Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Note From Cabo Team Abby

After Abby having a great shakedown cruise to Cabo, here is what we accomplished over the last 3 days with much help from Jeff, Pilot Bill, Myself, Abby's father Laurence, Cabo Captain Chris, many cabo locals, and Abby herself. A special thanks to Enrique, Norma, and especially Augusto of IGY Marina Cabo San Lucas for a warm welcome in which they went out of their way to make our stay short and sweet.

Repaired faulty plug for wind instruments at top of mast
Installed loud radar alarm to warn Abby when ships or boats are close
Repaired Faulty GPS antenna cable on AIS system to warn other ships or boats of her position, speed, and course
Interfaced AIS watchmate to AIS transponder so power could be conserved by not running raymarine chart plotter to see AIS traffic
Installed loud AIS alarm to warn Abby of close AIS traffic,
Relocated one autopilot fluid reservoir
Repaired ballast water plumbing leak in cabin
Adjusted shaft log
Reworked some alternator brackets
Derated one of the high output alternators to reduce belt wear
Installed two additional battery boxes and batteries (she now has 885 AH of battery storage) Loaded an additional 70 gal of diesel fuel for a total of 130 gal to use for engine charging and diesel heat
and several other things I can not remember now since 4 of us each spent over 50 hours working on Wild Eyes over the past 3 days.

It is now all in Abby and Wild Eyes' hands. Abby will now depart Saturday morning and I am looking forward to seeing her in her next port of call, Cabo, after sailing the worlds' oceans.

Good Luck Abby,

Scott Team Abby


  1. Dear Abby,

    With all the repair and other things your team has worked hard on I wish you all the best of luck when you now will do a restart. Sail on safe and be prepared for the seas.

    Best regards,
    Ingrid, Tyreso, Sweden

  2. God Bless you! You will be in my prayers, I am looking forward to following your journey. Sincerly, Jackie
    Redlands, Ca

  3. Best wishes on a sucessful voyage. Abby!

    Richard W

  4. awesome, i am following closely and praying for you Abby!

  5. Excellent! We all know you are going to complete the rest of this trip safely. Thanks for keeping us up to date with your blog.

  6. Would that be next Saturday the 13th then? Best of luck on your journey!!

  7. Our prayers go with you, Abby!

    Fair winds and following seas and long may your big jib draw!


  8. Well done on all your hard work Team Abby, its great these issues have now been sorted ;)
    Also thanks for uploading the latest pics, its awesome being able to view the picture logs of events.
    Abby, I wish you well on your trip, may your sails always have good wind! We the team at RebelNet-NZ will be watching and praying for you throughout your travels.
    God Speed and Good Luck
    Scott M
    Dunedin, NZ

  9. Enjoying reading your blog like so many others! Thank you for letting us have this experience with you! Jeanne GA, USA



  11. Hard work pays off. There are those who say that prayer didn't help, only hard work and skill. You and G-d know that He is the source of your skill, and it's up to you to hone those skills and be used by Him. He is the source, you are the tool, now go out and be used to glorify the L-RD.

    Serious stuff aside now, do your fans have a name yet? With your brother, the rhyming name was fairly obvious and natural, but the first thing that rhymes with Abby is "grabbers" and that's just wrong. Maybe Wild Watchers?

    Still praying Numbers 6:24-26
    Mouse in Whittier

    Buy "Death and Coffee" here!

  12. Awesome! You'all are just awesome. I've been following Abby and am thrilled to see her on her way again so soon.
    I wish her god speed, fail winds and following seas...


    Indianapolis, IN
    39*50'19"N, 86*9'20"W

  13. Wishing you fair winds and smooth seas!

    CDR USN (ret)

  14. Hi Abby Good Luck aus Germany

  15. Wow! That is a remarkable list. What amazing teamwork. Congratulations to every member of the Team.

    Godspeed Abby!

    Amy O.

  16. Be safe Abby and enjoy the trip you have been dreaming of completing for so long.

    Fair winds,
    Fran C

  17. Oh, so cool! Good luck, Abby! I can't wait to hear of your adventures.

  18. Excellent Work Team Abby! Hi Captain Abby, Please have a safe trip. I'll be following your
    journey. Be Safe! Be happy! Godspeed!

  19. Bonjour Abby & Wild Eyes,


    Be cool, stay safe.

  20. Good Luck to you !

    I am looking forward to following your journey.


  21. Gabby I have been following you from marina Del Rey.You are one brave girl.May the good lord be with you and watch over you.Have faith in god and you will make it.I will be tracking you through out your trip.
    Bon Voyage!
    San Pedro,Ca.
    Libby Di Bernardo

  22. Keep looking ahead,sail into each sunrise with new wonder. Sailors following your path will envy your every new day on the oceans of the globe, wishing they were there. It takes special people to create and follow their dreams,you are one of those people. Many of your peers will learn from your experience and be inspired!

    "fair winds and following seas"
    Bob Russell

  23. Abby:

    I am in Cabo, and have a large following for my powerboat blog ( - nearly 10,000 boaters. Can I interview you for the blog sometime in the next few days? Email me at: ken at

    -Ken W

  24. Hi Abby,

    Best Wishes! Hope you will encounter fine weather, good winds and a safe journey. Keep sailing and look forward to your next posting in your blog.

    God Bless.

  25. Thanks for the update.

    That is some list of repairs.

    Thanks to Abby's team and all that help.

    All the Best!!!

  26. Really like the sound of all those modifications.

    I think Raymarine is a mistake!

    You would have been better off with Furuno!

    Anyway... here we go again... not sure which Saturday you are talking about... today or a week from now?

    Have fun out there!

  27. I whish you the best but I am concerned by the length of the list of repairs after only a few days at sea. It also seems that the power budget problem had only be marginally addressed. Bigger batteries do not help if what you draw is higher than what you are putting in.

    Fair winds,

  28. May the wind find you and Wild Eyes keep you safe.

    All the best!

  29. In view of the massive repairs, I'd sail around off Cabo for about a week to check things out,

  30. Checking the GRIB file for your area, you will have fair winds for your departure this morning.

    Hoping that your charging and electrical energy management issues are behind you.

    Best wishes,

    Don Stubbs
    Summerfield, NC, USA

  31. Thanks Scott for the detailed list of repairs. Gees, 2 alternators and a reworked bracket. I was wondering why both Abby and Jessica were tightening belts so soon into their voyage when I haven't tightened my car's belt since I bought it. Sailing yachts must differ so much and have different requirements that there is always custom fitting and therefore the need to tweak. Hope you are a good tweaker Abby girl. 885 amp hours of battery storage, now I have something to research. Thanks.

    Best of luck Abby, got extra pens? How about some colored pens in case you get bored and feel like doing some art work on your cabin's interior? Decoration might be better for the mind than stark walls.

    The three great mysteries: Air to a bird, water to a fish, mankind to himself......Hindu proverb.
    Abby, you're going to have a lot of time to get to know yourself. Enjoy!

  32. Team Abby,
    Thanks for the update.
    Good shake down cruise, I now feel much better about the rest of the voyage.
    Fair winds,
    San Diego

  33. Excited that Abby - Wild Eyes is back on the sea again. The adjustments sound important and surely designed to make you ever stronger. Now go with throttle up gal or whatever it is sailboat skippers say!

  34. Good luck for your amazing journey, Abby! Stay safe. Wishing you fair winds and a lot of fun at sea.

    Eneri from Switzerland

  35. Job well done Abby Team Glad to see her voyage underway Saturday morning She will need all of those upgrades because she is in for some rough seas - Greg Lee Redden

  36. gommie- over the hill in VenturaFebruary 6, 2010 at 9:40 AM

    I sure hope all the repairs made will sustain Abby and let her continue on this massive endeavor without further problems- Happy sailing Abby- looking forward to your next update- as always you are in my prayers--

  37. All in all the list is actually just minor tweaks. Nothing like rudder bearings wearing out, autopilots going haywire, engine that doesn't work etc. I expect some simple math has been done like shut down most electronics during the day while hand-steering for 4 or 5 or 6 hours (or more), then light it up at night. Replenish the batteries the next day, wash rinse repeat :-)

  38. Watching you closely Abby as are thousands of others. May God bless you and keep you safe, thing is....I know He will.

    A million kisses.

    Pete Woodruff.

  39. I can't believe she already needed 70 gallons of fuel, that's a lot! Was she motoring some of the time? Or was it all used for charging? I've sailed from San Diego to Cabo several times, and I've rarely used more than 20 gallons, and that's runnning the engine at least two hours a day. You figure 1gph while charging......70 gallons just doesn't calculate, (unless maybe she's playing x-box on a 32" TV, lol).

    Anyway, she can't be stopping for fuel every 1000 miles. If she stops to refuel again will it count against her unassisted attempt? Well hopefully the new batteries will help. I'm excited that she's back on the water, and I'm glad this stop didn't count against the record.

  40. Abby;
    All of the issues you just dealt with are issues of newly installed systems. The more complicated a boat, the longer it takes to iron out all the little things that make it all work.

    Good luck out there, I'll be reading.

  41. Blessings to you on this exciting trip, it will be exciting to go with you through your web site and blog, my prayers will go up for you as you complete this dream...from Whitecourt, Albert, Canada

  42. Big THANKS to the Team! I love it when you talk to me like that...all that great tech stuff is like the fine spice in great dinner for old sailors.

    Always wishing you the best! Go, Abby, go.

    Steve in California

  43. OUTSTANDING Job team Abby... Scott.. you guys really pulled out all the stops to get so much done is such a short time.... GOOD JOB to all of you.

    Perhaps a HUGE Team Abby and Abby returns Party is in order there in CABO when she gets back... Make it open for the public and media and you have a real news story for the world press. I will come down and join ya'all if thats the way Team Abby set it up!

    Run it by the team... "HEY... who is up for a huge party in Cabo in June??"

    ABBY... As we say in the entertainment industry...

    OK.. everybody... Back to ONE.. and lets take TWO..... in 3...2..1.. ACTION!

    YOU GO GIRL.... Sail Safe.. Post often.. have FUN!

    Richard Rumble
    Dana Point, CA

  44. Bon Voyage!

    I imagine you and your team have gone to great lengths to think of every possible scenario you may encounter.

    Forgive me if I am naive here but is there any way to track you via satellite; kinda like we can track the Space Shuttle when it is in orbit around the Earth?

    If so, what is the link?

    Blue skies, and fair winds, Abby.

    Thomas Van Stein

    Carpinteria, Ca

  45. Hoping for the best of weather and following seas Abby! Good fortune to you and your team!
    I'll be following along all along the way.

    Bob A.

  46. Sounds like your guys did a good job. Best of luck from a UK follower.

  47. As they say in Memphis, TN, (where I used to live), "You GO, Girl!" and, as they say here in the southwest where I now live, "Vaya con Dios!".

    I have dreamed of sailing on the open seas to places like Saba, Jamaica, Hawaii, and, even, Sydney . . . but am now old enough to envy and admire your voyage without wanting to actually undertake it. You have to be one amazing youong lady and I look forward to following your progress. You will be in my prayers and my thoughts.

  48. Interesting list Scott & I know you guys are there - we are not - but my first reaction is in agreement with Bernard. Was it not possible to have a modified wind vane steering system installed on the Open 40 is what I think many of us are wondering.

    I am behind Abby 100% & believe that she has the skills she needs to be sucessful or she would not be out there in the 1st place. Are you guys 100% confident that these modifications will eliminate the power consumption problem knowing that relying on an auto helm system has to be a major contributor to power usage?

  49. I hope Abby can make the adventure with no serious problems and that she can overcome anything Mother Nature tests her with.
    Abby! Be Safe, Be fast, Be carefull We are all following you for the entire trip.
    Pete. Neenah Wi.

  50. Good winds and safe sailing! Looking forward to hearing more about your amazing journey and experiences.

  51. What a great job all the guys of "Team Abby" and Abby did on the repairs in Cabo. I like posts that give the particulars of her systems such as Amp/hr ratings of her battery bank. That was a concern of mine that she might be charging her batteries at a much higher rate than what lead acid batteries could tolerate. When sailors mention they have a high output alternator, I assume that it is 120~200 amp output. That output would be fine if it was dumping into a battery bank rated at 1200~2000 A/hr but would kill in short order a small 295 a/hr bank. A .1C charge rate is the max that should be applied on a regular basis to a lead acid battery with the only exception being the modern AGM (absorbed glass mat) batteries.

  52. On your way again already. Good luck to you, Abby. We will be checking on you every day.
    Stay safe.

    San Diego

  53. Hoping all the changes, repairs and additions they made will make things safer, smoother and more comfortable for you.
    Prayers for your safety, winds of your desire and smooth sailing.
    Diane from Iowa

  54. Bon Voyage Skipper. Let the good times start!

  55. Hi Abby; Glad to see you have left Cabo after all the repairs have been completed - -it was a GREAT SHAKEDOWN CRUISE, badly needed, and now the real games can begin. Sailor to Sailor, stay clipped in, be very safe and check your running gear incessantly. Today is the real Day 1; the next 150-160 are the important ones taken one day at a time. Jessica reiterated Murphy's Law when things were super sweet last week; now she's in a moderate blow w winds to 40 knots and a bunch of fishing vessels and ships in the vicinity (33N and 14W) Hope you keep in touch with her. God bless you and Wild Eyes much love Joihn and Louise

  56. Thank you for this update! I guess "Saturday" is today, as the repairs seem to be finished?
    I am admirative for all the work done and so many hours, repairs, and improvements. Congratulations to the team and Abby!
    But I shall not conceal that I am also amazed by the number of problems that had to be treated, so early after the departure... It looks appalling.
    Wasn't the preparation too hurried and the shakedowns too shortened?
    Let us consider it is in the past, and that this unexpected leg MDR-Cabo was the real shakedown... and hope other that no more bad surprises will pop out.
    Are you ready, Skipper Abby?
    Pens, toothpaste, scotch tape, school books, sextant, iPod's charger?

  57. Show them what a girl can do! First star to the right, straight ahead till morning...

    Big Fan in NC

  58. Thanks
    All the best
    Save power
    Smooth sailing
    Richard (QLD) Aus

  59. @Uncle Hectic,....Abby didn't use 70 gallons. They added extra capacity because during her trip from MDR to Baja she discovered her electrical needs were greater than anticipated and was finding herself starting the engine to boost it. This miscalculation was probably to do with a rush start date. Now us armchair sailors will be watching to see if current calculations (i.e. batteries and fuel) prove adequate or correct. Sort of seems unfair somehow that we get to watch and comment while others do the work.

    "The sensible man is not influenced by what other people think"....Shakyamuni Buddha.

  60. That's a lot of repairs for only 1 week out. Hope all is fixed. Be safe and good winds....

  61. In that long list if repairs, upgrades and resupply, I hoped to see whether Abby has acquired additional pens / pencils. She had commented earlier about finding but a single pen onboard.

  62. Abby,
    We're pulling for you and my 5th graders are excited to read your blog. Best of luck and Godspeed! Our thoughts are with you.
    Mr. James' Class
    Kodiak, AK

  63. Best of Luck!!! I will be following your progress. Certainly am enjoying your voyage--wish I were along for the sail!!

  64. If she stays in port one week after all repairs are completed, I just don't see how she can say she went around the world unassisted; this is like her taking a break for a week. She should be back at sea today, not a week from now.

  65. All the best Abby, it was nice to met you and thanks for letting me take our picture with my daughters. I had to fish this morning so I couldn't see you off. Godspeed. We will be here in Cabo when you get back. Sammy

  66. Lot's of work in a short time. There will likely be more fixes along the way and it sounds like you're up to the task. Good luck on your launch from Cabo, Abby. From Florida, we'll be cheering for you!

  67. Hi Abby! I hardly speak English, but the point should be clear. I am proud that there are people like you. Is great pleasure that I will follow your journey. Confident that all turn out. Let's wait for your return. Wishing you good luck,

    Russia, Ekaterinburg.

  68. All the best for the restart! I hope the power budget works out now. I guess know you know how Mike felt when he had to stop and restart his non-stop circumnavigation. Keeping fingers crossed that your adventure will be non-stop from now on.


    Team Abby,

    Awesome, guys. One simply cannot possibly anticipate how your good work will come into play in the most pressing situations, when Abby needs all the juice she can get out of Wild Eyes.




  70. Well done Cabo Team Abby!

    Good luck and best wishes

    May I politely suggest you treat your electrical energy source/supply/availability on Wild Eyes similiar to the guys on Apollo 13 -
    mission critical, use prudently
    John N

  71. Abby, MDR to Cabo seems like the perfect shake down sail to me. Good Voyage to you.
    Brian, Santa Cruz

  72. Wow so many repairs Why were'nt they attended to before Abby left California. My guess is that with so many things to attend to a couple of items can be overlooked. at least they are done now. Well done Team. you deserve a rest a six month rest while Abby takes a holiday around the world. Ha Ha.
    We are good for take off

  73. Mark Catalina 27, above, asks why Abby hasn't got a wind-vane steering system on her boat, as her rival Jessica Watson has. A wind vane steerer doesn't use any electricity and thus causes no charging problems, but Abby's system is dependent on battery power, which might sometimes be difficult to replace.

    The answer, Mark, is that Abby's boat goes too fast for a wind vane. As Wild Eyes accelerates, the apparent wind shifts ahead, and the vane therefore tries to change the boat's course. It just doesn't work well, if at all, at anything above about 10 knots -- and Abbey hopes to be going a lot faster than that for a lot of the time. Jessica Watson's boat has a top speed (hull speed) of about 7.5 knots, so she can let a wind vane called Parker do all her steering work.

    John Vigor

    this was a quick turn around and yes that was a Shake Down cruise par excellent.
    All this talk about Batteries, Brackets, Fuel, Wind Vanes, etc is just talk.
    You are at the cliff face and you are there for Abby ...
    and the best of conditions be with you!
    Bruce Stanley/Sydney

  75. Good job team Abby. The best of luck to you and Wild Eyes


  76. Cobrarog in Hervey BayFebruary 6, 2010 at 3:56 PM

    Great job by all on team Abby! I'll be following you all the way Abby. You are in my prayers along with the rest of the intrepid sailors out there.
    Very best of luck! Hang tough girl!
    With best wishes from Hervey Bay in Australia.

  77. What all the armchair experts are forgetting is that Abby and the Team led by Laurence are putting Jesus first, trusting in Him to be their guide and saviour rather than the mere opinions of fallible and mortal men. People who do not know the Lord or the power of Prayer and His calling will never understand this. But this is exactly why the Lord has called Abby to this work, because by demonstrating her faith in Him, His Power and Glory will be shown to the whole world.

    As you know He will protect you.

    Sister in Jesus

  78. It must feel good to be on your way again.
    Best of luck Abby. I'll be following every day.

  79. All the best to you on your adventure! Thank you for sharing the experience with us!

  80. Hy Abby:
    It's good to see you are ready to get started on your cruise from Cabo. The way I see it, it will be your final destination. My God is Mother Nature, and she take's care of her own, and she'll take good care of you. There will be trial's and hard times, but you'll learn from them,and she'll watch over you like a hawk. Talk to the dolphins and different birds you'll see. There your friends, and they will comfort you! I have great admiration for what your doing. Most people don't have clue of what your about to do. They don't realise how big the ocean really is.I hitch-hiked across this country, four times when I was 16, but that was back in the 60's and it was pretty safe then: not anymore! Remember, a flare gun is a good tool for survival, but can also be used to defend yourself, it's still legal the last I heard. Anyway, have a good and safe cruise. Remember; be safe, but be ready! Enjoy it, one day at a time.
    I'll be reading your blog every day. Bye: Woodrow Wilson Jr. from San Diego.

  81. Thanks for the Photos Abby Sunderland in Cabo

  82. Abby,

    Good luck to you and prayers for your safety. Full sails, safe travel...I will have my class watching you each day!


  83. it sounds very scary to me, to set out after all the repairs that needed to be made after only 1 week............
    may God go with you......
    A Greatgrandma in Oregon

  84. @ Sister in Jesus: "Trust in God, but tie up your camel first." - Sufi saying

    Steve in California

  85. Well, that was fun. Really sounds like a hoop of work done in a short time.

    It amazes me what can be accomplished by a dedicated team working for the success of a specific goal instead of personal gain or glory. The government should use Team Abby as an example of how things should be done. I'm further impressed by Abby's courage and the courage of her parents in allowing her to make this journey. I honestly believe it is harder for those who stay home, than it is for those of us who have gone into harms way.

    So, to Team Abby I lift a pint and cheer, “Well done!”

    “Coming together is a beginning.
    Keeping together is progress.
    Working together is success.”
    ~Henry Ford

  86. Abby,
    May you have a wonderful trip, with optimum conditions throughout. Your courage is inspiring, and I wish you all the very best in your challenging endeavour. Unlike most posters here, I am an atheist, thus have no belief in the supernatural. I do, however, have faith, and mine in yours is enormous. Go girl....


  87. Good luck Abby! Fair winds and following seas. I following you every step of the way.

  88. Hi Abby. Hope you restocked your food supplies as well. I live in Sydney and have been followig Jessica Waston. I was wondering if the two of you will be passing each other at any time.

  89. I wish you all the best of luck Abby!!!!
    But I'm worried about all the electrical gear that you have on board. What's wrong with the windvane? It doesn't use electricity and has less chance on corrosion. KISS, Keep It Stupid Simple.
    I find it great that you have, as a 16 year old, the motivation to start such a great adventure.
    Good Luck, Arnold

  90. To Abby & Team Abby,

    So what did you do after lunch on the first day when all the work was done, WE know 2 day's out on the town, Sailors will be sailors, :) :) :)

    Sounds like a good refit and power upgrade, with 885AH of storage as well as the new usage configuration on the AIS system all is sounding grade 1.

    Wish you all the best Abby, and a Safe Passage,

    Keep Smiling
    Brian Riley
    Hervey Bay, Queensland Australia.

  91. Wow that was a bunch of stuff that they repaired/added to your boat.

  92. Abby,

    Wow that's a lot of repairs. I feel better now. I was a little uneasy when I heard of the technical problems so early in the voyage.

    Looking at the world map, you are not that far from where I live here in Texas. It's a big world out there so take care. My family will be following your progress every day.

    God Bless.

  93. Hi Abby,
    Great pictures and glad to hear all the repairs have been finished, thanks to team Abby. Glad to hear you will soon be on your way. I look forward to following your journey.
    Keep safe,

  94. All the best to you, Abby.
    Jan, Waitara, NZ

  95. My prayers are with you that you will safely and successfully fulfill your dream -- and with your family as they wait in faith for God to return you to them.

    When the winds are calm and you feel frustrated, meditate on Mark 4:39-41.

    Remember...even the wind and sea obey Him!

  96. Best of luck sailing.
    NJ Mom

  97. On your way with God at the helm. We will be following you all the way back to Cabo and look forward to your blog updates. Thank you for setting the example, Abby. You are a gift to us all. Love you...

  98. good luck abby, i will be praying for you everyday!! I hope you remembered to pickup a box of pens too.
    all the best

  99. god bless you and all the best Abby!

  100. Hi Abby, Wishing you the very best as you start again. My prayers and thougts are with you and I will be checking everyday to see how you are doing. Stay safe and be careful.

  101. All the best, will be watching closely... Go for It :0)
    New Zealand

  102. lets the ruckus begin . and , as the president of earth , charles webster baer , of bend oregon usa , once said , MAY THE FOUR WINDS BLOW YOU SAFELY HOME

  103. Hello Team Abby,

    Any chance you can change the black background of Abby's blog for old folks like me. A white background with black writing is much easier to read. Thanks

  104. Sister in Jesus and like minded followers.
    May Abbey sail safely! NOBODY denies us that wish.She is to be greatly admired and we wish her a safe journey. But like much anguish and suffering in this world ( and I work in developing countries) God does not always deliver us from suffering .........nor tragedy. As an ex Christian.......I gave up thinking he does a long time ago.
    Let's take responsibility for our own actions as human beings.

  105. Abby,

    Wow, what a whirl wind visit to Cabo. And what a stellar job by Team Abby and all of the local assistants. Well done, my hat’s off to all of you.

    I certainly hope that I’m wrong, but I still think that the “high tech” autopilots could be the weak link. Commander Donde might agree with me. My “primitive” but extremely reliable Wood Freeman Model 11 “iron mike”, working 20 hours a day, required nothing more than a set of new brushes once in three years but modern, more sophisticated electronics are much more susceptible to moisture, heat, etc. I understand that the Wood Freeman isn’t appropriate for Wild Eyes, I’m not suggesting that it is. I just question whether the Coursemasters will hold up for the duration of the non-stop marathon. Please prove me wrong, Abby. Believe me, I’m on your side. I’m hoping that your next stop will be Cabo San Lucas in about six or seven months. Best wishes to you Abby. I’m supporting you 100%.

    From Seattle, WA, USA

  106. Once again . . .Go Abby Go !!

  107. 02-07-10 @ 03:37
    Hi Abby,
    Glad to see that you’re on your way(as of Sat. AM) and I wish you all the luck that you can handle. I was glad to see that there was some work in regards to your main problem, and that with the extra batteries (giving you a total of 885 AH) plus the additional fuel, hopefully you shall overcome any further problems in that specific area. IMO that was a lot of work for just having left MDR, and it just makes me wonder if it wasn’t rushed to much. I’m a worrier, (75 years old) and I wouldn’t want anything to happen to you, Abby, just as I worry about Jessica, that’s two (2) ladies, double the load now…lol…. I’ll just have to pray a little harder, no problem.

    I like Scott’s positive attitude, I am looking forward to seeing her in her next port of call, Cabo, after sailing the worlds' oceans.

    Take good care of yourself Abby, eat well, drink lots of liquids, once you get into the colder areas you won’t feel like drinking, but you have to keep yourself hydrated, and rest when you can.
    Be cautious and good luck to you.

    May God hold you in the palm of His hand and may the Angels keep your sails full, and I, I will be praying for you.
    Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

  108. Hi Abby,

    Thanks so much for the latest pics of you arriving in Cabo and your team and volunteers helping on Wild Eyes. Looks like you are good to go.

    My prayers are with you Abby that you will have safe travels over the coming months until you finish your journey safely in Cabo.

    Keep safe, take care and enjoy Abby. Warmest wishes from Jan Pace (Auckland, New Zealand)

  109. An impressive list of fix-its.

    One concern is that only one of them -- bypassing the need for the Ray Jefferson chart plotter -- seemed to address the power drain.

    You've added more batteries for storing power, and more fuel for running the generator, but was hoping you'd find the kind of electrical short that some folks had speculated on . . . something that would have enabled you to go: "Aha! That's what drained all of our power! And now we've fixed it!" ;-)

    Owning Up to My Predictions: Looks like I was WRONG. Compltetely opposite of my predictions, Abby left port without a non-electrical windvane for backup steering. And she is still headed for Cape Horn.

    She's certainly got plenty of diesel on board. With 130 gallons. Her Yanmar 20 (rated 18 hp) is likely identical to the Yanmar 20 I've got on my 30-foot sailboat. So I figure she will only burn about 1 quart an hour when charging. That gives her an astonishing 520 hours of charging time.

    The challenge is keeping the engine running day by day over the months ahead so it can be used for charging.

    The extra battery banks will help accumulate power from the sun and the wind.

    Should be a very interesting voyage to watch.

    - Grant Fjermedal, Seattle

  110. Hello Abbie,
    glad that all the trouble spots are repaired and you have a good feeling now, that everything is ship shape.
    Will be thinking of you as you make you journey south.
    Safe sailing,
    Trudy, Austria/Australia

  111. Hi Abby!

    I am really impressed about all the things that were made in three days. I cant avoid of being a little worried, but it probably doesnt help either. I hope your team double checked everything, as it seems you wont take more time to do some additional testing on sea, like a little shake down cruise just to see if everything is working as expected. Hopefully if there is still some malfunctions you will be able to find them before you cross the equator.
    I hope everything works fine.

    Marina from Turin

  112. You've got a great team there Abby and they have done a great job. Now it's time to do your part. Good luck and smooth sailing. We'll all be chearing you on.

  113. Hello Abby,

    Great job Team Abby and friends!
    And now its time for a cool change...
    To the SEA!

    Fair winds Abigail!

  114. God's Speed Abby, we are praying for you. The Kidd's Elko NV

  115. Wow, I’ve been very mute on this trip vs. Zac’s, but I have 4 general comments to make about this particular update…

    #1 – I ponder why Abby just didn’t have a small crew with her departing MDR to Cabo as a final shake down trip, and just make her departure Cabo in the first place? Or sail north for 3-4 days, and sail back for 3-4 days, then Depart.

    #2 – I’m a bit surprised at how many things were wrong on the something as critical as the AIS systems.

    #3 – I don’t give a crap how many amp hours she has, one bad battery spoils the whole bunch, or one stupid little faulty ground wire in the miles of wire on that boat and it’s toast…

    #4 – For the life of me, I don’t understand some type of steering backup vs. only electronic auto-helm…

    Good luck Abby… May the winds always be at your back/stern…


  116. @SaltyDog, Michael/Hezakiah, Grant & Marina... Sharing your views, various but globally convergent. Much interest, Big Hopes, Huge Support, Remaining Concerns.
    Bon Voyage, Abby, may the winds, currents and luck be with you. You have the skills... Happy sailing!

  117. Uncle Hectic

    They increased the fuel capacity by 70 gallons.....

  118. @Anonymous re: white background w/ black text.

    Try this (or find a kid who knows computers who can help !)

    You can alter the look of browser pages via Tools options from their drop down menus. Look for something about Colors... AND/or look for a High Contrast option in the Control Panel - Accessibility (if its a Windows PC).

    Good Luck

    Steve in California

  119. Hey Abby,
    Like many others I have a few concerns but the experts are there and I'm not. Our Autohelm quit working 2 days out of Hawaii and the two of us had to take turns hand-steering which gets very old, very quickly. I think you have a 2nd backup one though and we did not. We wish you the very best and will be following you daily.

  120. Abby doesn't seem to have moved from port. Is she staying in port for another week until Feb. 13th? If so, why?

  121. Take two !

    Cmdr Abby

    You've got. a huge challenge ahead again, you'll do great! Now go
    and kick Davis jones' ass!! But be safe in doing it ok?

    Susan h ny

  122. Hi Abby,

    Now go have some fun and adventure and make some memories! Take care and stay safe.

    Capt'n Mudgie

  123. I'd like to have a little bit more faith in autopilots otherwise they wouldn't be making them and there wouldn't be so many brands of them. Sure if they go out they go out. Just like Zac's windvane where he had the problems with it en-route to St Helena. There's probably no shortage of stoires of windvanes breaking down when needed most. We know about Mike Perham's autopilot failure, however that was the old original and they kept trying to fix it but when they ripped it out and installed brand new one no more problems.

    Highly doubtful there is a scoreboard out there of how many new windvanes breakdown when needed and how many new autopilots breakdown when needed. I suspect the chances are as rare as when you buy a box of 6 light bulbs stick one in and it blows. First you need to be the poor sucker who selects that particular box off the shelf of 100 boxes, then select that dud bulb out of the six in the box :-)

    Add to that, Abby's got two autopilots just in case.

    Do people actually have two windvanes, one spare or back up "just in case". :-)

  124. Lynn from Thousand Oaks, CAFebruary 7, 2010 at 2:07 PM

    Hi Abby,
    You have many supporters, and we all wish you a safe voyage. I share the concerns of many, as to whether you have had a sufficient sea trial to see if all systems are working. Please make safety your priority, continuing only if all systems are functioning properly. We all understand that this trip has some unavoidable risks. However, it is wise to minimize the avoidable ones. There would be no shame in stopping.

  125. Great job Scott and all your helpers.As you said it's up to Abby and Wild Eyes.May they have Smooth nights,fast days and a safe journey.

  126. HERE WE GO!
    Sounds like good diagnostics.
    I enjoy the technical/equipment aspects of the voyage. Thanks Abby for sharing the information.
    Remember...send photos our way OK?

    Lenny Pittsburgh PA.

  127. It sounds like your team has been able to meet your need for more power and fuel..Glad to hear you will soon be underway again..(I presume it meant next Saturday you are setting sail..) Many prayers and well wishes for smooth sailing and a safe journey as you sail Abby!!

    Be Blessed..

    Gary & Jan

  128. ABBY your all fixed up i see,,Well go for it girl,you have the seas.
    Be safe and think good before you do something ok.
    Sail safe and we will fallow you all the way.
    The Lords with you all the way.
    You Can Do It.
    Have fun girl
    your friends Robert,Ellen,Autumn and Alison

  129. Abby this is the coolest thing !! Good luck to YOU!! You are an inspiration to us all. I look forward everyday to check out how you are doing> Keep up the good work!! JK

  130. Best of luck girl! I hope you have fair winds and smooth seas. I'll be following your journey from on this blog!

  131. hi~

  132. Dear Abby,
    I think it is awesome that you have the chance to sail around the world! May you always have good wind and weather to farther your journey! God Bless!

  133. Good luck again, Kiddo.

    Do your best, but have fun out there. :)

    Keeping you in my prayers.

  134. Your journey inspires me. I will inform many of my client's about your courage and independence. I will be sure to direct them to your blog and website.

    Taking the grass instead of the sidewalk is more fun isn't it.

  135. Hey Abby, it's seems so easy to tell you what all you should be doing or not. All us old landlubbers are full of it. I think I'll keep quiet and just enjoy. You and Wild Eyes are a powerful inspiration for me. I will share all I can with my greatgrandchildren-girls. You go for it gal.

  136. moni Hi how are you keeping watch just saying hello from my blog runabout your more interesting than those recipe blog,s I couldn't help myself

  137. Hi Abby. I'm emailing you from Corner Brook, Newfoundland. I'm very interested in reading about your adventure. I check the blog site every day to see if there is anything new. I hope you have a very safe and enjoyable journey. I will be anxiously waiting for your next blog.
    Take care

  138. its realy cool what you are doing...i dont know if you heard about romania....but romania heard about you:)...i just read on the paper about you and then i "googled" you...its great that you have this courage.i have 19 years old and i have a dream almost like travel around the world,but not for a record...however,i wish good luck and take care of yourself...sandra from romania


  140. Hi Abby, i want to thank you for helping me to follow my dreams. keep safe out there and know that god is with you always. Emiy from Kodiak,Alaska mr.james 5th grade class.


  142. Abbey: My wife and i were vacationing in Cabo while you were there. Leaving the marina for whale watching we were amazed, thrilled and disappointed to see your boat. On line, we found out why you were there. Now you're back underway. All the best! Don Becker and Lyn MacConnaire Ventura, California.

  143. hey Abby, this is Emily from Kodiak,Alaska i just want to wish you the best of luck out there and keep safe. I am following your blog and watching all of your progress out there. Best of luck emily from Mr.James 5th grade class.


  145. Hi my name is Chloe I am 12 years old. I live in Galveston Texas. I think what you are doing is so cool and hope you succeed. I was wondering how are you going to school? Is there anyone following you? your boat is so cool. have you seen any sharks yet? You can do it!!!!!!! I love hearing about all your adventures YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  146. hi abby, this is Chloe again hope you do good out there in the big blue ocean, and have you seen any sharks yet? well bye

    Love Chloe
    Galveston Texas
    age: 12