Friday, April 16, 2010

Pouring Rain and Fog

Another slow day today with pouring rain and so foggy that I could barely see the bow of the boat this morning. It did clear up a little bit later on and the wind picked up a little but not much. I've had around 10 knots for most of the day. Not that great, but it's coming out of the NW, pretty much ideal for heading east.

There is something about heading the right way, even if you're not going all that fast and it's cold, wet, and gray. It's so indescribably awful to not be able to head the right way, or even drifting backwards. After one bad night like that it doesn't matter how fast you're going! Just as long as you are going the right way!

The wind should pick up a bit tomorrow and I'm hoping to get a few good days of easting in. Sorry there haven't been any pictures on the blog lately, I have been having some trouble with my camera. I'll get some more up as soon as I can!

My Kindle has finally broken. Right when I was in the middle of a good book too! I do have a few books I brought along just in case something happened to the Kindle, but with the way I read I don't think I'll have enough to last the rest of my trip.

I'm reading "Do Hard Things" by Alex and Brett Harris right now - it's a great book! I also just started working on my book today. I'm kind of having fun with it! I'm glad I'm staring to work on it now, I think it would be a lot harder to write it if I waited until I get home to start.



  1. Hi Abby What is a Kindle? Im 60 DOH. Keep safe Cheers Shona Adelaide

  2. Nothing like a good paper book! You may have to re-read and re-read what you do have. I did that once when I was stuck someplace with only two books to read . . . first one then the other for 10 days! It passed the time at least.

    Good to hear you're easting even if slowly . . . better than barely moving.

    As one who has harbored aspirations of being a writer I can tell you it is definitely better to work on it now rather than later. Writing is definitely fun . . . 'least I think so.

    Keep up the excellent work . . . stay clipped in . . . and may you have excellent winds and following seas.

    ~ Cynthia (Half Moon Bay, California USA)

  3. Hi Abby, Cheer up Hon, Better days are ahead. Keep your thoughts posituve and all will be well. Gittta get to bed . May the Good Lord watch over you and keep you safe. Luv Ya

    Bud and Charla Winnett

  4. Hi Abby! It's great to hear from you today! I'm glad you got some wind finally! I told you I'd email you at least ten knots! hehe I am really sorry to hear about your kindle though. I am an avid reader and MUST have my books! But, as you say, you can busy yourself writing your own! You must be experiencing every kind of weather know to man (just about)! You truly are on an amazing adventure! You bring so much excitement to our lives, we who can only follow and admire you, and I thank you for that. Stay safe, have fun, and if the sun comes out make sure Charlie puts on sunblock!
    Kevin, Aiken, SC

  5. I'm so glad you are writing a book. What a fantastic read that will be!

  6. Glad you are making progress, even if slow. Some pics would be great. Remember we are always with you. Stay safe.

  7. Watch out. Be careful. Keep an alert eye.

  8. Hi Abby,
    Glad to hear that you are heading in the right "direction" - I'm sure your parents have been worried about that! (haha, sorry, bad joke)
    Sorry about your kindle, but if it means you are starting your own book, that is awesome! We'll be first in line for an autographed copy!
    Praying for great wind tomorrow,
    Keith and Kathy Wargo, Lynchburg VA

  9. Too bad about the Kindle. It was probably not designed for a high salt diet.


    Great idea to get going on your book.

    And, Yes, how great that first mile in the right direction feels!! I once read an account of a psychological study in which they paid lumber jacks outrageous money to simply HIT logs with axe-sized hammers. Bam bam bam. Not one of them lasted more than a few hours. They simply had to quit. One said, "I have to see the chips fly."

    Fair Winds, Abby,

    Bill Smith

  10. Try some tea when it is cold and foggy.

  11. "There is something about heading the right way, even if you're not going all that fast..." That's a line much bigger than sailing! Life's winds may not always blow in our favor, but it's refreshing when they do.

    Enjoy the Harris' book. Actually, when I heard what you were doing, it was the first thing I thought of. Thanks for sharing your journey with everyone - I hope it will inspire many more to do what matters, even though it's tough.

  12. Glad to hear the wind is with you, Abby. I know how much that can help your movement thought the water and your spirit.

    About the books; don't know if it helps, but you can get software for your laptop that will allow you to read 'mobi' format books, the same that Kindle uses. The software is free (Mobipocket reader) and you could get the same books you were reading or going to read. Don't know if this helps out where you are, but I thought I'd mention it, just in case. My own blog posting from April 1, 2010 has details.

    Anyway, all the best, and continued success,


  13. It's great to hear that you're going in the right direction, Abby, even if slowly.

    We're really anxious for pics, but that's okay. We know that you'll get them up when you can.

    So sorry to hear about the Kindle. Very glad you have some backup books. I'm not one of those that likes to give you armchair advice, BUT this once, and once only, I'm going to. I'm thinking that when you run out of your stock of spare books you might consider, between your book writing sessions that is, opening a school book or two........ okay...I'm sorry. Please forgive me. It won't happen again :)

    We love you, Abby. Please stay safe.

    God bless you, and speed you on your way.


  14. Abby, you are an inspiration. I love reading your blog. Keep up the good work.

  15. Hola, Abby~
    All things work together for good to those who believe :) Still, I am truly sorry about your Kindle ("broke" as in pieces? or is it just not working? it might come back.)

    As for the weather, might be a blessing that you're not setting any speed records getting into the Indian (it's quite a mess right now, according to Jesse).

    Finally, I am so proud of you! Especially to hear you are reading "Do Hard Things" and starting on your own book...oh, and there's always your school books :)

    You're doing great. Stay safe, and Godspeed...


  16. wind on the waterApril 16, 2010 at 9:22 PM

    Glad you're writing about your experience. Word of advice: Don't think too much about it, just write whatever comes up. You can always edit later. It's all valuable, and sometimes what you don't understand in your writing at the time, becomes clear later on.
    Best wishes as you cross the Atlantic!

  17. Hi Abby, Sorry to hear about the pouring rain but it is good to hear you are heading in the right direction! I notice on your tracker that you'll soon approach the midpoint in the Atlantic and be closer to Africa than S. America which seems to me that inspite of some slow days, you really are moving right along! Yeah!

    Sounds like working on your book as you go is a good plan. All your thoughts will be really fresh this can always edit after you get back home but these fresh thoughts that you're writing now will be priceless. ....Looking forward to reading it ---I will be one of the first in line to buy it!! :)

    Take care out there dear one. Stay alert, sail smart, sail safe!

    Janell in Oklahoma, USA

  18. I'm the first comment! Sorry to hear about your Kindle Abby. I can imagine that bringing a Kindle made a ton of sense in terms of weight, but having it die on you is awful! That is such a bummer. I have a kindle right in front of me and I would love to give it to you, but that can't happen. My condolences, books are just the greatest thing when you are alone.

  19. Hi Abby!
    That is a great book "Do Hard Things" and it fits what you are doing right now. By the time you get back you can read "Start Here" (doing hard things right where you are). But for some reason I think you are doing that also :) Your "Hard Things" sailing around the world will inspire others to challenge themselves in what God wants them to do.
    Praying and following you...

  20. Abby,
    So nice to hear you're writing a book about your trip. That is awesome! I will definitely be buying it. Keep up the good work Abby! You are doing a great job! You are so blessed to be able to see all that God has made for us all out there. Esther in Costa Mesa.

  21. Ahoy Captain Abigail,

    Great to hear from you Abby.
    What frustration you write of...rain, fog, direction or the lack there of, camera, least it's not raining Icelandic volcanic ash!! Talk about the weather...have you heard about the cloud above Europe and its effects?

    Great time to start writing a book...on a computer device I assume. I hope you can get a camera working to take pictures to complement your words. The book should be great considering your excellent writing abilities on your blog.

    I thought you might find this interesting. The other day I connected with one of your blog followers in the USA and it turned out if you can believe it that their sailboat was built by a boat builder in neighbour. Sometimes it's a small world out there....especially in the sailing community.

    We know conditions will improve for you soon and you will be "surfing" to the Cape. I wish you safe sailing...I will be thinking of you.

    john, Bay of Quinte, Lake Ontario, Canada

  22. Abby really enjoy following you on your journey your doing a great job keep up the good work

  23. There's definitely something about going the right way as you say. People in general have a tough time going the right way on land! Sometimes, it's other people or events that create the currents that slow us down or derail us, while sometimes, it's our own fault.

    "Do Hard Things" sounds like a pretty cool book. You'll have to let us know what you think of it.

    Yes, it would be a lot harder if you waited till you got home to start your book. Well, at least you're keeping a bit of a journal here and if you have a personal journal, that will help you organize your outline later. I find I have to do that when I write reviews or organize trip photos that I plan to present.

    Have you ever read "Hitching Rides with Buddha" by Will Ferguson (Canadian author). He wrote a book about his journey across Japan. He was the first to hitch hike his way across the country, following the cherry blossom front. He must have taken detailed notes along the journey. It's an interesting read.

    Anyway, keep dry and warm. You're doing a fabulous job!

  24. Heading east is good!

  25. Hi Abby,
    I just wanted to say hi and tell you that I read your blog every day. I have an 8 year old son and we just got back from the school carnival. We live in Canyon Country which is not far from Magic Mountain. The school is trying to raise money because of all the budget cuts. Were looking at no music and no PE next year. I think you are a really brave kid so stay strong and where is your next stop? Is there a stop or do you just keep going?
    Ann and Tyler (who is 8)

  26. Hi Abby,
    Sorry about the Kindle, you'll just have to read... I'm sorry... your school books.

  27. Hello Abby

    Thanks for another great blog.

    Starting on the booknow is a really good idea. All of your impressions, emotions, images and events are still fresh in your mind - this will make an awesome book.

    We should have a title contest - to choose a great title for your book like -"Solo Loco". or "Wild Eyes and Me See the Sea without Gucci.", " The Thrill of Sailboat Maintenance 101" , "Born to Round the Horn". " The Chief of Reef" " How to Reef without Grief 101", " Auto Pilot Delight", "The Course Master Disaster".... on and on ..LOLOL

    Sorry to hear about your Kindle. We should be able to download other books onto to your onboard PC. You just have to make the selections.

    Abby Peace and warm wishes

    <* ((((((>< Mariner Walt – Marina del Rey, CA

  28. 04-17-10 @ 01:05
    Hi Abby,
    Thanks for the up-date, but sorry to hear of the conditions, although it sounds like you’re handling it reasonably well. But I have to admit, that just sounds miserable, not many words of comfort for that, and especially with the ‘Kindle’ broken. What’s a girl to do???….lol…But since you have thought ahead and brought some books with you, that should help for awhile, and like you say you can spend some time on your book since it would make sense to work on it out there where you can think in the present time and not have to be looking back. This way you can put in little intricate details that you might not remember later on. That’s what makes a good book.
    Looking at your “Where’s Abby” chart it looks like you’re going backwards or you’re in a dead spot. I do believe that you’ll be getting some wind soon and I hope it comes in slowly and then builds up. Not to much to fast, oh, I know you’d know what to do with it…lol…
    Good luck to you Abby and here’s to some good sailing wind. Take good care of yourself and the crew.

    May God hold you in the palm of His hand and may the Angels keep your sails full, and I, I will be praying for you.
    Your faithful friend, fan and follower.
    Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

  29. Abby, that is a GREAT Book .. you will enjoy it. praying for your safety and enjoyment of your time in Gods beauty.
    May His angels watch over you


  30. Sorry to hear about your Kindle. I have one and know how fragile they are. Work on your book instead of reading, and maybe you won't miss it.

  31. Great that you started your book. Don't edit it now - do that later. Right now is the time to just get it written down. (or dictated) Don't worry about getting stuff in the right order, punctuation, spelling, grammar, etc. All that can happen later. Now is the time to (pun intended) let it pour out of you.

  32. Hi Abby, I've been away & just read your last couple of blogs - well done for getting on top of all those repairs, you're a star! Persistence, skill & self belief, the only way to go!!!! I was amused to read your frustration about not going forward - so true - on the way to the North Pole (skiing)we had one section of very rough & drifting ice - in 3 days we went forward 15nm but went backwards 17nm. Does really do your head in a bit eh? (if we let it)With good wind which you anticipate & a couple of days of speed in the right direction I bet you will forget the slow days. Really, you are doing such a great job - feel good about it. Good luck, keep it up. Graeme.

  33. Thanks Abby.
    Relax while you can.
    Enjoy the books.
    Richard (QLD) Aus

  34. Hey Capt'n "Abalone" (term of affection!),

    So glad to hear from you. I know what a bummer it is for a sailor to be floating around with little or no wind. However, sounds like you're taking advantage of the lull. Enjoy your books... if you finish you can always red 'em again. There's always somethin' one misses first time around.

    Great idea to start on your own book now while everything is happening and all the details are fresh on your mind. I'd like to place an order for a signed copy of your book right now!

    Best of luck, Capt'n. Have fun, make memories, and be safe.

    Capt'n Mudgie
    Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA

  35. Abby,

    Since I live in the Seattle area, I know what being in thick fog is like. YUK! However, right on the other side of it is the sunshine, so you’ll see it soon. Even if you had been taking pictures, I know what they would look like. GRAY!

    What a bummer that your Kindle gave out on you. Read very slowly or otherwise you’ll have to keep reading the same books over and over and over…….

    Have fun writing your book, Abby. I can’t wait for it.

    From Seattle, WA, USA

  36. Hi Abby,

    Always good to hear from you. Still keeping up with you every day. Keep up the good work!

    All the best,
    Wayne Wild I. Moraga, CA

  37. No kindle now huh? Might have to break down and crack open those study books, darn it. I can't wait to read your book, but hopefully you're sending a back up in case your computer crashes for some reason. You are an amazing young person. I would assume the question you will ask yourself after this voyage is not what will I do when I "grow up" but what do I NOT want to do. Your are so accomplished at so many things. I look forward to reading your blog every night and keeping up with "the girl and Wildeyes" You embrace the exceptional aptitude that we all strive for. God speed....really he needs to help a little with the speed, but for now we're just happy you're healthy. Good luck fishing.
    Sharon from Paso Robles, CA

  38. Don't worry, Abby! We all believe you're on the right course! Not every day is a sunny day. Not every wind blows in your direction. But, every day you're right on course! Godspeed!

  39. @Shona in Adelaide

    A Kindle is a wireless reading device. It is no bigger than a thin book. Very light. You can download books pretty much worldwide. It's from Amazon(Google Kindle). For the avid reader it's the greatest thing since sliced bread. I, unfortunately, don't know what the greatest thing was before sliced bread. :)

    Abby, earlier I neglected to tell you how much we appreciate that you're writing a book. I for one will be all over it the day that it comes out. If you have a book signing in Cali my granddaughter and I will most likely be there.

    God bless you.


  40. Bonjour Abby & Wild Eyes,

    Know what? You are heading the right way no matter the direction you seem to be taking at the moment.

    Take this time to attend to Wild Eyes and read her architecture, how she has read and reads the seas and the winds as you two go along on your voyage. She also is waiting for good seas and good winds. Then write about it and anything else that comes to mind.

    Soon you"ll catch yourself writing your story through your own... Wild Eyes! For that to happen a read and re-read paper book that you like and Wild Eyes herself are better than a Kindle! :-)
    Also knowing who you are writing for (or to) helps. Does a little person that you know and love comes to mind?

    Writing will give you plenty of wild moments once you get into it - in between good winds when there is no wind.

    And if you need further reading material or suggestions, surely your Blogger family will provide. :-)

    In the meantime you can always try some crazy stuff with the cooking and see if Charlie likes it!

    Enjoy, Take care, Be safe

  41. Hi Abby,
    Wow, I can see from the "where's Abby" page that progress has slowed considerably. How many hours a day do you run the engine to make sure your batteries stay charged, and how much speed do you gain while it is running?

    I ordered some favorable weather & had them expedite it to your current location, hopefully it will be there SOON!

    stay safe,

  42. Hi Abby, sorry to hear about your Kindle. Get the Kindle app for your computer if you can. At least to finish the book you were reading. Wonder why it broke, that stinks. I'm a Kindler too.

  43. Great to hear from you Abby. Keep your head down and stay off the ridge line... no now wait thats for the guys in Iraq. Fair winds and following seas. I pray for your safety and a speedy trip around Africa. I am learning so much following your journey. Best of luck to you.

    Chuck D.

  44. "Kindle for PC" came out 6 months ago (see below). You can install it from It's 4.57MB file so it may take a chunk of airtime to email it to you. Just install it on the laptop. Thing is if the Kindle is dead dead i.e. doesn't even switch on and if you got the USB cable with you to transfer the books from the Kindle to the PC :-( Maybe you can crack it open and someone how attach it's internal memomry :-) I see you should have all your books stored on as well., maybe that can be also downloaded as sent but must be 1 or 2 GB worth of data.

    Also wonder if receiving a .exe file from home would be considered as receiving assistance :-)

    I think something can be figured out:

    Watch the power consumption of the lappy though, reduce the brightness of the LCD screen to bare minimum for energy saving.

  45. Cynthia in Half Moon Bay: You don't, by any chnace, know my friend John Wimer?...who also lives in HMB ?

    Abby: I never thought much of an electronic book; now I think even less.

    Steve in California

  46. I was so struck by the obvious writing ability in the first two paragraphs of your 04/14 post that I sent it to my publisher son. Here is what you wrote:

    Right now I'm rolling around with no wind. Not no wind as in very little wind, I mean I really have absolutely no wind,. At least I think that 2 knots could be considered no wind. I'm not going to mention my own speed - it's too depressing to think about right now!

    The swells are still pretty big, but they're beginning to die down a little. Just last night I had about 30 knots with gusts/squalls getting up to 45 knots. There has been a sort of pattern over the past week. I get some nice, steady wind for a day or two and then I get a day of calm weather to clean up and fix everything that broke in the rough weather.

    My son agreed that it is brilliantly done stuff. He suggested deleting one use of the word "nice", which I did for you.

    Just write, don't try.

  47. Abby, You are amazing. Keep up the good work. Fair Winds and Following Seas to ya. Living this adventure with you is awesome............Peace Be Abby.

  48. Dearest Abby,

    How are you my dear? Thanks for the update and I'm pleased to hear that you have caught up on some sleep.

    That rain and fog have been a bit of a pain haven't they. Jesse Watson has been experiencing some aweful lightening and it has been very frightening at times for her.

    Great to hear that you have started on your book. You are a very organised young lady Abby.

    Take care of yourself and I hope that there is nothing too major wrong with your camera. Do you have a few disposable cameras with you? I do hope that you can fix your camera, I've enjoyed the photos you have sent us.

    Big hugs and warmest wishes from Jan Pace (Auckland, New Zealand)

  49. Hi Abby,

    Bummer about the Kindle. Is it fixable?

    Sorry the weather is posing such a challenge, but I'm glad you're heading in the right direction. Hang in there!

    Lori in MN

  50. Thanks for the update.

    Sorry about your Kindle; and the iPad came out after started.

  51. My daughter reads books over the Internet. She said she gets a segment of the novel she chose each day. Check it out. It may do in a pinch.

  52. OK broken Kindle , I couldn't buy it anyway as I am living in a country that is not good enough for Kindle.
    BUT.... there are other ways .........
    Just search for some e-books on google,.... and download , some are free , some cost a little .
    Download to you laptop and start reading :)

    you may start with Jules Verne: Round the World
    in 80 days ;

    and there are sufficient e-books to help you go reading around the world.

  53. Abby,

    Sorry to hear about your Kindle. There is a free application that will allow you to download the books to your PC.

    Take a look, it seems to work pretty well.

    Keep up the good work!

    Rich in N.Y.

  54. It's really neat that you are reading Do Hard Things on your trip. It's kinda funny too because your brother is in Start Here. You knew that probably but still, for those who didn't . . . It would be interesting if you were in the next book by the Harris twins.
    I love what your doing, and enjoy reading your blog. Keep it up sailor.

  55. Hi Abby,
    Glad you are heading in the right direction. Look forward to your book.
    Stay safe.

  56. Hi Abby, Sounds like a gloomy day, for sure. perfect for a book or books. I'm excited that you plan to write one. I'll be buying it for sure. Quite an adventure you've taken on and that book 'Do Hard Things' sounds perfect. And, Mike's right about your line, "There is something about heading the right way, even if you're not going all that fast...". Good perspective for life, I'd say. Wow, combine that with 'Do Hard Things' and we're good-to-go. haha Well,for now I'm wishing you some good wind and a clearer sky. But, until then, catch up, rest up, read up, be up. (I'm 'up' this morning, huh..)
    39*50'N, 86*9'W

  57. YOUR KINDLE BROKE?omg....If u were on dry land, I know u would take that sucker back... hmmm maybe the makers of Kindle read your posts? If anyone connected w/that company does, it would be so cool for them to send a replacement ..... stay safe... and dry...

  58. Hello, Abby. So you are beginning to write your book! You are correct, writing will seem so time consuming when you return to California. How about, for an opening title suggestion, "Abby Sunderland, Heading (or Sailing) in the Right Direction". The title approaches where all teenagers should be heading, because the wrong direction means trouble and plans and dreams dashed. Maybe in the book you could include some of your ideas to help others create determination and stamina in themselves?

  59. Oh no! Not your Kindle. If it just stopped working, there is a tiny reset button you might try if you haven't. It is located in a tiny hole accessible when you remove the access panel on the rear. Jack - St. Pete, FL

  60. Re: the earlier comment on software to read "mobi" files on your computer. You can download "Kindle" software to your computer via your Amazon Kindle account. You'll be able to download another copy of all of your Kindle books via the "sync" function and pick up right where you were when your Kindle quit.
    Jack - St. Pete

  61. Donathan WilliamsApril 17, 2010 at 6:40 AM


    My great Uncle James Lipscomb and his son John sailed on a 15th month adventure across the Pacific in 1971 on a 65 ft schooner stopping at many of the South seas Islands. They started from San Pedro Ca. and ended in Singapore. The whole time filming the advendure and writing a book. I got a hold of my grandfathers copy of the book and its great. So don't give up on the book. Here's another verse for you.

    Isaiah 41:10
    Fear not, for I am with you; Be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, Yes, I will help you, I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.'

    God Bless you as you sail for Him

    Donathan Williams (Vero Beach Fl)

  62. I thought my Kindle broke once. I held the OFF switch on "off" for 15 seconds then released. Sometimes that will reset the processor and start over like it was new. It saved all the books I had downloaded. Good luck.

  63. You can often download free pdfs of books, classics mostly, but you could get someone at home to search for you and email if you need something. I couldn't cope without books for more than a day or 2!

  64. HAY ABBY!

    Very happy to hear from you, enjoy reading your blog, look forward to it each day. Write that book. I would like to read it.

    Hope the wind picks up and it's down hill all the way to the Cape Of Good Hope. Stay warms, stay safe, stay healhthy and ....GO! ABBY! GO!

  65. Now I have a new word to look up....'Kindle'. Hope all is good for you today, and still no fish?! How are you holding up energy-wise with all the dehydrated food? Would a double-double go good right about now? Ha. I'm not a sailor, but I think I understand your relief in just knowing you are heading in the right direction at any pace after those unavoidable set-backs. Sometimes life in general can be like that. Take care Abby, and we are always thinking about you. Gary from Folsom, Ca.

  66. No shortage of free ebooks online, in .pdf, .txt .html format, very small files in text format. Mom can .zip them up and email them to Abby.


    .txt e.g Aesop's Fables 90KB zipped

  67. Do Hard Things, is an amazing book! cant wait to read yours!! stay safe, our prayers are with you!

  68. Abby - I am sorry to hear that your Kindle broke. Hopefully you can fix it like other things you have been fixing. I am happy to hear that you will be writing your own book. I can't wait to lay my hands on it. Keep heading East at fast speed - wishing good winds your way...

    Atul - Naperville, IL

  69. Hi Abby,

    You are an inspiration,amazing, adventurous great spirit, and extra-ordinary girl. We love reading your blog everyday and for sure, we will be picking up a copy of your book.

    Marvin and Trina
    Ventura, Ca

  70. Hi Abby, Sorry that I have not been able to check on you this week. I am sorry about the weather too, I cannot stand the fog, I hope the weather gets better for you and the wind picks up. You get plenty of rest and enjoy your books. My prayers and thoughts and prayers are with you. Gail/Ventura

  71. Abby,

    Yes, sign me up for a copy of your book. I'll read it and Jesse's too. You're the only good news I can count on...well mostly good lol!

    Somebody already told you about the mobipocket reader, but you can now get free the actual Kindle software in versions for Windows, iPhone, etc. Just go to and look it up. This has the advantage that it will let you download all the Kindle books you've already purchased to another machine, and you can buy new ones from Amazon.

    God bless and grant you steady westerlies, stiff but not too much for safety!


  72. Abby ... PW does look more impressive wind-wise starting Monday compared to today and tomorrow so hope the extended forecast proves accurate as I'm sure you'd like to see a few 100 plus nautical mile days under your belt or rather under Wild Eyes stern.

    Congratulations to Alessandro Di Benedetto who rounded Cape Horn yesterday.

  73. Hey Abby: I'm glad to hear your heading in the right direction, not very fast, but it feels good to be on the wright tack. When I had my 35 ft., BABA, the fastest I could go was about 8 to 10 at best, but a BABA is made for cruising and comfort. It had a 11.2 ft. beam with a full keel, and a barn door rudder. Not a fast boat but a very comfortable boat. Your boat is made for speed, and when you can't do the speed thing, it probably tick's you off. I'm an old fart, and not into speed like I used to be in my younger days. I really enjoyed sailing my 19 ft., prindle. It was a very fast boat.
    I always end with the comment, stay tied off, and the reason that I use that term is because I'm an old crane operator, and I worked with a lot of ironworkers, and when they would walk a beam, somebody would always say, stay tied off for saftey. An ironworker doesn't want to slip and fall off a building, and I wouldn't want you to slip and fall off your boat.!!!!!!!!! I could say, stay clipped off, but it's hard to teach an old dog new tricks. See ya............
    Woodrow Wilson from San Diego

  74. Abby, my family and I have been following your journey, just like we did Zac's when we heard about his. We really get excited when you put up another blog. You have been an inspiration to all of us. I am glad that you love to read and that you are starting your book. Writing a book is so very rewarding. When Zac returned home, I sent him a copy of the book I wrote and when you get back, I will send you a copy as well. It is a humorous look at growing up in the Midwest. As for the book you are currently reading, you couldn't have picked a better one. I coach a high school girls basketball team and during our season, I made my team read that book. I felt it really made a difference in some of the ladies lives and their thought processes. My family and I wish you well and our prayers are with you. Good Luck and God Bless! The Gepford's Butler, MO

  75. Hallo Abby Schönes Mutiges Mädchen
    hab Blumen auf der Webseite für Dich Dein
    Schönes Lächeln sagt mir Jetzt Afrika
    in Sicht.
    Wünsch Dir Schönes Wetter
    dass der ungemütliche Regen aufhöhrt
    und Sonne und viele 20 Knoten
    und eine Gute Heimfahrt.
    Grüße von Markus aus Germany

  76. Abby~ So sorry to hear about your Kindle breaking. I am happy to hear you brought along paper books as well though.
    Yes it is terribly frustrating when you are not going in the right direction...and I have only experienced that on land. I can only imagine the frustration riding upon the vast ocean. Glad you are going the right direction and know you are thought about often by those of us who are cheering you on and living vicariously through you.
    Stay strong and happy reading!!

  77. Hi Abyy, Mom Marianne and Sir Laurence,

    We keep praying as a family for Abby's safety and the completion of her dream to circumnavigate the world at such a young age.

    We are happy that the wind is now pushing "Wild Eyes" in the right direction.

    God keep blessing your struggle Abby!

  78. Hi Abby!

    Make sure to read Start Here by Alex and Brett Harris after you have finished Do Hard Things.

    BTW When will your brother's book be done?

  79. I was wondering if you were going to write a book. I think that's great, can't wait to read it and if there is a book tour I hope that you consider coming to massachusetts I'd love to get a book singed from you. I'll keep a eye out for you in about a year or so and bring your dad with you it would be nice to meet him too. While you sit their in the fog I'd just like to let you know that massachusetts is now going threw spring time where all trees and bushes are turning green and flowering, all the bugs are coming alive ,the birds singing the flowers everywhere. This Monday is marathon day April 19th 26.2 miles well be run by thousands and thousands of people. My family goes over to your mothers house and have a cook out ,celebrate birthdays and have annual family reunion . This isn't meant to bum you out,If you read it I hope you thing of greens,yellows and blue skies while sitting in the gray of the fog. As always I hope you get some descent winds and take care Bye

  80. Bonjour Abby & Wild Eyes,

    Lots of good suggestions to solve the Kindle problem! :-)
    In any case it is a good idea to try and sync its content with your PC.

    Take care, Be safe

  81. Captain it is very discouraging to see in the map how little progress we’ve had during the past few days. How do you feel about turning the engine on to make a little bit of headway.

  82. Abby contact Amazon about your kindle, they may be able to help, especially if you tell them what you are doing. Unless of course if you dropped it in water. They may be able to do a diagnostic via whisper. Good look..

  83. Hi Abby:

    There was a famous saying when the US was in it growth expanding west: "Go West Young Man, Go West". In your case since you are navigating around the world, we can make it: "Go East Young Lady, Go East".

    Now that you have light winds to get you moving again in the right direction, I know that pleases you as it does us watching your adventure. May the winds stiffen a little more so that you can make rapid progress.

    Hugs, seattlesid

  84. Abby, I don't know how you keep up with all these blog comments, but I hope you find encouragement and comfort knowing there are so many people interested, concerned, and following your progress. Stay strong, be safe, and enjoy your adventure!
    Craig K., Fair Oaks, CA

  85. Abby, you are teaching us lots of stuff....besides about sailing, we now know what a Kindle is thanx to you!!

    Here's hoping you get better winds before too long, and can put some miles behind you.

    ~Phill & Brian
    Vancouver, Canada

  86. Sorry to hear about your Kindle but perhaps that was destined so that you would have time open up for you to write your own book. I love your current choice of reading materials. Just think of the inspiration your story will be for others when it's published. You are on the minds, thoughts, and in the prayers of many as you continue on your voyage and I look forward to reading your book when it comes out. There are many stories you could tell and you are generous to offer us glimpses now. I look forward to having you share the reflective and intimate thoughts created in those times when all was quiet and you could just be still and listen to God.

  87. Abby, just found your blog and am amazed at such a young person taking on a challenge like you are. I will now follow your blog from now on. I can't wait till your book is publish. Has to be a best seller. May the angels above watch over you and the winds at your back. You are an inspiration to all of us. God Bless.

  88. not sure if you care but The ISS and the space shuttle is above you right about now. It is moving in like a NE direction

  89. I am the one that just told you about the iss passing over you. If you missed it you can go here and find out when it will be visible again.Don't worry this is a safe site....

  90. Let me know when your book is finished! I really want to read it.
    Email me at

  91. If you go to, you can download a kindle reader app for your computer for free, whether Mac or PC, then sync it with your kindle and pick up right where you left off with that book! (I was feeling your pain when my husband reminded me that this was available!) Good luck!!

  92. The name of your book is, of course, "Wild Eyes" and the book jacket designs itself (the eyes). You have the hard part done already. Who knows but that some guys will pick it up thinking that it is something other than what it is, really. :-P

    Now, just write. A good editor will "fix stuff" that needs fixing. Be sure to get a good lawyer and don't sign away the movie/TV rights.

  93. r ya doing.I have been following your journey since you started.very impressive to say the least.I just wanted to say it,s people like you that show the world.hey you can do it..with hard work,dedication...stay safe..catch a big fish..Brian,Cornwall,Ontario,Canada

  94. Hi Abby,
    It sounds like Benny's missing you. Hope it's smooth sailing and the wind's picked up and being kind. You're doing really well from what I can see (a landlubber). Looking forward to your next blog so stay safe.... Sunshine Coast, Qld. Aus.

  95. The Kittiwake KidsApril 17, 2010 at 8:10 PM

    Those of you in S. California check this out, Sunday April 18 at the LA convention center 10 AM - 5:30PM

  96. The Kittiwake KidsApril 17, 2010 at 8:12 PM

    Sorry, the link is

  97. Abby- a quick note- Project Gutenberg was mentioned before but without much explanation. 30,000 titles and you can download in .txt format, zipped. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland zips to 59K (yes, "K") in ascii text format. This can save you some serious bandwidth, and since it is a plain text file, no reader is needed. Gutenberg publishes titles that are out of US copyright, so the latest titles are not there, but some good reading is. Long ago, I used it on a Palm device to read while in flight.

    IT Director in Dallas, Texas

  98. Hi Abby,
    I am the 3am mom that sets her clock to check on you in the middle of the night. I am a retired airline pilot so my roots are in the sky instead of the sea but on some levels I feel like I can relate. I also have two teenage daughters ages 16 & 18 and my greatest wish for them is to follow their dreams and really live this life! Thank you for being such an inspiration.

  99. Wow! You truly are an amazing girl! I am 17 and I could never imagine taking on a journey like the one you have! I just started my own blog today and came across yours.. I have heard your story on the news and it is great to see how and what you are doing! Stay inspired and follow your dreams! You are definately going far, (around the world, of course, and in life!) :)

  100. Why not post your position using Latitude & Longitude? It is an ocean voyage. Lat/Long is the basis for ocean navigating. Sailors as well as non-sailors are interested in your journey. Educate the non sailors & inform the sailors. Don't speak down to your audience.

  101. Hi, Abby. Sorry to hear about your Kindle. Would you like someone to send you the text for the book that you were reading? If you Kindle 're-ignites' great, otherwise, maybe one of us can email your book. What do you think?

  102. Wow! The International Space Station and the Space Shuttle passed right over you tonight.

    It would be way past cool if the two of you could set up a link and talk. Any tech types out there willing to help do this?

    Just thinking that this might happen gives me the cold shivers in anticipation. Making history is more fun than reading history.

  103. Hi Abby I would like to thank James of Phoenix For informing me of the Kindle. Thankyou Cheers Shona xxx

  104. Jerry Crosby near Columbus, OhioApril 18, 2010 at 6:26 AM

    Sorry to hear about your Kendle bu all is not lost. Is there any possibility of troubeshooting that failure? I will make the assumption that you have headphones and maybe a mp3 player. I believe that you said that you had 3 laptops. I use a program named Winamp to listen to music and audio books. Many audio books are available on line for freeand are in the form of mp3 files. While many of mine would not be of interest to you, I do have the entire Harry Potter series. That would be in excess of 100 hours of audio book Would this be of interest to you?

  105. May God Bless You and Keep You and Make His Face Shine Over You and Grant You Peace...

  106. There are so many life lessons in your latest blog. Sometimes progressing towards a goal even moving ever so slightly towards the right way feels good. And yes you can tell when you're heading the wrong course something just doesn't feel right. I was recalling the early sailors who relied on the magnetic compass without knowledge of those nodal points and magnetic anomallys that throw the compass off. You and Jess have both had some difficult days in your passage.
    I keep you both in my prayers and on Sunday mornings pray over the water approximately where you are. We have a world map in the prayer room which is often prayed over for those missionaries we support in many countries..Keep safe and remember to eat well..Hopefully one of those books you brought with you is the Bible. I remember reading in 'Maiden Voyage' where Tania Aebi found great comfort in hers while sailing Varuna (all of 26 feet long)around the world at 18. She introduced me to that world you and Jess have joined. A pretty exclusive club..But never forget God has planned our lives and our days are known to him. Even these words that I write are part of that plan and He knew (while I didn't) that I would be moved to send you a message before leaving for Church this morning. And you too are there in His perfect will. Known and not forgotten. He holds us in the palms of his hands, protecting us and inspiring 16 year old girls to set sail. I wonder sometimes where it all fits in His grand plan..and you know its His Pleasure to create beings who enjoy cruising His oceans. Be Blessed and Safe..


    Gary And Jan

  107. The make Kindle for PC software, perhaps you can load on your laptop for your books?

  108. Zac spoke to the International Space Station when it was over him. Did he give you there no. so you could talk to them as well :-)

    It's just all quite bizarre. Saito's still on the same water on the same trip, Space Station now going over you as it did with Zac. Jessica on the water doing a circumnavigation coming to an end, Mike Perham was on the water doing a circumnavigation when Zac was still on the water. Bernardo also on the water doing a circumnavigation while you're out there, Natasza was also on the water doing one while Zac was out there.

    Just all bizarre. :-) Compresses the Earth and Space into a tiny busy neighbourhood.

    What is the meaning of that?

    A small picture of the big picture of the small picture? Or a big picture of the small picture of the big picture.


  109. Love to know what's wrong with the Kindle. We went so far as to get a water-proof pouch for it.

    I wonder if the thing needs to breath. If sealed up all the time in a water-proof pouch, did you let it out for some fresh air once in a while? If so, could condensation or moisture from the muggy cabin have got into it? Is there anywhere to dry it outside? Sometimes you can put electronics in a very lightly warm oven to dry them out when wet, but I don't think there is an oven onboard. I wonder if in any of the packages on board you have those little absorbent packet thingies, forget what they are called, usually come in boxes with electronics to absorb moisture. If you do throw one in the waterproof pouch to see if that does anything.

    How can the Kindle break, all you do is lightly press a button once in a while on it :-)

    I guess Amazon wasn't considering their delicate little electronic book to be used on ocean going circumnavigations. Maybe Panasonic can come out with an expedition ruggadized one for ocean and mountain usage. Though not sure if anyone climbing Everest reads a book. But definitely for sailing and beach use.

  110. Dear Abby,
    Sorry about the Kindle, but I´m more surprised that it even lasted for so long in the salty air.
    Downloading "Kindle for PC" would take close to 5 (five) hours on the Fleetbroadband/Sailor 250 - guess that is not an option - and wouldn´t help since you could synchronize with a "gonner" Kindle. Writing for your book however sounds like real fun - just always stop before your line of thought is finished - that way you will be able to pick up every time you start writing again. I think your book is going to be special and a fresh addition to all the other singlehander book I read since Sir Robert Knox-Johnston sailed out in ´68. - some of them mostly whining over how tough it was and going on about all the water they constantly had to pour out of their leaky vessels. What a refreshing experience it is to be able to follow and admire someone who sails out so well prepared mentally and equip-mentally as you. You are doing great.

  111. Hi Babsy,
    keep up them dodgers!
    Jony the Pony

  112. Should have taken one 300 page book in a foreign language with a dictionary of same. Be it French, Spanish, Italian etc. Maybe the Bible in Latin with a Latin dictionary. I suspect it would take forever to read like that :-)

    Worst case scenario if you run out of things to read, you can then start reading, all the labels in your clothes, the labels on the food packaging, all the instruction manuals, labels on the sails, write some notes on the cabin walls and ceiling, then read that etc. :-)

    You'll be fine.

    Check in the computer, pretty sure it has to be Windows. Comes pre-installed with some rinky dink games, chess, solaitare, battleship (maybe not such a good idea that one :-) ), some other games to while the time away.

  113. Has the fog lifted? Is the Radar going off.? Does "unassisted" include the guys on the container ship tossing oranges and cantelopes. :-)? Keep an eye out for the unseen giants.

    Last question? are you releasing a pdf or html version of your book.

    Patrick from rainy, cloudy, very windy Squamish.

  114. Hi Miss Abby!
    A poor weather, more rain than wind, and a broken kindle! It was not your lucky day. But it will change as the wind can change, all of a sudden. Maybe even your kindle will restart, or you will find that good book you were reading on the Net.
    By the way, I wonder if you shouldn't have waited for the iPads (coming soon) rather than sailing so early with only a kindle. Well, now you have to go on this way! I hope your iPod won't betray you (Steve Jobs? Some sponsoring for Abby?) and you will know how to hold on in this immobility.
    Fair winds, Miss, and you will soon surf again towards Africa. Be careful there, the traffic is quite heavy near the southern end of the continent...

  115. I guess today is Kindle Sunday :-)

    1. The majority of Kindle breaking is the screen freezing or bleeding. Hopefully this is the case so that you can dump the contents into the laptop because

    2. the files are nothing more than text files. Unless they are all encrypted (probably some of the main titles), you can open the files with either Microsoft Word or Notepad. Just right click on the file and select 'open with' and locate Word if you have it installed or Notepad or Wordpad (depending) which is always installed. Any other text editor you have installed.

    3. Emailing an attachment is not the best idea as it increases the original file size upto 40% through transfer encoding (base64). If anything to be downloaded do it directly yourself. Other files could be put up on your website for you to download yourself as well.

    If we know what the actual problem is I'm sure we can all collectively get it solved. :-)

  116. You seem to making better time than Jessica was. Is this due to the type of boat you selected??

  117. Skipper, just look at your voyage map and I am so glad to see that you are moving towards east for the last 2 days. Sail on, sail safe and dry.

    Old salty USN(Ret)

  118. Abby, you are amazing. I wish you the very, very best ... may Gaia be with you. I have followed you every day.

    Go girl!

  119. Dear Abby,

    Hi! Hope the weather's fine out there. I checked your position early today (it's 8 AM in the Philippines!) and my family is happy to note that "Wild Eyes" have moved to 2,660 miles SW of Cape Agulhas South Africa. Thanks to God Almighty for keeping you safe and alive!!!!!

    Keep sailing! You are a great inspiration!

    Jacky O

  120. 04-18-10 @ 20:22
    Hi Abby,
    Just thought I’d say hello and maybe agitate you a little bit…No???.. OK have it your way. Not much happening over here in WV, it’s really a lousy day, all dark and dreary and cold. NASCAR got rained out on Saturday and then again on Sunday, now I’m waiting for the rained out race from Saturday to show at 20:00. Since it’s in Texas it may get rained out as well.
    Oh, well, just found out, it did…..Does NASCAR interest you????
    Have you had any luck with the ‘kindle’ coming back to life?? I saw some of the suggestions and they sounded plausible. Sometimes the simplest of things can heal the beast…lol…
    Oh yeah, I just checked your “Where’s Abby” chart and now you’re cooking. That’s great, glad to see that you’re heading East and at a pretty good clip. Looks like you finally got your wind, I hope it stays with you now. P/W makes it look pretty good. Since you got all caught up on your work you can concentrate strictly on having lots of fun sailing. Can’t wait until your next blog, guess I’ll have to though…lol…Now I have to practice patience…OK. Keep up the good work and be cautious, how’s Mr. Doggie doing??
    May God hold you in the palm of His hand and may the Angels keep your sails full, and I, I will be praying for you.
    Your faithful friend, fan and follower.
    Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

  121. All the best Abbs - hoping for good winds in the direction you are going, good weather. Good luck with the book - I'll buy a copy, that's for sure.


  122. Hi Abs. I'm thinking of you.

  123. Hi Abby,

    You're looking great:)

    Looks like the wind is moving you right along. Must be such a good feeling.

    God speed as you make your way across the Atlantic.

    Clare, Spokane, Wash.

  124. Matt (Orlando, Florida)April 18, 2010 at 7:21 PM

    Are prayers are always with you Abby. Your doing great! Keep it up!! Your definitely an inspiration to us all. God Bless You on a safe journey home.

  125. Kindle sure missed a great opportunity didn't they? To have one of their products sail around the world with the youngest solo adventurer then to stop working half way through the trip... Not the best advertising. Ok so here's what you do, contact the Kindle people and swing a deal with them for the following; A new Bentley turbo car, a Burberry back pack full of $100.00 bills, unlimited access on the Kindle jet and lastly an American
    Express credit card without limits all billed to the fine folks at Kindle. In return you agree to tell a "small" white lie that the only electronic reader to own is the Kindle and how without your Kindle your trip would not have been possible (a little drama goes a long ways). I can see it now "Abby Sunderland Queen of the Kindle's".

  126. Hi, Abby. I'm glad to hear you're writing. Just write a little everyday. If you need something to read now that your Kindle's dead, you can read some free books online, and probably download them to your computer (they should be very small files).
    You can read classic books for free through Google Books:

    Project Gutenberg has a library of books in the public domain (lapsed copyright) that can be download for free. This is a link to "Sailing Alone Around the World" by Joshua Slocum (the first person to do a solo circumnavigation, you probably read it) on Project Gutenberg:

    If you like science fiction & fantasy, you might want to check out these free online magazines:


    Flash Fiction (for very short stories)

    Strange Horizons

    Beneath Ceaseless Skies

    Hope that helps. Fair winds.


  127. Is Abby Okay? No news since last Friday. A little concerned.....praying.

    Lisa from Mt. Juliet, TN

  128. Just found your blog today. Way to go on going after your dreams so boldly!

    Best of luck with your book, too. I'm a nonfiction author who writes about inspiring people, so your story is right up my alley.

  129. Abby, I think that what you're doing is amazing. I admire your heart and spirit. I am a 16 year old as well and I have to say I will never have the guts to do what you are doing. Have the best of luck on your trip and if you ever need someone to talk to (even though I am a stranger!) I will always be here - on land - to give any support you need. Even if it's boy talk :)

    Becca from MA

  130. You're working on a book? Can't wait to read it!

  131. WOW! What a story. I came upon the news on Google News and now I've got this blog favorited to my toolbar so I can keep up with the journey.

    What comes to mind when I hear that you want to write a book when you get home is that you ARE writing a book right now. This blog is so fun to read and I'm going to start from the beginning of the journey. Each day that you are out there is a story. Write it all down and then when you're done take all posts to your blog with the date, time, the weather, conditions of the sea too and then the post and with that you have your book. WHAT A GREAT READ!

    Keep it up. You have an adventurers spirit.

    And when you go non-stop next time contact us at so we can sponsor your trip.


    John Gotts
    Co-Founder & CEO

  132. See Laura Dekker's full comments about Abby and Jessica at
    (This of course is not a clean translation...but you get the gist!)
    "It is unfortunate that the media do it for pretend abby with it is stopped. Abby goes on with her world, though not non-stop. Now she does the same as me. I now greatly need to proceed to the record even to be get. For now abby a rival of me instead of that of jessica.

  133. I know its a little late for a comment, but I just started reading your blog yesterday. I'm SOO glad you're okay. God's been taking care of you :-)

    I just wanted to let you know that I read that book with my youth group this past year, and I loved it! You've been such an inspiration to me as a 16 year old girl myself. Thank you for chasing your dream and just going for it!

  134. Writing a book must be a blast. =)
    And you should've brought the Wheel of Time series. Extremely long 12 book series, but amazing and fantastic anyways.