jessica and all of the young circumnavigators like Zac and Mike show such total respect and support for each other. You all set a great example for all of us to follow and I appreciate that a bunch.

    Thanks for updating us, Abby. I’m looking forward to hearing from you throughout your trip.

    From Seattle, WA, USA

  55. Sleep is always the challenge... no right answer, just find a routine that works for you... everyone is different, so every routine is different. good luck and happy sailing...

  56. Saw the wonderful comments of Jessica wishing you God speed. As`an example of youthful achievement the Prime Minister of Australia mentioned her in his Australia Day broadcast. I think the President should recognise you in his State of the Union address - Yours is the example that all American youth should follow.

  57. Abby,Its Shane from Friday Harbor, San Juan Island. I,m delighted to here that you have a healthy respect for 3 knots in 4 knots of wind.I make way in the San Juans that way sometimes aboard my Hunter 31.( gives you an opportunity to settle in)
    I see what your into having just checked Passageweather.com. At least the wind is at your stern.
    Beth Leonard (Starzinger) told me She liked the nights. For her its a 6 hr shift midnight till 6:00 am and she loved it. Shane

  58. Abby,

    Congratulations on you experiencing your dream. I just learned about your adventure two days ago and have been awaiting your update. I am in South Louisiana (Go Saints - Who Dat) and have seen some fairly heavy seas in the Gulf of Mexico. I can't even imagine being in the ocean, especially alone and at night. You are certainly a brave young lady and I wish you all the best and God's speed. I have saved your link to my favorites and I will be keeping up with your progress daily.

  59. Monique in CaliforniaJanuary 26, 2010 at 12:45 PM

    Hello Abby from Southern California.

    I am an unemployed Mom who finds myself staring at the walls of my apartment from time to time wondering where I'll find the strength to bring my family out of our current situation. Your story has inspired me enormously and I can't thank you enough for your courage.

    I will be following your progress every day with an eye toward getting through one day at a time. As much as your journey is a metaphor for the struggles -- and triumphs -- so many of us face in our daily lives, I know you are living it moment to moment and that it's not easy. You have a ways to go, but you're already a hero in my eyes.

    One more thing... my daughter, Chloe, knows all about you and we are following your journey together. She's 3 1/2 years old and you're her hero, too.

    My sincerest good wishes and gratitude,

  60. Hi Abby - I'll be following you from Portland, Oregon. Thanks so much for sharing your story with us. You are amazing. We're wishing you all the best. God bless and be careful!

  61. As a sailor of 40 years experience with 1000s of ocean miles, I admire your courage and determination. May the winds be fair and never in your face. May the seas be gentle. May Neptune be with you and guard you on your amazing adventure.

  62. Wishing you a wonderful, fun and safe journey!
    God Bless,

  63. Abby,

    You are one amazing young lady on a God given adventure of a lifetime. Remember, God will bring you home safe and every day is another day of accomplishment!

    My prayers for you and God Speed!


  64. You are a true inspiration, and will be following your progress daily.
    Are you taking any video's or pictures as you sail? The views that you are seeing have to be unbelievable. Godbless and Godspeed we are all pulling for you.

  65. Hi Abby,I also have a 40 ft boat in San Pedro ca and it blows my mind that you have the courage to go round the world solo at the age of 16.I will be checking on your position every day and reading your comments.May god bless you with a safe trip. Libby

  66. I assume it depends on weather or not you have time, but how often will your blog and map be updated? Also, I have no Facebook or Twitter account, so would your blog and map be the best way to keep track of you?

  67. abby: I had a dream of circumnavigating the earth all my life.last year I bought my first bluewater boat:35 ft. Baba. I lived and sailed it for awhile but soon had to give up my dream because of back problems. You can not believe how much it tore me up inside to sell that boat. But now I'm living my dream vicariously threw your trip around this great earth of ours. You have a great boat and lots of the best gear, but I'm worried about that fin keel and wales. Good luck and enjoy your cruise one day at a time.

  68. I keep you in my prayers daily Abby- I wish you great success in this huge undertaking- I think I have a new hero and I am turning my grandchildren on to you as well - Your adventure is the one they should be reading about instead of the ongoing brangelinas--stay safe-

  69. Thanks for the update, Abby! I can't recall if I asked any questions myself, but for future reference, if I do, don't feel pressed to answer. Anything you feel like sharing is interesting. I am personally not terribly knowledgable about sailing--so you can expect some stupid questions, and I'll understand if they are too basic (or complex) to try to answer.
    Take care and blessings,

  70. Congratulations on the start of realizing your dream, Abby! What a story you will have to tell. You are truly an inspiration. Now, at last, I will start training for that marathon...

    God speed, and god bless.

    Susan, a doctor and a mom, in San Dimas, CA

  71. This comment got in very late on Abby's previous posting so I'm adding it here in hopes that Grant will see it and answer my question.

    Bob from Seattle said...

    Team Abby webmaster,....Site looks great! Enjoyed the Q&A. Dad's comment about Wild Eyes being priceless when Abby's on board is priceless in itself.

    Grant Fjermedal,....Why are electronic autopilots so temperamental? I understand that moist marine air and electronics don't go together, but doesn't it have a waterproof covering?

    BorderPatrol,....RichieParis said it very well and Richie, good word "ephemera", that's impressive with English not being your birth language (I'm assuming).
    You say only one will be the youngest. It would be more accurate to say if both are successful, Jessica will be the youngest from when she arrives back at Sydney Harbor (April/May) till Abby arrives back at Marina Del Rey (July). Then yes you are right in that Abby will hold the record until someone else beats it. The governing body who sets the rules for the route requirements for circumnavigation is the World Sailing Speed Council. They have discontinued the youngest category. I'm sure they don't want to encourage ever younger people to go for it just to be a record holder.

  72. Please keep yourself safe. I was the public affairs officer on the navy ship. USS Canopus. that picked up the British dentist, Dereka Dodson who survived the sailboat sinking that took the life of Sir Franics Chichester who was a highly regarded single handed sailor. If I remember correctly, he drowned after securing the dentist in the small lifeboat as the yacht was sinking in heavy weather. . You may be better off being by yourself especially if the other person was an unskilled sailor. You are an inpiration to all of us.

  73. 3 knots in 4 knots of wind - pretty good indeed! That boat is certainly built for speed and it will come in handy when you need to zip through some bad weather. Stay safe out there and work on getting plenty of sleep. Being tired isn't good. Just count me as one of your many virtual moms!
    Sally in Annapolis, MD

  74. Abby,
    As the world watches, your journey is truly inspiring! You will remember these next several months for the rest of your life, so try and take it all in. We're all keeping you in our thoughts and prayers :-)

    Chicago, IL

  75. Hi Abby! Greetings from Iowa, I wish only the best for you and I know you will make it! It's amazing that you and Jessica are so well prepared for a voyage like this. I'm looking forward to all of your blogs. Darla in Iowa

  76. Good morning Abby! You are in for some great fun ahead I'm sure. (smiles)

    Perhaps you could tell us a bit about your preparations for abandoning ship if the need (not that it shall I trust!) should ever arise. Do you have a life boat or life raft handy? Jessica Watson told us she carries a lot of supplies... knife, tools ect., on her belt so she is all ready prepared. Just when you have the time to spare... one sunny day with no wind... we'd be interested to hear about this.

    Thanks and wishing you the best for your adventure.

    Cheerio, Adam
    New Zealand

  77. It is great to hear from the sailor herself! May God bless you with rest and safety, and may you drink in every moment of this incredible journey!

  78. Hi Abby

    Well done for getting off the line. I am also following Jessica's blog. I am really happy that you both have a positive outlook on each others challenges. I wish you the best of luck for your voyage too!!

    Mal (Sydney, Australia)

  79. Hi Abby,
    Rest and plenty of food are very important for you, as you no doubt know. Maybe imagining you're a cat will help. Unless there's something really important happening, my cat sleeps! Apart from all the chores you have to do, there may also be a temptation to stay awake to enjoy the experience and take in just what you're doing. When I've done shorter sailing trips I've tended to think: "well, I can sleep when I get there", and I haven't made it a priority along the way, but your destination is rather a long time away yet! So taking good catnaps will be a good skill to develop early on.

    I hope everything is sorting itself out on the boat. No doubt there are a number of things that seemed a good idea at the time, but once underway, some things have to be revised as you actually go about your day. I'm sure you'll sort it out well.

    Don't forget that you don't owe your blog followers. We follow because we choose to, and it shouldn't be an onerous obligation on you to keep reporting to us. I personally find it nice that Jessica Watson's support team post something when Jessica is too busy or too tired, grappling with poor conditions. That alleviates the natural worry that many of us feel if we don't hear.

    Good luck with the winds and the weather

  80. Hi Abby!

    What an inspiration you are. I'm an administrator at an elementary school in Harlingen, Texas. As soon as I read about your journey, I passed the information along to my teachers. Now you have 700+ new "little" fans that will be watching you with wide eyes and praying for your safe and successful return.

  81. Let's try this blog thing again. I'm not very good at computers but I bloged you about 20 minutes ago. I'm the man with a 35 ft. Baba and had to give up my dream because of health problems. I don't know how much info.,I can say in a blog; but here goes. My name is W.M.Wilson and I live in San Diego, Ca. I've been sailing all my 59 years. I don't know if I should give my gmail address or not. Anyway look at my first blog and you'll see how I feel about your trip. And again, watch out for wales and your fin keel. Remember what happened in the last BaHa-HaHa race. Be safe and remember,One hand for you and one for the boat,and always tie-off,day and night!!!!!!!!! GOOD LUCK.....

  82. Good luck and smooth sailing.

  83. Trisha from MIssouriJanuary 26, 2010 at 1:47 PM

    Hi Abby, I wanted to wish you the best and think it truley amazing what you are doing .I wish you the best and will be following your trip every chance I get . Godepeed and i look for ward to your next blog... my son who is 6 is also helping me keep track of the trip he thinks its really neat what u are doing.

  84. Hi Abby - good luck with the voyage - I too have been following jess so now we have two of you to support. :) I viewed one of your videos, you dad, what nationality is he? he doesn't seem to have an American accent.
    Jim from Australia

  85. Abby, I learned about your story from my two daughters who presumably learned about it in school. I think what you are doing is amazing, it's refreshing to have role models for younger kids that get their fame from doing extraordinary things, rather than doing bad thing. We will be following your blog from Southern California with great interest.

    Stay safe and good luck.

  86. East of Guadalupe. Wow. Now that brings back memories. I distinctly recall Zac battling to get back home from there, think he took a massive tack to try and get back home. Understood he was beating back home, but if I'm not mistaken it took him 14 days or so to inch back home,and here in 3 days you're flyng by past it. Wild Eye's absolutely seems like a downhill racer regardless of actual wind.

    Is there anyway we can get more accurate data out of the google tracking like wind speeds COG, long lat etc. Be phenomenal to track Wild Eye's and Abby real time or near real time.

    Don't worry about Wild Eye's Abby, 'wild' is in the name for a reason. Most interesting you had a horse before, you'll know how to tame Wild Eye's in short order. a few more days and Wild Eyes will feel like a second skin. :-)

  87. Hey Abby. I'm hoping nothing but good sailing for you. We don't get much sailing news here in the desert (lots of beach no water) so I didn't know of your courageous voyage until just recently. It was actually from Jessica Watson, I've been following her blogs since she left Australia. What an adventure she has had so far. I hope you miss the 70 knot storms and have great sailing all the way. Grandpa Bob in Tucson.

  88. I'm looking forward to reading about everything that happens.

    Stand tall and know that you are doing more at 16 y.o. than most people do in their entire life. What an accomplishment all by itself.

  89. Abby,
    Glad to hear things are going well for you. Keep up the good work and try to get some sleep. We look forward to reading your blog everyday and keeping up with your journey. What an awesome experience. Stay safe.
    Avery Pool (texas)

  90. Hi Abby,

    It's wonderful to follow you on your journey. You are a breath taking inspiration. Have fun and get some sleep.

  91. Abby,
    I am so jealous of you. I am a sailer and I would love to sail around the world!! Get some sleep and stay safe!!

  92. Abby,
    Glad things are going smooth, enjoy the journey you live life once and you will never forget this.
    Carlos (Delaware)

  93. Abby,
    I am so jealous of you!! I am a sailer and I would love to sail around the world!! Get some sleep and stay safe!!

  94. Abby,
    I am so jealous of you!! I am a sailer and I would love to sail around the world!! Get some sleep and stay safe!! :)

  95. Hi Abby,

    You're doing wonderful and I'm so proud of you. Just stepping into the boat was such a huge step and we all know you have every bit of what it takes to complete this adventure successfully. Take care of yourself, be persistent, and be safe!


  96. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Have a wonderful adventure.

    What a credit and positive role model to your generation and to all of us.

    One emotion keeps coming back to me as I ponder your trip, both at the immediate personal level for you and at the ten thousand foot view, and that is faith.

    Fair winds & following seas

  97. Hey Abby,
    What you are doing is so awesome! I hope your trip goes well.
    Praying for you,
    Sarah from sunny Fl

  98. Dear Abby,
    I heard about your journey through news reports and admire you. I'm out of work right now so you can bet that every day I log into your website to 'keep' track of your journey. Guess you could say I'm living vicariously through you. ;)

    Get some sleep when you can, take care and just remember that we're all thinking of you and hoping your journey around the world is safe and enjoyable!

    Take care Abby -
    Trish (Iowa)

  99. Good luck on your journey following the Aussie Jessica Watson round the world in your Australian Designed and built yacht. Hope both of you enjoy fair winds

  100. dear abby are you happy to have your own boat? good luck abby

  101. Best wishes to you Abby. Stay safe and good luck to you. I will be watching your progress and hope everything will go as it should. I feel great respect about you and your journey.

    And maybe one question. How do you feel with so many miles infront of you. Are you sometimes imaginating your great arrival after all of that? What are you thinking about?

    Again good luck and best wishes.

    Ilesill, CZE

  102. Abby, You are a inspiration. Everyday since I saw your story and you sailed off the coast California I have been thinking you and wondering how you are and hoping I can have the power to reach my dreams in life like you are doing today. I think to my self there is a 16 teen year old very smart and mature goal getter and adventurer living her dream . You set your mined on this goal and your on your way. You have awaken the adventurer in me to reach for my goals and dreams no matter what disabilities I have and surround myself with supportive people who can help me reach my dreams and ignore the people that only want me to limit my goals and choices that they have picked for me. Thanks. I will keep in touch by making comments on you blog and will enjoy reading you blog on here about how you are and you daily adventures and things your doing each day.

  103. Abby, Great to hear from you out there. We are keeping up with you. This wed. night (1-27-2010)I will mention your success to the Youth. Our Youth groups name is "Impact". You are making an Impact in life now!
    Pray for your safety and return. GO GIRL!
    Fort Worth, Texas

  104. I don't know if you stay updated on Jessica Watson, but on her blog today she wanted to congratulate you on departing and wishes you luck. It's nice to see the camaraderie between the two of you going for the same record.

    James, Brea CA

  105. We love you Abby! Great start and we will be following you and staying with you the whole way girl!! Be strong and godspeed.

  106. Abby,
    Our family has hung a world map, and is tracking both you and Jessica. We are so excited that technology has allowed us to be a part of this awesome experience. Every day we look forward to your report, pictures and progress on the map.
    We will pray for steady winds and the safety of both you and Jesse.
    The Swan's - Owasso, Oklahoma

  107. Hey Abby,

    Nice to see a blog from you. :)

    I've been watching your blog since this last Sunday, and I'll continue to do so until you arrive home safely.

    Good luck to you! I hope you have an amazing journey.

    Like I just posted in Jessica Watson's blog: don't let -anybody- tell you that because you're young you don't have the wisdom/maturity to handle a journey/task of this scale. Prove the naysayers wrong, and show them what young leaders like you and Jessica, as well as other young adventurers can do in life just by being intrepid.

    You are an amazing young woman with the gift of an adventurous spirit. Let that take you far in life. Never lose your thirst for adventure.

    I'll keep you in my prayers. Have a safe journey, and an amazing experience. Let this journey teach you about yourself and show you just how strong you are - especially during the toughest/roughest times.

    Take care of yourself.

    -Andrea, Camarillo, CA.

  108. i wish i was brave as you are...that is all i can say

  109. You are doing great Ms Abby just keep it up a day at a time.
    Al P

  110. @Bob from Seattle: Good question about why electronics on boats are so tempermental. You are right that they are weatherproofed, and shockproofed, and built to take the marine environment.

    Despite all of that the salt air, the salt water, and the pounding of the boat seem to conspire to mess things up on a regular basis.

    Abby is fortunate to have a brand new autopilot system, and sounds like she has brand new wiring, and brand new charging systems.

    So she's got everything going for her, and all of this greatly reduces the risk of something failing. But . . . with electronics and salt water, you just never know.

    This is why I campaigned over and again - as did some others - to get an emergency manual steering vane aboard the boat just in case the charging system, batteries, wiring, or autopilots go out.

    If the power systems and electronics survive the trip without failure, then I'll sound like the old grandfather in Peter in the Wolf, who kept reminding Peter -- as the boy proudly paraded the wolf to the zoo -- 'but what if . . .' ;-)

    Now if her steering were to go out, it wouldn't be the end of the world. She could steer by hand for 20 hours straight, drop the sails, sleep for 4 hours, and then raise the sails again and resume hand steering. (Or some variation on that theme.) But that would only work for getting her to port. Unless it happened on the very last leg of the voyage, she wouldn't be able to continue to home.

    So . . . there's a long answer to your very logical question. ;-)

    As predicted, the number of Comments has shot through the ceiling, which is good. And it will continue to build. Over on the Australian girl's site they are regularly pushing several hundred, which is far too many for me to even begin to read. Sounds like she is doing well. And that Sparkman&Stephens of hers did exactly what I said it would do with those 4 knockdowns. It popped right back up. The Sparkman & Stephens 34 is an awesome ocean boat.

    It is a heck of a lot slower than Abby's, but if I had a choice of the two, I'd hop on the S&S 34, rather than the speedster. But I came of age in saiing during quite a different era. And, this is why ice cream comes in so many different flavors.

    By the Way: It is far, far, too early for anyone to speak about "nonstop and unassisted" being a done deal for either of these sailors. The seas are full of surprises, and there is an awful lot of equipment - electronic and otherwise - that needs to hold together.

    Earlier I compared going nonstop, unassisted, to winning the Triple Crown in horse racing. With the Australian girl past Cape Horn, she has won the Kentucky Derby. She's got two more races to go. For Abby, the Kentucky Derby still awaits, and if she makes it there, she, too, will have two more races to go before winning the Triple Crown.

    Meanwhile, for all us armchair sailors, WHAT A SHOW! ;-)

    - Grant Fjermedal

  111. I'm passing this link on to Abby's supporters from a poster in Jessica's blog.


    Its an ESPN program made before Jessica left, but very interesting in its content. Mentions Abby, Zac, and Jesse Martin. The brief video clips from Martin's voyage are worth the time.

    Steve in California

  112. It must be amazing to be out in open waters, to sleep under such gorgeous skies (get more sleep!). It's always important to see everything around you and realize we are only a small fraction of what this amazing earth has to offer :)

  113. Day 4: great job handling your business and taking care of business. Keep focused. every morning start with inviting God into your day with you :)
    Yes rest is an excellent time for your body to replenish as much energy as needed. I like to sit for about 10 minutes, focusing on my breathing. getting in enough oxygen for your body and brain to work properly is so important. your attention requires A LOT of mental focus on several details, numbers, measurements, and plenty of gauges to look at. So be sure to keep yourself hydrated, keeping your blood sugar levels up by eating a little something about every 3 hrs, a little pilates and yoga will help keep your body flexible and maintain a strong core to handle all your physical demands. these two exercises are great for small spaces too ;) hehe Then you can go get all rested up again......

  114. I just wanted to wish you the best of luck. I have always wanted to sail around the world and I envy you. The first few days are going to be hectic but later on you will look back on every moment with fond memories.
    I have nothing but respect for you and I wish you the best of luck and pray that you will be safe during your trip.
    You are living a dream and we are the ones reading about it. I can guarantee I will be here everyday reading it.
    Good luck and enjoy every minute of it.
    Matthew Hornick, Arizona

  115. Abby, I will keep you in my prayers so that everything goes well for you. Everyday I will look out for your progress and where your are. Alot of people are thinking of you.

  116. May the winds be at your back and you have nice sunny days. It's raining here in the Conejo Valley again!

  117. Abby, What a wonderful young lady you are! I will be following you and wish you well. As a mother I will worrying about you and hoping you are ok. Good luck and God Bless. Lori

  118. I must confess that as a parent I thought to myself there is no way in "H.E.Double HOcky Stick" I would let my daughter do what you have done. But I started looking at the video footage and reading the articles and realized that you have a strength and wisdom about you that is hard to attain at your age and combined with the shear level of experience you posess, if anyone can make this journey it would be you. I only hope that I am able to find the strength and courage to allow my daughter the same freedoms, moreover I hope she has your bravery, heart and passion for something enough to convince me that its ok. You are an inspiration to us all!!

  119. about marriage: when we are christians, Jesus marries us no matter what sex we are, so handling a boat also shoudn't matter.

    I whish you good luck and god's blessings on your tour.
    Ralf Tschacher

  120. Aloha Abby
    Just wanted to share a perfect day of sailing with you.
    Your in our prayers for fair winds and lots of the oceans playmates sharing your journey. Just a little entertainment for your voyage. Check out http://www.vimeo.com/2816887 if you can and enjoy sailing with dolphins. I'm sure you are going to experience many days like this.
    Fair winds
    Jaime Greer
    Balboa Island, Ca

  121. Abby you are awesome! Look forward to hearing your checkins until you make it across this little planet of ours. You're an inspiration to the inescapable dreams from our childhood that sometimes gets forgotten in this busy world.

  122. Good wind and happy around the world !!!

    Quito - Ecuador

  123. Hi Abby,

    You might be out in the middle of the ocean but you're way up high on the scale of courage having stepped into your dream of sailing around the world.

    Sleep will become precious to you I'm sure and you'll soon fall into a hard-working routine.

    Wishing you God speed and all the best as your journey gets underway.

    Sunshine Coast, Qld. Australia.

  124. Dear Abby, I wish you good luck! You are doing great, keep it up!

    How does your food taste?

    I am 6 years old. Love Shelby

  125. about marriage: when we are christians, Jesus marries us no matter, what sex we are. So it shouldn't also make a difference, handling a ship.

    Good luck and god's blessings for your journey.
    Ralf Tschacher

  126. Hey Abby! Thanks for the update. Much like others here, I am living through your adventure! I think you are doing one of the most exciting things in the world! I grew on the island of Guadeloupe, not the one you are sailing by, but the French owned one in the Caribbean ocean. I spent hours on the ocean windsurfing, but never sailed like you are now. Reading up on your adventure makes me want to get out on the ocean again.

    Couple of questions: How far from tips of South America and Africa do you plan on passing? Will you see land, or will you steer clear? Be careful in those waters and in the cold.

    Keep up the blogs! We are with you! Stay strong!


  127. Fair winds Abby, nothing but admiration for you! Dont think Jessica will hold on to her record for long ;-)

  128. abby...back in the 60's or 70's i read a book, "The Dove", I think it was called, about a young man who sailed around the world...but, stopping at harbors. Then I became a wannabe at heart....I live at the ocean, have sailed with friends just a few times, have had friends who lived on boats....but never considered that I could have lived my dream. Now i am right next to 60 years...and I am still drawn to the dream. You are living it...I hope you have the wind you need...and strength and courage to accomplish what you are capable of. As a mother and grandmother...i would worry, but will just enjoy your ride. I am sooo impressed...

  129. Thanks for the update, great to hear from you.

    I know you have had very little wind. I have enjoyed the early photos and video.

    Have look at most, if not all the News Media.

    Stay safe, and enjoy!!!

    Enjoy, Enjoy and Enjoy!!

  130. They're right. I don't remember most of what happened at my wedding. Best of luck to you. You and Jessica are surely an inspiration!

  131. Abby,....Here's a question. I read but don't hold me to accuracy that Zac had problems with seaweed gathering on the keel when delivering Wild Eyes from Ensenada to LA. If that happened to you, would you risk swimming to cut it off? You couldn't risk having the boat drift away from you (right?) so you would wear a tether? I'm not a sailor, so I have no idea how one would handle this potential problem.

    And to repeat an earlier question would you please talk about the different sails you have on board and in what wind conditions would you use them. Do you have a storm jib?

  132. Hi Abby,
    Nice to hear your voice from the finger tips, lets us know you are OK,even though a little on the tired side,ask Zac how he got past this period and he will probably say the same as you are, just goes with the territory of ocean sailing.
    3knots in 4knots of air very very nice.
    As you are getting closer to the equator the winds will become variable, and fluky with not a lot of pressure, for your sake I hope I am wrong and a front comes along and sails you through this.
    Keep Smiling,Safe passage.
    Brian Riley
    Hervey Bay, Queensland Australia

  133. Abby, so excited for you. Sleep! You must sleep! I doubt a diatribe from a total stranger will help much. You're in my thoughts. Very cool. Can't wait to meet you one day.


  134. the Los Angeles Times video, very well done. Great Video!!!

  135. Abby, Thanks for the blog, I will be "watching" you from the computer. I found this and thought it appropriate for your journey:

    "Twenty years from now you will be more disppointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover".
    - Mark Twain

    Safe journey and God bless.
    NW Arkansas

  136. Abby, think safety in everything you do. You're living my dream and I follow your progress every day.

  137. I saw your story on a news site that I read, can't recall which one. I know nothing about boating or sailing and it's not something I normally would read too much about. But your adventure is so brave and unique so I have book marked your web site.

    How I envy you! I don't think I could have managed such an undertaking at your age, yet now that I am long past your age I wish I had been more adventurous!

    Good Luck and may you have fair seas.

  138. Aloha Abby ~ Our family just posted you a message but we forgot to share our warmest appreciation for taking the "world" with you on this amazing voyage...As our family and many others will be following you as you reach for your dreams..."May every star above you guide you with the wonders and blessings of the sea...May every sunset bring new beauty of the day's blessings ahead..."You are a remarkable and inspirational young lady! Brava! The Blake Family Be blessed!

  139. Is it cheating to drop anchor and sleep? Are you afraid of pirates looking for booty? ;)

  140. Abby,
    I lost a dear friend to cancer last year. He was only 19. He was a jr. member @ DRYC and sailed for their team. He loved the ocean and couldn't sail after he was diagnosed. I think of him every time you post or I read an update about your voyage. If he is out there watching over us, he will be watching over you too! He used to say that he didn't know if he believed in G-d, but he knew he believed in people. Believe in yourself and godspeed.

  141. I think what you are doing is amazing. I can't imagine doing that at your age. You are an inspiration and I look forward to following your progress. Just remember, although you are alone out there, you have many people thinking of you from all over the world.

  142. Your courage is inspirational. God speed. I'm looking forward to following your successes!

  143. You go girl!
    I'm a 45 year old sailor.
    I did not start sailing till I was 40.
    I wished I had started sooner in life.
    Go for it and have no regrets!
    Find some exotic romance in a foreign port!
    Fair winds.B

  144. Abby, I know you have been only out a few days so far, but how do you find time going by? Does time go by quickly or do the days seem endless?

  145. Oh love you soo much, I wish you were my sister! But, you really should try to get some sleep. I'm a middle schooler at John Muir in San Jose, CA and I love everything you've been doing, you've inspired me to take things as far as I can go and live life without stops, but, I probably won't be sailing around the world anytime soon. I've been reading all your blogs everyday, but, I only found out abut you on day 1 of your journey. Enjoy it though. This is probably going to be a once in a lifetime thing so take it to the fullest, and be careful around Cape Horn and the arctic circle area, close to Australia. I wish you fair seas and a great time.

    ~Melissa San Jose, CA

  146. Hi Abby,
    I was on my high school sailing team in Boston, MA and have always dreamed of sailing around the world. Now, I'm in college in Denver and haven't gone sailing since this summer, and probably won't for a really long time. But, I just wanted to thank you for inspiring me and motivating me- I hope that I can be like you! I'll be following your journey from Denver! And I hope to meet you someday when you come back.
    Be careful and have fun! Keep smiling : )

    Heather :)

  147. GO ABBY GO!!Just read a book called "Do hard things: A teenage rebellion against low expectations". The point that the two brothers make is that the teen years are no excuse for a vacation from responsibility. They cite the early career of Admiral David Farragut for one, who at the age of 12 was commissioned his first command, A captured British whaling vessel. The former captain of that vessel would have none of this child telling him what to do. So he stated that he was going below to get his weapon. Farragut told one of his men to go below and tell the relieved captain that if he stepped foot on deck, he would be shot dead! I am a sailor of some 40 years and I can't imagine myself at 16, sailing around the world alone! I applaud your efforts! You have a lot of people in your corner to rely on. We are all rooting for you. Be safe, always wear your harness. All of us "Abby bloggers" are here for you. Thanks for showing what a person of your age can accomplish. I want my son to do "hard things" too. You're a great example. Thanks. God bless

  148. Best of luck on your once in a lifetime adventure!
    I would love to say "Wish I were there with you.", but the southern ocean scares the hell out of me, not to mention I hate the cold.
    Thanks to your great web site, I can be there and keep warm at the same time.

  149. Go Abby Go! I know it's not just me but millions who are entranced by your adventure. We all new good news from time to time. You and Wild Eyes will provide that good news for months to come.

    Like NIKE say's "Just Do It"!

  150. Abby, I am really enjoying following your progress. I think you are a wonderful unique person and I wish you the very best.

  151. Good luck out there! I'm pulling for you.

    Rob, SC

  152. Thanks for taking the time to give us an update, Abby. I'm pretty familiar with that stretch of water you just covered - via sailboat in college and submarine as an adult. I can certainly relate to the round-the-clock care any sea-going vessel requires. You are wise to recognize now that you need to manage your sleep.

    God bless you on this voyage, Abby. I'll be tracking your progress and praying for you along the way. - Kevin

  153. Hopefully you will soon settle into a good "at sea" routine.

    Relish each day.

    North Carolina, USA

  154. Holey Moley Abby, look at all the post your getting!!! Zac she has you beat already hahaha just kidding but really it's great to see everyone posting.
    Glad to hear you doing good...i so hate being alone too...i don't have kids and when my husband goes out of town i get crazy board and just when he's due back, i start getting used to it lol..and you will too..i bet by this time next week you'll be all settled in and wishing we would all just leave you alone hahaha not a chance, were here with you for the long hall kiddo so pace yourself and get your shut eye...but then you have that extra set of "wild eyes" looking out for you don't you.
    Sail safe and have fun.
    Laura Bermuda Dunes, CA

  155. Abby

    You are amazing. My two little girls, ages 3 and 5 are following your journey on this blog. After some explanation my oldest, Keira said: "Daddy, when I get big I'm gonna be anything I want." You are an inspiration. Fair winds, stay safe.


  156. Hi Abby,
    Thank you for sharing your Journey.
    I hope you all the lucky and safe sailing to your
    world circumnavigation.
    Akira from Brazil

  157. Good fortune and God speed...You are an exceptional young lady to be attempting this, and I salute you. Keep a cool head, get your rest and enjoy the ride. My thoughts and prayers are with you, and I'm cheering you on.

  158. Abby, will be following you from Texas. It is great what you are doing. No fear baby..or at least you don't let the fear stop you. What a lesson! Best to you and wild eyes

  159. Hi Abby,
    Look forward to following your blog. Hope everything goes well for you and you complete your dream.
    I have been following Jesse Watson since she commenced her journey and she has wished you well.
    Keep safe,

  160. Good sailing and smooth seas Abby. My daughters and I are following you on your exciting journey every day. Bill, Edmonds, WA

  161. Hi Abby,
    Good luck and take care. We will be following you closely.
    Tim and Rosie,
    Caboolture, QLD, Australia

  162. Jan. 26 2010 9pmCST:
    Prayers and Best Wishes from Texas!

  163. Hey Abby,

    Your trip is so exciting to me. Sounds like your doing good, but definatly get some sleep. Don't forget to enjoy new sights, ya you may be out at sea, but you will experince new areas of the breath taking world. have fun stay safe and keep making memories! I can't wait to see your next blog and where u are at.
    Kaitlyn Gold
    Southern Cali

  164. Jessica posted a nice send-off message for you on her site today:

    P.S. Congratulations times a million to Abby Sunderland for departing on her voyage last Saturday, I know what a challenge it is, just to get to the start line. Despite the fact that there seems to be a lot of adults determined to see Abby and I pitted against each other as rivals, I only wish her the best of luck and am totally thrilled that there's another girl going for the record!
    Posted by Jessica Watson at 12:06 PM 403 comments

  165. Are you planning to do any fishing??? Its pretty good in the area your heading to.

  166. Watching your progress from Southern Maryland and wishing you the best.

    Fair winds and following seas.

  167. You go girl!
    As you travel, let us know how different the sun rising and setting is in different places. And how different are the days with the sun at a different place in the sky as you sail more southerly. Any birds following you? By-the-way, Mike A., my neighbor, still has a wedding invitation out to you: "Marry me!" I will check in with you every single day if possible. I'm reading your blog and following you closely on your web site. Warm breezes and straight winds to you...!!

  168. Hi Abby, Good luck Abby im 11 and think its awesome what your doing. I will .be following your journey.
    Keep up the pace.

  169. Found your blog on accident, now We will be with you every step. Get some rest, this is a marathon not a sprint.

  170. Continued Godspeed.....sounds like things are settling down and you will your sleep patterns going and I am sure that will help a lot. Be careful and most of all take in each second of this fantastic trip you have been blessed with. : ) Love following your map on the site......

  171. Good Luck out there Abby. I will pray for you. I am checking for updates daily.

  172. Abby, My two boys 9 and 10 years old and I are very excited for your journey. When they come home from school everyday they ask to check your blog. We all wish you a safe trip. God Bless You and may Wild Eyes keep you safe.

  173. Im rooting for you Abby. Hope you are successful.

  174. 01-26-10 @ 23:37
    Hi Abby,
    Glad to see you got away safely from all the well wishers at the dock. I hope you're enjoying your 'freedom' and solitude.
    I would imagine that it will take you few days to settle into a routine aboard the boat, just like moving into a new neighborhood or starting in a new school. I know that you are familiar with "Wild Eyes" but your work will be different, you're not doing so much maintenance (some preventive maintenance) or studying (in a sense) but now you are working at sailing "Wild Eyes", which would call for a different approach and different concentration.
    I’m not trying to be ‘bossy’ but you should get yourself organized and at ease with your new situation, then clobber us with blogs and pictures. Yes…
    I am anxious to read that first blog though.
    Will we be able to follow you with your longs. and lats, or are you going to keep that quite? IMO you shouldn’t advertise that.
    Well Abby, take good care of yourself and be careful at all times.
    Good luck to you.

    May God hold you in the palm of His hand and may the Angels keep your sails full, and I, I will be praying for you.
    Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

  175. Dear Abby,

    You probably heard that one a few times already I bet? Anyway, I am absolutely amazed at the journey you have set out on. Takes courage and confidence on your part as well as strong trust and faith of your parents in your abilites! I cannot imagine my daughters setting sail around the world, just amazing!

    I hope all the best for you and will be sure to keep tabs on your progress and will keep you in my prayers.

    Wareham, MA

  176. Hey Abby!!!!! from Melbourne Australia, well I have been waiting for this moment for a while now, for you to cast off the bowlines and set sail into the record books as Jess is doing so too! As an Aussie some people may that think that loyalties would dictate that I would favour Jess over you succeeding.....not true!! My wish is that you both achieve your goals and both return safely to live out the dreams and aspirations you have for the rest of your lives,whoever holds the record!!!.After all records are meant to be broken!!
    Jess had written this on her blog on Australia day 26/01/10

    "P.S. Congratulations times a million to Abby Sunderland for departing on her voyage last Saturday, I know what a challenge it is, just to get to the start line. Despite the fact that there seems to be a lot of adults determined to see Abby and I pitted against each other as rivals, I only wish her the best of luck and am totally thrilled that there's another girl going for the record!"
    sail safely Abby!!! our thoughts and prayers from Australia.

  177. Hi Abby!!!
    It snowed today in Cody, Wyoming... I was thinking about you sailing south and hoping that you have a few more days of gentle winds so you can get a routine down for things going on in the boat.. And getting sleep!!!
    Sleep is your friend!! I enjoyed seeing your new blog today and reading all the great wishes and comments from your 'fans' around the world!! Your parents know that your are 'loved' by many and watched over by the same... I doubt that you'll have time to be lonely with all of us pestering you!!
    We're enjoying your journey, along with you, your family, your fans & Team Abby!!
    Good winds & easy seas---

  178. Hello, Abby!

    I am writing this comment for my six year old daughter, Tori, who lives in Seattle, Washington. Tori has been learning all about you and your adventure. You are truly an extraordinary inspiration to her! Tori wants to tell you "good luck, Abby!" May the Lord go with you and keep you safe. We look forward to your updates all along the way. Many blessings, Tori (and her parents) from Seattle, WA

  179. Sorry Abby, but you will not be the youngest female to sail nonstop around the world, Jessica Watson will finish before you will. You should have an exciting voyage anyway.

  180. Dear Heart, This old land-lubber is amazed at you and your journey...I hope for you some sweet dreams and lots of smooth sailing...

  181. All i can say is go Abby go. Godspeed an best wishes I will check updates often.

  182. Glad to hear that you're getting things sorted out on 'Wild Eyes." I do wish you more restful sleep in the coming days. If I recall from Zac's trip, that mastering the 'power-nap' was key to fatigue throught the sometimes long nights.
    So glad you're doing well. Sail on Abby!

    Melanie in Torrance

  183. Hi, Abby, and Godspeed to you. I'm wishing for you to find your center as you acclimate. Soon, you'll feel more comfortable on Wild Eyes, and you'll get used to feeling a bit tired, but more and more in touch with your vessel.

    With loads of respect, may you have favorable conditions while sailing this first leg of your journey.

    Mary, Maine

  184. Abby, don't worry, it will get better, I promise you, and much more exciting. But you need to get rest and sleep during times like this. Be safe and enjoy every minute of this incredible ride!

  185. Hi, this is Stephanie. I am 14 and live in Santa Barbara. When my dad told me to look at the article about you in the LA times I was really interested to read it; unlike some other things my dad trys to pull my attention too hahha. I think it is such a brave and crazy journey you set yourself on! I am presenting about you and your journey and goal to break the current world record for the youngest person the circumnavigate the globe unassisted and nonstop at school for our weekly current events presentations! Good luck! What an inspiring story!

  186. Abby,

    Enjoy the world as you see it. Whatever you do keep notes here. Years ago I lost my diary from a summer's trip to Alaska. I so regretted it. Make sure someone prints it out and saves it to disk. Best of luck.

    Chuck Cohen
    Marina Del Rey

  187. You are absolutely amazing for doing this and are the bravest girl I have ever seen. Stay focused out there and be safe. Can't wait to hear of your safe and record-breaking arrival back home. Take care.

  188. Hi, Abby.

    Just wanted to let you know that I'll be following your blog as you sail around the world. Wild Eyes looks to be a great boat for taking an extended trip. Wishing you and your team all the best.

    You probally already know this about sleep but you need to get 2 1/2 hours (for RapidEyeMovement sleep = sleep with dreams) 3 times a day to stay sharp and ready for what comes your way.

    Dave from WA state

  189. Abby,

    Thanks for the update. Glad you are progressing well.

    Take care of your self and Wild Eyes.
    Don't forget, Safety first.


  190. Hi Abby --- I am a Thousand Oaks 'local' and have been following the days leading up to the launch date. I am not a sailor; although, it seeems to me that you must concentrate on each day, and break-down each day in to a series of routines. Think only of the moment and the immediate task at hand --- Put it all together, and you will see yourself home.. Safely.

  191. Abby, Have a Great Adventure! This old sailor will be praying for you.

  192. Abby,
    This is the first I have heard that you are sailing around the world; what an outstanding achievement for someone who is as young as you. Heck I am a 48 year old female and honestly would not even attempt to go around the world like you are doing. What a record that will be! I sincerely hope you are able to make that record and hold onto it for life. I will be following your progress. Best of luck, stay safe and enjoy the experience. You are truly an inspiration to so many of us.

  193. Hello Abby,

    I am on the other side of the World right now in Iraq. The first days at any new place takes a little time. Take your time, get to know the systems as I think you will. Do you find you spend more time managing the systems or sailing?
    God Speed

  194. Dear Abby,

    Hurray! We are glad you are off safely. We didn't know there was an American seeking the same title as Jessica Watson, whom we've been tracking on our map and keeping up with. We are now tracking you on our map as well! We are home schooling this year and look forward to hearing about your trip!

    Love from some Americans in the Czech Republic!

    Dora and Rachel

  195. Abby,

    Enjoy the next few months sailing around. The whole adventure sounds amazing, thrilling, exciting, wonderful...

    All the best!

    Joybells, Brisbane

  196. Abby-
    WOW, I'll be amazed if you even see this with so many comments ahead of me. :-D
    I will be following your journey, as I so enjoyed following Zac's. I have to say-even if I had the knowledge and the excitement to do the sailing you are doing, I would never succeed because once I fall asleep, I'm out for so long. I tell my kids that I can't go horizontal during the day, because I'll just fall asleep. I'd float onto a beach somewhere if I were in your shoes, so make sure you get enough sleep. Sleep deprivation won't do you much good with all that you need to tend to. God Bless You!!! and I will be praying for your journey!

    Frances Poindexter

  197. Hi Abby,

    Great to hear from you. Yes, YOU MUST GET YOUR SLEEP WHEN POSSIBLE. I don't want to sound like a bossy parent here, but we can't have you feeling jetlagged and not focused. We want you to succeed with your goal. :-)

    It's great that you haven't had any large shipping vessels to worry about.

    Also Abby, don't worry, when Mr Right does come along and you do get married YOU WILL REMEMBER YOUR WEDDING DAY AND NONE OF IT WILL BE A BLUR. I am speaking from experience. I still remember every little detail of my wedding day. My husband Dave and I have been married for 22 YEARS on the 13th February of this year. It was one of the happiest days of my life. :-)

    Well my dear do take care, keep safe and get some shut eye when you can. Warmest wishes and big hugs. Jan Pace (Auckland, New Zealand)