Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Rolling Around

Right now I'm rolling around with no wind. Not no wind as in very little wind, I mean I really have absolutely no wind,. At least I think that 2 knots could be considered no wind. I'm not going to mention my own speed - it's too depressing to think about right now!

The swells are still pretty big, but they're beginning to die down a little. Just last night I had about 30 knots with gusts/squalls getting up to 45 knots. There has been a nice sort of pattern over the past week. I get some nice, steady wind for a day or two and then I get a day of calm weather to clean up and fix everything that broke in the rough weather.

Now that I'm done with my jobs I wouldn't mind a little bit more wind... I did finish fixing the wind generator and get a few other jobs done as well as going over everything on deck. It doesn't look like I will have much wind for awhile. Tomorrow will probably be about the same as today and not until Friday will the wind start to pick up much.

Things are getting a little bit dryer down below, but even though it's calm and getting right up to 60 degrees during the day things still take forever to dry. Must be the salt water.

A few days ago I got to see my whole family on Skype! I got to see my little brother Benny just before he went to bed but he wasn't in the best of moods. Of course, through the whole thing my brother, Zac, was in the background making faces at the camera - such a great big brother! It was really good to see everyone! None of that would be possible without the Thrane & Thrane Sailor 250 that allows me to get online. So thanks to Thrane for getting behind me.

At least I am getting some good nights sleep!



  1. Hi Abby,
    I am several days out of Montevideo and headed for Capetown. If your map is correct, we will be crossing paths at any time! Please keep your radar on. Mine is not so good and I do not want to deal with mess we could have if we slammed into each other at night! On the positive side, you could have some of my mandarin oranges and pink grapefruit. I have way too much! See you in Capetown!

  2. Abby, great you were able to "see" your family!!!!
    Gotta get in that plug for the sponsors!! Thanks Thrane & Thrane Sailor 250 for letting us all follow Abby's adventure!

  3. It must be nerve wracking hearing the rigging flop around in the night with no forward motion to speak of to set a direction towards your goal. I hope at least the currents are with you. I hope you secured your boom so it does not have a chance to gybe and wake you up.

  4. Love your posts Abby. Amazing journey.

  5. Two days north out of Port Angeles, Ryan Langley weathers the worst storm to hit this part of the coast in thirteen years.

  6. After sailing south east in 25-30 knot winds earlier today, sudden gusts of 50 knots hit Ella’s Pink Lady, creating two large tears in the mainsail. Fortunately conditions have eased to 25 knots, but it has been another very challenging day for 16 year old Jessica Watson.

  7. Abby, thanks for the update. I think we were all both worried and comforted after your mom's blog. Cannot be much fun rolling around with no wind. Question for you.... will we ever get a video from you on this trip?? (hint, hint, please, please!) You are doing so good and we are so proud of you.
    Dwight in NC

  8. Abby, please be careful on deck! Even two knots per hour is too fast to swim and catch up if you fell overboard! Wear that harness!!!!!!!!!!
    Your adoptive Granny

  9. Hey, Abby. Thanks for the latest update. Glad to hear things are good on board and with you in general - and you've caught up on a bit of sleep.

    Nice to hear you could Skype your family too - that must have been a treat. Pretty amazing what we can do with digital media these days isn't it? Can't quite remember what it was like before all this new technology was available - I guess things back then were a little 'less instant'!

    Have a relaxing but productive time waiting for the wind to fill-in. It will return soon enough. Good sailing and regards from North Canterbury, New Zealand.

  10. Hey Abby!
    I wanted to let you know the Sr. High Sunday School guys class at our church has been following your progress and praying for your safety since you left. All this time to commune with nature sure gives you a chance to see God's power! Stay strong!

  11. hi abby.
    that's great about your family. i know you must have missed them. although you're mom is saying that when she tells you she longs for the day you're coming home, you decline. so i think you're absolutely enjoying your adventure. i wish i could do that too.

    stay safe and sail on girl.

  12. I am also a live aboard sailor. We have a higher comfort level than most people, especially when it comes to dealing with water. My foul weather boots are my "bunny slippers".
    My prayers are with you in the hopes of fair winds and calm seas.
    Keep your boat speed up. Time to reel in the miles. watch out for flying fish. lol.
    Patrick from windy Squamish BC Canada.

  13. Maybe you can trade some of the 'good nights sleep' for some wind. After-all you do want to keep on trekkin'

    God's speed will come.

  14. Abby, Thank you for your inspiration. I'm amazed by what you are doing.
    My best to you. I want to read your book when you write it.
    Mary Lou

  15. Abby, row row row your boat... Just kidding, I doubt you brought any oar's with you. It's great your getting some rest. Everyone's pulling for you or is that rowing for you, ha ha.

  16. I am having so much fun following your adventure. Can hardly wait to get out there again. Keep up the good work you are doing fantastic. Not often that one gets to live there dream. Big Hugs Gail S/V Sea Witch

  17. Hi:

    Good to hear from you and happy that you fixed the wind generator.


  18. Good news, a little calm weather. I know it probably drives you nuts but don't discount staying ahead of the curve on the sleep factor; should something really big come your way ---- you'll want your best reaction. Hope things do dry out, being damp all the time is a bummer.
    You are doing a great job. Have fun, sail safe, send you dryer air and warmth.

    Kerri from California

  19. Is there any chance that Abby isn't the coolest chick on the planet?


    babysie's got it all going on.

  20. Hola, Abby!
    So good to hear you got some sleep and that the weather is more frustrating than frightening!

    Awesome work getting the wind genny fixed up and staying on top of your chores (a stitch in time saves nine!} Most of all, keep yourself in tip-top shape :)

    Only boaters know how horribly uncomfortable it is to be just flopping around and it's an exhausting effort to keep on course.

    You're doing great...and you continue to amaze.

    Stay safe, and Godspeed

  21. Abbey, what all does the T & T Sailor 250 do for you? Is it just a satallite antanna or does it do more than that?

    Fair winds and following seas, Captain. I do so enjoy your blogs.

    Dennis from Montgomery, TX

  22. Sounds good, get the rest when you can. Keep on trucking!

  23. Hey abby,

    Dave in Rhode Island here, glad to hear that you are well rested and doing well. I was wondering how far off are you from your intended course? Is it much of a deviation? Could Team Abby add to the map graphic your intended course or is it just like the depiction on the home page could they add as an overlay so to speak next to your actual course?

    Thank you and safe sailing

    Scubadave63 in Rhode Island

  24. Hi Abby, Well it seems you are really having a go at it to get across the Atlantic Ocean on towards Africa. Its like 1 step forward, 2 steps back but get all the work done while you have the down time, and it might not be a bad idea to crack those infernal school books back open and study a bit to get your mind off of the fact you've not got any wind. It good to hear you got the wind "genny" working again. I have a question for you Abby, Do you have speakers to listen when you are on Skype and when you listen to music or do you only have headphones for your music, I mean it seems like it would really be nice to crank the tunes up now and then considering the only creatures you might wake or upset would be Charlie and I don't think he would mind much and I'm sure Wild Eyes wouldn't mind hearing some music now and then. I'm really glad to hear that you got to see your family on Skype, and leave it to the boys to goof around while you're online with them. I've used Skype a few times when friends both living and traveling in Europe and its kind of cool to see the people while you are talking to them. Stay Safe and have Fun and when outside Tethered..38º26"N/122º44"W

  25. Does your auto pilot work with no wind? I know ours didn't on a sail trip from Kwajalein to Namu Atoll (60 miles) wind, took us 36 hrs!

  26. Hey Abby,

    Dave again, I almost forgot the quote: "All I want is a tall ship and a star to sail her by" and you have both.

  27. Possibly, it wasn't a bird into your generator prop but a prop overspeed caused by a gust. Are these things fixed pitch? If not, you need to be in what the Brits call "coarse" pitch in high winds.

    Just the pilot in me talking.

  28. Keep on keeping on, Abby!
    Jan, Waitara, NZ

  29. Abby ... it must be sooooo frustrating to have little or no wind. You are doing GREAT so far..... approaching...half way across the southern Atlantic...

    wishing the best for you.....

  30. Have a safe and sound journey back home.

  31. It is nice to know that you could see your family.

  32. 04-15-10 @ 00:57
    Hi Abby,
    Hey, thanks for the blog, always nice to hear from you, regardless of conditions, but that’s to bad about the lack of wind. I’m pretty sure you’ll be getting some wind very soon. It’s very easy for me to say have patience, but you are the lady out there, and you don’t want to hear any of that, you want some ‘ACTION’…yes??? doubt about it. OK, an extra prayer for some wind for Abby tonight.
    I was glad to see that you got the wind generator repaired, and worked on your other jobs, as well as a little inspection tour. Sharp girl!!!!
    Going by P/W there should be some wind for you late Thursday and definitely Friday. No written guarantee on that though.
    Do you have any type of a fan that you could run to circulate the air in the cabin, that would help dry it out quicker.
    You will learn someday that no child is ever in a good mood when it’s time for them to go to bed…lol… I had to laugh at Zac making faces, Jessica has a brother just like him, he gives her a rough way to go also. But that’s brotherly love….oh yeah!!!!
    But I’m glad that you got to see the family, that helps cover the ‘down’ portions of the trip,…somewhat….. And a special thanks to the Thrane & Thrane Sailor 250 for helping our girl get online and stay happy.
    Well Abby, I guess it’s time for you to hit the sack and get some of that much needed rest, even if you don’t feel tired right now…lol…That’s probably how Benny felt. “But Mom, I’m not tired”…lol…
    Take good care of yourself and “Wild Eyes” and especially your crew, how are they doing? Looking forward to your next blog…God Bless You….

    May God hold you in the palm of His hand and may the Angels keep your sails full, and I, I will be praying for you.
    Your faithful friend, fan and follower.
    Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

  33. Oh it must have been thrilling to seem them all!
    We're all blowing winds your way, not to worry~


  34. Abby, belated congratulations on rounding Cape Horn. Happy you are able to rest between rough bits of weather. Have been quietly following both you and Jesse Watson, and you both have my deep respect and admiration. May God continue to guide you and your team, especially your weather routers who are working diligently to keep you safe.

  35. Okay, I can go to bed, you're OK :) Like I said before, "you would think you were my daughter" the way I check on you! Have a great night...

  36. Abby,
    Please be very careful of other boats!
    @Alberto--Please pay attention! Abby doesn't need any boat bumping going on.
    Glad the blade fix was easy. How many sets of spare blades do you have on board?

  37. Thanks Abby.
    You are going great.
    Take care.
    Richard (QLD) Aus

  38. I just called King Neptune and ordered a 25kt wind on a beam reach in a 2 meter following sea.

    Now lets that drag racer haul off to Africa. If you see a fish, ram it.

  39. Hi Abby and followers,

    Good to see the progress if even just a little. Walking my dogs I was thinking and I get the idea some of the followers don't know just how small a 40 foot sailboat really is. In thinking about your repairs on the auto-pilot I would guess many parts are at arms reach at best and on a rolling boat you are doing a great job. I would think it is like your world is now in the space of a about a 25 foot motorhome with less overhead room and your longest walk is less than 40 feet. Thank you for the adventure

    Sail Safe
    from Redondo Beach CA
    around 33°52'24"N x 118°22'07"E

  40. Abby,
    We continue to pray for your safe journey. You are doing such a great job on your mission, and continue to inspire us in our daily lives. Stay happy and busy, safe and solid on your "Wild Eyes", and well fed and rested. Know that we continue to follow you, and your words are greatly appreciated...may the winds come and find you, and carry you gently along.
    Kelly and Dave in Santa Clarita

  41. Bruce from Brisbane auApril 15, 2010 at 1:26 AM

    Good to see your spirit is still up. It must be depressing to sail two forward and one back and be constantly damp. We sympathise but look on the bright side - at least you can point out to Zac that you have peace and quiet when you sign off - he has the local traffic, family pressures and the like always in the background so getting away is easier for you than him.

    Don't get too relaxed - stay clipped sail safe

    Bruce from Brisbane

  42. Evie from BendigoApril 15, 2010 at 1:50 AM

    Hi Abby
    dont pray for too strong a wind, you might get more than you bargained for. Just enough wind to get you moving comfortably. Keep harnessed well. Eat well stay safe.
    Evie from bendigo

  43. Jeanp - AustraliaApril 15, 2010 at 3:03 AM

    Wow! you have come a long way in such a short time Abby. You are almost halfway to the African Cape. Great work.
    Regards, Jeanp - Australia

  44. This post definitely made me smile!. So happy you saw your family on skype!...Glad things are going well...

  45. Good to hear you are getting much needed rest!Are your cameras broken? We all enjoy seeing photos of your adventure ever once in awhile :)

    My the wind be beneath your wings!

  46. Hi Abby,
    Glad to hear things are going well. Use the calmer weather to do the house keeping and catch up on some sleep. It must of been good to catch up with the family via Skype.
    Keep safe,

  47. Abby

    it is always good to have light winds now and then to take care of chores. There will be enough times that are much more frantic. I am happy to hear the auto pilot is fixed. Now you can get a better sleep.

    We marvel at your determiation and focus while so young. Stay alert and stay safe on this your remarkable journey!

    Our very best to you,

    John and Carolyn

  48. Hi Abby, I'm glad to hear you got to see your Family on Skype. I'm sure it meant a lot to you. Sorry to hear about the lite winds today..but maybe you can get a real good sleep with this break, it will do wonders for you. Heres (raises coffee cup in air) hoping for some warmer weather for you so you can dry out...did you find that hair brush yet! :)....take care your doing great.

    Bob from Boston

  49. 2kts really! :P

  50. Hi Abby! It's great to hear from you! Thanks for the update. I am thrilled you got some much needed sleep! It's always a battle getting enough sleep, even for us "land-lubbers". And congrats on fixing the wind genny. It's great you got to see your family too! Ain't technology grand! And being a brother myself, I can totally appreciate Zac's contribution to your morale! Thanks Thane & Thane for making that call (and this blog) possible (among other things). Well have a great day Abby, and I hope you get some good winds soon to slow the bobbing and start the moving! Have fun and stay safe! You Rock Abby!
    Kevin, Aiken, SC

  51. Abby,
    Hang in there, I don't like rolling around without forward motion either however its all part of living on and traveling by sailboat. You are a huge inspiration for me to travel more. I live and cruise on a Hunter 42 ,6 months a year and teach skiing 6 months a year in Utah. Watching you and reading your blogs are getting me very excited to get back to my boat. Thanks For all your blogs and for doing this trip. Tom

  52. Hey Abby. I have been away for a while. It is good to see you are well out into the South Atlantic. From what you write, sounds like you are becoming quite an engineer as well as a sailor. Glad you got your wind generator repaired.

    I know you enjoyed your visit with your family. Isn't Skype great and it's all free! All you need is a connection to the WWW. One day soon you will probably be able to do the same thing with your I-Phone. Communciation technology is moving forward so quickly.

    Hope the wind picks up soon. Take Care.

    Dan Anderson
    Charlotte, NC

  53. It's a lot of fun being along for the ride Abby! Good to hear that all is well. Stay strong!

  54. Abby, I am really impressed with the way you manage your time out there. Keeping things in good repair and getting good rest during the "down" times is going to really pay off.

    Go Abby Go

  55. Abby, keep up the good work...

    About drying clothes .. Salt water will leave crystals in the clothes after they are dried... Hang them high and dry in the mast and let the wind shake out the crystals or just take a bat or something similar and beat them to release the crystal.. If not, these crystals will keep on absorbing the moist from the air and clothing will NEVER feel dry..


  56. Bonjour Abby & Wild Eyes,

    Yes, thanks Thrane&Thrane Sailor 250! Too bad there is no sponsor for the wind when you need it:-)

    Go Abby, go!

    Take care, Be safe

  57. Wow, after reading about the storm Jesse just got through you might want to consider going north around Australia since the storms could be worse by the time you get there. Get up with Woodrow and have him use his connections to get you a Coast Guard Cutter escort against the possibility of any pirates!

  58. Abby~I can't get over the fact that you are only 16 yrs. old and doing all of this! Every time you matter-of-fact tell us that you fixed this or that it BLOWS MY MIND! I can't believe you are doing all of that...if only more kids your age were so willing to do hard work! So many kids I know are spoiled and afraid to try anything new. They are lazy and won't even help their parents clean the house, let alone sail around the world! I hope you are inspiring more of them to follow their dreams and work hard to get there instead of thinking it should all "just happen." Great Job, Abby...stay safe! We're praying for more steady winds and warm days for you! ;)

  59. Rest while you can, girl; who knows what's ahead.

  60. glad you are doing well,hope this down time lets you catch up on sleep,

  61. Hi Abby
    Just to let you know whats happening here - yesterday, a glacial volcano erupted in Iceland. Today all airspace in Ireland and the U.K is now closed, with airspace over Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway and Sweden due to close this evening!
    Earthquakes, tsunami and volcanoe
    Enjoy the calm tranquility. Best wishes

  62. Hi, Abby,

    Yesterday I prayed that God would give you some much-needed rest as the previous blog said "tired sailor", so maybe the no wind situation is my fault! At any rate, He is watching over you all the way around the world on your journey, and He knows when a little rest would be good for you. Enjoy it! Prayers keep going up for you!


  63. Wow, Thank You!! and Praise the Lord for your safety. check the pitch on the wind generator. could it have been overspeed that tore it up?
    Im gald you're at least having a chance to maybe dry out. Thanks so much for keeping us informed. I wish we could be an observer on the skypes? Is that possible??? Jessica's parents put video fottage for everone to see. Can you do that or some photos??? Might be a good day to take a few pics and sent them our way!! We'd LOVE to see some. Even your dry (wet) boots!! Can you do that??
    We Love You!
    Ron in Colorado

  64. Dearest Abby,

    So glad to hear from you. It is such a beautiful thing that the human spirit allows us to bond so closely to someone we have never even met....I feel like I have known you Abby my whole life :)

    Your communications with all of us are just great. Thank you for your update, it's like we sat and had a chat on the phone :)

    I'm sure you will pick up some speed soon, and I am very thankful that you are experiencing some calmer weather at least for now any way. I have been very worried about you the past couple of days.

    I'm praying for you as always!

    Warm wishes from Kansas

  65. You amaze me all the swells and wind I would have to change my pants yet your like ah no big deal. You may be young but have the heart of a lion. I followed you brother and you both are incredible young people.

    God Bless!!

  66. Hi Abby and Team Abby, sorry to hear progress is slow at the moment. Obviously, when you published the route information on the website, you imagined that Abby would be making faster times than she has managed to do. Is that just because of bad luck with the wind, because of taking longer routes to avoid the worst of the weather (especially at this time of year), or because Wild Eyes hasn't performed as well as expected? Even allowing 9 days for the detour and stop at Cabo San Lucas, the original estimate would put Abby east of Cape of Good Hope by now. This is no criticism of Abby in any way - just an observation from a concerned follower.

  67. Hi Abby, Team Abby,

    So glad your putting "Safety" first! Thanks for sharing your adventure with all of us!.... pHiL Platform Ellen, Long Beach, CA

  68. Abby,
    Congratulations on your latest stage of your trip. I was wondering how do you keep all your trash on board and how often do you do laundry
    and how do you take bathes and shave?
    Your doing a great job. Keep it up.

  69. Atta Girl Abby!!
    Enjoy the down time! I'm sure there is a reason for it!! Connor continues to put you in his nightly prayers,and this am he asked if you had gotten any wind!!
    Be well and do good work!

    Kris and Connor Hamilton
    Killeen Tx

  70. Hi Abby... Sorry to hear you have lost your wind. Cheer up as I know it will come again and then off you go. Now's the time for rest etc.
    Jessica has been fighting lightning storms for a couple days. Hope you fair better when you arrive in that area. Stay Safe.. Luv Ya much
    May the Good Lord watch over you.
    Blue Skies and Friendly Winds
    Bud & Charla Winnett

  71. Hi again Abby
    If its of any help or interest to fellow bloggers - France, Switzerland and Finland are also closing their airspace this evening because of the volanic ash. Europe is fast becoming a No-Fly Zone at the moment. Ferry companies are reporting huge demand.

  72. Hey Captain Abbey,Great news your fixing things as all sailors know chores can be annoying.I could not help but think of you this weekend. Took the boat out on the bay to test engine issues. once again it failed. Put the sails up to sail back to our slip ,great thing about sailing but getting in to our slip is another.Tired axhausted, my thought of you sailing alone with no help makes me appreciate your courage evan more. on the bay Sandi

  73. Skipper, King Neptune knows that you need some time to fix things and much needed sleep, so he keeps no wind into your sails, but now that you have fixed things and ready for some 15-25 knots, the winds are now on the way. Keep things tie down, sail safe and dry.

    I again wish you fair winds and following seas.

    Old salty USN(ret)

  74. Abby,

    Although I have no sailing experience, I know what it's like to be "rolling around". Esp. mid-summer vacation when there is nothing exciting to do. Don't worry, this will pass! I'll keep you in my prayers.


  75. Hey Abby. While you're rolling around with no wind, Jessica Watson is taking a real hammering down under Western Australia - with freakish electrical storms, 6 metre swells and 50 knots + of wind. That's the infamous Southern Ocean for you, eh?

    Also, I imagine Alessandro will round Cape Horn sometime this weekend. Although his little yacht's rig is damaged, he appears to be in great spirits. You are all amazing RTW sailors!

    Hope all is well on board, Abby. Good sailing.

  76. Hi Abby,
    Good to hear you are catching up on sleep, even if you're not making much progress. Just wait patiently, it will happen. While you've been becalmed, Jessica Watson has been dealing with violent electrical storms, knocked down and her sail torn, so be careful of what you wish for!
    All the best, Abby, take care and have fun.
    Jules on the Gold Coast, Australia

  77. Hi Abby,
    My name is Kelsey! My Dad told me about your trip. I hope you make it all the way around the world. I bet it is nice having an older brother that sails too! Good Luck!
    Love, Kelsey from Tennessee
    P.S My Family and I will keep you in our prayers.

  78. That must have been real nice to see your folks, even though they were not in the best of moods, or pulling faces in the background, that's family for you, you can't chose your family members ...... :-) Well done to you so far, it's sounds so exciting, so much fun!!! Best of luck to you....

  79. What has happened to your web site? It has been down for about ten hours!

  80. Hi Abby,

    So happy you and your family were able to see each other. Our families are very precious to us aren't they.

    Hope the winds will pick up for you and you will be able to move along smoothly.

    God be with you all the way on this special journey, Abby.

    Clare, Spokane, Wash.

  81. How long do you sleep at one time?

  82. Abby,
    Rolling around not making much progress had got to be uncomfortable. Here's hoping that you've got wind in your sails again.
    Isn't skype the best!! We're so glad you could talk and see your family.
    Clear skies,
    ~Brian & Phill
    Vancouver, Canada

  83. Team Abby?
    Is the distance travelled between yesterday and today accurate? Can't believe the wind is that bad. Reminds of the song " Here we go round in circles" Praying for strong gentle winds to get you moving again, Enjoy the calm as it gets you rested and prepared for any foul weather thatn results in loss of sleep
    Sherna Taylor

  84. Abby I am fascinated by your courage to take this journey.
    Your skills are significant.
    May your sails be full and the sea friendly. May you find peace and tranquility on the high sea !

  85. Capt. Abby, I'm sure Team Abby is telling you this + more ? ... I believe the winds are about to pick up and appear about to hook Wild Eyes off on a real "Surfing Safari" going in all the right directions and w/proper force. "Passage Weather" is my source ..of course I don't know exactly where Wild Eyes is becalmed, but anyhow: tie down the loose gear and get on with it skipper!

  86. You have a good routine now.

  87. Abby,
    I hope that you can get home safely soon. I hope everything is fine on your boat.

    Olivia A.
    1st grade
    Jessie Hall Elementary School

  88. Hi Abby:
    I can see you just are bobbing around out there right now, only moving 2mi North in the last 2 days. I hope the currents have a least moved you futher east to help with the progress. I remember a couple sails like that and all the rolling just make me dizzy. Hope, the fair winds freshen soon so that you can fly again.

    It would be fun to see Charlie again. Can you bring him out for another pic. By the way, is there a place where we could buy one of Charlie's brothers. It would be fun to have a reminder of your companion and adventure.

    Hugs, seattlesid


  90. 04-15-10 @ 23:52
    Hi Abby,
    I hope you’re catching up on your sleep and eating well, you have to maintain your strength, and it also helps with your attitude, which actually doesn’t seem to be a problem for you. Always up-beat, smiling and humorous. I enjoy reading your posts, they are very descriptive and entertaining. I hope everything is going well for you, no problems that you can’t handle, and how’s Charlie and Mr. Doggie doing?
    Keep up the good work and stay alert, as you normally do…..
    May God hold you in the palm of His hand and may the Angels keep your sails full, and I, I will be praying for you.
    Your faithful friend, fan and follower.
    Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

  91. Hi Captain Abby,

    Permission to come help catch some of Alberto's fresh fruit. What a tease he is.

    You writing about the seas and wind patterns along with keeping on top of things creates images that keep my eyebrows arched in starch.

    Zac's humor is given to sign language. It does you good to see everyone in character. Benny is allowed his moments. Its all good! What a great family.

    You're too good not to remember the harness.

    Wishing you the dry air of Ventura County. The temp. here today was not too different from your report:a little over 60 degrees.

    Catch you on your next wave of logging. Cheers

  92. Glad to hear you are safely traveling (sitting?) across the Atlantic now. We are still following your trip on our world map and marking the progress!

    Have a good day doing ordinary calm things and we look forward to following you as you travel around the world!

    Rachel and Dora
    Czech Republic

  93. Abby,
    I know how you feel, bobbing around like a cork out there. Here is my story about sailboats on glassy water.
    While going through a pilot training course in September 1966, I was staying at a hotel in San Diego called the Bahia Hotel which was and still is located on Mission Bay. My brother joined me on a couple of weekends while he was attending Marine Boot Camp at Camp Pendleton prior to his deployment to Viet Nam. We had our very first sailing experience when the hotel rented us a little, probably 12 ft., dingy with a sail, a centerboard for a keel and a rudder. That was it. We merrily sailed off into the late afternoon with a gentle breeze and thought that we had died and gone to heaven. We got to the other end of Mission Bay when the sun began to set. Unbeknown to us, at our tender ages of 19 and 24, from the North Woods of Minnesota, the wind dies in the evening hours right? There we were stranded on “glassy” water,no oars, getting darker by the minute until you could see the beautiful reflection of lights, all around the bay, with no idea where we were. The realization of the potential of my brother going AWOL from the Marine Corps began to eat at both of us. There was only one thing to do. We jumped into the water and began to swim with our little sailboat in tow. After about a half hour of that futile attempt, luckily a boat approached and spotted us fanatically waving for help. They were gracious enough to tow us back to the Bahia, where we swore we would never again, get into a sail boat. My brother and I have laughed about that experience ever since.
    In my later years however I have taken a few sailing lessons and received my skippers license. My wife and I love sailing and do bare-boat charters at Sun Sail on the Great Barrier Reef (which has been getting some attention lately, no thanks to a Chinese shipping vessel). Our favorite is the Beneteau 470. What a wonderful way to relax and completely forget about the rest of the world! Abby, your winds will surely pick up soon and you will be back on your way. Enjoy every moment of quiet times and get rested up, as you will surely need it when times get tough. Keep on the safe side of safe Abby! Remember that complacency is the worst enemy of all, in any business. You are in our prayers and we are with you all the way!

  94. Hi Miss Abby!
    I like the fact you can have some good sleep. I don't like much the chart showing little or no progress to the East. Life is always like this, hot and cold. Every medal has an obverse and a reverse side. Well, if your health is OK, if you can eat and sleep, and if Wild Eyes is OK too, that's a BIG obverse. The slow motion aspect is the reverse, but is not a too bad one, as you are not in a race. I am afraid, personally, that you can be finding it really boring. A sailor likes to have wind, to go ahead, to surf, for having fun. But you are not in a regatta, this is a marathon, and a king size one. I hope you have books, music... and a lonely-fit temper. Some of us are at ease in solitude; for others, it is harder. Which tribe are you belonging to? Lonely bears or bunch wolves?
    Anyway, you have to remember that you are not as alone as you seem to be. Your family is with you, and so are hundreds of followers. We try to share your adventure, as well for the exciting moments as for the downbeat ones. Put on your Patience hat. Write your memories. Listen to music and dance. Take pictures. Chat or skype with pals. Surf the Net and look for fun sites. Eat some chocolate.
    Be brave! Think of a big hug... No, please, close your eyes, and REALLY think of a big hug! ............... OK. Now you had it. Consider it was "fair dinkum" (genuine). I hope you feel better.

  95. Oh Man, do I know that slacking, slatting, disorganized knocking around! It can be maddening.

    Bill Smith

  96. Electronics, oh, my... Just a few years ago my son and I were sailing his Rhodes Design, Whistler Class (Southern Star) from Catalina Is. to Anna Cappa by compass, alone.
    Amazed at what you are doing,
    An Old Salt

  97. Abby,
    Glad to hear from you and knowing things are going well, slow but well! You know it won't be forever! Enjoy the down time, 'cuz I'm sure the crazy time is coming after hearing about the storm Jessica just got through, you'll need your rest! Keep us posted and sail safe

    Denise and family
    South Dakota

  98. That has to be INCREDIBLY aggravating, not that I have ever sailed around the world, but I could only imagine. Keep up the good work!

  99. That's very impressive.

  100. Hi thanks for visiting my blog. Some work still to be done. See your on your way past South Africa. Next time you must stop and do some site seeing. SA is a lovely place!! Good luck with the journey ahead!!

  101. Wow...when I checked the chart today, I could hardly believe my eyes.

    You are probably way past...RESTED! And I bet, caught up on your book studies. ha ha ha I can only imagine how anxious you are to start cruisin' again. I am anxious for you!

    When I read yesterday about the Blogger who suggested you listen to your music outloud on Wild Eyes, I wondered. The creatures down below...would they all come up to investigate you? Because for sure, it will be their first experience with produced music. Have you tried it?

    Praying you get moving SOON!....and let it be fast, smooth saling.


  102. Just wishing you well from my boat here in your home port! I've been sailing for over 20 years and you truly inspire me! I'm glad to get your blog updates and know that you are doing well. Light winds can be frustrating, but I'm certain Wild Eyes will have a bone in 'er teeth soon enough.

    Fair winds Abby!

    Cap'n Ron, MdR, CA

  103. Hi Abby,
    I don't know if you are close, but I am at 34°51' 4"S 37° 0' 2" W and the going is very slow. Maybe I'll see you sometime. That would be nice.

  104. Well Ms Abby you are looking great. Enjoy peace when you have it and watch your top knot always.

    Al P

  105. Wow. A mini doldrums. I wonder if the volcano in Iceland has something to do with it. Sucking up all the air creating a vacumn in it's opposite hemisphere even though you're 1000'so miles away.

  106. a lil slack wind will help u get all repair work you need to do keep safe stayed clipped on
    you are 1 brave young lady good luck
    capt abby
    paul from maine

  107. This is a wicked awesome thing you're doing, it's giving me some motivation, courage and all the good things you get from great people accomplishing their dreams. Keep it going, you can do it.

    God Bless, and have a lot of fun!

  108. Hallo Abby Schönes Mutiges Mädchen
    hab Blumen auf der Webseite für Dich Dein
    Schönes Lächeln sagt mir Jetzt Afrika
    in Sicht
    Wünsch Dir Schönes Wetter
    dass der ungemütliche regen aufhöhrt
    und Sonne und viele 20 Knoten
    und eine Gute Heimfahrt
    Grüße von Markus aus Germany

  109. OMPBAJ(oh my peanut butter and jelly)i <3 your posts!! your an amazing writer!!

  110. you are a very good writer.... I write for myself, i need to post more but whenever i do can you please tell me what you think? thanks

  111. Hi Abby ,
    been following you and J.W. for a while now, what is this about the blues? Gaud first J.W. and now you , is it catching?
    Good greef get your act into gear as we say.

    Grumpy Aust.

  112. Hi Abby,
    It is my first time to write you though I am reading your blogs for many months now. Technology had done great things to todays sailors as compared to sailors from the past centuries that they'd travelled in solitude not seeing even one of their family back home. Talking and seeing your family via internet is something to be thankful of. Even though you're away and alone you will never feel it cause you're virtually near to your family and us from different part of the world. I admire the way you write your blog. It is very informative and interesting. Take care always. God bless.
    Michael B. C.
    Saudi Arabia.