Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tsunami & Photos

From the bow of Wild Eyes

From the cockpit

Today I called home in the morning as usual but this time everyone sounded more than a little worried. While I was talking to my mom, my dad was on the phone with the Coast Guard. They Had recevied a lot of calls from people who were worried about the tsunami. They were calling to check my position to see if I was in any danger. They were pretty concerned and said that I was right in the middle of where they were expecting the tsunami to go. The guys at Commander's Weather assured us that I would not be in any danger but it was a good reason to just go over everything on the boat since the boat is not heeled over as much as she was earlier this week.

I went over the boat and made sure everything was ready just in case, but in the end, I didn't even get a big swell. I am almost three thousand miles off shore so it wasn't very likely for me to have felt anything at all. With the tsunami behind me now, my main worries are my genoa that's chafing on the pull pit. But even that isn't a serious problem. All I need to do is pull out my sail repair kit and put a patch on it.

Other than that every thing is going extremely well out here. Last night my wind started to die down quite a bit, and I was starting to get a little worried but it picked right back up this morning. The wind has shifted around more from the east, so I'm at a very comfortable point of sail and making great time!
So I'll be keeping Chile in my prayers and also praying that the tsunami doesn't do too much damage where ever it does hit.

A miniature flying fish. This is for the blogger that was curious about my visitors :)


  1. Glad you are fine,,,,,,,,,,,, Sherry

  2. Our prayers have been answered concerning Abby. We continue to hold the Chileans in our prayers.

    Hang tough, Abby!


  3. Hi Abby, I was so glad to see your blog. I was getting ready for bed and decided to check your site to see if there was any news from you.....and there was. I am so glad that you are doing so well and that you are safe. You be safe and know that my prayers and thoughts are with you and with the people of Chile. God Bless Gail/Ventura

  4. Love me some flying safe.

  5. Abby, you were the first thing I thought of when I heard about the tsunami. Glad you are safe.


  6. Glad to hear that you are doing well.with the tsunami behind you know i pray that you have smooth sailing from here on out. you are in my prayers. take care of yourself, God Bless.


  7. Glad to hear you are doing well! Thanks for sharing the pic of the flying fish. PS - it has always been a desire of mine to learn to sail. I think I am definitely inspired now!! Safe travels!

  8. Good job Abby. Thanks for the update. You are such a winner already. Lets see... first the squid, then the flying fish on deck, so maybe in the next couple of days you will walk out on deck in the morning and find a couple of tuna flopping around! Great pics. Need one of the captain sometime. Take care of yourself and Wild Eyes.
    Dwight in NC

  9. Good Evening Captain Abby,

    Well...if ever there was any question about who's following you and how your thought of....there was a big electronic wave of love on your blog today. Wow...that was nice to see Abby. And thank you for your response tonight. Our thoughts of course go out to those affected by the most powerful earthquake to hit Chile in 50 years. Canada and the USA have announced they are ready to assist.

    Thanks for today's post with photos...I have never seen a flying fish....funny little visitor. Now if they could only be a pound and jump into the fry pan you'd be set. I am glad to hear you are safely making great progress.

    Thinking of you,
    Bay of Quinte, Lake Ontario, Canada

  10. Good to hear that you're safe. We're sending you nothing but good vibes.

    Rock on sister!

  11. I'm glad you're okay...I hope the damage is minimal wherever it hits as well, and hope everything continues to go well for you!
    -Heather : ) : )

  12. Glad to hear from you! You remain in our thoughts and prayers!

  13. So happy to hear all went well for you Abby!You were the first thing I thought about this morning after hearing this news of a tsunami and seeing that you were dead center of it......whew! I am even more so amazed at your bravery! Be safe and keep posting these awesome pictures....makes us all feel as if we are on this great adventure with you-well kind of :-)

    From your California fans!

  14. Bonjour Abby & Wild Eyes,

    Better safe than sorry. Certainly you can catch bigger and better fish than that! :-)

    Good pictures!

    Keep smiling, Enjoy, Take care, Be safe.

    @Bob from Seattle: in case you didn't get my last comment - try

  15. Abby, I didn't see how you are secured via lifeline while you took the photo from the bow. Exactly how are you doing that? Two lines would be safer, one fastened prior to the removal of the other. Under sail, you are finished if you slip over the side. DON'T take any chances, at all.

    Peter Mercer

  16. Big thanks for the update!!!

    Great photos.

    All the best!

  17. Hi Abby
    Glad you experience no after affects from the tsunami. It is wise to be prepared for all eventualities.
    Those little flying fish could certainly get into every nook and crany on the boat hard to track them down.
    Good luck enjoy the weather.
    Evie from bendigo

  18. Thanks Abby
    God is with you
    Nice photos
    Richard (QLD) Aus

  19. Abby ... Glad everything is going well for you except a chafed sail and a not too happy little friend. Also glad the quake didn't produce a large tsunami. Thoughts and prayers are with the affected people of Chile.

    Michael & 45N 73W ... Thanks for steering me to Google translate. It's always a good day when you learn something new.

    For Anonymous asking about Laura Dekker's site, her weblog comment about the boat purchase in Dutch is on the right side:

    Here's Google's translation:
    In previous news I wrote that I am looking for a new boat, because I now must meet many requirements that hurley 800 really small.
    I can report with great joy that we have found and bought another boat.
    I am now the proud owner of a gin fizz jeaneau ketch.

    Cheers to all.

  20. The Trondson family was thinking of you today as well. So thankful that you are out of harms way. We are a homeschooling family and try to read your blog every few days or so to watch how you are doing. Can you give us a little lesson on how knots translate to mph? Safe sailing! Cherie and crew

  21. So good t0 hear from you. Great pictures, hope to see more, it makes it so much more interesting following your sail. Fair winds and may Neptune keep you safe.

    s/v Gypsy Soul

  22. Thanks for the new blog, as you know it by now, many of us look forward to reading your blogs.
    Thanks also that you are safe.

    Neptunous Rex and Davey Jones are watching over you.

    Fair winds and following seas from an old USN (ret).

  23. We are so glad you are doing well...!!
    God bless you Abby...!
    We love you...!
    Thanks for the flying fish picture..!

  24. Great New that you are ok.

    Thanks team Abby.

  25. Dear Abby,

    Great post! Continue to stay focus, determined and most importantly "confident trust in God" on the seas. Wild Eyes + Abby = Smooth, swift roundtrip voyage!

    Peace and comfort to the people of Chile is our prayers.


    Your New Friends at Prophetic Faith Ministries
    Irving, TX (Dallas)

  26. Very glad to see your excellent post! Also very glad to know you felt no effect from the Chilean earthquake. Our hearts and prayers go out to all who have suffered so much loss due to it.

    THX for the pictures. They make your voyage seem all the more real to us here at home.

    Keep alert and sail safely.

    GO GIRL!

    Janell in Oklahoma, USA

  27. Abby: I am the worried father who was up at 3:00 in the morning, watching CNN news when the earthquake hit Chile: I called the Coast guard and gave them your position. They said they would do a ship to ship message transfer to try to warn you about possibly being in danger. I thought I was doing the wright thing, and I still think I did, but as I was reading all of the other posting's, there was one anonymous person who called all of us concerned parents," silly gits," and the "Coast Guard should absolutely know better". I can only guess he meant that our U.S. Coast Guard should not have tried to contact our Abby; and we are all " silly gits" for doing so. Well "anonymous", I did what I thought was the correct action to take, since I was up, and could think of know better Americans to call to help than the Coast Guard. They got her on the radio and told her what was going on, and be prepared for the worst, but hope for the best. If that is being a silly git (whatever a git is), Than SO BE IT !!!!!
    My name is Woodrow Wilson, and I live in San Diego, Ca.

  28. 45° 31′ 0.02″ N, 73° 39′ 0.02″ W
    What's the dekker url please?!

  29. Hi Abby
    Glad you are safe; every one of your follower’s were worried about you
    including me. Neat pictures
    Young lady you are really rocking out there, bet wild eyes like’s it when
    A good sailor is at the keel (hope that’s what it’s called)? Please stay safe.
    And clicked…….
    I’m sure there is a few who would like to see what is taking place out
    where Abby is so will try to show you …Put two black threads across
    your computer monitor like a cross hair in a scope. Go to Abby’s main
    page and click on where’s Abby,
    After the page is open left click and hold to push Abby’s last position
    To the right side, and up or down to put her last point on top of the
    Horizontal thread, on the left side your thread should be crossing the
    Top part of Australia, for now just remember about where the thread is
    Crossing. Click on this link after it opens
    On the left side of the screen you should see a dark blue menu, put
    The cursor on (south pacific) then over to South pacific ocean (all)
    And click.,,,,,, you should see surface wind map(knots)????
    If the window is not fully open you can tag the very top and “slide”
    The window around to put the horizontal thread about where it crossed Australia on where’s Abby, Or between 10s and 20s (or last known position 16.19s) and the vertical thread on the120w or lkp (123.25w) ,ABBY is pretty close to where the thread’s cross, as you can see it wouldn’t make a lot of difference if we Were 200 miles off in any direction….. the little hockey sticks
    as someone stated is pretty simple the handle is pointing the direction
    the wind is blowing and at the other end the long tick is 10 knots and the
    short one is 5 knots , just add them up. Or look at the color of the map
    at her position. Click animate .I think you are ahead of me now so …
    . Bye
    PS: Don’t look too shiny down south to me?

  30. Glad you're safe... Love the pics... Keep on keepin' on...

  31. Abby,you are doing something I have always wanted to do!!

  32. Thanks for the wonderful pictures Abby! Keep them coming! (get a picture of the squid!!!)
    Chrissy <><

  33. I wish I could do what you are doing

  34. Oh Abby,

    I am so relieved that you are okay. I was so worried when I heard you were in the middle of a tsunami.

    God bless you in your adventure around the world.
    God bless the people of Chile and those in the path of the tsunami.

    Clare, Spokane,WA

  35. Great to hear that you're safe, Abby. My prayers to you and the people of Chile.


  36. Hello Abby,
    very nice photos and that poor little flying fish with his pleading eyes!
    It is good to know, that you are safe.
    I wish you good winds,
    be well and safe,
    Trudy, Austria/Australia

  37. Abby,
    It sure is a relief that you were safe from the tsunami, and thank you for the great pictures. You are doing a great job, and we are really proud of your perseverance. You are such a good person to be thinking of those suffering in Chile. Hope you are able to sleep and eat well, and be at peace each day knowing how gifted you are, and that all of those following you are sending good prayers your way. Stay safe, and keep up your sense of humor! That flying fish is so small, I can't believe it can jump into your boat! Best regards.
    Kelly and Dave in Santa Clarita

  38. Hi Abby,

    I am so glad to hear all is well with you. We all got very worried because we all knew you were in the path, but like everyone has said, you were in the best position in deep water not to be really affected by it. But I didn't know that when I turned on the TV. and saw the quake news, I immediately knew you were in that vicinity. I was kind of yelling to my family, Abby is right there, oh no, Abby is right there! No sooner than I really started to worry, your good team posted that you were o.k. giving all of your concerned followers a collective sigh of relief.

    I'm glad you are still just sailing along having a good time. I like your pictures, I guess it's been a little fishy around there, LOL.

    Take Care and God Bless,
    Debbie in Tampa, FL

  39. Hello Abby and followers,
    I was with the Coast Guard in the L.A. area for a couple of years and we always "worried" about those on the high seas. Given the higher than normal profile of your trip I would have expected nothing less. I was a Photographer at the District 11 office and had a collection of boats we were looking for, most all were found. Just one more of the services from Your U.S.C.G.
    Weather today in Iraq, fog mixed with rain.
    Sail Safe

    just teasing.

  41. Hi Abby, I'm really glad you had no problems with the tsunami and thankful no one else did either, and that was a good way to spend the day checking over "Wild Eyes" before you get to colder waters which are coming sooner than later and WOW pics of "WE" you can believe she like having her pic taken and the lil fish..Stay Safe, Lynn 38.45w/-122.67n

  42. Dear Abby,
    So pleased to hear that everything is O.K. and thank you for the photo's. Your visitor looks cute. Sail on safe brave teenager.

  43. Abby,I just found you on the Internet. I will be following your adventure from now on. God Bless and keep you safe.

  44. Lovely pics Abby. It looks pretty inviting at the moment. And no doubt you're pleased you're not beating into it. Enjoy it while it lasts.

    Wishing you fair winds.

  45. Captain Abby.... Those are GREAT pics.... and a very good description of the scene as well.

    Pretty amazing when you think about it... there you are.. out in the middle of the south pacific.. WE are all over the world... and with the marvel of technology, we can see the weather where you are.. you can blog on the internet and converse with your supporters and we can keep up with the daily activities of a world adventurer. Even when something truly wild like a Tsunami is going to pass by, the people HERE called the coast guard to make sure that you were going to be OK THERE.... Mind boggling isn't it....

    Post Often... Sail safe... More PICS and Have fun....

    Richard Rumble
    Dana Point, CA

  46. Like so many others, I was worried about you, Abby. I'm glad that the tsunami went right underneath you with no effects, but I join you in your concern for Chile.

    It is heartening to see you doing so well, overall. I hope your winds stay fair.

  47. Hi Abby,

    It's good you're not in any danger from the Tsunami. Police & other agencies had to alert people to stay out of the surf today but of course a lot of people chose to ignore the advice. However I think better safe than sorry.

    Anyway, you seem to be going well with "Wild Eyes" and of course we wish you all the best for the coming weeks.


    The McGraths, Nowra NSW Australia

  48. Hi Abbey,
    So gald you are safe and well. Keep up the good work.

  49. Abby, plesaed to hear that you are ok,bit of a concern when you hear that the ocean is travelling and such a massive speed. You will be ok, you know what you are doing. I think everyone else is like wife and myself,we get very anxious when we hear news that can make things a bit rough. We look forward to all your blogs and up dates from your team. you are in our prayers.Kel& Margaret from Mackay, Australia

  50. Great Post Abby
    I appreciate your Crews earlier post and equally so yours ... complete with photos!

    wishing you fair winds&seas
    stay safe

    Bruce S/Sydney Australia

  51. Dear Abby,

    So pleased to hear that you are okay. I was worried about you and was wondering how you were. Thanks for letting us know that you are okay. Where I live in New Zealand people in certain parts of the country were warned today not to go near the beaches and in one part of country they evacuated 200 people because of the threat of Tsunami, but all was okay thank goodness.

    My girlfriend is Chilean and all her family are in Chile. She hasn't heard yet from two of her family members, so it's a real worrying time for her. Her Mum and rest of her family are okay, but without water and power. There is sometimes a Civil Defence message on our television which advises us to have an emergency supply of water and food in store, which we haven't got. I think it's a good idea to be prepared, just in case. I guess my attitude is like many people's attitudes - it'll never happen to us. Not a good attitude really.

    Thanks for the photo of the little flying fish, not really big enough to eat is he!

    Great to hear that you are sailing along as well as you are. Keep safe my dear and I thank the good Lord that you are safe after the earthquake in Chile.

    Warmest wishes from Jan Pace (Auckland, New Zealand)

  52. Hi Miss Abby!
    Nothing but good news, keep on that way! The pics are nice, they look like ads published to attract passengers; and thank you for the flying fish, though you might get in trouble for having caught a too young one, lol.
    Enjoy your cruise while you are in warm and cosy latitudes, repair your sails, and watch every single spot to be fit before the roaring and ferocious ----ties. Good winds, sailor!

  53. Great photos! time difference in photos- overcast from bow, clearer skies from cockpit. It would take me an hour to move from bow to cockpit to take photos being so careful not to fall overboard. It must be so quiet out there and peaceful except for sound of wind hitting your sails and waves hitting your boat. Abby, have you ever stopped to think for a moment what the first ocean explorers were thinking not knowing what was out there beyond the horizon? I think they had it easy compared to you.
    It is more difficult for you mentally because you have full knowledge how large and immense the ocean and earth is and what you are getting into. That says alot about your courage and bravery

    flying fish- "what is this girl doing waaaay out here? Put me back in the water!"

    Be safe Abby
    Mike from Indiana

  54. Hi, Abby, It nice to hear that you are safe there, and thanx for share the flying fish.
    Pls, Continue to share your experience!
    My all the best for your great adventure.

  55. Hi Abby,

    Thanks for keeping us updated, I got worried about you because of the tsunami watch all over the pacific, thanks God you are fine! We need to keep in our prayers the chileans and all the people affected by the earthquake. God bless you.

    Marina from Turin

    ps. thanks for the pictures!

  56. Glad you are doing fine, hope you are having fun out there.

  57. Good day Skipper Abby. Great pictures of the boat with such detail. Thanks for the close up of the flying fish and for your frequent updates as we say prayers of thanks for your safe keeping. You are doing fantastic work keeping Wild Eyes in tip top shape!! Grandmom, Patricia and granddaughter, Courtney, 13.

  58. Are you going to run a spinnaker on down wind runs or will it be to much trouble?

  59. Dear Abby and family. I just viewed your video from Cabo. Fantastic video!! Your dad's prayer on your sendoff was inspiring and wonderfully delivered. I will sign off now and view it again. AOL Grandmom, Patricia and granddaughter, Courtney, 13

  60. Figured you were okay since you are out in such deep water. Keep on sailin'!

    Bethlehem Georgia

  61. Hi Abby
    I'm really glad to see you are OK.I just started following your blog. You are very brave to sail
    around the world by your self. God speed and happy sailing.

  62. In Hawaii they recommended vessels put to sea to ride out an possible tsunami, so you are right where an able seaman needs to be! Coolio, eh?

  63. Those are some great photos u posted here Abby.. Yes everyone here in blogland was worried about you... I for one am glad u are being careful w/this weather... There is definitely a reason for double checking isn't there? :-)

  64. Glad your all right! hopefully there aren't anymore big scares like that!

  65. Hey Abby...
    Good update, and pics. Thanks! I'm watching and wondering about you every day. And thanks to your dad or whoever for the thoughtful post right away yesterday. Your comments about position being 3000 mi. out made me remember my first time in blue water with my "uncle Sam's canoe club" (USN). Being from a midwest state the thoughts that day about being "1760 mi. from nearest land" are still with me today. But I thoroughly enjoyed all my time at sea. I've always missed it, and now that you're sharing your time with me I'm really enjoying myself again. Thank you.
    I like getting your position too, as I follow you on my chart. Enjoy,
    Fair winds...
    39*50'N, 86*9'W

  66. Love the pictures!
    Brian from Virginia

  67. The whole world was glued to the CNN footage of Hawaii and the Beach cams...and nothing happend...just wondering what was different with the event of 1960...thanx for the pictures...just like being there on the trip...sail on!!!...zeke Roseville, ca.

  68. Hi Abby
    So glad to hear you are safe.
    NY Times today reports that beaches in Hawaii were evacuated as a precaution against the possible tsunami following the 8.8 earthquake in Chile.
    Best wishes
    John N

  69. Abby,

    Praying for your safety now and as you move toward the southern ocean. Never been there, but I've seen some pretty rough weather in the north Pacific. God may at times appear to let you have more than you can handle, but He will never give you more than He can handle!

    Elisabeth Elliot always began her radio program by reminding us that "You are loved with an everlasting love (Jer 31:3) and underneath are the everlasting arms" of God (Deut 33:27). If you've never heard the recordings of these, they are great listening for a young woman who wants to be more like Jesus. (

    May He give you fair wind and following seas!


  70. Abby,
    Great pictures !

    Glad the tsunami was a non-event for almost all concerned, an earthquake of such magnitude is bad enough, so I hope we can help the Chileans in some meaningful way.

    For the @The Trondson family and anyone interested,
    Here is a good conversion site ...knots to mph, kmh, and vice versa.

    Be safe and healthy and tethered!
    from the great Bras d'Or Lakes.

  71. Hello Abby,
    So glad that you are ok out there.
    You really have taken on an amazing challenge.
    Nice to see you get the odd visit now and then lol.
    Stay safe out there babe thinking of ou
    much love

  72. Great pic's Abby, and I was glad to hear you had no problem with the Tsunami. Myself,and a lot of others were following it's progress on your behalf. Happy Sailing.
    Norm Strasser :-) Citrus Heights, CA

  73. I thought about you today worried about how you were. I am so happy you are safe. please be careful out there. peace be with you. enjoy it my sweet sailor, I wish I was with you for what you see is what most people will never see. so always remember you are so lucky. may the creator hold and bless you Abby.

  74. hi, I come from Hong Kong. You are great.

    George Lee

  75. W. Wilson/Diego - good on you guy for reacting as a concerned parent. Surely Team Abby/USCG admires your response. Long past experience assured me 98.6% that Abby & WE would remain keel side down if and when a Tsu passed. Yeah, that 1.4% kept me stuck to my chair! Bless any & all of you that care about others. "We have the watch."

  76. What is the water line length of your boat, and what is the possible hull speed?

  77. 02-28-10 @ 12:36
    Hi Abby,
    Really glad that there wasn’t a problem for you. But that’s one for your book, to have a tsunami shock wave travel under your boat. Glad to see that you immediately took the time to be prepared for anything out of the ordinary. Sharp girl!!!!!
    Now, you be careful patching that sail, don’t try to use your hand for the patch and don’t be poking yourself with the needle, a tiny poke with a needle in your finger tips will remind you for a long time that you goofed…lol…..protect them fingers!!! (Jessica wound up with sore fingers after patching her sail).
    Why are you three thousand miles off shore, did you have to go that far to get good wind??? You’re the Skipper.
    Glad to see that the wind is in your favor and that you’re making good time
    @ Bob from Seattle & 45N 73W:
    Food for thought: Type your message in the translation chart in English, translate to Dutch, copy the Dutch version, then past in Laura’s comment section and send. You guys might already be doing that, but I just figured it out….lol… Yeah Bob, a day is not wasted when you have learned something.
    Abby, thanks for the pics, I enjoyed looking forward at the sea, keep up the good work and be safe, remember, when you take a chance and it doesn’t work out, you can’t get that moment back. Yes…??? I know, nag, nag, nag.
    My regards to “Charlie”, do you keep him busy????
    Take care of yourself and be cautious and take care of “Charlie”.
    May God hold you in the palm of His hand and may the Angels keep your sails full, and I, I will be praying for you.
    Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

  78. @Anonymous 7:31am ... You ask why the 1960 9.5 Chilean quake produced a tsunami and this one didn't. You are right in noticing the difference as there were 80 foot waves which struck the Chilean coast in 1960. It all depends on water displacement and the direction of underwater land shear. Every quake is different. This graph shows some of the different possibilities:

  79. Hi Abby; Great that you had no problems with the tsunami. Actually when you have over 3 miles of ocean beneath you, the energy of the tsunami is distributed from surface to bottom, thus no wave. But if you were near Juan Fernadez Island on the coast, you would have seen the tsunami @ work.
    Hope all your repairs and maintenance are done and that fair weather (and wind) holds true and that you continue to make 200 miles or more a day with beam reaches!!
    Be safe and clipped on hugs and love J&L

  80. Thanks for the photos of your boat. Everything looks nice and tidy :D.

    Blue skys!

  81. I thought about you the very first thing when the earthquake created a tsunami. I pray God will continue to bless this exciting adventure.I Look forward to your blog everyday. Because of Jessica and you, I just completed reading my third solo circumnavigating book. Jesse Martin, Kay Cottee, Robin Knox Johnston and just begun Tania Aebi"s book!!!Really looking forward to yours and Jesses! Take care and Godspeed.

  82. Hey Abby,

    If you have time could you tell us how you spend your day? How much shoolwork you took with you have you accomplished? Have you been getting decent sleep or became borred?

    Thanks and be safe,

    Bill Price

  83. God is Good. So happy you are safe, Captain Abby. Tsunamis are dangerous. Know that you and Captain Jesse are being prayed for constantly.

    Stay safe and happy,
    Ben from Texas

  84. we are so relieved to hear you are safe! thanks for posting!! love seeing that flying fish. i lived on catalina island when i was a kid and they were everywhere! very cool!
    be safe and have fun
    the crowe family

  85. Abby, It's so good to read your posts and view the pictures you give us. This way we know you are doing OK. We are thanking God that the tsunami didn't affect you very much. Keep up the good work and post often!
    William Welch

  86. Bonjour Abby & Wild Eyes,

    Keep smiling, Enjoy, Take care, be safe.

    @Anonymous said...

    45° 31′ 0.02″ N, 73° 39′ 0.02″ W
    What's the dekker url please?!
    February 27, 2010 10:14 PM

    Laura Dekker website is at:

  87. @Michael ... Yes I noticed 45N 73W did that and I will too. Translation has lots of possibilities.

    And now on to the showdown of the century at the Olympic. Canada vs USA in hockey.

    GO USA !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. HELLO ABBY - Thank you for your photo's and latest up-date. So glad you are safe. So sorry for all those affected by the dreadful earthquake.

    Do look forward to reading your news. Keep up the good work.

    Until next time.

    Lynne (Picton, NZ)

  89. Hope you are getting plenty of sleep right now. Looking at, it looks like things are going to get interesting for you. Keep that harness on, and stay safe.

    Back in my Navy days I would sneak out to the bow and hang my head over the side watching the flying fish get out of our way.

  90. Abby,

    When you have time, could you write a little about daily life on board. What is your routine like as far as eating, sleeping, making the rounds on your boat, etc. Thanks.

  91. Abby,

    Thanks for letting us know that all’s well on Wild Eyes. That’s great that you went over the boat so thoroughly. Well done. It’s definitely important to keep up on any chafing. It will save you big headaches in the future. And thanks for the great pictures. Those flying fish really are strange critters, aren’t they? I hope those nice sailing conditions continue for you. You’re making great progress. Have fun and stay safe, Abby.

    From Seattle, WA, USA

  92. Glad to know that you are ok and everything is going so well out there.

    Why your sails show that when you took the pictures the wind was coming from the east to west?

    That is because you are heading south and as i can see the wind was coming from your left (east). am I right?

  93. Can you post pics of the interior of your sleeping area, galley, and etc....just curious as to how you live in there....

  94. I just found you and am amazed at what you are doing. So glad to hear you are alright with the weather. I will be following you to hear about your adventures, and will keep you in my prayers!

  95. Abby, I don't know how you do it, but I think I'd go batty if I were alone for six months.

  96. I'm weighing regarding the Coast Guard call..and I'm with the the blogger who suggested it was not an OBVIOUSLY good idea.

    Other than 100 miles inland, Abby couldn't have been in a safer place than 300 miles off shore as the blogger "Dane" mentioned.

    Please be careful bloggers, (especially those who mean well but really don't know anything about open ocean sailing). Abby will experience far worst threats than an tsunami. If her trip comes off even close to plan, she can be out of communication when when we "hear" or "know" she's in bad weather.

    Please DON'T think that calling the Coast Guard is either the right thing to do, or can help at all.

    The topic is complicated and could use more explanation and I will likely set off a fire storm with that comment, but...

    Other experienced sailors want to chime in?

    Steve in California

  97. Hi Abby,

    I am so glad that you are doing well! Very concern about any effect of the tsunami on you. Keep sailing!!!
    Like that flying fishy!

    Janet Acosta-Hobschaidt

  98. Bonjour Abby & Wild Eyes,

    Keep smiling, Enjoy, Take care, be safe.

    @ Bob from Seattle: Sidney Crosby :-)

  99. Abby, I am so glad to hear you are doing well and weren't affected by the tsunami. Thanks so much for the updates and we are all still pulling for you! Thoughts to the Chileans in their time of need.

  100. Wow, you are on quite an adventure, it is amazing to read about, and inspiring. God bless!

  101. Hi Abby!
    I like your true adventure spirit. You go for the adventure and don't mind the uncomfortable parts that come with it like, hot, cold, wet, bumpy conditions etc.

    @Bloggers e.g. Bob from Seattle, 45° 31′ N, 73° 39′ W (aka Montreal, Canada)
    About Laura Dekker, you have to read the Dutch part of her website, and press Nieuws (and learn Dutch first or autotranslate)

  102. Thanks for the pictures. I am always amazed when I see more of your boat at the gear and tackle you are taking care of all by yourself. In recent years I purchased a 22 ft sailboat (first sailboat) and I'm busy putting on new gelcoat and refitting the cabin. Want to get it ready to sail before I retire in a few years! Reading about your adventure is fun and very informative. Although I will not try to sail around the world I hope to do some off-shore sailing. You have certainly struck a good chord in my hopes to get it going. May you have a good wind and a little chop on the water!

  103. Abby, you are my inspiration! I don't know how to sail, have wanted to learn simple sailing, had an offer to be taught by a close friend who then fell sick and died. So I didn't learn a few years back. Seeing your story in the newspaper renewed my determination to learn something of this skill. I've only been on a sailboat 3 times in my life, and each time marvelled at how wonderful it was to be moving so fast without sound! Tremendous.

    I'm old enough to be your mother and am probably even older than your mom. So that you are inspiring a middle aged lady at your age is a wonder.

    Thank you for having the courage and depth to do this journey. I will follow you closely, and sign up for my little sailing lessons in this Spring!

  104. God Speed Abby,
    Happy you are ok and I am praying for you. That this journey will be all you hope for.

  105. Denney's Psychology class - total 33 students (10-12 graders) -
    This is their question:
    1)They want to know if you threw the fish back in the ocean or if you grilled it for dinner? Just kidding!
    our real question is ~
    How has this journey psychologically challenged you?
    Thanks -
    Denney's lil' psychology pirates! LOL (they made me put that!):)

  106. Just wanted to let you know that the crew of the Harriott II are all following u now! We are a riverboat in Montgomery,Al. and we check ur page everyday. You're doing Outstanding!! We're ALL with u girl..Be Safe and Good Luck..BTW,flying fish can be tasty!Lock N' Load

  107. Hi Abby,

    Kris and Connor here again. My son over heard his mother and I talking about the tsunami and the first thing he asked was for us to check on Abby..We're all glad your doing well. Godspeed

    The Hamiltons

  108. Abby ... Glad to see your miniature blue light bulbs on your "Where's Abby" chart are becoming more spaced out meaning you are flying----GIRL !!!!

    @4537 ... Congrats on a great game and a great goal by Sidney Crosby. I was actually rooting for Canada in overtime having been ahead most of the game. I can do that as I live right on the border.

    Cheers, eh!

  109. Abby,
    Hello from Kodiak! Glad all is well; we appreciate the pictures.

    Glad you made it through the tsunami even though it was only 2 feet near land. Alex

    You're lucky! It snows here and then rains. Cassidy

    Maybe you can cook-up some of those flying fish. If it's fish, it's food. Leah

    We're doing an adventure/survival unit and we are reading Hatchet by Gary Paulsen. Have you read that? Elin

    How many books have you finished since you've been gone? TJ

    Do you like to go surfing? Johnny

    Stay well; Peterson's 5th grade is thinking about you!

  110. Abby-----

    I meant to check on you a while ago, and so happy you have a blog. You are really an inspiration. Hang in there! I will be praying for you along with many others I'm sure!

  111. Hey Captain Abbey,Love the pics.Of course delighted no affects from the tsunami.Abbey has respect for the ocean as many sailors do.But can't help remember 1991 100ft. waves off the coast of Bermuda, Glouster's coast line got hammered and fisherman died at sea.Not trying to send negative message all do respect to the ocean at hand.I agree with blogg from calf.. calling Coast Guard could cause someone's life. PS prayers to Chile ...Sandi

  112. Stage 1 - After toasting Abby’s equatorial passage - a half bottle of Single Malt Scotch (Dalwhinnie) was dropped into the Pacific at Marina Del Rey, CA. The bottle is now on its way to Abby on Wild Eyes for her half of the celebration. The world’s first Scotch Satellite Tracking System (SSTS) is attached to the bottle.

    Stage 2 - The bottle has drifted - as planned - into the path of the annual Gray Whale southern migration. This is the start of the Around the World Scotch Relay (AWSR). The lead mammal – a baleen whale named Maxi is scheduled to pick up Maxi is a teetotaler.

    Stage 3 - The Scotch Satellite Tracking System (SSTS) shows that Maxi has indeed picked up the bottle of scotch and is heading south to Laguna Ojo de Liebre in Baja California (about 550 nm ) from Marina Del Rey, CA. Maxi is a bottom feeder but her pod does not stop too often during the migration. With the bottle stashed in her baleen - she has to be wary of boats filled with thirsty whale watchers !

    Stage 4_ - The SSTS shows that Maxi is now in clean waters off the coast of Baja California about 300 nm west of the gray whale nursing grounds in Laguna Ojo de Liebre (Scammon’s Lagoon) – near the town of Guerrero Negro. There are close to 2,000 whales and their new born calves in the lagoon. She has met up with two other pods (probably relatives) and has shown them the half filled bottle of scotch. When the 3 pods turned east to the nursing grounds - Maxi sounded to transmit the bottle’s latest position to the SSTS.

    Maxi made great time in the continued pursuit of Abby and Wild Eyes. She will now hand off the bottle of Dalwhinnie - to the next member of the relay team.

    **** NEW ****

    Stage 5 - Stryker, a large Common Bottlenose Dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) and his pod have been patrolling the entrance to the lagoon waiting for Maxi. He was the star performer at Sea World in San Diego. After each act he would be rewarded some sardines laced with bourbon. He was so good that he was recruited by the US Navy and trained as an underwater scout. The Navy soon realized he was a totally dependent on alcohol. So they retired Stryker. This explains why he was anxious to be part of the Around the World Scotch Relay (AWSR). Stryker retrieved the partially filled bottle from Maxi and is now on his way – heading south - racing toward Abby and Wild Eyes.

    Stay Tuned.

    Abby – may God continue to hold you in the palm of his hand !

  113. Glad to hear your ok
    question: what do you do for fun on your boat??

  114. Glad to hear you're okay, Abby! I'm going to be quite honest, I think it's AMAZING that you've decided to follow your dream of sailing, and that not even things like tsunamis can scare you away from it! You rock!
    P.S. I never knew flying fish looked like THAT...I always thought their fins were a wee bit bigger. But thanks for keeping the Chileans in your sister (we both go to an international boarding school), has a close friend from Chile, and her family lived almost at the epicenter of the quake. If anyone needs prayers now, its them...them and Haiti.
    God bless you, Abby...and may fair winds always come your way!

  115. re elect me president of earth


  117. 03-02-10 @ 00:09
    Hi Abby,
    Just thought I’d drop you a line and say hello. “HELLO” and how are you doing on this lovely day? I hope things are going well for you, and that you’re not having any major problems. Just took a look at P/W and it doesn’t look to exciting, pretty smooth sailing for the next week or so, and I figure you should be at the Cape in less then three (3) weeks, understand this is a just a S.W.A.G. as I am just an armchair sailor, not a navigator nor a meteorologist. LOL.. Stick to your team of professionals for accurate estimates. I know that you get plenty of advice, and I wonder how much of it that you actually adhere to. ????
    I was looking at the picture from the cockpit and there were a number of units (or blocks) with lines running into them or thru them, and I realized that you have to know what each one is used for and how it works. I’m impressed!! Could you, sometime when you get a chance, explain them???
    More and more, I realize how much it takes to operate a boat such as yours.
    You are some kinda sailor!!!

    Take care of yourself Abby, and “Wild Eyes, be cautious and take good care of “Charlie”.
    May God hold you in the palm of His hand and may the Angels keep your sails full, and I, I will be praying for you.
    Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

  118. Abby,

    Glad to hear your safe and love reading yor posts. From the looks of the pictures it seems your having the time of your life! Beautiful! Continue to keep us posted and sail safe.

    Denise and family
    South Dakota

  119. Live the dream! Stay safe and happy with fair winds following you all the way home.
    God bless and keep you safe brave girl.

  120. What doe's she do for FUN??????
    She sails her boat and lives her dream!!!

  121. Capt Abby,

    So glad that you are o.k. I'm with @ woodrow wilson. I think that if he was up at that time to inform the c.g what harm would that have caused. just stay safe and enjoy any warm weather that comes your way.

    Susan H NY

  122. From Ella(6) Sylva, NC
    Will you go south of Australia or through the islands north? Be safe going around Cape Horn. Watch out for flying fish.

  123. I send all the love in the world, and remember that your blog is being read by so many and is so important, is mine? check it out if you want to

  124. To Steve in California,

    You are right on the money on this. The U.S. Coast Guard has a mission to guard the coastal and inland waterways of the U.S.A. Captain Abby has been out of their Jurisdiction for quite some time now. There is little that they could do other than contact the authorities of the closest country that had a Navy.. in this case Chile, and they are a bit busy right now with their own problems. I suppose the U.S Navy could help.. but they too are occupied elsewhere and probably no closer to Wild Eyes than you or I.

    We as the observing community have to be just that... OBSERVING... We can watch... we can chat amongst ourselves.. but there is little that we can DO from our vantage point. We each must have total faith in Laurence and Team Abby that they have provided her with the BEST equipment and the BEST knowledge and the BEST training to get the job done. It's ok to be concerned and to care about her safety and welfare, but here on the blog.. we are OBSERVERS. When it comes time to be participants... When she sails back into port triumphantly... We should all plan to be there to participate.

    Richard Rumble
    Dana Point, CA

  125. Hey Abby,
    GREAT news that you are OK. I've been thinking about you in the last few days... A LOT.
    May God continue to hold you in His hands.

  126. Wow, your blog is amazing, talk about living your dream, you are an inspiration God Bless

  127. Morning Abby ... Spring is in the air here which means time to start the garden for me and it's interesting that it's going the other way for you as you have crossed the equator, heading further south, and everyday will take into more into the southern Fall. No leaves for you to rake this year, lucky Girl! Flying fish have replaced leaves.(LOL) Hope you get better winds than Michael saw on PW.

    @Anonymous 6:26am ... Abby is planning to sail south of Australia. She has mentioned one reason she opted for this route was because she'd prefer not to worry about a possible pirate boarding. That has happened in the Timor and Arafura seas before. Also as another blogger pointed out, the prevailing winds and currents make a west-east sailing very difficult if not impossible. Her brother, Zac took this route, went the opposite direction and was more prepared to take on Blackbeard single handed. Thought it might add an interesting chapter to his adventure. (just kidding on the last part)

  128. Glad to hear you're safe abby.
    Nice flying fish, can you do a squid pic sometime? ;)

  129. @ Bob from Seattle: Yes, indeed and also consider that the "northern route" would send her through the Torres Strait. Here's a quote from the Wiki entry - "The strait links the Coral Sea to the east with the Arafura Sea in the west. Although it is an important international sea lane, it is very shallow, and the maze of reefs and islands can make it hazardous to navigate."

    Take a Google Earth tour of that area and you can see it is a navigator's nightmare...not only are you dodging shallow reefs at night but you're also dodging ships that are dodging shallow reefs in the night.

    Steve in California

  130. I'm the parent that was up at 3:00 in the morning. I'm the parent who called our Coast Guard and ask them what should we do about Abby, and her possibly being in harm"s way of the 8.8 earthquake and possible tsunami. The Coast Guard told me that would do a ship to ship message transfer, and they ask my name and phone number. About 25 minuets later they called me back and said the were able to contact Abby with the help of several commercial ships. Some people said in there posting's that the Coast Guard should not have used the U.S.Navy, or any foreign Navy to contact Abby. Well, for all those "armchair sailers" who said the Coast Guard and I ABSOLUTELY wasted the taxpayers money trying to contact a 16 year old girl , 3000 miles off shore. The Coast Guard called me back at my house and said I ABSOLUTELY did the wright thing!!!!!!!!! Any parent who has kids and lets them play in the front yard, and hears car brakes, ABSOLUTELY knows why I did what I did...........
    Woodrow Wilson, from San Diego

  131. @Bob
    I think after the Cabo stop that Abby said she may go north of Australia but for the life of me I can't find it. Before that it was always south.

    Abby keep on being awesome.

  132. Interesting weather in the southern oceans these days, I'll be watching to see how you handle this. Should be fun, wish I was there!

  133. North of New Zealand.

    From the Q&A:

    Also, with the timing and weather windows and all that we had been concerned, but with my weather router's guidance we will take each leg one leg at a time. I almost certainly won't go south of New Zealand but will go north via the Tasman Sea.

  134. When I was younger, lots younger, I lived in the South Pacific (Tonga). I can remember how the flying fish would zoom up to the surface, catch a wave, spread their fins, and fly for a few meters. They seemed to be attracted by the boat, and would swim/fly in the same direction the boat was travelling. Are you seeing this same behavior?

    Also, you said you are fishing. What have you caught? You up to cleaning your own fish? ;-)

    Good luck out there. We are all pulling for you.

  135. @ Mr. Wilson: I was one of the bloggers who had strong feelings about someone calling the Coast Guard regarding Abby's potential "danger" vis a vis the tsunami.

    For the record: I am NOT an "armchair sailor"..I have sailed in various world locations, raced extensively in SF Bay, coastal deliveries and open ocean racing. In my post, I did not suggest that the call to the Coast Guard was waste of money and never mentioned the US Navy. AND I still think it was ill advised.

    If you received a return call from the Coast Guard confirming your action as "the right thing to do", (which I accept you apparently did) all I can say is "I'm stunned."

    As I end my comment, I can't help but wonder if the CG realizes what that stated position portends for them in the future.

    Steve in California

  136. I guess everyone was waiting for you to say..enough already..We are doing just Great!! But truthfully I texted Fox News to ask if anyone had heard from you because I saw on the map that you were located dead center of Chile and Hawaii..

    So happy to hear that you are well and cruising along.

    Prayers for your safe journey and perfect seas from the Creator of them...

    Be Blessed Abby...

    Gary & Jan

  137. Yvonne from TorranceMarch 2, 2010 at 5:54 PM

    Hello Abby,
    I've never posted before, but I thought I'd give it a go. I followed your brother's blog and I worried and prayed for him (and I'm not particularly religious!), and I was so relieved when he made it home safely. Then I read about you, and I was thinking, "Great, another Sunderland to worry over!" Anyhow, you both sound like level-headed young people who can handle whatever comes your way. Just wanted you to know you have a friend in Torrance rooting for you!

  138. @anonymous
    thank you for finding what I was looking for. I guess I was off a bit:)

  139. Laura's ketch:

  140. Hello Abby,

    My daughters,age 7 and 6, and I are checking in on your progress via your blog periodically. We are quite impressed with your endeavor. My oldest is surprised and excited that you saw a whale. My youngest is 'happy' (her words) with your journey. They would love to see a picture of the squid the next time they visit you. We have you in our thoughts and prayers! God Speed!

  141. Smith Family (Newbury Park)March 2, 2010 at 8:44 PM

    Hey Abby,
    We are keeping a close eye on your journey! Glad to hear you made it past the 8.8 earthquake and tsunami... You are in our thoughts and prayers...

    The Smith Family- Newbury Park

  142. Hi Abby - I have been following your Journey and wish all the best and lovely sailing - however in order to keep peoples interest in your project you need to blog more often there is no point checking on you every day if there is nothing there
    Kevin New Zealand.

  143. Wow, this is awesome. I hope you are having a great time on your adventure. I'm jealous. Lol.

  144. Dear Abby,
    I keep a close watch on your blogs and your position. Could you report your daily position with a LAT/LON on the "Where's Abby" on Google page? You are an awesome young brave lady. YOUR POSITION AND SAFETY IS BEING WATCHED OVER BY MORE THAN JUST ME. GOD SPEED!

    Harvey from Westlake Village

  145. cool minature flying fish! Check out my blog! Here's what it's called:

    Please check it out and help me with my probs... lol, thanks!