Thursday, February 25, 2010

How Wild Eyes Got her Name, etc

I've finally got some nice steady wind! The past few days I have had about 15 to 20 knots of wind (nautical miles per hour). Being close hauled, it hasn't been all that comfortable as the boat really heels over, but the wind is starting to shift more to the east so I'll be on a more comfortable beam reach then.

I must have gone through a school of flying fish last night. I went up on deck this morning as usual to go over everything and there were flying fish everywhere!! They're all pretty small, the biggest one was only three inches long! And they wedge themselves in everywhere!

One nice thing about being close hauled is that the wind hits my wind generators with it's full force so that they are really starting to help out - they need a good 10-15 knots over the blades to really charge well. For the past few days I haven't had to run my engine at all to charge the batteries. Its really nice not having to worry about my power so much as I used to.

Its already starting to cool down a bit. It didn't get above 88 today, which may not seem like a big deal but it was pretty nice. Maybe its just me getting used to the heat. It's been pretty wet up top lately so I've been spending more time down below. I was all nice and dry today and just running out side real quick to do the dishes. I had finished everything up, still nice and dry, I was just on my way inside when a great big wave crashed over the top of us and soaked me!!

That, by the way, is how Wild Eyes got her name. When we were in Rhode Island picking up Wild Eyes. the previous owner explained to us how she actually came to get that name. When a great big wave breaks over the top of the boat and soaks you, what does your face look like? Most people come up with some pretty interesting ideas of how she came to be named Wild Eyes, but once the name is explained, it is really a very fitting name for an Open 40!



  1. Thanks for the post Abby. You may not know but there are a lot of us just waiting to see how you are doing and where you are. Be safe.

  2. Gotta love a beam reach! Beats bashing uphill.

    Steve in California

  3. Hi Abby, We were the last boat to turn around when you left MDR. We've been following you virtually ever since. From a rather slow start it looks like you'll be in the grove for a while now. Good luck and Gods speed.

  4. Great Post, it was nice to learm more about Wild Eyes and any word from you is welcome:)


  5. Thanks Abby.
    Good winds for you.
    Keep smiling
    Richard (QLD) Aus ♥

  6. Glad to see you're starting to make the turn to the east. Those southeast trades can't be but a day or two away. Close hauled is a tough point of sailing - tough on the boat and the skipper but I know you'll pull through. You'll be beam reaching and running before you know it, so sleep when you can and keep a clear eye...
    G-d speed to you and Wild Eyes.
    B.C. Hofeld, Grand Terrace, Ca.

  7. Abby,Sounds like you made up for that lost time and moveing along.When will we see more Pic's ?Looking forword to seeing some. Kris S.Lake Tahoe Ca

  8. Glad to hear your getting steady wind... its always nice to get into a groove just let her run. ME.. I like close hauled. For some reason I have always like the feeling of heeling and I am not really happy till I hit 20 degrees over. Perhaps because I learned to sail on a hobi cat!

    Anyway... I am glad your generators are doing their job. Don't have one on my boat.. but I have read that they need to be screaming along above 15 knts to really do you any good. And how is it that your Dodger isn't keeping you dry? Thought that's what those things were for after all. Maybe JTP has it right after all... keepin them dodgers up? LOL...

    Sail Safe... Post often and really.. I mean it... Have FUN!

  9. Always look forward to reading your posts, Abby. Thanks for the update.

    Keep up the good work, but have fun while you do it.

    Keeping you and your journey in my thoughts and prayers.

  10. Barbara in Olympia WAFebruary 26, 2010 at 12:27 AM

    Abby, you are connected to this landlocked person...who will be with you in spirit all the ways through your adventure. I can't imagine what it is like except through your blog - never sailed a day in my life. Thanks for reaching out to us and for keeping us informed about what is happening for you. You are very special.

  11. Abby, you are connected to this landlocked person...who will be with you in spirit all the ways through your adventure. I can't imagine what it is like except through your blog - never sailed a day in my life. Thanks for reaching out to us and for keeping us informed about what is happening for you. You are very special.

  12. Nice to see you are making good progress. Stay safe.

  13. Dear Abby,

    Good to read your update and to hear about the name of the boat. It's a perfect name. You sound happy being out there. Sail on safe and take care.
    Ingrid, Tyreso, Sweden

  14. Abby,
    Just because of you
    I think I will go out
    for a 5 nm trip around
    the red bellbuoy near my
    moorage. OK?

  15. Thanks for the continued postings, Abby. I start every morning by checking your position and reading your words. You are so inspirational to us out here; like the astronauts of the 60's (I'd imagine). Keep your spirits high and your feet steady. Thousands of people are pulling and praying for your safety.

  16. Thanks Abby, what a great update.
    There's a lot of us just waiting to hear from you, you're inspirational. Truly inspirational.

  17. My husband and I are enjoying following your blog. At 16 my brother who lived on a trimaran in LA gave me the book Dove and I've dreamed about sailing around the world ever since. At age 54 I guess it won't happen but we're praying for your safety in completing your dream. God Bless! Annette and Mike Botti

  18. Following you here in the middle USA. Joplin Missouri. Technology is fantastic...Take care and Gods speed....

  19. Hello Abby. Thanks for the great update. It is good to hear that you have some decent wind that is allowing Wild Eyes to "excersize". I am pleased to hear that the wind generators are keeping up. That is also a pretty good indicator that the electrical changes made in Cabo San Lucas are effective. Thanks for the details like being close hauled etc. I have been watching passage, and we can see the wind direction is a difficult one, and it helps us understand the more westerly track you have had to take. Stay safe, stay alert and keep hooked in! Once again, I would like to say, "well done!" Team Abby.
    Continually lifting you and your team up in prayer.
    I have been watching your followers grow at the rate of about 100 per day! You are obviously catching the attention of many world wide!
    Grace Fellowship Church.
    North Stonington, CT. USA

  20. Hi Abby,

    Oh I see Abby, so that's how Wild Eyes got her name. I couldn't imagine you having a look like that on your face when you get drenched with water by a wave.

    I hope that you've managed to get all those little flying fish out of all the nooks and crannies on Wild Eyes. It might start smelling a little fishy on board otherwise.

    I'm pleased that the weather is cooling down a little for you and making conditions a little more comfortable for you. It's great that you can now sit in the cabin and not swelter too much.

    Keep up the great work Abby and keep safe my dear. Warmest wishes from Jan Pace (Auckland, New Zealand)

  21. Hi Abby! :)
    I've just stumbled across your blog and I'm really looking forward to following your progress - I'm amazed by what you're doing and wish you all the very best of luck. Take care and best wishes from my little corner of the UK x

  22. Hang on. The wind is blowing like crazy here in Ohio.

  23. Hi Abby,
    You weren't tempted to have fresh fish for dinner?

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for some more easting in that breeze - I don't think they're expecting you in Tahiti just yet!

    Stay safe and dry

  24. Hi Abby
    Glad to finally hear from you and that all is going well. I could imagine that if you don't find some of the fish 'wild eyes' would get rather smelly.
    Take care and keep your harness on.
    Evie from Bendigo

  25. Very fitting and its unique... btw I bet it fits u and I am not saying u are in fear, I imagine u having that 'wild' look of wonder and amazement as u make this journey around the world... You are very fortunate u can do this..

  26. Hi Abby,

    I was wondering how your sleep patterns are. Do you set a clock and wake every so often? Also, I was wondering if you have made enough fresh water to fill your stores and if the water is tasting better.
    I'm sure you have all the food you need on board but did you bring gear in case you needed to hop over a spear a fish. I know you will be in frigid water for most of the trip but I think as you cross the Pacific on the way back you will be craving some fresh Civiche'! or Poke!

    Best wishes from, Dave & Lori in Greenville, SC

  27. Hi Abby
    Thanks for the update, am very glad to hear your electrical supply is working well considering previous hiccup.
    Best wishes
    John N

  28. Abby....when you see flying fish, think Sushi!

  29. Hi Abby,

    You are an incredibly brave person and surely an inspiration to us all. Love this update the most as I imagined you being sloshed by the wave. :)

    Stay Safe, be sharp and live your dreams.

    Cheers from Malaysia.

  30. Really interesting the descriptions...stay safe!

  31. As Terry said above, Abby, yes, there are lots of people watching you ... even if we don't comment. We're all pulling for you and counting down until you arrive in Cabo again.

    Keep writing whenever you have time ... your fan club thirsts for your messages.

    Just remember to keep that tether on above board.


  32. Hi Captain Abby, Those rouge waves can really spoil a perfect moment.
    You probably yell out a loud scream. Glad the wind is treating you and
    Wild Eyes nicely. Be Safe! Be Happy! Stay Dry! Godspeed!

  33. 02-26-10 @ 10:03
    Hi Abby ,
    Thanks for the great post, I needed that. How are you doing???
    It was good to see that you got some good wind and you’re really scooting along. And it looks like it only gets better, what more can you ask for??
    Sorry that you have to put up with the flying fish, you just got past all the squid and cleaned up from them, now it’s the flying fish again. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you to make sure you get them all out of their little hiding spots, so I won’t. LOL You’ve been through this drill before, Champ!!!!

    It’s nice to see, that with all the electrical trouble you had before, everything is working so well now. All that patience paid off. See???? That’s one less thing you have to worry about.

    But do you always wash the dishes when you take a shower….lol… I know, just conserving on water.
    I remember one picture of “Wild Eyes” when she was in MDR, her eyes were at the water line and she looked pretty seductive.
    That was an interesting story on how “Wild Eyes” got her name, I can just imagine the look on someone’s face when they got hit by the cold water, not to mention a shiver or two (2), funny for me, not funny for them, depending on the outside temp. LOL…
    Hope the wind gets better for you, at least not to drop off.
    Take care of yourself and be cautious and take care of “Charlie”.
    May God hold you in the palm of His hand and may the Angels keep your sails full, and I, I will be praying for you.
    Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

  34. The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is to see if you have a new blog. I am glad that you are doing just fine and seems to enjoy your journey. More power to you and looking forward to your next Blog.

    From an old Salty US Navy Sailor.

  35. Great going Abby. I check on your progress every morning, and am glad to see how far you have made it. I can imagine how you must feel, after the heeling begins to relax and calm down. Keep up the great job your doing. God Speed. Norm Strasser :-)

  36. Abby you're my new hero! God Speed. Be safe.

  37. Keep om going. Great to hear from you as always. Would love to start seeing pictures and videos of your trip and to what is happening. More like what your brother and Mike did. Photos reakkt help us see what is and what it like out there. Keep the post coming though. God Bless and fair winds

  38. I admit, having only been on daysails, to agreeing with the above poster about enjoying a close-hauled point of sail. It feels like you're moving faster than you are, and the constant attention necessary at the helm is challenging, but I can easily see why you'd want to avoid that point on a long voyage. It muist be a tough choice on a sail as long as yours, when the difference between a close reach and close hauled could add days or even weeks to your journey as opposed to comfort and wear concerns.

    Stay safe, and don't forget, even when you're tired and uncomfortable, to thank G-d for the glorious world He's allwed you to witness!

    Still praying Numbers 6:24-26
    Mouse in Whittier

    Buy "Death and Coffee" here!

  39. Abby, I have been following your blog since before you and your dad went to Rhode Island to pick up the boat. It was an interesting trip down the East Coast to Florida and I was a little concerned as your dad had a large role in the sailing down. After following your solo trip for a month now there is no doubt you have the abilities to succeed with this trip. I still worry about whether Wild Eyes can make it non-stop, but she has done it before so why not again. You are doing great, and if you have any complaints so far you have not shared them with us.... other than the unexpected dousing of water when you are trying to stay dry! I am also impressed that you and your family know who your real co-pilot is on this trip, and he will see you through!
    Dwight in N.C.

  40. Bud & Charla WinnettFebruary 26, 2010 at 8:00 AM

    Once again I am here to wish you a safe journey and to say how much we appreciate your blogs. I end the night looking for your latest blog and start the mornings that way as well. I don't believe there are enough words that can express our feelings for you and what you are doing. You are a prize. We all love you and wish you well. Enjoy the good days and forget the rough ones. Wishing you Blue Skies and Good Winds. Stay safe. Bud & Charla Winnett

  41. Hi Abby! I think it's so cool that you are following your dreams and doing so at your age. I wish you every success and I will keep you in my prayers. Safe and prosperous journeys! :)

  42. keep on a keepin on...enjoy watching your progress...

  43. Bonjour Abby & Wild Eyes,

    Most people would get 'wild eyes' getting hit by cold water.
    But in your case hearing the word 'schoolwork' might make you, maybe? :-)

    Stay cool, be safe.

  44. Hi Abby,
    Thanks for the update.
    That low free board makes for a wet ride, but on the other hand, you did 215 miles/24 hours! That kind of speed is probably worth a dunking now and then.
    Those flying fish sound like they are just about bite size.
    Sleep, clip on and stay safe.
    San Diego

  45. My kids and I are really enjoying following your jouney! You are very inspiring to my daughter, who is 9!! Stay safe and enjoy the beauty around you!!
    Lisa Sofia Miles Freddie

  46. I have a 16 year-old daughter, so I am following you with great excitement and interest (and concern - just the mom in me). For us non-sailers, when you have a moment, can you explain close haul and other nautical terms you use? Have fun, be safe!

  47. Hi Abby,

    I was so inspired that you are able to sail alone at 16 yrs old. I believe that you are a kind of person who works on faith and happy to know that you have that kind of parents who support you well to grow by yourself.

    I still want to get to know more about you and be your friend. To exchange ideas, beliefs, faith and even experiences through this way of blogging. Well I am an asian guy and thinking to develop good friend relationship to all the people out there globally. I was so amazed when I saw your video and I felt the faith that works on me before during the time of my career. That's why I catched my attention to give more time to know you here in blogging.

    Keep in faith.....and good luck.

    God bless,

  48. Abby, I have been following you every day since the day you left Cabo. You have a great website and blog and "where's Abby". It's truly a joy to follow your progress. Stay safe and it won't be long before you are wishing for warm again.

    Regards, David Fort Wayne, IN

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  50. Hi Babsy,
    keep up them dodgers!
    Jony the Pony

  51. Great to know how the WE name came about.

    Wow you made up lots of N miles compare to day 28/29. Good job Abby.

    Stay safe always.


  52. I heard about you at BlissDom. Praying for you! You are brave.

  53. Stage 1 - After toasting Abby’s equatorial passage - a half bottle of Single Malt Scotch (Dalwhinnie) was dropped into the Pacific at Marina Del Rey, CA. The bottle is now on its way to Abby on Wild Eyes for her half of the celebration. The world’s first Scotch Satellite Tracking System (SSTS) is attached to the bottle.

    Stage 2 - The bottle has drifted - as planned - into the path of the annual Gray Whale southern migration. This is the start of the Around the World Scotch Relay (AWSR). The lead mammal – a baleen whale named Maxi is scheduled to pick up the bottle this evening. Don’t worry -
    Maxi is a teetotaler.

    Stage 3 - The Scotch Satellite Tracking System (SSTS) shows that Maxi has indeed picked up the bottle of scotch and is heading south to Laguna Ojo de Liebre in Baja California (about 550 nm ) from Marina Del Rey, CA. Maxi is a bottom feeder but her pod does not stop too often during the migration. With the bottle held in stashed in her baleen - she has to be wary of boats filled with thirsty whale watchers !


    Stage 4 - The SSTS shows that Maxi is now in clean waters off the coast of Baja California about 300 nm west of the gray whale nursing grounds in Laguna Ojo de Liebre (Scammon’s Lagoon) – near the town of Guerrero Negro. There are close to 2,000 whales and their new born calves in the lagoon. She has met up with two other pods (probably relatives) and has shown them the half filled bottle of scotch. When the 3 pods turned east to the nursing grounds - Maxi sounded to transmit the bottle’s latest position to the SSTS.

    Maxi made great time in the continued pursuit of Abby and Wild Eyes. She will now hand off the bottle of Dalwhinnie - to the next member of the relay team.

    Stay Tuned.

    Abby – may God continue to hold you in the palm of his hand !

  54. hey abby i hope that you are aware that their are pirats in the warmer waters i know that i sound crazy but my teacher said that their are near austarla

  55. Abby,
    I agree with Sophie that you might want to look at heading to the southern oceans now i.e. head towards new zealand now b/c hitting the southern oceans in march/april is MUCH better than in may/june. From the accts i've read your timing going east west is almost perfect. You'd have the ultimate record and you're sailing the perfect boat for that record! Anyway, you're so far out in the pacific it just makes sense.

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  57. Abby, That's a great story on how "Wild Eyes" got her name. It would still be kind of nice for you to post your lat/long every now and then and may I suggest maybe a degree or two different just to throw the crazies off and still give your followers a hint as to your location. It would also be cool for a few more pics when you get the time. Ah, technology you've got to love it..Always on my mind,Lynn 38.45N/122.66W

  58. Cool and bummer at the same time which actually does seem to appear in all your entrees. Cool that you're almost on a beam reach with the slightly cooler air feeling so wonderful and bummer the waves breaking over Wild Eyes make you retreat to the cabin. Perfection seems hard to find in the middle of the ocean.

    Love visualizing the spinning blades of your wind generators. Abby, get your video camera out and shoot a vid of the blades spinning, then angle it down and show the auto pilot's hydraulic arm moving the tiller. It would be so interesting to see the boat's systems operate. Please share the visual adventure if possible.


  59. Thanks for the update abby!! Very nice to read that you are enjoying your experience.

  60. Hey Captain Abbey, Little nerve racking sailing I suspect on closed haul point of sail. I suspect wild eyes will keep you on your toes at all times and the ocean as we all know has a mind of it's own.You sound mellow yellow rolling along and have found your routine. I will follow your dream and dream.. Sandi inpa

  61. Awesome, looks like you're making great progress!

  62. Does any computer tech person understand why the delete comment (trash can) symbol is visible at times and not at other times?

  63. You are totally awesome I want my three daughters to follow this blog and your adventure.
    Good to hear the wind is picking up.

  64. Great post! Good to learn more about your boat. I've been following you everyday to see how your travels are going. Safe travels.

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  66. I beg health ABBY
    I wish you good luck and good wind. Every day I watch your journey and look into GoogleMaps.
    Have a good while. The Czech Republic Slavek salute you.

  67. Another day and many more thoughts of you on your solo, Abby. I look forward to pics but more importantly want you to know I pray you stay alert and safe while you have the most thrilling time of your life, well...maybe there are probably more in store for you...
    Barbara In Olympia Washington

  68. You are sure cranking along -- one 200 mile day after another. At this rate -- 1,000 miles every 5 days -- you'll be making a fast trip around the world.

    - Grant Fjermedal, Seattle

  69. Abby,

    So you came down with a case of “wild eyes” before you could get from the cockpit back inside. Between getting hit with an occasional wave and those chili temperatures (88°) that you’re getting, you must be a little bit more comfortable than with the blazing hot temperatures. Wild Eyes really is a good name for her, isn’t it? Now if you could do something to keep the flying fish off of the deck. Too bad there isn’t a flying fish version of mosquito repellent. Stay safe and always clip on, Abby. I know I don’t have to tell you that, but it makes us feel better saying it.

    From Seattle, WA, USA

  70. Hi Abby, I was so glad to read your blog. Glad to hear you are doing fine. Watch out for the flying fish and stay dry. My prayers and thoughts are with you. Gail/Ventura

  71. Dear Abby,
    I enjoy your blog. Oh, to be young and fearless. Enjoy each moment. Give us all the details of your journey, as many of us will never be able to experience the adventure you are on.
    Take care.
    Gen Cahill

  72. 02-26-10 @ 21:50
    @Bob from Seattle: The trash can is only visible to the person making the comment.

  73. Wow! About a 1,000 miles south of the Equator. It may be hot now, but I'll bet you'll be breaking out the Dry Suit before too long! Godspeed, Shellback Babsy!

  74. God bless you Abby as you safely travel the beautiful ocean. The prescence of Holy Spirit is covering the oceans. Blessings to your Mom & Dad. Blessings to your sisters and brothers.

    Dallas, TX

  75. Your progress map looks like your averaging 200+ NM a day... as long as you can keep up the good speed, you should be home in 120 days or so... Weather sat. shows that your in for good wind for awhile and your probably going to be in the colder climes quicker than you thought... Bundle up.. buckle in get ready for the wild ride on the Wild Eyes...

    Richard Rumble
    Dana Point, CA

  76. Hi Abby,

    Flying along in the flying fish :):) you really would have had Wild eyes if you were on deck at the time, an amazing explanation of the naming.
    When the wind goes to the East are you going to angle your course more towards the Cape? this will give you a following sea or are the conditions to big for this at the moment?.
    Good you have the power situation under better control.

    Keep Smiling,& Safe Passage.

    Brian Riley
    Hervey Bay. Queensland.Au

  77. @Michael ... I know that, otherwise we could delete each others(ha), that would be fun but Abby would miss out on our collective wisdom. No I made a typo and wanted to delete and redo it, but there was no trash can visible. I rebooted my computer, made sure I was still signed on into my Google account, no change. About 4 hours later, the trash can symbol reappeared. Mystery on the blog. Oh well, it's not anything to lose sleep over.

  78. @Lynn 38.45N/122.66W - Hey, we're neighbors !

    Steve in California
    38.43N 122.866 W

  79. you listen to music ? if so what what are you listening too ?

  80. hezakiah299 and Bob from Seattle,
    I've see the trashcan on Jesse's blog too sometimes, and visible to everyone, and I've wondered why also. Maybe someone here will know.

  81. Abby-- Heads up for possible tsunami headed your way from 8.8 earthquake in Chile. Be safe, girl.

  82. God bless you. May your journey be fun, adventurous, and safe.

    Johnny C.

  83. Massive earthquake about half an hour ago at time of writing:

    M8.8 – Offshore Maule, Chile
    35.85°S 72.72°W
    Saturday, February 27, 2010 at 06:34:14 UTC

    That's abut 3000 miles (south) East of you.

    Let u sknow if you felt any odd changes in the sea state as Tsunami warnings are in effect for the Pacifc.

  84. Dont worry the tsunami will go under you and you will most likely not notice it. Maybe a small bump at most.

    Ron Judge
    Perth Western Australia

  85. Hi Miss Abby,
    It was impossible to leave a comment yesterday night (choose a profile was blocked), so this one will look like cold meat. Bah, doesn't matter.
    Thank you for the update and the Wild Eyes explanation. Good name!
    I guess you will be soaked more than one time, especially if you didn't celebrate your Line Crossing in the proper way; that Ol' Bloke Neptune isn't a young player, and you can be sure he will try to shower you as often as he can! But maybe you did some celebration, though you stay silent about it? No tale, no pics?
    At least, you are surfing fast, that's a good point. Keep being very careful and clipped on, and if you are bashful about the Equator, maybe you could tell how you are coping with your circumnavigators' special diet? How do you eat, how do you take it?
    Fair winds, Abby!

  86. Hey did you survive the earthquakes and tsunamis? :S

  87. HI ABBY,



  88. Hey Abby - I awoke this morning to learn of an earthquake striking Chile. The first thing I though was "Abby Sunderland is a few hundred miles off the coast of Chile right now!" Are there concerns regarding a Sunami? How would that affect you? Other than the flying fish have you noticed any larger sea life out there?

    That last question is from my eleven year old little girl Maryssa.

    Take care and God Bless!

    Ron, Lisa, and Maryssa Rigdon
    Fenton, Missouri

  89. Team Abby, I woke up in the middle of the night here on the East Coast US and saw the earthquake in Chile and the Tsunami warning for the Pacific Basin. PLEASE let us know asap that Abby is ok, even if she does not post. We are praying for her safety.
    Dwight in NC

  90. Worried about you with the Chile earthquake. Hope you just experience a big swell. You go girl. You give me more courage at my LATE age to take my cutter out on the ocean.

  91. Cobrarog in Hervey BayFebruary 27, 2010 at 4:54 AM

    Oh Boy Abby, if you think you had wild eyes with that bath, wait till you get way down South and catch one of them. Joni has been warning you, take heed.
    Nice to see your flying along but it will be much more comfortable once you are able to swing easterly and not so close hauled.
    How is your fishing going. Well on second thought your flying along too fast for that. There will be more times ahead for fishing and home work when you find some of "them dollydroms".
    Please stay on the safe side of safe ABSY!

  92. After reading a bit more about tsunami's at sea since my last post I now find they are not much of a threat to boats at sea and can be almost imperceptible. I obviously hope this holds true with Abby's journey... and I guess I was thinking of a rogue wave. Anyway, be safe Abby, and prayers are still coming.
    Dwight in NC

  93. Chile had an earthquake, resulting in a tsunami last night (2/26), which is heading in Abby's direction. I hope she is aware and has taken precautions.

  94. 8.8 earthquake in chile. tsunami warnings in pacific.i wont sleep till i know your ok. keep us posted. god bless.

  95. Will be interested to learn if you notice anything related to the tsunami from the Chile earthquake.

  96. I know you're probably aware of the potential Tsunami resulting from the massive Chilean earthquake. Please let us know when you're "all clear". You're doing a fantastic job. I check this site for an update just about every day.

  97. Hi Abby,
    Good to know that you are doing fine. You seem to making good progress and that is of course good news.
    Take Care,

  98. First time to respond, Abby. I am sure your shore team is on top of this... but an 8.8 Earth quake has been reported near Conception, Chili, with Tsunami warnings from the coast of SA to Hawaii. I hope you are alert and safe from major challenges from the potentially 'big waves'.

    Bruce de Mich

  99. Hi Abby - good luck out there - hope you haven't felt the brunt of any crazy wave activity as a result of the earthquake in Chile. Will continue to think about you.


  100. Now that there was an earthquake in Chili how will this affect Abby? The news keeps talking about a tsunami in the Pacific Ocean.

  101. I heard there was an earthquake in Chile Friday triggering a tsunami...will Wild Eyes feel the effects?...not sure where you are today but I wish
    you safe sailing...Zeke..Roseville, Ca.

  102. Be careful Abby, 8.8 earthquake 200 miles SW of Santiago, Chile friday night 10:34 pacific standard time. They said it generated a tsunami. Should travel harmlessly right under your boat as it heads west but Hawaii, Phillipines, Australia and others will be in harms way.
    I am sure you were notified many hours ago but just in case I am writing this for you
    Here in Indiana we got another round of snow, a couple inches..can't wait for spring

  103. Hold on tight, Abby.....there's a tsunami in the Pacific following an 8.8 mag earthquake in Chile at 6:34am UT on Saturday.

    Let us know about your tsuname experience (assuming you see the bump of water)

  104. Hello Abby,
    We are concerned for your safety with the earthquake in Chille and the Tsunami warning that is in effect. Would be great to know that you are safe and not in danger. We are praying for your safe travels!
    The Stack's in Western New York

  105. Think back on what will have happened this morning if you'd seen a couple of rollers in series with each other...turns out folks think a tsunami is making its way across the Pacific..

  106. Abby, we are hoping you are OK because of the earthquake that hit Chile early this morning and the resulting tsumani. We are thinking about you and praying for your safety. Please let us know when you can how you are doing.
    Best regards,
    The Cutrones
    Spring, TX

  107. I'm writing to bring up the earthquake that just hit Chile. It's expected to produce a tsunami that might reach as far as Hawaii. I suspect that Abby is in deep enough water that she won't be in any danger, but it would be worth calculating when the wave will cross her path to be prepared for a possible ocean surge.

  108. Will Abby be affected by the Quake in chile
    Tsunami watch?

  109. Abby;
    Do be careful. I just read about the 8.8 Earthquake that hit Chile and that they are expecting a sunami to strike Hawaii and Samoa...I'm not sure what effects you may notice if may only be a swell in your path..but just know special prayer covering is over you during this passage as well as those at the Epicenter and in the wake..Be Safe..Take care..
    Blessings and smooth sailing..

    Gary & Jan

  110. Hi Abby! I must first start out by asking if you are doing ok? I am reading about the tsunami right now. There are 53 countries that are on alert...hang on and I pray for you!
    When I first found your blog, it was totally by accident. I have kept reading and it is beautiful what you are doing. How many people in this world have the knowledge, skill, and capabilities to sail solo around the world? You are going to treasure this experience for the rest of your life. You will look back on this time in your life with a sparkle in your eyes...we are all proud of you out here!

  111. Praying you make it through the tsunami.

  112. Curious if you felt or saw the Tsumani from the 8.8 earthquake in Chile earlier today [Saturday PST]?

  113. 02-27-10 @ 15:30
    @ Bob from Seattle:
    Hmmm, that's interesting, can't help you there.

  114. I was just reading about you on Yahoo. Sending wishes for a clm sea ahead.