Friday, January 1, 2010

Photos and Sea Trial

Lots going on down in the marina. I have to run but will post photos and blog tonight. Happy New Year to everyone!!


  1. Exciting to see the boat out on the water with sails up. Great paint job, too. ;-)

  2. Abby,

    Happy New Year. I'm sure that it's a very busy and hectic start to 2010 for you. Thanks for the great pics. I see that you did make it up the mast. I imagine that your feeling more comfortable with the boat every day. I hope sea trials are going well and look forward to your updates.

    From Seattle, WA, USA

  3. Happy New Year, Abby! You and Wild Eyes look beautiful! Safe trials...
    WA St.

  4. Happy New Year Abby, an amazing set of photos,WILD EYE'S looks awesome fully rigged. The positioning of the eye's at the waterline creates a real cheeky and seductive look, very well done.
    Have bookmarked Abby all in readyness for your departure.
    Hervey Bay. Queensland. AU

  5. How do you get up the mast on your own?

  6. Hi Abby --great to see your new pix! Looks like things are coming together nicely for you! Looking forward to your next post.

    2010 is going to be an exciting and adventurous year for you!!!

    GO GIRL!
    Janell in Oklahoma

  7. So how did it feel 'up the mast' Abby?
    The pics are great.
    Things are looking very good.
    Thinking of you.

    UK friend

  8. 01-01-10 @ 18:32
    Hi Abby,
    Glad to see that you got the run in. Now I'm curious to see how it turned out. I hope it went well. Great photos, did you wear a paracuhte going up the mast, it almost looks like you need one, but you look content and comfortable. That's what matters, as long as you're comfortable with it. (NO FEAR, AIN'T SKEERED) LOL....
    Looking forward to your blog.
    Take care and good luck
    Michael (74) from Kingwood, WV

  9. Happy New Year Abby. Pics look great and I see you made it up the mast. Good luck on the sea trials and can't wait to start tracking your voyage. Lots of luck in 2010. Shreveport Louisiana.

  10. Hi Abby,
    You've got one HOT looking sailing vessel!!! Thanks for giving us such great photos. After you depart they'll be helpful to us in picturing you out on the high seas. I don't know if you'll be able to film yourself for a documentary like Zac did, but if so, it'd be nice to get a tour of the cabin once you're under way.

    Happy New Year to you, sweet girl, and all the Sunderlands. Just like you, I cannot WAIT until you shove off from MDR!

    May God always keep you in the palm of his hand.

    --Sue McGah
    Laguna Niguel, CA

  11. It's great to see the photos Abby. It must be go go go for you from the moment you open your eyes until you close them again, with your head spinning constantly. Each day means one day closer to your departure.

    Wishing for no setbacks in your final preparations.

  12. Abby this is the only site i post on but know that I believe in Your Dream. Also started delivering boats in high school, too many alone, so I know what it feels like to be the one responsible for keeping the water outside when it blows. You have ALOT of courage; live as though the unbelievers just don't exist. The pic of Your grandmother reminded me of a woman who used to live up here in Santa Barbara she was also a circumnavigator. The mania of getting ready will be a stark contrast to the Voyage but You won't be alone We will be with You in spirit the whole time. Oh, and don't be afraid to get the main off when U are going with it and its honking. Even rolled up the jibs have enough windage to keep the nose down just like a storm jib strapped on centerline. Glad to see Your bosunchair has a board and U have the greatest support crew I can imagine. Thats about it!

  13. Nice photos.
    May God be with you, always
    Richard (QLD) Aus

  14. 01-01-10 @ 00:24
    Hi Abby,
    I forgot to ask you if you had enjoyed the view from the mast, but in the background it looks a little misty. That's not interfering with the close shots tho. That one side shot of her, “Wild Eyes” peeking over the water line looks more ‘sultry’ than wild. LOL…. You might have the dolphins chasing her.
    Hey, I just noticed that she has eyes on both sides, I hadn’t seen that before.
    Looks good in all her rigging.
    Well Abby, it’s midnight back here in WV so I figure it’s 21:00 in MDR, and you’re probably just finishing up from another busy day.
    Take care of yourself and don’t run yourself down. You’ve still got a busy schedule ahead of yourself once you set sail. Take care Abby, you’re almost there.
    Good luck to you Abby, and may God bless and guide you.
    Michael(74)from Kingwood, WV

  15. Awesome pics. Looks like a ton of power generation going on. How's that angle of the solar panels in gale for winds though?

    Can you take a 12v cooler? Even if it's one of those tiny single can or 6 can ones. I recall Zac having to drink 90° water throughout the tropics. Cold or cool(er) bottle of water will do wonders. Obviously won't be needing it for the Southern Ocean run, just leave it outside :-)

    Also and based on his experience, splice at least one direct charge plug into that power system, in case both your sat phone chargers somehow conck out. Same 12v cigarette lighter socket charger that comes with the phones. Take it with and/or set it up as a third back up before you go.

  16. Great photos Abby bet you're getting really excited now.

    Was picturing the eyes on the back of the boat for some reason have a better idea now of how she looks LOL x

  17. Hi Abby

    Looks like you're almost ready to set sail, looks like your ground crew doing all the hard yards to make sure SHOE CITY is in tip-top shape for you to set out, are you going through the Panama or through Cape Horn?, in my thinking it wont dimunish your journey one bit if you decide going through the Panama canal, best of luck Abby and have a great time whatever route you decide is best FOR YOU.

    Perth, Australia

  18. Hello Abby,

    I heard about you when I first got onto Jessica Watsons blog site and now your name pops up quite regularly so thought I'd check your blog out.

    Like Jesse we think you are brave and courageous also and want to wish you all the very best for your journey.
    We'll keep watching and hope everything falls into place for you.

    All the very best for 2010.

    The McGraths, Nowra NSW Australia

  19. Nice pictures, thank you Abby! And Happy New Year!
    How was the sea trial? A real shakedown or just a little lap outside?

  20. Cheryl in San DiegoJanuary 2, 2010 at 9:06 AM

    Hi Abby,
    WOW, what a beautiful sailboat! She sure looks like she can circumnavigate the world quickly and safely, with you at the helm of course.
    Happy New Year and God Bless you Abby.

  21. Awesome, that's the first we've seen of the sail on looks nice. I need to go down there again soon to see it in person..

  22. Anne Bonny (from Spain)January 2, 2010 at 10:06 AM

    Hello Abby,

    How are you?

    From Spain I send you all my best wishes for the New year 2010... when dreams come true ¡¡

    If I tell you the truth I didn`t know your project, but from know I am going to follow you.

    I have a friend who is going to do the same "Solo circumnavigation" (next year) from Tarragona (Spain).

    His name is Luis Miranda (Zaragoza).

    You can visit his blog, at the moment only in spanish.

    Good luck Abby.

    Anne Bonny

  23. G'day Abby!
    Of course we got the link to your blog from Jessica's blog like everyone else! Before you know it, you'll have hundreds of people wishing you good wishes and giving advice like STAY CLIPPED ON! She's about to head into hurricane force winds so when she emerges, I'm sure your team can get some more pointers from her! Best of luck!

  24. Hi Abby,
    ...every thing looks so great since I last logged on...

    the best to you and team,


  25. Hi Abby,
    How exciting to be on the verge of such a solo voyage around the world at only 16! Age is just a number it matters not except to wonder what you can possibly do during the rest of your life to top this event...And if you are saying to yourself "this is just the beginning" than you are destined to achieve greatness in your life...

  26. Hey Abby seen ya on the news just want to say good luck n ya so lucky to be able to do this.Wish i could lol ya go girl.

  27. Good Luck Abby, I hope all goes well for you and you make it safely home.

    Sunshine Coast, Australia

  28. Abby,
    I have never followed a blog or commented on one, but after reading your story today, I just had to! I am just amazed at your bravery and determination at such a young age... if this is what you do at 16 - I can only imagine the many adventures that await you!

    I look forward to following you on your adventure. Thank you for taking us along! Stay well and God Bless!

    Torrance, CA

  29. I think what you are doing is very courages, and inspireing. Gods speed.
    The Sea Barron.



  31. keep it up can do it..God bless you in your endeavour...

  32. from philippines....GOD bless you,'s amazing..

  33. I know you can do it, but keep that bail out bag and EPIRB close.

  34. hi abby i wish i could see you when you pass by .......i live in barra de navidad mexico and i just found out thru english news on mexican tv about your trip

    GOOD LUCK................HECTOR CANEDO

  35. Abby
    We are a group of ESOL students in Miami, Florida, who are going to be following the events in your voyage. We think you are very valiant, brave and a courageous young girl and we wish good luck and best trip you can have.
    Luis, Suandy. Meyli, Jennifer, Angel, Efrain and Mr. Suarez.

  36. Greetings from Germany and all blessings of the Lord Jesus, Abby !

  37. Good luck. Set a new record. You have a nice looking boat. How designed it? Is it a class boat? Would love to know more about the details of how the boat is rigged and built.

    Captain Conrad Senior

  38. Hi Abby,
    Atlanta wishes you a safe and successful voyage. We will be tracking your progress!........Steve Haas

  39. I have just heard you are missing and I am praying for you. "Eternal Father, strong to save, Whose arm hath bound the restless wave, Who bidst the mighty ocean deep Its own appointed limits keep: O hear us when we cry to thee For those in peril on the sea". Godspeed Abby-I hope you are well.

  40. Iam so glad your alright god bless and next time take a friend along for safety ok bye

  41. may god be with u.

  42. hi abby god blees you

  43. dearest Abby, all of florida is so proud of you and we know with your trust in Jesus is going to carry you through with many blessing. Billy

  44. so glad you are ok hope you keep going you are all over the news good luck rooting for you Frank

  45. Shane Clark From Half Moon Bay,
    Sorry you didn't finish what you set out to do but I will tell you from my sailing experiences that the things that you went threw will make you a very strong
    minded girl! good job.

  46. Dear Abby,sorry you did not get to do what you planned to do.That is a good accomplishment for you I can not do it because I am 9 years old!I hope you are well.,Jillian

  47. Abby,
    We have been praying for you and thank the Lord you are safe. What a wonderful accomplishment, I am learning to sail in Newport, R.I. and admire your braveness, you are a wonderful example. Never get down on yourself for not reaching your goal, I know you will be back.