Friday, April 9, 2010

47 South and 59 Farenheit!

It has been a nice day out today. I've had about 25 knots most of today and have been moving along nicely close hauled and going about 7.5 knots. It was really warm today. It got all the way up to 59 degrees out! I had to take my sweater off!

Things have been pretty normal out here lately, I've lost my hair brush again, my boots are still wet, and I still haven't caught any fish. Since I don't have a whole lot to write about tonight I thought I'd answer some questions from the blog.

How is the school work going?

School is going alright although I actually haven't done much at all. There always seems to be something more urgent to do out here. I know sailing around the world alone may not really be the sort of thing that will help me when I get back to school or in college, but, I am learning a lot out here even if I haven't been doing much history and science.

What are you eating and will there be enough if the trip is longer then expected?

My food is pretty much all Mountain House dehydrated food with some dried fruit, nuts, energy bars and, of course, chocolate! I haven't eaten nearly as much as my mom, Kristi Morrell, my dietician, or Melanie from Mountain House thought I would be eating. So I will still have plenty of food if the trip is longer then expected.

What system do you use to get Internet, how long can you be on the Internet?

I have a Thane and Thane Sailor 250 satellite system to go online and I can go on pretty much go on whenever I need to. I get charged by the megabyte so I do have to be careful not to use too much. GMPCS has sponsored me for some of my airtime which really has helped alot so thank you again to GMPCS!

Well, its pretty late over here, so I'm going to get to bed.



  1. Internet out at sea is cool. How fast is it?

  2. School work!!!!! Hah....your are learning more than most people 3 times your age! Keep up the good work Abby. We are very proud of you and all that you have accomplished so far.

    Dave D.
    Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii

  3. Oh Abby, I bet all the moms out there will have a fit when they hear your boots are still wet and you're not eating enough!! Be prepared for some Mommy-type concern! Meanwhile, what news of how Wild Eyes is bearing up? How much time do you spend on deck? Do you hand steer much or leave it mostly to the AP? Today you say you're going to windward in 25 knots and making good speed - what sails are up, reefs in, etc? Don't forget there are lots of keen sailors following your adventure and wishing you well - so please keep the info coming.

  4. Be sure to let us know if you see any marine life, such as the south Atlantic right whale, sea lions, sea tigers or sea bears, oh my!! Be safe.

  5. Dear Abby:

    Always nice to hear from you even if nothing much is going on because it means you're safe and sound.

    I love your attitude!: "School is going alright although I actually haven't done much at all"

    I am going to use that at work. When the boss asks me how my work is coming along I'm going to say: "My work is going alright although I actually haven't done much at all" Please pray for me at work cuz I'm praying for you at sea!

    All the best to you,
    Wayne Wild I. Moraga, CA

  6. Captain,

    You are doing well. Glad that both auto pilots are working. My prayer is that you will stay safe, catch some fish and be able to take that warm shower. Stay sharp out there and set goals for your school work. A little at a time is better than procrastinating. Not preaching..just some advise.

  7. Skipper, thanks for the update and the Q & A. It is always so refreshing to read your blogs and to know that you are doing fine. Not to worry about your school stuff, you will have a lots of time when you get back and after all the TV and Radio interviews, Ellen, Oprah and late night TV shows:)

    As always, I wish you fair winds and following seas all the way to Cabo.

    Old salty USN(Ret)

  8. Thanks Abby.
    Steady sailing.
    Richard (QLD) Aus

  9. Your living my dream. Keep on keepin' on....

  10. Abby,
    You are doing great. Fair seas!!
    If someone on your team has a chance, please describe your watermaker setup. Thanks.

  11. Hi Abby,
    Just wondering if you ever get seasick from spending time below deck. Do you take any medications to prevent you from becoming seasick?

    I had an awful experience & got very sick one time when it was rough, and to this day, just the thought of being below, hearing the rigging slapping the mast & smelling diesel makes me nauseous.

    Any tips on how to avoid seasickness?

    Thanks & good luck!!!

  12. Have a great sleep, you are truly an inspiration... God Bless

  13. Hi Abby,
    It's amazing how you are still sooooo upbeat! Seventy some days into this, you're still sounding "as fresh as the day you started". You are one in a million! Keep blogging girl. We all love to hear everything!!

    Charlie C in Colorado

  14. Abby,

    School is all around you..
    Stay safe, Dusty

  15. Thanks for the update and great to hear all is well :) I love seeing any news you have to offer. I'm with ya! Great to hear from you always Abby!

  16. Anyone following this blog can see you growing more mature by the day. You left CA as a 16 year old and I think that you'll return as a 26 year old (not physically but mentally).

    Don't worry about studying. It is hard to study history when you are busy making history.

    Does your science book cover ocean fishing? You might want to flip over to that chapter. :-P

  17. 04-10-10 @03:23
    Hi Abby,
    Thanks for the up-date, always glad to hear from you, your speed and the wind sounds good to me, if that’s maintained you’re looking at 180nm’s per day. But we know that will change from time to time.
    I can get past the hair brush but the wet boots bother me, have you tried any newspapers, I realize you don’t get the Sunday papers out there, lol….or some kind of absorbent materiel. Stuff some towels inside them and after awhile remove them let them air out and then stuff towels in again and switch off. I hope you have some foot powder to help keep your feet dry, but you know this stuff don’t you…….Yes, of course…lol…sorry!!!
    You and Jessica just don’t seem to have any luck fishing, what is it with you gals. Hopefully you’ll do better later on.
    As far as the schoolwork is concerned, maybe you’re not gaining classroom knowledge, but you are learning things not taught in a classroom, and you are keeping your mind alert and sharp by what you are learning, and constantly absorbing. IMO……So keep up the good work and keep learning about life………
    With a Mom and a Mum together I couldn’t imagine any mis-calculation on the food stash…ha, ha, ha.
    Your electronics are a way over my head, but I will say thanks to GMPCS for helping you with the usage for all your little chit-chats +++++

    Just checked the “Where’s Abby” chart and it looks like you’re making some pretty good time. I like that chart…How far North will you be going?
    Well you get to bed now and get a good rest, stay warm, dry, keep your tummy full and drinks lots of liquids…..Please!!!!!

    May God hold you in the palm of His hand and may the Angels keep your sails full, and I, I will be praying for you.
    Your faithful friend, fan and follower.
    Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

  18. Hi Ya
    Miss Abby
    I see you wrote blog today..... Always watching your blog..... Always checking...... Remeber good is always with you..... Trust the good inside of you it will never stear you wrong >:d< >:d<

  19. hi abby,
    at least you're on somehow 'normal ground' now.

    don't worry too much about school. true, it is essential as in you definitely need to go through it all and finish them
    but when you get on with your life, you will realize that you will be using what you have learned from practical experiences more and i'm pretty sure that the learnings and experiences now from your adventure will equip you much better in the 'real world' where it's all about strength of character, independence, confidence and courage to take on everything that life throws at you.

    i believe in your 'adventure' as a better teacher/classroom and we forget the detractors. :)
    sail on girl and have the time of your life. later on, you will always look back at it with longing and pride so while you're at it now, carpe diem - seize the moments and cherish every adventure day.
    you rest now so you'd be ready to face tomorrow's adventure. enjoy!

  20. Good to hear from you Abby. Your Mum has obviously put a lot of thought into your supplies and it seems to be very nutritious. I hope that your boots dry soon, that can be very uncomfortable. Sail safely and please enjoy your trip. Jeanp - Australia

  21. Hi Abby, Following your trip from Ventura Ca. Lots of fun to read and follow your trip. Can you do some more video soon I have only seen one post of yours with video. Would love to see another picture blog too. Thanks for sharing. Stay safe.

  22. Hi Abby!

    (As you already know) Sailing around the world WILL help you with school and later on college. You are practicing real life problem-solving skills on a daily basis. Go easy on yourself! Keep on pursuing your fun adventure.

    I love reading your blog. :)


  23. Dear Abby,
    I'm back home and it's good to be able to read your blog more regular. Congratulations to now being in the Atlantic Ocean. Sail on safe and keep up the good mood.
    Ingrid, Tyreso, Sweden

  24. I always go check the official site to see your progress. I'll bet it will be a treat to have reall food again at the end of your journey!

  25. Hi Babsy,
    Jess just ate one of them life forms that dared to jump on board!!!
    keep up them dodgers,
    Jony the Pony

  26. Hello Abby,
    I think I messed the last message up so I will try again. It is easy to think everything is under control then suddenly all hell breaks loose. Enjoy your break, stay alert,watch out for yellow skies ( wind) and sail safe.
    I love your blogs, You are helping an old blue water sailor relive his experiences.
    Sail safe, little one and Godspeed.
    Peter, Gold Coast.

  27. Abby

    Great to hear you still have you master plan together. I have read all the Blog comments over the past week or so. What is good your focus on your misson is there and you are sticking to the plan. You still have a lot to do to get to your goal and their are are a lot of people suppporting you (including Aussies). Mate, I wouldn't get to hung up on the schools work (blah blah) what you are doing at the moment is more of an personal education that the rest of us could even imagine REALLY. I can Guarantee when you get back home whatever you think you missed you will have the motivation and dedication to catch up on in no time.

    Keep going Abby and believe in yourself.

    Chris Canberra, ACT AUST

  28. Gidday Abbey
    Great to hear from you even if there isnt much to say.
    How is the Main Auto Piolet going did you get all the bugs out of it.
    Keep on Sailing Safe

  29. God speed Abby! Now go do your school work, sailing around the world is no excuse for not doing it. :)

  30. Feeling warm when it's 59 degrees is something we Minnesotans can really appreciate right now, as spring is finally arriving! Blessings to you, Abby, and I hope you catch some fish soon. (Would love to hear about the fishing: what kind of fish, bait, tackle, etc.)

    Lori in MN

  31. your going to be home soon..that,s one fast boat..good luck from Cornwall Ontario Canada

  32. You are going to learn a lot on this wonderful adventure, so your studies are more than simply reading a book, but let me help you study anyway, OK?

    Then is for order: I will sail around the world then go to college.

    Than is for choices: I like eating cake more than lemons.

  33. Thanks Abby, for the update!

    Good Nite!

  34. Your adventure is truly awe-inspiring, so young and brave, only the sky's the limit you. Stay warm and well.

  35. "I know sailing around the world alone may not really be the sort of thing that will help me when I get back to school or in college, but, I am learning a lot out here even if I haven't been doing much history and science."

    Abby, I think sailing around the world with help you greatly in life! School and college too. A life time of real learning. You are a mentor for so many young ladies. My daughter included. Thank you! :)

  36. Goodmorning Abby, You sound good and glad to see that you are doing well. Keep up the good work and stay safe. Gail/Ventura

  37. hate to sound like a mom, but EAT!. keep that energy up, i know u are wrapped up w/the sailing and making sure everything is in working order ... if ya don't eat enough there goes your immune system... keep it strong. :-)

  38. Hi Abby, It warmed up to 59 that's chilly but considering your position, I understand also its good to hear you'll have enough food. You'd better get those school books out and at least make some effort to get your lessons done. I'm glad you're getting some of your internet time sponsored by GMPCS that helps you and your parents pocketbook. Are your parents going to be able to get to S.Africa or Austraila for a fly over or an on the water meeting? Stay Safe and Have Fun and when outside Tethered. 38.44"N/122.67W

  39. Go Abby!!!
    Kris and Connor Hamilton
    Killeen Texas

  40. Abby, you are an awesome young lady. You are tackling something that many men in this world would not dare to try. You are such an inspiration and I would hope a role model for young women everywhere. You will succeed on your journey both out to sea and in life. Keep on keeping on.

    Peace Be Abby. I am making much smoke for your quest.

    Tom Malmevik
    Everett WA

  41. Hi Abby... What a blog. Thanks for the answers.It gives us more of an idea of your situations etc. Glad to hear you are making time. Not very fast to a "land lubber" but probably is out there. DO take care and may the Good Lord keep watch over you. Love you.
    Blue Skies and Friendkly Seas.

    Bud and Charla Winnett

  42. Thanks for the update Abby! It helps me get through the day knowing how things are going out there for you (I have to live vicariously through your adventure)! It's good to know you have some creature comforts like chocolate out there too! And speaking of creature comforts; how is Charlie holding up? Is he a practical joker? Maybe he keeps hiding your hair brush! Have a great day Abby, with fair winds and smooth sailing!
    Kevin, Aiken, SC

  43. Morning Abby . . . were it me I wouldn't worry too much about the schoolwork . . . as someone else pointed out much of what you're doing to complete your journey is teaching you as much!

    I'd bet the extra warmth was absolutely divine even if it wasn't enough to dry your boots out. And, from my own experience . . . Mountain House foods are actually pretty tasty . . . they've come a long way.

    Well I should get going, I need to get to the gym so I can do my workout! Have an excellent day!

  44. Hi Abby!

    Glad everything is going well! Obviously your food groups are well represented in your food that you have on board... you even have Vitamin C (chocolate!!!). :D

  45. Hello Abby,

    My cat Benny came in at 0400 to see if was awake. Then about 10 minutes later, Cat Trina came in to rearrange what hair I have, so I decided to get up. Tom was waiting at the bottom of the stairs, trying to convince me that a 0415 breakfast would be better than the usual 0615 feeding. Instead, I wanted to check how things were going for Abby Wild Eyes. Very well, it seems. Meanwhile, the cats are playing a three-way game of chase, catch, and wrestle. Benny got a bit too rough with Cat Trina, and just lost a small patch of fur.

    We’re at about 47.5 N latitude, near Seattle, Washington, and each morning I notice the sky has a bit more light which tells me that you have a bit less. I almost feel as if I’m stealing from you, as you have a more harsh environment to deal with, but I also know that you and your support team will have factored old Sol into your planning, and that I can relax and watch you play out your epic trip. Having followed your blog from planning, boat purchase, launch, Cabo, and following, you have demonstrated that you will take care of business, and through your own skills and determination, show the best that a person can put up against Neptune.

    Stay strong, stay smart.


  46. Been following your progress - never posted until now. Want you to know I support what you are doing and you are in our prayers.

    Jim in Texas

  47. Bob Gerrity, del mar, caApril 10, 2010 at 6:52 AM

    I know you are humble but the concept that sailing around the world alone won't help you in school is not true. School is theoretically supposed to teach you how to think, use your brain to process information. The lessons you are learning preparing for you trip and overcoming the obstacles on your journey are vastly superior to anything that can be learned in school.
    It is a wonderful experience for us on land to see experience how your mind works and how you handle adversity.
    In other words, thanks for schooling us!

  48. Abby: Thankd for the update. we've been....'wondering'. And praying. How have you been, emotionally? Sometimes that is the biggest challenge being alone for long periods of time. I know from experience. can you call home? On a phone?

    Ive been about setting up a fund where people who really want to help you, can donate money to offset dome of the cost? If I could get in touch with your folks, I'd be willing to help set this up. I'll try to put my email address on my 'blog site', in case they think this is a good idea, and can contact me if I can help. I know there are a lot of folks out here who want to be mroe invovled in this, and dont know how.

    Abby, take care and may the Lord Bless you. How will you dry out yoru boots? Wearing them wet will cause a rash - ask me how I know. Duh...
    that is miserable!!
    I've been watching the weather, and it looks good ahead. PTL!

    You've been prayed for today, and it will continue. Be safe and warm.
    Ron in Colorado

  49. Abby,
    I have just heard about your trip, and have been looking at all your information on the web sites. I find myself looking every day to see what progress you have made, and the conditions you have encountered. I can't tell you how many people dream of doing what you are doing. Thanks for fullfilling my dream through your "wild Eyes"

    Good Sailing,


  50. Hey Abby:
    Hair brush lost, again, boot still wet, still no fish. It sounds like your having a "glass half empty day". Well, all I can say is, Don't go there. Your sailing close hauled, witch is a good thing, It sounds like it's getting warmer,and your not doing your homework, witch in your situation is a good thing. Your learning much more out there than any book can teach you. You can always catch up when you get back home. Book smarts is one thing, but the experience your learning out there; all the books in the world can't teach you. Be safe, Be happy,and have a good time at it !!!!!!!!!!!
    Stay tied off when walking around. I know it's a pain in the &%#, But it beats watching your boat sailing away without you.
    Do you have a good survival suit on board?
    Woodrow Wilson from San Diego

  51. GO! ABBY! GO! GO! GO!

    If you get a chance:
    What is the hull speed for Wild Eyes?
    How tall is the mast?

  52. HAPPY SATURDAY Captain Abigail,

    I hope you are progressing as well as you did weekends off in your line of "work".Good luck finding the brush.

    Thought I'd take this opportunity to also thank your sponsor GMPCS who as you say "has sponsored me for some of my airtime".... after all this allows US to communicate with YOU more often I am sure. THANKS GMPCS.

    Have a great sailing day super sailor,
    john, Bay of Quinte, Lake Ontario, Canada

  53. Abby,

    You are an inspiration to many. You must have some great parents. I've read your brother did the same but with stops. But, at the end of the day he's a boy so its not as big of an eye opener.

    The fact that a 16 year old girl is doing this speaks volumes beyond belief.

    I'm totally in awe by your quest!

    You have so much courage!

    Stay strong, be safe and keep your daily prayers going.

  54. You're looking in very good shape from here, Skipper. 7.5 Knts, closed hauled, and presumably on the starboard tack. What fun! I always liked close hauled the best. Its the most fun point of sail. Just don't pinch Wild Eyes too much and she will make very good time. But you know all this, already. If the wind remains steady, I assume you will be coming around to the port tack sometime in the next few days. I hope you will keep us updated on a few of the sailing details.


    Steve L. from Modesto, CA

  55. Abby, sounds like good progress is being made.
    @anonymous- I got Grant's veiled subtle comment about the AP vs windvane using the symbolism of Jessie's kettle. Still no place on Abby's blog for that long-winded rehash (his upteenth time) of the fact that Abby should be careful with only one otto pilot with the backup for spares. He certainly might end up correct.... but enough is enough. How many times do you need to say it. Its team Abby's call and he needs to give it a break.... in spite of him taking complete credit for Abby's dodger I am sure. :-)
    Prayers for you Abby.
    Dwight in NC

  56. Hey Abby,
    Good to hear your updates and news. I think you'll get much more out of sailing around the world than you will out of a text book. You can always ready a book.. I'm enjoying your adventure and look forward to you everyday. Take care, be true to yourself, and enjoy all you can. I'm not sute about those wet boots tho.. haha
    Catch you later
    39*50'N, 86*9'W

  57. Hi Abby,

    Been following your adventure for about a week. Your parents must be so proud (and worried). Stay safe and know that people all over the world admire your spirit. I'll be checking in daily on your progress. Good luck!!!

  58. Sail on, Abby! Thanks for the update and for the inspiration.
    Port Charlotte, FL

  59. Hi Abby:
    I really enjoy your blogs and your fantastic adventure. As far as school, work you have a most excellent excuse, you are on a sail boat pitching, yawling, and rolling, plus the fact that you are sailing around the world. 80% of my 8th graders don't do their homework and they have no excuse at all. In my grade book, you have an A+++++, keep it going.

    Hugs, seattlesid.

  60. You're better than TV!
    Paula in Illinois

  61. Abby, I check for news of you each day on your blog. It's a good day when I hear from you and know that all is well. Stay safe honey.

  62. Hi Abby,

    I just found about about your adventure and I am just WOWED! You are fabulous and and a HUGE encouragement to me. You are living your dream and not letting anything (age/gender/rough waters) get in your way!

    You go girl!

    Enjoy every minute, sometimes I long for endless space and alone time - I think you got my share ... lol

    Chin up and embrace the sky for me.

    Sending lots of prayers for safety and happiness.


  63. I recently found your blog and have enjoyed following your adventures.

    Is there a way we can donate $$ to help pay for your internet service? If so, I would like to do that if you can send the info.

    Stay safe!!

  64. Bonjour Abby & Wild Eyes,

    Thank you and thanks GMPCS!

    Take care, Be safe.

  65. Abby,

    You must be amused
    by some of the background
    noise between a few of
    your commentors. I liked
    Dwight's entry today (the gentleman from
    North Carolina).

    Mike Perham's Dad knew best. He just sent
    a very nice personal email to
    a commentor
    to squelch any noise getting
    to Mike.

    I enjoy reading your blog
    from my smartphone.
    Stay safe.


  66. Dear Abby:

    You said in your blog that what you were learning out there wouldn’t help you much when you get back and go to college.

    Wrong !!!!!

    Your schooling is essentially the first 15-20 years of your live, and it prepares you for the next 60-80 years.

    Out there you must rely on yourself – which is one of life’s most important lessons. If there is a problem it is your problem, and you must overcome I – and I suspect that you get a lesson in self-reliance every day.

    Don’t get me wrong. Having an education and a college degree is really important. I have no doubt that you will complete your education and get a degree because anyone that has the drive to sail solo around the world has the drive to complete his or her education.

    Three cheers for you,

    Dennis Zentil
    Newbury Park CA

  67. Hi Miss Abby,
    I think that unless your hairbrush really likes to play hide and seek, you should look in Mr Charlie Pel's bags. He's complaining so often about the way his feathers are shaken by the wind, and he is a little narcissic, isn't he?
    About school, your little speech is not totally wrong, but it should be OUR speech, not yours! You are supposed to say "i'm doing my best, but with the auto pilots' repairs, the sails to sew, and all the maintenance, I couldn't do much of my schoolwork"... and we, tha armchair choir, would answer "no no, circumnavgating is the best school of life".
    But if you steal our part, what can we say???
    The only answer you are leaving open for us is "Though, you must absolutely work more than this, don't be complacent!". What does Dad Laurence think of that? I almost hear your Grandma: "ABIGAIL! (I suppose that when she is angry, she calls you Abigail), take your books and work!".
    Anyway, you are too busy to work much, we agree. But not even a little, I would say that it's not enough.
    Enjoy the warm weather while you can have some. You will have to go SOuth again in a few weeks...
    Fair winds, Miss!

  68. I've not ever followed anyone in your footsteps but have enjoyed your posts and look forward to seeing you meet your goals. This journey will shape you and provide life lessons that you least expect. I wish you well and will be thinking of you and your family as you sail the oceans alone. Take care of yourself!

  69. Hey Abby you go girlfriend--unbelievable what you are accomplishing and with such sound mind courage, confidence and maturity!!! I love reading your blogs and your writings are so interesting and informative. Having never sailed and being a totally sailing impaired person your writing is giving me a first hand account that I would have never received and I love that is is understandable too! I am so glad I heard your interview with John and Ken on KFI just before you left so I could travel with you! Anyway I am giving my family and friends daily input about you from your blogs and they are really enjoying it until I start dropping the sailing terms (that you use) in my descriptions then they start rolling their eyes! As far as school work I think you have been in school 24/7 and the course is titled: Sailing 101 with an emphasis on around the world. And as an educator if you need documentation, a report card/transcript just let me know but know so far I am giving you an A+ on the coursework you have submitted to date! Your next assignment is to sail on and blog on too!
    Hugs and joy to you and wild eyes too!

  70. Hey Abby,
    Great to find your info blog of 04/09, good job and continued smooth sailing. Your doing a great job.
    As I read in one of the other comments, not to worry about the home work to much, with the knowledge and experience you are getting it is indeed superior to anything you could be learning in school. Maybe not anything but what you are learning will make the rest a breeze for you.
    Hope your rest was great, and today is another fun filled day of history being made. Smooth sailing and stay dry and safe by all means.

  71. I'm not sure if this post today reads as subdued, relaxed or maybe even bored? :-)

    If bored, consider your got a flying boat in your hands. How about setting little goals within the main goal. That is, weather permitting, see how fast you can fly Wild Eyes within a 24 hour period.

    If I recall correctly, James Burwick, who did a circ. in his Open 40, ANASAZI GIRL ( he was attempting speed records from port to port), achieved 212 miles in a 24 hour period.

    I think you're at 150 miles +/- within a 24 hour period to date.

    In case you do get bored, maybe do some 24 hour sprints, again, weather permitting, and keep a tally as you go about achieving the main goal.

    Break the monotony if you will :-)

  72. Dearest Abby,

    It's always so lovely to hear from you. I'm pleased that the weather was warm enough for you to take your sweater off.

    I hope that you managed to get a few hours of shut eye. It makes a huge difference when you manage to get a decent sleep. I hope that those boots dry out soon. So pleased to hear that your cuts and bruises on your feet have healed.

    Today is my birthday so my lovely 12 year old made me breakfast. We're off to our niece Abby's - (yes her name is Abby too) dedication. But this Abby is only 5 months old.

    I hope you have a lovely day. Keep safe my dear and God Bless you. With warmest wishes and big hugs from Jan Pace (Auckland, New Zealand)

  73. If the college of your choice doesn't accept you with a full ride scholarship based on your deed and this blog alone, they'll be laughed off the continent. I'm a professor's wife; trust me!

  74. I can imagine that there is tons of food left. 6 months supply I take it would be / 3 full meals per day. I can just about force myself to eat two full meals per day. Normally live on one. I can see being out there cooped up, one is plenty with snacks througout the day if necessary. I remember Zac completely lost his appetite throughout his journey while onboard. Eating that English tin of sausage potatoes and beans or something, cold out of the can :-) I think he stretched just that over a 72 hour period.

  75. @Dwight, Grant deserves credit for his persistence. His concern in genuine and his observations are grounded in standard operating and safety procedures and deep experience. I am glad he is there watching out for Abby and Jesse. I'd rather they be told 20 times by Grant than have something over-looked that leads to a needlessly dangerous situation.

  76. Abby can go teach the flat earth people, that the earth is in fact round :-)))

  77. 04-10-10 @ 17:33
    Hi Abby,
    Well, how are you doing today, are you staying warm and working on them boots??? I hope you’re eating and taking in lots of liquids…yes???
    Glad to see that you’re making good progress. 200nm’s is very good, conditions must be great. I just hope it stays that way. You’re doing a great job and I hope you’re having lots of fun while you’re at it. You’ve got to take time to enjoy this cruise!!!! I enjoyed your Q&A session, that helps us understand what you are actually going through out there.
    So keep up the good work and have a good time doing it. How’s Charlie and Mr. Doggie doing. Hope you find your hair brush, got any spare forks…lol…

    May God hold you in the palm of His hand and may the Angels keep your sails full, and I, I will be praying for you.
    Your faithful friend, fan and follower.
    Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

  78. Abby I thought you might be thrilled to know that Jessica Watson is now in Australian waters. she crossed from the Indian Ocean at the South West corner of Australia yesterday. her Mum and Dad did a fly over although she hasn't reported that in her blog yet but will when she does her next post.
    Below are some links to Australia's newspapers reporting on Jessica's milestone. the Courier Mail / Sunday Mail is Jessica's home State of Queensland's newspaper where she had the full front page with a photo of her parents and the page was all highlighted in pink and she also got pages 4 and 5 full of artical's about her.
    "That's our little girl"
    April 11 Queensland Sundaymail
    April 10 National News

    You keep up the good work as well and it won't be long until you get your turn to dominate the news.

    Cheers, Barry
    Bribie Island (just down the road from Jessica's home at Buderim)

  79. Hi Abby,
    I'm a college professor and I GUARANTEE what you are doing will benefit you in college. I'd love to have a student like you in any of my classes!

  80. Hi Abby.
    You will learn more from your adventure than what you have missed from School. Hope your boots soon dry out and that disapearing hair brush returns. Eat well and try to get as much sleep as possible, you still have a long way to go.
    All the best.

  81. Zac and his sat phone, Abby and her hairbrush :-)

    1. tie the thing with a long piece of rope or something, to the mirror if you have one, or to a something so you don't keep losing it


    2. saw the thing in half, so you got two, even though they'd be small, they both should work.


  83. heh.

    You sure there are pirates lurking around cape horn? what do they hope to catch down there? A cold? :-)

    They'll need an Open 60 to catch our Abby.

    I think you mean the Horn of Africa, and not Cape Horn.;-)

  84. GO! ABBY! GO! GO! GO!

    In 1519 Magellan, five ships, and more than 200 men set sail from Spain to find a water route to the Spice Islands.


  85. Hi Abby,
    Be sure to get enough calories and stay hydrated. If you have to, count them so you know for sure you are getting enough. Eat even if your not hungry. What sort of exercise are you getting?

  86. Abby, sorry for the discussion continuing on your blog re: your autopilot. fyi, for Grant, Pauline or anyone else if you would like to continue feel free to email me at
    @anonymous. thanks for the update on the pirates, but it was actually 380 miles off of Djibouti, which is in the Horn of Africa, which is above Somalia, not Cape Horn. No need to upset people needlessly.
    Go Abby!!!!

  87. Hi Abby: Saw your story on television a few weeks ago, and found your website yesterday. So exciting to follow you. I know you are having a marvelous time and we as well as wel follow your trek around the world. My brother and 9 year old nephew are following your adventure as well and so appreciate your posts. You have a fabulously informative website - - WOW.

    Best of luck to you. You are in our prayers you brave girl.

    Nancy from Williamsburg, VA

  88. Capt. Abby, we dearly hope your day is as pleasant as ours and everything on board Wild Eyes functions as designed or better. You can brush your hair next week. Good wishes skipper! I want this said for the record: I Believe you have the most upbeat, sensible, positive collection of Followers of any adventurer-athlete ever to get on my radar screen Wow! You can't waiver with this bunch on duty.

  89. You'll be writing your own book soon.

  90. No, the pirate were captured off the horn of Africa not Cape Horn (which Abby just passed anyway). Sorry if you were joking...

    Go Abby go!

  91. Hi Abby

    For all of the people worrying about your school work –

    Here are your official grades for this semester as posted with the
    Los Angeles Unified School District : (this is a remarkable high school !! )

    Academics :

    Geography - A++
    Climatology - A++
    Oceanography - A++
    Seamanship - A++
    Home Economics - A++
    Computer Science - A++
    Deep Sea Fishing - Incomplete
    Physical Ed - A++
    English - A++
    Composition - A++
    Physics - A++
    Chemistry - A++
    Marine Biology - A++
    Religion - A+++
    Math - A++
    Music - A++


    Electronics - A++
    Photography - A++
    Sewing - A++
    Hydraulics - A++
    Knots - A++

    School Citizenship

    Attendance - A ++++++
    Appearance - A++
    Blogging - A++
    Community Activities - A++

    Abby you have earned an A++ average !

    Our prays and best wishes are with you

    <* ((((((>< Mariner Walt – Marina del Rey, CA

  92. Fair winds and following seas Abby! Oh and don't worry about the schoolwork, I know I would much rather sail around the world than do it. And besides, sounds to me like you're learning more out there than I am in school. Keep on sailing girl, we're all praying for you.

  93. I'm so glad you're doing so well Abby. I was wondering if you've read ADRIFT by Steven Callahan and SURVIVE THE SAVAGE SEA by Dougal Robinson. I'm rereading Robinson's book at the moment.

    Run for president, and you have my vote!

  94. the hijacking thing was off the Horn of Africa near Somalia NOT Cape Horn. Stay Safe and Tethered 38º44"n/122º67"W

  95. Sail on, Silver Girl.

  96. @Grant... woops, sorry. Congrats on the YouTube piece for Jessie. As I said before, BEAUTIFUL.

  97. Sail on, Abby, and Wild Eyes, sail on.

    May God bless you and keep you lifted up each day of your thrilling and adventuresome journey.
    These days of your sailing around the world will be for us to remember forever, you especially, dearest Abby, as well as your family, friends,and all of us bloggers.

    We're with you all of the way.
    Keep creating memories day by day.

    Love and prayers from North Carolina

  98. School work? You are learning more than any 16 year old could possibly sitting in a classroom all day (and this is coming from a mom and a past public school teacher)! You are making history and living science! We will pray for a fish to swim your way! Thanks for keeping us all up to date on your blogs. I find them fascinating!

  99. Hi Abby,
    Sounds like you're making good progress. Once you get right out into the Atlantic, South Africa will be on you in no time, and another milestone passed.

    Lucky no one will be dropping in unannounced, so you've got time to find the hair brush!

    Re your school work, you might not be learning a lot of information that will be useful in passing exams, but I expect your development in other ways will be invaluable to you when you return to full time education. Increased maturity, confidence, responsibility-taking, problem-solving ability - and more - will give you such an edge in everything you do in life. Most of us take quite a while to develop all thoe things, and of course some of us don't ever! Getting an education is just one way of helping acquire those skills - the knowledge or information itself is secondary - unless you're going to be a brain surgeon!

    I've seen your blogs change from when you first set out from California, and the changes show that you are maturing as you go along. So don't worry too much about the study timetable. It's just not that important.

    Stay safe and dry.


  100. No college is going to care about your school work nearly so much as they are going to care about a young woman with the drive, determination and courage that you have.

  101. So, Dude, how much is your internet time per Megabyte? I'd like to sponsor you for a MB or 2, or 3, or...

    ken in FW WA (connected to the Big Water via the Puget Sound)

  102. Hey Abby!
    My name is Skye and I'm ten years old. My dad met a guy, a friend of yours, and he showed me a few pictures of him working with you while you were in Cabo. My dad told me that his name was Jeff. Ring a bell?
    I am inspired by your journey around the world. In fact, I want to do that too (my mom and dad would probably prohibit me from doing that, though)! Instead, I want to go to all 50 states in the U.S.A. Still, that would cost a lot of money.
    You have become a big part of my life. I have told all my friends and classmates about how my dad met Jeff, and how he knows you. I am so excited for the day that you complete your long, perilous journey.
    Also, I have a question. Do you get really homesick sometimes? If I were you, I would be really sad, and I would be missing my family a lot. i think you are very brave to go on a trip like this!!!
    Well, I got to go because it's WAY passed my bedtime. If you get stuck somewhere, and you have nothing to do, can you send me an e-mail? Good luck on your quest!!!

    Skye 8-)
    El Dorado Hills, CA

  103. Hi Abby~

    I check your blog daily just to see how you are doing and your adventures out at sea. You are an inspiration to all. Keep up the good work and be safe.

    Keri in San Clemente, CA

  104. Having owned a 30' sailboat for six or so years I can tell you that everything that is lost aboard eventually makes its way to the lowest point in the boat. Your hairbrush WILL turn up, sooner or later.

  105. Hi Abby!
    You could write about if you give yourself rewards, like something you eat. Do you have food bags meant for one or two weeks? Are there presents from your family in them? Was there some easter specialty?

    Do you chat with ship captains over the radio?

    Jessica writes about this and answers all questions yes. Far away from Australia she experienced that they were very surprised to find a young girl alone out there. Have you experienced that? Close to Australia they will know you and be happy to chat with you.

    Ben, Sweden

  106. Abby,
    Most people read about're making history! How cool is this :)

    --Big Wave Dave

  107. There's more to life outside the four corners of a classroom. Experience is the best teacher. School sucks. :(

  108. Hi Abby, I checked to see if you had blog since friday and you must be busy and have not had a chance to blog. I hope everything is well with you. Have you found your hair brush yet? You have a wonderful day and I will check on you tonight or in the morning. You be careful and know that there are alot of us that worry about you and care very much. Be safe. Gail/Ventura

  109. Hey Abby, tell us your wind direction when you blog so we know what's going on out there and how you're sailing. Be safe.

  110. Hi Abby,

    It is great to hear from you again! Love your updates! Keep your chin up and know that we are all praying for you!

    Well wishes from Kansas

  111. G'day Abby. Thanks for the update. Your are doing incredibly well. Nice to see you making a bit more North too - and into some warmer weather for a bit.

    Jessica Watson has made it back into Australian waters, and may be expected to reach Sydney in about 3-4 weeks. Although she's passed under Cape Leeuwin in WA, there's still still has a lot of sailing to do in the Southern Ocean as she dips down under Tasmania. I guess you'll be passing that way as you head on out into the Tasman Sea, as well.

    Alessandro Di Benedetto has his little 20' boat back on track for a Cape Horn rounding too, so all is well with our intrepid RTW sailors - you're all doing brilliantly well.

    Go Abby and safe sailing from North Canterbury, New Zealand.

  112. can change the colour of the text or the background its so hard to read the blog.

  113. When can we see a video????

  114. with warmer weather i agree you need to get the cam out and take some pics.. also a tip on fishing... try baiting them in? you know lure them in then BAM hook line and sinker lol idk.. just make sure not to catch a large fish if you do cut the line and make sure to come up with a good fishing story far as school work and eating you should set goals i mean lets be real it must get really dull out there from time to time so set up times on when to do what... it will keep your mind sharp and from going crazy lol..anywho keeping a eye on where you are at keep it up! more pics more videos
    Josh.. indiana...usa..

  115. Greeting from North Carolina. Just found your blog and website. This is fantastic! Thanks for the updates and continued Happy Sailing!!!

  116. anon said..

    "can change the colour of the text or the background its so hard to read the blog"

    This request seems to crop up fairly often throughout the comments. You can take control yourself quite easily. Carefully note as follows:

    1. INTERNET EXPLORER [ step-by-step :-) ]


    Look at the top tool bar, where it says FILE | EDIT | VIEW | FAVORITES | TOOLS

    Click TOOLS then inside that at the bottom INTERNET OPTIONS

    then in the first tab [it should be GENERAL] at the bottom click ACCESSIBILITY

    in side that FORMATTING. Click the little box where it is "IGNORE COLORS SPECIFIED ON WEBPAGES"

    Click OK, all the way out.

    This will remove all colors on all websites [remove back ground colors, remove table border colors etc]. You will have no-frill colorless websites and everywhere, black type on white back ground. Again note. Everywhere you surf. Just uncheck that little box if you do not like it.

    Depending on your IE version just locate the accessibility button in options. Location should be the same on all versions.


    Click VIEW then STYLE select NO STYLE. This will remove all colors and all formatting. Meaning the neatly placed text and positions of everything lost. You will achieve black text on white background as required and it may be more useful as you can switch back and forth easily and just for this blog if that is your main concern.

    2. FIREFOX


    As above: TOOLS | OPTIONS then FONTS & COLORS. Under the ADVANCED button click COLORS button. In there uncheck [click the box with the tick mark in it] the "ALLOW PAGES TO CHOOSE THEIR OWN COLORS..."

    This will remove all colors from the page and retain formatting. Again, black text on white background for every site you visit. If you don't like it go back and click the little box to add the check mark to return to normal.


    Eaxctly as above VIEW | PAGE STYLE then NO STYLE. And as above this will remove all the colors as well as the formatting.

    3. RSS FEED.

    You can read (and be notfied automatically when Abby makes a new blog entry) via the browsers news feed reader. This will display the blog entries without the background color but not the comments (though that side it could configured to do so). Look on your browser tool bar or address bar for a little orange button with white "squiggles" in it that looks like this:

    Whenever it is orange when you visit a website, it means you can subscribe to that page and the browser will automatically check and notify you when there is new content on the page. In this case new entries on Abby's blog. Again. Not the comments though. You'll get to read only the new entries black on white as you require.

    4. Quick Cheat :-)

    Simples easiest (and lamest) if you must.

    (a)click the mouse in the middle of the page
    (b)go to the toolbar EDIT then SELECT ALL.

    voila !

    Make sure to not click anywhere on the web page, move the mouse to the scroll bar and use that to scroll. Clicking again in or on the webpage will return it to normal [lose focus].

    Simplest quickest but for that reason obviously less stable. Not exactly effort to re-do it of course.

    And there you have it. Today's Browser 101 class. Phew. No after all that, I HOPE CAN READ THIS ALL !! :-))

  117. You seem to be living a dream. Being a sailor is an honor.

  118. Hi Abby, Sounds like you're doing good. Sailing around the world alone will teach you that you can do anything you want to do. In fact i think you already know that from the small part of the journey you have made up to now. Education is great but there is no degree that will teach you what the journey your on will. Take care. TonyF

  119. Jerry Crosby near Columbus, OhioApril 11, 2010 at 8:14 PM

    I hope it is time for course 090 relative. Last I heard was that pirate activity had been as far south as 300 mile south of the tip of africa, So, it would be best to avoid the area.

  120. 04-12-10 @ 00:30
    Hi Abby,
    Just wanted to say hello and drop a little praise your way, (not to much though, have to save some for later…lol…). Looks like your clipping them nm’s off pretty quickly. I figure you’re heading Northeast to get away from some ‘weather’ that’s gathering ahead of you, but there’s no longs or lats markings on your “Where’s Abby” chart, so I can’t correlate between your chart and P/W. Oh, woe is me….lol….I’ll get you when you head due East. I take it for granted, since we haven’t heard otherwise, that things are all running smoothly…yes???…good, lets keep it that way now. Don’t really need for you to be having any problems, although you do a good job on them when you run into one. I would venture to say that your meteorologist did an excellent job of getting you around the Cape when you did, there was some ‘big time action’ there after you went through.
    Have you had any luck with your boots, how about the hair brush,…how about some fish……..holy moly lady whassamattau……
    I do hope you can do something with those boots, you just have to stay on them.
    Keep up the good work Abby, and stay alert and be cautious, and don’t listen to any rumors, remember, believe half of what you see and none of what you hear….
    Looking forward to your next blog….not rushing you…just a little hint…

    May God hold you in the palm of His hand and may the Angels keep your sails full, and I, I will be praying for you.
    Your faithful friend, fan and follower.
    Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

  121. You are so brave. Best of luck. God speed!

  122. what other books do you have on the boat besides the hobbit and school books?

  123. Here is the truth

    Jerry Crosby near Columbus, Ohio said...I hope it is time for course 090 relative. Last I heard was that pirate activity had been as far south as 300 mile south of the tip of africa, So, it would be best to avoid the area.

    Now here is the nonsense.

    May God hold you in the palm of His hand and may the Angels keep your sails full, and I, I will be praying for you.
    Your faithful friend, fan and follower.

  124. Gidday Abby,

    My internet has been down and so have not been able to follow your progress for a while. You are doing well and if you ask Jessie the time really starts to fly.

    Good Luck, stay safe,

    David and Una ........Beaudesert Queensland Australia

  125. You are doing so well. Hope you start to get the Jess following..............

  126. May God hold you in the palm of His hand and may the Angels keep your sails full, and I, I will be praying for you. FFSAKE
    Your faithful friend, fan and follower.
    Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV