Thursday, January 28, 2010

Flopping Around

Today I found another pen as well as a fork and a knife! It really made my day which is a good example of the simple pleasures of life on board Wild Eyes! Things have been going pretty well, I had a good 24 hour day of around 12 knots... I'm just guessing how much wind there was because I don't have my wind data back yet, but we were moving along quite nicely.

Today my wind is gone... not only that but there is no sun either, and my batteries are quickly draining, so it looks like I'll be up hand steering pretty soon. Being able to get email through my Thrane & Thrane Sailor 250 has been great! Since I don't have the bulk of my phone minutes sponsored, email has been my main means of communication with people other than my family. Its been great being able to hear from friends, and being able to talk to my team about anything.

Its been about three or four days since I've seen any ships, or any boats at all for that matter, and I was able to get some good sleep last night. I haven't gotten any more squid on deck recently. It was becoming part of my morning routine to go and toss them back in the water! I'm really hoping to get into the tradewinds soon. It has been awful how slow I'm going! I'm pretty much dead in the water right now with the sails just flopping around.

A lot of people have been asking about what I am eating out here. For the first few days I didn't eat much of anything. My stomach just couldn't handle it. Now I have been eating some of my fresh food packed for my first week before I get into my mostly dehydrated food from Mountain House. Before we got any food we worked with a dietician named Kristy Morrell who works in her own business and also as the dietician for the sports program at USC. We talked for a long time about what my nutritional needs would be and how to get all of them in the different conditions I would be living under. I ended up with quite a bit of dehydrated food because I had to be careful about not weighing down Wild Eyes too much. I have a lot of power foods for snacks like dried fruit, nuts, bars and beef jerky. My mom was really good about packing a bit of chocolate for each week's food bag. For breakfast I have a choice of oatmeal or granola with milk (powdered) and dried fruit or dehydrated eggs which are actually really good. Lately I have only been eating one big meal a day and snacking the rest of the day.

There isn't a whole lot for me to do right now. I'm actually thinking of pulling out my school books... its kind of a nasty thought, but I guess it has to be done sooner or later!



  1. Trying to do school work while dead in the water is a lot easier than trying to do school work in a southern storm!

  2. I'm really enjoying your blog and just wanted to know what kind of music you're listening to out there and do you have satellite radio like XM/Sirius?

  3. Hey Abby,

    I am really excited for you. I am watching your progress from here in Phoenix and will be cheering you on everyday! Good luck and be safe.

  4. Its good to hear that you got some slee and that the squid gave back your pens and a fork. You are an inspiration to many of us. In fact I just signed up for a sailing class.

    sleep well

  5. Sorry to hear about the wind. Hopefully it'll pick up before too long. Glad to hear that you got some good rest and the squids are leaving you alone (for now). :)


  6. hi glad to hear you are progreesing even if a little slowly...what chances of getting wind gauges repaired..although not essential for sailing but it is always nice to know the wind speed...i am monitoring both you and jessica and glad to see that you are both bearing up although you have just only started out on you of luck
    clyde (tauranga, new zealand)

  7. Hi Abby

    Thanks for update. You can always pump up the IPod during the calm days - they don't use much power either! Have fun with the study.



  8. What a brave young woman you are, shaw many have wished you well, but one more good wish won't hurt. Stay strong & may your sailing be smooth.

  9. Hi Abby I'm glad you got a good nights sleep, you needed it - It's too bad with the overcast skies No sun can't charge your batteries, you need at least 30 % sun to charge your batteries - Again glad you got some rest, because you will have rough days ahead - Later Greg Lee Redden

  10. Abby, I love following your Journey with you. I look forward to coming home from work each day and reading your blogs. Again, you are awfully brave. I pray you have a safe journey and safe return home. You better get all your school work completed so that you can graduate with your friends. Have a good time and remember that this will change your life forever. Talk to you again around the world. Tracy ( Denham Springs, La. )

  11. Good luck Abby,keep busy do your school work & stay alert dear.we are watching you from Australia as well as our Jess. You two girls are brave our thoughts are always with you both
    Fry Family

  12. Sailing always has those moments of boredom... hang in there the winds will come soon enough. Funny since Jesse was also talking school books.

    I think a lot of sailors end up with the same eating routine as there is just so much time you have to spend in the galley.

    good luck from the Gulf off of Texas and wishing good winds for you.

  13. Thanks for the update. Hawaii is tracking you 24-7 and we are cheering you all the way. In Hawaii we say Imua means Forward and Onipa'a means steadfast!!!!!

  14. Just catching up with your progress today thanks to sailing members on Facebook who are updating us about people who are currently circumnavigating the world. Our family learned about your goals of circumnavigating when we found out about your brothers successful trip. Very exciting times are ahead for you. We will keep you in our prayers for a safe and successful journey.

  15. Love the updates, this is going to be outstanding to feel a part of from the midwest! Thanks and good luck!

  16. Go Abby Go!!! We will be reading about you in the history books soon......

  17. Chocolate Abby????? Its kind of like American Express, You cant leave home without it. lol I really enjoy all of your blogs. Your Squid story was funny. Nice visitors. Abby, I am following your story from Denham Springs, Louisiana. My daughter and I find you to be fascinating. I told my husband about your story and he agrees you are a brave girl. My son is 20 years old and just left for St. Croix, Virgin Islands, for a couple of months for work, and I am missing him like crazy I cant even imagine how your parents are feeling right now. They must be very proud of you, and they are brave as well to be able to let you go pursue your dreams, especially when your dream is to travel the big big world in a sail boat. Amazing story, and we will pray and follow you around the world until you return home safely. God Bless you, and Lots of Love to fill your boat knocking the squid out of the way. lol Tracy Brown ( Denham Springs, La. )

  18. HELLO ABBY, Just a message for encouragement and to thank you for your interesting long up-date. So glad you found another pen, also spoon, fork and knife. Will this cutlery be all you have or will they be spares? So many things to think about when packing for so long but it makes life easier to have these doesn't it! I have often wondered how, especially when it is so cold where you are how you will manage to get clothing dry when you have to wash them. I imagine you will have special materials that don't take long to dry and very light weight though warm.

    Do hope the wind picks up for you and you do sound as though you are settling into life at sea now.

    I live in a very small town at the top of the South Island in New Zealand. We live above the Picton Marina and have a great view of the boats coming and going as well as our own boat. The sounds are sheltered most of the time and very beautiful. When we go out on our boat there is always shelter no matter what direction the wind is coming from. Have to be careful of course and know what areas are best in what wind direction and conditions.

    We have a cat, a Ragdoll and she comes with us every time. Just loves to roam the beach with us. She doesn't mind the boat but is happier when motor is not going. Not allowed out on deck at night.

    I am enjoying following Jessica and will you also.

    Until next time take care.

    Lynne (Picton, NZ)

  19. Sorry about the wind, and enjoy that fresh food. ^_^

  20. Abby,
    (or Grant etc.)Did you EVER have a steering wheel? It looks like you have a manual tiller now. All the pre-launch pics show you "at the wheel." Did they modify the boat or was it already that way? I seem to remember the discussion about how if you had a tiller/rudder like Jessica, then you could use a weather vane. Does this mean you now have a weather vane? I know I know nothing - that's why I'm asking!
    Ryan Felts

  21. I think you're living the life many of us wish we had even imagined when we were your age.

    I also think you have more people vicariously hitchiking onto your life and adventure than you can imagine.

    I will pray for your safety but maybe even a little more for your sanity, peace and happiness.

    Bless you!

    Dave Williams

  22. I am praying to the God of wind for you Abby. I am also tracking Jesse who is over 1/2 way home. I wish you and well on your journeys. Keep your chin and sails up and God Speed!

    Peace, Ken

  23. Well beat your brother at the school work! better yet, take some photos?

  24. Hi! Abby,
    To be wind,Or not to be wind. (Shakespeare)? At least you have had time to find some useful incidentals, now you don't have to be spoon fed for all your meals, Ha.Ha.

    Reading BTL you are still settling in, becoming more relaxed and able to handle what is being put to you maintenance wise with more ease.

    The first few day's you seemed like a cat on a hot tin roof,recovering from the hype of the departure looking back to your family, with your fathers words ringing in your ears, Go sail the world and enjoy it..Love you...

    You mentioned in one interview you enjoy the detachment from the rest of life when you are sailing, this is a big comment from a person of your age, the main thing is to remain focused and this ocean sailing will become like second nature to you, enjoying all nature has to show as you fulfill your dream that you have had to keep holstered for the last 3 years.

    Keep smiling,Safe Passage.
    Brian Riley
    Hervey Bay,Queensland,Australia.

  25. Hi Abby
    I wish you well on your journey. getting this is pretty fantastic. sounds like you are settling in nicely for the long haul.

    best wishes from the UK

  26. Well Abby! You are one determined girl! Sounds like you have most things under controll(as much as possable) My daughter and I will be following you on your journey!

    God Bless and happy sailing!

    Steve & Cheyanne Orr Oregon City,Oregon

  27. Hi Abby,
    keep up them dodgers,
    Jony the Pony

  28. Great update thanks for taking the time to include all of us in your daily experiences : ) Sleep, eat, study and mostly have fun !!!! Be careful and Godspeed. From MDR area.....

  29. Here's to wind in your sails soon enough!

  30. Little one, glad your eatting well! USC Right on! I tell my kids work hard now and play later, Pull your books out get it all done! That way you sleep the rest of the time, LOL. Hope hope your working out getting ready to fight storms with one hand tied behind your back. Push ups & setups will get you in top shape for what ever you will have to deal with on the water.

  31. Greetings Abby from Missouri! I am following your adventure with great interest! I'm retired from the US Navy and am praying for you each day as you continue your journey. I circumnavigated the world as well on the USS Carl Vinson when it was first commissioned with about 5999 other sailors! Fair winds and following seas Abby! We're proud of you! Remember that you are never alone - the Lord is with you! Numbers 6:24-26 (Reggie & Diana Sonnenschein)

  32. @Ryan Felts: Abby's "Wild Eyes" boat never had wheel steering. The wheel photos were from an earlier boat.

    This is common. If you go to the Web site for the Australian girl the home page has a huge and beautiful background photo of the Australian girl standing behind a GIGANTIC wheel -- far larger than would even fit into the cockpit of her Sparkman & Stephens 34.

    So . . . if you have a great photo it gets used, even if it isn't the boat you are actually going to sea on.

    @Everyone: Interesting comment from Abby today about getting ready to do some hand steering with the wind dead (for her wind-powered generators) and her solar panels not putting out enough juice. Hope the charging system kicks into gear with the return of the wind and sun.

    - Grant Fjermedal, Seattle

  33. Woodrow wilson
    Good afternoon Abby: The doldrums is the worst thing ever. Just think; all that gear and a great boat and the only thing you hear is flopping sails and
    no wake. I've been there done that. Just think of it as a "TIME OUT". Sleep,eat,enjoy the crystal blue water. Have a safe passage; Woodrow of San Diego.

  34. Hi Abby...
    Jessica is, just like you, considering to take a look at her school work.
    It must ne some seasonal itch.
    Unless the squids remind (both of) you of some teachers?
    She doesn't know exactly why it may be hidden, and you have only two pens for 6 months. Hey, girls, who are you kidding?
    Your journeys are not "holidaying solo around the world"!

  35. I too look forward to your daily blog posts. Thanks for keeping us informed. We all have you in our daily thoughts.

    Stay Safe.

    - Donald S.
    Glendora, CA

  36. Bonjour Abby & Wild Eyes,

    Schoolwork is good as long as you don't have to eat it, right?

    Hope you get to fix all the little glitches in your equipment soon.

    Take care, be safe

  37. Hey Sunderland, I knew we had something in common, we're both chocoholics! Abby Abby Abby..oi.oi.oi, sorry not acting my age again. (still stuck @ 25)
    Great post, your best to date, you sound relaxed and I'm sure it's because you had plenty of the deep sleep I keep harping about. I can totally identify with your procrastination about starting school work. You've been living such an exciting dream it's like.......NOT YET!.....go away......I don't blame you for not processing the squid into something edible. I once bought a bunch of squid on sale, straight from the sea and when I finally got to it, it was so slimy and weird looking I just chucked it!
    So assuming no more wind speed indicator, does that present a problem? It's not a speed race, except when talking about South hemisphere weather. Or is there a chance you could get it back?
    I'm glad your having fun.

  38. If you're essentially becalmed right now, why not go up the mast and check the sensors for the wind instruments. Where are they and how far up are they, or are they somewhere else.

    Otherwise just give the entire nav panel at your desk a good whack with your hand.

    More commonly known as "knocking it into shape"


  39. Abby reports loss of at least some data from her wind instruments.

    This could be just wind speed, which would be annoying, but not devastating.

    More worrisome would be loss of wind direction instrumentation, as -- depending upon whether the autopilot has its own sensors for this -- loss of wind direction information could impair autopilot operations.

    With a powerboat you can just set the autopilot and say: "Take me on this course. Period." But with a sailboat everything must be done in concert with the wind. Otherwise, if the wind shifted direction and the boat didn't, it could go into an accidental jybe or tack, which -- depending upon wind strength and sea state could cause problems.

    Haven't heard Abby complain about inaccuracy in the autopilot, so will guess that apparent wind and true wind information are still getting into the autopilot.

    I've got no knowledge of Abby's autopilot system, but mention this just as an example of the kinds of things that can go wrong on a voyage. And will give you another thing to cross your fingers about.

    - Grant Fjermedal, Seattle

  40. Thanks, Abby
    Smooth sailing, steady wind
    and more sunshine.
    Richard (QLD) Aus

  41. Hi Abby. Jesse is thinking of pulling out her school books too. You are both such articulate young women I'm amazed I'm not sure how I'd have been when I was 16 it's too long ago to remember LOL.Don't worry if you don't get much done this is the experience of a lifetime !

    Jesse is eating Easy Foods

    She worked with a nutritionist too had practised a bit at home to find what was right for her. Think she said she couldn't handle the dehydrated food.

    Good on finding another pen you might even have another 1 or 2 unearthed by the time you get home but what a good excuse if you don't "Oh I couldn't finish the school work the pen ran out and I didn't have another"...boom! boom!x

  42. Your on our thoughts! Maybe your Mom should of thought about packing "Alphabet Soup" so that maybe you could have combined eating with homework!

  43. Texas here! I've been following your trip via your blog. I wish you the best of luck on this exciting adventure. I predict you will be a completely different person, w/a new perspecive on life when it's all over. Keep on keeping on and know that you are loved! Take care and stay safe!

  44. Hi Abby!
    Wonderful post...he squid...thems good eatin' LOL!!
    Sounds like you have settled in, good on you :)
    Will keep you in good thought and prayer as I tag along on your awesome adventure....just like I did Zac!
    Fair winds and following seas you brave dear girl!
    Anita M. Miracle
    Waterloo, NY
    Captain SV "Wombat"

  45. Keeping up with your blog here in soon to be snowy South Carolina. Its funny how the "small" things that you would normally take for granted, are not so small when it's all you have.

    I hate your wind gauges are already failing; I’m sure you are aware, but any GPS should be able to track your current speed. Good luck and stay safe.

    -Lt. Kenneth Duncan
    Greenville Co. Dept. of Public Safety

  46. Abby, I'm from the island Saipan, I love following your journey with you. I always look forward each day to see your progress. I pray each day for your safety. Stay strong

    God bless you
    Phil Litulumar
    Saipan, CNMI

  47. hello Abby,

    I have never known who you were and what you were about to do this crazy AMAZING jorney :) 6days ago...I was just looking randomly the internet and found you here. It was really amazing that I found you the day you left the land! Ok, I am original from Japan and have lived in US for a while and gone many countries since then. I am now in Germany trying to make my life progress. It is hard, nothing is easy on me. But I really have gotten an energy and encouragement from you. Really I want to thank you:) I have one quote that I LOVE and it can be for you too "Man can not discover new oceans unless he has a courage to lose sight of the shore." Good luck to both of us!

    p.s. I think I want to write here everday or every other day...and I really want to talk to you personally if that possible. If you are comfortable doing this, then you e-mail me here: my

    Bless you and your wild eyes :)

  48. Thanks for the update!

    Remember "The wind blows where it wishes, and you hear its sound, but you do not know where it comes from or where it goes."

    Keep looking up (unless you're looking in your school books - that's important, too!)


  49. @Ryan Felts

    The URL of Jessica Watson's website, where you can see the photo with the big wheel (not on her S&S 34 "Ella's Pink Lady") is:


    Wheels are more spectacular for pictures... but the girls' boats are probably too small. Especially Jessica's yacht, clearly shorter than Abby's.

  50. Greetings Captain Abby.

    School work huh? I figure you’ve got some credit for just going around the world. That should fill your requirements for Phys Ed, Calculus (Not being knowledgeable of navigating, I guessed)…If you get back to where you started that’s an “A”, but if you end up in Alaska, well that would be a “C”, see? A semester or two for Physics, and I suspect keeping all the equipment going qualifies for whatever they call Shop credits now-a-days. You can get some elective credit as well by taking pictures (Art?) and of course English with your blog. Lets see, oh…History. You’re making it so that’s good for a “B” at least. And then there’s the fact that you know where you are in the world, so there’s some Geography credit. The way I see it, you’ve got most of your homework already done.

    I went to high school in Woodland Hills, CA, El Camino Real…”Go Conquistadors”…and believe me, nothing I learned there prepared me to sail around the world by my lonesome.

    My thought for the day: Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. - Mark Twain

    Stay safe. Avoid whales. Put your pen, fork and spoon into a baggie and hook it to your belt. Put a note in a bottle and toss it overboard. Do you have a shuffleboard deck? Mostly stay safe.

  51. Hey Abby...
    I've read about you and you make great news. A girl
    with real nerve, drive, a panache! I'm having a great time following you & I hope you're having time too!
    Fair winds and following seas to you....

    (sent by iPhone)

  52. "Since I don't have the bulk of my phone minutes sponsored, email has been my main means of communication with people other than my family"

    Is there a place that your online followers could go and donate money towards phone minutes?

  53. Happy 6th day!
    We are getting ready for snow here in NC as you wait for the wind!

    Having no wind is a bummer! Your idea of pulling out the school books is probably a good one. Get it done so you are ready to enjoy the breezes when they come!

    You found a pen, a fork AND a knife! Isn't God good---------He always gives us more than we expect.

    Praying for you!
    Scotty Mac

  54. This new version of the "footprints" story really caught me off guard at the
    end...What a blessing.

    **JUST READ IT!**

    Imagine you and the Lord Jesus are walking down the road together. For much
    of the way, the Lord's footprints go along steadily, consistently, rarely
    varying the pace.

    But your footprints are a disorganized stream of zigzags, starts, stops,
    turnarounds, circles, departures,
    and returns.
    For much of the way, it seems to go like this, but gradually your footprints
    come more in line with the Lord's, soon paralleling, His consistently.

    You and Jesus are walking as true friends!

    This seems perfect, but then an interesting thing happens: Your footprints
    that once etched the sand next to Jesus' are now walking precisely in His

    Inside His larger footprints are your smaller ones, you and Jesus are
    becoming one.

    This goes on for many miles, but gradually you notice another change. The
    footprints inside the large footprints seem to grow larger.

    Eventually they disappear altogether. There is only one set of footprints.
    They have become one.

    This goes on for a long time, but suddenly the second set of footprints is
    back This time it seems even worse! Zigzags all over the place. Stops.
    Starts. Gashes in the sand. A variable mess of prints.

    You are amazed and shocked.
    Your dream ends. Now you pray:

    "Lord, I understand the first scene, with zigzags and fits. I was a new
    Christian; I was just learning. But you walked on through the storm and
    helped me learn to walk with you."

    "That is correct."

    "And when the smaller footprints were inside of Yours, I was actually
    learning to walk in your steps, following you very closely."

    "Very good.. You have understood everything so far."

    "So...When the smaller footprints grew and filled in Yours, I suppose that I
    was becoming like you in every way."

    "Precisely!" said Jesus.

    "So, Lord, was there a regression or something? The footprints separated,
    and this time it was worse than at first."

    There is a pause as the Lord answers, with a smile in His voice.
    "You didn't know? It was then that we danced!"

    To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven: A
    time to weep, a time to laugh, a time to mourn, and a time to dance.
    Ecclesiastes 3: 1-4

    Are you laughing? Are you thinking? Spread the Word and give thanks to the
    Lord for He is good!

    Funny isn't it, when you go to forward this message, how many on your list
    are not receiving it because you're not sure they believe in anything?
    It's not WHAT you have in your life, but who you have in your life that
    counts.. Think about that.


    I asked for a flower,
    He gave me a garden.

    I asked for a tree,
    He gave me a forest.

    I asked for a river,
    He gave me an ocean.

    I asked for a friend,
    He gave me "YOU."

    Send this to whomever you think of as a friend.......

    I did .
    **********God Blesssing you every second you are out there Abby...just keep singing praises to Him and you will be comforted all the way to the end.

    Aloha and Blessings to you, Sunny Miller

  55. Rick in WestminsterJanuary 28, 2010 at 4:14 PM

    Hi Abby,

    Do you carry all the fresh water for your voyage or do you have some type of desalinization unit on board? I read in the list of Wild Eye's particulars that you are equipped with two fresh water tanks and was wondering if that's all you have.

    Following you and Jess daily... much admiration for the both of you!

  56. I noticed on the off angled shots so far, that there are marine speakers attached to the dodger. Hope your ipod dock includes a remote. stick it in a ziplock bag if you're going to be hand steering from outside over the next 24-48 hours. You'll need it to be functional again later on.

  57. Pete and Nancy in Keene NHJanuary 28, 2010 at 4:23 PM

    Good evening Abby,

    From cold and snowy New Hampshire. Temp tonight from 0 to -10. Glad that you'll have warmer weather where you are. We've been tracking Jess since she left Sydney and have been following you since you started.

    It's a long, long, long trip. But, we're sure that you can do it. As I tell Jess every day, Stay safe and clipped in. Have a blast honey, we're right there with you

  58. What are you reading for your English class? I have a class of juniors who are ready to help you. The class is fascinated and rooting for you everyday.
    Niskayuna High, Niskayuna, NY

  59. To Grant Fjermedal Seattle.
    I wish you would stop referring to other solo sailor as "that Australian Girl". Her name is Jessica Watson and being some 110 days into her voyage she deserves as much respect as anyone.

    Would you please kindly consider this on future postings.

    Bruce Watt
    Rosebud (Vic)

  60. Good going, girl! Keep up the good work. And if your school books get hit by a squid, and he squirts ink over it, do you get extra time to make up the work?

    Idea for the blog: Each post is Day #, too? That would make it easy to keep track.

    Tray M.

  61. Aren't you a little scared?Hope you do good.

  62. It must be boring when the wind is dead. I thought you may be overloaded with comments but being there is not much going on you would have the time to read mine. I think you have an amazing spirit and wish you the best. I am 36 years old and always loved boats. My brother and I have now considered learning how to sail and want to buy a boat. You inspired me. Thanks

  63. I was at your send-off and grow more and more proud of you each day. Thanks for taking the time to blog. I hope you feel the prayers of all your well-wishers!

  64. That's so awesome Abby! Keep on trucking!

  65. Hey Abby - it's snowing in Texas, and I've been thinking a lot about your voyage, and how I'm sure it is warm. Soak up that warmth while you can! I hope you get some sun soon, and especially some better stable winds.

    Thanks for the news on your food. I love hearing about your journey.

    We are with you. Stay strong!


  66. So happy to see you're continuing your education while you're on this journey.
    I love Mountain House!

  67. Abby, I'm so in awe of what you (and Jessica) are doing, I really can't think of anything to say at the moment. You are quite an amazing person. I'm following the exploits of both of you every day. I wish you the very best from Wisconsin. Fair winds and following seas!

  68. Abby

    Thanks for your update

    All the best!!

  69. @Bruce Watt: My references to the "Australian Girl" are done in good humor. Prior to Abby's departure some people here got tired of hearing about Jessica (and I was certainly one who frequently mentioned her by name as I pointed people to Jessica's blog for all the latest on her trip -- which I've followed from before her departure).

    Back then some folks complained that "This is Abby's blog and so we shouldn't talk about this or that."

    Since I clearly wanted to continue to talk about Jessica, it became "that Austalian Girl" as in "that Australian Girl and her wonderful boat just survived 4 knockdowns in hurricane force winds in the South Atlantic."

    So . . . that's probably more than you wanted to know about how Jessica came to be called, within my occasional posts, "that Australian Girl". ;-)

  70. Good Luck to you Abbey. You are an inspiration even to guys my age. I am excited for you! I will be following you on your voyage. God bless you!


  71. Hi Abby,

    Nice blog! You write really well and it is exciting to be along with you on your journey.

    Are your wind instruments gone for good or can they be fixed?

    I hope you continue to feel better and get more good rest. We will be checking on you every day. Continued best wishes,
    San Diego.

  72. I've not a lot to say that hasn't already been said above here. I often won't post here since you'd just be inundated by redundancies, but prayers are with you even if I don't write about it.

    We're going out of Newport tomorrow for a day sail, and I'm sure that you'll be a major topic of conversation. I'll be munching my sandwich and fresh fruit and praising the L-RD that I'm not on dehydrated rations.

    I know you already have experts working on your instrumentation problems, but gotta throw my $.02 in the ring. Electricity goes from point a to point d by way of b and c. Troubleshooting is just a matter of following the path, and seeing if the electricity is where it should be at each stop. If you have voltage (or signal) at b and not c then you know the problem is between b and c.

    Anyway, I'm sure you know what you're doing, and if you don't then someone on your team does and you have the wisdom to ask!

    Still praying Numbers 6:24-26
    Mouse in Whittier

    Buy "Death and Coffee" here!

  73. HI Abby

    I'm interested to know if you will be using SAILMAIL for communications on HF. I'm an amateur radio operator and use the identical AIRMAIL system for emails by HF


  74. Rich from DelawareJanuary 28, 2010 at 6:21 PM

    Hi Abby Following you from Hockessin DE I love sailing & enjoy the tracking map & your daily blog...any pictures you can post? Maybe of whales or dolphins you might encounter? See safe and look forward to hearing more from you.

  75. Hi Abby, just checking on you to see how you are progressing. Glad to hear that you are settled in enough to get that homework going. Safe sailing and may lots of sun shine on you today.
    NJ Mom

  76. Hi Abby,

    You are doing great. My wife and I are wishing you well and good seas ahead, may your days be sunny and bright and your sails full. Enjoy each and every day as you go. We are very excited for you.

    Chip & Ginnie C.
    Laguna Hills, CA

  77. hi Abby it must have been hard leaving your friends and family for 5 or 6 months. You are one of the strongest girls I've ever heard of, wishing you good luck jake.:)

    P.S.hope you steer clear away from those piarites.

  78. Thanks for the updates - living vicariously through you! Hope your wind picks up soon!

  79. Isn't it amazing how being isolated out at sea can make you appreciate the things you take for granted ashore? Not just fresh fruits, vegetables, real milk, but things like being able to go to the corner convenience store for a replacement shoelace or a pack of batteries. Embarking on a trip like this must have taken a monumental amount of planning.

    Never did like the dyhi-eggs or powdered milk myself. The newer UHT (ulra-high-temp) milk boxes don't taste half bad though.

    Thanks again for taking the time to give us all an update. Keep your chin up! - Kevin

  80. I am so enjoying your journey! May the breath of God, blow in your favor thru out your Journey, you are trully blessed to enjoy this experience. Keep your face to the wind! I look forward to your continued success!

  81. hi abby,
    good too hear your doing well. use your down time to get some well deserved rest. my family will be looking at your updates everyday. keep some of the squid too fish with. good sailing and GOD BLESS.


  82. Hi Abby, in rough seas, do you harness yourself in to keep from getting thrown around the cabin?

  83. Abby, my 16 year old daughter (Charlotte) and I are amazed and inspired by your attempt. We'll be following along closely and keeping you in our thoughts and prayers. As Charlotte said: "you totally rock"!

  84. Hi Abby,
    I've been following your story and I love your blog! I think what you are doing is so exciting and I wish you the best of luck, and wind too. You're amazingly blessed with skill and courage to be taking this trip on your own :-)

    Lindsey (from delaware)

  85. Hi Abby!!!
    So glad to hear you got some sleep & wind... bummer to be "sittin' in irons" with no wind...
    I saw a mention of needing 'sat phone minutes sponsor' ... Well, maybe there's a few of us following this blog that need to contact your 'Team Abby' center and make some donations so you can use the phone!!
    Hope you get some sunshine for your solar panels, wind in your sails & the rail in the water!!!
    I feel much better about your trip knowing that you have a reasonable supply of chocolate... It's the food of 'good times'!!
    Enjoy the night stars and that beautiful moon if the clouds allow it!!
    Our Best from Wyoming....

  86. 01-28-10 @ 22:41
    Hi Abby,
    Glad to see that you found another pen, that kinda bothered me. You have to have a pen or two (2). lol….
    Good to see that your communications are still intact, that’s another necessary item. Contact with your friends is great, but more important is the contact with Team Abby. How is that electrical problem doing, any luck with that?

    Well Abby, you sound pretty cheerful, keep a good attitude and it will help things to go more smoothly. You’re off to a good start even with a few minor problems, but you’ll have them under control shortly, I’m sure.
    Sorry to see that you didn’t feel like eating for awhile, just a case of the butterflies, yes??? There was lots of excitement prior to you setting sail with all the emotional hugs and goodbyes. It’s understandable, but you’re past that now and I hope you’ve got it out of your system. You are a strong girl and you will succeed.

    Looks like a good selection of healthy food and Mom slipped in a little chocolate for you, Mom’s do that.
    Take good care of yourself and always be cautious.
    May God hold you in the palm of His hand and may the Angels keep your sails full, and I, I will be praying for you.
    Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

  87. Calimari for lunch. not to bad.
    be strong
    kent, commodore, pacific mariners yc

  88. Hey Abby, Squid are good to eat, here in Monterey we call them Calamari!!

  89. Hi Abby this is Candace and Ron Simmer over at Dolphin Marina just across from your brothers boat. We own Goodnight Moon a 48 Hans Christian cutter. We are really enjoying your progress reports and rooting for you. You go girl... be safe, have fun, and enjoy this beautiful experience that most just dream of...
    all our love
    Candy and Ron Simmer

  90. Abby, 26m from Phila here following your blog. Saw the article on ESPN and thought it would be fun to follow your progression. You are doing great. Best of luck!

  91. Hi Abby
    I am a professional photographer from Seal Beach, CA.. I am following your journey with lots of excitement. My questions is what camera(s) are you using to record your journey. I am looking forward to seeing your photos
    Gerald Harper

  92. Hello Abby!

    I am thrilled to hear about your journey - and have been following the posts since your departure.

    How great you have such a strong, God-loving family - and so many friends to support you and pray for you along the way. You are very blessed and fortunate indeed(besides being strong and courageous!).

    I grew up sailing on Lake comparison, I know! But I loved every bit of it. Now we're about as far from any water as we could be in Kansas. But as farmers the rhythms of the land and sea are somewhat similar...the tallgrass prairies look like a sea of grass in the summer winds.

    Hope all the gadgets and gizmos keep humming, sun shines on you and that the winds keep moving you along!
    Sweet sailin' to ya' Margit

  93. Hi Abby

    I'm following your adventure and I too look forward to check before going to sleep to your daily blog posts.
    I wish you the best of Luck on this adventure.
    I will be praying each day for your safety.

  94. Hey Abby
    Congrats on getting started on your voyage. That is the hardest part out of the way. Now you can take it easy for a few days travelling south getting used to how Wild Eyes reacts with you at the helm before preparing for Cape Horn. Get as much Homework done in the quiet times as possible as there wont be much time to think of it later. Enjoy your trip and dont put all of your faith in the Lord. Use commonsense and you will make it home safely.
    PS If you cut the Squid into strips and lightly cook it in a little oil it taste great.

  95. Sailed with our kids down to mexico ans spent 3 seasons in mx. also followed your brother's trip and am now cheering you on! Go Abby GO! WONDERFUL to see a woman out there... godspeed, and may you have good wind and following seas.

  96. Hi Abby; Started following your blog on Day 2 of the voyage. I found out about it from Jessica Watson's Blog; She's sent you a million congratulations and wishes you a safe trip.. Your only competition is between you and everything the ocean throws at you and Wild Eyes. Same for Jess and her Ella's Pink Lady.

    Sailor to Sailor ( I sailed my own Venture 21 daysailor in San Francisco for 4 years when i was in my 40s.) i TRULY LOVED IT, ALWAYS GOOD AIR IN THE 20S AND 3OS, 4-6 FT CHOP ON TOP OF
    6-8 FT SWELLS OUTSIDE THE gOLDEN gATE. I had almost no trouble with my boat, but I was forever making sure my sheets were not frayed, sales and battens in good shape, and the stays well connected. Every time I sailed, the adrenalin pumped; I know it's the same for you and Jesse; her blog after her worst blow last week was a gut wrench; my hair stood on end just to read it. I hope u get in touch with her; she's gained a wealth of knowledge an I know she'll share it. Her webpage is at from which you can clik on her links very much like yours.
    To introduce ourselves, we are John and Louise G living in Redding up near Lake Shasta in No Calif, in our mid 70's and definitely praying for your success especially your safety. Please clip in when u r topside, strap in when the big storms rage (stay below if you can), and especially maintain and fix the problems you'll face.

    I hope very much you get your wind gauges back, and glad to hear that you now have tinware and a couple pens. The battery problem sounds a bit serious, since when you face the roaring 40s and fearsome 50s, there will be perhaps several days without any sun.

    I will be following your weather (once you reach 35South latitude) using Geodetic weather maps from the following URL:
    Using these I was able to predict Jesse's eastward turn when she arrived about 44 S 79 W from the Horn. I hope to do the same with you, knowing of course that your training is far better than mine. There is a Map Interpretation Key link at the end of this page; it's updated every 12 hours. The details are awesome, clearly predicting the air you'll need to do the most reach sailing...and make the fastest times!!

    Here are a couple of Southern Ocean URLS: which provides true weather maps (lows and hi's)

    Also This provides excellent predicted wave heights for much of the course you'll be sailing.

    Anyway, enough for now. All our love, hugs and prayers from our hearts for you. John and Louise

    PS: One more thing, keep your positive and joyful attitude even in the face of nasty events. Give some of the problems to God; He's bigger than all of us and will help you do what you need to. That's how He's acted with me all my life.

  97. May you have fair winds at your back and smooth sailing for your entire voyage.

  98. Dear WildThing (you know the song? it also goes good with the name of your boat), You GO girl! Bon Voyage and May the Wind be at Your Back!

  99. Hang in there abby the winds will come

    I love reading Grants Posts. However he now refers to Jessica as the Australian girl.

    Am I missing something?

    Enjoy the quiet time Abby while you can


  100. Hi Abby.

    Congratulations with your enterprise.
    I think, you are fulfilling a dream of every reasonable human.
    I wish you to have enough wit, vigor and courage to accomplish you way and come home safe and sound.

    I'm on a vessel too, though it's a big ship :)

    Just looked at your route map and the map of day and night. The Moon seems to be right over your head. Hope, it'll lit your way this and other nights.

    Good luck and fair wind.


  101. Hi Abby,
    How the weather changes. It can go from storms to doldrums so quickly, and everything in between! Fortunately everything passes! Sounds like you like your chocolate like Jessica! Good energy food.

    Hope you get your power problems sorted out, to relieve you of hand steering. Or maybe that's because of a lack of sun? As for the wind instrument, well it's either not enough wind, enough or too much, isn't it?

    Sure do hope you find another spoon and another pen! Maybe they'll surface soon.

    Good to be out of the shipping lanes. Makes life a little more predictable.

    Take care and wishing you as much wind as you would like to have.


  102. Hi.
    I'm following you from Portugal... and I'm really amazed with the inspiration coming from your strenght and courage!
    God bless you, Abby.

  103. Hi Abby,

    Thanks for your latest blog. I'm sure before you know it you will be moving along nicely and making great ground.

    I'm pleased that you found another knife, fork and pen. You never know there might be another spoon playing hide-and-seek with you hiding somewhere.

    Yes, I'm sure that pens are like socks, there is this big hole where they all go. My children are always losing one of their pairs of socks and I'm always losing pens at work (usually finding that one of my lovely work colleagues have it).

    Jesse Watson had squid problems at the beginning of her voyage as well. I hope that they don't eat too much. Maybe they've hopped on board to see what you've got to offer in the way of yummy food.

    Well my dear, do take care of yourself. It sounds like you have been able to get a little shut eye which is good. You get sleep however you feel the most comfortable.

    Keep safe Abby. Warmest wishes. Jan Pace (Auckland, New Zealand)

  104. Good luck Abby, you are one of many very brave sailors out there having a go, may the wind be kind to you and the oceans smooth, I will be following your blog every day. I come from the land down under, give us a waive when you pass.
    Gods speed and stay safe
    Cam & Annie “H”

  105. Hi Abby, I am enjoying your blog about your adventure. I am glad you found a second pen. Much of the time I think we forget some of the simple stuff. With your trip I remember reading of the adventures of Shackleton and Amundsen and the detail to make sure everything was correct. No Sun and no battery the second pen will come in handy. We ran into flying fish on my way down to McMurdo sound back in 1971. God Speed

  106. My wife and her first husband sailed the South Seas. She says she became best friends with the moon on long lonely night watches. Her son and family are cruising now in New Zealand. I kept the daughter-in-law sane by sending her the news headlines every night. She felt disconnected from the world. I would be glad to do the same for you. I'm just a farmer and arm chair sailor, but I'm already enjoying following your progress on a big world map. Stay vigilant. Take care. Keith in Bakersfield, California

  107. Abby, sailing South to the doldrums,Minoru Saito is now sailing Nourth to the doldrums. Could there be an encounter? This is the same trip for Saito that crossed paths with Zac.

  108. Hi Abby,
    keep up them dodgers,
    Jony the Pony

  109. Abby,
    I've never sailed, but your story fascinates me. You are a brave young woman and it is a pleasure to hear your story as you go along. Keep the good spirits up and best of luck in your journeys! Have a great time!


  110. hi Abby , my name is Alec and I am 12 and my famlily went to China to get my baby sister, her name is Bria. I got to travel the world and I am interested in your trip. by

  111. Abby,
    My eleven year old and I here in St. Louis, MO are tracking your progress and keeping you in our prayers! Watch out for those squid!

    Ron & Maryssa Rigdon

  112. I dunno...if it was me I'm thinkng a little beer batter and some hot oil for that squid...calimari.

    I'm sure you brought along a deep fryer...I mean, why wouldn't you?


  113. HI Abby:

    I hope the wind picks up soon...hang in there.

  114. Hey Abby,

    I hope you've settled in and am getting some type of sleep. As you sail south then east your time is now going to get later and that alone will screw with ya! Please sail safe and fair winds. Post some pics when able!!

    SH NY

  115. Hi Abby,
    It's wonderful to read of your travels. I wish you the best of luck, and can't wait until I see the final posts about how it was pulling back into port!

    We are following your blog from work...and think it amazing what you and Jessica are doing! Godspeed!

  116. Good morning, Abby!

    I can only imagine how bright that perigee full moon must have been for you last night out on the open sea!

    Tonight is the official full moon... Enjoy!

    And Godspeed!

  117. Oh I cannot even imagine school books on a journey like yours. My husband and I in Boise, Idaho are following your journey and thinking of you out in the big blue ocean every day! Good luck!

  118. Abby,
    Watching every day with great interest. US Naval Officer here on the East Coast. Checking "where's Abby," is part of our daily routine in the office. GOOD LUCK, and if you see a big gray ship out there flying a US Flag, call'em up and say hello!
    -First Sea Lord

  119. Wow! Stumbled across your blog (since it's listed as a Blog of Note) and boy, am I impressed! At 16 I think I was sleeping in late and being rude to my parents. What an inspiration! I can't wait to read your past journal entries as well as what's to come!

  120. On behalf of our entire crew, I would like to wish you a safe and exciting journey!

    Our readers at, as well as our thousands of friend on facebook are all wishing you good luck!

    All the best!!

    Zsolt Enzsol

  121. Abby,

    You rock! I start each of my middle school math classes each day with the map of where you are and highlights from your blog. My students and I are big fans...keep sailing, we're behind you!

    Ben Williamson
    Walker Middle School
    Marietta, Georgia

  122. I think what you are doing is really scary but you seem like you have it all under control. You are a good example to everyone that dreams can come true. Good luck and stay safe.


  123. Hi Abby,
    You 'sound' much better today. I am happy that you finally were able to get a good sleep.
    I could just sense all your excitement about hitting the school books. Good luck with that, seriously.
    It must be very frustrating not to have the wind instrument operating. It's like not having the fuel gauge work in a car. Hopefully it is just a connection that you will be able to fix.
    I hope the winds pick up soon for you. Please be safe and vigilant.
    God Bless you and your team and your family of course.

  124. Abby, If you're not going anywhere fast you can conserve energy by turning off your autopilot and lashing the tiller in the center with a couple of bungie cords (which I don't remember seeing on board) or use the blue sail ties. Tie them off to the stainless footrests with a slippery reef knot for quick release.
    Good Luck,
    Pieter K

  125. @Shawn Great idea regarding donating to phone minutes.

    @Taizo I wish you success and will pray for you as well.

    @Sunny Miller THANK YOU, I needed that as well.


  126. Good Morning Abby! Hope the winds are favorable for you today and that the sunshine is there to charge your batteries! Don't forget to do your school homework! Also, keep checking and rechecking your weather and calculations. Please read Psalm 34 and think and talk to the Lord about those verses when you are working through-out your busy day!

    Thad Miller - Jeffersonville, IN

  127. abby you're amazing!
    i support you fully and am convinced you will conquer this ocean.
    when you get back, read a book called Earthsea, if you haven't already. it's by ursula k. le guin. me pops told me about you 'cuz we both from the thousand oaks. don't let anything get you down. you are strong you can do it i believe in you!!

  128. Hey, I just wanted to say I'm really looking forward to following your journey around the world. Very exciting!

    I've been wondering if you'll ever get any "drops" of supplies or if anyone could sail out to meet you with a new pen, for example.

    Seth in NC

  129. @John in Sydney: Thanks for the kind words.

    You're the second person to ask about "the Australian Girl" in this post. So here goes (and I'll try to amend my ways.)

    My references to the "Australian Girl" are done in good humor. Prior to Abby's departure some people here got tired of hearing about Jessica (and I was certainly one who frequently mentioned her by name as I pointed people to Jessica's blog for all the latest on her trip -- which I've followed from before her departure).

    Back then some folks complained that "This is Abby's blog and so we shouldn't talk about this or that."

    Since I clearly wanted to continue to talk about Jessica, it became "that Austalian Girl" as in "that Australian Girl and her wonderful boat just survived 4 knockdowns in hurricane force winds in the South Atlantic."

    All the Best,

    - Grant Fjermedal, Seattle

  130. I was reading about crossing the horn, sailing around Cape Horn that is. Its said that making a successful crossing is the equivalent to climbing Mount Everest for sailors. Wow Abby! There's also a special organization only for sailors who have made the crossing. Pretty impressive if you ask me. Course no one will, LOL. Understand that I’m a combat veteran, and always considered myself a pretty brave soul. I’m not sure I’d have the courage to travel across some of the places Captain Abby is going. I am very impressed.

    There’s another young man who just made the news. 17 year-old Johnny Collinson has made the summit of the tallest peaks on every continent. Also know as the Seven Summits. Took the lad a year.

    In a world where the 15 to 25 year-old crowd spends the majority of their time sitting in front of a gaming console, failing out of school, engaged in petty crimes and vandalism and otherwise wasting the life away, I am so glad there are young folks like Abby, her brother, Jessica and others who have followed their hearts. Abby’s journey will inspire a handful of kids to achieve their own greatness. Kids who never would have thought to push the boundaries of their life save for her influence. Oh bother…here I go waxing profane.

    To all you who read this…follow your hearts. It doesn’t have to be sailing around the world or climbing every mountain. It could be as simple as going for a job you’ve always wanted but didn’t believe you get. Or even getting out of the house to walk in nature. A dream doesn’t have to be big to be great. And a dream once accomplished becomes a memory instead of a regret.

    What do we plant when we plant the tree?
    We plant the ship that will cross the sea,
    We plant the mast to carry the sails,
    We plant the planks to withstand the gales-
    The keel, the keelson, and beam and knee-
    We plant the ship when we plant the tree.

  131. Abby,....Congratulations on making it into Wikipedia!

  132. Hi Abby.
    Continue to track you day to day as you trek due south.
    Seen the Southern Cross yet? The first time is so memorable.
    Look slightly to the east of 180 true around midnight (about 160 true). Should see it about 10 degrees above the horizon. Pointers will be up about 2 hours later, just to the left of the Cross. Cross and pointers will be up until dawn. At your pace, about 100 nm/day, it will be about a degree and half higher each night.
    Everyone is familiar with the sky wheeling from east to west, but its movement from south to north as you are southbound is less known and is a subtle proof that the earth is a sphere. If it was flat, there would be no movement.
    More on the southern heavens later.
    Enjoy, and G-d speed.
    B.C. Hofeld
    Grand Terrace, Ca.

  133. Andy-n-Lindy from OaklandTNJanuary 29, 2010 at 11:45 AM

    Have enjoyed following the beginning of your journey. For us, it's a journey too. We pray for your safety.

    May your sails be mighty and your winds behind you. God's speed, Abby

  134. @John and Louise: Thanks for the links to the various weather maps.

    You might want to take a look at

    This site has been suggested by Grant and others before and I'm "re-posting" the suggestion.

    The data there is presented in a manner that is relatively easy to read. Other bloggers might want to save the link as well, as it will give them a pcture of the weather that Abby is either dealing with at the "moment" and/or provide a look into what she will have to deal with on her projected route.

    Steve in California

  135. Hi Abby, It is so interesting to read your blog and follow your progress. Keep up the blog please. I wish you the very best and good sailing.

  136. what to you do with your free time? How about fishing.

  137. Abby's Wikipedia page has the recent history of "youth solo sailing circumnavigations". It gives you a good understanding of where Zac (Abby's older brother) and Jesse Martin (youngest solo record holder) fit in with the current crop of soon to be legendary girls sailors.

  138. Fair winds, following seas and good luck. I'll enhance it with a prayer for you everyday! If my grand daughter, Abby, gets wind of this we may have another sailor out there soon.

  139. Please give Grant Fjermedal, Seattle, a break on the "Australian girl" thing. Grant has been an early and long time supporter of both Jessica Watson & Abby Sunderland's solo circumnavigation attempts. Long before many current visitors to these young ladies' respective blogs were even aware of the sailing expeditions, Grant was cheering them on with sound technical advice and kind words of emotional support.

    This blog, as well as the one maintained by the "Australian young lady", are richly served by the regular postings of Grant, RichieParis, Michael(75) from Kingwood, Bob from Seattle, 45 31 0.02 N, 73 39 0.02 W, Brian Riley, SaltyDog and a few others. I don't even necessarily agree with everything they write, but I never question the sincerity of their intent!

    Grant et al, if ever I should choose to embark on such a voyage (ain't gonna happen...nowhere near the sailing skill of these 2 young women), you may feel free to call me anything you want just as long as you offer me the same amount of unconditional support!

  140. Following your journey along with Jesss from Aus. on her voyage. It's great to follow you both on your trips. I'll keep following and you keep sailing (safe) Good Luck.
    Ft. Lauderdale, Fl.

  141. Hi Abby! Cindy here from - All of us at E3Live are rooting you on and hope you get some wind soon! We put up a special icon on our homepage just for you that leads people to your website and blog - hoping to send you lots of traffic and new fans! Love, your E3Live Family :) :) :)

  142. hi Abby

    All the best on your journey!

    I agree, if the squid are just throwing themselves on deck, what an easy, delicious and nutritious meal! Salt and pepper calamari yum! :)

    Take care & keep safe.

    Tom, Sydney

  143. What an amazing voyage & adventure!!! God Bless you Abby! I pray that the wind will be steady and the sun will come out again so that everything gets charged up. As for the squid, well, I have to PAY for mine when I want to make a little "Calamari & Linguini", ( a little garlic, olive oil, salt & pepper and those heaven-sent calamari/squid)...
    Stay safe!!

  144. I wish for you the best and my prayers are with you.
    Your New Orleans support,

  145. This "SQUID" talks too much. Time for him to dive deep back into the ocean!

  146. With no wind I guess you could slack time you even get ahead in school work :) Just a grandpa thought. Glad you found another pen, maybe more wil turn up later. Good sailing. Bob in Tucson

  147. To Bruce Watt (Rosebud)

    In support of Grant Fjermedal of Seattle, we think you have the wrong idea with his reference to “That Australian Girl”, we all know exactly what he meant. Several weeks ago on Abby’s blog there was much, and at times almost heated, discussion about the two girls, especially the comparison bit, and some people got upset at the number of times Jesse was mentioned on Abby’s blog. Now we would not like to isolate these two that would almost pit one against the other. These are two amazing girls doing amazing things, and we can surely support both.
    Grant is a long term supporter of Jessica’s blog, and a regular contributor, and his reference to “That Australian Girl” was in no way a put down on Jessica. We hope that clears things up for you.
    Cheers and best wishes,
    Faye and Max (Mulgrave, Vic, Aus)

  148. The reality of this quest is that many many many more people climb Everest each year than circumnavagate the globe.. and to go round solo is even tougher... and then to add on top of THAT the non-stop and UN ASSISTED aspect makes this journey for Abby ( and Jessica and everyone else who has this on their plate ) one of the PINNICLE achievements for a sailor. I can think of no greater undertaking... No larger task... What other thing would take such a huge amount of prep work and a team to assist in weather plotting and gathering supplies and logistics etc. And then to do this at the young age of 16. For those of us who SAIL our boats in the local water of our local ocean or bay or lake... This is TOTALLY AWE inspiring... I can not imagine how large a task this looks to the folks who know nothing or next to nothing about sailing.

    Some of us live the dream vicariousally.. and though probably will never even attempt such a great journey, wish we could...

    So.. YOU GO GIRL!!

    Keep us posted when you can... and enjoy your journey.

    YOU GO GIRL!!!!!

  149. I am now following your progress as well as Jessica Watson's. Your boats are so different it will be interesting to follow your progress as Jesses boat is alot slower than an open 40. You may end up finishing at the same time!!!!

  150. G'day Abby
    We the sandgropers from Western Australia are hoping that you have a ripper trip around the earth, and I hope you have a beaut race with our girl Jessica Watson who is now just past the halfway mark. The kiddies have been following Jessicas progress and now we'll keep an eye on yours, good luck with everything and we hope you have a save sail back to your home port..... see ya
    Carl,Tania,Jacko,Sarah,Harrison,Oscar and Chase.

  151. Thanks Grant

    I know its hard not to write about both girls on the Two Blogs.

    They are both doing an amazing job


  152. dear abby I`m following your trip from a cave by the beach where I live in Punta ballena, Uruguay,Since I have sail for 18 months in the caribbean I can feel what are you into I admire you for your courage and I cherrysh you every day. send yo my love

  153. GO ABBY!!
    have been watching your progress daily.
    you're in my thoughts and safe!
    Laguna Hills, CA

  154. To Grant,
    "The Australian girl" Jessica Watson would be disappointed to hear that there are those that said to you this is Abby's Blog, and are not able to broaden there horizons, and support both These fine young adventurers. Keep calling Jessica by her name,I have read all your sailing experience answers, and you are a fine person with a lot of sailing knowledge.

    Below is an exert written by Abby, if it is good enough for Abby it should be good enough for everyone, in all my years sailing did I ever refer to another sailor by there country.

    "Congratulations to Jessica Watson on rounding Cape Horn! She's done an amazing job and I hope the rest of her trip goes as well as it has so far. I also recently heard that Laura Dekker is now being allowed to go on her trip. I wish her the best of luck, I don't know her personally but she seems like a great kid! "

    Brian Riley
    Hervey Bay. Queensland. Australia.

  155. Well, it's good to see that you are starting to settle into a routine and, more importantly, starting to get some sleep. I hope the sun comes out so you can recharged your batteries.

    Enjoy the warm weather while you have it, I don't envy the cold you are going to have to endure by the time you hit the cape.

    Good luck and stay safe.

  156. Abby, So glad you found another pen! What about pencils? I was worried about that single pen you had for your months of travel. I wouldn't be able to make it with only one writing tool! (I'm an art teacher)
    Wishing for winds for you from Iowa!

  157. Good luck with your trip you will soon get all the wind you can handle.

    Tony from Texas

  158. Kath, Qld, AustraliaJanuary 29, 2010 at 4:33 PM

    Hi Abby,
    glad to hear you found another pen. Best to try & get some school work done if you can rather than leave it until the last minute like my kids used to do! Although if you don't get any done I guess you have a pretty good excuse :).
    Powdered eggs eh...........they don't sound overly appealing so I'll take your word for it that they taste ok :).
    Wishing you all the best.
    Stay safe X.

    P.S. I'm another Aussie who was a little taken aback by Grant's "the Australian girl" comments, but have since read his reasons. Grant, your posts show that you are far too mature to cave in to the likes of someone so childish that they'd even suggest that Jessica was being mentioned on Abby's blog too often!
    I'll bet Abby doesn't mind! If anything she's probably only too happy to hear about Jess's journey so far (although I'm sure she knows more than we do anyway!:)).

  159. Just wondering the status of the wind instruments. Please let us know when they're back up and running. Losing instrumentation makes it tough!

  160. Thank you for sharing your adventure with us,its so good to follow.Here's to all the wind you need and smooth sailing for you.

  161. My husband and I are wishing you well and keeping up with your blog and how you are faring. Thank you for posting your everyday activities; it gives the rest of us a better idea of what you go through out there and how you feel. This is quite an undertaking for you.

  162. Abby, you and your family are in my prayers as we follow your journey. I cannot offer technical advice, so my sole comments will be limited to "Go ABBY!".

    @ Grant Fjermedal--I have loved following your postings here, and with Jessica. I continue to be learn from the many things you write and your insights. Thank you.

    @ RichieParis, Michael(75) from Kingwood, Bob from Seattle, 45 31 0.02 N, 73 39 0.02 W, and SaltyDog : You all are awesome! I get as happy reading your posts as I do the posts from our intrepid sailors.

    Amy O.

  163. I can only follow one blog at a time- while I support both girls with prayers and cheers of go, go, girls- I am overwhelmed by the courage and determination of one,let alone two-

    I have not seen today's blog posted yet- I pray everything is going well and hope to hear the latest tomorrow- Godspeed Abby

  164. Yo Abby,

    You are miles out at sea, and will be for months. So you don't have to pull out the homework - unless the plan is to throw it overboard. Enjoy this adventure. School will be there when you return.

    Go Hard!!

  165. Barrington High School Sailing Club wishes you well, Abby!

    How do those squid get on-board??

    Barrington, IL

  166. as a sailor, i commend you,me and my girlfreind are keeping track, and getting kids involved with your voyage,and seeing your voyage come to a safe completion good luck, luc and nina

  167. Since this is now the official "controversial" blog, I have many subjects I'd like to get into. Let's start with _________________!.........Just kidding.

  168. Abby

    My wife and I are living your trip vicariously with you and wish you all of the best. Please let us know where you are with each blog. Maybe some GPS coordinates once in a while - or a description of how far you are from an island. We are excited for you.

    Are you active on the amateur radio at all?

  169. Abby,

    I am enjoying following your brave journey,
    from Oak Park, close to your Thousand Oaks home.


  170. congratulations on getting a blog of note. awesome. its like winning an oscar, lol. seriously though, good job. you have lots of posts---keep up the commitment.

    sailing solo? very daring.

    ever hear of adsense? (
    with all the people checking out your site i'm sure you'll get a nice bit of cash flow.

    if you're ever up to it, feel free to check out my site and comment.

  171. You could figure out your speed with your GPS cordinates and a calculator :-P. Hows that for homework!

  172. To Grant Fjermedal I accept your explanation, thank you very much. There was another comment also made in addtion to those on this page from Turin - Italy listed on a previous posting. So not just John & I, and to Faye and Max, I am 5th generation Oz so I will defend all our Aussies regardless of chosen sport.I make no apologies for this. Finally I agree with Brian Riley; sailors learn from each other, and to deny them access to the experience of the other is indeed folly. In the meantime I wish you well Abby, go girl.

    Bruce Watt
    Rosebud (Vic)

  173. Good Luck!!!!

  174. 01-30-10 @ 02:50
    Hi Abby,
    Just dropped in to say hello and wish you some more luck, can never have to much of that. I hope things are going well for you, have you had anymore visitors lately? Enough is enough. Yes????
    I tried that powdered milk and found that if I doubled the suggested amount that it wasn’t to bad, but I still prefer my ‘Silk’. Did you bring any of that freeze dried ice cream with you, I remember you mentioned that once and I couldn’t believe it. I’m an ice cream addict (or was) and I could imagine ice cream in such a state tasting very good. I’m still willing to try it if I ever come across it. LOL….
    Not much going on back here (of course here is across the US from your home town) but it is bitter cold.
    Where are you located now (roughly) , the last position we had on you was about 15nms from Guadalupe Island, and that was last Tuesday. I figure that if you had a good wind that maybe you’re down around LaPaz. Yes????? I said maybe. Lol In case you didn’t notice, I’m not much of a navigator.
    How are your little problems coming along, any luck with them?
    Well Abby, I hope you’re eating well and drinking lots of liquid. You’ll need to hydrate yourself because in the colder areas you won’t feel like drinking cold water. Can’t blame you for that. I’m sure your nutritionist and your Mom told you all about that. Just remember to stay clipped on and be cautious at all times. I know, I know…..nag., nag, nag. We don’t want anything to happen to you.!!!!
    Really would love to hear from you, Yes, Yes??????
    Take good care of yourself and have fun.

    May God hold you in the palm of His hand and may the Angels keep your sails full, and I, I will be praying for you.
    Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

  175. wow your journey sounds so much fun.

  176. That's really amazing what you've done so far already. You've made a lot of headway already. Keep on goin'

  177. Hi Abby, i just love a good sailing story, and at the moment we have a great double. Wishing you good sailing for your journey.
    Rayn from Australia

  178. G'morning Abby...
    Just checking on you this am. Hope you've got wind in your sails and first light on the horizon. Thinking of you..


    Indianapolis, IN
    (39*50'17"N, 86*9'21"W)

  179. Well--Abby NC has received the expected snow fall. Hope the winds have picked up! I am enjoying following your journey on your blog and the map!
    Take care-----
    Scotty Mac

  180. Hi Abby, We are in Ohio and enjoy your blog very much. We follow your journey every day. Be safe and remember we will keep you in our prayers. Grace

  181. @Grant and all (too many now to count, sorry)
    OK, the controversy file is closed. Grant never meant dividing (it doesn't look like him), but possibly he has been tempted by being a little bit too much "politically correct". No harm done.
    Between sailors (real and virtual), we can call a cat, a cat. So let's all refer to Jessica and Abby; it will be shorter, easier, clearer. Two girls thrown (by their own decision) in similar exciting, difficult and dangerous challenges. Both deserve and receive support.
    Of course their voyages are different (home harbour, routes, boats, weather they will meet, technical choices, etc). We are allowed to discuss every detail, exchange opinions, that's part of the game.
    But all of us, and I would say over 100%, are dearly wishing both will do it, and (or first?) come back safe. This is about sailing, not boxing; and in a circumnavigation, you bet your life in some way. It is not like football, basket ball, tennis or most of other sports, just games. (I am careful and let golf on the side, as CavesBeachAndrew, on behalf of all the golfaholics, will remind me that it is more serious than life). The question is not about winning a game, but achieving a goal. For me, Jessica and Abby are not even rivals, they are comrades in arms, and their real opponent is the Mighty Mass of Water covering our globe.

    Jessica has won her "One Tough Cookie" fabric diploma; Abby, we are waiting for your next to come achievements, with confidence.
    GO, GIRLS, GO!

  182. I know blogging is not a daily obligation, but I feel like a worried parent when I don't hear that you are ok at least once a day. If you aren't able to post, could your support team maybe post something on your blog that lets the rest of us know that all is well?

  183. A correction from an above comment. I said Jesse Martin was the youngest solo record holder; add nonstop and unassisted to that. Michael Perham from England is the youngest with stops. So it's possible both Abby and Jessica could end up with long held world records. One could be nonstop and the other with stops. We'll never know till the fat lady sings. Then comes Laura Dekker from Holland, who besides being much younger, is planning to depart this September. So if Abby finishes in July, us circumnavigation blogaholics will only experience withdrawal pains for 2 months. No sweat.
    Thank you Abby for your part in this amazing adventure. As you can tell from us "adults", we love it!

  184. i can't believe the fact that ur actually doing what ur doing! Way to go girl! I'm definitely gonna follow ur progress and give u company!

  185. Be safe on your adventure. I'll be following you from Miami!!!!!!

  186. Hi Capt. Abby!

    Remember, when you get back to land, I will cook a nice Paella for you, with some scurvy squids in it. Just has to visit us in NJ. I am sure your parents are so proud of you and you should be proud of them in supporting you in this amazing trip. My grandpa (dad's side) from Puerto Rico was a boat builder like your dad. I was always looking and helping how he built them. Learned about sailing any type of small vessel. Thought that someday I will sail the seven seas...

    Now, my 8 years old daughter is tracking your trip, it will help her to learn more about geography and oceanography and to tell friends and school students about your journey. Keep cruising!!!

    Janet A.-H. Puerto Rico/NJ

  187. I agree with Donald Shade comment ... I worry about you as if you were my own daughter and reading your daily entries so far have been exciting and but also "comforting" to know that you are doing OK.

    I admire you pursuing your dream at only 16! Your parents did an amazing job raising you and your brother. You are both such good role models for the young today. Thank you for sharing your "dream" with us.

    Best wishes for safe sailing.

    Mom in New Hampshire.

  188. We are watching your progress here in Phoenix and are amazed by your courage and fearlessness. You may not know it but your exploits will inspire many other young women. You go, Girl and know that there many people who admire you.

  189. I'm with Donald Shaed on this one- I keep checking, looking for some word- someone please post something,so we can stop worrying-- parents worry, whether about our own kids or not-it's
    what we do as parents- My prayers and positive thoughts are with you today- God Bless

  190. Safe sailing Abbey, some of us are sitting on the edges of our chairs and probably will be till you are back in your home port, it's such a long way around.
    I have a windmill that feathers itself when the wind is blowing too strongly - I am wondering whether battery wind generators do the same thing to save themselves from falling apart - Can somebody put me straight? I am concerned for Abbey's batteries in a blow if there is a lack of solar power generation - concerning the boat's automatic steering system and heavy weather and the possibilities of low batteries. The battery power to be running low so soon set me thinking.

    Take care we all mean good, Fred of Queensland

  191. Watching you from the Grand Canyon, safe journey throughout. Does anyone know if Abby radios in, and if so at what time and frequency.

  192. The thing that sets Abby apart is that, as she has written and her Dad has declared, they are born again and walk with the Lord. God has clerly shown them that what Abby is doing is His will for her. So when there are no blog postings for ages, and her email has to be removed, or there are problems with wind instruments or batterries, or when Abby is tired and might be hand steering, we have to simply trust Jesus to be in control of the situation. These challenges are there to test our faith in Jesus and in the power of our prayer - its not a real test of our faith in Jesus to Believe when everything is going perefctly - the real test of our love for Jesus is when we are tested when things are going wrong. At this time therefore we all must seek His guidance because only Jesus is actually there with Abby on the boat and only Jesus can show her the Way.

    Sister in jesus

  193. I am contacting you from Raleigh NC where we now have a few inches of snow. As a high school teacher, I appreciated your comment on considering getting into your school books for lack of anything else to do. Keep up with your studies and enjoy the trip!

  194. Run the engine in neutral to recharge the batteries.

  195. RichieParis, well said. Abby and Jessica have done nothing but show total support and respect for each other. They are both very mature and a couple of class acts. I would hope that all of us “older” bloggers could bring our maturity level up to that of these two outstanding 16 year olds and show them both the same support and respect that they show for each other. I'm wishing for the same thing that both Abby and Jessica are. A safe and successful solo circumnavigation for them both.

    Abby, I hope that you’re settling into a comfortable routine. I imagine that the first few weeks are very challenging while you establish that routine in addition to working the bugs out. It will come. By my amateur interpretation of the weather charts, it looks like you have relatively light winds and 6 to 10 ft swells out of the west. It sounds like Wild Eyes does pretty well in light air but she would love a bit more wind to really get out and run. Hope it picks up a bit for you soon. Have fun, Abby, and I’m looking forward to your updates.

    From Seattle, WA, USA

  196. Oklahoma is cheering on you! I am keeping up with your blog and it's so exciting to know your progress and that you are okay! Have fun!