Monday, April 5, 2010

63 and Sunny

Had a bit of a slow day today with no more than 4 knots of wind for most of the day. But at least it was warm and sunny! It got all the way up to 63 degrees today!! I had been routed to go west of the Falkland Islands and just get north fast. But with the wind angle I ended up with and my position I wasn't able to. I could have waited for the wind to shift but that wasn't going to be for awhile and then, not for long. So I decided it would be better to head back and go south of them. It's a longer way to get around them but at least I wouldn't be stuck too close to shore. Wild Eyes does not go to weather and being too close to shore can be very dangerous.

So here I am now on my way. The winds have been unusually light but have now picked up to a nice 15 knots with Wild Eyes making around 7.5 knots headed almost directly east. I am waiting for the wind to shift to the NW so I can head more north.

I've been sailing along with a fleet of fishing boats since this morning. It was a little scary at first having fifteen big boats just a few miles away. They had all been going along in a pretty strait line following each other but now they've stopped and I just passed them. It was pretty cool to be able to actually see other boats and know there were other people so close. I felt a little like sailing over and saying 'Hi', but decided since they were fishing it wouldn't be the best idea.

There have been some rumors going around saying that I received assistance from my dad when we were trying to meet up around Cape Horn. I was a little sad to hear people saying stuff like that when I have written on my blog about how we were never able to meet up. My goal is to sail solo, non-stop and unassisted around the world but if I did need assistance I would be the first to tell you. It is not planned but if I end up stopping or if I need to get help, it's not the end of the world to me and I don't look at it as a failure. Many boats on round the world voyages need to stop for mechanical issues. Besides I'm out here for an adventure, and it wouldn't be an adventure if everything went according to plan. I would hope that my word is enough, but if it's not, my dad was on a boat with three other people who will all tell you what happened.

On a happier note, I got a lot done this morning. It was a little bit of a pain having no wind, but I was able to do a lot of work and get things all cleaned up down below as well as get a good hour of much needed sleep. Its been a hard couple of days out here. I haven't slept much at all being so close to shore and with so many fishing boats every where. My AIS is great and I love it most of the time, but lately it's been going off constantly. Last night I had 20 boats on the screen at once -it was a little crazy.

So, it was good to get a quiet morning and now things have picked up and I should be able to make some good progress tonight.

I know there are also questions on the autopilot repairs. I will send out an update on that soon. As of now though, I am not planning on stopping at Stanley on the Falkland Islands.



  1. Abby,
    I enjoy greatly reading about your sailing adventure. Thank you for taking the time to blog about your thoughts.

  2. You tell 'em Abby!!!!!!!!
    You're not a cheater and you wouldn't let your dad come aboard with a new autopilot even if he wanted to. Why do people have to be so distrusting? It is sad. I am glad that you're so close to help in case you need it.

  3. Abby . . . good job finding the winds you need . . . even if they take you in a less than optimal direction. Better to chart a course that is safe for the boat you're sailing than to take chances being in so close with a boat that does not sail to weather well.

    As for those who are casting aspersions on your solo effort, they should be ashamed of themselves. You took the high road with your response . . . good for you!

    Pulling for you from coastal Northern California . . . GO ABBY!

  4. Great post. Abby, you sound so mature about the getting help thing. I'm sure you would if you needed it and I'm glad. I've been following you from the start and enjoy it, but I don't want you in danger that can be avoided.

    Keep up the great work and don't let some get you down. 99.9% are 100% behind you :).

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  6. Keep us posted on the adventure and your doing great. Stay safe and have fun.

  7. Hi Abby, sounds like things are going slow, but good. And that's great. Don't trip on those rumors,they're nothing. And your attitude is perfect. My last message to you didn't post for some reason, but just more of the same stuff, we're all behind you and wish you well constantly. Had a big pot-luck at work today and out of no where I started thinking of you and all your dehydrated foods. I must admit I felt a little guilty, and went a little light. You're a tough gal, but if I ever run into you, I'm buying you lunch at the place of your choice. Take care Abby, chat later, Gary from Folsom, Ca.

  8. If it is any consolation, I have not heard any rumors at all. I was a little concerned when I have not seen any updates recently. Praying for the best. Sail on Captain!

    Philippians 3:14

  9. @Kara...It is disappointing to hear negative stuff written about a fine young lady like Abby, but people are distrusting because when a lot is at stake, sometimes people do the wrong thing. I think Abby has shown us that she's made out of the right stuff and I'm sorry she had to see the seedy side of record breaking. Some people will do anything to win...we know Abby and her parents are above that.

  10. I admire your courage to sail on your own, and your chutzpah (sp?) to stand up for yourself to the nay-sayers. Keep up the good work on the blog and stay safe! Oh, and remember - YOU ROCK! : )

  11. Go Abby!
    We are cheering for you and praying for you all the way! Glad the winds are picking up a bit too.
    Keith and Kathy Wargo, Lynchburg, VA

  12. Abby-

    Keep up the good work! You are an incredible young lady!! Never let what other people say get you down. All that matters is that you know the truth. Even if you end up needing assistance, this has been an unbelievable journey for you. Stay strong and safe!

  13. Whoa...what rumors????
    I think I've read every post and every comment. Did someone actually say Abby had received assistance from her dad. I thought they totally missed each other because the locals wouldn't take him out. Did I miss something? Anyone?

  14. Abby ignore the naysayers, we got your back girl!

  15. GREAT JOB ABBY!!..U ROCK!!!!!!!

  16. Abby,

    Thanks for the great update. I think that because people are concerned about your autopilot issue, their imaginations just get the best of them while they are waiting anxiously to hear if you’ve resolved the problem. I really don’t think that they distrust you. As far as I’m concerned, your word is as good as gold.

    I’m sure that the AIS can be a bit annoying when it goes off so often. On the other hand, it means that it’s doing its job well. Even once you’re past the fishing boats, keep your eye open for their gear. Besides the fact that the fishermen wouldn’t be pleased with you getting tangled with it, it could cause more of problem than you would want to deal with.

    You’re doing fantastic, Abby. I’m hoping for good sailing conditions for you and Wild Eyes.

    Have fun and stay safe.

    From Seattle, WA, USA

  17. stay positive and do not worry about any thing
    but your great trip

  18. Abby, you are an amazing sailor and a gracious young lady. Those who would cast aspersions on your character could learn much from your maturity.

    I'm glad you finally found some warmer weather! Thanks for sharing your adventure with us. I love reading your blog!

    Lori in MN

  19. Those of use that know you and your family know that you are wonderful honest people. Stay focused on obtaining your goals and dreams and don’t be distract by negative people. We will all be proud of you no matter what .

    Nobody can take your memories away from you and you are making some great memories. GO ABBY!!

  20. @Grant,
    Abby says she has no plans to stop in Stanley, so the team must have determined that Abby can make the repairs herself or they assume that if the other autopilot does go bad, she can sail across the Atlantic fast enough that sleep deprivation doesn't become an issue. Didn't you say she can use a sea anchor to keep herself straight while she sleeps. Won't the AIS warn her of ships and icebergs? Don't people sail all the time with just one autopilot???

  21. Abby, check your site half a dozen times a day. I have sailed my boat on the Ensenada Race 8 times and around Catalina and San Clemente Islands once. Can't imagine doing what you are doing even with buddies on board. You are doing great. Love to see you figuring out how to fix stuff that is broken. True Renaisance woman :)
    Note to Rumor Mongers: - Go Suck a Rock!

  22. If people are taking shots you must be doing something right. Hang in there my friend.

  23. Jesus Christ is the master of your soul and your faithful companion. He alone knows the depth of your commitment and resolve but as a fellow believer I trust in your word and that of your Father - he is a man of God. You are well beyond any need to answer rumor and gossip - remember that comes from our common enemy whom Christ defeated in His resurection. Trust in your faith and look for an angel today for they are always near.

  24. Is there any chance Abby can't be cooler.

    go babsy go !!

  25. Abby dearest...God and Team Abby will keep you safe. Know that above all, your well-being is in everyone's minds. Whether you briefly stop or not, your fans think the world of you and we will be with you until you return home to the loving arms of your Mother!

  26. Abby ... Should you decide to write a book, I think you'll find it comes naturally for you as you have already mastered "keeping your readers in suspense"!

    Very interesting your change of direction around the islands. It easy for us to forget the wind is what powers you and the wind changes course all the time. We assume your course will continue in a relative straight line from point A to point B, but that's not always the case with ocean sailing.

    I'm still wondering where the rumor came from that your Dad was in Stanley? Has he flown back to the states?

    So you are heading to Africa. Go Abby Go !!! Looking forward to the last chapter (we hope) of the mysterious auto pilot repairs.

  27. So, If there are fishing boats around it means that there must be...FISH! Get a line in the water and see what's for breakfast.

    When you give your speed, are you giving boat speed through the water or absolute speed relative to the surface of the earth? For example, if you say that you are doing 7.5 knots, does that mean speed through the water or is that a GPS speed that includes the current in which you are traveling? As a pilot, I know that there can be a big difference between air speed and ground speed.

  28. G'day Abby

    If more people could communicate as clearly, openly, honestly, friendly and maturely as you then the world would be a better place - for you, and for me and the entire human race!

    I admire your spirit. Keep it up and enjoy your adventure.

    Mike (Canberra)

  29. Hi Abby, You are doing a wonderful job and don't worry about what some people are saying, you are not a cheater, they are just jealous. You just stay on your adventure and have fun. My prayers and thoughts are with you. Gail/Ventura

  30. Hi Abby,

    Thank you once again for a great update! This one was great!!

    I can't imagine how you felt when your AIS was going off constantly and you had 20 boats on the screen at once! Must have felt sort-a like you were about to play 'bumper cars'...oops 'boats'! I'm certainly glad there were no 'bumps' though!

    Oh Abby, about rumors --it must be heartbreaking for you. Just remember that rumors are simply unauthenticated verbiage. You are young and tender, and you are actually 'doing' what few people on the planet would undertake yet there are those who seem to have a need to tear down rather than build up. On the flip side, you have been nothing but humble, gracious and kind to open yourself to the world and take us along on your adventure. Certainly you deserve our respect and support in return!

    I hope we can get back on point soon....truly, I think some have lost sight of the purpose of your blog. We should all know that your team will take care of you, and you will keep us apprised of what's going on with Wild Eyes and yourself. For me, precious one, absolutely your word is enough!! (I am thrilled with every photo and note you share with us. Please keep your posts coming....) You are doing great!

    May God protect you mentally and physically and keep you safely in His care!

    Janell in Oklahoma, USA

  31. Abby,

    You're going to run into this all your life. Small, petty people who cannot hope to do what you do will try to find ways to pull you down.I think President Teddy Roosevelt said it best:

    "It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat."

    In this case 'Man' is in the gender neutral sense, so feel free to replace it with 'Woman'. :-D

    Hooah! You go, girl!


  32. Dear Sweet Abby, I have been checking your site for the last couple of days just waiting to hear how you were doing. I am so happy to hear that you are moving along at a nice little pace and that you are doing so well. Don't EVER worry about what other people say or think. You are a strong and brave young woman and you just keep your course straight and keep your eyes on the Lord.Always praying for you !!1 Elizabeth

  33. Dear Abby:

    I believe you and not the jealous people who lack the courage and conviction you have. People with integrity don't have to lie for they are not afraid of the truth.

    You have such a great outlook on life and can put things in perspective. I can't think of any other 16 year old in this world that I could trust my life with but I know I could trust you with my life on your boat.

    Chin up young lady and sail on!
    Wayne Wild I. Moraga, CA

  34. People will always talk but, I'd be willing to say most believe you are trustworthy as well as your family. I was getting a little worried though not hearing anything about your progress. I hope things improve even more and you get back to a better course :) Take care.

  35. I want to marry abby


    coolest chick there iz :-)

  36. Qlaudia from QueenslandApril 5, 2010 at 10:09 PM

    Hey Abby

    Great post. Thanks for providing information on wind, weather, speed, course, and for clarifying what is true and what is not.

    It is because we love and care about you, and what happens to you, and your voyage, your comfort, safety, well-being and eventual success, that some odd reactions have set in among the blog family of followers.

    Some might be jumping to incorrect conclusions, while some may be panicking on your behalf.

    It's because we are not actually out there with you that we see danger lurking behind every wave, every breath of wind, and every equipment problem.

    Perhaps we forget that you are out there in the middle of your experience, and you are keeping on top of everything that happens, and coping very well with it all. But because we don't see it as it happens, and we aren’t there to be part of the solution, we are more frightened than you. We probably also tend to forget that your great, and highly experienced team are always offering you solutions and instructions on everything that is happening.

    The thing about seeing your Dad for repairs may have arisen because some people read the blogs from fans rather than your original post. Also, some people didn’t realise that you were only going to see your Dad from a distance (as we saw in Jessica's case, where her parents did a flyover and spoke to her from the plane). Some blogs indicated you were going to meet face to face on your boat, but again, they were assumptions, not facts.

    Perhaps we can ease our anxieties by sticking to the facts that you actually give us, and resist getting carried away by false assumptions.

    Stay safe. And thanks for reminding us that you are there for the adventure, and everything that that entails. And we want to share the adventure with you.


  37. Good Morning Captain Abby,

    This is the best part of my day when I find a new post by you...and learn that you are safe. And better than that I am now reading a great adventure story of... decision making ("I decided it would be better to head back"), excitement ("fishing boats everywhere"), standing tall ("If I did need assistance I would be the first to tell you"), a positive attitude ("I should be able to make some good progress tonight")and triumph (It's been a hard couple of days out here"). How proud we are of you...CAPTAIN.

    I have to say I looked at your position on the Google map when it stated you were some 50 miles from the Falkland Islands and I can appreciate your change of course. looked frightening to me just on a computer screen.

    Abby...I just want to say I know today's well written post was from your heart...we stand by you whatever decision you make....we love you.

    Safe passage tonight.
    john, Bay of Quinte, Lake Ontario, Canada

  38. Hey, Abby . . . Forget about the skeptics and the cynics and the naysayers. They tend to be an unhappy lot all by themselves. You 'done good' to address the issue head on--and nicely stated. Just consider such hiccups along the way to be part of the adventure. You probably know that the same sorts were at one point suggesting Jessica Watson was getting food drops--of all things! It just goes to show you that some folks need to get a life--and they need to leave the true adventurers alone. And you, Miss Abby, are a true adventurer. So banish any sadness over this issue--and put that brilliant smile of yours back on. All of us around the world love seeing it in the pix you post. And we're all pulling for you on this adventure of a lifetime. Some of us are a little green with envy too, I must confess! ;) Happy sailing to you, Abby! And as you head north, break out the warm weather gear! -- Steve in Colorado

  39. Those of use that know you and your family know that you are wonderful honest people. Stay focused on obtaining your goals and dreams and don’t be distracted by negative people. We will all be proud of you no matter what.

    Nobody can take your memories away from you and you are making some great memories. GO ABBY!!

  40. Hi Abby, I am curious to know if you have training and equipment for celestial navigation? It could come in handy if you lose electronics. My other question is whether you keep a daily log book by hand?

    Thank you,

    Mike Earnest
    Marysville, WA

  41. Hey Abby, Forget those people, they are like "the flat-earth society"types, and they just mean-spirited,and you are so above that and your comment on this was very honorable, so back to the sailing game, you are having a bit of a problem finding that wind to feed Wild Eyes, and she stays hungry for more wind, all the time gimme more wind is what she is saying, its nice to hear its warmer but it doesn't look like swimming weather to me, better cut back on the huge meals and save some foods for later on in the cruise. Stay Safe and when outside Tethered. 38º44"N/122º67"W

  42. Abby,
    When I read the negative comments about your age, your gender, your parents, I just laugh and think GET A LIFE! Thanks for sharing your travels with us. Much love to you & the family,
    Kathy, Max, Taylor & Drew from Chickadee

  43. stay safe Abby and forget about those jerks, for they know not what they do. 38º44"N/122º67"W

  44. I've followed you from day one. I don't know anything about you except what I read on your blog, but ANYONE who can go on a journey as you have has more grit and character than any of those negative folks out there. Keep your head and your spirits up. Bravo to your family for guiding and preparing you for this adventure. You've got a good head on your shoulders. Sharon from Paso Robles, CA

  45. Dear Abby
    I am really upset to learn there have been any negative comments directed towards you, Wild Eyes, your Dad and Crew ... it is just like rude car drivers ... best to let them get in front of you and off and away ...

    Really your blog community is with you and they far far outweigh the rude ones ....
    Best of Luck and give Stanley a wave for me.
    ... and thanks for the interesting blog and photos!
    Bruce S/Sydney

  46. Abby - Don't let the turkeys get you down. I also have not heard any of the rumors, but perhaps they were on other sailing blogs that I don't frequent.
    Glad the boats have dropped away and you can move on. As Dad would say, "don't get complacent."
    Carry on and be safe! Can't wait to welcome you home!

    Melanie in Torrance
    PS So great to see Grant on here. I always learn so much from him and the other sailors that chime in.

  47. Dear Abby, your post was interesting to read. I really hadn't given it much thought that it would become crazy for you if your AIS device kept going off. But, of course! That must have been quite a change for you. I wonder if the Atlantic Ocean isn't going to be more congested with more boat traffic compared to what you have been experiencing previously. Is it possible that you won't have the same type of serene sailing until you are back in the Pacific Ocean? Possibly. On another note, there is something close to my heart that I want to share with you. For the negative things that some people think and feel they just have to say that some of us don’t care to hear…..there are always going to be people who think more negatively more of the time; and, there are at least one thousand or more (some silent) people to every negative-thinking person who are thinking positive and standing behind you, supporting you all the way no matter what decisions you need to make. You communicated your thoughts eloquently. Don't be sad for too long over the negativity that belongs to others...don't own it. However, right on, Abby for letting people know how their words affect you as you are reading our posts. It sounds like you felt disappointed in some who have lost sight of your goals. I am reading your posts; you already let all of us know that earning the prestige of being the youngest soloist is not the main driver; correct me if I am wrong, but it seems like you are loving what you are doing which would mean much, much more than earning a title. Hopefully, readers and bloggers will take note and consider an example you and Wild Eyes have provided as you have worked hard to navigate 15-20 foot waves – not easy sailing!!! Surely, people can stand strong and take note that we, the majority, can follow your lead and navigate around the stormy negativity of a few. Each one of us has the choice to just let the words drop where they are and move past them; to not engage in or encourage negative commentaries. This is all about you, Abby; you are free to be and are in a position to do exactly what you need to do if you are forced to make a difficult decision. God has you in his hands and your love for Him guides you and will feed your spirit. As for your physical self, while this is your adventure, your safety is #1 and the rest is the sweet icing on the cake. Keep your eye on the horizon... stay alert and clipped on. Please keep your posts coming and have the time of your life! :) GO...ABBY...GO !!!

  48. Hiya Capt'n Abby,

    Great update... thanks!

    Although I know you're busy, I had been concerned about your progress. It must be strange to see land and all of those fishing boats after being alone for so long. Good to hear you are safe and have decided to take the southern route around the islands. You'll be around them and headed north again before you know it. Very good decision of you and your team.

    Keep the faith, Abby. Here's to fair winds and fair sailing. I'm looking forward to your next update.

    Capt'n Mudgie
    Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA

  49. Hello Abby,

    You are doing great! What an adventure indeed. And, that too at tender age of 16! Keep on going. I am sure in time you will be seeing California shores soon!

    I know you have lot of things to worry about. Please don't get stressed by rumors. They are not worth spending your precious time. As you have said, its your adventure and its also yours to cherish, enjoy and conquer!

    /Shri from California

  50. Abby,
    My 10 yr old daughter has been checking your blog and facebook page for the last couple of weeks since using you for a topic of a school assignment. You are inspiring. You are a positive role model for young people everywhere. We will keep checking in and wishing you good weather and safe sailing.

  51. We think you are very couragous and involved in a once in a lifetime adventure. And of course we believe you when you say your dad has not helped you against the rules of solo sailing.

    You are honorable and on incredible voyage!

    It would be nice if you could chat to some of those people on the other boats. At least a "hi ya over there". Well, maybe your advisors have a thought about that. Please be safe and stay ever alert.

    Our best to you,

    John and Carolyn

  52. Hey Abby,

    It doesn't matter what people say, there always seems to be someone who feels the need to bring successful people down to their level. You are 16 and sailing around the world. Not many can say that and I'm sure there are many grown men who would not attempt what you are doing. You have to be skilled at sailing, knowledgeable of your equipment and have good management skills to run this whole adventure on your own. If you have to get help, you still traveled around the world on your own. I admire you and your parents for what you have learned and the support they have given you and your brother on your adventures. This is invaluable life experience.

  53. Team ABBY!!

    Also, can someone (since abby wouldn't be able to answer all these questions) please tell me why is it dangerous to be close to an island? I don't know anything about sailing, sorry!


  54. Hello Abby,
    I am so proud of you, especially making it around the horn like you did! you are a winner and have what it takes. Don't worry about the skeptics, there will always be people like that, you just keep pressing forward and going for the next mark. I know you can go all the way and show the world what kind of person you really are.
    we are with you in spirit. Rob from Seattle

  55. Awesome adventure Abby. Sail on Captain!!!

  56. 0615 UTC, Tue, Apr 6,'10
    Good morning, Abby,
    From what we've seen, we believe you're a young lady who has faith in the Risen Savior, Jesus Christ, Whose resurrection we just celebrated on Sunday. We've not read any of these rumors spoken of nor do we believe there could be any truth to such. Your faith would bring you to embrace Psalm 25:21, "May integrity and uprightness protect me, because my hope is in You." Enough said on that subject!
    Your progress gives us lots of joy. We pray for your safe passage. We're happy that other boats are not too close to you to hinder in any way.
    You remain in our prayers.
    Leon & Sally

  57. Aloha Abby:

    Your positive attitude will see you here in Hawaiian waters in no time. You and your team know what you are doing and will make the right decisions.

    Enjoy your ride and keep us posted. Many of us have adventure in our hearts and are with you every step of the way.

  58. You have so many fans who are rooting for you, and I'm sure only a few who want to undermine your adventure. Now that you've given the negative voices a response, I hope you will put them behind you. Your amazing 16 year old maturity out-classes them, as clearly you understand that it's not about records, it's about living and enjoying each day - and you've got a ton of fans, including me, who appreciate you so much for reminding us all of just that.

  59. Sticks and stones my break my bones but words will never hurt me! At 16 you may not realize how harsh some people can be. Not to worry, the rest of us are with you, those people never go away but pay them no attention.

  60. Abby,
    What a small World. I was in Southern California last week and I saw a news story about you. I took note of it hoping to show it to my kids for inspiration.
    Today while working in Phoenix, AZ, I met a fellow co-worker who knows you really well. He showed me pictures of your boat leaving Marina Del Ray.

    Anyway, hope you make your dreams come true.
    You are definitely an inspiration.

  61. ignore the naysayers, Abby - keep going and keep us posted.

  62. Ignore the haters! You're awesome...

  63. Abby,
    Those pictures mean a lot...just to be able to visualize some of what you see is so much fun! You must know how much we admire you and are praying for you each day. Not one thought of doubt about your journey even remotely occurs to us. You are an outstanding, courageous, and honorable person. Hope you can get some sleep, and are keeping in good are the most important part of your journey! Thank you for sending your thoughts through the air waves, and for continuing your journey with strength and perseverance. Have fun and be safe!
    Kelly and Dave from Santa Clarita

  64. "Besides I'm out here for an adventure, and it wouldn't be an adventure if everything went according to plan."

    Ain't that the truth? If everything went according to plan in life, I think it would be rather boring. You keep doing what you are doing Abby as I'm beind you 100% as is my entire class of 2010. We love you! Thanks for the detailed update too. :)

    Happy trails Abby!
    Clearwater, Florida

  65. My take on it is that if you had been intending to go outside the rules, you wouldnlt have talked about maybe seeing your dad at all. It wil take more than malicious rumours to sink this attempt.
    Good luck, Abby!

    J x

  66. Thanks Abby.
    I hope you are keeping up with
    your schoolwork.
    But enjoy yourself, too. ♥
    Smooth sailing.
    Richard (QLD) Aus

  67. proud your parents must be...what a brave girl you are!! We are all praying for you and your safety!!! I know God is watching out for you...thanks for keeping us posted about your adventures. love and prayers....Donna James Davis ps. thanks for posting a link on facebook for people to find you!!

  68. Besides I'm out here for an adventure, and it wouldn't be an adventure if everything went according to plan.

    And that is what it's all about, Abby. Care not for what others think...they're doing so from the safety of their armchairs.

    You just keep going with your adventure. It is one which so few will ever experience; and one which only you can ever hold within for the rest of your life.

    To paraphrase an old saying, 'There are those who do, and there are those who comment on the doer.
    But only the doer has done. The commentators are but dreamers who wish they could do.'

    You're doing it. That puts you far beyond any comments of the commentators.

    Keep it up, Kiddo. You, along with Jesse, are my daily doses of inspiration.


  69. Hi Abby,
    Congratulations on rounding The Horn. As a recreational sailor, I admire your courage and am very envious of the fantastic opportunity your family and sponsors have given you and the adventure of a lifetime you're experiencing. You will definitely complete your solo trip if you and Wild Eyes' equipment obey all the laws of physics and nature. Hope, luck and praying will have absolutely nothing to do with your success, so please go easy on the religious stuff because it really turns people off. I have a question regarding to the "assistance" rule: how does receiving advice from experts over the internet for weather tracking, route planning, trouble-shooting auto-pilot, water-maker, engine, and all the other problems, fit into the rules?
    Enjoying your blog Abbey. Have fun. Ian

  70. Thank you Abby. I'm glad that you addressed the negative stuff that a very few individuals have posted. Be assured that 99+% of your followers have never doubted anything that you or your team have said (well, except for Team Abby's April Fools Day posting...LOL).

    You're a remarkable young woman, Abby. We know you have everything under control.

    God speed


  71. Abbie, Don't pay any attentions to the Trolls their only purpose in life is to try and drag others down to their miserable level. You just keep your focus on the job at hand and be assured that the vast majority of those following you support you 100%. Bill (Australia)

  72. Hi Abby!
    You are doing great! Most round the world sailors out there don't go non-stop even if they plan to.
    I have made forecasts for Jessica's journey and now will do some for you. It is little hard to know how fast the boat will go. So far the average speed has been lower than assumed. But that is not important, as long as you do reach the finish. According to my calculation the real distance since Marina del Rey has been 8700 nm, in 69 days (stop time subtracted) an average of 126 nm per day.

    This the progress so far:
    23 jan ― Marina del Rey/Los Angeles ― 33°58N 118°26W 0 nm
    02 feb ― Cabo San Lucas ― 22°52N 109°54W 1100 nm
    06 feb ― Cabo San Lucas ― 22°52N 109°54W 1100 nm
    19 feb ― Equator ― 0°00S 120°00W 2800 nm
    31 mar ― Cape Horn ― 55°58S 67°16W 8300 nm
    This is the forecast:
    05 apr ― Latest position ― 52°39S 59°55W 8700 nm
    06 apr ― Falklands (Stanley) ― 51°40S 57°50W 8800 nm
    26 apr ― Longitude zero ― 40°00S 0°00W 11400 nm
    04 may ― Cape Good Hope ― 34°21S 18°28E 12400 nm
    01 jun ― Longitude ninety ― 40°00S 90°00E 16100 nm
    11 jun ― Cape Leeuwin ― 34°22S 115°08E 17400 nm
    25 jun ― SE Tasmania ― 43°42S 147°48E 19100 nm
    09 jul ― Longitude 180 ― 30°00S 180°00E 21000 nm
    21 aug ― Cabo San Lucas ― 22°52N 109°54W 26600 nm

    For this forecast I use 120 nm straight distance per day, but to fulfil that you should speed up a little. My previous forecast on March 5 was said to be too slow, but it was not. The forecast made by the team is too optimistic, but don't worry Abby. The main thing is that you and the boat come home together, and that there is enough food and diesel onboard. The excel chart I use is available at

    Good Luck!

    Bengt "Ben" Larsson, Sweden

  73. Hi Abby

    You are doing really great and having the time of your life. Enjoy every moment of your adventure:) What will be will be.

    Keep smiling:)

    Every blessing


  74. Hi Team Abby

    Keep up the good work. We know how hard it is!!

    Greetings and best wishes from Team Mike:)xx

  75. Hi Abby,
    You mentioned your dad was on a boat with three other people, did you rendezvous with them for a photo op?

    Stay Safe

  76. Hello abby,
    Don't worry about rumours, I haven't heard any, the only comments about you and Jesse that I have seen have been extremely positive. Unfortunately there are always big noters who like to make people think they know more than anyone else.
    If any negative comments come up on the blogs, leave them to us supporters, we will sort them out.
    You're going great, keep up the good work and stay focussed. All the best and fair winds

    Peter, Gold Coast Aus

  77. Abby, Keep it up, your doing a great job. Ignore any nay sayers, some people just like to rock the boat per say. You keep your chin high and enjoy your adventure. Stay safe.

    Bob from Boston

  78. 04-06-10 @ 04:44
    Hi Abby,
    Thanks for the up-date Abby, it’s good to hear from you again. I’m glad that there wasn’t any ‘big’ problem for you turning around(I was just teasing you….,honestly…lol…) I do think that was a very smart decision, now that you’ve explained it, it makes good sense. That’s why you are the “Skipper”, and I am an armchair sailor. Glad to see the wind picked up for you, and I think it will pick-up some more, I just hope it doesn’t get to rowdy for you.
    Nice to see that you had a little company for a change, I don’t think Jessica has seen that many boats in all the water that she has covered.
    Sounds like it may have been a good idea to keep your distance, but were you able to talk with them, did they seem sociable?
    Not to worry about the rumors, that’s all they are, just some made up stories that don’t hold any water. We know you for the fine upstanding and honest person that you are. Your Dad, like yourself would openly admit it if there was any assistance given. So, don’t let this B/S get you down, you’ve got more important things to concern yourself with. People can be real buttheads sometimes. Now there you go, “on a happier note” that’s much better. I see that you made good use of your ‘down time’ getting some work done, and especially getting some much needed sleep, and maybe a good meal…yes.
    Now that you’re underway again, I hope it will continue in your favor, and that you’ll be able to enjoy the sailing. P/W looks encouraging so hang in there Abby and take good care of yourself, “Wild Eyes” and that fabulous crew. Stay alert and clipped on and enjoy!!!!

    May God hold you in the palm of His hand and may the Angels keep your sails full, and I, I will be praying for you.
    Your faithful friend, fan and follower.
    Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

  79. Abby, we are all on your side. You are a wonderful sailor and we know that you and your team will never put your safety at risk. We wish you only the best of luck and fair winds. Whether or not you get help, just enjoy the amazing experience of solo sailing around the WORLD - a phenomenal achievement!

  80. Hi Abby, ignore the negative people, they seemingly do not have enough courage of their own and are resentful of yours. You know the truth and that is enough. You are the only person that you need to be proud of. In Australia we call them knockers and laugh at them. Have a good week. Regards, Jeanp, Australia.

  81. Well said Abby, well said. Thank you for the update. :-)
    Alyssa from Irvine, CA

  82. Hi,
    You can be assured that for every one person who is mean enough to not take your word there are thousands, even millions, who take your word. We are all proud of you and only feel sorry for the people who may try to belittle your effort. Lazy minds and people often find that the only activity suitable for them is to cast aspersions on achievers. And you brave girl are surely on top of the list of achievers.
    I am also extremely delighted by your mature approach to the whole affair. An adventure is an adventure and you surely will have one. Success and failure are but part of the same coin and both are not the end of the world. What is important is the education and the experience. You surely will end up with both. We all pray that you are able to live your dreams. Do your best and don’t worry about the outcome, for the process is more important than the end. As Mahatma Gandhi has said “The means are more important than the end”. We are all privileged to be able to correspond with a brave and courageous girl whose means are noble – her name is Abigail Sunderland.
    One last bit of free advise, don’t care too much for rumours and rumour mongers. You are a celebrity now – Wow.
    May the winds stay with you and take you surely and safely towards your destination.
    My wife and daughter join me in wishing you success in all your endeavors.
    Take Care,

  83. as you had to pull into port does that disqualify you from the record of non stop? Our aussie girl Jessica Watson is not far from coming home and hasnt had to pull into port at all

  84. Abby
    Some words from a song at Church.
    "The wind is strong and the water is deep,
    But I am not alone here in this sea."
    Chorus - Though the oceans rage
    I will not be afraid,
    For I know that you love me,
    and your love never fails."
    (Hillsong Music)
    God is with you Abby.
    Keep smiling.
    Richard (QLD) Aus

  85. I also haven't heard any rumors; not that I would, though. I'm really enjoying following your blog. For a time, after reading "The Boy Who Sailed Around the World Alone" when I was young, I really wanted to learn to sail. Then life happened, and I never got around to it. But you and Jessica are re-inspiring me, and it looks like my girlfriend and I are going to be taking classes this summer! So, thanks for the updates! (And being a little bit of a mechanical geek, I'm really looking forward to reading the blow-by-blow account of Abby and the Autopilot!)

  86. abby dont worry about what some say they are idiots...always going to be some of those in life so go girl...tom in indianapolis

  87. Hey Abs, you kinda sound to me after that last post that you may be ready to abandon it and pull in. That wouldn't be a drama - you have still achieved more than most of us in life have. You make whatever decisions are right for you - NOT the media. Stay safe and make your own choices. MJ from Brisbane

  88. PRAISE THE LORD!!! Thank you for the post. Wow, some of us were very concerned about you! It's been several days with no word. God is faithful and He will see you through. it's strange how people become so personally involved with you, and worried, but we do. Young lady, you are being held up in prayer almost every minute of every day around here. It is as if you are my own daughter- I think I've adopted you! :>))
    We are all anxious to hear about the equipment- are the computer functioning? And, of course the autopilot.
    Again, Praise God for your safety and His guidance. It sounds like your resolve is firm! Great, but please do not take any unnecessary chances.
    Can you tell us how you are communicating with others, to know that people are talking about you receiving help? Is there another way to communicate via email or computer - or even phone??? Do you have satellite service there? I wish you could answer some of the questions. Do you actually read these posts??? Please answer if there is any way to do so.
    Again, although it may appear that you are being held by water, the truth is you are being held up and supported with the prayers of those who support you.
    Thanks again for letting us know how you're doing. It is truly an honor for us. Godspeed, sis.

    In His Love,
    Ron in Colorado

    'Trust in the Lord with all your heart. Lean not on your own understanding. In all you ways acknowledge him, and He will direct your paths." Prov3:5-6.

  89. Abby,what your doing is fantastic.99.9999999% of the world is behind you.I would be so proud to have a daughter like you.
    The main thing is your safety,don't take any chances.
    god bless you.
    Libby Di Bernardo
    San Pedro,Ca

  90. Abby:
    Keep up the good work.

    Do not worry about the naysayers. I think that most of negative comments are based in pure jealousy, it has been my experience that the negative comments come when some people see other people doing things that they themselves lack the courage to do. This is especially true when the activities involve a good looking young lady.

    We are praying for a successful voyage for you, Wild Eyes, and Charlie.


  91. Rumors, conjecture and pretty much anything but the truth makes up the larger mass of the internet anyway. What you're doing is real Abby. Pay no attention to the arm chair critics. They're living virtual lives.
    Hope you have a great day today and are able to get some rest.

    Fair Wind and God Speed,

  92. Bruce from Brisbane AUApril 6, 2010 at 3:40 AM

    Go Girl!
    Some need to demonstrate their lack of character by denigrating others. It's easy to sit in front of a keyboard and throw mud - unfortunately the worry is that some sticks. To take on the challenge you have is far above the morality of those that challenge you. With the technology of Sat Imagery and Tracking available, we all know if you claim unassisted and were assisted the truth would come out so why bother?

    The need for caution in navigation was demonstrated with a Chinese coal carrier sailing at full speed into a well charted reef in the Great Barrier Reef a couple of days ago. Your caution in re-calculating your course around the Falklands definitely justified.

    Don't let the turkeys get you down!

    Stay safe and stay clipped.

    Bruce from Brisbane Au

  93. Hi Abby!

    Congratulations for passing Cape Horn, that is a great achievement. Don't worry about what people writes or about rumors. Keep the energy to concentrate on your tasks.

    Best wishes and happy belated easter!

    Marina from Turin

  94. Abby, you are amazing! At the age of 16 you have already achieved more than almost any human being on the planet. After successfully navigating around a cape which has struck fear into the hearts of mariners for centuries, there is nothing you cannot do. I have no doubt that, barring any major equipment problems, you will complete your journey solo and unassisted. The media coverage is starting to pick up here - don't be surprised to be met by a frenzy of reporters and TV crews upon your return.

    Mark from the Bay Area, Ca.

  95. Hey Abby,

    I've been following you since you left Del Ray. I wish you the best of luck on your trip.

    When do you plan on doing a video blog?

    Mack Edwards
    Chattanooga, TN

  96. Abby,
    It's good to hear from you again. It's a sad thing that there are people in this world that prefer to stand on the sidelines and throw rocks at the players instead of cheering them on or even stepping onto the playing field themselves. Envy or jealousy is the motivation, I suppose. In any case, you do what you feel you need to do and remember that there are thousands out here cheering for you. Doing what is necessary is the smart thing rather then taking dangerous risks. Keep up the good work and don't be distracted by the naysayers. Best wishes from a couple of retirees.
    John & Darlene
    Kerrville, Tx

  97. Hi Abby,
    Add me to the 'concerned' list when I hadn't seen a post for a few days. Glad to hear all is well and that the winds have picked up for you!

    I hadn't read all the comments nor had I heard anything but I do remember people questioning certain things which almost sounded as if they hadn't read your post properly. Don't concern yourself with any negativity, just keep sailing like you have and trust that your true supporters are behind you 100%. I'm glad that you addressed it full on and as you say if the need arises you are ready for any variation to your plans if necessary.

    Must be wonderful to have some sunshine, and a breeze to keep those sails doing their job. Enjoy each moment and thank you for sharing with us all.

    May God continue to guide you and bless you

    Jo-Anne, Geelong Aus.

  98. Abby, When you are running in the seas of 20 feet, do you use a sea anchor to prevent overspeed down the swells? I noted you spoke of very high downhill speeds.
    I believe you totally in regards to your not receiving any assistance. You are doing a great job, far more difficult than I believe your brother endured. You also are doing a great job in blogging nearly every day, a task Zac did not do well at.
    May the seas of adventure bring you home safe.

    Peter Mercer Canada

  99. Your word is enough for me- haven't heard any rumors. Keep going and have fun :-)

  100. Abby,

    I think you are a wonderful young lady to be doing what you are doing! Follow your dreams, thats the spice of life! Keep us posted and inspired!

  101. Remember:

    Those who can, do.
    Some of those who can't will often gripe, belittle and acuse.

    Ignore them.

  102. Ah Abby - don't let the naysayers get you frustrated and discouraged. You're doing great and we're all so proud of you! Besides...those that have to find negative faults in everything you do are just jealous because you're doing something most of us would love to do but are a little apprehensive about.

    Most everyday I check in to see where you are and how you're doing. I guess the 'mom' in me is concerned for your safety just as your mother is.

    I enjoy seeing pictures that you've taken knowing that not every day there will be any, and, I especially enjoy reading what you've posted about your adventure. You're not the typical 16 year old so when you write it's like reading a novel from a well known published author.

    You've got a strong following that is rooting for you Abby and we're all with you in spirit. So have fun, enjoy and be safe.

  103. Hey Abby,

    You've been doing a fantastic job! Keep up the good work and your spirits.

    Remember... Don't let the negative distracting comments get into your head, and don't think that you have to defend against any unsubstantiated ill-mannered rumors. Some times it’s best to ignore them and let them go away all by themselves. Unfortunately, not everyone is as upstanding and forthright as they should be (not everyone’s a sailor) (that should generate a comment or two! ;-)

    And tell those pesky auto-pilots to get their act together. Hey, maybe they just like your company there under the cockpit. With their own cool little window down there and such a great view to boot, I can’t imagine what their problem is, sheesh!

    Sail on great sailor and be safe!

  104. someone who has to say something negative usually is some one who is jealous of your abilities.
    Safety is first, the record of sailing solo is second.
    Be safe and have fun.
    Thank you for posting on your blog.
    Gods Speed

  105. Abby, you continue to be an inspiration! Don't worry about rumors. Only stuff not worth talking about doesn't generate rumors. Your trip is definitely worth talking about (I spoke about you in one of my classes and showed the map of your progress!).

    It's good to see you now in the Atlantic. Now that a few days have gone by since you passed Cape Horn, how was it -- easier than you thought, more exhausting than you expected? Have you tried fishing lately? We admire your courage and spirit!

  106. Hello Abby,
    I didn't know that golf and sailing had anything in common, but now I see that they do. When I play golf, I'm competing against myself; that's the adventure for me. The challenge is to do better than I did last time. It doesn't matter to me how the other golfers are doing. Your comments have a similar slant. Your thinking is absolutely on the mark, Abby.

    Thanks for the blog, which I check everyday. I appreciate you sharing your adventure with us.

  107. People who make all of these negative comments don't have the ability to sail out of the Harbor if they sail at all. Keep up the good work. Gordon

  108. Abby,
    All true sailors around the world wish that you and Jesse could fulfil your dreams safely. Should you have any doubts on your equipment or something bothering you onboard you should have it fixed asap. Safety first - you have a long way to go. You girls have already shown your mental strength and determination!
    Wishing you fair winds and good luck!
    Hugs from Uncle Peter, Finland

  109. Hi Captain Abby,63 degrees and sunny.
    Yes!A lot better than 40 odd degrees.
    Your doing great and have everything
    under control.Unfotunately, there will
    always be people with low self esteem
    that are negative and say things that
    are not true. If they had been reading
    the blog from the beggining, it would
    be clear what your goal is.Youngest,
    Non stop, UNASSISTED.If something were
    to change, you would tell us.We believe
    in you. Be Safe! Be Happy! Godspeed!

  110. Abby, I enjoy keeping up with your daily events. Don't let the few naysayers get you down. They don't and can't understand individualism and personal achievement. They don't have a life and thrive off of ridiculing others.

    On another note, I'm a professional photographer. I enjoy seeing the photos you take. They're quite good. What camera equipment are you using?

    Keeping you in my prayers!


  111. I think it is awesome what you are doing, and reading about it is really just unbelievable to me! Keep up the great work and don't worry about the rumors.

  112. Hey Abby,

    Don't worry about those rumors, Connor and I have found the nay sayers and we're having them walk the plank!! Seriously, relax if you can, enjoy what no else has done, even if briefly, your right up there with Neil Armstrong. GO ABBY!!

    Kris and Connor Hamilton
    Killeen Texas

  113. Hi Abby,
    I think its hysterical that you wanted to go say hi to the fishermen! They are the lucky ones to be sharing the water with you!
    Dont worry what people say about your dad. Those type people are just jealous of your accomplishment!
    I, like Gary from above post, think about you often as I sit at my dinner table. I would hope that you make the best of the food that you eat. Just remember to ask God to bless it for you, and He will make sure it will suffice your hunger. When you get back home, I will make sure that someone orders a large pizza for you! (I'm sure it is tough to get one delivered out there! hahahaaa) Anyways, keep your head held high Abby! You are doing GREAT!

  114. Greetings Abby! Thanks for the update. I began to get a little anxious myself when we didn't hear from you for a few days. I'm so glad it's warmed up a bit! Maybe Charlie can take his scarf off for a while! I have not heard any rumors and wouldn't pay attention if I did. I know you will tell us all about your journey, and that's the only thing that matters. Some people wish to attempt to appear important by any means available. Just ignore them. You're doing wonderfully! Keep up the great work, have fun, and stay safe. Thanks again for keeping us posted! Kevin, SC, USA

  115. When someone, like yourself, reaches a certain level of notoriety, many are quick to make baseless, negative claims, reguarding your achievments. It goes with the turf living in the eye of the media. At least Perez Hilton has not jumped on your case (yet) lol.

    Keep up the great work, and thank you for the updates on your blog.

    Jack in San Diego

  116. Abby,
    You are an inspiration to us all. Keep driving on and don't let the negative stuff get in the way of your great adventure. There are those type of folks always in life no matter what's going on.
    We are cheering you on daily.
    Rob & Joann, Phenix City, AL

  117. The bottom line is that this is all about the adventure. Don't let the negative people ever get the best of you. You just keep focusing on staying safe and having fun.

    Go Abby Go

  118. Hi Abby, As the others have said, Don't give those negative comments a second thought. Perhaps a little jealousy prompted them. We all love you and wish you nothing but the very best in your "adventure". Keep your head high and your thoughts positive.

    Glad you have pulled away from the fishing fleet.I don;t think you need THAT many boats nearby.

    As always... Stay Safe. Blue Skies and Friendly Winds. Luv Ya
    Bud and Charla Winnett

  119. Hey Abby,

    Keep in mind, you've impressed us more than you'll ever know...especially considering we'll probably never meet! People will be...well...people and you are on a world wide stage so some negative comments are gonna come. Just blow it off and keep up your awesome adventure! The best part for me is when my teen daughters read your blog and look at your pics and get goosebumps just thinking about being out there all alone! We're really enjoying following you.

    Enjoy the better weather!

    The Beadles Family

  120. Still cheering you on, girl! You are amazing!

  121. Hey Abby,

    1 Corinthians 16:13 "Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be men of courage; be strong."

    When I read this verse, I think of you. What you are doing is great, and no one can take that away from you, no matter what they say.

  122. Way to go Abby, we know the stuff you are made of and you are tuff. To see young women such as yourself and Jessica set out to complete this fete is encouraging. There is hope for the world when there are ladies like you two in it.

    There is only one person you have to answer to and that is yourself. Ok two people and the Man upstairs is watching you.


  123. Capt. Abby - If we received any rumors they went in one ear and out the other at our house. As your fame increases naturally the "never dids" and "couldn't if they trieds" will, out of feelings of inferiority, launch ugliness and misleading comments. I suspect that you shut the hatch on'em. You handled it skipper, you have the watch.

  124. Abby, you and your family are beautiful people who are so far above any innuendo from people in terms of you receiving help without letting us know. Those folks should just pick another blog and go away. You are doing great and your addressing of the situation was perfect. Keep up the great work Abby. I am pulling for you and praying for you so hard. :-) :-)
    Dwight in North Carolina

  125. BRAVO...the adventure continues.

  126. Abby I read your blog every single day. I have five children of my own, so it isn't like I have nothing else to do. I read it because it is inspiring, fun and very informational for a guy who has never set foot in a sail boat. You go girl!

    Scott, West Central Ohio

  127. Forget the nay sayer's. You are doing a great job and I am envious of the adventure. Keep doing what you are doing good luck!

  128. Abby,

    I know nothing about sailing but what you are doing is amazing. If you stopped right now and went home, what you have already accomplished is more than amazing for a 16 year old. You are in the spotlight and unfortunately, speculation and negative rumors come with the territory. Pay it no mind, just keep on doing what you are doing. Best of luck! I check your blog every day!

  129. Your comments on the adventure as the priority were well said. Seems as if increasingly if you don't come in first you're deemed a loser, so it was nice to see your perspective this morning and read the headline on the results of the NCAA basketball last night - "Two winners, one champion." You're already a winner in my book to have gotten as far as you have as well as you have done it.

  130. Abby - Enjoy your circumnavigation and do not pay attention to the rumor mill. We are wishing you a safe and happy voyage. You rock girl!

  131. Dear Abby:
    Of course we believe you that you didn't get to meet your father at Cape Horn, which was rather dissapointing.

    As you say " I would hope that my word is enough, but if it's not, my dad was on a boat with three other people who will all tell you what happened."

    I'm sure it would be an interesting story about your attempted rendezvous, and would be wonderful if your Dad, or the "three other people" could share their brief adventure with us.

    Congratulations on your progress. Keep on sailing.

  132. I'll chime in with everyone else about the naysayers.

    Abby, you are one of a kind and we are all proud of you. Please ignore those who make baseless accusations like this. You deal with this, those who criticize you for your age, those who think you and your family are nothing more than publicity hounds and those who simply don't know how people grow with a level of maturity that is well beyond your years.

    Anyone who knows anything about youth sailing is 100% behind you. We know what seamanship does to maturity levels so those whose experience of teenagers are relegated to what shopping malls do to maturity levels are wrong.

    Sail on Abby, you worry about the wind and the waves and the autopilot. Leave the critics to us.

  133. Abby you are very wise to see this as an adventure of a lifetime, one that will be with you forever. Remember you are out there doing it while others that doubt you only wish they could be you. Godspeed lil' Abby and smile big everyday to be so alive and free, your an inspiration to us all!

  134. Hey Abby,you ought to go next to the fishing boats and they would be happy to give you some fresh fish.I know when I was fishing I gave many seaman fish,food,fuel etc.its an unwritten law of the sea that all mariners help each other.This way you could eat some fresh food for a change.
    Libby Di Bernardo
    San Pedro,Ca

  135. Abby,
    Forget the naysayers, you are doing a great job out there. A lot of them are just jealous of you having the courage and discipline to undertake, and continue with this inspiring project. God is with you, as are many of our prayers. "Be Positive". Norm :->

  136. So sad to hear you've had people making unsubstantiated claims about remaining unassisted.

    Unfortunately the world has many people who have such sad lives that the only way they can get any pleasure in life is by trying to ruin the lives of those who actually have a life. Never take such comments to heart - ignore them and that way they don't get their weird pleasure of seeing that they got to you in any way.

    However - I'm sure there was "assistance" . . . I can't imagine his presence didn't lift your spririts and spur you on to completing your adventure.

    As, hopefully, is the support here in the comments of all your fans and follwers here.

    Luckily - for you and us - such "assistance" is well within the rules!

    DD (UK)

  137. Wow, this is brave and I hope you do accomplish your goal. I would love to have you read my blog and tell me what you think. You obviously have a GREAT head on your shoulders. my blog is about teenage life. check it out!

  138. Dear Abby,All your life you've been getting ready to make this journey and now "YOU" are doing just that. As a father I would take a chance to ride up along side to yell to you how proud we all are of you and what a great job you are doing so far. What you are doing is quit the adventure and you lucky to have the support of your parents and your team , I applaud them. They also are doing a great job. But you are at the helm and the captain of Wild Eyes so keep doing what your doing and get back out to sea away from those fishing boats.I wish you the best, rest when you can and hope the wind picks up for you. Bye

  139. Hello Abby,
    Having a great time watching your blog daily! What you're doing is amazing.
    Don't let the doubters rob you of any more enjoyment. Forget about them. I don't know why they feel inclined to cast stones but my guess is its because they are envious of your courage and opportunity. Its really pretty sad to think there are adults out there that would try to bring down a teenager who is accomplishing the unthinkable! You are the type of teenager this world needs. As far as I'm concerned I'd rather you not comment any further on them. It only disrupts the joy of following you as you accomplish the incredible! What you young people are doing is absolutely inspiring. Congratulations on an amazing sail around the horn! Your friends in Utah. Hey we'd love to hear Zac comment your travels as well as learn what part he's taking in your support crew. God bless

  140. As the saying goes, "You can't help what other people do, you can only help what you do". And you're doing great! You are right where you belong.

  141. Yay Abby! Love hearing about your journey. Love your attitude. Thank you for taking the time to share with us. Much love and support coming to you from Michigan!

  142. Hey Abby -

    Thanks for the update... I follow you everyday! You are such a brave young woman, blessings!


  143. I have been following your blog for several weeks and just wanted you to know how proud I am of you! You are an inspiration to many... You are proving that you can do anything you wish when you put your mind to it! God speed and best of luck to you! Hugs from North Carolina! Kimberly O.

  144. Abby, You are so blessed to be having this adventure. Reading your family and friends support and love, reading your daily blog, your interviews, videos, the pictures you snap, etc....I know why God picked you for this voyage. And from where I'm observing, here in Mississippi, you are fulfilling His expectations.

    Do not let people with petty lives who set about rumors, occupy one minute of space in your mind. You don't need to waste any time even responding to such. For every minute that you are on this trek, is sooooooo valuable.

    On another note........ IF YOU WRITE A BOOK, I WILL BUY IT! I'm sure you're journaling.

    Can't wait to see more pictures!

    Be safe,

  145. Abby, hang in there... with your plan, your attitude and your values... you're on the right track in so many ways. Thanks so much for sharing via your blog...

  146. gommie- over the hill in VenturaApril 6, 2010 at 9:04 AM

    Abby,honey,there are ALWAYS going to be those who will try to burst your bubble -sadly, this is a fact of life-just take all the good wishes and people who are pulling for you along for the ride-leave the others behind to deal with the sharks in the sea- I am very proud of you young lady and you are already a success in a my book.
    As always, keeping you in my prayers ♥

  147. Abs - You're awesome! A great inspiration to girls and everyone! So proud of you! Sail On - God is keeping you in His care!
    LA in MN

  148. Abby - you are a brave girl! You are doing an awesome job. Don't worry about the mean people who say things - just remember they never could do what you are doing!!! I was hoping you could have seen your dad and wave hi at him. Good luck and YOU GO GIRL!!!

  149. Hi Abby,

    It is unfair to you to compare your accomplishments so far to those who have reached on the top of Mount Everest. You are a very determined, courageous young lady.

    Wishing you more restful nights (or whenever) of sleep and more free time to enjoy the ride.

    Steve from S.F. Bay Area

  150. Your Oklahoma Well-WisherApril 6, 2010 at 9:35 AM

    Good work, Abby! It's good to "hear" your voice and get the info on your trip directly from you... I've got a lot of trust in your team to support you in making the right decisions and look forward to your explanations about the repairs and work you are doing. But for now, you probably need to spend all your time and effort on exactly that! Take good care out there. Peace, Your Oklahoma Well-Wisher

  151. If you have been praying for wind - it looks as though they'll be answered. Look like great easting winds for the next several days. Stay safe and may God bless.

    Colorado Springs, CO

  152. Smile big Abby... Let the cruel words of others mean nothing, your the one making history not them!

  153. Hi Abby, I enjoy reading the details of your voyage. I look forward hearing the news each day.
    May God continue to keep safe.
    Tom in Michigan

  154. Abby, please ignore all the nay sayers and continue on with your dream. Believe me, your word is enough for me and as some have said 99.99% of the world following your journey. You need not waste your energy trying to justify any of your decisions. You are the one handling that tiller, going without sleep while the idiots doubting you are setting in their arm chairs trying to second guess you. Ignore them and SAIL ON WITH PRIDE. Stay safe please. Your doing something most of us just dream about.

  155. Abby--thanks for keeping us updated.
    While I haven't heard any rumors, good for you for taking the high road. Some people are just going to be negative, no matter what. (Remember there are still those who say we didn't land on the moon!)
    Congratulations on your trip so far. Good luck and
    Happy Trails (or sails!!)!!

  156. Bonjour Abby & Wild Eyes,

    Most of the negative remarks and comments you hear about have no aim. Some people are just fishing for attention.

    Let Charlie take care of them! :-)

    You're the best!

    Enjoy your voyage, Take care, Be safe

  157. GO ABBY!! YOU'RE MY HERO!! Or, Heroine, as the case may be.

    To you: Courage, Strength, Honor, and Unfathomable Grace!

    "The LORD bless you and keep you; the LORD make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you; the LORD turn his face towards you and give you peace" (Numbers 6:24-26

  158. Abby,If you have equipment failure and have to seek assistance it would only enhance your coolheaded reputation, not detract from it. You proved by going into Cabo that your priorities were "safety first" You have stated so eloquently you are seeking an adventure, not mindlessly chasing a record. So few people get to do anything of note in their lives and they resent anyone who actually accomplishes anything major. Only the armchair Admirals would fail be impressed by your rounding the cape as the youngest to do so. To just solo the Cape would be a lifetime achievement for any serious sailor let alone one as young as you. I have not heard of any rumors of you seeking assistance from anyone and most sailors know that to have anyone try and help you in the conditions at sea you experienced rounding the cape is just innane and nonsensical. You would have to enter port somewhere and you clearly havent done so. Just ignore the naysayers and continue on your great adventure with the well wishes of us thousands of followers.

  159. Great update Abby

    Long or short blog; its,always good to hear from you.

    Always the best!!!

  160. Abby -

    There always have been (and always will be), those who doubt the great accomplishments of another. This is simply because they cannot conceive of a moment in time where they might achieve what others have. It is this very lack of faith in themselves that leads them to eye others with suspicion.

    No one needs to tell or remind you that you're a strong woman Abby -- your actions indicate you're fully aware of your strengths. I just want to compliment you for entering into this quest to fulfill the potential you have so admirably exhibited.

    Let the naysayers wallow in their unrealized potential and lack of contribution to the world at large.

    Hold fast Captain!

  161. G'day Abby,

    It's been a little while since I popped in to see how things are going but a new computer has put me back on track.

    Love your updates. You're doing marvelously. My belated congratulations for rounding the Cape. Are you managing to keep up with schoolwork? I guess you've got your routine all worked out by now, but would like to hear that you've been getting more sleep than you have.

    I'm sure you would have been a very welcome sight to the fishing boats. It's not like they see a lovely, adventurous young lady in a beautiful boat like "Wild Eyes" every day.

    Looking forward to your next update, so until then take care and God speed.

    Sunshine Coast, Qld. Aus.

  162. Cara (Coral Springs, FL.)April 6, 2010 at 12:15 PM

    Congrats Abby and great job so far!!! I don't even know u, but being a mother myself I am SO PROUD OF U!
    P.S. I just read the "Team Abby" post from the other day; ur family has a great sense of humor i was LMAO! U r a lucky girl to have such a supportive family and a funny one at that.
    May God be watching over u from above and may he have his angels all around u on Wild Eyes for ur protection.
    Best of luck, Cara

  163. Hey Abby, have you ever been spinnaker flying? You should check out the easter sunday pics on my FB page....amazing shots!

  164. I have no doubt about the integrity of your voyage. I do have LARGE DOUBTS about the integrity of the people making the negative comments. They have no integrity.

  165. Abby,
    Don't allow those types of people to get to you. They are not of any importance. They have a need to spread rumors and lies to make themselves feel important. You know the truth and that is all that matters. they are jealous. that's why they sit in their little room and write falsehoods without adding their name. Anyone who will not attach their name to what they write shows us all that what they wrote means very little. Good luck from your supporter in NC.

  166. @Connie notes: ". . . if the other autopilot does go bad, she can sail across the Atlantic fast enough that sleep deprivation doesn't become an issue. Didn't you say she can use a sea anchor to keep herself straight while she sleeps."

    Yes, she could use a sea anchor, or drogue, which is basicly like a very big bucket, or a very small parachute, that you toss over the side to create resistance to wind and waves. However, sea anchors are a bit notorious. Usually they are deployed once in a lifetime during a horrible storm. Daily use would be a problem for a number of reasons, including:

    - They can be tough to properly launch. Jesse Martin who currently holds the record for youngest to circumnavigate unassisted/nonstop tried to launch his just once (according to his excellent book Lionheart, about his circumnavigation in a boat identical to Jessica Watson's -- a Sparkman & Stephens 34). On his first launch of the sea anchor the waves started pushing the boat over the line. Rather than risk it wrapping itself around the keel or rudder, he grabbed a knife, cut it free, and said goodbye to his sea anchor, counting his blessing that it didn't wrap itself around the rudder.

    -Every time Abby launched her sea anchor she would have to take precautions that a shift in the waves or wind didn't cause her to back down on the sea anchor line. Realize, that unlike Jesse Martin, who had a windvane, Abby would be launching the sea anchor with no one (or thing) controlling the helm.

    - Retrieving the sea anchor is back breaking work, and inherently dangerous as Abby would be continually exposed to the potential for breaking seas, or errant waves, or just the odd bounce, the whole time she were on the foredeck trying to pull it in. (Yes, she could pull it in from the cockpit, but that gets everything closer to the rudder, which just adds to the danger of fouling the rudder post. Again, she would be doing this with no autopilot to control the actions of her boat and its position to the wind and waves. (Yes, she would be tethered to the boat, but if Abby ever falls overboard, and if the boat has any forward motion, she may not have the strength to pull herself back to the boat and pull herself out of the water.)

    - All of these problems wouldn't be seen for long because sea anchors are notorious for breaking loose in big seas. Either the rope parts, or -- even worse -- whatever cleat or cleats you have it tied to will rip out of the deck. This is why in storm situations they are sometimes tied to the mast, but with a high-performance boat like Abby's it might be risky to use the mast as a hitching post.

    Yesterday someone asked about simply tying the tiller in place. If Abby were on a Westsail 32 or some other full-keeled boat, this could be done for a short while. (Depending on wind and waves it could be done for seconds to minutes on a full-keel boat). But on her high performance boat, it would skittle off course in a matter of seconds, I'd think.

    I've seen some comments -- not a great surprise -- that seem to be attacking the messenger (me and a few others) on all of this, as if by asking about the autopilot we were trying to be rain clouds over Abby's parade.

    My position is that if you really care for Abby, you should encourage Abby and her team to not risk continuing the journey without a backup autopilot.

    From her current position it looks as if Abby is planning on heading across the Atlantic, which makes me think that the team feels the 2nd autopilot can either be repaired, or used for parts in case the other one goes out. (The parts scenario is just a crazy suggestion on my part, as I wouldn’t see that as a real option for a single-hander in a high performance boat.)

    And, as always, if she continues the journey without a backup autopilot and ends up needing one, it will make for a more interesting book. As, perhaps, will some of these blog conversations. ;-)

    - Grant Fjermedal, Seattle

  167. @Rumors of Abby's Dad Taking a Life Mattress Out to Sea for an Autopilot Rendezvous Off of Cape Horn . . . Or something like that. ;-)

    Abby made mention of "rumors" about her father jumping aboard the boat with parts or some such.

    Haven't really seen these, but it is possible this could be traced back to a posting I made some days ago along the lines of: Since your father is already at Cape Horn, this would be a great time to put into port so he could help get the autopilot fixed.

    (By the Way: Is Laurence still down south?)

    A casual reader might have somehow misread that into thinking that Abby's father had somehow jumped aboard with a new autopilot in a backpack. I dont' know. Beats me.

    But would love to see him jump aboard (dockside) in the Falklands, with a new autopilot - - or two - - in a backpack.


    - Grant Fjermedal, Seattle

    Post Script: I've got to get back to making a living. Sorry for all of the posts recently. I'd gone weeks without a peep (though checking in each day). Last time around I felt that Abby shouldn't leave port without a dodger (Hooray, she got in the last days before her departure). Now I feel the same about the need for a backup autopilot . . . but by now everyone knows that.

    Think I'll get back to work. If all goes well you won't hear from me again until we're all celebrating Abby's return to MDR. (Or, maybe not quite that long, but . . .)

  168. Must be fun being near some boats, after that long period of being all alone!

  169. Abby there will always be those who will spread untruths and rumors to tarnish someone elses accomplishments..its sad as you say.. Some folks are just jealous and trying to tear down others. You know the truth and there's alot of us out here standing up for you..We think you're pretty special too..and will cheer you on as you progress and try to give you those 6,000 mile hugs when we can..keep on one can take it away from you...

    Be Blessed Abbs...

    Sorry i cut it short today..I've been gnat bitten since 9 am recertifying as an observer..(part of my job)..

    Gary & Jan

  170. There are always people who will doubt anyone. And there are many people not worthy of trust. But I'm quite confident that you are most trustworthy!! Sailing with you in spirit, a mom in Vermont - n.

  171. Abby ... I'm sorry you were upset by the rumors. I really think it was a case of exaggerated creative thinking by some commenters that took off from your mentioning a possible rendezvous with your Dad at sea. I don't think anyone went as far as suggesting you were intending to cheat. You are the essence of innocence Abby and it seems to me 99% of the comments express an admiration for you and your endeavor. What politician wouldn't be pleased with a 99% approval rating. :-) Your focus needs to be on sailing Wild Eyes. You have so many important issues to deal with, try to let things like this that you have no control over not effect you, like water on a duck's back.

  172. Abby, you should feel proud of what you have accomplish so far, who cares if your dad did help you or not, after all your safety is of outmost importance to all your readers, and for those out there accusing, you should start putting your effort on supporting. Abby, your already considered as great inspiration in my book, Enjoy the rest of your trip at sea, might be tough at times but must be an awesome experience :)

  173. It probably gets pretty boring but fun because you are all by yourself. What do you do when your not fixing the boat or other things?

  174. 06-Apr-2010
    Just a quick update for all of Jessica’s concerned supporters to let you know all is well. The predicted southerly hit as expected yesterday and Jessica experienced a difficult day dealing with gale force winds of up to 45 knots and a very bouncy sea.

  175. The rumours are there becuase of the path abby is sailing. 20nm off shore is very close to shore. What is the reason for this?

    Its not that we are against you , we are encouraging you at every step.

    We also want you to do it Unassisted

    Ian & Wendy

  176. As always I look forward to reading about this fantastic journey that you are on. Keep your head up, people will talk until the end of time and it's just words. It's sad that just words can be so hurtful. You know the truth and that is what counts. Prayers for a restful night and a continued safe mission. Thank you for taking my mind out to sea. God's Speed!

  177. Best wishes for as smooth a passage for the rest of your circumnavigation attempt Abbey.

    @Grant Fjermedal Thanks for your well experienced and obviously well meant comments of support, you have answered many of my unspoken questions and feelings, I concur with your comments entirely for I too only mean well.

    Abbey your strong determination has served you wonderfully on this venture/dream, we all trust that right thinking will guide you for the rest of your journey back to the States.

    Fred other side of Woodford Queensland

  178. Hey Abbs - don't you worry about what those sad losers out there say - they're plain jealous. You are awesome, a great role model and one hell of a young woman - good on you possum

  179. Abby,
    I am surprised to hear that your boat does not sail to weather very well. I would imagine it would do very well. Please explain when you can.
    Thank you. And forget the rumor mongers. Jessica also had to overcome a nasty test after her accident with the ship. It is just part of the big TEST. Plain sailing may become the easiest part of the whole trip.

  180. Hi Abby:

    Wow. I cannot believe people spread such rumors. What nonsense. You hang in there.

    Bill in Boston

  181. Hi Abby,
    Don't let other people's doubts pull you down... let those things you hear that aren't true run off you like water off a duck. You have nothing to defend!
    I am so happy to hear you say that needing to stop for repairs is nothing to hide from anyone. Good for you! If you should need repairs, that isn't a failure. The end result to your endeavor, as long as you are safe, is secondary. The journey is what matters. We would rather see you have a boat that will support your safety and other needs (including sleep!) than risk your safety. Nothing would be worth that, and we trust you to do whatever is right.
    So sailor girl, be safe.

    Susan in Oregon

  182. Hi Abby,

    Glad to hear that you're doing well. We check in every day from Pennsylvania to see how you are doing. I'm getting ready for my own sailing season with some mast work, bottom sanding/painting, and so on.

    I just wanted to say that I join the others who have expressed their support for your endeavor -and those who have expressed their appeciation for your honesty.

    When I think of you and your Australian counterpart, I truly place you and her in the category of the great adventurers who dared to take on great challenges - mountain climbers, around the world balloonists, the first trans-atlantic flight, and countless other acts that have defined the boundaries of human achievement. Yes, you are young, but itsn't that the boundary of the human spirit? You know the risks and so do your parents. If you didn't belong out there, you would have turned back weeks ago. You and Jess are right up there with Steve Fossett, Charles Lindbergh, and Sir Edmund Hillary. So, go for your dreams, reach for the sky, and dare to be yourself.

    - B

  183. Good jod Abby! We are with you all the way. Sincerly, from Canada.

  184. Hi Abby,

    Thank you so much for the pictures? It really helps put it in perspective what you are going through right now. It’s so different from where I am sitting (Chicago). Sounds like you are having fun. Are you fishing at all sometimes? :) Anyway, just checked the April 1st blog from your team. Clever and funny. I like that. But who is Charlie and what is he doing on a boat with no life jacket on? I thought this was a solo trip. You really might have to go around twice after all. Do the rules allow Charlie there? We might have to check that. Ha-ha, I am kidding of course.

    I am glad your water maker is working. It would really suck sail around the world without it, wouldn’t it? :) Hope the wind picked up a bit to bring you up north little more so you can enjoy little more sunshine. How is the boat holding up?


  185. Abby,
    Great work! I have 2 comments about assistance:
    1. You have a great attitude - if you need assistance, get it. I think your word is good enough.
    2. If you ever did need assistance, so what? Would that lessen your accomplishment? Hell no. This is a bold adventure, no matter how you look at it.

    My favorite quote (paraphrased from Teddy Roosevelt): It's not the critic who counts, not the ones who point out how the strong stumbled or how the doer could have done better. The credit belongs to the woman in the arena -- her face marred by dust, and sweat, and blood. For her place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory, nor defeat.

    Sail on Abby...Sail on!!

  186. Hey, did anyone ever answer my question about whether an Open40 puts more pressure on an autopilot than a smaller boat would. Just wondering why there would be a problem after such a short period of time? I know Abby will sort it out!

  187. HI Abby,
    Don't let these rumours upset you. You only have to answer to yourself. What ever happens from here is up to you and your team and no one else. Enjoy your adventure and if it finishes tomorrow you have already achieved more than most of us. Hope the sun stays shining and you are making good progress.
    Stay safe

  188. Hello dear Abby,
    I must be the 185th comment because I didn't get to read your blog until almost midnite tonite, April 6. Here in Augusta, GA the Masters Tournament (Golf) is getting underway and besides your blogs, and thinking of you always, I'm late on everything.I do think of you constantly, Abby, and wish you a safe and very exciting adventure!!
    Just remember, here in Georgia, "You are always on my mind". Pam (and Hank), Augusta, GA

  189. Wow.. and I thought I was adventurous when I tried the pistachio flavor at yogurtland. Props to you girl I hope you make it!

  190. Hi Abby:

    You have such a wonderful spirit. Enjoy! Have a good time with Charlie, who is such a cute character.

    Fly with the wind Girl! Love what you are doing.


  191. Hello Dear Bloggers,
    Just a quick note as there seems to be even more speculation about the rumors. We were made aware of the rumor by several blog comments. It was never posted on the blog.

    We just thought after someone anonymously contacted us several times that it should be addressed.

    Laurence is home having left Ushuaia a very disappointed dad last Friday.

    Thank you for your kind support (Abby does read these comments) and lets get back to the business at hand - sailing!


  192. In other news, Laura Dekker's new boat now has two coats of red paint!

  193. Captain Abby- I enjoy reading your blog and keeping up with your adventure. I wish you the best of luck and smooth sailing. You are an inspiration and I wish you and your family nothing but best of luck. Thank you for allowing us a window into your trip!

  194. Hi Babsy,
    keep up them dodgers,
    Jony the Pony

  195. Go Abby you have alot of people here in Aussie,wishing you well & hoping your voyage is fast & safe.So Good Luck & be happy. [Do not let negative people worry you] Peter. Qld Aussie

  196. Ahoy Abby !

    @ Mom thanks for the update.

    These false rumors are outrageous – pay them no heed.

    Also please disregard the rumor that the USS Mercy (hospital ship) came along side and towed Wild Eyes while
    you went aboard and enjoyed a long hot bath and a good 8 hours sleep.

    Also please disregard, that while you were asleep USN engineers came aboard and replaced those CourseMaster Autopilots with 2 US Navy autopilots plus 2 spares.

    They also fixed the Hydraulic leak , recharged the batteries and restocked the food and drink supply. No Scotch however because of age restrictions. They also stowed some clothing and
    some fishing equipment – harpoons, hand grenades, etc.

    They towed Wild Eyes for about 300 miles until you returned to your boat to cast off the tow line.

    I wonder who would ever start such a rumor !!!!

    Abby, all kidding aside, our positive thoughts and prayers are with you.

    You are a true inspiration !

    <* ((((((>< Mariner Walt – Marina del Rey, CA

  197. Dearest Abby, at this time there are 194 comments on this day's blog. Of 194 blogs, you find nearly as many "inspirational" comments, quotes, support, and the highest regard for "you" and your spirit. I remember hearing comments from your Mom and Dad about a young 13-year-old who persistently insisted she (you) were ready to sail solo. I thought that was amazing - couldn't imagine it. :) And, there you are...doing it! Idea: What do you think about cutting out some of the inspiration blogs that were especially significant for you and tape them (will they stay up with all the moisture?) of put them in a folder...create a collection of the inspirational messages written to you and for you, Abby! Missed a post from you today, but it was nice to read one from your Mom... Best wishes...

  198. Hi, Abby, if people have been reading your blogs they would have read, written by you that there's no record to beat now, The Youngest Record to sail around non stop and unassisted or even just the youngest to sail around assisted has been scraped. Also you wrote that your Dad was unable to see you. All of us have faith in you and your word, so ignore the doubters, they are armchair critics! (Michael 75, we are sad to hear of the coal mine fall in, we pray those trapped miners can be got out alive). You must have been worried about the fishing boats, I know Zac always was very alert when ships appeared. Hope the weather is fine for you, happy sailing, Bob and Bev Palmerston NT Oz