Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Skype and Wind!

Today has been a really good day. It started out much like all the others, 90 degrees while pouring rain and rolling around not going anywhere. I'm officially in the doldrums, and they are not fun. But today the wind picked up to 20 - 30 kts and it made today one of the best I've had in awhile!

I also got to do a Skype call with the family! It was really great to see them all again. Little Ben was sleeping, and a few of the others weren't around, but it was good to see Katherine and have Zac there to tease me. We're working on recording some video so I can do a video blog, so I should be able to get something up here soon.

The past two days I have hardly made any progress. Luckily, the dead patch is really small, only about 100 miles long. I've got some great wind now, but I'm not sure I'm out of the area with no wind. The wind often picks up for a few minutes here and there, this time its lasted quite a bit longer then usual, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hoping to doesn't die down.

It's been so hot recently that I'm really looking forward to getting down into colder weather. Of course, I'll probably be wishing that I was back up here in the heat once I'm down in the southern ocean! I think I'm safe from the squid now. I haven't had any more in a few days and I don't get so many flying fish either. I have seen a few birds around and was really surprised to see them so far offshore!



  1. Abby can you post approximately where you are Lat and Long? It is fun to google earth to keep track of you.
    Fair Winds and Following Seas
    ~_/) Xray

  2. It must be fun being out there... Have fun.... Be safe,,

  3. Abby,
    Thank you for being Abby. The world wished you the best.


  4. I'm glad you're on you way again, and posting again. Like many, I'm following your journey and learning of others too. On an earlier post you mentioned Jessica Watson (www.jessicawatson.com.au) and through her of Dilip Donde (http://sagarparikrama.blogspot.com/). So now I'm following three blogs, and inspired by all.

    I'm 60 years old and just retired and wondering about going beyond the coastal sailing I do, to becoming one of the oldest circumnavigators.

    I wonder if you'll ever want to do another circumnavigation, only this time stopping and visiting in many ports as a tourist?

    Peace and good,

    Brian Kotrich
    Nuevo, California, U.S.A.

  5. Wish Cali had the heat u r getting.. Its been in the 70's but next week a bit of rain.. Sounds like you are making good headway... Keep positive. Can't wait to see pics and video...( hint, hint) :-)

  6. Abby ... Sounds like you had a great time with Skype and a web cam. Family is special and they are always there for you. Hope you were able to chat with your little sister.

    You sound upbeat, and tired of the heat. Could be a song. Done with the squid, that's probably a relief.

    Full sails away.

  7. You sound great, Abby. I hope the wind picks up for you soon. I'm enjoying your writing style very much, although it would be great to get some coordinates so I can follow you on my 'Replogle' globe that sits on my desk.....

    Melanie in Torrance

  8. Hi Abby,
    First time to post as I have been getting updates from Kasey. The girls are sure having fun keeping up with your progress and news.

    Take care and God bless!


  9. Good going Abby, I am following your progress from Jamaica.

  10. Great to hear from you again Abby!! Lat/Long would be very cool as requested above. Thanks and smooth sailing.

    Steve & Becky Mottl
    St. Louis, MO

  11. Glad you are adjusting to the heat and hope the wind picks up.
    Hey, do you and Jess exchange emails? You are two courageous, adventurous young ladies and obviously have tons in common. I know she communicates with Dilip. You solo circumnavigators are a rare breed.

    Fair winds,
    Kerri- in Northern California

  12. As much as I agree that Lat/Lon would be interesting, if Abby (Babsy?) was my daughter (or more likely Granddaughter at this point), with the world as it is, I would be somewhat vague about her precise location. Those who need to know, know, and the rest of us should be content to know when she has passed certain checkpoints. She is full of courage and determination, and the sea alone is sufficient challenge. Ms Babsy (where did that come from?), you are a delight, have fun! I hope you have some star navigation to enjoy the night sky.


  13. Abby-
    Thinking of you and Bright Eyes out there in the Pacific cruising along. We are here eating a wonderful meal, listening to Brazilian Jazz and hoping you are in the best spirits possible. Special vessel, brave girl, big ocean. A combination for great things. As always Abby we send great energy, big love, and nothing but good wishes. And in those rare times of boredom or melancholy, know that we are here thinking of you.

    Wishing you good winds, safety and peace. And lots of the spirit of Brazil.


  14. Hi Abby,
    So cool about skype! Glad all is well with you and your wild eyes.
    It's been in the 80's here in Bermuda Dunes Ca and i just love it!
    Can't wait to see more pictures!
    Be safe Abby.

  15. Hi Abby
    Out of all sailing fun, the doldrums is at the bottom of the list, because your not sailing. Your just rolling around, with the boom and sails flopping back and forth. You don't dare turn on the engine and wast fuel. It's good to hear you finally got some wind. What a great feeling, wright! Have you crossed the equator yet, and if so, have you done the wright thing when doing so? King Neptune wants your head wet. Gotta go now. Have a good night, and looking forward to reading your blog tomorrow.
    Woodrow Wilson from San Diego............

  16. I have to ask, where are you that you're getting 90 degree weather? I'm sitting here in 30 degree weather with snow covering the ground and more snow in the forecast.

  17. Location can be seen by going to the other Abby Blog (link at the top of this page) and finding the Where's Abby page.

    Happy Mardi Grad from Atlanta, GA, USA.

  18. Hi Abby, Just want to wish you the best of luck out there. I am following you blog every day and keeping track of where you are. best of luck Abby Emily in Mr.James 5th grade class.

  19. Hi, for those asking Abby to post her Lat/Long, you can easily follow her position at: http://abbysunderland.com/location-route.php; this is updated daily.

    Best of luck, Abby!


  20. Hi Abby,
    Just checking in to wish you a pleasant evening and night. I am glad you had an opportunity for a video hook-up with the family today. They must be very excited for you....as we all are.
    Stay safe,
    Bay of Quinte, Lake Ontario, Canada

  21. Hi Abby; Hey you're only a little more than 4 degrees north now. Hope the 30kn air holds up and you can blast thru 0 degrees latitude the same way Jesse blasted into the longitudes East. We're proud of you. Don't forget to check everything out; sails, sheets, everything. You're on your way into the history books. And overall, be super safe and clipped on outside. Skype is wonderful; glad u r using it. Don't worry 'bout the heat, it'll get cold soon enough, probably about the time you are 30S. Also it's an El Nino year, the storms may be worse on account of that. love & hugs fom the 2 of us.

  22. @ Larry
    Babsy was coined from Jony the Pony a few days ago, and Abby even signed off on a post that way. It shows she reads the stuff we write.
    I also agree that I dont think I would give more specific coordinates myself.

    Abby keep up the awesome work.


  23. gommie- over the hill in VenturaFebruary 16, 2010 at 9:07 PM

    Hi Abby, I am so sorry about the doldrums-I can only imagine the vastness of your endeavor when they set in- the heat can't help either-- I am sure every little bit of wind is a welcome change- just know that we are all here plugging along with you in spirit at least- As always you are in my prayers and best thoughts-

    How nice that you can hook up with the family and see some familiar faces-that has to be a tremendous help-

  24. hola mi nombre es Abby Mario yo soy un pescador de langosta que creo y he visto su yate en baja y sólo quiero desearle suerte, y creo que uno va llegar. Ustedes estar Perdón por mi dios con Inglés

  25. Hi Abby
    It's great to read your posts and keep track
    You are an inspiration to all!
    I am following you from Sydney Australia

  26. Glad your getting alittle wind now and then. Imagine having a boat like BMW Oracle less than 10 kts winds and over 30 kts of speed. You would be around the horn in a week. Maybe just a little exaggeration. I sent Jessica a comment that after you girls are done with these awesome voyages and the in the next Americas cup race, you and her as co-captains/helmsmen. Call me a nut but I think that would be exciting! Good sailing and fair winds. Grandpa Bob in Tucson.

  27. Hi Abby,
    I also am rooting on for your successfull voyage. I've msg'd you before, as I have mentioned in earlier in your trip I was hoping your diesel fuel is treated for the cold climes that you will be in.

    I was also a sailor in our local yacht club and raced with my father.

    Dave in Rhode Island

  28. Thanks Abby
    Smooth sailing
    Richard (QLD) Aus

  29. Hey Abby..( Babsy??) If you would like to pick an random time that you think you will cross the Equator... ( does not have to be actual so as to keep your position a bit vague) we could all raise a glass of whatever to toast you as you crossed.. in a very loosly organized celebration... This give you about a day and a half to think it over and re-post for ..ahem.. Babsy's Blogers... ( coined that myself..)

    Richard Rumble
    Dana Point, CA

    PS. The kids at the school today really loved the pic of Wild Eyes sailing that your dad took just off of Cabo.. Tomorrow night.. I am at a school with parents.. so YOU get taught along with space and stars and navigation etc.. Its MY planetarium.. and I teach it the way I like it...

  30. Just wondering if the birds that you saw were from the Galopagos Islands?

  31. Hi Babsy,
    looks like you are enjoying them Dolderums!
    Before you know it is going to be rocking and rolling in the southern oceans.
    The good thing down there...
    plenty of albertos to keep you company!
    keep up them dodgers,
    Jony the Pony

  32. Hi Abby - Like your brother Zac you are a fantastic inspiration to the young of the world including my children who are nearly your age. Live the dream and Be safe. I'm sorry not to send you some Solar Light Caps for your voyage like I provided Zac. Please contact me through www.SolarLightCap.com if you'd like some - they are a great convenience in hands free lighting and no batteries needed so will last the whole voyage. Simon

  33. Hi Babsy,
    are you going to visit Easter Island?
    keep up them dodgers,
    Jony the Pony

  34. Hi Captain Sunderland; Thank you for the latest blog. That must have been special connecting with Skype. Actually getting to see the family as well as talk to them. I'm still waiting for the equator crossing. Hope you have something special for all your followers. Till then, Alfred
    Vancouver, Canada

  35. Glad you're moving again - it must be depressing the other way.
    All the best!

  36. Hi! Abby,

    Another teenageer going nowhere, (Frustration)

    Nice you were able to talk with the family catching up with whats happening on tera firmer, and your little sister that you have on board with you.

    The wind is one element you cannot dial up on the mobile.

    Keep Smiling, Safe Passage,

    Brian Riley
    Hervey Bay

  37. Hi Abby,

    I guess I can be like you mentioned with the weather Abby and wanting it cooler when it's warmer and vice versa. It's been around 26 degrees celcius here in Auckland, New Zealand today but it seems much hotter as it is very humid. I love it when I'm in the car and turn on the air conditioning to make it feel like winter for a short time.

    How lovely for you to see your family on Skype. It's nice that Zac is still being his lovely brotherly self and still teasing you. Brothers wouldn't be brothers if they didn't tease would they :-)!

    I'm sure that before too long you'll be taking off again and flying along. I hope that the doldrums don't last for too long. You're doing an awesome job, just keep your eye on that goal my dear. You will achieve it.

    I guess now you have finished any fresh food on board and now eating all your dehydrated food and tinned food. Would love to hear if you have been able to bake anything like scones, muffins or pancakes?

    Take care of yourself Abby and thanks again for your excellent blogs you are sending us. Warmest wishes and prayers for a safe journey. Jan Pace (Auckland, New Zealand)

  38. Hi Captain Abbabsy!
    Calms are not the funniest part of the trip, but they never last very long, you'll get some constant winds soon, I am sure. Your cruise seems to go all fair and nice, that's a very good point.
    I like the way you complain it's too hot there (I agree, I hate it too) and wish to reach cooler latitudes... exactly the same day Jessica is complaining having to leave the warm latitudes to get back in the cold ones! Just symetric! Oh you girls!!! But you're both right at this stage, you need action and she had it.
    Skype is a great tool, letting you have an eye contact too. I bet Zac must be teasing you. As the big brother, he is just playing his part... Go on, Zac!
    Enjoy, enjoy, Abby. The time of your life is on. Savour every hour of it, even the quiet ones, as there will be very hard ones too. And stay clipped on, squalls may arrive above you quite fast!

  39. I just reading one blog to you that was in spanish. Do you speak spanish too. If you do, that is another notch on the list of acheivemonts. wow. If not I guess you would just by pass the message.
    My dad is 93 yrs. old, I am 68 yrs. and we have both learned a lot from your trip. Then many countries that are so into this as I am. the Great geographic lessons also. I loved georgraphy, but must of been behind the green doo to much. ha. Good your moring some down the waters, I'm sure when you to past the cape you'll be doing a lot better. Not a day goes by that you are not on my mind. Is their any web site in the mean time that I can be rading aobut zac's jounry. I'd really love to read his between wating hers.
    Fair wind in the air and with angles watching form the skies. Hugs and sweet dreams to yah.
    Dee Thompson of Santa Clarita, California. USA

  40. Abby, love your attitude; the doldrums are only 100 miles long, and you are happy in pouring rain and no wind?

    The virtue I prayed for my kids today is joy, may it be yours also.

    Salaam from the country stuck between Iraq and a hard place...Jordan

  41. I can't wait to read your post every day. Brain from Va.
    By the way, 3 feet of snow here. I envy you.

  42. Hey Abby,

    Warm there good... cold here bad! Southwestern Ohio has had three decent snow storms in the last couple of weeks. Just got the school canceled call again just minutes ago. We have not been since February 8th! Ahhhh!! I want to go back to work! I am sure the kids are loving it, but not so much come June when we are making up days... ahhh June....warm breezes,evening cruises on the lake...flowers...June....

    As my mother-in-law used to say... "keep your powder dry". (Just means be careful)


  43. Best of luck, Abbey. I admire you. I'm 75 and a sailor. I lost a 30 ft Hunter in hurricane Francis. I miss it. Hope you read Chichester's book, the Gypsy Moth. Nice read and full of adventures. Amazing, I believe he was 73 at the time. Watch your progress everyday. God speed.

  44. Hi Abby!

    Im glad to see that you are doing fine and having fun.

    Hope everything goes well for you.


    Marina from Turin

  45. hey you are a good bloger...check out my blog and i need ur priceless advices

  46. Dear Abby,

    Good to read that life is O.K. out there, and how nice that you could contact your family via Skype. Enjoy the birds when they come for a visit.
    Take care, sail on safe.
    Ingrid, Tyreso, Sweden

  47. Abby,

    thanks for the update.

    All the Best

  48. Hello, Abby
    Good sailing and family, a great day to send your spirits upward. Our love to you, Grandmom Patricia and granddaughter, Courtney, 13. Ocean City, NJ.

  49. Hi Abby
    From Barcelona, my bests wishes
    Good luck.

  50. Good work Abby!

    All of us Wild Watchers (yes, I'm using it anyway) are waiting with bated breath for your equator crossing. Don't know what you'll do to celebrate, but my shop is planning on having an ice cream cake. pbtpbtpbtpbbbt

    Still praying Numbers 6:24-26
    Mouse in Whittier

    Buy "Death and Coffee" here!

  51. @Dee Thompson- Zacs blog can be found at zacsunderland.com I believe.

    As always stay safe and keep up the good work.


  52. Bonjour Abby & Wild Eyes,

    Ah sailing!

    Enjoy, take care, be safe.

  53. Your Oklahoma Well-WisherFebruary 17, 2010 at 8:48 AM

    Abby -- Glad to hear you've had a bit of wind in the doldrums! Hopefully you'll pass through soon enough and on to more speedy sailing... Glad you got to Skype with your family -- we love being able to do that to see family that is far away. Take care out there - Peace, Your Oklahoma Well-Wisher

  54. Good luck from Venezuela... looking forward to know about your equator crossing celebration.

    Now you have a lot of followers here because i have told you a lot of people about your trip, and they just can't believe it.

    Go ahead Abby-quator Southern hemisfere is just a few miles away ahead of you.....


  55. Hi Abby,

    I followed your brother Zac's trip around the world and now it's so much fun to follow your journey - I enjoy your stories about flying squid and fish and also wonder what those birds are doing so far offshore! Take good care and safe travels - will be cheering you along from the freezing, landlocked Midwest!


  56. Hi abby: 75 year old great grandpaw here,Was worried when you missed a day of posting but I know you have a bunch of that,bet it keeps you busy. would love to be out there with you,but sure wouldn't want to be there WITHOUT YOU.That heat in the cabin will be welcome in a few weeks. Keep as many life lines clipped on you as you can stand,,,We don't want to loose you ,,every one on this planet loves you. Thanks for being YOU amd letting us share .

  57. Hi Captain Abby, I hope wind stays up
    for you. Once you get passed the
    doldrums you'll be flying along and getting closer to the equator. What kind of music have you brought along? Be Careful! Stay Focused! Godspeed!

  58. Hi Babsy
    Thanks for the update. Hope you have a bucket
    of Equatorial salt water ready for tomorrow!
    Love to see any video you could updoad.
    Best wishes
    John N

  59. Woohoo! Keep it up Abby! Stay safe woman!

  60. G'day Abby,

    Like I said yesterday(?)... hope the ITCZ doesn't hold you up too much!

    When comments are posted in another language, "copy" and "paste" them into:


    (there are other sites as well)

    @ Wilma Kathleen
    @ RichieParis

    Please see my reply on the "Valentine" post.

  61. Test the diesel heater now while in the doldrums, make sure it's working properly while you're sitting still once out of there I imagine there's be a lot of sailing going on and before you know it into the cold and no time to fix the heater if it's not working.

  62. 02-17-10 @ 13:29
    Hi Abby,
    Just have patience and the wind shall come, it’s a good time to relax and catch up on any preventive maintenance or any cooking that you might want to do. I know you just left port so there’s really nothing you have to do, is there? But it’s picking up for you already, by the time you get this post you’ll be well on your way.
    I had to laugh when you said you were looking forward to the colder weather and then you’d be wishing for the warmer weather when you got there. The saying goes “ Be careful what you wish for, you might get it”.
    I’m glad to see that you’re getting away from your unwelcome visitors, that will be a relief.
    I’m still trying to get used to this modern world that we live in and then something else comes along, you actually got to visit with your family by Skype, that’s fantastic. No matter how far away you are, you can always have them right beside you. Looking forward to your video and your next blog.
    Take care of yourself and be cautious.

    May God hold you in the palm of His hand and may the Angels keep your sails full, and I, I will be praying for you.
    Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

  63. It is amazing that you will be sailing through all four seasons!

    Hang tough!


  64. Abby,
    90 degrees and rain? My students are amazed at that. We've never seen 90 degrees here in Kodiak. We get rain with sun and rain with every other condition imaginable. Stay well.

    Do you ever get the urge to go swimming when it's that hot? Madison

    I wish I could bring you some ice cream and a coat when you get in colder water. But, you probably have a coat. Hannah

    Late, late happy Valentine's day! I hope you brought some good books. Have you been watching the Olympics? Adelheid

    What type of math are you doing? I've heard about ALEKs math online and wonder if you do that. T.J.

    I'm doing math right now; do you like fractions? I sure don't. Leah

    Did you eat any squid yet? Johnny

    Stay safe; our thoughts are with you.
    5th grade Kodiak, AK

  65. OMGosh Abby you are so brave and adventurous.
    I'm loving your blog.
    I guess when you get done with this that nothing will ever phase you again.
    They say that life is not about the destination, but rather the journey, and your on one hell of a journey baby girl.
    I agree with some one else who said you need to test your heater NOW. Please do so, I hate to think of you being cold and alone.
    Alone is ok, but cold uck I hate cold it gets into your bones.
    Much love, thinking of you, Gods Speed

  66. Hi Abby from the UK
    sounds as if you are enjoying life out on the ocean, Good luck on your round the world attempt. Be safe out there

    Best wishes from me in the UK

  67. @Rudderless: Thank you! I answered also under Valentine.

    Hi Captain Abby! So, did you get some steady wind finally? :-)
    Or only rain... :-(

  68. Hi Abby
    I might not be online when you cross the equator so I thought Id send my congratulations now WELL DONE. Have you had any more thoughts on what you might do when you cross it. dont forget to take some video footage
    Safe Sailing

  69. Hello,
    We are Americans who recently moved to New Zealand. We're watching to see where and when you may arrive here. We've sent up traveling prayers for you.

  70. Hi Abby - I just wrote to your Mum - if you want to make a stop in New Zealand we are based in Lyttelton port and would be happy to make all the arrangements. Safe voyage to you. Regards Simon

  71. I would agree with the request for Lat/Long. Perhaps open each post with date & location, and maybe the Day #. The "Where's Abby" map uses day # instead of date, and I'm trying to match up the map locations with the blog.

    I don't know a damned thing about sailing, but I am thoroughly enjoying following your journey.

    Best of Luck!!


  72. Wish I were there!

    Fair winds and following seas!

    Be Safe and God Speed!


  73. Let me make my last request more clear. I'm not looking for more precise location reports, but rather I'd like some help linking the day #s on the WHere's Abby page with the blog. That's all.

  74. Hey Abby,

    We do appreciate your regular updates. Hopefully the 30 knot breeze is still blowing you south and you'll soon be across the equator heading into cooler weather.

    Brian & Phill
    Vancouver, Canada

  75. So happy for you - enjoy every moment and know that people all over the world hold you in their thoughts!

  76. Abby,

    I think your adventure is an amazing trial of strength, courage, and faith. We are wishing you well, keeping you in our thoughts, and can't wait to see you finish your record-breaking trip.

    You're an amazing roll model for young women of your generation, showing others that anyone can make their dreams happen! Keep reaching for the stars - by the way, I bet the stars are amazing out there.

    Also, keep your eyes open for wildlife - not many people have the opportunity for such an intimate view of our living oceans.

  77. Hi Abby. I hope you are having a good time sailing in the ocean. We are 6 and 4 and we are following your trip.

    Maybe someday we will sail around the world together, with our whole family.

  78. Abby, Absy, Babsy,...oi..oi..oi..!!! (That's an Australian cheer by the way) And we can use the cheer because you are in an Australian made boat. But other than that we all know you are an All American Girl!

    Another All American Lindsey Vonn is prancing around as we speak with a gold medal in women's downhill at the Olympics. She is super great! Since she has your same hair color, that's another good omen which means you will circle the globe and have your dream fulfilled.

    Ohno and Celski short track 1000m tonight and they are again up against the fast South Koreans. Should be a great race. Be there or be square. Oh that's right, you're in the middle of the ocean. I'll tell you what happened tomorrow.


  79. That is amazing you can skype from the middle of the ocean. Very cool!

  80. Hey, Abby!

    I love hearing about what you're seeing in the open ocean (birds, dolphins, and yes, squid)! What you're experiencing right now is truly the adventure of a lifetime...something most of us will never experience!

    Also, as someone mentioned on an earlier post, I wouldn't recommend your telling any precise locations, which someone requested. That's a safety issue in my opinion. You're providing enough info for the public already!

    Enjoy the warm temps -- we're FREEZING here in Oklahoma!

    Oh, and my daughter is afraid of you falling in the ocean -- so please stay clipped in, okay?!

    Take care,

  81. Bud Winnett, Wheeling, MoFebruary 17, 2010 at 9:02 PM

    Well this old guy (79) will try to post again. Just want to wish you well and have a safe journey. We Missourians are proud of you. Look forward to your blogs. Blues Skies and a happy trip. Bud

  82. Hi there Abby

    From the USA now how u been going out there in the deep blue sea enjoying the sailing on your little ketch just hope your not sea sick oh my up down up down up down gord that makes me feel sick & i'm on the dry land ha ha ha

  83. Haha, Abby, you should post our stories..haha. No, maybe not. Either way, I can't wait to see the video blogs!! Haha, that could be the thing that the ABC guy wanted Audrey to film us watching...maybe. I haven't heard back about that anyway. Heh.

    Email me back soon!! I just sent another installment. :)


  84. Hi Babsy,
    Hope you get out of them Dollydrums pretty soon!
    keep up them dodgers,
    Jony the Pony

  85. Hello again Abby! Hope you have some treats with you to celebrate the equator crossing. You are doing so well, brave little one. Keep yourself safe please, get plenty of rest and stay alert. The world is watching you in interest and awe.
    Praying the Lord's protection and blessings for you and your family.

    @Rudderless. Thank you for your gracious explaination.
    Wilma Kathleen

  86. Hey Abby.
    Glad to see you making better time now.I hope the wind keeps up for you.
    I think those birds are everywhere. I remember sailing out of San Fransisco Bay towards Hawaii. Even half way out they would be flying around and sitting on the fan tail waiting for the mess cook to throw the garbage out.
    May you have fair winds and God speed.
    Untill next time:

  87. It is such a good blog you have going on here Jessica. I do not think many countries have not reponded to your blog. You and Jessica have been on the water now for a long time. It is still taking me a while to get over you two, brave young ladies take on this world of yours.
    How great is that. Nothing to compare it too I don't thing. Oh, Shawn, thanks for your tip on Zac's website. I did check it out. its getting late now and I'll get more into it tomorrow. Abby, girl, you take care and stay buckeled, the wind in the sails, and the angels in the sky,
    Hugs and prayes to go with you.
    Dee Thompson, Santa Clarita, Ca

  88. Libby (79)
    Hi Abbby, it's 4 am thursday I think you just crossed the equator.I want to congradulate you.Keep up the good work.The whole world is watching your amazing trip.Stay safe.
    God bless you.
    Libby Di Bernardo
    San Pedro,Ca

  89. I assume Zac has suggested some kind of line ceremony.
    Otherwise i can suggest: Have some kind of container, maybe a used food package. Place a fly fish or a squid in it, and fill will salt water. This should have been done a week before accoding to a story from a freight ship I read. Near the line prepare the video camera. Start it a minute before the line crossing. Fill the bucket with salt water. Empty the package with the smelly content it the bucket, and when crossing the line pour it over yourself.

    Might be a problem to wash the smelly clothes, but crossing the equator the first time happens only once in your life.

    Ben, Sweden

  90. Abby,

    Keep up the good work. Stay safe and smooth sailing.


  91. If you go to Abby's website there is a link there "Where's Abby" that you can use to follow her. I'll post the link here. I hope it works. http://www.abbysunderland.com/location-route.php

  92. PLEASE! On the "Where's Abby" page - can dates/times be included in the legend. "26) Day 26 - ..." tells the average visitor nothing since there is no way of knowing which day today is. Thanks!!

    DD (UK)

  93. Hi Babsy,
    keep up them dodgers,
    Jony the Pony

  94. Hi Abby ~ My husband Dave and I are so proud of you and the goal you've set for yourself. What an adventure. When you mentioned the birds so far off shore I remembered a story I wanted to share with you. Dave was doing a solo crossing off of Belize and some time in the middle of the night a big sea bird crash landed into the cockpit of his Morgen 36'. He was down below and you can imagine that the sound alone scared him to high heaven. Anyway, the bird rested there in the cockpit for the rest of the night and took off at first light. Dave called it his "loneliness bird" come to keep him company for one night on his solo adventure. Good luck to you, my dear. I hope the winds keep up. You're in our thoughts. Hugs, Dave and Heather and Family from CA

  95. We're following ya hun ... Godspeed kid!! - Jay - Gro - Mike - Greg and the rest of the nuts at In Your Face Radio!!

  96. Abby, i enjoy reading your posts...be safe and God Speed...

  97. LOcal Time 12:05 PST.... I have been showing kids where you are.. what your doing.. and equating it to the early sailors like Magellan and Columbus.. and then linking it to the FUTURE explorations of space travel and going to who knows where.. I hoisted a RED BULL in honor of your crossing the equator... Congratulations Captian Sunderland... Congratulations....

    Sail Safe... Post Often.. and Have FUN....

    Richard Rumble
    Dana Point Ca, USA

  98. So nice!

    I love your Blog's :)

    Best wishes to u

  99. Hi Abby,

    Is this voyage really and truly "unassisted" if you're relying on weather and routing information every day from a shore team? Don't they just tell you where to go, and you go there (or don't go there)? I mean, what do you think?

    Christopher Martin in Brownsville, Texas

  100. Hey Captain Abbey Most likely you will arrive at the equator tomorrow.Very exciting, cheers to you--whatever you decide to do to celebrate sailor's all around the world will lift their glasses to you CAS.Watching and enjoying your progress. SANDI in PA

  101. Abby, arn't you concerned about pirates (bad people) knowing your location.

  102. Joe Pope from Thousand OaksFebruary 18, 2010 at 1:52 PM

    Looks like you are getting close to being a shellback now! Good luck as you cross over to the south side of the world.

  103. @Anonymous
    I don't think the position chart attracts pirates. It shows the position one day late. This means when trying to locate her the possible pirates have to search an at least 50*50 nm large area (2500 sq miles). They won't do that much effort to rob a single girl.

    Then it is much easier to rob or kidnap people on land, which unfortunately happens, also in Los Angeles where Abby would be if she were not sailing.

    Ben, Sweden

  104. Whooop! Thanks for the dates on the map legend! Brillaint!

    DD (UK)

  105. Hi lil ABBY
    Well i keep up with you and lil Jesse.
    Im so happy you are doing so goo out there.
    You know im 51 and my wife told me to get a sail boat so we can try to have fun like you all.
    So i went and bought a use 32 foot Pearson now i just need to learn to sail it,,lol
    e just want to sail one day to Hawaii
    Well girl we look forward to see your postings and can wait to see your vidios.lol
    Well lil one please stay safe and have fun doing your dreams.
    looking forward to read more as you post.
    God Bless your friends from North Carolins
    Robert,Ellen,Autumn and Alison

  106. Hiya Abby

    Good to see all is going well. Welcome to the Southern Hemisphere (whenever you get to this side).

    Just a query on your map - if you have restarted your journey, why are we not at day 11 instead of day 26?? Is this just a case of hedging your bets in case for some unforseen reason you need to call into a port - and therefore the end of the non-stop - therefore you can finish back at MDR??

    Take care out there......


  107. Hi Abby
    Just signed on tonite to say "you go girl". I am so excited for you and praying for your safety. God has His hand on all you do. When He brings you to it, He will bring you through it! Lean on Him. He loves you and you are His workmanship .

  108. Hi Abby, My thoughts and prayers are with you. Be safe and God Bless You. Gail/Ventura

  109. Go, Abby, Go!!! Remember, we're all right there with you! Take care...

  110. Abby,
    We are very proud of you for making this incredible adventure! Thank you for sharing this with our family. My 10 & 12 year old daughters are exicited about this world class challange. Have fair winds, warm days,keep safe.
    The Hall Family
    Torrance, CA

  111. Can I ask you people to add the time of the day corresponding to each tag on the map so we can follow better the rate of progress?

    Sad that al least for the moment there is not al least one blog every day, at least you people from team abby at home could give us an update every day about how everything is working with abby and wild eyes.

    I don't know how many time I visit this website every day to find out any news from abby or from the team, but the updates have not been regular

    Best of luck to abby and looking forward to know about her equator crossing celebration maybe later today (friday)

    Roberto (from Venezuela)

  112. Waiting for news on your equator crossing... Have you seen the big white line yet? Lol :)

  113. Hi Babsy,
    probably you left them Dollydrums behind you?
    I guess you have been too busy sailing to post another update.
    Well Jessica got out of the Dollydrums and probably already frolicking with them albertos again.
    Keep up them dodgers!
    Jony the Pony

  114. Capt Abby,

    I'm sure by now you have reached the equator..Congratulations to you on offically becoming a shellback!!!!
    I hope you are able to post more frequently as we abby"holics" need our fix.

    stay safe and fair winds to you lil lady!

    susan H ny (a.k.a the chef!)

    p.s what ever happened to your spider situation? Did they stow away on board??

  115. Abby, I'm sure you are busy. I can only imagine what sailing around the world solo is like. I wish you would post more frequently. Those of us that follow you would like to know how you are doing. Even if nothing is changing, just hearing from you keeps us involved. Thanks!

  116. 02-19-10 @ 13:17
    Hi Abby,
    Well Abby, I figure you are across the white line by now, Did you see it???
    Congratulations, and what kind of a celebration/ceremony did you have/perform???? I hope it was one that you will remember…lol..

    I assume that “Wild Eyes” is doing great for you, and that you are giving her plenty of TLC. She appears to be a stout ship and will not have any problems in the future…Think positive all the time!!!
    Take good care of yourself and always be cautious.
    May God hold you in the palm of His hand and may the Angels keep your sails full, and I, I will be praying for you.
    Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

  117. Hi Abby,

    Am hoping you're out of the doldrums by now. Have you got a store of chocolate for these moments? They'll probably come and go, but I'm sure during busy times there's no time for doldrums (but always time for chocolate).

    I'm so impressed by the adventurous spirit within you and other sailors (whatever the age), who battle the elements as you do. I find it totally awesome and am looking forward to your videos.

    My prayers are with you and for you.

    Take care sweet Abby.

    Sunshine Coast, Qld. Aus.

  118. Hi Abby,

    I've been following your epic journey from the beginning and am so proud of you.

    What wondrous sights of God's creation you must be seeing.

    I am so looking forward to your next post.

    Stay safe.God speed.

    Clare from Spokane,Wash. USA

  119. Hi Abby, Are you still sailing?
    We havent herd from you, you must be on your way back to Cabo San Lucas

    Hope your ok

  120. gommie- over the hill in VenturaFebruary 19, 2010 at 1:25 PM

    Hi Abby - No news from you in a few days- I hope everything is going as planned- Keeping you as always in my prayers--blog when you can--