Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Message to Abby From Team Abby

After much long and lengthy discussion, Team Abby has decided that to be certain that everyone in the official yachting world fully accepts the fact, that you truly sailed around the world solo... we have decided you will need to sail around the world twice, just to prove to them that you indeed actually did it.

But... now, don't freak out... hear us out on this... At least on the second lap, you will be able to do it on the equatorial route where it will be much warmer. See, that's not so bad now, is it?
Now, we know that during this long discussion, the subject of pirates did come up, with everyone's concern that there is a real danger they might stalk and kidnap you for ransom somewhere during your second lap around in the equatorial waters. And we know that the possibility of pirates totally freaks you out. So, as a solution, Scott offered to put in a call to his friends he knows in the US Coast Guard, (he has had many encounters with them, usually on random boat safety inspections where he regularly gets written up for not having any of the required safety items, but that's another story) and managed after much whining and pleading on his part to get them to agree that for the portion from the eastern Mediterranean Sea, where you will enter the Suez Canal, and all the way across the Indian Ocean, and past Malaysia where Zac had his close encounter, they will follow you with either a Coast Guard Cutter, or a US Navy Destroyer, but always keeping a distance of at least a nautical mile, yet remain close enough where you could call them on the emergency VHF hailing frequency if you see any boats approaching you suspect maybe might be pirate boats. (Them flying the black skull and crossbones flag is usually your first clue, so watch for that.)

I know, this sounds like a really big deal, but they assure us it really isn't because the Coast Guard and Navy already have ships on station in the Indian Ocean, and they are bored out of their minds because the pirates are really hard to find... and they figure that Wild Eyes would be a lot like honey attracting bees... it will draw the pirates out so they can capture them just before they get to you. But, it get better... since they know you are bored out of your mind at times as well, they have agreed to tutor you, via the VHF radio, in all that school work you have been so carefully avoiding on your first lap around the world. Just think, with the Coast Guard sailor's help and encouragement, you might actually get through your freshman year of college too!
And, just in case the pirates slip by the Coast Guard and manage to kidnap you anyway, we have started a PayPal fund, managed by Jeff, to raise the ransom money we will use to buy you back. Jeff reports that so far, he has raised $38, which we all feel should be plenty of money, we hope.
See, so it's not looking so difficult after all is it? Think of all the benefits... a tan in the tropics... lots of (hopefully cute) guys, just a little older than you, to chat with for days on end. Who knows who you might meet?
Anyway... enough about the benefits... We at Team Abby just wanted to let you know, as soon as we made the decision, that we thought a second lap to assure everyone that you actually did sail around the world would be necessary, just to be sure, and that we have made every and all arrangements that you would be safe doing it... and we want you to know...




... that since today is April 1st,
April Fools!

Yuk, Yuk, Yuk, from Team Abby. We really had you going, didn't we? No? :-(

You are doing great Abby... keep it up! And, you really really only need to go around just once....


  1. Qlaudia from QueenslandApril 1, 2010 at 9:00 PM

    Good One!!

    Happy April Fools to you too Team Abby!!!

    Very good planning though! What a pity to waste it. Hmmmm. I wonder if I should go? I did sail once, and, after all, I'm only 64.

    Your Queensland fan.

  2. Wow, you really had ME going there for awhile!! Kudos to Team Abby for a great April Fool's Day joke. Extremely clever!! Seriously, we really appreciate everything you do for Abby to keep her safe during her epic journey around the world. My best to all of you. God Bless and Happy Easter.
    --Sue McGah
    Laguna Niguel, CA

  3. that was real funny. i too freak out even if I am not abby.


  4. But what about the pirates ??? Is this going to be a real threat ?

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  6. well, I was convinced, little ol' naive me... :) Happy Sailing!

  7. HEY YOU GUYS!!!

    Referring to Team Abby of course. Thanks for sharing that great prank with all of us bloggers too. I laughed my B*TT off! Seriously, though the rounding of Cape Horn seemed kind of disappointing. I know she could not rendezvous with Dad but I think some pics and video are definitely called for. Nothing on the site yet. See, us bloggers are spoiled by following brother Zac, and Jessica, and Jesse Martin, and others. We are kind of expecting a bit of a celebration if you get my drift. Heck, even pics of you guys celebrating at home would be fun to see. Well that's my rant for the day. You are all doing a great job really supporting Abby's journey and dream. I follow the blog religiously, can you tell?

    John in Ashland OR

  8. You almost got me, until you started talking about the kidnapping. That gave it away! ;o) LOL Esther in Costa Mesa, CA

  9. You can’t BS a professional BSer, but that really was very good. I tried again to pull off an Aprils Fool stunt with the same co-workers that I have for many years and finally, I failed. That’s the last time I will ever try it again! (until next time.) Very good, team Abby.

    From Seattle, WA, USA

  10. chuckle chuckle!! I was falling for that one! what a guppie I am!!! April fools to the abby Team! We want pictures! we want pictures! we want pictures! Please???

  11. Team Abby,

    I see from the map that Abby is headed into the straight between the mainland and Isla de los Estrados. Does that mean that her Dad will try to still meet up with her? She must certainly be in sight of land soon? What's the plan Stan?

    John in Ashland

  12. Hey Team Abby

    Please pour me a glass of whatever you are drinking !

    Seriously, you guys did great !

    <* ((((((>< Mariner Walt – Marina del Rey, CA

  13. I knew it was a joke because no one would be cruel enough to threaten someone who can sail the world, with homework.

  14. Team Abby, that was a great April Fool joke! Very well sold and completely reasonable, sort of.

    Abby, congratulations on reaching Cape Horn.

  15. Idon't like practical jokes even on April 1st. Not nice.

  16. Well done team...

  17. Hey Team Abby

    Please pour me a glass of whatever you are drinking !!

    Seriously, you guys are going just great'

    <* ((((((>< Mariner Walt – Marina del Rey, CA

  18. Abby

    Today there was an article and picture about you in the Los Angeles Times - Sports Section - Page C3.

    It concluded by saying that Zac went through the Panama Canal rather than around Cape Horn.

    Best wishes and prayers

    <* ((((((>< Mariner Walt – Marina del Rey, CA

  19. We think Abby should captain a cruise ship and take all of us with her on her next trip around the world! Same route....more crew members (no pirates).
    Keith and Kathy Wargo, Lynchburg VA

  20. good one - you had me for the first paragraph...
    Congratulations, Abby on making it around the Horn! Keep up the good work - you are in our prayers.

  21. I am 63 years old and a retired Peace office from Los Angeles County. I have been following Abby since day one and today you got me!! After working child abuse for 32 years I was ready to call the DA and have them file charges on you for child neglect for making her go twice!! Everyday I look forward to the map and blog and cheer and pray Abby on, God Bless Abby and the whole team. Dennis

  22. Hello Abby and followers,

    In following you for the past 69 days or so and reading what you and so many others have said to you it comes to me the you have given us all an adventure and we get to learn from you. We may need to research stuff like “The Bloop” and the “Horn” but we have learned so much. Danica McKeller wrote “Math Doesn’t Suck:How to survive Middle-School and Not Break a Nail” and it got me thinking how about a game along the lines of “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego”. “Where on Earth is Abigail Sunderland”** in the game we would move you, Abby, in your adventure around the globe with problems along the way like sick auto-pilots, bad wind instruments, rams, water systems, lost pens, found forks, flying fish, the odd squid and a hair brush only to miss the prom in the quest of adventure. Answers must be researched on line as many of us do now and the finish is when you get back home, eat real food and hug your little sister only to find she has taken over your room. All joking aside thank you for allowing us ride along with you. We learn from your doing, what a gift. Know the focus is on you. Waiting for the next installment.

    Sail Safe
    from the Deserts of Iraq
    around 34°40'00"N x 043°33'00"E

    **no rights reserved

  23. I have always wondered what kind of family would let a sixteen year old sail around the world alone. Now I know. Very funny. Let's hope that the pirates have a sence of humor too.

  24. Good job! A very convincing story that I hope raises the spirits of all involved. Cheers!


  25. That was the best April Fools prank I have come across in a long time! Good one, Team Abby!

    Keep up the good work Abby! Some of my students and I are following your travels with great interest. You're an inspiration to all of us - young and old - to aim high and turn dreams into reality.

    Have a fantastic Easter!

  26. Perfect April Fools Day joke!
    Ho ho, Ha ha, Tee hee!

  27. wtg Team Abby! That was brilliant.

    Is there any chance I could go out there and talk to cute young sailors in the Indian Ocean? No? Rats. :D

  28. Sorry to be a wet blanket, but that was so NOT funny and really in poor taste. Although it was obviously a joke from the onset, who would joke about their child being kidnapped by dangerous murderers? Especially when you know it is one of her worst fears? I've been following Abby from the onset, and as a parent already had some concerns about the risk of this venture, but I'm sorry to say that I have lost a lot of respect for Team Abby tonight. I think someone owes her an apology.

  29. I'm guessing this was written by brother Zac. Somehow I don't think Abby was fooled for long.

  30. that was cute,after 2-3lines knew about the jig was up... Stay Safe, and Tethered 38º44"N/122º67"W

  31. Hi Abby,

    Did this message from your team rock your boat a little more?? It had some of us thinking 'what in the world is this all about'???? ....Laughter is good for all of us. Glad you have a team that are not only the best at what they do but that has a few pranksters as well! THX Team for the April Fool's Day fun!

    Abby, you are doing a great job out there. You make all of us in your 'blogfamily' VERY proud!

    Janell in Oklahoma

  32. 04-02-10 @ 04:27
    Team Abby,
    You guys are naaassstttyyyy…lol...I had to go back a couple of times to finish reading it, I laughed myself simple, more than once. That poor girl…lol…I’ll bet she had a good laugh over it too. At least you guys made some good concessions in there. Who was the mastermind behind that one. That was a good one.

    Hi Abby,
    What do you think of them guys teasing you like that? I thought it was a pretty good April Fool’s joke, but now you’ll have to think of a good one to pull on them…yes???? It doesn’t have to be April fools day to pull a prank on someone. Go for it!!!!!
    Well I hope everything is going well for you, have you been able to locate that hydraulic leak yet? You look real good on “Where’s Abby” curling right around the tip of Argentina. I’m glad you got through the Cape when you did, there’s some ’weather’ coming in from behind you, but it will not affect you. Are you planning on sailing between Argentina and Isla de los Estados? So now you can head for the Falklands, (watch out for that ‘prehistoric’ animal….lol…) and hopefully a warmer climate.
    Take care of yourself and the crew and be cautious. Your doing a great job Abby.

    May God hold you in the palm of His hand and may the Angels keep your sails full, and I, I will be praying for you.
    Your faithful friend, fan and follower.
    Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

  33. April 1st really gets the memory banks into gear good one team Abby.
    You are doing it well Abby.

    Brian Riley
    Hervey bay Queensland. au

  34. Hallo Abby Schöne Ozean Nixe
    Wünsch Dir Schönes Osterfest
    hab Blumen und Ei auf der Webseite für Dich dein
    Schönes Lächeln sagt mir Jetzt gehts Heimwärts
    Wünsch Dir Schönes Wetter
    und Sonne und viele 20 Knoten
    und eine Gute Heimfahrt
    Grüße von Markus aus Germany

  35. Hey, what a brillant idea, another good thing about being up top is that everywhere Abby go will be down hill, so there be no need of wind to push her along, plus the time wil be much shorter. I think up there there is only 48 seconds to the minute and the hour only has 53 minutes, so if I were youy Abby I would give it a shot, ya got nothing to loose....... In the mean time you are doing great, looking forward to your next post, stay calm, keep safe, and DONT go swimming, stay out of the water, dont even put you toe in the water while you are out there on your own..... believe me it not a good feeling floating around in the deep sea on your own having to catch up with the boat, I have been there and done that... not good, no sirree.
    Have you caught yourself a fed of fish yet?
    You are always in our thoughts, all the very best to you and your team. Kel & Margaret McCully. Mackay, Queensland.

  36. Sorry, Team Abby, but I really didn't like that very much - the risks are too high and too real - it'd be a great worry if public "jokes" like these encouraged the wrong elements to actually do something stupid. Maybe keep it offline, in private conversation, in future ... you really don't know who's reading all these girls' sailing blogs, do you?

  37. Glad to read that you have considered the pirate threat, which is my main concern. But the good news is that two pirate vessels were taken out of action by our Navy this weeek!
    Sail safe Abby.
    Ed in TN

  38. Not funny at all. Fair seas to Abby. Please print this as many out here did not appreciate it and Abby probably did not either no matter what she said to you about it.

  39. Oh, darn, I thought it was a really good idea. Except, instead of the Navy and Coast Guard, I was going to suggest selling the concept as a reality TV show. Then they could film the entire second lap from a tag team of planes and helicopters overhead at all times. Kind of like that guy who gets dropped in the wilderness alone yet always seems to be on camera.

  40. Team Abby had to much punch yesterday, but rock on girl. You can give'm a real punch when you get back. Really appreciate your sharing your experiences with us. You're getting me as close to sailing around the world as I will ever get.

  41. A well written piece of April Fool prose to bamboozle us all. lol
    I am sure Abby was delighted at the thought of cruising through pirate seas on a second leg of Around The World. (If she believed it). lol
    Scenes of her swashbuckling and beating them all off sprung to my mind. If she can sail around the world on her own, she can knock seven bells out of any pirates on the high seas.
    I enjoyed that little sojourn reading the 'Teams' future instructions for Abby.
    However...I hope she is as safe as houses and still coping well on her own.
    God speed her.
    Jeanie In The Lakes

  42. Hey Team Abby! That was a good one! $38 dollars. That was the best!
    Abby! Congratulations on rounding Cape Horn!
    It has been a while since I posted, but I have been following every day. Glad to hear you are working through all the little kinks in your systems. Remember the words of your dad, "don't be complacent". Stay alert, stay safe and stay health! Sorry to hear you couldn't catch up with your dad. I admire his efforts. I just wanted to say well done! to team Abby!
    I will continue to lift you and your team up in prayer.
    Here in Rhode Island we are dealing with the aftermath of all the flooding.
    Grace Fellowship Church.
    North Stonington, CT. USA

  43. LOL great April fools joke. What a great trip, ou will have this memory with you forever.

  44. that's such a hilarious post! loved it!
    i'm tempted to get me a pirate boat just to intercept these adventures and join in the fun! watch out for my skull and crossbones- it's a clear indication it's me! and happily accepting the $38 ransom :D

  45. I was waiting all day for a good April Fools joke. Good one! And I'm sure Abby was chucklin some too.
    I'm wondering just where you are now Abby, and what the seas like now. I'm still so excited you went round the Horn. Congrats again!
    Take care, enjoy..
    39*50'N, 86*9'W

  46. Abby: I am in Puerto Rico and I am following you. You are not alone, you have all the Blog following you and your biggest follower is God. Feel no fear, I know you are a brave young girl. But if at any moment you do so, just call the Lords name and speak to him he will guide you to safe. God bless you, you are in my prayers.

    Lucy (PR)

  47. Well done team Abbey
    I knew right from the start that it was a prank. But I figured it was an in joke from the team to Abbey. Not thinking of the April fools Day connection.
    Seriously noone wolud truly believe that you would make her go the distance twice, She hasn't got enough food or fuel to start with.
    But I thought it was a good effort.
    And keep going Abbey
    PS I agree with John from Ashland OR we need Pics an Vids Please

  48. Congratulations Abbey, Jessica Watson told us on her blog you had rounded the Cape.

    The April fool joke was a good one, but I was really getting fired up reading it...Wow it freaked me out. Hope your sailing is smooth, keeping you in mind from Australia


  49. Abby: You are not alone, God is with you and he will always be. You are a very brave young girl and you are going to realize your dream, you are doing it. Feel no fear, but if at any moment you do, just call the Lords name he will guide you to safe. God bless you and Happy Easter.

    Lucy (Puerto Rico)

  50. good 1 team abby kinda broke up the day a lil
    but serious are pirates a concern for capt abby and the team hows the leak on auto pilot fixed or atleast found yet
    stay safe warm dry and clipped on
    you r doing a great job abby and team
    paul from maine yim psr927

  51. Your Oklahoma Well-WisherApril 2, 2010 at 5:33 AM

    I'm just curious if you all seriously tried to pull this on Abby and if she went for it? And I sure hope Abby has some pics of her amazing feat around Cape Horn -- even if they're completely grey! Peace, Your Oklahoma Well-Wisher

  52. you seem to have some VERY gullible readers!

  53. Dear Abby, Your team really needs to work on there joke material haha though. Your doing a great job.

  54. What is happening? Anxious for news. Abby seems to be getting close to shore, is she meeting up with dad?

    Bob from NC.

  55. Gerald (Jerry) Crosby near Columbus, OhioApril 2, 2010 at 6:35 AM

    Abby - Since the team has decided for you to go around again, Why not a team formation? You have to be alone on Wild Eyes but they dont have to be alone. They can have 2 or 3 boats. There is something to the addage of safety in numbers

  56. I'm sorry. Ab has enough to worry about without the pranksters reminding her of the pirates. I'm worried sick for that kid. She's become like one of my own. Be well, Abby.

  57. Noticed on your tracker you are headed northward up the coast of Argentina any chance of a visit with your Dad ? Cheers!

  58. u seriously got me

    from malaysia led gan

  59. Bonjour Abby & Wild Eyes,

    Go Team Abby, Go? :-)

    Take care, Be safe

  60. wow, i've just found your blog! love it! And that prank was hilarious! :D
    im new at bloging and need some readers... would be nice with some advice or comments! or both :D
    keep it up!

  61. Abby,
    Don't let them get away with that! I say, they offered cute coast gard boys and MORE time away from school...on your boat...TAKE IT! ;)

  62. OK, folks. Thanks for keeping things light. But seriously, how is she doing? No post today.. Is she exhausted? How much sleep is she able to get? HOw about her hands? And the equipment issues?? Not much mileage in the last day. Just wondering what to pray for, and wanting an update.
    God Bless all of you! May His hand of protection continue to be with her, especially as Easter rolls around.
    Ron Z

  63. ps: Some comments are not getting through... Is the site working? Just FYI, I know some are not getting posted. Have a great day.

  64. Bud & Charla WinnettApril 2, 2010 at 7:30 AM

    Great job Team!!! Good joke. Almost had us buying it lol. Abby... you have a great group behind you, but of course, you already know that/
    Stay Safe and enjoy.

    Bud and Charla Winnett
    Wheeling, Mo

  65. Oh that had some humor the way it was worded but not believable.As if you would have to go twice. Must be so lonely out there. Best wishes Abby - you are doing really well - too many god botherers on your site so will follow the others and keep away from yours and stay with those who are more realistic such as Jess's. Good luck an hope all goes as planned for you - stay safe. Cheers MJ

  66. You had me going on that one, pretty good Team Abby!! :)

  67. If I were Abby, I'd be upset that the best you could come up with for ransom money was $38. what a bunch of cheapskates! lol

  68. This is so fun, Abby don't laugh so hard you fall out of the boat!

  69. To Team Abby; That was the best april fools joke I've heard in a long time.
    To Abby; You have a very good support team, and there very funny too boot. Have a fun but safe voyage.
    stay tied off.
    Woodrow Wilson from San Diego

  70. Great Idea, maybe a way to encourage Abby to do this is to have her turn around and go back the way she came. Think about it, would not take nearly as long since she knows her way now. Wouldn't need to be bothered with maps, gps or weather info since she was just there! Might also have identified a short cut or two. And by now she knows what all those fish won't bit on!

    Way to go Abby.

    George H
    South Lyon, MI

  71. What a great April Fools prank! Love it!

    Abby . . . you're doing awesome even with the tomfoolery of Team Abby!

  72. Joe North HollywoodApril 2, 2010 at 8:07 AM

    Great April Fools Joke. I'll bet Abby really appreciated that! And to all those "wet blankets" out there who made the negative comments about the prank, I think it's safe to say that Abby's team knows her sense of humor far better than you do! So relax. LOL

    So glad you made it around the Cape Abby. I keep passing your link to others as I am still so amazed about the journey you are taking, and your bravery during it. I am praying for you.

  73. Hey!! I just noticed that Jessica mentions Abby in her latest blog entry and sends her congrats for 'rounding the Horn!!

    Whoooo Hooo . . . Go Jess . . . Go Abby!!

  74. Haha, that had me going for a teeeeeeny bit! :-/

  75. Ok, I have to admit - I was fooled. I was actually getting angry - thinking who cares if they don't believe she did it solo - and beginning to cuss at Team Abby under my breath - but as I was reading - I finally got it. I'm not usually that gullible. Excellent April fools prank - I'm proud!
    Abby - thanks for allowing us to be part of your life for this long. Always looking for videos and pictures! (hint hint)
    Prayers for you daily!
    Kay - Ohio

  76. You had me going til you got to the pirates flag. :-)
    I really Don't think they advertise.

    Very funny anyway.

  77. I think she should do three trips, only do it circumpolar the third time. :^)

  78. Team Abby,if Abby was cruising the local waters off Catalina Island without any danger,then an april fool joke would be just fine,but she is at the tip of South America fighting 40 mile winds and 20 ft. seas and having mechanical problems is no time to be playing games.Her life is in constant danger and you people are making light of the situation.
    I'm sure Abby did'nt believe it for a second,but it tends to turn a great adventure into a comedy.
    Libby Di Bernardo
    San Pedro,Ca

  79. Congratulations on your achievement of rounding the Cape Horn! Be safe, good speed, following seas, and Happy Easter! Happy Atlantic!

  80. Abby ... I'm sure when you started reading the post from your team and got to the part where they said "twice around", you said "you have got to be kidding" and you were right. It has happened though. Just saw the movie "Deep Water" about a circumnavigation race from England in 1968. Nine left and only one finished. One of the nine, when on the homeward stretch off Brazil while in third place, decided he couldn't handle the media spotlight awaiting him at home and took a right turn and started a second circumnavigation. He ended the voyage in Tahiti. The main character in the movie had little sailing experience and his home built trimaran started to leak off the coast of Spain. Knowing he'd probably drown in the southern ocean and unable to return because he would face financial ruin, he took a third option. He faked the trip by waiting off the coast of Argentina for all the rest of his competitors to go by and then sliped in behind them. Interesting climax to the movie which I won't mention here in case anyone wishes to see it.

    Looking forward to your report about the auto pilot and hydraulic leak.

  81. I was afraid you had changed your mind and was coming home when I first saw this message on my blog list. Im glad this was just a fool ya thing.

    Best wishes to Abby and Team Abby. Keep up the great work. :)

  82. Hi guys, .. clever one,.. you got all of us there heart beatless, specially the ransom fund raised amount, lol, ... God bless you all and keep Abby safe and happy succefull home return
    Happy eastern

  83. Abby ... Calculating your speed by the trip so far, it appears that unless you speed up in the southern ocean, you will be at sea for over 7 months. You said you have a 6 month supply of food on board. If that is correct, you'll have to start rationing at some point. Or do you have a month's extra food, just in case?

  84. For a minute you had me totally fooled until the US Coast Guard would tutor her via VHF...then I was like, "what day was this posted?" :) Nice one. Yeah Abby-please just go around once...

  85. That was CLASSIC! I hope Abby enjoyed reading it as much as I did! Laughter is the elixir of the soul. FULL SPEED AHEAD ABBY!


  86. Team Abby, great April Fools message. Obviously it was a joke as soon as you guys said go around twice. (sorry Zac, it was cute but also obvious!)
    As far as the folks "chastising" team Abby about the pirate risk please calm down as there is no pirate danger to Abby given her course, below the Capes and Australia. I encourage you to look at a map and see where there are pirates vs where Abby is going. (Zac was around Indonesia, Abby is below the Cape and Australia, where there are no pirates. The Somalian pirates are more than half way up the coast of Africa, and at most only venture out several hundred miles. (Yes, I am sure... and so is Team Abby or they would not be setting this course.) Anyway, great job Abby and Team Abby :-) :-) Happy Easter Abby and make the Lord's blessings be upon you.
    Dwight in NC

  87. Teen solo sailor turns back
    (Breaking news, published Thu Apr 1)

    World-girdling teen Abby Sunderland has done an abrupt about face and is heading for home.

    She received a message on her Facebook page she just couldn't ignore. According to unsubstantiated reports it said, "Hey Abby, U wanna go 2 the prom w/me?" It was signed "U know who."

    She thought about it for a minute, then realized that yes, she did want to go to the prom with "U know who," Abby is now attempting to round the Horn again, but her westerly course.

    This is a short version of the news article on this web page.

    Note that the date today is supposed to be Thursday the 1st as in the article.

  88. Very well done! As April Fool's jokes go, this was a good one. As usual, great support by Team Abby. Keep up the great work.

    Oh, and keep up the great sailing, Abby!


  89. Hi Abby. I have just read your story on AOL news, unbelievable. What courage you have. Good luck and safe travels. I look forward to reading your blog. You are truly inspirational and since I'm a stay at home Mom I intend to live vicariously through you in your travels. God bless and keep you (and your family)! Also a shout out to Qlaudia in Queensland - could you swing by the Gulf of Mexico and pick me up?

  90. Abby and Team Abby,

    This post finally made it clear to me why I'm so drawn to this amazing thing you're doing. I was drawn when you launched because it's an interesting story. But over the weeks I find myself reading the blog and getting more and more attached. I was thinking it was because of the amazing - and unfathomable - feat you all are accomplishing (especially you Abby). And that is true. Every blog entry I read, my jaw drops and my head nods in amazement. But, the real reason I'm so taken is because you guys are great people. Funny, real, committed, brave people. Thanks for inviting me into your world as you go through this amazing experience. And for keeping me laughing...

  91. Capt. Abby, if I were more proud of you I'd become emotional, tough guys such as me never do that, almost. This is really great and I vote Yes! for the tweaking The Team gave you. Also I think I can locate about 1,000 or so young guys that will volunteer to be "you know who" if you so decide. Sail tight Capt. Abby.

  92. No Pirates? There goes Abby's chance to meet Johnny Depp.

    Abby congratualations again on rounding the Horn once again.

  93. That was hilarious! You so had me going!

  94. THAT WAS GREAT! I know Abby knew what the scoop was right from the beginning.....ya'll are great. Be blessed, be safe and Psalm 91!

    Happy Easter Bloggers and Sunderland family!

    from Mt. Juliet, Tennessee

  95. I loved that Joke Team Abby!! I think our great Navy has captured some pirates for you too Abby! (no joke)
    I am looking forward to some more pictures and video too.
    Alyssa from Irvine,CA

  96. Way to make us all laugh and smile team Abby! It's great to hear that people still have a good sense of humor :) I hope that put a smile on Abby's face, and I can't wait to hear how she's doing. Fair winds and following seas Abby, you really are doing something incredible!

  97. Anonymous at April 1, 2010 11:26 PM and others that commented, still believing this is real...WOW, you need to talk to a professional about your gullibility.

    This was a joke on us followers, not Abby. I'm positive that Abby was in on it.

    Team Abby (and Abby), good one guys.

    Abby, stay safe and God speed you on your way.


  98. Humour is not your strong point!

  99. Some people really need to lighten up. Obviously what Abby is doing is dangerous and risky, but that doesn't mean she should spend the next 7 months without any humor in her life. Seriously, anonymous people, find something better to do than be negative.

  100. @MJ There were in total, eight words in your post that were of any value to anyone, re Abby,Team Abby,and all those readers who have an interest in Abby's huge undertaking.But thankyou for taking the time to express your negativity and narrow minded attitude.Team Jessica does have a realistic site as you mention also,and you will find there if you bother to look that a consistent theme is Faith Love and a trust in a guiding spirit.I wont try to put a Name to that Spirit,as it takes on many forms,but enough to say that it is a positive force for good and knows nought of your blighted vision.sp

  101. Nice Punk!!! We all knew it was a punk but it was still funny. Except for the part where you expected the pirates to tutor Abby. What course where you expecting her to learn from said beasties; today's class, making a jolly roger flag 101 followed by hoisting up the yard arm said banner thingy 102? Seriously... "No soup for you!" Lastly, isn't one of them old maritime traditions is for the "new" sailor that crosses the horn supposed to get tossed overboard or something crazy?? Be careful Abby, John may have snuck aboard, whose hiding in the secret snack hold, to do said dastardly deed.


  102. Warped sense of humor...I love it! God bless you and keep you safe Abby. You're incredible! Have a wonderfull Easter...


  103. Hello... could someone update us on what's happening? How is she? The instruments? Her hands? Weather? Has anyone herd from Abby? Just wondering. Thanks in advance.
    Ron z

  104. What's the news today???

    Direction today is suspicously towards the Falkland Islands :-(

    If Abby needs a boost, and something is broken, make her aware that Alessandro Di Benedetto, while dismasted the other day, just behind her, has decided to continue around the Cape and try complete and back to France, jury-rigged!!

    In other words, don't let no stinkin' hydraulic beat you. :-)))

    Hand steer all the way home if you must ;-)

  105. I saw today's position just posted a few minutes ago. Abby, did you heave-to for a chat with your dad?

    Steve L in Modesto CA

  106. Hi Abby,
    I actually like the idea of you being kidnapped...
    THAT would be some kind of real adventure, wouldn't it?
    Anyways, back to business: any Cape Horn life forms out there?
    keep up them dodgers,
    Jony the Pony

  107. What a great post today. Abby is so loved! I am so impressed with Abby that I wrote about her in my blog. The post is titled "No stripping for Abby" . I used to be an elementary school teacher and principal and we used to be so worried that our students would end up being strippers instead of doing something productive with their lives. I don't think Team Abby needs to worry about this child! Check out No Stripping for Abby at

  108. Hi Team Abby,
    Nice "April Fools" prank.
    I'm surprised you didn't recommend, based on mysterious weather forecasts, she turn back and circumnavigate from east to west. Her track due south had me wondering at times.

    Wishing her fair winds and flat seas on the way to the Cape.
    Dan, Chicago USA

  109. Qlaudia from QueenslandApril 2, 2010 at 7:06 PM

    @ Bonne

    Great suggestion! How old are your kids? Will they be able to do the sailing while we lounge on deck soaking up the sun?

    Team Abby, we're ready to take up your offer!


  110. Hey Abby, since you are around Cape Horn the next Cape is much more fun! It's called The Cape of Good Hope and its the Southern tip of Africa! We will wave South from Table Mountain Cape Town and blow some kisses for a brave Gal. Well done so far and when you pass South of the Cape of Good Hope know this: We are saluting you girl, you are so special to all of us and we just pray for your safe return to the land of the free and the home of the Brave! Happy sailing from Joe Mulder in Cape Town.

  111. That a real prank.. I kind of felt for that one, but it was April fools LOL..
    Well hope you're doing good on your trip, and hope you're safe..

  112. Wishing you and all the fans a Joyous Easter.

    Bill Mann

  113. Abby.
    After reading the note from your team I must say that I agree. This way you will also be the youngest sailor to sail around the world twice nonstop. You will have to start conserving your rations right away though.
    and I don't think the $38 Dollars is quite enough so I donated an additional $2 to make it an even $40. that should do it.
    Good luck and our prayers are with you. You'll need them both.

  114. Good one team Abby, but I thought $38 was a bit mean surely you could of made it $50. ha ha

  115. Great job, Team Abby! It all seemed a little strange to me. But gladly I'll give another couple of bucks if need be. If you get to $50, you've got it made! :-)

    Happy Easter to you all...a joyous time no matter where you are.

  116. Huh!!...I knew it was an April fools joke!...heck you even said so at the end!!...huh!...did'nt have me fooled once...not once...*ahem*


    Clint - Melbourne Townshippy

  117. @ Team Abby - You had me going. I'd like to say I wasn't fooled. But yes I was an April Fool. Well done Team Abby.

    Dear Abby,

    DID THEY GET YOU ABBY? Team Abby certainly got me I hate to say. They must have been thinking this one up for a while Abby. I hope you got them as well. You could have played along with them saying that you WERE SO EXCITED ABOUT ANOTHER ROUND!!!??? AND WHAT A CHALLENGE RUNNING OR SHOULD I SAY DODGING (AS YOU CAN'T RUN ON THE SEA CAN YOU) PIRATE SHIPS.

    It's good to sea (sea ha ha) see that your team have a great sense of humour and are keeping you on your toes.

    I'm looking forward to seeing your photos Abby. Take care my dear and big hugs from Jan Pace (Auckland, New Zealand)

    PS - Jesse Watson just congratulated you on your accomplishment of rounding the HORN in her blog.

  118. I lol'd :D I thought y'all were crazy and had to be kidding but it was funny :D Def. stay safe from pirates though, Abby...

  119. I saw that one coming before I finished the first couple sentences!

  120. After all it was April 1st, but even now I would take your message seriously. You have no doubt of success.

  121. LOL! that was a classic guys!
    although am wishing and praying, the bit about the coast guard or the USAF shadowing her, particularly on that stretch of water is EVERY BIT TRUE..well except the homework a Filipino, and a kinsman (sailing under a panamanian flagged ship) had a tragic encounter with pirates.
    Please be safe ABBY.

  122. Thanks for the pics Abby. Praying for you.

  123. Sherwood, the most incredible yorkie from Indianapolis wishes you safe travels and that any pirate that even dares come close to your vessel spontaneously combusts...Now the smoke signal, not skulls & bones flag, will be your clue to push the pedal (or paddle) to the metal. Take care and be safe! Good pictures!

  124. Hey Abby,

    Loved the practical joke blog by your team. I wonder if Zac wrote that. I watched his cooking video online and it was funny. I read a few negative comments about the April 1st blog (only a few). I just had to sigh as some people don't have a sense of humor. I know your team is doing everything to make this trip as safe as possible for you. I also know that you are thousands of miles from any pirates and that your route does not take you anywhere close to Somalia coast line. Thanks Team Abby for giving Abby something to smile at. It sounds like rounding the Horn was both exciting and a bit stressful for her and I am sure the April fools blog helped with that. I am sure now that she will complete her journey with such a great team behind her.

    John in Ashland OR

  125. the us nave destroyer really cracked me up!
    good one!


  127. LOFL !!! stomach muscles feel it !!! I will add 20 dollars to the 38 ;)
    Very good looking out on TEAM ABBY!!! I liked the "mission adjustment scenario" :) if it was only so easy as a skull n crossbones flag then a Apache chopper in the Indian Ocean would settle the score. ALL April fools aside = I think MANY MANY MANY have your back NO MATTER location or PROBLEM Abby.
    When a pod of Orcas run with you, please take a pic and post.
    May your sails be full, may your mind at ease, THEE only one you have to make happy, is YOURSELF to pleese.
    Jason A Byrd = elem-orions-3

  128. how long dose it takes to go arond the world

  129. Yeah its very good looking. thanks for sharing the great ideas....

  130. Hello Abby!
    We are in your home town of Thousand Oaks. We are watching you make your way around the world. We want to give you a big loud cheer of support -we hope the wind picks up for you - and your shoes dry out. Oh, and you find your hair brush too! We enjoy your blogs and think about you every day. You are a BRAVE girl! I am most amazed at what seems like complete confidence in your quest, your bravery, and your mechanical knowledge to fix all those gadgets! I could be your mother and I could NOT do what you are doing. This journey must be amazing for you.
    We hope those winds pick up and enjoy the open sea.
    The Bayless Family

  131. Abby I'm new but your blog is great keep writing cuz u write well !!!!!LOL!!!!!!!! THAT'S GREAT.......!!!!!!!!!!$$$$

  132. hi abby congratulation i have been following u up in ur sea endeavour am proud of u please keep it up hope to see u soon n dont allow the auto pilot to derail u be focusd best wishes.

  133. hi abby the lord will make away wen there no way be rest assured u diffinately sailing home at the right time n moment best of luck