Friday, April 30, 2010

Heading In

Another quiet day today. Just the day before yesterday I had up to 35 knots and the seas to go with it. Today I had hardly any wind and the little bit there was was coming out of the NE - exactly where I need to be going. Luckily the wind has picked up a little and should start to shift around to the NW soon. I am approaching Cape Town from the south because the high pressure system that lives off of the South African coast is not as wide from that angle. I should get to Cape Town Tuesday or Wednesday all being well and we should be able to finish the repairs in no more then a week.

My brother, Zac, is going to be flying down which is great because he was in Cape Town last year and loved it. He knows where all the good places to go are and even has quite a few friends there. He may not be there until I leave because he has to get back to speak at the Lymphoma & Leukemia Society Regatta in Corona del Mar. I am really looking forward to having him there.

Sadly, my sister Katherine won't be able to come. She was on the list of things that I needed, along with pens, paper, books and things like that. I think my parents were a little worried I might bring her along with me when I leave Cape Town. :)



  1. Hope your parents will not be worrying for you any longer. Thanks for the post.

  2. Abby, Are you still getting a kitten????!

  3. good luck!! thinking of you!

  4. I'm glad Zack is flying in to see you Abby! I hope he gets there in time to show you around. Have as much fun as you can squeeze in to your repair time, and TAKE PICTURES!!!!! I'm glad the auto-pilot is still functioning too. Good luck with the wind.
    Kevin, Aiken, SC

  5. Thanks Abby.
    Keep smiling.
    God is with you.
    Love Richard (QLD) Aus

  6. Hello Abby. I have just started following you. I have been very interested in Jessica and have been following her for some time. I heard there was another girl in California so I thought I would check on it. I then found out you were three months on the way. I have also heard there's another couple of girls wanting to do the same thing. I didn't think there were so many capable girls in the world.
    Anyway I hope you get your problem sorted out in Cape Town OK and I wish you all the best. I'll be following you.

  7. Abby

    Thanks for the update.

    All the Best.

  8. I love reading your blog Abby. You are wonderful.

  9. Hang in there Abby! You are doing so great. We're all proud of you and the good decisions you are making. You are so courageous. I would be terrified out there since I can't swim.LOL.
    We are praying that God will give you great weather and bring you back home safe and sound.Good luck on your journey and be careful.
    Randy from ....Ohio.

  10. HAY! ABBY!


    Take your time in Cape Town. Enjoy!

    GO! ABBY!

  11. you sound sad. Maybe I am making that up. Try to stay positive and enjoy your brother and the rest of your amazing journey.The fact that Zac is meeting you, even though Katherine won't be there, shows how much you are loved. Not by just your immediate family but by us...your extended world family.
    Sail on Abby


  12. Hi Abby, my family and I were sitting at dinner and we were talking about how brave you are to go on this amazing trip. I am 13 and my little sister is 10 who just made the whole family dinner. You inspire us sooo much. I really hope we can meet you one day. My girl scout troop would love to have you as a guest here in La Canada, CA. Hope all goes well on the rest of your trip. Can we send you a Saint Christopher necklace when you dock?

  13. Greetings Captain Abigail,

    I am happy for you that everything is coming together for your safe arrival at CT. Thanks for the info on your approach. Zac will make your downtime very interesting I am sure....showing his sister "the sites". Sorry Little Katherine can't make it. Who knows she might be sailing to CT one day herself.

    I will keep it short tonight....good luck with docking Wild're going be the talk of the town super sailor. Don't forget to get some rest....but have FUN!

    Thinking of you,
    john, Bay of Quinte on Lake Ontario, Canada

  14. Skipper, another good update in your quarter deck log book. I think your parents are thinking about the unassisted part of your journey, that is why they are not sending your little sister in Cape Town, LOL. Have fun in Cape Town, get things fixed, make another stop in Sidney, Hawaii then to Sunny SOCAL, this time you don't have to end it in Cabo.
    Wish you safe sailing for the rest of the way. Fair winds and following seas.
    Old salty USN(Ret)

  15. So happy for you. You have such a great attitude with all the changes in your plans. Holding you in the light, Abby.

  16. The mental benefits of seeing family after being alone at sea can not be understated or underestimated. You, however still have 4 or 5 difficult days of entering commercial shipping areas. Stay on your guard and make sure you are fresh when entering port. Its all about keeping it together. I am at my chart table every night. You are in my prayers. Fair winds and calm seas.
    Patrick. Squamish Canada

  17. Hi Abby, that's great your brother will be there to show you some of the unbeleivable BUZZ of Cape Town. Just remember if you have one fine still day, drop what you are doing and go up the mountain in the Cable Car. If you want seriously wobbly knees, walk down Platteklip Gorge! better to walk up probably!!!

    Why rush away from Cape Town? What is the hurry? Why not spend a few weeks chilling out there?
    Goodluck negotiating the SHIPPING (Not SHOPPING) lanes as you approach the Cape of good Hope, and the press when you get in. The RCYC will hopefully look after you, but the docks ( harbour) has to be the ugliest part of Cape Town, so you have to get out and about!Make sure the RCYC lets you berth right outside their club house, not at their secondary dock far from hot showers and from everything you need. definitly not safe for you to walk around outside the yacht club fence by yourself at night.

    Every year hundreds of cruising yachts hang out in Cape Town for weeks befor leaving with the SE trade winds for the Atlantic crossing on to the West indies. There is a real vibe amongst them cos they are part of a fraternity of "round the worlders". Unfortunatley they would all have gone by now. Maybe This is a good thing? Cape Town's reputation for good hospitality will not be stretched and you will be spoilt!

    Cheers for now, Caroline, ex Capetonian living in Adelaide, AU.

  18. So glad you will see your brother. You are an inspiration, sunny skies to you.

  19. Abby, May God hold you in the palm of His Hands. He loves you so much, and is very concerned with your safety also. After all He is your Heavenly Father, who saw you before you were born. (In your Mother's womb) You are one great miracle! And a very very BRAVE young lady.

  20. Hiya Capt'n Abalone (term of affection),

    Great to hear from ya, skipper! Your attitude sounds right-on! Here's to a safe passage into Cape Town. No worries about all of the other boats in the area... rest assured that they'll ALL have their eyes on you. Be safe, have fun and stay focused. Here's to looking forward to your next post. Thanks for keeping us all in the loop.

    Capt'n Mudgie
    Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA

  21. Abby!

    It's going to be so nice to see your family!

    We keep tracking your progress on the map and marvel at your adventures and stoicism.

    I wish you could have had some of the wind we had in So Cal the two days before last. You'd be flying!



  22. HI Abby,
    Enjoy your time with Zac in Cape Town. It's great that he knows his way around and has some friends there. Hopefully you will leave with Wild Eyes ready for the last half of your adventure.
    Keep smiling

  23. Yep Abby...I didn't think your parents were gonna let you get you hands on your sister until you get back to MDR. To bad :( You'll just have to finish the circumnavigation with Charlie as first mate.

    I'm happy to see(not as happy as you)that the auto pilot is hanging in there so far. Hopefully, everything will go smooth the rest of the way into port.

    It's great that Zac will be there for a short to show you around. You'll love Cape Town. Also, I like Mountain House, but not for as long as you've been on it. Enjoy some good food while you're there.

    It's good that you're only going to be there about a week, though. I know you still have to face the prospect of winter setting in below Oz. I hope you make a fast trip across the Indian Ocean. Once you get around that, it'll be up to warmer waters, and then you don't have a thing to worry about, except the tens of thousands of little hidden islets and reefs all over the south Pacific. are one brave young lady, Abby. that I've cheered you up girl...

    Stay safe, that's #1.
    God speed and watch over you.


  24. Bonjour Abby & Wild Eyes,

    Aren't you something? :-)

    Take care, Be safe.

  25. Hallo Abby Schönes Fräulein
    Es freut mich das dein Bruder Dich Besucht
    hab Blumen auf der Webseite für
    Dich Dein Schönes Lächeln
    sagt mir Jetzt Afrika Nähe.
    Wünsch Dir Schönes Wetter
    und Sonne und viele 20 Knoten
    und eine Gute Heimfahrt.
    Grüße von Markus aus Germany

  26. Arrival in Cape Town.. Hope your entry goes well. Would you have to stand off if you arrived at night or low tide? Seems scary being at sea for so long then entering an unfamiliar port.

    Congratulations on your progress. Keep inspiring the inspirable! Your great.

    Chuck D.

  27. Sounds like you have a great family. Nice to see sibblings so supportive of each other.

  28. Abby, would you please write a little note when you first see the land of Cape Town? We are excited to know when that happens.
    Be real careful in Cape Town, like you've heard before, "Dont get complacent!". Have a great time with your brother, and hurry up and hit the seas again! We check on you everyday, of course pray for you every day, and think about you all the time. You are an awesome inspiration to our family, including our girls, Emma, age 10, and Clara, almost 9. It's great to see another homeschooler explore and enjoy the delights of her heart. Keep on keeping on, and YES, it is great that now you can just sail back home and not Cabo! Lord Bless You!!

  29. Abby, you're doing great! The wind will come back around eventually!
    @ Gordon, Of course there are BILLIONS of capable girls out there...they just all don't have the drive and/or opportunity to sail around the globe! Girls rock! There's a Canadian girl also named Abby who wrecked her trimaran but I haven't heard a peep about her in months. Anyone have the inside scoop?

  30. Abby, so happy you are still strong and looking forward to meeting your brother and getting all the repairs done. Keep up the good work. I will be thinking and praying for you. Esther in Costa Mesa, CA

  31. Hi Abby.Have been following both you and Jessica.I think putting in to CT is the right decision.In your situation you have to think with your head not your heart.You're doing a great job.Seriously think about stopping in Sydney, we'll give you a great welcome.Safe sailing.
    Dave - Bondi Aus.

  32. Hi Abby,
    You don't sound sad at all! This stop was meant to be. It was always in God's plans for you. I know you will get to see Zac too because he won't let you down. I do think you should pick up a kitten too. You can teach it how to use the toilet to save having to buy all that heavy litter! LOL
    you will have people escorting you into CT right?
    Keep up the good spirit,
    Alyssa from CA

  33. Will be glad to have you in our beautiful country ........... enjoy..........


  35. Abby,
    We have been so amazed to see the multiple challenges you have had to overcome, and the brilliant and masterful decisions you have made. We know that there is so much in life we cannot control, but how we respond to the challenges life offers is something we do control...and your attitude shines way above how most people respond to frustrations. You are definitely meeting the challenge! Again, we are so proud of you, and keep you in our prayers. For us, the thought of being in Cape Town sounds mighty adventurous...what a relief that your brother will be there for some of your visit. You are sure to have plenty of support there. We hope your passage there is smooth, and can't wait to hear how it goes. Stay strong, stay safe. And have some good meals when you get there!
    Kelly and Dave from Santa Clarita

  36. Hi Abby, wishing you a safe entry to Cape Town. You say you reckon the repairs will take a week and then you'll be on your way again. So when do you estimate you'll be south of Australia? I think there are a lot of experienced yachtsmen who are concerned you'll be sailing into those waters at the wrong time of year. I know the point of your trip was to claim some sort of record but don't let yourself get pressured into pushing on with this unless you yourself are really confident that you and Wild Eyes are up to it. Your slow pace could mean that you spend way to much time in dangerous waters. Or are you now considering going north of Australia? And have you identified why your pace has been slow - is it just related to auto-pilot problems?

  37. Abby,

    In my much younger days I was very much into sailing. Made two trans-Atlantic trips aboard a Morgan. Sailed up and down the east coast and through the Bahamas and West Indies. Met Walter Cronkite when he stopped over with his boat in Charleston, S.C. and was offered passage with him to Miami. Just barely missed out on a crew position with an America's Cup crew.

    Then, life and career happened and sailing went bye-bye for a long time. You and your adventure, Abby, has rekindled my passion for sailing. Thank you.


  38. Abby,

    Just one more thing. Upon completion of your circumnavigation, a smart promoter would be wise to put together a world tour with you, Zack and Jessica speaking to and inspiring the youth of the world.

    "And a child shall lead them."


  39. Bruce from Brisbane AUMay 1, 2010 at 1:14 AM

    As another commenter noted this post seems a little "quieter" than some others. I'm sure as soon as you are out on the open sea again and ticking off milestones your enthusiasm will rebuild.
    Try to look on the bright side -
    Restock chocolate supplies
    A hot FRESH WATER shower
    A dry bed for a couple of nights
    Fresh Food
    Restock chocolate supplies
    News from home from a real brother (not an electronic one)
    Drinking from a full cup (not half full 'cause of the slop)
    Dry soft warm (not salty damp chilly) clothes for a few days
    Restock chocolate supplies

    All the best Abby
    Go Girl and stay clipped
    Bruce from Brisbane Au

  40. Hi Abby, we have our boat moored at False Bay Yacht Club (next to the SA Naval Base) in Simonstown, Cape Town, so maybe once you've cleared customs head around the Cape of Good Hope, up into False Bay and join as at the friendliest, most beautiful harbour in SA. If not, we'll make our way up to see you - either by sail (weather permitting) or sea. So looking forward to seeing you, cheers Jules

  41. So, you're planning to kind of skate up north around the East side of that high as it moves off to the west? (I'm looking at the charts.)

    Looks like a plan!

    Godspeed and gentle sleep, Cap.

    Bill Smith

  42. Hi Abby - THX for your nice post. Hopefully you will get the winds you need and will make good time into Cape Town. Know you are eager to get the repairs made, but also know you are eager to see Zac. Being together will be a real blast for the two of you --sailors comparing notes, advice, etc while enjoying the sights of Cape Town. Until then --stay alert, sail smart, sail safe. You're doing a super job out there!

    Janell in Oklahoma, USA

  43. Well now Capt Abby.
    This a Pa from Australia in fact from Perth Western Australia. I have written before but the blog does't seem to get posted. Your Auzzie Cousin is battling the great waves of the Southern Ocean. we are looking forward to your crossing of the Indian Ocean and hope that we can present some really good sailing weather to skate you safely under the land down under. You Like Jess are just one incredible young woman and you hang in there you hear. persiverence, application and putting into practice all the things you have learnt about the task at hand. No one thinks any less of you for your correct decision to get the problem sorted out before you proceed towards us. You have to know of course that we are into our winter pattern now and the weather can be savage especially from the Southern Ocean and the Aust, land mass. But you had better believe that all your cyber family will be backing you all the way particularly from Australia.
    take care stay safe and sail straight.
    All the blessings from us here and may you have fair winds and light seas to speed you along.
    God Bless Gristy117

  44. Hi Abby,

    So happy for you that Zac is meeting you in Cape Town. You have such a wonderful supportive family Abby.

    Not long now my dear and you can have a bit of catch up rest and sleep, which is so much deserved.

    Take care of yourself. Big hugs and warmest wishes. Jan Pace (Auckland, New Zealand)

  45. So you FINALLY admit defeat after your SECOND stop on your trip around the world.

  46. Hi Abbey,
    Great update! I was beginning to wonder about your route. Your explanation makes good sense. How exciting that Zac will be able to give you a tour and provide introductions. Nice to have your way "paved". Not surprising your little sister will not be there. Probably do to suspicion of likely kidnapping! LOL.
    Just keep your head and keep alert on the arrival Abbey. You will do just fine. Once you have done that, it will build confidence for subsequent arrivals into port. I would bet you will have an escort to lead you in. That would be helpful for sure. I wish you a safe and enjoyable visit to Cape Town and hope your equipment holds up until your safely docked. Kindest regards and best wishes from Hervey Bay!

  47. Way to go Girl !! Look forward to your posting and following an amazing girl "living her dream". Remember it is not the destination, it is the journey, and you surely are having a great journey.

    How long do you plan on staying in Cape Town? Be interested to hear about the repairs, and I am sure the royal welcome you will receive.

    Travel Safe,

  48. Just wanted to say... enjoy your time on land... I look forward to following your continued journey. You are an inspiration to all young women that you can do anything your heart desires. Safe travels...

  49. Abby - Stay strong! With all the well wishers out there you'd think we could blow you safely into Cape Town! I've really been enjoying your story and we have been discussing your voyage regularly at the dinner table! May Good continue to keep you safe! Lisa in Bethesda, MD

  50. Thanks for the update (upbeat update!) Seems like you've made good time across the S. Atlantic too. Hope things go well there, and you and Zac will have a good time, I'm sure.
    Catch you later.
    39*50'N, 86*9'W

  51. Enjoy a hot shower and a good meal Cap'n... you've earned it.

  52. Dear Abby, It's good to see how much your family means to you. I don't believe it's because you been out to sea like you have,if you take away this journey your on I believe you will still have a strong family. It's just good to see that in you. When this journey is done,because I know you can do it,there will be plenty of time for you and your sister go sailing.I think your parents will be able to trust you at the helm with such precious cargo as your sister. Have fun in Cape Town, buy too of everything you need and be careful!you'll still have your sea legs and there will be a lot of people,stay safe. Bye

  53. I am so glad you will be seeing your brother! A few hugs and family love will be huge benefits, I'm sure!

  54. Abby - My hat is off to you and your support team. It's not fun responding to alarms every ten miniutes, but on a better note at least one auto-pilot IS working! I know you may not be able to have Katherine on Wild Eyes in person, but she WILL be there no matter how you look at it! Fair winds and following seas to you, and may Wild Eyes bring you safely home to Marina Del Ray!

  55. Evie from BendigoMay 1, 2010 at 6:09 AM

    Hi Abby
    I should imagine you will be over joyed to see Zac when you get to Cape Town. Keep smiling, sail safe.
    cheers Evie from Bendigo

  56. No more than a week in Africa generally translates to 2 weeks or more. Even the quickest setting glue dries slowly. :-)

  57. woohoo! glad u get to see your brother and parents tho... looks as tho things are going well for ya.

  58. Hi Abby as you enter the harbor remember to keep the red bouys on the starboard side.(red right returning).If it gets to complicated you can always ask the port pilot to lead the way or you might have the local yacht club come out to meet you.
    Abby in San Pedro ca. my extended family numbers about 250 and I tell them all about you and they can't understand how a 16 year old girl is capable of sailing around the world solo.(you are gifted)
    I'm glad your getting to see
    your brother and I wish you could have seen your sister.
    Make sure you have a sea anchor,if you don't,get one in Capetown,in a large storm that's the best thing to do,just drop it over the side and ride out the storm with the bow into the swell.Make sure your familar with the trip line when deflating the parachute.
    Abby over the past 98 days I have been obsessed following your every move and reading all your blogs and comments.
    I hope you get rested up and refreshed in Capetown and ready to take on the second leg of your voyage.
    May God watch over you and protect you.

    Libby Di Bernardo
    San Pedro Ca.

  59. Abby,

    Enjoy the journey; wherever it leads you! Whether it's a lesson in forced patience, visit with family, or blue skies, ahead.

    Have a safe journey home,

  60. What a buzz it must be arriving in a different country via the sea. Usually you endure a long flight, hassles of customs, bagging claiming, get into a taxi for a long drive through flat lands to get to the city proper and once arrived you're exhausted and burnt out. On a boat, no jet lag, no nothing, just hop off the boat straight into the city itself. Must be a wild feeling. Take pictures as you approach Cape Town and Table Mountain starts to loom as you get closer. Not too many get that opportunity.

  61. You are doing a commendable job and I enjoy following your exploits. Perhaps it is too late, but you could still change your mind. Either way, enjoy Capetown and we'll see you back at the helm.

  62. Hi Abby, Just a note to say we are happy that you will have a chance to spend some time with your brother and probably Dad. Enjoy your stop and be safe. Luv Ya Much

    May the good Lord watch over you.

    Bud & Charla Winnett

  63. Hi Abby:

    I so enjoyed your blog. I hope you make a picture album while you are Cape Town that you would post. Would love to see all the pics.

    Ignore the "goof anonymous"(May 1@ 3:56am),who is annoying and could not begin to achieve what you have already accomplished. He/She owes you an apology for being crass.

    Abby, you Rock!

    Hugs, seattlesid

  64. Hi Abby,

    I very much enjoy your updates. Your adventure--if it hasn't been said before--is very inspiring even to a relatively old guy like myself. Be well and enjoy your time in Cape Town (apart from the real showers and the real comfy sleep!). If you don't mind a suggestion, ... take more pictures! We enjoy seeing what you see. Take care.

  65. Hey Abby . . . it is Cynthia from the Half Moon Bay, California area . . . just wanted to post to say I think you're doing an awesome job with your journey!

    Having Zac there will be wonderful for you and before you know it you will be back at sea on your adventure. Too bad you couldn't get some time with your lil' sis but as they say, it is what it is. Best to you on accomplishing all your repairs!

    Have fun in Cape Town!

  66. Abby ... I can picture it now. You and Zac hitting all the popular happening teenage hangouts in Cape Town with his friends till the weeeee......hours of the morning. You are going to have a great time, get energized and ready to tackle the third leg of your voyage.

    You will do it!

  67. Dear Abby:

    Cape Town, brother, repairs, hot spots on the town, hot showers, real food, supplies...things are looking great!

    Good luck and have lots of fun!

    Best wishes always,
    Wayne Wild I. Moraga, CA

  68. Hi Abby: So glad to hear freom you. I got alittle worried about you, but it sounds like you are in good spirits. Know the visit to Cape Town will be fun! Enjoy! I am routing you on in this wonderful adventure. May the winds come your way. God is looking over you.
    From a concerned Grandma in WLA, CA!!!

  69. @Bonnie - The Canadian's name is Abby North and she's out of Vancouver. I remember reading a lot about her at the start of the year. You may have to go back and read old blogs or maybe someone has more direct info. I remember some people got pretty bent out of shape about her...probably because of the perceived competition. Obviously Jesse and Abby S have already proven themselves. Laura, Abby N and anyone else are welcome to join in and show us what they've got!
    Jim Summers

  70. Jeanne Socrates made it through the Bass Strait!

  71. Hello Abby, LAND HO!!!! Almost to Cape Town, are you having second thoughts about actually stopping?? You could always pull in and just have them toss you goodies right? That's NON-STOP!!

    I'm glad you'll at least be able to socialize with people, Zac's friends and all. Try some cuisine and takes some pics! We'll still expect your posts missy!!


  72. I love reading your blog, even though i only found it recently. I hope you complete and stay safe! x

  73. Boy do you sound better Captain! I thing this repair stop is just what you need. Hot food, hot showers and cold drinks!(yes, if you can sail that far solo, you can have a little beer!)Maybe a real bed too! Excellent my girl.
    Get the boat fixed up (add a wind vane stearing system) and head on to the next leg. I envy you!
    Go Abby, go!

  74. Abby - That's great that you will be able to see Zac and other family members...also great of Zac to donate his time for the Leukemia Regatta hosted by BCYC in Corona del Mar. BCYC has been hosting it for years and have raised a lot of money for a great cause.
    Havae fun in Cape Town and good luck the rest of the way!

  75. Have someone bring you "The Lord of the RIngs" if you're done with the "Hobbit." It's target audience is a bit older than the Hobbit, and since it's a trilogy, you'll have plenty of reading for the second half of the trip.

    Fair seas and following winds.

  76. Hi Abby, Well it looks good that you will get to see your Zac and a bit of a drag you won't get to see Katherine but that will make coming home even better to see her. Do have a good time in CT and from the sound of it you will be surrounded with alot of really good people. On a bit of a different level FORGET WHAT ANONYMOUS @3:56AM HAD TO SAY AS HE/SHE HIDES BEHIND THEIR IGNORANCE AND CRUELNESS. You are light years beyond those kind of people. You really have a Heart of Gold and you will have fun while there and WOW hot fresh water showers for a few days and warm DRY clothes too. As Always Stay Safe And Have Fun And When Out On Deck Tethered. 38'43"N/122'67"W

  77. Abby, you rock darlin! Don't let the immature peer pressure get to you, the decision you made is the wise one and your accomplishment will just be that much better knowing you made wise decisions choosing safety first is always the ticket.
    I am totally jealous of you and what you are doing!

  78. Abby,

    So Katherine is playing it safe to make sure she isn’t abducted for the rest of your trip. I have a feeling that if she could, she would be on Wild Eyes with you. That’s fantastic that Zac will be able to make the trip. Besides the fun of getting together with you he will probably enjoy re-living some memories of his voyage while he’s there. Enjoy every bit of your visit to Cape Town. I’m envious that you’ll get the chance stop and see that area.

    I think Hung from Hong is hanging in the wrong hood. Hung, very few have shown more sincere love and support to Jessica than I have, but I also feel that Abby is completely deserving of the same respect and support, as I think Jess would agree. Please continue to share your great enthusiasm for Jessica on her blog as so many of us have. But I’d love to see you come on over Abby’s blog and channel some of your supportive energy towards Abby. She certainly deserves it and I’m sure she would be very appreciative.

    Abby, be safe and pay extra attention to your AIS for the increase in traffic as you approach Cape Town. Have fun and I can’t wait to hear all about your stop-over.

    With warm regards,

    From Seattle, WA, USA

  79. Miss Abby's Cape Town's Shopping List:
    1.5 autopilots
    12 hairbrushes
    peanut butter
    Maple syrup
    fresh fruits
    more chocolate
    3 hard boiled eggs
    fuel refill
    make it 5 hard boiled eggs
    3 kindles
    One Sponge Bob DVD
    2 stuffed cats, one male, one female
    two waterproof cameras
    12 more hairbrushes
    1 kashmere sweater
    more chocolate
    no spiders
    no fleas
    no buds
    no germs
    A good dose of luck
    Many good wishes
    A nice weather
    Fair Winds

  80. Hello Abby and followers,

    I have missed your blogs for the past few day so reading through over 825 comments about your change of plans to some time. Not that my vote counts but I think you (and the Team) made the right chose. Trips have a starting point and finish and what happens in the middle make it all the better. Enjoy Cape Town and the people and take a lot of pictures. Thanks for the adventure.

    Sail Safe
    from the High Deserts of California
    around 34°44'00"N x 117°40'00"W

  81. Dear Abby,

    Good to hear that you have had good winds which brings you to Cape Town. You will enjoy seeing your brother, and you will have a great rest while they repair your boat. Have fun.
    Ingrid, Tyreso, Sweden

  82. Grant FjermedalMay 1, 2010 at 1:36 PM

    For an incredible photo of what Abby could be heading into on her next leg, go to Jessica Watson's site and see the "Big Swell" photo she's just posted. (

    Waves are notoriously difficult to capture on film, but this photo shows what she's been up against. Very little text accompanies this latest post. She's been in a holding pattern now for several days - - waiting for a break in the weather before heading around Tasmania. I figure she needs a 2 to 3 weather window to clear the island, and as you roll through the weather animation on you simply don't see that long of a window opening up. The big huge low-pressure system storms just keep rolling through.

    Yesterday I was figuring she could make a run for it, as the next big storm was forecast to blow from the north, rather than the west. But guess they figured the window wasn't big enough for her to make it.

    The westerly winds are bad for 3 reasons: 1) Whe would be broadside to the waves, making a knock-down, roll-over more likely; 2) Tasmania is a wicked lee shore (the direction she would be blown to if the boat became disabled; 3) the waves have a much longer fetch -- distance to build in monstrous size.

    That's why I liked yesterday's window. Looks like the next opening might be Tuesday-Thursday.

    Must be gut-wrenching for Jessica to be pounding around in ugly sees at the top of Tasmania, waiting day after exhausting day for the word to come through from her weather router that the time had come to head south for her Tasmania rounding.

    She'll deserve an extra huge welcome home when she pulls into Sydney, from where the journey officially began.

    - Grant Fjermedal, Seattle

  83. Enjoy the stop and the visit from your big brother. Live the life that unfolds before you!

  84. hey abby, if you can't take your sister along, hopefully you'll get your kitten! i don't think the record matters, because you're doing what you've always wanted to do, regardless if you have help or not. i hope you post some pics of cape town!

  85. Pretty sure the kitten was a joke. Besides if you going to take live stock, take a couple chickens in a cage. Don't cat's taste like chicken anyway? With a couple chickens you can get eggs and some awesome fresh meals while having companionship. Maybe take a little lamb as well? I was even thinking an elephant, surely that would last the enire journey, but I suspect PETA or some other animal cruelty organization might take exception to having it cooped up in Wild Eye's cabin like that. More importantly I hear they snore like hell. ;-)

  86. 100 day sea legs must be wild. I did 22 days NY to CT on a fast freighter, went out for dinner that night and started tilting to the left in the middle of dinner, the person next to me had to catch me. Can't imagine 100 days, can't fathom even longer than that.

    I also recall being able to catch the scent of Africa many miles off, so keep your nose open for a whiff of land as you get closer.

  87. Dear Abby

    An article appeared in our news paper about your trip.
    Hope the winds of the cape are treating you better than previously and that the repairs will be done swiftly.

    Enjoy Capetown and if you have the time be sure to visit Stellenbosch - my home town (about 40 km from Capetown) Really admire your courage especially the courage to live your dream - there is alot of us here in South Africa that could learn from that.

    All the best for the rest of the journey and may God bless you and keep you safe.

    South African greetings

    Eberhard Steinmann

  88. Abby ,
    Greetings from the caribbean, st thomas usvi!
    Tommy k here..admiring your courage and smarts
    to go for the repairs....everything proper...or rigged! Lookin forward to future blogs

  89. Speaking of food, don't think we even know what Abby's favourite foods are? I recall Zac's being in-and-out burgers and pizza, but what is Abby going for immediately when she gets there?

  90. @ Grant, this was posted before, it's the Cape Horn leg of the Transglobe. 20+ ft seas. What Abby said at the time she was there, not too look behind :-) I imagine this and perhaps worse is what Jessica's currently experiencing.

    Frankly I don't know how either of them can do this. And at night in the pitch black dark. You see nothing except constantly experience massive rising and falling and shifting left and right all at the same time. INSANE!!! :-) meanwhile they sleep and write blogs through it all like there's nothing going on outside.

    Absolutely nuts.

  91. Hi Abby,
    The local news here in L.A. made it sound like you were ending your trip. I hope someone from your team will straighten them out. Trudge on and have a great stop off in Cape Town with your brother.

  92. 05-01-10 @ 20:09
    Hi Abby,
    Thanks for the up-date, well happy May 1st to you, time sure is flying by, and you are making some good time. Hope all is well with you and “Wild Eyes”.
    Glad to see that Zac is going down to the Cape and will take care of the repairs, show you around town, and take your mind off the sailing for just a short time, so relax and enjoy that week. Keep up the good work and also your mental attitude, you’re doing a great job.
    May God hold you in the palm of His hand and may the Angels keep your sails full, and I, I will be praying for you.
    Your faithful friend, fan and follower.
    Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

  93. Grant: I really enjoy your posts and your knowledge is unquestionable. However it seems you give a Jessica play by play on Abbeys blog page. I also follow Jessica and will read and enjoy your blogs dedicated to Jessicas journey on her blog page. Abbey deserves a blog page with your comments dedicated to her journey.

    Keep writing


  94. @ Sonny: THANKS for that info on Socrates passage through the Bass Strait. THAT is impressive !

    Steve in California

  95. Shoe City better include international shipping to RSA, if they don't already have it, before Abby arrives. Going to be a lot of internet "clicking" when Wild Eyes approaches and docks in Cape Town.

  96. hi abby how are you doining today. I hope everything is going good for you, i realy like your sailboat it's awsome. I live by the st lawrence river and i enjoy boats if i had a lot of money i would have me the bigest sailboat ever. i need to get away from this city for a very long time it's a boring city. i'm thinking of leaving here and never coming back . ever since my father died my life has never been the same anyway i'm sorry i don' meen to bother you about it. i need to getaway from everybody

  97. i'm sorry abby you just have your self a good trip ok. bye for now.

  98. Hi Abby,
    Bless your heart, I bet this is a tough time for you having to put into Cape Town and reading about Jessica's being almost back to Sydney. Have a good cry with Zac and spend a day doing girlie-girl things. You'll be back to your steely-eyed self and ready to go again.

    I love the mornings when I can have my coffee and read your blog.


  99. Continue to bask in the light of the day
    As you go along your marvelous way
    To become the very youngest one
    Sailing around the world alone.
    When you get to Cape Town, enjoy your stay
    And know that for you each day we all pray.

    Sail on, Dearest Abby and Wild Eyes, sail on

    Love and prayers from North Carolina

  100. Dear Abby,

    What an inspiration you are!!

    I'm very glad that you have made the decision to stop in Cape Town. To be honest I was very worried about you trying to complete your journey with equipment that was playing up, particularly as you'll be heading into the Southern Ocean during late Autumn and early Winter.

    You must be very excited at seeing your brother again.

    Enjoy Cape Town. I've never been, but have been informed by many who have visited that it is one of the most beautiful cities on the planet.

    Make sure you pack two of everything you need for the remainder of your trip. Sorry about sounding like an old mother hen, but you a very special to us.

    Enjoy the rest of your trip.

    May God Bless and keep you safe.


    Mary from Sydney

  101. Abby, I have seen newspaper stories that say you're ending your trip. You might want to have your support team or parents straighten out the press.

    I have been reading your blog for awhile but this is my first comment on it. Like the others I think that you're a very brave girl. I really hope that you will get the autopilots fixed and that you'll get a couple of waterproof cameras while in Africa. You might even consider getting a book about sea birds so that you can identify some of the birds you see out there. If nothing else it would give you something to do when things get boring.

    I try to imagine what it would be like out there all alone but I'm sure I can't even come close to the reality. It takes a very special person to do what you're doing.

    Do you know that you can use packages of Silica inside pouches/bags/cases to keep your cameras and other small electronics dry when you're not using them? With enough Silica you might even be able to keep your cabin/quarters drier.

    Stay well and best of luck to you.

    Kris, in Vancouver, Washington.

  102. Hello Abby,
    I have been following your trip just recently as I found out about it in Explorers Web, I am a mom of 2 boys that r 12 and 14 and I think that u r definitely a huge inspiration and role-model in so many different ways for today teenagers. God bless u in your travels!

  103. What a Great forum! St Lawrence, thanks for Your honesty, Abby is showing us that anything is possible. Just start by trying the idea on, and be careful what U wish for.
    I think that having a kitty for a shipmate is a pretty good idea! They are great companions and assume the role of entertainment director from the overworked skipper.
    Can I share a timesaver with U? When U have to raise the jib in a seaway (like after sewing it), tape the top and bottom halves of the head swivel together temporarily before hoisting it. I like masking tape cuz U know that it will break away cleanly when it has to. Anyway, it will keep the halyard from doing a billion whoop-de-do's around the headstay once its above where U can reach it, while the headswivel crawls its way up to the top. Once it's there, pulling on the furling line will break the tape and U can finish rolling it up. I prefer a loop of tape between the halyard shackle and the head of the jib (or pendant), instead of wrapping it around the swivel like a sheet on a winch.In heavy weather this can be a lifesaver.
    And before I pipe down, I would like to recommend my favorite chocolate: Green (bittersweet) Toblerone. U can tell it's good stuff because it doesn't upset ur tummy the way some chocolate does. I've never actually seen the green box in the US but U may find it in Kaapstaad. Second choice: black box Toblerone.As far as marmite (or vegemite) goes, thats a taste I could never acquire!!
    OK Abby, stay Safe and be careful when U close Your eyes ashore or U might get the whirlies!

  104. Hey Abby(my granddaughters name)been following you since the start and followed Zac the whole way. Had to laugh when you said your parents might worry you would take your sister with you. Enjoy the ride. Watching you from Cape Breton(Louisbourg, NS)Canada.
    Best wishes and may you only sail on a broad reach!

  105. @Jim referring to Grant's message.
    To me, I think that Grant is trying to point out the significant trials and tribulations yet to come to Abby, as she will be on a similar course to Jessica, and the considerations of a possible course change. The weather in the southern Ocean gets more dangerous by the week as winter approaches, and Grant is trying to make all, including Abby and her team, respect the probable conditions. Even though it may be a more difficult crossing, I hope she takes the Torres Strait north of Australia route, as being the course of the less of two evils.

    Best wishes to Abby for a great time in Cape Town and a smooth ride to the Pacific. Ken

  106. Jeanp AustraliaMay 2, 2010 at 5:31 AM

    Hi Abby, as Bruce from Brisbane said, restock on CHOCOLATE. It really is a girl's best friend. I would like to add my best wishes to the other Australian posters here, you are fantastic. Regards, Jeanp

  107. Good luck from Thailand Abby..... I wish you all the best!

  108. 05-02-10 @ 10:32
    Hi Abby,
    Just wanted to say ‘Hi’ and hope that you will have a good time in Cape Town, being around other people will take the edge off it, and you can have some fun and forget your troubles. You just have to make the most out of an annoying situation. I am a firm believer in, ‘everything happens for a reason’, you may not see it right away, and then again you may never know the reason for this interruption. Sounds mysterious but I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. You’re doing a fine job handling the set-back, and I’m glad Zac is coming down, another sailor who had his share of set-backs, and came through them all for the better, as I know you will. God Bless You Abby!!!
    So when you hit the port tear into your “Baby”, get her repaired, shed a tear saying farewell to Zac, and then you’ll be smiling as you hit the first wave, betcha, betcha, betcha……
    Good luck to you Abby, I’m very proud of you.
    May God hold you in the palm of His hand and may the Angels keep your sails full, and I, I will be praying for you.
    Your faithful friend, fan and follower.
    Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

  109. Abby

    Have been on the trail of you and other sailors for the past 6 months. I coach Y generations kids in what we call AFL (Australian Rules Football). In part they are great kids but I’m continually getting comments from watchers (people that have opinions but don’t do anything) that they don’t try as hard as we (Baby boomers) did. You are doing what I tell my players every day if you have an opportunity to do something then just do it. (Nike were right)

    This is a great journey you are undertaking I understand the objectives for your sailing is tied in some part to commercial goals. HOWEVER you are one brave and responsible girl, while it might be difficult for a lot of people to understand why you are doing what you are doing, you are: a Albert :a JFK a Oh bugger Just a great ABBY that generations of people will remember.

    You now have cemented yourself into the exclusive club for international congratulatory category which in turn means you now belong to all the people of the world.


    Chris from Canberra

  110. As Executive Officer of the Sarasota Florida Sail and Power Squadron, (part of the USPS, a National Organization whose prime mission is teachjing boaters how to be safe on the water), I want to congratulate you on your admirable accomplishments to date. I havbe learned a great deal from your Blogs and hopw to passw on your experiences to our students and members. Your a wonderful insperation and I hope you will share the memories you are storeing of your adventure with the rest of the world. I would love to have you speak to our membership in the future and pass your intelligence, wisdom and quest for life with us. I wish you fair winds and calm seas.
    Leon Warshaw, Lt/C Sarasota Power Squadron

  111. Hung From Hong KongMay 2, 2010 at 8:35 AM

    Dear Abby,

    You should be proud of yourself that your true spirit in challenging yourself rather than chasing after vanity fair records have earned you more respect and admirers like myself. The 826 comments including one of my first to you for your blog in which you announced the news of pulling in Cape Town for repair has proven this. You can proudly regard this readily as one of your many achievements. The “news” caused big stir in the media with all sort of distorted reports but it also brings you big salutes from all walks of life across the boundary of countries, races and ages group. You and Jessica are both very courageous young fair ladies but with your own unique characters. Yet, you both have captured the hearts of many especially those who are a lot older Ouch “senior” than you. But in the True Spirit, you have charmed them to become a group of very protective adopted Dads and Mums. Some of them opined that I should not write too much about Jessica in your blog and should dedicate more ink for showing my support to you. These are fair comments which I humbly accept, but how can I not keep comparing you two in all occasions as in my point of view you both have made the same level of achievements in terms of creating a new world order of blog family supports and augmented new values of success not judging by the results but by the process. So, once again, I wish you to forget altogether of breaking record like whatever youngest… as Laura Dekker is chasing after you for the youngest solo crown with stops. Obviously records are made to be broken. Keep focus on each challenge you have at hand in the rest of your voyage. It is the way you handle each challenge that counts. And you have been successful in handling your latest challenge beautifully. Do consider to stop over Australia as you would be exhausted taking the same southern route as Jessica is doing. Meet Jessica or not, you need to take a rest to recoup. Apart from Sydney, the Sunshine State is also a good choice. Anyway, it is up to you to plan for your route after Cape Town. Wish you all the best.

    Aussie Hung from Hong Kong in Brisbane

  112. Hey Abby,

    Fiona (Mike's sis) here :)

    Glad things are going to get sorted in Cape Town, I went through all the stupid auto pilot problems with my bro so I feel your pain!!

    Been following you on here since you set off, I know the trip hasn't been all that you expected it to be but it sure is an exciting adventure regardless :)

    A good dose of brother/sister banter I know will kick the next leg of your trip off to a great start!

    You're really doing amazing Abby - keep smiling, keep sailing!!

    Fiona Perham
    London. UK.

  113. So one comment above said" So you finally admit defeat after your second stop around the world"
    I'm thinking, Abby,that you will probably get a few comments like that from all sorts of people including the press.
    Pay no attention to it OK?
    I am thinking that this journey is not a way to PROVE yourself but just a way to EXPRESS yourself. As a remarkably courageous woman on a personal quest of self expression you have already succeeded.
    Keep true to yourself and the bitter nay sayers will have no effect on your amazing accomplishments.
    I challenge those naysayers to have one tenth of the courage that you have.
    So be true to thine own self.
    You are an inspiration to millions


  114. Grant FjermedalMay 2, 2010 at 9:55 AM

    Jessica is heading south to round Tasmania. She's got a nice weather window right now with 20-knot Westerlies. Monday a new system comes in with 40-knot northerlies, but she should have time to make it around Tasmania before things get too bad.

    I've often written about how much fun it is to go to to see the next week's forecast. Earlier on this same thread I'd suggested that she was facing a do-able weather window, but apparently wasn't taking it.

    Last night her postion (but not blog)was updated to show she was indeed taking advantage of the window.

    Once she gets around Tasmania, should be a cake walk home. (Although the weather between Hobart north to Sydney is infamous at times.)

    So, readers here might enjoy doing the same with Abby. Whenever her position is updated, just go to passageweather and see what the forecast is for her current and near-future position.

    - Grant Fjermedal, Seattle

  115. From: Trina and Marvin Ventura, Ca.

    You are still our Champion Abby, you inspired so many of your fans around the world. Keep Smiling and God Bless.

  116. Abby,

    I just finished watching a story on The Travel Channel regarding Cape Town in which they featured Clifton Beach. Looks like it would be a great beach for you and Zac to visit. Lots of beautiful people, so you two would fit right in. After you see show fantastic the area is you might decide to extend your stay. You’ll have to give us a complete report of you experience there.

    @Hung: Very nice comment to Abby. My apologies if I was too hard on you. I don’t question that you sincerely support both Abby and Jessica. I was just looking forward to hearing a bit more of your well thought out comments in support Abby on her blog. Best regards to you and keep your comments coming.

    Well, a warm shower awaits you, Abby. Have fun and stay safe as you make your way to Cape Town.

    From Seattle, WA, USA

  117. Hi Abby!

    I'm an avid follower of your blog and I'm very excited that you'll be hitting the Mother City(Cape Town)soon- hopefully South African Media will find this newsworthy and put you on TV- then I'll get to brag that i've been following you all along;)

    Please remember that you are an inspiration. People very rarely dream as big as you have, much less live that dream!
    from Nolo (South Afirca)

  118. Be sure to fly the American flag going in. I think that the entire port is going to go nuts over your arrival and you'll have no problems.

  119. We in Australia are waiting for Abby to get things fixed. When Abby recommences her fabulous dream and journey we will be behind her all the way.
    Just get up and go remember when the the going gets tough the tough gey going.
    God speed and keep safe
    HCG Perth Western Australia