Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Getting Wind

I've finally got some good wind. I'm close hauled with about 15kts out of the SE. I've had to go a little farther west then I would have liked but the wind should be shifting around soon, coming more from the east so I'll be able to head directly south. Its a bit bumpy out today. Wild Eyes is plowing along and doing great!

Its too hot to stay down below for too long, so I'm sitting up in the cockpit typing this, but every now and then a big wave crashes over the boat which is not making this very easy for me!

Yesterday I found that something bit the lure off the line I've had out. The more I thought about what it was that did it, the less I felt the need to jump in and go for a swim...

It's really very nice out today. If it was maybe 20 degrees cooler it would be just about perfect! But the cold is coming and in a few weeks I'll most likely be wishing I was back here in the heat!



  1. Nice post Abby. You are doing great out there. Keep it up and enjoy yourself!
    Dwight in N.C.

  2. Abby,

    Good for you that you finally got some wind. I am checking your blog every day with great interest. What a great adventure for you.

    Happy sailing.

  3. Wishing you fair winds and following seas.
    From an old sailor and your co-shellback.

  4. You are doing great and I don't think you really would have wanted to swim with whatever that was that bit the lure off and yes very soon now you'll be wanting warm waters.........You Go Girl, Lynn in Sonoma County, Calif.

  5. It is fun following your adventure. Let us know when you se the southern cross!

  6. Hi Abby,
    Thanks for sharing you awesome journey with us! As soon I see your postings, I call my wife and read them to her. Glad you decided NOT to go for a swim at that time - eeeek!!
    Keep it going!
    Keith and Kathy Wargo, Newark DE

  7. Abby,
    glad you are doing well. wish i was out there on the open seas. at least i can live it through your blogs. have fun

  8. Hey Captain Abbey, 90 hug are you dealing with insects as well? Sand

  9. Well Abby, I finally decided to breakdown and type in a bit or two....since I saw that you just posted this blog and no one has commented yet.....Your female intuition is kicking in at the right time....don't go looking for whatever it was that took your bait and line!!! Yikes! Stay in the boat! You are right, you do not need to know what it was...LOL! Glad to hear you are okay. So, what DID you do to commemorate your crossing of the Equator? Jump up and down and yell? Climb the mast like Jackie Faber or sit very quietly and just watch the horizon?..In any case, keep talking to our God and safe sailing....
    Betty E., Lomita, CA

  10. Abby, Thanks as always. enjoy all you updates!

  11. Sounds good Abby! Lotsa wind, moving right along, good 'n hot, what more is there..!? lol
    Good news tho, thanks for sharing. Enjoy.
    (btw, I'd say 'pass' on that swim thing)
    39°50’19”N, 86°9’20”W

  12. This is unbelievable.....go on..


    TO ALL SAILORS wherever ye may be: and to all sea serpents, crabs, mutineers, pirates of the southern seas, and all other derelicts of the southern oceans, Greetings:
    Know ye: On 19 February 2010 within the boundries of my Draconic Realm there appeared the sailing vessel WILD EYES.
    BE IT KNOWN: that said renowned vessel crossed the equator of this planet Earth into the southern oceans and all her Officers and Crew have been duly inspected and passed upon by my Venerable Body of Judges.
    IT IS THEREFORE, my privilege to proclaim, with all the authority of my sphere of Influence, that
    HAVING NOW BEEN FOUND WORTHY, she has been gathered into my fold and duly initiated into the
    Silent Occult Mysteries of the Southern Oceans
    AND BE IT FURTHER UNDERSTOOD: that she is now a member of my August Retinue and is therefore entitled to all Rights and Privileges accorded such personages.
    Disobey This Order Under Extreme Penalty Of My Royal Displeasure

    King Neptune

    Sailor Jack,
    US Coast Guard

  14. Bonjour Abby & Wild Eyes,

    All part of sailing and fishing wouldn't you say?

    Please, no swimming allowed until you are back home!

    Stay cool, be safe

  15. Hey Abby,
    My son ( 3yr old Connor) and I read your blog nearly everyday. I then point on the globe to show him where you are. Today he asked me to call you and tell you not to fall off the earth because your starting to go towards the bottom!!
    So dont fall off!!
    Kris and Connor Hamilton
    Killeen Texas

  16. Always look forward to your post. Kinda make us feel we are with you. Keep up the good work. You are doing great.
    Wishing you: Blus Skies and Wind in your Sails.

    Stay safe
    Bud & Charla

  17. Abby

    It's great to hear that you're getting wind. In a couple of weeks you'll have the westerlies and making up miles quick to correct your SSW adventure. Your only problem then will be the lack of this beautiful warmth that you're enjoying :) now.

    Yeah...I'd stay out of the water if I were you. It would be a great cool down, but watching Wild Eyes sail over the horizon without you would really ruin your day. What was in the water would probably be the least of your worries.

    Wishing you full sails and calm seas. God speed Abby. Stay Safe.


  18. Abby...How big was the lure that you were using to fish with? We check for your blog twice a day and enjoy following your adventure.I Like the pictures, but I don't think I could take the constant roll of the waves. You are incredible! We are cheering you on from Minnesota, U.S.A.

  19. Hii
    Really love reading your blog, sounds like you're doing really well out there! I only wish I had something as exciting to write about, so reading this lets me join in with your edventure just a tiny bit :)
    Enjoy yourself! x

  20. I agree, stay in your boat where it's cozy and safe. Winds are up and you're heading to the Cape. Go girl!

  21. How was your initiation from polliwog to shellback? I did mine in 1966! Go get em Abby. Old sailors are wishing you fair winds and following seas!

  22. Hi Abby
    Keep up the good work! I am enjoying your blogs everyday.
    Martin Slippery Rock, Pa

  23. The fickle wind and lure-eating leviathans are great illustrations for life!

    Abby is living lessons of life that we can all learn from.

    Keeping up the prayers.


  24. Hi Abby
    You're really covering a lot of miles
    Don't go swimming!
    Best wishes
    John N

  25. Abby-
    Going farther west seemed to work for you. We watch and look forward to your progress. You are one of the highlights of the day. Always know that you are not alone. Never alone. We are with you always in spirit and in thought. Listen always to your heart, and learn from this amazing experience you are having.

    We send you great energy and big love. And a wonderful Brazilian samba or bossa in spirit. Keep kicking along, you will be home in no time.


  26. Hello Captian Abby,

    I know its NOT a fishing expedition... but a nice steel leader on your line is probably a good idea.. LOL... Glad your getting WIND... Sheet In and let Wild Eyes get wild....

    May you have enough wind to not be tempted to go swimming anytime soon....

    Sail Safe... Post Often.. Have FUN..

    Richard Rumble
    Dana Point, CA

  27. Stage 1 - After toasting Abby’s equatorial passage - a half bottle of Single Malt Scotch (Dalwhinnie) was dropped into the Pacific at Marina Del Rey, CA. The bottle is now on its way to Abby on Wild Eyes for her half of the celebration. The world’s first Scotch Satellite Tracking System (SSTS) is attached to the bottle.

    Stage 2 - The bottle has drifted - as planned - into the path of the annual Gray Whale southern migration. This is the start of the Around the World Scotch Relay (AWSR). The lead mammal – a baleen whale named Maxi is scheduled to pick up the bottle this evening. Don’t worry -Maxi is a teetotaler.

    Stage 3 - The Scotch Satellite Tracking System (SSTS) shows that Maxi has indeed picked up the bottle of scotch and is heading south to Laguna Ojo de Liebre in Baja California (about 550 nm ) from Marina Del Rey, CA. Maxi is a bottom feeder but her pod does not stop too often during the migration. With the bottle stashed in her baleen - she has to be wary of boats filled with thirsty whale watchers !

    Stay Tuned.

    Abby - our thoughts and prayers are with you

  28. hey abby it has been a real pleasure to read your blogs and try to imagine what you are really experencing stay safe. i will keep you in my thoughts for a great ride enjoy. john schiffer bend oregon.

  29. follow your trip every day, it's amazing what you do...all the best
    from cold Germany

  30. Pete and Nancy in Keene NH.February 23, 2010 at 2:22 PM

    Good afternoon Abby,

    We have been following you trek since you left and wish you all the best. Along with your blog, we've been following Jess, Madia and Saito. Sounds like it's a bit crowded out there. As I allways tell Jessica, Stay safe and Clipped on and have a great time.

  31. Hi Abby,

    It's so nice to hear from you again. I really look forward to your updates when you have time.

    Glad you're moving right along.

    Have a great adventure and stay safe. You are in my prayers and remember always your dear guardian angel is right there with you to help and guide you.

    Clare from Spokane

  32. Way to go Abby...you've got some wind!!

    Keep up the great posts

  33. Abby, I know you have a pretty fast boat, maybe not as fast as an Open 60 buty could you give us a speed reading once in a while?

  34. A fresh fish would have been good but just maybe it's better not to have one. I had a simular experience in the Outer Banks on North Carolina. We were surf casting and I had a good strike, set the hook and started reeling. suddenly the line went slack and I reeled nothing but line. The steel leader had been bitten off. All I could say was " I'm sure glad I didn't catch it" Fair winds and good sailing and I hope you catch something reasonable. Grandpa Bob in Tucson

  35. I'm sure you're just kidding about jumping in for a swim:) Nothing sucks more than to watch your vehicle move on without you...

  36. Keep up the good work Abby. Be safe out there. Dave and Jeanette Estrada from Chino Hills :)

  37. Hi ABBY,
    Big greetings from the Czech Republic. Every day we are with you. I wish you calm seas and no storm. Equator has got behind. I hope you celebrate it :-)).
    Just so you fine. I wish you luck. Have a very nice. You salute Slávek

  38. Hi ABBY,wow your getting along so good.
    We are so proud of you abby.
    Keep up the good work.
    You know lil one as we watch all you youngsters sail my wife wants to sail now so i just bought a 32 foot Pearson.Hummm want to teach us how to sail.
    Well Abby keep up the good work,your doing great.
    We just looked at your map and wow arnt you scared little tiny boat and a whole lot of water.
    Your a big big big HERO lil girl.
    God Bless you and keep you and Wild Eyes safe.
    Your friends from North Carolina
    Robert,Ellen,Autumn and Alison
    One day soon we will sail to Calif keep an eye out lol

  39. Abby,
    Hello from Kodiak! We are all a bit jealous of your warm weather; we're turning green from so much rain this winter! We wish you safe passage to the Southern Ocean(2800+ miles; my students are still amazed at your journey.

    You're doing great; keep it up! Hannah

    Do you think a shark ate your lure? Jaiden

    It could have been a tuna. Adelheid

    I wish I was in the sun right now, all we have is rain! Alex

    Let's hope it was 'Bruce' and he thinks 'people are friends, not food!' Just keep sailing! Just keep sailing! Leah

    Have you seen any dolphins? Madison

    Did you bring anything to keep you company, like a teddy bear or beanie baby? Isabelle

    Keep your chin up!
    Peterson 5th grade
    Kodiak, AK

  40. Abby, we are glad to hear from you and really enjoyed this post. My 16 year old daughter Bridget is an incredible person that happen to fight Cystic Fibrosis. To be in the presence of two girls that battle, battle, battle is awe inspiring and it keeps me going.

    Be safe, clear skies ahead- Denver

  41. Hi Abby, it's better to have wind that none, isn't it? Even if you have to pay for it with a few waves and a few bumps... So it is good news!
    Betty E. is right, you didn't type a single word about your line crossing celebrations. I can't believe you did nothing? If it were the case, I am not sure Neptune would be pleased, nor that you could be called a shellback!
    So please, Miss Abby, don't be bashful and let us know!!!
    Smooth riding and carpe diem!

  42. Hi Abby. You did not tell us if there was any celebration when you cross the equator.

    Glad about your updates, i come here every day to follow you

    Fair winds... stay safe

  43. Another adventurous young lady. Today's teens are fab and that's a 79 y.o. writing. Keep safe! Have a peep at Jessica Watson's blog also. She's just about to round South Africa four months into her round world due back in Australia in two months. Great Kids!

  44. Hey Abby,

    Keep trolling that line. You will end up with something very cool to eat before long. Maybe a tuna....how cool would that be. Have fun.


  45. I feel scared for you when you say the waves crash over the boat once in a while. Please tell me you wear a life preserver and have a way to contact someone in an emergency if you should have an go over the side issue. You are so damn brave.

  46. Abby, Keep up the good work, I'm 60 years old and been sailing in Hawaii since I was 6 years old. My kids are like you, they sailed since they were a few weeks old. From one old salt to another "young" (and quite remarkable) salt take care and be safe.

  47. 02-23-10 @ 18:53
    Hi Abby,
    Well I’m glad to see that you finally found some wind, or the wind found you, but your together and that’s what counts. I checked the “Where’s Abby” chart and you’re doing pretty good for not having a whole lot of wind. At least you’re moving, not sitting dead in the water. You’ll make up that Westerly correction in no time at all. “Wild Eyes” Flies.
    It’s nice you can go into the cockpit to do your typing, but watch you don’t get the laptop wet. We wouldn’t be able to pester you for posts, pics or video’s. Then what would we do????? I’m just teasing you Abby, I know full well that you’re a very responsible person.
    Yeah, that was good thinking, it was definitely not the correct time to go for a swim, I had a good laugh at that one. You’re a funny girl. LOL
    Well you do sound pretty chipper, so you must be having a good time. Take good care of yourself and continue to have a good time in the sun while it lasts. You know what’s coming.
    May God hold you in the palm of His hand and may the Angels keep your sails full, and I, I will be praying for you.
    Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

  48. Hi Abby; Latest is wonderful news to see you are making more speed; you'll be flying way south before you know it. We're so happy for you.
    If you have a spare clear plastic bag w you htat would fit over the laptop, then the occasional wave won't get it wet. Just an idea.
    If you do swim, please stay tethered with a ladder to climb if the wind comes up.
    We're so proud of you. Go Abby Girl GO! love & hugs J & L

  49. I'm glad you are having such a wonderful time.

  50. Ah yes, Abby, sometimes it is a case of be careful of what we wish for, because we might get it! Especially true of wind and air temperature. But I see that you are aware of this. You will probably be quite cool in the coming weeks, so don't wish the heat away just yet.
    If you have kept up with Jessica[s blogs, you will have read that she was a tad cold in those southern latitudes, and it is only going to get colder, as you know, at this time of year. Let's hope that your diesel heater is a bit more reliable than Jessica's was, so you don't have to wear so many clothes you look like the Michelin Man. Or Woman!
    I'm sure we'll all be keeping our fingers crossed for the wind to back to the east a bit for you - or alternatively you could just change your mind and circumnavigate the other way perhaps! :-) Be a bit different!

    Wishing you all the wind you can manage!
    Best wishes

  51. 7 PM ET, Tue, Feb 23,'10, Waxhaw, NC

    Hi Abby, Great to see the wind in your sales. Hope you get the easterly winds you're looking for. Say, be careful about swimming in such warm waters. I served on a diesel sub in the early 60s, the USS Pomfret SS-391. On one of our Pacific crossings from the Philippines to San Diego, CA, we stopped halfway across to enjoy a BBQ, the Skipper arranged. The sea was like glass and warm. The Skipper posted a couple of men with M1 rifles to take care of any sharks that might come too near.

    Abby, I was thinking of that lure you said was missing when you pulled your line back in. Since you're alone out there, you don't have a spotter with a rifle to protect you. Some caution might be in order. :-)

    My wife and I are keeping you in our prayers. We've been watching the Winter Olympics and the awarding of metals for the winners. We know your return will be met with great enthusiasm, just like the down-hill racers. Keep up the good sailing.

    God be with you,
    Leon and for Sally

  52. Hi Abby,
    I think you are so brave!!!!!I really enjoy
    reading about your journey!!!!Stay safe and
    have fun!!!!!!

  53. You made a good decision to leave well enough alone regarding the lure thief! Me thinks it best to stay in WE, and to always stay clipped on!

    Abby, enjoy every moment of your amazing adventure. You get to live it; we get to live it through you thanks to technology. Many THX for letting us go along for the ride!

    Janell in Oklahoma, USA

  54. Just found your blog yesterday Abby and wish I had found it sooner. What a fascinating story and true adventure. I'm glad to be following you and the team on your journey.
    All the best. Take Care.

    Karl :)

  55. Abby, I have been following your voyage with great interest much as I have been following Jessica Watson's journey. You both are very remarkable persons and I salute you both.

    Good luck to you!

    Al T. Belton, TX.

  56. Abby, a wahoo (ono in Hawaii) probably bit off your lure. Their teeth are razor sharp and work like hi-speed scissors. Use a short wire leader tied to the lure to avoid this....good fishin' Tom

  57. Abby, first time to comment. Just a note to say.. Thank you for shareing your faith in a Mighty God.

    I will continue to follow your blog and pray for your safe return.


  58. I hope you replaced the lure and let the line back out... I want to hear you say you hooked a nice tuna or dorado.

  59. Go Abby Go,

    Grab that wind and go South. Go like the wind, free and easy. The Holy Spirit is in the wind and he is with you bringing you around his world safely. I wish you God Speed.

    Deacon Joe

  60. wishing you all the luck in the world you are such a brave and strong girl,praying for you every sail of the way,have fun and know we are all cheering you on go abby go....stay in the boat dont take a swim scary lo....god bless you and be safe..Layla from Las Vegas Nv....

  61. Abby,
    As a fisherman I am curious as to whether you were dragging the lure with a hand line or rod and reel? What kind of lure and did you have a wire leader? I am sure there are some nice meals to be caught. Keep up the great reports. Those of us following you find even the smallest details fascinating.

  62. Glad to hear your in good spirits and having fun. I wouldn't worry about what took your bait, it could be something small. I'm from Michigan, so we have 30 degrees and snow, maybe I can send some your way and you send some heat this way :) Didn't hear anything about how you celebrated crossing the equator, did you dump a bucket of water over your head? I read that Jessica did because she said that's tradition. I hope you did also. Have a safe trip and I'm keeping an eye on your progress. Both you and Jessica are mature, motivated and secure young ladies :)

    - DK

  63. Abby, Following your trip daily. Please dont jump in the water. Too many things can happen beyond your control. Suppose the boat gets away from you. Be safe. Never let down your guard.

  64. Best of luck I bet Zak wishes he was with you :)
    RLS Topanga Ca.


  66. Abby
    Glad to hear you were wise enough to refrain from going for a swim.
    It is good news you have winds that are heading you towards the Horn
    Good luck
    Evie from Bendigo

  67. Hi Abby:
    Thanks for the update
    Glad you got some wind in your sails. You are right cooler winds and weather Is coming.
    Good grief !!!!!!!!!!! Don’t you dare go swimming out there .I was only 40
    Miles off shore, caught a fish but only got half of it to the boat, the half I got
    Weighed almost 20 pounds…. If you need to take a bath, get a bar of soap and Wait for one of the wave’s to cap over the boat. We don’t want a peg leg Captain,,, makes me cringe thinking about that one. Any way looks like you
    are making good head way considering the wind’s you have.
    You’re the best and keep catching those dreams.

  68. Nosey me... maybe? But as a parent who's done some sleepless night(s)duty... What is Mom Marianne and Dad Laurence telling you "must do"? Is brother Zac doing his favorite one liners aimed at you? We think of all of you folks & often.
    ken, PeeWee & Nellie

  69. Hey Captain Abbey, Girls just want to have fun--true-when another body is at one's forearm. I like seeing your arms. If you need to feel the moment ok but please tie yourself to the boat with rope and do not go far perhaps a quick dip in and out ok. Better still get a bucket out and pour over your head or just soak your feet. On a hot day one can feel like your being pampered are in a high priced salon. lol Sail Successfully ..Sand

  70. Absolutely stunned by the number of people here who have never heard of a marvelous product called string. It is pretty amazing stuff. You can tie one end of it around your waist and the other end to the boat. Then you can go for refreshing dip. Of course if you do not want to actually let go of the boat (my choice) there is another invention called a swim ladder that allows you to get into the water without leaving the boat (I would use that string as well). And then there is my mate "Nibbles". You don't have to worry about him, there is far more fodder to be had off all the sandy beaches of the world unless they hear about your missing lure and we have a mass panic.

    Abby, they didn't want you to go sailing by yourself, now they want to wrap you up in cotton wool.

    Nuff said huh?

  71. Good Evening Captain Abby,

    Regards swimming...remember...NO LIFEGUARDS ON DUTY.

    I am glad to see you are moving along nicely some 350 nm south of the equator. Keep it up.

    Is it time to put on the foot-long lure with wire line? he he

    Stay safe....enjoy the moment.
    Bay of Quinte, Lake Ontario, Canada

    PS Best wishes to Marianne and Laurence and family.

  72. Your doing great Abby. Your just about to cross Natasza Caban's path from September 10, 2009.

  73. Hi Abby,
    Thanks for the post today. Talk about making memories... jumping in and possibly finding out what bit off your bait is not one I'd care to make! Stay safe!
    Capt'n Mudgie

  74. I just sort of happened across your blog and am absolutely fascinated. It's so easy to get so caught up in my small little world here in Spring Lake MI... Reading your blog and watching some clips of you has reminded me once more how much bigger the world is than all of this and how many opportunities are out there if you pray and seek direction. Thank you :) - Ally "http://drenchednwords.blogspot.com/"

  75. Thanks Abby
    Enjoy yourself
    Richard (QLD) Aus

  76. I wouldnt reccomend going for a swim no matter how hot it gets. Good luck with the wind continueing in your favor.

  77. Enjoying reading your adventures on here, Go Abby, GO! Seen any whales?

  78. I just drove from Florida back home to St. Louis with my inlaws. As we were driving and they going on and on and on I thought about you out there all alone and became very jealous of you! :) Just kidding - don't go swimming and stay safe!!!!! God Bless You!

    Ron - Fenton, MO

  79. Hi Abby,
    Abby, first time to comment. Just a note to say.. Thank you for sharing your faith in a Mighty God. Been following your updates on a daily basis. Can't wait to read your experiences as you go around the Horn. Hope all goes well. Wishing you fair winds and following seas.
    From an old sailor.
    Take care
    Blue Knight / 36' Catalina
    Ventura, CA

  80. Hi Abby,

    Go west young lady and you will receive a reward,King neptune said, you did, and now you are enloying a few good puffs <3 <3.

    I know it is hot where you are at present but don't let that dampen your humour, let us know when you have a party, or cry in frustration, as Richie Paris say's let us know.

    Keep smiling
    Brian Riley
    Hervey Bay, Queensland. Australia.

  81. wow! abby, i can't even imagine siling with 4 persons, and u r sailing alone!
    keep it up ! my good wishes to you; all your dreams must come true........

  82. Hi Abby, I was so glad to read your blog, stay safe and know that my prayer and thoughts are with you. Gail from Ventura

  83. 02-24-10 @ 06:38
    Hi Abby,
    How are you doing today, well that's good, keep your chin up things will change pretty soon. Enjoy the calm while you have it and 'try' to be patient, I know that's a lot to ask for right now but things happen for a reason. Your swing to the West looked like a pretty smooth move, that's where some wind is, but not what you're looking for. You don't want the 'bumpy' stuff, you want the "Rock n' Roll" stuff. Yeah....
    My regards to your wonderful parents and how is your Mom doing, will you be home for the "Blessed Event"???
    Won't you tell us the names of your crew members????
    Take good care of yourself, “Wild Eyes” and the crew.
    May God hold you in the palm of His hand and may the Angels keep your sails full, and I, I will be praying for you.
    Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

  84. @ Papaw said... "Off hand I can’t think of anyone as young as you that is sailing his or her own boat alone"

    I guess JESSICA WATSON does not count because she is so much older?

  85. Gidday Abby,

    You are making good headway considering the number of people who are on board with you all of the way.

    We enjoy your blogs and to see your progress.........keep them coming!

    Stay safe!

    Dave and Una .....Brisbane...Australia

  86. Abby, Proud of what your doing, your site is first thing I check when I turn computer on in morning. After I shovel latest snow. Keep your lines tight and enjoy the ride!

  87. Hi Abby,
    we love reading your blogs
    When are your web guys going to update the map?
    I am starting to get lost, is it day 17 or 18?
    Maybe they number 1-14 an then start the numbers again at 1

    Jen & Bill

  88. hello Abby, I have been following your adventure with great interest since discovering your story while surfing the Internet. Here I am in state of Indiana, USA and know nothing about sailing but have bookmarked your blog and check it every day.
    It is incredible and amazing to me what you are doing...I can't believe it but it's true!
    When you go to sleep how do you avoid not running into another ship out there, like a cruise ship or big tanker? Wild Eyes is so small so wondering if your boat would show up on radar and they would not see you. I know it is a dumb question as the ocean is so big but curious anyway since so many ships at sea now days.
    Stay focused and be safe Abby. May whales, dolphins and birds keep you company on your journey

  89. Hi Captain Abby, Keep up the good work! You'll be zeroing in on the
    cape in no time. Be Safe! Be Happy! Godspeed!

  90. You go girl! Thanks for taking us along with you. I hope it continues to be an amazing trip. God's speed.


  91. Eyyy Babsy,
    keep up them dodgers if you get my drift,
    Jony the Pony

  92. Hi Abby,
    Thank you for the update. You sound great.

    One of the bloggers this morning mentioned the Southern Cross which immediately reminded me of the Crosby, Stills and Nash song Southern Cross,one of my favorites. In the song they leave a nosiy bar in Avalon (Catalina Island as you know and close to MDR)and headed south on a downhill run; they turned to starboard to Papeete, you of course will be making a turn to the port. My point, in the song they sing, "when you see the southern cross for the first time you will understand why you came this way". Please let us all know your thoughts when you see the southern cross for the first time.

    @Sailor Jack, that was great!
    @Mariner Walt, I can't wait for the next stage!
    @the children in Kodiak..I love to read your blogs! God Bless you guys!

    God Bless you Abby and keep you safe.

  93. Okay, Abby....please remember that the idea is to catch the fist, not to be caught by the fish....
    Happy sailing!

    Melanie in Torrance

  94. I love and adore you for your courage. Having the audacity to fulfill such an adventure on your own should give you such pride. I have a 7 month old daughter; I hope she’ll have the self-confidence one day that you show. Good luck, I’ll be thinking about you everyday. Look forward to reading your blog. Be safe.

  95. abby,


  96. Anonymous 5:56am: You ask about ship avoidance. Wild Eyes has what's called a Marine AIS (automatic information system) which uses VHF radio frequencies to transmit GPS signals from other vessels to Abby's nav station display. It sounds an alarm if a ship gets too close. This info comes from my own research as I personally don't venture into the ocean beyond waist deep since watching Steven Spielberg's classic. Sorry Abby, I wasn't trying to bring that up. Just stay in the boat girl!

    @Jony the Pony: Abby might get your drift about "keep up them dodgers", but I'm still wondering. Of course I don't expect an answer as I'm sure you're enjoying it being mystic. The only 2 dodgers I'm aware of are the baseball team and the covering over Abby's cockpit, but my guess is it's a phrase about the LA dodgers. Right? Anybody out there know?

    Had to look up "close hauled" and see it means sails and boom pulled in tight. Your boat can really bend over (don't know the term, i.e. mast angled towards the water) compared with any pics I've noticed of Jessica's boat. Does an Open 40 angle more when close hauled compared with the S&S 34? Does anyone know?

  97. Wow, I love being able to sit in my cubical at work in Saint Louis and then in an instant be circling the world with your posts. Your story is so inspiring and it makes my gypsy soul yearn for such an adventure. I might not be able to travel the world right now, but at least I can experience it through your eyes in the comfort of my office chair. Sending prayers of safety your way, keep going lady and bravo!

  98. @ Bob in Seattle: Jony can speak for herself (himself?) of course, but as I recall that comment first appeared in days before Abby left MDR when I noticed that her boat originally had no dodger. Having spent a few cold hours on watch at Zero Dark Thirty, I mentioned that it might be a good idea. Grant spoke up as well, and we had a bit of an exchange about the idea....sailors do like to BS ya know. I think Jony was (is) just goofing on the topic but (at least for me) I read the comment as Jony cruising by the blog and in that small phrase saying, " Hey Abby! Hi, hope you're doing well. I was with you before you left on the trip, I'm hoping you are doing well, staying dry and I'll drop by tomorrow to check in."

    re: points of sail and heel. Her close hauled course lets her sail as close to the direction that wind is coming from as the boat can accomplish. Its also referred to as "pointing"...as in "how high can that boat point?"

    The angle of heel (boat leaning over) is a combo of a bunch of factors (1) amount of force on the sails (which is a factor of wind speed, sail area, mast height, sail trim, etc)(2) counter acting weight of the boat below the rig (weight of materials in the boat construction, weight of the keel and weight and position of the stuff inside the boat)

    Jesse's boat is, over all, "heavier", has a shorter rig (doesn't stick the mast as high in the air) whereas Abby's boat is lighter on her feet, keel weight is in a bulb attached to a fin below the boat. Here are some rough specs: Abby's boat displaces 7407 lbs - Jesses' 9195-9500 lbs. Abby's boat has 2094 lb of ballast - Jesse's has 5462 lbs (if it is a stock boat).

    In general, the idea is to keep the boat "on her feet" as much as possible when sailing close hauled (that's why you see those folks sitting on the rail on racing boats getting hosed from the spray- they are trying to add their weight to the opposite side of the boat's heel)

    Abby's boat actually uses water to help ballast the boat. Its an oxymoron for old sailors who believe (like I do) that sea water is supposed to stay OUTSIDE the boat - she can pump water INTO the boat and side to side- in special tanks built into the sides of the boat, to help counteract heel.

    Hope that helps

    Steve in California

  99. Hi Abby,

    Have you seen any sharks and how is the fishing going?

    Brian from Virginia.

  100. Eyyy Babsy,
    great boat you have!
    Just hope that the keel weight in the bulb attached to the fin below the boat is not going to break off. I believe that has happened in the past and the sailor ended up sailing upside down...
    @bob and steve: I love you guys :o))) if you get my drift!
    So... hope Babsy is doing allright with her life-forms and stuff.
    I guess she is leaving them dollydrums behind her. I am waiting for her first Alberto picture!
    keep up them dodgers!
    Jony the Pony

  101. For certain..enjoy the heat!! Great to hear you're making good progress and sailing smooth..

    (Thanks 'Steve in California' for the descriptive differences between Jessicas boat and Abbeys..I was under the impression she had little or no keel..more shallow draft..but your explanation regarding the ballasting tanks..is most likely what I missed...)
    I've been following Jessie since before she left..Sydney..and Abbey from the moment I heard about her..on Jessicas site..So

    Thanks for keeping us up to date Abby and for allowing us to 'hitch on for the ride'...

    Praying for your safe passage...

    Gary & Jan

  102. Hi Capt. Abby,

    I really enjoy so much tracking Wild Eyes and reading your blog. It looks like Pitcairns Islands will be on your west down south in a week or two. Soon enough will have some winds...
    Keep goinggggg!

    Janet Acosta-Hobschaidt

  103. Hello Abby, We are hoping for some cooler sailing for you and Wild Eyes. Glad you are making good progress and moving along! Also awaiting the dolphins accompaniment with you on your journey. Grandmom Patricia and granddaughter, Courtney, 13.

  104. So Abby when you are pointing into the wind, do you always transfer water in the ballast compartments?

    @Steve: JTP sent me a private email and said she/he and Abby go way way back and are both die-hard LA Dodger fans, so that answers the question. LOL! You are probably right but there's only one dodger and she can't keep it up anymore than it's already up because it's solid rather than canvas. Oh well, on slow news days the trivial is fun to discuss.

    Thanks for the info, have a clearer picture now of Abby sailing away into the sunset with Spielberg's pet trailing behind. oops!

  105. "It's really very nice out today. If it was maybe 20 degrees cooler it would be just about perfect! But the cold is coming and in a few weeks I'll most likely be wishing I was back here in the heat!"

    I can relate. In S. California, you seem to only notice the extremely hot and extremely cold days.

  106. gommie- over the hill in VenturaFebruary 24, 2010 at 6:40 PM

    Good to hear from you Abby- all in all it sounds like a very pleasant day-Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy!

    One ♥

  107. Our dear Abby,
    We are 70 & 75 and following your journey makes us feel young and adventurous (as we once were). Thank you for sharing this with the world. You are adding so much to the lives of so many. We pray for you every night and look at your blog first thing every day.

    Pam & Hank, Augusta, GA

  108. Abby, you're on track for going around East-West, why not just keep going towards New Zealand and maybe all your weather windows will be perfect?!

  109. Happy sailing. Amazing how many people are following your journey! You will have a story to tell for the rest of your life. Go Abby!

  110. We are thrilled to hear that you are doing well, and our prayers for continued days of joyful sailing are being answered. Lots of positive thoughts coming your way. Stay centered, and always be prepared for the unexpected. Treat yourself well. As physical therapists, we are thinking of how your muscles need some stretching at times, due to the tight spaces you are in...so stretch away to avoid soreness. Hope you cool off soon!
    Kelly and Dave in Santa Clarita

  111. Keep up the good work.... and keep the posts regular. Through your postings, you are taking us along too. Keep on keepin' on...

  112. Hi Babsy,
    keep up them dodgers!
    Jony the Pony

    PS: this was my last post on this blog. I loved your comments but there is someone out there abusing my name.
    I never sent private mail to anybody.
    Steve had it right. I was goofing on the dodger discussion on Jessica's blog. And generally, just drifting along and giving a thumbs up for our circumnavigating ladies. Anyways... that's it. Wish you all the best and Babsy a succesfull circumnavigation.

  113. Abby,
    My inspiration ususally comes from poetry and music, but lately you are my inspiration. Maybe I can inspire you with some lyrics today ...
    "As I make my way through this world, it's for none but me to say what direction I should turn in now. For I am the Captain of this ship..." --Dave Matthews Band
    Go get 'em Abby!

  114. We are all wishing you the best and thanks for all the updates. We check on your blog everyday and we keep praying for you. We are all very proud of you.

  115. Learn how to deal with the loneliness. Nobody was more alone than Charles Lindbergh in his flight over the Atlantic in 1927. I know that it was only 33 hours for him but he was totally off the planet for the entire time. His autobiography is titled "We", for Lindbergh and his plane, and that reminds me of you and Wild Eyes. It is a good read and maybe someone can download it to you.

  116. Hi Abby,
    Great to see you're getting some decent pressure finally.

    @Jony the Pony, I know you mean well but that comment about the keel bulb is a tad snobby to an Aussie like meself. Aussie boats go fast and they fix problems and make 'em better than ever.
    Hoo Roo ☺☺☺

  117. Bonjour Abby & Wild Eyes,

    Latest article on you and solo sailors:


    Take care, be safe

  118. Keep it up!

    And on a side note, I really hope you brought a book called Life of Pi with you. Your journey reminds me of Pi's journey.

  119. Hi Abby... how close to Easter Island will you passing? Looks like it's right in your path once you start heading east!

    Thanks for sharing your voyage with the world!

  120. This is Mr. Farver's 5th grade class from Gallup, New Mexico. We are following you and your journey.
    Daniel "Hi"
    Josh "I'm a big fan!"
    Brett "Good luck, I hope y"ou make it around!"
    Karli "Hi! Good luck! Wish you luck!"
    Brianna "You are awesome!"
    Kim "I LOVE your shoes!"
    Juanita "I really like your boat!"
    Henry "Hello!"
    Tana "Good luck! Have you gone swimming yet?"
    Alexandra "I hope you have a safe journey!"
    Jessica "Why did you decide to go around the world?"

  121. @Michael(75) ... It was either you or RichieParis asking about Abby's names for her crew.

    The answer is on the video at the bottom of the page:


    I checked and see this video has also been posted on Abby's main page so maybe this is redundant news for you. The yacht pals article is still an interesting read.

  122. "Getting wind" - sorry, after the best part of a bottle of wine, I can't help but chuckle at that :)
    Loving the progress, and wishing you fair winds and a kind sea!

    DD (UK)

  123. 02-25-10 @ 16:54
    Hi Abby,
    Just dropped in to say hello and it looks like you're scooting right along. I hope everything is going well and you're not having any problems. If you haven't run out of chocolate yet then I would assume that 'all's well'.
    The weather still doesn't look like anything worth bragging about, I'm sure you would like a little more wind for a little more fun....lol...
    Back to the old adage "Be careful what you wish for, you might get it".
    Well Abby, I just found out who your little friend is but I don’t know if it’s Charlie the Chicken or Charlie Tuna.

    @ Bob from Seattle: Thanks for the update, No, not redundant, I’ve been bugging Abby for a name, now I have to find out ‘what’ it is. She’s so secretive. LOL… I agree that the yachtPals.com is good reading, I have to get back into that. Thanks again.

    Abby you take good care of yourself and “Charlie” and enjoy the weather while you have it. The wind will pick up for you and you’ll be sailing to your hearts content.
    Looking forward (hard) to your next post.
    May God hold you in the palm of His hand and may the Angels keep your sails full, and I, I will be praying for you.
    Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

  124. WOW Abby in 2 days you've made 400 miles,its nice to be getting out of the doldrums and yet you are going to get cold soon enough enjoy the warm climes whilest you have them....Lynn 38.45N/122.66W

  125. I'm a deejay in the northwest and I am following your adventure with my radio show! How exciting! Not to mention scary when I think what my daughter might consider doing at 16! Be safe and keep my listeners and I posted.

  126. This Shellback wishes you all the best.

  127. That a girl,
    Captain A.G. (Abby-Girl)or(Abi-Gail)
    ticking off about 200 miles a day
    "YaHOOOOO"(excellent)...now we're sailing,
    you and 'Wild Eyes' are settling in.
    great that you share about the heat,
    sometimes altering sleep patterns, more naps during the day and more awake at night...
    especially with a full moon in a day or so...might help some,
    in a short time you'll be far enough south... and you'll have adapted more, drink plenty of water so you're not dehydrated... and exercise n stretch... how's the food menu coming along?
    M n A... Vicksburg,Mississippi

  128. This Ozarks farm chick just wanted to pop over and give ya'll a big old CONGRATULATIONS on Blog of Note. Woohoo!

    God bless ya'll from the hills and hollers of the Missouri Ponderosa!

  129. Abby,

    Good for you for dragging a line while you’re sailing even if you did lose your lure. When I owned a commercial salmon troller, occasionally I would literally have a brief tug-of-war with a shark over a salmon. You know who always won. I’m sure that he would prefer the salmon over my leg, but like you, I wasn’t about to go in the water to discuss it with him.

    I agree with Hezakiah299, don’t drown your computer while you have it in the cockpit. I imagine you have a backup, but I don’t know what we would do without your updates. Have fun, Abby and always be safe.

    From Seattle, WA, USA

  130. krasny pozdrav z Cech Republic Ti zasila Adam.

  131. Hi Abby, I was checking to see if you wrote a new blog. You must be really busy, I hope you are getting plenty of sleep. You stay strong, my prayers are with you. Gail/Ventura

  132. Bob from Seattle,
    curious as to your response about Jony The Pony stating she never sent you an email. Serious cred problem. If I was a Sunderland I would not allow you to comment on this page again until you clear up your story.
    Go Abby! How about some pics with all that fancy equipment?

  133. Hi Captain Sunderland; Just checking in to let you know that I'm still with you. Just make sure you hang a hard left (that's port to you sailors)when you reach Drake Passage. How's the fishing?

  134. Oh, dear one. I just hope your crew have your back about now. I was watching the News and see the big Earthquake in Chile. I am praying for your dear saftey. Now is the time for the Angels above to keep their eye on you, huh?
    But aside of that, you're moving along so nicely now. Stay safe and your fans are wanting patiently for the next blog.
    Dee T. Santa Clarita, Ca

  135. Abby; It's 4:30 in the morning here in san diego,sat'feb. 27, and I just heard that there was a 8.8 earthquake in chili about an hour ago. The news is talking about very large waves coming your way. I've talked to CNN in Atlanta, Ga. and they said they would talk about it. Abby, I've done everything I can do to contact you, but I only have my computer and phone. All I can say at this early hour is, head straight into the WAVE, and batton down evreything. And as I always say in my comments is please tie yourself off, and belt yourself in if possible. I cheak your progress everyday, and it looks like your boat is in the line of danger. Abby; be carefull,and be ready!!!!!!!!
    You,ll probably get this too late, I tried to contact everyone I knew, but it's 4:30 in the morning and I just don't know who else to contact. Abby; good luck, and be carefull
    Woodrow Wilson from San Diego, Ca

  136. Abby, have you seen any of the Tsunami caused by the earthquake in Chile? We hope it is not a problem for you. Good sailing.

    Landlocked in Michigan, Doris and Don

  137. Please let us know you are ok after the earthquake in Chille. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Stay safe.