Saturday, February 20, 2010

Over the Line

I crossed the equator at about 3 yesterday!!

It's really exciting to have finished the first leg of my trip, even if it is a small one... on to the Horn!! The equator itself isn't the most exciting thing in the world. There is no line through the middle of the world or anything, in fact, the southern side of the world is very much like the northern side!

I was a little worried that I would end up crossing the equator twice in one day! I had hardly any wind getting across. About a mile over the equator the wind died completely and all I had was a current pushing me backwards!

The wind has picked up a little now. I'm not racing along or anything but I'm moving and the wind should be picking up more soon. I think crossing the equator once a day is plenty and I'm glad I didn't have to do it again!

It looks like its going to be another warm day today. At 7 this morning and it was already 90 degrees out!!


  1. Hi Abby

    Have been following you from the start but first comment here.

    Had to giggle at your maybe crossing the Equator twice (hee!).

    We wish you all the best from our little corner of the world on the Gold Coast.

    Will be checking in on you every day.

    Stay safe.


  2. I checked out your website and wow. I can't believe it. You're 16 and going to make history. You go girl!!!!

  3. 02-20-10 @ 16:58
    Hi Abby,
    The last time I posted you were catching up on some sleep, glad you are now a “Shellback”.
    Now, that would have been interesting, crossing the Equator twice in one day, forwards and backwards,.. lol.. glad it didn’t happen though, you just want to keep going forward. Good to hear that you have some wind against the current.
    I hope you have plenty of sunscreen with you, that’s pretty hot for 07:00.
    Take good care of yourself and always be cautious.
    May God hold you in the palm of His hand and may the Angels keep your sails full, and I, I will be praying for you.
    Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

  4. How exciting. Im 21 and have not done anything like what you are doing. I bet it is really eye opening. Safe travels.

  5. Hi Babsy
    Remember lots of sunscreen
    Best wishes
    John N

  6. Way to go goal leads to the next enriched goal. Enjoy the elements of your world. Cheers, from New Zealand

  7. Congratulations Abby on crossing the equator to the Southen Hemisphere. Question: Did you celebrate with the traditional bucket of water or tasty offerings to King Neptune ??

    Sail on and stay safe.

    Love from Faye and Max (Mulgrave, Vic Aus)

  8. Congratulations Abby!
    Now only four legs left!
    Did you do the water ceremony?

    Bengt "Ben" Larsson, Sweden

  9. Abby,

    So there was no toll booth or anything like that when you crossed the equator. I wish that I could have been there holding up a ribbon or something for you to sail through. That really is a huge milestone and another big step completed. Congratulations again, Abby. Hope you had a bit of a celebration. And I hope the wind picks up for you. Besides making good time it might also help you stay a little cooler. Well, have fun and keep up the good work.

    From Seattle, WA, USA

  10. you're going upside-down! JK

  11. Looks like there is 15 knots of wind ahead. Be safe and have fun.


  12. Onward you go.... great hearing from you... great pic yesterday, I am in awe of you, you are so brave.......take care, Sherry

  13. Bonjour Abby & Wild Eyes,

    That's the spirit!

    Keep cool, stay safe.

  14. God bless you Abby. Praying for you.

  15. that a girl "Babsy" super congratulations...
    you have us all smiling about maybe crossing it twice in one day :-)... the moon is starting to climb to full...settle into that,(28 & 1/4 day cycle) and being one with the elements as it were...after all you're in their neighborhood... journal everyday and write about what you're experiencing...what you miss and what you and "Wild Eyes" are challenged with...give us a headsup on the 'menu'... don't neglect "spiritual nourishment".. the Psalms are good for that... you're doing way better than G~R~E~A~T... Groupama 3 (105' Trimaran)is doing 750nm/day in it's attempt to break the Worlds fastest sailing circumnavigation...
    mark n adino

  16. 90 degrees? omg, wish it was here!... I am so glad u crossed the equator w/no problems...keep up the spirit!...

  17. That's awesome that you crossed the equator- congratulations! And I'm glad you didn't have to cross twice too- that's no fun with no wind, but that's good that it's picked up a little!
    Good luck going to the horn- I'll continue to follow your trip!
    -Heather : )

  18. Congratulations from Victoria, Texas.

    You are an amazing young lady, and I have enjoyed following you.

    May you continue to have safe travels and all the wind you will ever need.

  19. There actually IS A line at the equator as Jess Watson took a pic of it when she crossed. It got stuck in her bow of her boat.

    Anyways happy travels and may the Lord keep you safe on your trip. Your cooler weather awaits you very soon! :)

  20. Glad to hear you are starting to move again. Crossing the equator is an historical accomplishment for you. Congratulations again. We are all praying for you!!! Bob O, Redondo Beach CA

  21. Hi Abby,

    So happy to hear of you crossing the equator. What an accomplishment. You are a hero(heroine) in my book.

    I googled "pollywog to shellback" as I hadn't heard of this before. Wow, what an ordeal the sailors have to go through. Did you pour a bucket of saltwater over your head? That would be enough for you for sure. :)

    Stay extra safe Abby. I think and pray for you several times throughout the day.

    Clare from Spokane

  22. Abby,

    Congratulations! It doesn't matter if it's a small step, your on journey that most people just dream about! Your doing a fantastic job! Enjoy the warm the weather, as we sit here in 30 degree temps and a ton of snow! We wish for warm weather !!! We look forward to your updates.

    Denise and family
    South Dakota

  23. Congratulations Abby! A first leg, even small, is good to take; and it is small only because your port was close... How did you celebrate?
    BUT... Are you sure you crossed it? OF COURSE, THERE IS A LINE!!! If you didn't see it, it must be your GPS that doesn't work well. I can swear you, it is true: I am SEEING the line on my globe, right now!!!
    The best way is to go on sailing South, you will certainly see it one of these days. Oh, it is not a white line, but a dark blue one, so maybe you just didn't see it?
    Be patient with that heath... I hate it, I can understand how you feel.
    I wish you good winds to get out of this much too hot zone.
    Go on, Miss Abby, go on!

  24. Go Go Go keep up the good work be safe

  25. Congratulations Abby! You're movin' right along! Glad to see that you only crossed the equator once!!

    Orlando, FL

  26. Hi Babsy!
    Dunk yourself good!
    Keep up them dodgers,
    Jony the Pony

  27. Dear Abby:

    Congratulations on a very successful first leg of the tour, and we are glad you are safe and sound. The heat and the lack of wind are no match for Abby Sunderland!

    Be safe, we are all out here keeping an eye on you and rooting you on to greatness.

    Warm regards,

    The McGareys

  28. Congrats, Abby, from New Zealand.
    I am enjoying watching your progress and check your blog each day.
    Its so good to be able to read exciting positive stuff on the net for a change...!
    I think you and your family are very brave.
    God speed, my thoughts are with you...

  29. Congratulations Abby on your historic crossing of the equator sorry the heat is being a bit mean and proving quite intense soon you will be in thermals and layers trying to keep warm
    Good luck with the wind
    Evie from Bendigo (Australia)

  30. Hehe, I had to laugh at the perspective of u crossing the equator twice! U'r very brave, u go girl! Cheers from Brazil!

  31. Hi Abby

    Congratulations on crossing the Equator!! The second time (intentionally) back over will be the best though.
    I'll take your 90deg weather. Today was the first time over 35 in months here. Get your camera working. We want to some pics.

    Be safe

    Scott - PA USA

  32. Hi Abby, I hope the wind picks up soon for you, and you can continue your journey southward.

    You say the Southern Hempisphere is a lot liek the Northern, but I beg to differ. The view of the stars in the sky will change as you go south, and you've lost sight of Polaris, but gained the wonderful southern stars that will be your night time comapnions for many months.

    I (Phill) am a Kiwi, now living in Canada, and I love seeing the beautiful Southern Cross whenever I'm visiting New Zealand. The Milky Way down south is so lovely, and so much brighter than what we see above the 49th parallel.

    Clear skies,
    ~Brian & Phill
    Vancouver, Canada

  33. Congratulations Abby!

    Crossing the equator is a major milestone, literally. It's taken a lot of hard work, dedication and determination with a passion for sailing and a love for the ocean for you to get to where you are, plus the loving support of your team, family and friends. I admired your tenacity to keep on going in the face of overwhelming odds, because you never gave up. You stuck with your dream until you saw it come to fruition. We can all learn a lot from you. So this is a major accomplishment and we are all very proud of you. There may be no line in the ocean, but it is definitely a check mark on your list of milestones that you must do and it's the first one, so Awesome! Though, it is kind of funny you nearly sailed backwards although probably not to you at the time. But it's onward and forward sailing from here on out.

    Wow it sure is hot for only being 7am in the morning. I live in Florida, so I'm used to hot muggy temperatures. In the summer here if you go outside you have to keep changing your clothes as you sweat right through them rather quickly. Plus there are Thunderstorms nearly every afternoon as we are the lightening capital of the U.S. and 2nd in the world. I hate to drive through it, so I can't imagine sailing through it.

    But anyways, back to you and your accomplishment...I remember when I first started reading your blog, you didn't even have your boat yet and the hard road you took to get sponsors and all that you had to go through with you and your team to make this happen. It is just so impressive at your tender age of 16. You are what it truly means to never give up.

    We are a Christian family too. I am a 37 year old married mother of 3 teenagers, Joshua 16, Emily 15 and Luke 13. I've been happily married 17 years to my hubby Eric. We have been following your journey along with Jessica's. It's just amazing that you two are doing this. I can't imagine being your parent's though. I don’t know how I could cope knowing my child was out there all alone in the ocean somewhere. But we Trust God with watching out for our children… just like your loving parents do with you. My 16 year old is about to get his license and that is almost too much for me now, I just can't fathom him leaving me for half a year to sail around the world, so you have some serious brave parents who obviously trust your ability, as well as being able to trust that God will bring you back safely, so we all will believe it too. If your parent’s can do it, then we all certainly can. We will support and encourage you in your sailing expedition to circumnavigate the world

    One of the reasons you and Jessica are so inspirational is that I suffer from a debilitating and painful spinal disease and keeping up with yours and Jessica’s journeys really brightens my day and helps push the pain into the background. I've also educated myself on sailing terms, geography and oceanography and I then turn around and teach it to my family. You two have also played a part in inspiring us to follow our own dreams as a family and venture out and start our own business, which will turn our dream into reality. It will be hard work as we’ve already experienced, but anything worthwhile doing always is. The doors have already been opening and we've been stepping through them. My husband lost his job due to this pitiful economy, but God turned this into a blessing in disguise and He cleared the way for us to do something bigger in our lives. We are hoping that God will use our business to help others and I believe it will.

    So anyways, Abby, I wanted to tell you all of this and introduce myself and my family and let you know that we'll keep you in our prayers. So go Sail around the World, you brave and courageous Girl.

    Take Care and God Bless,
    Debbie in Tampa, FL

  34. Please let us know if the toilet water actually spins the opposite direction...if so, when you cross it on your way back, flush just before you cross and let us know what happens.

  35. Congratulations Abby - I just dropped a partially filled bottle of scotch in the Pacific off of Marina Del Rey. It should catch up to you before you hit Cape Horn. Herz 2 U !

  36. Well done Abby. It sure would have been a bit discouraging if you had reversed over the Equator and had to cross it again. As you say, there is no line to disentangle from the keel or rudder, but it does have symbolic significance in your journey. One little box ticked, and now for the biggie.

    Hope you managed to catch up on your sleep.

    Take care

  37. Mariner Walt - Congratulations Abby - I just dropped a half filled bottle of single malt scotch in the ocean off of Marina Del Rey. It should reach you before you get to Cape Horn.

  38. MarknAdino are here! I had a feeling it was you before I scrolled down to see who the post was from. I"ve always loved reading your posts!

    Abby - Awesome! On to the horn. May the wind be at your back.....

    Melanie in Torrance

  39. Congratulations Abby - Great achievement. I toasted you with some single malt scotch. I tossed the partially filled bottle in the ocean at Marina Del Rey. It should catch up to you before Cape Horn.

    Prayers are with you

  40. Congratulations! I have been following you for awhile now and I was more excited by this than by the Olympic medals being won in my city right now!

  41. This is from the electronic version of Latitude 38...the SF Bay area sailing rag. Scroll to the very bottom for the article titled "Why wait till 16 to circumnavigate?" Look out Abby!

  42. Abby...You are awesome! We look forward to your blogs every day. When we see the moon at night, we think of you seeing it connects us. Do you tether yourself in when you sleep, and when you're out of the cabin? Enjoy the voyage!

  43. Whooooowhoooo!
    Congratulations on crossing the equator!
    Didn't you notice the water a different shade of blue? Happy sailing keep that warm feeling you'll be feeling the chill of the southern oceans soon enough.
    Happy days to you!


  44. Abby-
    We have been thinking of you all day today and sending all positive good energy your way. We felt you as you crossed the equator and were elated to know that you made it.

    We spent the day at the mall today, clearly not anything as exciting as you are involved in. We are so proud of you. Hang tough. Know you are always in our thoughts. We send you all good vibes and the spirit of Brazil always. Big love Abigail. You are in our hearts always.


  45. Thanks Abby
    Onto the Southern Ocean
    Bless you
    Richard (QLD) Aus

  46. Bud & Charla WinnettFebruary 20, 2010 at 7:57 PM

    Congratulations Abby. Now you're a Southerner:)
    Well hon, when you think about how hot it is, think of us in Missouri. More snow tonight and tomorrow. Temps in the mid 20s. Course that's kinda warm for us. Keep your spirits up. Many many folks are watching and reading about you. May the Good Lord watch over you on your journey.
    Luv Bud & Charla

  47. Abby has passed from winter into summer.

    I had to chuckle at her comment that there wasn't a line in the ocean marking the equator.

    Continuing to pray for both Abby and Jesse!


  48. Congrats on your crossing the equator! I am so impressed with your ability to do this!! You are sincerly - very brave. I am looking forward to following your entire journey! Take good care of yourself, and know people out there that don't even "know" you are are keeping you and your safe journey in our prayers!

  49. Hi Abby!
    Now that's what i call a real role model for girls alike. Keep doing what you love to do!

    And good luck! Stay safe!

  50. Gidday Abby,

    Don't say it is just a smal step! How many young women would have sailed solo as far as you have done already! Yes, still a long way to go but Jessie is now saying how fast the time has gone.

    You will never be alone, keep the spirits up!

    Stay safe!

    Daveand Una......Brisbane.....Australia

  51. If you had crossed again backwards, you would have had to cross a third time to get back on track! ...Double Shellback!

  52. BIenvenida a la mitad del mundo, felicitaciones !!!
    Quito Ecuador

  53. Abby, Congrats on crossing the Equator. I'm following your adventure from Florida and wishing I could do what you're doing. Don't forget to take time to always "enjoy" the adventure.
    My best to Charlie!!


  54. i read all that you wrote and WOW i can't believe you wernt acrossed the equater it sounds awesome !! i laughed when you said cross the equater twice ha ha !! = D

  55. Congratulations on achieving your first goal Abbey.
    Hope the temperature improves soon and you have a safe trip to the horn
    Best wishes,

  56. Hi Abby, Bravo through the Equator. If you do get a bored moment, it would be interesting to know what sail combinations you are using in various wind conditions. What are you usually flying when you are sleeping, etc? I also have an Islander like Zac's and I am curious about the above on an Open 40. I follow you everyday and wish often that it was me making the attempt. Best of luck and I will be there fiddle in hand when you return. Geoff

  57. Abby, congratulations on your equator crossing. Glad you didn't get blown backwards. I hope you've got some pics. of this moment, and as always, looking forward to hearing from you again soon.

    Remember when Susan Boyle sang that beautiful song, "I Dreamed a Dream"? Well it's wonderful to see people being able to follow their dreams and I have no doubt that people like you and Jessica (and Susan) give others the inspiration and courage to do just that.

    Take care sweet lady.

    Sunshine Coast, Qld. Aus.

  58. Here's a quote from the original owner of Wild Eyes (then BTC Velocity)- commenting on the boat sailing abilities to weather. "Upwind she is useless and requires great care." Looks to me that Abby's got a looooong port tack in her future as she slogs south. (Passageweather forecast)

    Here's hoping the autopilot/charging system is up to the task. The trick here is that unless Abby has her sail plan well balanced the autopilot is going to be working hard, otherwise she's going to spend some long hours in the cockpit.

    Steve in California

  59. Abby, Best of luck to you. I followed your brother around the world, and am now priveledged to do the same with you. Not all of us can make our dreams come true, so consider yourself lucky. Good parents, good family, good friends. That is something that years will teach you is a precious thing. Stay safe, God speed. BK Anaheim, Ca.

  60. Abby,
    We are so excited for your official equator crossing, and we did toast you at dinner. We hope the Doldrums are behind you soon. Your family must be so proud. May God's hand continue to carry you safely, happily on gentle waters, and may the breeze cool you, the water supply quench your thirst, and may you be certain the world surrounds you and supports you.
    Kelly and Dave Directo from Santa Clarita


    OUR PRAYERS are with you.
    Christine N Z

  62. Enjoying the blog of your journey! You are truly amazing. What an adventure.

    You've mentioned that you want to get your studies out of the way... are you planning to graduate from high school ahead of your classmates? What school have you been attending? Plans for the future? college? with all the instruments you've had to learn to operate, perhaps you are considering something in engineering? or ?? just curious. This country needs more females interested in math & science.

    Will be watching for your next post. Do take care...

  63. No line in the water?!? How can that be? I was always taught the equator was a line that went all the way around the earth. Sigh...First the Easter Bunny, then Santa Clause and now the equator line. Whats nest? The Tooth Fairy? I'm really very sad. Ah well. Don’t mean nothin’ anyhow. :-)

    YAY for you. If you crossed the equator line twice on this leg and then twice on the homeward leg, you could have counted your trip as two times around the world. Sort of.

    As free advice seems to be a popular part of this particular post I offer mine as well:

    Drink lots of water. Lots of fluid. OK. So you’ve been told this a billion times and I suspect Team Abby, in the form of your Mom, reminds you several times a day and you have it written all over Wild Eyes, still…drink lots of water.


  64. On ya Abby,
    I had to laugh at "Saltydog's" comment "So there was no Tollbooth..."

    Anyway're on ya way now exploring new Territory...go and discover but be safe...always.

    Clint - Melbourne

  65. @ Mariner Walt: LOL

    Do you think that if Abby retrieved your half bottle of scotch she would be in breach of the rules regarding receiving outside assistance?

  66. Congrats abby, wish you all the best! ur such a brave girl, i'll stay here to support...


  67. Congratulations. We support You

  68. Hi Babsy,
    congratulations again!
    keep up them dodgers,
    Jony the Pony

    PS: someone is usurping me and put a post in this blog using my name "Jony the Pony". It happened also on Jessica's blog, so... BACK OFF!!! OK!

  69. Congrats Abby, keep up the good work.

    Stay safe and sail straight.


  70. Fantastic about crossing the equator, way to go girl. By chance are you and Jessica going to pass each other and wave?

  71. Hi Capt. Abby,

    We are so happy as you are that you crossed the equator.
    Very busy up here, but still tracking your amazing journey...
    Keep sailing!!!

    Janet Acosta-Hobschaidt
    Puerto Rico-NJ

  72. please give us your cordinates more often so we can track you on a map.

  73. Congrats for making it at the equator and goodluck to your journey ahead. It's really a tough journey and i admire you for having that courage.

    My support is all out for you, and fellow kababayan from the Phillipines.....MABUHAY KA!!!


  74. Dadgummit... Jessica was supposed to put that line right back where she found it.

    Some teenagers are just downright irresponsible.:)

    Oh well. Don't be so worried about the heat and lack of wind. The Southern Ocean and Drake's Passage will more than make up for it.

    Keep your bow pointing south and your heart towards your goal. We are all pulling for you.

  75. Captain Abby... good job and good sailing. Now its on to the Cape and the warm days will fade into something a little less toasty warm...

    As I understand it.... the LINE does go around the earth... but it is connected to the LAND.. so for you to see it, you would have been on the bottom of the sea where the crust of the earth is.... the current would drag the line north or drift it west... so the actual LINE is painted on the SOIL, be it mud or muck on the BOTTOM of the ocean. Had you made the crossing up in the Andes, I an sure you would have seen it.

    Sail Safe... Post Often... Have FUN...

    Richard Rumble
    Dana Point, Ca

  76. abby i have a question how come you took off your ask abby e-mail adress?

  77. Abby ... Dusted off my globe this morning to calculate the distance you've sailed thus far compared to where you are heading, the famous Cape Horn. According to your chart, you're close to 120 degrees W longitude. So using my tape measure at 3/4 inch equals 500 miles, here's what it looks like. LA to your current position is 2330 miles (2025 nm) and your current position to Cape Horn is 4830 miles (4195 nm) so just over twice the distance.'s wishing fair and steady winds and a fast trip to the Horn.

  78. Congrats Abby. Be sure to wear your sunblock :)

  79. Great going Abby,

    I have two little girls (3 and 2) and am tracking your journey with them in mind - they've been out on SF Bay a few times, who knows if they'll want to follow in your footsteps! Will you be finishing in Cabo and then returning to Marina del Rey -their aunt and cousins live in El Segundo and it would be cool to be amongst those who welcome you home later this year.

    Rick B

  80. Good to keep up with you Abby. The pic of you in the cockpit at sunset was really weird to look at given that the thought of you out there alone was quite an amazing one seen in the comfort of a nice cosy chair in front of my computer.

    My Sincere admiration of you and what you are doing Abby.

    Pete Woodruff.

  81. Most impressive. I have not managed to cross the equator even with a host of companions. This is an awesome thing that you are doing. I think I will make it my goal to cross the equator, regardless that it will be in the company of many. Thanks for the inspiration.
    Reatha in Myrtle Beach, SC

  82. Hi Captain Abby, Kudos for crossing the equator. Excellent first leg
    achievement. Now on to Cape Horn. Hope the winds pick up for you.
    Be Safe! Be Happy! Think Cool Thoughts! Godspeed!

  83. Hello Abby from Oklahoma. We'll be checking on you and cheering you along your courageous journey. Watch out for the pirates along the way. May God be with you. We love you, stay safe!

  84. hey Abby i read what you posted and i was so happy when you said you crossed the equater and i read what your dad wrote and i loved it!watch out for sharks ya here abby hehe!see ya and please be really careful and stay safe also GOODLUCK out there in the waters!

  85. I would really like this page to be updated much more often....

    Best wishes to you Abby, but i would like to have news and photos regularlly. If you do that I can assure that you'll have many more followers.

    Even your twitter page is not updated as soon as it should be.

    Even an "Everything is ok today" can be good.

    Look at jessica's page, every day about the same time of the day you can find at least a few words

  86. Hi there,
    you are going to live an exiting life. Sometime, in my past I had the same idea as you are doing, but...yes you know, many time in the life people lock horns in many doubts.

  87. Jony you are better off creating an official blogger account so people cannot pose as you!

    Hurry, in case they beat you to it!

  88. This is such an exciting event! What a brave person you are! We are following you daily.

    Mike and Shannon

  89. Good-Luck!
    I hope you do make history!
    You're in my prayers for safety!
    I hope no storms come. This is the first post I read about you. :) Goood Luuuck!!

  90. Way to go Abby. You rock. Stay safe and smart out there.

  91. good luck abby,your doing great, keep up the good work. we're rooting for you here in arkansas.

  92. I did not know the water was so calm there, I can see from the picture. Thats a good thing....

  93. Hi Abby,

    Congratulations. Another leg to tick off your list, you'll now have to work on the next leg and then an arm and then another arm. lol

    Reading other people's blogs Abby, you are such an inspiration to so many people.

    YOU GO GIRL :-).

    Take care and keep safe and you are in my prayers for a continuing safe journey.

    Hugs and warmest wishes from Jan Pace (Auckland, New Zealand)

  94. You go girl.
    The Hall Family
    Torrance, CA

  95. Hope everythings going well in the boat. Is it weird just being by yourself every minute of the day (minus Skype of course). But I guess It must beat going to school. Enjoy the blog so far, and good luck.
    Btw how big are the waves out there?

  96. Congratulations on crossing the equator! We are excited and glad you didn't have to cross it twice! We live and home school in Europe and are tracking both you and Jessica Watson on our map daily. Keep up the good work and safe sailing!

    Dora and Rachel

  97. Good luck with your dream! It's great that you're doing what you love to do, and go for gold! I'm sure you'll be the world's youngest solo circumnavigator. Take care!


  98. Great info, i glad to see this blog, such an informative article, Thanks for share this.

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  100. CAPT ABBY,




  101. Days 30 & 31 on the chart showing abby's possition indicate both 80 miles south of the equator. I think that's a mistake

  102. Now when my daughter crosses the line, I yell at her :-) for you... CONGRATS. Glad to hear all is going well, haven't wrote in a while but have been following you daily!

    Keep on keepin on! Big Wishes from the small Wonder of DE!

    Remember one day at a time...

    Keep up the great work!

  103. Abby, don't think for a moment that you are alone.I think you have the whole world pulling and praying for you.You will be making history when you comlete your trip.I pray for you every day.please be careful,and stay safe.
    May God bless you
    Libby Di Bernardo
    San Pedro Ca.

  104. Hi there, Abby. I was just browsing blog's on here and stumbled on yours. I have to admit, what you are doing is amazing. Keep up the good work and stay safe!

  105. Peterson 5th grade Kodiak, AKFebruary 22, 2010 at 9:47 AM

    Congratulations and best wishes from your 5th grade Kodiak friends! You are an inspiration to many people following your adventure.

    5th grade
    Peterson Elem.
    Kodiak, AK

  106. Abby-girl sailor ... I'm surprized to see minature blue balloon #31 drifting west (on your Where's Abby chart). Is this because of the wind direction or are the beautiful white sand beaches of a secluded Polynesian island luring you?

  107. why Abby is going south WEST? is there any problem?

  108. Abby,
    This journey is about you and massive undertaking and I would like to thank you for sharing it with us.

    Myself I am happy that you choose to and have the opportunity to share with us. Please do not feel pressured to share more than you can or do. When you post we will be here!


  109. Rock and Roll darlin - You are doing great!

  110. Good Job Captain! Hope you doused your self with a bucket of sea water to keep Neptune happy! Sail on young lady, We're behind you 110%

  111. How does it feel to cross the equator?

  112. HOw did it feel to cross the equator?

  113. Congratulations glad you made it across the equator...happy sailing to you!

  114. Dear Abby,
    How did you feel when you passed the equator.
    I felt so happy.

    My name is Elena I am in first grade.
    I live in Pacoima.
    I go to Sara Coughlin Elementary.

  115. Hello abby:
    I think It Is just wonderful that you have crossed the first leg of your adventure and I am VERY proud of you. Don't be so hard on yourself. It takes a lot of determination and true grit to accomplish what you just achieved. When we pull up goggle earth and put you out there at the equator and 120 degrees west...Honey You got a lot of guts,not to mention just 16 years old . I hope you have the time of your life sailing . And while I'm bragging ,,,That picture tells it all ...Folks? Is that the prettiest boat CAPTIAN you ever seen or what???......... gotta little carried a away there I guess. but I'm proud of her........

  116. Dear Abby

    Dear Abby,
    I felt so happy when you crossed the equator!
    Sara Coughlin Elementary
    1 Grade

  117. Dear Abby,
    We are so glad that you passed the equator!
    Ashley and Ginger
    Sara Coughlin Elementary
    1 Grade

  118. Dear Abby,
    We are so happy that you passed the equator!
    Have a safe journey!
    Sara Coughlin Elementary
    1 Grade

  119. ah yeah

    charles webster baer
    bend oregon usa

  120. Hi Team Abby
    Thank you for all your efforts at keeping us up-to-date. Well done!
    I have a tiny suggestion for your consideration -
    'til now, Abby's position is posted in relation to a land point. As Abby will sooner or later travel further from land, would it be possible to give her position in Lat & Long (rounded to whole degrees) eg.5S, 115W
    Its easy to find and plot on the world atlas!
    As she travels South her Lat will change rapidly and as she travels East her Long will change rapidly, unless she is unfortunately becalmed for a while.
    Just a thought - apologies for the long blog.

    As always, best wishes
    John N

  121. Over the line!!! Sorry Abby, but you were over the line.

  122. Hi Abby,
    A touch of pomp for your circumstance m'Lady:

    Be it now proclaimed by call of Conch and Nautilus throughout the Latitudes of our Oceanic Domain that We, Neptune, Ruler of the Seven Seas, King of the Secret Currents, Lord of the Boundless Waves, Master of the Tides, High Constable of the Coral Caverns and Uttermost Recesses of the Deep, do hereby Sanction and affirm that Our Most Noble Cross of the Equator be bestowed on Abby Sunderland, who mere Mortal though she be, hath, this 19th day of February 2010 on board Wild Eyes, accepted with Good Humour and Withstood the most Rigorous Initiation into the Ancient and Moistening Rites of our Aquatic Court. Sealed and Witnessed in the presence of at least 1 cuddly Bear and all your cabin friends, and signed by His Majesty, King Neptune.

    And a cordial welcome to the seas Downunder!
    Hoo Roo

  123. Hello Abby from Czech republic.
    Every day I wish you luck and the wind in his sails. I write you from a great distance. We here in Central Europe, there is no sea, and we need him to travel far :-( (You are now on that a little better about myself just got the ocean and at night the stars above her head :-)) Your dream is beautiful and I wish a happy and Ti successful journey to the finish line I do not know if you read it but I am glad that I wrote. Have a lovely day, you said hello too :-))

  124. Really enjoying following your journey!

    Are you communicating with Jessica Watson? Seems like you two would have a lot to share since you both have email access!


  125. Wow Abby!!!
    You're such a brave young woman to be in the middle of the ocean! I hope this serves as an inspiration to all teens to go after their dreams. This proves that no dream is impossible as long as you set your mind to it. God bless you always!
    Love from Los Angeles :-)

  126. @ Those questioning Abby's westward track - Here's MY guess: Go to Passageweather - click on the box that will give you a view of the entire "lower" Pacific Ocean. Note that the general wind direction down the coast of S America is right in Abby's face. That is a slow and uncomfortable point of sail. Note that the farther west she goes, the move the wind comes from what would be her left (from the port side of the boat)...that would put her on more of a reach; a faster and more comfortable ride. She might hold that for hundreds (and hundreds)of miles and then slowly "crack off" (turn downwind) as the wind shifts behind her.

    Just a guess

    Steve in California

  127. "We confirm all that King Neptune (via Magpie) has decreed. Abby: Post us only when the mood strikes you favorable. Like your dolphin pals, won't stray far...they're there right by the bow wave;anyhow, I am convinced that Daddy Laurence will see that we learn what we need to know. I once belonged to a blog that I had to/must, post daily --- surely one of the dumbest things I ever got myself into.
    Sail on dear lassie

  128. Abby, Looks like you are doing great, we are so proud of you and only wish you the very best sailing. Our prayers are with you. Gail/Ventura

  129. What a great bunch of kids from Sarah Coughlin Elementary Grade 1. Hope you enjoy following Abby on her historic voyage.A big hello to Elena, Muguel, Ashley, Ginger and Diana (hope we didn't miss anyone) from Faye and Max Mulgrave, Victoria, Australia

  130. 02-22-10 @ 23:00
    Hi Abby,
    Hey, how are you doing, I’ve been thinking about you and wondering if you’re going to get any wind. There doesn’t seem to be to much in your area. Patience, and it will come eventually, but I know, you want some now. It’s got to get better. Shore folk will just have to pray harder.
    What are you doing with your spare time, reading, sunbathing, some preventive maintenance, cooking or looking for some wind???
    Keep the faith and keep your spirits up, do not despair!!!!
    Take good care of yourself and always be cautious.
    May God hold you in the palm of His hand and may the Angels keep your sails full, and I, I will be praying for you.
    Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

  131. Now you are of the south seas.Very good may thing continue to go good and may you have smooth nights,fast days and a safe journey

  132. Hey Captain Abbey, Can't help but laugh about the scotch -come on -she is only 16 -should drop a bootle vodka next passage.Anyway game on Abbey-always calm before the storm.Sandi pa

  133. Eyyy Babsy,
    still drifting along?
    how are the other life-forms on board?
    keep up them dodgers,
    Jony the Pony

  134. someone posted boat at same position for two days, someone else noted odd ddirectional change, no comments from abby since 2/20....what is up?reason to worry?

  135. Hello, Abby, Congratuations on crossing the Equator!! As previously posted, the southern stars are your new backdrop at night. We wish you tranquil moments and happiness as you continue your journey. Our prayers are with you! Grandmom Patricia and Courtney, 13.

  136. Abby - great job thus far! I have followed you from the start and will continue to do so. I can't wait till some videos start popping up! Take care in that heat! I am a 44 year old that never had the courage you do to do anything of the sort! Praying for you daily!

  137. @ Mark...

    I am hoping you see this...

    You posted a solution to the the lat/long issue on Jesse's site using a "keyhole markup overlay" on Google Earth. It works great but I have not been able to figure out how YOU figured it out. I would like to set up Abby's track the same way.

    Can you help?

  138. @ Steve in California,

    When you provided the answer to some of the questions about Abby's progress (this may sound obvious, but the questions make you wonder?) you should have added that she is in a SAIL boat and that use of the engine as a means of propulsion would disqualify her.

    It does look like she needs to get down to 10S before she will make any real progress.

  139. Hope you are having fun with wild eyes; sound’s like you got a little bit of wind
    Finally…. Abby we don’t think finishing the first leg of your dream is a small one,
    Off hand I can’t think of anyone as young as you that is sailing his or her own boat alone
    At 120 degrees west has accomplished that… And your cheering section is excited as
    you are I might add . Have not heard you mention any thing about a dream catcher so assume you don’t have one. I’m not a sailor so I don’t know what the sail at the bow of the boat is called ,,, So from now on lets just call it a dream catcher ……huh!
    Anyway talking about crossing the equator line out there more than once, You should have circled over it about four times so it got wrapped around the dream catcher, we,,,,,,,,,, would have cheered You on for another four. (You probably did but forgot to tell us.) When you look Across the bow of wild eyes and see that sail full of wind,,well,,,,,,, you know what that means.
    Have the time of your life sailing and stay clicked ;

  140. Fair winds, and calm seas.
    Our prayers are with you.

  141. Wow girl, that is amazing! Good luck with your journey!

  142. Yea Abby!!!! You did it. Keep up the good work. Hope the winds work in your favor.
    Be safe. Send some more pics!
    Avery (Texas)

  143. @Steve in California:
    Thanks for the passageweather explanation. I was going to ask you about interpreting the little hockey stick symbols, but thought I should first do some research myself. The answer is under FAQ if anyone was wondering about the multiple lines on the short end of the hockey stick.

  144. Great to see you doing so well. Love your home site and Blog. I followed your brother and Mike from start to finish. How I am following you and Jessica. I'm not 16 but 64 and will be starting my on voyage around the world soon. God speed and keep you safe.

    Would love to see more pictures and videos as your brother Zak and Mike had. It adds so much to the blog and site.

    v/r Richard
    s/v Gypsy Soul

  145. Hang on , a big wave might be on the way

    Stay safe

  146. Just heard about the quake off Chile. I hope Abby is ok. Looking for an update soon.

  147. I hope Abby can easily ride the tsunami from Chile. Please let us know you are safe asap!

  148. Yep it looks like alot of us are praying you through this breaker..Do be safe..and alert...

    Gary & Jan

  149. I love following your progress, thanks for the updates and the photos. You are one brave young lady; be careful down south. Definitely rooting for you!

  150. Doug & Rosy

    Our prayers are with you everyday.We look forward to your where abouts everyday. Have fun and be safe.

  151. This is not the first of your posts I've read, and you never cease to amaze me.
    Thank you, and I look forward to reading more.

  152. It’s glad to see good information being convey. Its a very nice written, and i really like these blog. Thanks for the info.