Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!! It's quite a nice day out today as long as I stay outside. Down below is pretty miserable but outside there is a nice breeze so it isn't as bad. I was getting really hot earlier today so I dumped a bucket of salt water over my head... it was much colder than I had expected!

I have been making good progress the past few days and I'm actually ahead of my updated schedule now. I haven't discovered any jumping spiders so far, so I'm still very much single handing, except for the occasional flying fish. But seeing as fish don't have hands, I may not be completely alone but am still single handing! I've been able to make about 170 - 180 miles a day so I should be down at the equator soon! I have to think of something to do once I get there!

There isn't a whole lot of wind right now, but Wild Eyes is moving along nicely. I slept outside last night. It was so nice compared to being down below and the cockpit floor was even more comfortable than my bed! I would have slept very well if I hadn't been so worried that a flying fish or squid would land on me. It was really very worrying because the squid and fish keep seeming to land around the same spot, which was entirely too close to where my head was!

Hope you're all having a good Valentines Day back home!

Babsy :)


  1. abby that is so cool are you haveing fun i bet you will be happy when you hit warm equator ok by

  2. Bonjour Abby & Wild Eyes,

    You really are moving and with almost no wind!

    Happy Valentine's day to you too.

    Today is also the Chinese New Year; Happy year of the Tiger!
    Make sure one doesn't jump aboard as in Yan Martel's novel "Life of Pi" :-)

    Enjoy your sleep, take care, be safe.

  3. We luv Babsy !!

    She got wild eyes !!


  4. Happy Valentines Day. Try to keep cool. It will be cold enough soon enough. Bob O Redondo Beach CA.

  5. Happy Valentine's Day. Keep on making your parents proud along with the rest of us. Be Safe.

  6. How wonderful that you took out time to post for those of us following your adventures. As a parent, I know that your safe sailing is the best Valentine present your family could ever receive.

    I wish you many more wonderful, safe days. Take care and know that many are with you on your exciting journey.

  7. COMMS NOTEs (1): Previous comment on your Feb. 12 blog post is not up, for some reason. Persistence is a virtue, the saying goes.

    Hi Abby,

    Hope you get to see this right today. Couple of lines only to wish you and your San Diego CentCom team a ... HAPPY VALENTINE's! See your greetings e-card at

    COMMS NOTEs (2): The email address posted is disposable and will be gone automatically in a week. The card itself is viewable online for about a month, I think, not sure. After that, in turn, I will delete this link.




  8. I really enjoy yopur posts. I should tell you, I am probably the oldest or nearly the oldest person following your journey.(79). My thoughts are with you,dailly and I wish you well.

    Bud Winnett
    Wheeling, Mo.

  9. Happy Valentine's Day Abby.

    Glad to hear that things are going great for you now. That is...great except for the rising heat.

    The amount of miles you're chewing up means less time in the tropics. Good thing, huh? Of course when you round the horn you'll be wishing for the tropics I suspect.

    Take care and stay safe. We, your fans, will be at MDR (or Cabo) to great you before you know it.

    Wishing you good winds and calm seas.


  10. Flying fish and squid. What a story to tell to future generations!

    It has finally been super nice back here in Southern California - great Spring weather.

    Praying for continued clear sailing for you!


  11. Babsy,....You're so cool! Happy Valentine's Day and your present to yourself is you escaped Cabo without any jumping spiders. Did you see the pic of that little guy? 4 eyes! Looked like you wouldn't want to mess with him. So you lucked out and that's a good omen meaning you will complete the trip and accomplish your dream!

    Amazing you are having so many fish and squid land on your boat. Hard to thing of anything more disruptive to a person's sleep than a squid landing on your face. Gees, hope that doesn't happen.

    Hope you sail through to the equator quickly and bear up well with the heat. At least it won't last too long.


  12. Glad all is going well. Nothing says you can't have a pleasant time and be competent and aware at the same time. I'm gonna go sing your song in HB tonight. Stay safe!

    Still praying Numbers 6:24-26
    Mouse in Whittier

    Buy "Death and Coffee" here!

  13. Abby,

    Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you’ve had a great day.

    I’ve always enjoyed sleeping on deck whenever the weather is good enough. That’s funny about being concerned about flying fish or squid landing on you. I guess you should have a mosquito net, or I guess I should say a flying fish net to protect you. I remember waking up once when I was sleeping on deck and hearing something spouting next to the boat, possibly an Orca. It was actually really cool.

    When you get into warmer water, maybe fishing will be better. Don’t give up on it. You’ll catch something. Have fun, Abby, and be safe.

    From Seattle, WA, USA

  14. I bet it's pretty awesome sleeping under the stars like that.

  15. Yo no lo puedo creer, hace unas horas arribe de mi rancho y de curiosidad ingrese en el bog de Zac, y me encuentro con la noticia q su hermana también realizara el viaje alrededor del mundo?
    Es increíble, como lo había escrito en el blog de Zac a comienzo de su aventura, “ o iba a ser la última de los Sunderland” FELICITACIONES, espero seguirte diariamente como lo hice con tu hermano..

    Saludos cordiales
    Glen Ingouville
    Bs.As Argentina

  16. I forgot I was going to tell you how exciting the Olympics were last night with Apolo Anton Ohno and JR Celski (both from my area) took silver and bronze in the 1500m short track when 2 South Koreans, who were ahead collided and fell at the last turn before the finish. It was an amazing finish and our guys really lucked out to medal. Hope if you are a fan, you learn of the results at least.

  17. 02-14-10 @ 21:06
    Hi Abby,
    Thanks for the up-date, and a Happy Valentines Day back at you.
    It must have been pretty hot to dump a bucket of water on yourself, but what a shock that must have been. I would loved to have seen your face, oooooohhhh…lol….
    Well I’m glad to hear you’re making such good progress 170-180 miles per day is great. You’ll be at the Equator within a week, if my calculations are correct. When you get to the equator dunking is traditional, but you have already done that, and remember, that the water is cold, bbrrrrrrrr. Bake yourself a cake or muffins or eat some freeze dried ice cream….lol….I still can’t get over that one. But you have time to think of something interesting before you get there.
    I pulled up a picture of them spiders and believe me they are uuugggly.
    I sure hope you don’t be bothered by them.
    I imagine that sleeping outside would be pretty comfortable compared to a hot cabin. Enjoy yourself as much as you can, it’s your vacation, yes????
    Take care of yourself and be cautious, and keep an eye open for them spiders, hopefully they don’t have a nest in there, if they did get aboard

    May God hold you in the palm of His hand and may the Angels keep your sails full, and I, I will be praying for you.
    Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

  18. Flying fish and squid! Love to see pics of that! hahah

    Have a suuuper V day!

  19. Hi Abby,

    A heart for you on Valentine's Day,& a happy day ahead.

    Quite a sailing sports car you are in, with high mileage even in comfortable winds.
    Are you realy afraid of a squid or fish landinfg on you? they possibly are to keen on you either :):):).

    Enjoy your alfresco dinning and sleep well.

    Keep Smiling, Safe Passage.

    Brian Riley
    Hervey Bay

  20. :) Hmm, imagine waking up with a squid attached to your head? LOL

  21. Hi Abby; I'm glad to here your doing fine. Look's like your back on course, and headed for the center-circle of the planet earth. You know what to do when you cross that line; right !!!!!!. Remember; stay tied off where ever you go on your ship. The sea is very big ,and your so very small. I don't mean to scare you, but it can take you in a heartbeat!!!! I've been watching Jessica and here adventure and she has had some very close call's. A wave was so big and powerfull that it picked her boat up ,and flipped it 180, and pushed here back into the sea, tip of mast straight down. I don't mean to sound so tuff, but I've been sailing for awhile and have seen some strange things thing"s out there. So that's why I'll always remind you to stay tied off. Have a restfull night. Talk to you later. Woodrow Wilson Jr. of San Diego.

  22. Jeanne Socrates in her Sailing Yacht Nereida stuck in Cape Town, South Africa
    15th-Feb-2010 12:40 am - Finally - a new engine in place! I might actually get away sailing soon!
    Lots of new pictures.

  23. This is Dave wishing you the best. You are very cool and I'll be here following you online.

  24. you're doing GREAt Abby Hang in there

  25. Happy Valentine's Day Abby !
    Sounds like your really moving. As you get more in the groove, I bet you will have some really impressive daily distances! I can't imagine waking up to a squid landing on my head.

    Wishing you the Best of Luck!
    Richard W

  26. Happy valentine's day to you too, and Happy Chinese New Year too - I am sure the year of the tiger will usher in great luck for you.

  27. Happy Valentine's Day to the sweet girl with the heart painted on the bottom of her boat!! You go girl!!

  28. Keep up with your amazing attitude and your brave outlook.
    Take care out there!
    Abbie from N. Smithfield, RI

  29. Happy Valentines day, Abby and may your journey continue to one of safety, blessings, speed and a very happy Wild Eyes.

    MY best sailing was when i could single hand outsie the Golden Gate (even in the potato patch, an area where conflicting waves arived from 3 different directions. Believe me, I got pooped many times, but after all that's the name of the game.

    Nightime and slow speed should be the best time for sailing. I hope you catch a tellowtail or 2.
    love and hugs John and Louise from Redding, CA

  30. praying for you girl. glad you're having a fun time out there!
    how crazy is it that you can write a blog that everyone around the world can see, and you're in the middle of the ocean? ahh technology :)
    have a good one!

  31. Happy Valentines day to you to!
    What music are you listening to?
    I admire you for following your dreams!
    Jim in California

  32. Hi Abby!!

    Glad things are going well. Wishing you a Happy Valentines day. Be safe. Your faith is your strength.

    All the best from Brea California

  33. NO you don't need any fuzzy jumping spiders with you. But You can always use an extra squid or two for bait.

  34. I read the post about those spiders. Nasty! I think I'd trade being woken by a flying fish in the face any night over spider bites. Hope you've avoided that little curse. Wild Eyes seems like a great boat - and I love that logo especially with the eyes partly below the water line - very nice.

    Best weather, sail safe, sail on..

  35. Dear Abby, Happy Valentine's Day from a wanna be sailor in Missouri. I follow your progress daily and pray for a safe trip for you. I could tell you what they did to us in the Navy when we crossed the equator many years ago but I can't think of a SINGLE thing you would want to try so, never mind! :-) God Bless and be safe!

  36. Lynn from Thousand Oaks, CAFebruary 14, 2010 at 7:14 PM

    You're making great speed. Great job! Can you please tell me how squid can keep landing in the boat? I understand about flying fish but can squid leap? Or, are they washed on during waves?

  37. Happy Valentine's Day to you, Abby! Of course you will have to have your own 'crossing the line' ceremony at the equator. Enjoy!

  38. Sounds like you're having a fantastic time!

    I think of you every single day . . . and wonder where you are at that moment.

    Best to you with favorable winds and happy times!

  39. Hey Abby,

    My kids, Megan, 18, Shannon 15, and Tyler 13 are all convinced that they are whimps...and could never do what you are doing! We are all enjoying reading your posts, keep sharing you daily adventures! We'll be following your progress!

    The Beadles Family

  40. Hi Abby

    You are making great progress in the light to moderate winds. You will go too fast for the flying fish and squiddies when you start surfing on the bigger waves.

    Take care,
    Mike (Canberra)

  41. Hi Abby
    Squid make good eating and good bait for fishing. Glad you are making good mileage.
    One little point 'handing' I don't think is a word. sorry am a bit pedantic especially when people use 'me' and 'I' in the wrong context.
    Good luck with sailing toward the equator and do keep a line on to keep you safe.
    Evie from Bendigo

  42. Happy Valentine's Day to you too Abby! I think what you are doing is absolutely amazing! I hope and pray that you stay safe, and that you succeed in chasing your dream. :)

    Indiana, USA

  43. Happy Valentine's Day. I enjoy reading your blog about your amazing journey. Be safe.


  44. Happy Valentines to you Abby. It was a beautiful day here at So. Cal. temps up to about 83 deg. today.

    Enjoy the warmer weather down there. Looking forward for your crossing of the equator.


  45. Abby,
    I check your blog everyday, we are rooting for you here in Nebraska, what wonderful story your making, its exciting to follow you every step,love your blogs just know you are in our hearts Happy Valentine, your parents have to so proud of you, I know i am--God Bless you may you go at God's speed be safe

  46. No jumping spiders? A reference to Joshua Slocum's Sailing Alone Around the World?

  47. Abby I'm pretty sure your parents will be able to round up an official "Shellback" certificate in honor of your crossing. Not many people in the world get to experience crossing the equator. I'm lucky and have my Shellback certificate proudly displayed. You're making "King Neptune" proud!

  48. Happy Valentine's day Abby.

    From reading everyone's posts, it sounds like you might have picked up a big scary spider in Cabo...? I don't remember reading that in any of your posts.
    It's got me wondering now.

    Susan in Oregon

  49. Hey Abby, Happy Valentines to you. I loved your post today,it was very interesting. I can't believe how brave you are out there all alone, you are so amazing! Do flying fish and squid really land up into your boat? We live up in the high desert of NV and it is cold and snowy here so when you talk about how warm you are it seems very welcoming. We have a yacht down in Long Beach and go there about every 3 monthes, we are restoring an older yacht and someday when it's all done we hope to travel some and maybe take the same path your on. Happy sailing, will be praying for you, The Kidds, Elko NV

  50. Hi Captain Sunderland; Thank you for another great post. You are just flying along. Try not to get too many speeding tickets. Full speed ahead! Alfred
    Vancouver, Canada

  51. MsLynn from Santa Rosa, Calif. Abby you are awesome and you're making great mileage going towards the Equator and do appreciate the warm weather cause soon enough you'll be in some really cold climes and you'll be wishing you were back in the warm waters. I'm following your trip daily and oh BTW HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY AND HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR TO YOU... I'll follow you as you make this incredible journey around our rock in space....ALOHA

  52. I've only just discovered your blog and it makes wonderful reading. Good luck to you from Chelmsford, England!

  53. Hi Abby,

    I was going to suggest a bucket of cold water after you last blogged. I hope it did the trick and cooled you down :-).

    I'm pleased that you are moving along even though there isn't much wind. It must be lovely sleeping out under the stars, although I think I would be like you Abby and not appreciate having wet slimmy visitors landing on me at night - ew!

    Take care my dear and keep safe. Warmest wishes from Jan Pace (Auckland, New Zealand)

  54. Thanks Abby
    Enjoy life
    God is good
    Richard (QLD) Aus

  55. Hey Abby. I have a love link for you to pick up over at my blog. It originally started with Women's Life Link. Come check it out and read about yourself on my blog.

    ~Happy Sailing ;)

  56. Hi Babsy!
    great to see that you are getting the hang of it.
    Some people say you have to hang in there. I was actually wondering about the hanging.
    I guess, you 've got enough ropes and a mast to hang on to. How could I forget the tethering. You should be hanging into that all the time!
    Hey Babsy, with that race monster of yours youo should be catching up with Admiral Didl and Jess pretty fast!
    Keep up them dodgers,
    Jony the Pony

  57. Hey, there, Miss Abby!
    It's so much fun, keeping up with your adventure~~ I'm so enjoying following your progress, and all the little happenings of your days and nights at sea. I pray that you'll be safe all the way around and back to Cabo, and be so blessed, while pursuing your dream.
    God Bless,
    Mimi, Redding, CA

  58. Hi Abby,
    Tropics are rarely chilly, so no wonder you feel some warmth now. Try to fill your warm tanks now, you will need them later "down there".

    About the spiders, there are two explanations... good and bad... ;-)
    OK, the good first: None did come on Wild Eyes. Your solo status is safe. But you might be bored by times; having that kind of compainions brings many surprises and thrills!! ha ha ha
    The bad one: Your visitors were females about to give birth. They nested ad hid somewhere on board. One if these days, you will find HUNDREDS of them everywhere. huh? Oh, you think it's not funny? Well ,it's probably not true either! Just made to help you feeling lucky you got none, and to dry off your tears for being deprived of so lovely pets.

    Sail happy and most of all, remain clipped on and sail safe!

  59. Hi Babsy,
    keep up them dodgers,
    Jony the Pony

  60. Hey Abby.
    You're blog is very intressting.
    Happy Valentine's day to you, too.

    Best wishes

  61. Hi,
    Good to hear that you are enjoying yourself. When we were kids we too often slept in the open on the terrace of our house despite living in the heart of the city. However, these days it seems a distant possibility. The fact that you were able to sleep outside must be a boon.
    I wish my daughter Khushi (all of 05 years) will take inspiration from you and Jessica and go on to do whatever she wants to do - even if it is nothing. You two sure are role models for the kids.
    Wishing you good winds. Varuna (the god of the sky, of waters and of the celestial ocean) will look after you.
    Take care,

  62. Hoppy valentine day Abby..
    good luck and keep going


  63. Can you explain how jumping spiders would get on your boat in the middle of the ocean?
    V (8 years old)

  64. Greetings from Venezuela.

    I come here every day to see the news, but i don't know why you people do not update Abby's possition on a regular basis (every day) to give us an idea of her progress.

    I would like to know also if you can include in the web site a plot of the estimated route of her trip as the written description only give us a global idea of it.

    Mayby a blog from the technical teem every now an then to let us know how everything is working and if the power issues are totally resolved.

    The Best luck to Abby on her journey arround the world......

    Pardon in advance if my english is not too good.

  65. You could throw a penny in and make a wish. It could be your own giant wishing well. Good luck when you get to the equator!

  66. A late but most surely Happy Valentines Day to you Abby. I, like your many fans, read your Blog's every morning, first off. As you know, you have great parents as well as a terrific support staff. I'm sure you see God's Blessings in that. With that being true, keep up the good work, and enjoy.
    God speed,
    Norm Strasser :-)

  67. Abby I spent 22 years in the U.S. Navy and have beee captivated by your expedition so far. We always did a "crossing the line" ceremony and I agree that it's a time for some sort of celebration. I hope you can figure out some way to mark the moment (maybe your folks packed away some goodies to help with the celebration). Take care and may you always have fair winds and following seas.

  68. Following your journey from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

    Enjoy your blog!
    Stay safe!


  69. Happy Valentine's Day to you also,Abby.My class and I hope you have fun out at sea,but we wish you could spend Valentine's Day with your family.
    Take care,
    Mrs.MacCourtney's Class:)

  70. Hi Babsy,
    what about sending us some pictures and video's?
    We want to see what you are up to.
    Any weird seacreatures being thrown at you lately?
    keep up them dodgers,
    Jony the Pony

  71. Hey Abby, check out the "shellback" traditions for crossing the equator. You won't be able to do all of it but US Navy sailors have been taking part in those games for generations. It might give you an idea for your crossing!

  72. This comment has been removed by the author.

  73. Happy presidents Day Abby!! I have been following your journey and I am sooooo jealous of you.

  74. Abby,
    good to hear you are well! What a cool adventure!
    Flying fish and squid landing on the deck; we don't see that in Alaska.

    Happy belated Valentine's day! You rock! Cassidy

    I like being on the water; maybe I can go sailing sometime. Do you get seasick? Hannah

    I'm going to tell my sister about your website; she's always in the water. Chloe

    Happy Valentine's day; too bad I couldn't airdrop you goodies. Eric

    You should try reading the Warriors series of books, if you're thinking of something to read. Madison

    Have you fried up any squid? Johnny and Hayden

    How's the homework going? Do you have any candy for motivation? Trent

    Keep your chin up Abby! Our class thinks you are pretty cool.

    Mr. J's 5th grade
    Kodiak, AK

  75. V (8 year old) ... You ask about the jumping spiders. Abby's busy, so I'll answer for her. First if you know how to copy and paste, look at the one Abby was worried about:

    Pretty scary huh? OK, this is what happened. Abby is in an area of ocean where there are so many flying fish and squid flying all over the place on top of the waves that this spider can actually jump from one flying fish to a squid and then another flying fish to another squid and so forth till it lands on an unsuspecting boat, and there is nothing anybody can do about it! That's why Abby is so worried. V, you know I'm pulling your leg, right?, so here's what really happened.

    When Abby was docked at Cabo San Lucas, Mexico there was a worry that this little spider might have crawled on the dock lines and gotten on her boat when her hired night guard fell asleep. He was fired by the way. But Abby, experienced sailor that she is, is taking charge of the situation by inventing these little saucers that go around the mooring lines to keep the spiders off like the big ones do for rats.
    Now you know.

  76. Abby, Your adventure makes me think of all the oppressed girls and women around the world--how fortunate you are to be free to follow your dreams! You are an inspiration---enjoy every day of your journey! And thanks for taking all of us along the beautiful ride with you. --Diane in Florida

  77. Hi Abby,
    180 miles a day in light air? It looks you definitely didn't add too much weight in Cabo.
    Sleep, clip on, and eat that squid.
    San Diego

  78. Hello again from Venezuela

    Looks like you are going reach the equator later today or during tomorrow, I don't know at what time GMT was the last updated position, but you look so good.....

    Best of luck, and make, here i have told a lot of people about your jorney and now you have a lot of new people following you.


  79. Why do sailinggirls use so many exclamationpoints? Jessica, the aussi sailinggirl does the same, amazingly.

  80. 02-15-10 @ 16:58
    Hi Abby,
    Just thinking of you and wanted to say hello….Hello Abby…
    Hope things are going well for you, as per the P/W chart you should be in for some smooth sailing for awhile. So kick back and enjoy your “vacation”.
    Jessica is kinda in the doldrums right now, just waiting for some wind to come along.

    @ Bob from Seattle: I looked them guys up the other day and they are ugly little critters. I sure hope Abby’s not bothered by them. I also hope someone is not playing a prank on her, just to make her worry a little bit. Some people’s idea of fun is not always funny.

    @ Bud Winnett from Wheeling, Mo.: You got me by four (4) years, I just turned 75 last month. We should organize an ‘Over 70’s club for following sailors around the world.

    Well Abby, I could handle the flying fish landing on my head but not a squid, yeeech, with all them little suckers, no thank you!!!!!!…lol…
    Take care of yourself and be cautious, you have good sailing conditions ahead of you for now, but don’t get to complacent. Have you done any preventive maintenance lately…………, just checking.
    One question: Where did “Babsy” come from??? I’m sure there’s a story behind that, do we get to know it??……Please….
    Smooth sailing to you young lady, and you are always in my prayers.
    May God hold you in the palm of His hand and may the Angels keep your sails full, and I, I will be praying for you.
    Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

  81. Safe sailing Abby! I wish you & your team all the best.

  82. I think the traditional thing to do when you cross the equator is to dump a bucket of saltwater over your head.

    Also i'm glad your having a good time. So god speed abby!

  83. Hi Abby, I'm following your adventure from Encinitas Ca. What a start 170 to 180 miles a day you go girl. Keep up the good work.

  84. Crossing the Equator is such a special occasion for you and us too. Please get a photo for us landlubbers. I sure do want to see that sight.

  85. Happy Valentine's Day! Sounds like you're having fun. Sleeping outside sounds nice.

  86. @Michael(75) ... There's no big story behind "Babsy". Jony the Pony has been calling her that for a few days and Abby has humorously signed her post with it. Perhaps she's flattered also. The definition of "a babe" is a desirably woman. So it's a compliment.

    If I'm wrong or there's more to the story, Abby can speak forth.

  87. SOOOOo it looks like you have adopted the nome de plume of Babsy... well then.. Babsy it is...

    None of the spiders I own have hands.. and I am sure that the squid and flying fish do not either... so your single handed record is in no danger from the stow aways that join you.. Unless some merman flops on deck you are definataly doing a Single Handed Sail.

    For Valentines day, I took my boat out for a spin... some 1500 mi. north of you the wind was a pleasant 12 kts... and the seas were 3-6 ft.. I looked REALLY far south but did not see you in the swell.

    As for crossing the EQ... I seem to recall from my past reading that sailors of Old held a cermony on deck for all the first time sailors that crossed.. and made them crawl down a gaunlet where everyone gave them a swat on the butt.. Pretty sure that you won't be able to do that one unless you can move down line of YOU and give yourself a swat as you go by....

    I recommend you open a bottle of your finest juice or bottled water... Toast the Winds... Toast the Sea.. Toast to a safe passage and enjoy the moment...

    Post Often.. Sail Safe and have FUN..

    Richard Rumble
    Dana Point

  88. @hezakiah299
    No I wasn't funning (is that a word?) about the little critters! They turned out to be a real problem for me. Not too many things bother me, but spiders DO! My amigo, Luis in Cabo san Lucas guessed that the reason I probably had so many was that I either got some moms that were about to burst or one may have come aboard with hundreds riding on her back! Either way...not good! I was only in port for two days and Abby was there a week later and for days longer but hopefully nobody made it up her mooring lines. Anyway, I spent most of the last few days on deck. I'll say it out loud - yes, I am terrified of spiders crawling on me while I sleep...actually anytime! I would not wish the experience on anyone, but if anyone can handle them, I would think Abby could! Oh, and Happy belated Valentine's Day!
    Jim in Seattle

  89. Any Birds hanging around you. It is amazing how far out to sea they can go..And Happy Valentines Day to you too..Princess of the ocean.

  90. @ Michael(75): Bob from Seattle is very observant. It was our friend Jony the Pony’s metamorphosis that went from Abby to Absy (on Feb. 8) to Babsy (on Feb. 11) Goes along with her Admiral Didl. Next thing you know, she might refer to me as SaltyHog. Love ya, Jony. You definitely have a way with words. Keep up them dodgers.

    That certainly shows that you’re getting our comments, Abby. Thanks for putting up with our sense of humor. Besides, Babsy kind of has a nice ring to it. Hope the weather is still holding up for you. You’re sure making fantastic progress. Great job.

    From Seattle, WA, USA

  91. As part of the 'over 70's' group what comes to my mind is that as I look at our youth of today, I see Abby as a real testimony of how a strong family life, strong faith and belief in oneself and each other, and in God can empower our youth to belive in their dreams so that they can achieve their dreams. Go, Abby, go! And thanks for setting an example others can follow. Your trip is in fact a trip for us too. Nat D. in CA

  92. Can you some time try to express why you are making this attempt? What do you perceive the benefits and risks to be to you personally? I have little doubt there is indirect pressure from your family. How does that play in your endeavor?

  93. Hi Abby,
    I'm an avid follower of Jessie Watson and I think you girls are doing amazing things. I've been writing songs with film clips for Jessie. Now I know what I'll be doing when Jessie's journey is done....I'll be penning some for Abby!!I'm sure you wish each other the best and I certainly do for you. Have a look at the clips if you like :

  94. Hi Babsy,
    keep up them dodgers!
    Jony the Pony

  95. Abby,
    Celebrate the equator for all of us that are thinking of you. Sing a favorite song, think of all the wonderful people in your life, and realize that this is a significant experience that you will never forget. And remember to stay hydrated. We send a "toast" in your honor. Be safe and have fun!
    Kelly and Dave in Santa Clarita

  96. Babsy? I understand the story partially explained in Bob from Seattle's post, but is there a special meaning to it or something?
    Hah, I could only hope the others are like me with making up random words with no meaning, but still making them a defination to just one person... Or maybe I am the only one like that.
    Anyway, I'm sure the equator will be quite warm. Wish I could be where you are, here we have snow up to the bottom of my ribcage laced with a sheet of ice. would love to hear in every definaion how it feels for the warmth of the sun to hit you in the face. It would greatly brighten my day.
    Catch something and name it after me!

  97. Hi Abby, the map shows a very regular progression, well done!
    When do you think you will reach the Equator?

    @Bob from Seattle : Hi Bob, happy to see you're still on the spot. I think your Babsy story is the right one. Btw, we're missing you on Jesse's blog! And do you know what happened to Captain Grant? ;-)

  98. Good luck, Abby and wild eyes. You keep your heads up and strunt on. you guys are going to be there before you know it.
    Love you blogs, it get s me up in the morning and to bed at night. Love, it.
    Dee in Santa Clarita, Ca. USA

  99. Giday Abby,

    Great to hear you are travelling well.

    Hello all Americans, please tell 10 friends about Abby and have them support her through her blog. This is a great adventure and she needs the comfort of having as much support as possible. You should be really proud of her!

    Stay safe Abby, must go and check on Jess; she has been a little becalmed for a couple of days.

    Stay safe,

    Dave and Una......Brisbane.....Australia

  100. Libby (79)
    abby I get to my office at 4AM every morning and the first thing I do is check your position then I check to see if you have a new blog and lastly I read all the latest comments.
    As far as the Humbolts squid are concerned they are not good to eat,they have a double skin on each side and they are a lot of work to clean and even after you clean them they have no taste,believe me I have done all of that.The only thing they are good for is to make calamari steak and they are also tenderized at the fish processing plant.the good calamari or squid is the california local squid which is small.(10 to a pound)
    As I'm writing this on tuesday morning you appear to be approximately 1000 miles due west of Columbia.Abby as you are nearing the equator look in the sky at night and you should be able to see the constellation Southern Cross,it not visable from California plus you don't have any city lights,When I did my navigation we had to use a sextant and measure the angle between the stars and the horrizon and compute our position on the charts and we were lucky to come within a mile or two of our position,now with the GPS you come within 40 feet or less with no work.We have great technology today.
    Abby you really have my interest and if you ever have a get together at Marina Del Rey when you get back I really would like to attend.I will give you my email address.
    May god bless you and keep you safe.
    Libby Di Bernardo
    San Pedro,Ca

  101. Hi Babsy,
    let us know when you see an alberto for the first time!
    keep up them dodgers,
    Jony the Pony

  102. G'day Abby,

    Just had a look at your wx... Hmmm...

    Hope you do not get stuck for too long in the ITCZ.

    It really means a lot to us that you actually read the comments and respond in kind.

    Now if that "other girl" would follow suit, we would all be very happy little budgerigars!!!

    Good on ya!!!


  103. What's planned for crossing the equator? Can we participate vicariouslly (sic).

    Grand Canyon Park Ranger

  104. 02-16-10 @ 13:27
    Hi Abby,
    Hope things are running smoothly for you, you better start thinking about becoming a “Shellback”, at the rate you’re going you’ll be there before you realize it….lol…

    @ Jim in Seattle: Thanks for the update on that, no offense intended, that was a ‘maybe’. Yes ‘funning’ is acceptable, (to me) what isn’t in today’s society?? I hope you realize my concern, and since it was true I’m sorry for your encounter with them, I understand you had to fumigate your cabin. I also have been bitten numerous times by unknown spiders. Not funny.
    Happy Valentines Day back at you.
    @ SaltyDog:“SaltyHog”!?!?!?!?

    @ Nat D. in CA: Very well put.

    @ Bob from Seattle: Thanks for the ‘heads up’ on the name, sometimes there’s funny stories behind a nickname.

    Take good care of yourself Abby, and don’t forget to drink, drink and then drink some more, it’s gonna get hotter.

    May God hold you in the palm of His hand and may the Angels keep your sails full, and I, I will be praying for you.
    Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

  105. @Richie Paris ... About Jesse's blog, I hate to admit this but only an hour ago did I finally check to see why her new site was STILL not up and running after almost a week. I was still stuck on the comments (disabled) page, probably somewhat like Abby going through the doldrums. Oh well, you can't win them all which also applies to correct spelling, correct grammar and correct word choice. No matter how many times I proof read before sending off my daily wisdom, I seem to always mess up at least one word. Should have paid more attention in 5th grade English! I have always been in awe of people such as yourself who speak more than one language fluently.

    As for Captain Grant, I'm sure he's waiting in the wings for something to come up that relates to his expertise in sailboats. He doesn't like the trivial like you and me. (i.e. Babsy, spiders, flying fish and squid)

    Abby ... Thanks for letting us cross communicate and thanks for being there doing what you are doing. You are an inspiration.

  106. Hello Abby,

    I have been following your progress since you left. I come from a sailing family as well. My 85 year old Father has a couple questions for you.

    1) Do you use or have paper charts on board?

    2) Do you do traditional navigation and celestial navigation as a back up to all your electronic navigation?

    BTW, I own a 1973 Ericson 27 in San Pedro.

    Beam Winds

    Skipper Jeff

  107. Your Oklahoma Well-WisherFebruary 16, 2010 at 12:24 PM

    Great reading your blog, Abby! You seem to be just moving right along out there... Enjoying following you from my very landlocked spot! Peace, Your Oklahoma Well-Wisher

  108. Oh my, I think I have troubles worrying at night about teey spiders or so, at least I don't have to worry about Octapus landing on my head! Happy Valentines Day back to you...keeping tabs on your progress and am cherring you on daily. Have passed you web site and blog on to a couple of home schoolers who have a keen interest in the ocean, fish and endevours the like of yours. Be blessed and keep safe.
    Ulrike Grace

  109. @Richie again ... JW's new site is accepting comments now. To be honest about blog commenting, I was slowing up on JW because 400+ comments are too many for me to read daily. The collapse feature works well, but people I recognized would be referring to comments I didn't read, so I was becoming out of touch. Abby's 100 is just right, like Goldilocks said about Baby bear's porridge, chair and bed. Team Abby might wish for more but from my selfish standpoint it makes keeping up to speed possible and enjoyable. It's just right!

  110. Hello Abby
    Guess you are really settled in now to your routine and hopefully enjoying yourself, because that is the point of this exercise isn't it? To enjoy the freedom of the seas and explore your full potential as a beautiful, brave young woman! Very best wishes to you and - Please keep yourself safe and observe all the safe practises! I know I don't need to say that to you really as I'm sure you are very sensible and safety conscious. It just makes me feel better!! Now hope you don't mind if I post a little message to one of your fans?
    @ Rudderless. As a fan also of that "Other Girl" I feel I need to write in protest at the seemingly derogatory tone in your post. Of course we all know to whom you are referring, but she does have a name and is I think entitled to a little respect. I would also be VERY astonished if she had time in her daily routine to reply to her many comments, although I do have it on good authority that she does read and enjoy them!
    Wilma Kathleen

  111. My name is Ella and I'm 6. I really want to go on a trip like you. I would like the equator because it's warm. Have a good time at the equator. Good luck.

  112. @Bob from Seattle. Hi! No harm, I was just wondering.The trouble lasted for 4 days "only"; they finally came back to blogspot. The problem came from transferring the comments, I suppose. Well, sure there is a lot to read, but most can be done quickly, and the mood is unique. Anyway, do as you feel, of course. I couldn't. Her blogs are too good.
    @Rudderless. You're totally wrong, other guy. Jessica does read all, it is obvious, and she said it earlier. There is MUCH free time on a boat when you are single, except in gales. Buy a rudder, or glasses, and don't be rude, especially on a lady's blog.
    @Wilma Kathleen: Thank You, Lady! Education lessons are welcome.

    @Captain Abby... Thank you for the room, Babsy Valentine! :-)
    Keep us posted with your last news? even if they look short. Many short blogs are probably better than one long blog, from time to time. Be sure we are not asking for many long ones, you're not at sea to spend all your time typing! But tell us your impressions... your little joys... your little problems... where is your left slipper? why can't you open the nutella pot? who took your blue pen? Make us laugh! Or frighten us!
    You are on stage, and we are your audience.
    Will you speak? sing? tapdance? hahaha
    Enjoy your adventure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lucky girl...

  113. Libby (79)
    Abby, I'm looking at the map and it appears that your course is going to take you far off Cape Horn.Is there a reason for that?I'm sure your going that course for a reason,because it appears to me you should adjust your course a few degrees to the left to save time.
    Abby I'm watching you and praying for
    you every day.
    God Bless you
    Libby Di Bernardo
    San Pedro,ca

  114. @ Wilma Kathleen

    First & foremost there was absolutely no derogatory intent in the tone of my comment. As another blogger "RichieParis" agrees with you it would seem my choice of words was inappropriate. My reference to the "other girl" was a double edged sword. On one side it was a dig at those who feel we should not mention Jesse on Abby's Blog and vica versa. On the other side it was intended as a subtle dig at the Watson camp.

    I have nothing but admiration & respect for Abby & Jesse and their parents. I have spent considerable time at sea on a sail boat, both crewed & single handed, so I know all about "daily routine".

    You say you "have it on good authority" that Jesse personally reads the comments. You have me at a disadvantage. I have not been able to come to that conclusion. Abby makes direct reference to certain questions in the comments & her subtle use of "Babsy" is not lost on me.

    To Jesse's credit, she has just posted an update that answers numerous items. However as an example, her bloggers have continually asked about her celestial navigation and even more have asked her about the status of her heater (we are still none the wiser!). It took an awfully long time for the fishermen on her blog to have their curiosity satisfied! The only "emotion" I felt while typing my previous comment was "Wow!! isn't it great that Team Abby does not leave her fans hanging" and "it is so frustrating to see the questions falling on deaf ears being asked over & over by Jesse's fans. Perhaps you could use your source to have a word in the correct "ear". If the comments section of the blog is purely for words of adulation and encouragement then I am remiss once again.

    Due to the length of time it takes for everyone, including Abby (& Jesse?), to read through all the comments from both blogs, when I post, I try to keep it short. If that results in a misinterpretation, especially for those whose first language is not English, I am truly sorry.

    My humblest apologies to anyone offended.

  115. @Rudderless: No offence, I hadn't got the double edged sword. Sorry if I upset you.
    About Jesse, it had been said at the beginning of her trip that she would not answer directly to questions, because with so many it would put her under pressure. But she said several times, and at least one big time, a few days before the cape Horn, that she read all of the comments and enjoyed them much. I can understand you can have missed it! I reacted more because you were somehow certifying she did not read them, which was wrong; the truth -and there, I wouldn't have reacted- is that she doesn't pick up the questions as they come to answer them. Either she has already given the answers in an earlier blog (and the followers repeat the info to the newcomer), or, at times, she addresses the new questions.
    But, for sure, it is much pleasant to see Abby answering the questions as they come, and she deserves praise for that! Fortunately, or unfortunately, she has still less comments and questions than Jessica, and having fair sailing in warm waters, she still has some time.
    Both girls are involved in an incredible challenging journey, and both deserve to be admired and supported, and the differences (boats, dates, blog questions) are just details.
    I shall be happy and relieved when both will be back safe!

  116. @ RichieParis

    No problem... It teaches that one must be very careful. It is not so easy to convey one's train of thought through the written word. Even more difficult are attempts at subtle humour.

    I went back through the archives and you are correct in what you say. You have a good memory. Both Jesse and Andrew state that she reads the comments (large helping of humble pie :{... Knowing that, still leaves me perplexed at why the reoccurring questions do not get answered by someone.

    Your command of the English language is quite amazing.

    Merci Beaucoup.

  117. I Don't Actually Know you, but what your doing is amazing, it looks soo cool. i went sailing once, across the english channel, with my kayaking instuctor and some other people. i loved the sea, it's amazing! Good Look! :)


  118. Hi, thank you very much. good job.

  119. It is exciting to hear about your trip! You are brave and courageous. what a great role model.
    will be thinking of you in the days to come. Hoping for a wonderful journey around the world.

  120. Hi Abby,I have a 40 ft power boat and of course I go in a straight line,as they say the shortest distance between two points is a straight line.I have never sailed so I don't know all the rules of sailing because I see your course is more to the south west where as you should be going more to the south east,but I know that you know what your doing and its making a longer trip and covering more ground.
    In either event I wish you the best of luck.I follow you every day and I pray for you every day.
    God bless you
    Libby Di Bernardo
    San Pedro,Ca

  121. It's the dream that inspires us to do something, fueled by our burning passion.You will overcome your limits as long as you believe in yourself.
    Congratulation and GODSPEED to your voyage.

  122. It astounds me that you are so brave and undertaking such an incredible journey. Stay well, take care, and be safe.

  123. Hey Abby, hope the chilean tsunami doesn't affect you, hard to say how strong it is yet but they are issueing warnings all the way across the pacific

  124. Dear GOD, Abby - are you okay? The Chilean 8.8 mag. earthquake hit at 3:30 AM today 2/27, with potential tsunami activity from the Chilean coast to Australia, etc. RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE NOW! Please God, may you be experiencing manageable swells. No naps today - I know you will watch your electronics - and the horizon. I am a female lifelong sailor who has sailed alone through my own "Hells", and am a FL high school teacher following you daily with my classes, as is my Oak Park CA teacher daughter.

  125. hi. i am just new here and when i was searching for something i saw your blog. interesting. you are just 16 but it seems like you know everything. wish i could know you better. take care..