Sunday, May 2, 2010

100 Days Out

Day 100 at sea.

No real exceptional day out here today, but yesterday definitely made up for it. It is grey and cold out right now and I have hardly any wind. Yesterday I had 15 knots out of the NNW. While being close hauled isn't usually the best point of sail for Wild Eyes, with lighter winds it is perfect. When I have the wind behind me having my main up puts a lot of pressure on the auto pilot so I usually sail with just my stay sail up when down wind. Being close hauled I can have almost the whole main as well as my genoa up, and so for two days I was going about 8 knots with 15 knots of wind. Just enough to keep me going fast, but not so much that I am healed over uncomfortably.

I spent most of the day yesterday just sitting outside in the sun and wind and hinking about everything that has happened in this hundred day journey that has taken me nearly half way around the world. These are some of my thoughts so far...

All the storms and the dead calms, all the long days and nights working on my equipment, all the big moments like rounding Cape Horn. There have been good times and pretty frightening times.

I'm happy out here. I love everything about being out here. Thinking that in just two or three days I am going to be walking on dry land, seeing the people I talk to, and sleeping in a dry bed... it's a little overwhelming.

It may seem like no big deal, but to be honest, I wish it didn't have to happen. I guess it doesn't fit the race boat profile very well, but losing a record isn't a big deal after you have done what I have just done. Just being out here...I wish there was a way for me to spend the rest of my life out here.

Getting into port can be hard and from what Zac says it's even harder to leave. It's a bit of an emotional roller coaster out here. The thing about a roller coaster is that you know when it's going to end. Being in a storm with 20 foot seas sending you flying around you never know when it will end - it could be hours, days even weeks.

Who knows how long it will take to get used to being on land again, and then how hard will it be to get back into the rhythm of things out here? But I have taken a break from worrying about all that Worrying about it isn't going to help anything and wishing it isn't happening won't stop it.

So, I have decided to make the most of my little stop. It will be great to work out the issues on the boat while docked. I can have a good time with Zac and hopefully get some time to see the sights there. After all, it is a little bit of a waste to sail the world yet not actually get to see any of it.



  1. Abby,

    Enjoy your time with new and old friends and your family on land. See the sights and know there are thousands of us who would trade places with you. Enjoy adventure while young and before you have family responsibilities. Some of us live hundreds of miles from the ocean, but feel as though we have seen a bit of it through the eyes of a wonderful brother and sister.

    Be proud of your accomplishments and look toward the horizon.

    Landlocked in West Central Ohio

  2. It's always a delight to read your posts and read that you're safe. Your journey is truly remarkable and I am grateful to be able to read your first hand account.

  3. I do agree with the fact of wasteful sail around the world without seeing any of it. Especially with things that you can not control, weather, equipment and so forth. I think if this event should be a timed race, they should only count the time that has actually spent on water. More places you visit, that much more added to the journey in my opinion. I certainly would not want to sail around the world just to come back to the starting point. Enjoy your stay at Cape and we look forward to your upcoming posts.

  4. I think you nailed it in your last sentence there, kiddo. You're right. Setting aside, for the moment, your initial desire to set a record - what is the point of traveling around the world without having really seen any of it?

    That said, I wish that you could've accomplished your initial goal. But, that was not meant to be. You have a new goal in mind now and I pray that you will be able to accomplish it.

    That said, and as many others have said, now you have a little more freedom. If you're still going for youngest navigator, we all know that you still are limited in your time out at sea ... however, if it is at all possible I think it'd be fun for you to meet up with Jess (assuming you both would want to meet in person). Now, whether that means pulling into port in Sydney or Jess jumping in her boat and sailing out to meet you ... I don't know. Either way could be fun. :)

    Take care, young lady. And for your own sake - make the most out of this stop and the rest of your journey. This is for you. It is for nobody else. I don't care what others say. It's for you.

  5. Hi Abby,
    Day 100 following your progress.
    It has been our privilege and pleasure to do so!
    Thanks for sharing it with us so far, and we are looking forward to the stories from Cape Town and beyond. You're awesome!
    Praying for you each day,
    Keith and Kathy Wargo, Lynchburg VA

  6. "She is SSSSOOO brave!Tell her ''keep goin' girl!''. Grace Gordon
    Peace, Love and Country Music"

    Capt. Abby that's a 10 yr. old in Charleston, SC talking and pretty much says it all from here. You've earned our respect. Bigtime. Go do what you got to do.

  7. Hi Abby,
    You are an old soul my friend.

  8. I think you will find powering down and swtiching off for a week, all sailing, thinking about sailing and sailing, you will be able to reflect better, run through your mind's eye, what you've done how you have done, and how to be better at it and improve all of it. I'm talking about sailing Wild Eyes of course. Just like working out, stopping the next day, let your muscles relax and grow, then hitting the gym again for longer, heavier and more.

    The boat's a race boat and has to be nursed. You have constantly feather it, not like Zac's tank, where you point it, lock it and it plods along and you hang on for the ride ;-)

    In which case, there is an official record you can still aim for and include it in this one; that is the Cape Town to Sidney speed record. You'd really have to race Wild Eyes, which as described above, might very well be worth shot, after a week or 10 days off to review your last 100 days and work out in your mind how to improve on the next leg.

    Route: Cape Town – Sydney (BOC Race) Distance: 6698 Date:Dec-94 Sceta Calberson S (I) 60 18.29 Christophe Auguin FRA Time:24d 23h 40m 16s Ave Speed: 11.17

    Might be difficult :-)

    Doesn't look like anything else from Cape Town back to West Coast USA unless some Guiness records for, ocean crossing records etc.

    I suspect it might be key to focus on a record of some sorts rather than dwelling on what might have been. How about:

    Single stop, around all 5 Capes (Cape Horn, Good Hope, Cape Leeuwin, South Cape and South West Cape of New Zealand)

    Cabo to Cabo via the 5 Capes with one stop.

    The 5th Cape cancels out the 1 stop ;-)

  9. You are an amazing young women. What terrific insight you have. It's been a pleasure to follow you. I shall continue to wish you well on the rest of your journey.

  10. Abby I love what you are doing!!! I found out about your blog and started following it.. I was thrilled when you made the news and I knew who they were talking about! i think its amazing what you are doing and amazing that you have parents and family that support your dreams. You are an inspiration to me and I love when you post new blogs. Praying for your safety.

  11. Abby:
    Most likely you will only pass this was once, grab, live the moment, and go for it. You are doing what only a hand full of people in the entire world get to do. Enjoy it while you can. One day, when you are old you can say "I did it" and "I enjoyed the trip".


    John R Willis

  12. Hi Abby... Good post. You are a very bright and intelligent young Lady, Your final comment said it all. While setting records etc, are nice, seeing the world is much nicer, in my way of thinking. Enjoy your "shore leave". Relax and get yourself ready for the next phase of your journey. I keep reading items from many folks, especially Austrailians, wanting you to stop in Sidney on your way by. Of course it is YOUR decission to make, but does sound nice. You two girls would have much to chat about.
    May the Good Lord watch over you. Stay Safe, Luv Ya
    Bud & Charla Winnett

  13. Happy 100th!!! Wish I could air drop a cake to you. Your such an inspiration to young people. Enjoy the rest of your trip by stopping at a few places that most people just dream of visiting.
    Bob, Hope, Maine

  14. Your blog is adorable! I'm thrilled that I found it and can keep track of your journey.

  15. Thanks Abby.
    You are real and honest.
    Thanks for sharing your feelings with us.
    Richard(QLD) Aus♥

  16. Abby, remember it the journey not the destination that counts. Enjoy Cape Town and people, as you don't know when you will pass that way again.

    Hope all the repairs go well, and you will soon be off for new adventures. There are some great places to stop between Cape Town and California.

    Travel safe,

  17. Beautiful post today, Abby! Love your attitude about the trials of life on the sea --- might as well make lemonade vs. being totally bummed. Get ready South Africa, the Sunderland's are heading your way!!! Have a great time with Zac and good luck with repairs. Don't forget to stock up on chocolate! ;)

    Blessings always,
    Marie, WA St.

  18. Enjoy your visit w/your bro!... Things will all work out...

  19. Hi Abby- If you haven't already, you should read "The Long Way" by Bernard Moitessier. He loved being out at sea day after day and worried about approaching land. Sounds so much like you.

  20. Hi Abby. I'm Francois, living in Cape Town. I'm a dad of a 16 yr old young woman. I'm not a sailor and I guess its the unknown world of what you and Jessica Watson are doing that is capturing my imagination. Also the fact that I can't in my wildest dreams imagine my princess doing what you ladies seem to be so at ease with. It's a pity that you have to give up your non-stop attempt, but as a Capetonian it is a previledge to invite you to our shores. I'm sure you'll have a team of people taking care of you while here in SA, but should there be any way that I/we can be of assistance, please shout. Hang in there! Blessings.

  21. Happy and peaceful 100th day, Miss Abby.
    Before thinking of a good bed and a hotshower, beware the ships traffic that you are going to cross in no time.Once docked, you will have earned your rest, and it will be time to check up all of Wild Eyes and to make the repairs, autopilots, others, and replacements, pens, hairbrushes...
    Be careful and vigilant. As long as you are not docked, the danger is everywhere...
    Then, enjoy Cape Town... but not for long, remember, the Winter is approaching with his big boots, and his storms!

  22. 05-02-10 @ 16:26
    Hi Abby,
    Thanks for the up-date, my finger was getting sore from hitting the reset button…lol… So all in all you were making pretty good time under the conditions. Will a new A/P work better for you when you have the wind behind you and your main up?? I find it very interesting to see how Wild Eyes adheres to different wind conditions. I think I would have trouble handling one sail, and how many do you have to handle to keep your boat sailing true??? Simply amazing, my hats off to you!!!!

    I was glad to see that you had some casual time to enjoy the sun, sailing and to reminisce about what you have accomplished so far, which is quite a bit.
    I would imagine that it’s times like those when you can fully realize what you actually went through.
    Talking to people…..sleeping in a dry bed…..overwhelming…ha, ha, I’ll bet you can handle it, no sweat…lol… At least give it a good try…lol…

    Trying to explain how and why you love it out there is difficult to express to someone who doesn’t sail. I used to ride motorcycles and there’s a certain feeling of freedom (?) that you get from it. There’s a humongous difference between the both of them, but I’m pretty sure I know what you are saying.

    I really enjoyed this blog, I enjoy them all, but you seem to have it all together and very much under control. I thought it was very interesting and a very sensible analogy of your plans.

    Take care going into port, is it difficult because of traffic or is it paperwork and customs?
    Stay sharp, alert, maintain your confidence, and you’ll do well, I know this for a fack jack !!!!!

    May God hold you in the palm of His hand and may the Angels keep your sails full, and I, I will be praying for you.
    Your faithful friend, fan and follower.
    Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

  23. To miss out on these stops along the way just to make a record that could be broken a month after you return home would be just a shame. Here's a quote from a certain 16 year old California girl:

    "It has been my dream since I was 13 years old and began single-handing, to one day sail solo around the world."

    I don't see anywhere in that quote about going non stop.

    Enjoy life. You have thousands of people behind you. Just take pictures. Lots of pictures. You will cherish them forever.

    Love from Florida

  24. Captain Abby,
    Been following your progress since about day three. When you passed near Easter Island, was, when I realized how many cool places not many people get to see, you would be just sailing past. Glad your able to see some of the world, living your dreams and not dreaming your life. Safe voyages!

  25. Good for you, girl. Make the most of that stop! Sight-see, luxuriate in a bubble bath, have some good food, etc!

  26. Hi Abby
    Thanks for another great post, you really sound up beat. Glad to hear that you would like be back out to sea. You must be a true sailor. =). Any way hope you get a break in the weather so you can get in port !!!!!. Guess it‘s going to get colder down there the icicles will be pointing straight up you being upside down huh. Have fun in CT and take loads of pictures.

  27. wow 100 days!awesome!

  28. You may not have noticed it, Abby, but I think many of us have. Your writing has changed since you started. YOU have changed since you started. You are no longer the starry eyed young girl out for an adventure. No, indeed. You have matured, almost beyond measure. You have been thinking deep and complex thoughts, and your quest has changed too. To have overcome the challenges that have come at you so far, reflects a level of maturity way beyond your years. In short, you have become an outstanding woman.

    Wishing you continued good fortune, I am praying for moderate weather and fair winds for you.

    Steve L from Modesto

  29. abby

    good job u r doing sooo goooood put be careful in coming close to land and other ships use a exter light at night if need be so othres can see u your boat is sooo small and it will be hard to see in big seas.the good lord will be with you 'Lord please put your hand on her guide hes safe and I do hope that all goes well for her and stay sharp minded and just remember all her father put in her brain about sailing amen".God blell u r in my thoughts all the time. Richard

  30. Hi Abby Happy 100th day and so glad you are reflecting on how amazing you truly are and what you have accomplished! You are an unbelievable young lady and wise beyond your years. I love reading your interesting blogs except for me I get woozie and fearful just reading about what you have done and have been able to endure out there in your wet and wavy dreamland! And coming from one of your many vicarious Grammas, Abby don't give anything else a thought (like some of the statements coming from arm chair sailors or people who set goals for others suggesting this and that from the comfort of their homes). Remember Abby this is your journey and your decisions and only give thought to what YOU want to do with YOUR journey, YOUR dreams, YOUR goals, and YOUR life--and then go for it with zesto and live it to the fullest! Here's a little secret that I finally figured out--do it now--cause you will not get a second chance--this is not a dress rehearsal of your life or this journey! So Dear Sweet Abby keep on living YOUR dreams and enjoy every minute wherever YOUR dreams take you! Many Electronic hugs to you
    Gramma Lee

  31. Just think of pulling into Cape Town as a dream that never happened. You can never take away the memories that at age 16 you sailed around the world alone. To add to that dream how many can say their brother also did the same thing. Records are made to be broken! You lived a dream of a lifetime of memories!

  32. 100 days out and half way around, and you seem quite content - good for you. I can't even imagine, and I can't wait to get out there myself, I just found your web site, and it's very inspiring to me. I'm working on my boat right now - seems a little distant, being that it needs alot of work and it's in the desert, and I'm somewhat of a land-lubber. But I do intend on doing some long-distance cruising - but for now, I'll just have to be content with glassing in the rest of the bulk heads- and looking out the window from time to time pretending I'm out at sea. Well - thanks for the inspiration, enjoy your adventure, best regards - Les Vion

  33. Hi Abby,

    I have been following your journey since you left CA & think you have been doing great on your adventure!

    Though I was 2 years older than you, I bicycled solo from San Francisco to Rome, Italy in 1970. Once I got going it was hard to stop - I averaged 90 miles a day except for 3 stops along the way, and there were many cites I just zipped through without even pausing. This was before the Internet and there were no records to break or anyone following where I was. But I know what you mean about just wanting to be out on the water forever - once you start, you just have to keep going.

    My father sailed around Cape Horn at 16 in one of the last clipper ships in 1928 and he became a sailor for the rest of his life. We sailed a lot on the San Francisco Bay and it was wonderful. Our good friend was the sailor Charles Borden, who wrote a great book about sailing solo “Sea Quest: Global Adventuring in a Small Craft.”

    I really admire your courage & ingenuity in fixing all the equipment as you go. There is nothing wrong with stopping in CT. Be sure you get as prepared as you can, as I see how wild it can get with the seas that Jessica is facing in Tasmania.

    We now do radio programs in Taos, New Mexico, so I hope, when you return, we could a radio interview!

    Robin in Taos, NM

  34. Well Done Abby,
    Great to read your posts about life on the ocean wave. Glad that you are about to enjoy the solidness of dry land for a while, I hope your posts will continue and you can share the sights with your legion of followers.

  35. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us Abby. I really look forward to your posts, and check for new ones 2 or 3 times a day (yours and Jessica's)! It's great to hear you've reached 100 days too! Congratulations!!! It's been quite a ride, eh? Enjoy Cape Town, and be sure to tell us about your stop. We will be dying to hear about it! have fun!
    Kevin, Aiken, SC

  36. Hi Captain Sunderland; Great blog. Very thoughtful. I know that there will be a tear or two when you give your brother that first hug. Best Wishes,
    Vancouver, Canada

  37. Hi Captain Abby, You have done
    an amazing job piloting Wild
    Eyes to this point. At sixteen
    even more remarkable. You are
    one gifted skipper. You and
    your team have made the best
    decision to ensure your saftey.
    Have a wonderful time in
    Capetown. Be Safe! Stay Happy!

  38. Sounds like you're having fun no matter where ya are. And ya sound passionate about what ya do. That's awesome. Wish I would have had better monetary circumstances growing up and maybe you'd be trying to beat my record. :P

  39. Bravo, Abby. Bravo.

    Your seamanship is one thing, but your maturity is wonderful. Very unusual for a person so young.

    We know you are a true short handed real offshore sailor. The lines in your latest blog post about loving the sea and longing to be out there for ever are totally familiar to those of who do the Bermuda 1-2. I am sure to Rich Wilson would agree.

    The fact is that you either love the open ocean and find it your spiritual home, or you have no business whatsoever being out there.

    Again, bravo.

  40. All your writing has been enjoyed by thousands of us. You are truly an amazing young woman and as far as I am concerned you have made a remarkable journey so far and you will continue to so with fresh washed clothes, some good meals and fun seeing Cape Town. It is an amazing City. And then off to sea again for more adventures.

  41. Hi Abby
    Thank you for your update and honest feelings at the moment.

    Have no doubts, no regrets. Correct decision.

    Consider the pit-stop in Cape Town as an opportunity, a new adventure and a new chapter in your voyage round the world.

    Best wishes

  42. Great post today Abby! It told us so much on how you feel, your goals and expectations!
    Maybe a book down the road?
    Ed in TN

  43. What an accomplishment! 100 Days! I just can't imagine! I hope your trip into Cape Town is smooth! Hope repairs go quickly so you can get back out there and finish this adventure! All the best! Lisa in Bethesda, MD

  44. Congrats on your achievement so far. 100 days doing anything is a long, long time. It will be weird getting off the boat. Look forward to hearing that you are back at the helm.

  45. I sure hope yo write a book about your adventures, you're a great writer, with a talent for expressing how you feel. I'd imagine your book would be a must read for all teenage girls looking for direction and inspiration. Keep up the great attitude and enjoy your time in port. I think you should get a kitty, what the heck, you deserve it.

  46. What's the chance of getting a pilot boat to lead you into and out of the Capetown harbor? Even an experienced Merchant Marine Captain might want that on his/her first trip in a new place. You'll have Zac there to arrange for this and you might also get help from the Capetown Yacht Club. That boat horn isn't going to scare off a container ship even if you do have the right of way.

    Like many others, I have noticed quite a change in your writing since day one. You have become incredibly mature in a very short time.

  47. Bonjour Abby & Wild Eyes,

    Before you know it, you and Wild Eyes will be sailing away again!


    Enjoy Cape Town, Take care.

  48. Good going Abby
    This is the first time I am writing you. I must say you adventure is amazing. I try to follow your blog everyday. I just wish you would write everyday. I personally am a fair weather sailor and would never think of taking on such an adventure. I applaud you in all you are doing, and wish you good sailing

    Abby I was very sad to hear of the problems you are having with your auto pilot. It seems you stayed very focus during these problems. It was also nice of you to mention all of the people that helped you get the auto pilot working again. You even mentioned “the guy form course master” helping you trouble shoot the problem. I believe you wrote this to thank him for all the help he had given you. It was very unfortunate that some people took upon themselves to write nasty emails to Coursemaster. Nobody should have to apologize for other peoples actions. I hope course master realize that you personally did nothing wrong, or write anything negative.

    Abby I have read some of the replies to your blog. You certainly get all type of replies. The are a couple very informative replies. There is few of them try to give you advise, that make no sense to me. You are the captain of your you boat and only you know the decision right for you Here is my advise to you, while in Cape town, bring a cow on board that way you can have fresh milk everyday.

    Looking forward to hearing a lot more from you
    Boat NO-RAIN-A

  49. would it be fair to say your daily average ( for gross estimating purposes ) is around 100 miles per 24 hr period?....thanx...richard / colorado ( )

  50. Hi Abby
    non-stop is a marathon, some would say it is like hitting your head on a brick wall... but stopping has its pleasures ... it was not The Plan, but life has unexpected twists that sometimes are a pleasing in-disguise ... so do make the most of it ... enjoy Cape Town's great scenes ... let the Team fix the problems then head for the open water and East to Australia (maybe Sydney ;o)) and let the adventure continue._>_>_>_>_> BruceS/Sydney

  51. Congrats on 100 days! What a milestone.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I think we all 'know' that you'd rather not be stopping. Bummer really. But the bright side is that you DO get a new experience that wasn't planned and often they tend to be highlights of a journey. Most likely you will always wish that this hadn't happened so I urge you to let any of those thoughts go and simply enjoy what God has in store for you. Take it one day at a time and live the moments that you will cherish in years to come.

    Blessings, dearest Abby.

    Jo-Anne, Geelong Aus.

  52. Good going Abby
    This is the first time I am writing you. I must say you adventure is amazing. I try to follow your blog everyday. I just wish you would write everyday. I personally am a fair weather sailor and would never think of taking on such an adventure. I applaud you in all you are doing, and wish you good sailing

    Abby I was very sad to hear of the problems you are having with your auto pilot. It seems you stayed very focus during these problems. It was also nice of you to mention all of the people that helped you get the auto pilot working again. You even mentioned “the guy form course master” helping you trouble shoot the problem. I believe you wrote this to thank him for all the help he had given you. It was very unfortunate that some people took upon themselves to write nasty emails to Coursemaster. Nobody should have to apologize for other peoples actions. I hope course master realize that you personally did nothing wrong, or write anything negative.

    Abby I have read some of the replies to your blog. You certainly get all type of replies. The are a couple very informative replies. There is few of them try to give you advise, that make no sense to me. You are the captain of your you boat and only you know the decision right for you Here is my advise to you, while in Cape town, bring a cow on board that way you can have fresh milk everyday.

    Looking forward to hearing a lot more from you
    Boat NO-RAIN-A

  53. Abby, You are not only growing in your sailing expertise, you are maturing in your view of life - your life, maturing in simply the feeling of being alive to its' fullest definition from a certain perspective. There are many others - and you have a whole life to discover and learn about those. God bless, God speed for a safe and pleasurable trip!

  54. It is nice that you will get to see a bit of the world after all. When I first heard that you were going to attempt the circumnavigation non-stop, it reminded me of the old saying "I joined the Navy to see the world. And what did I see? I saw the sea!"

  55. Abby ... It's good to sit back, take in the view and reflect. You lost your original goal of non-stop but can still set a record with stops. I wonder with your comment about seeing the sites vs racing past if you are analyzing the whole aspect of being in a competitive event, an event where you can break an existing record. There are philosophical questions about the value of competition like does it mean one person succeeds only if another fails. Competition is seen in nature and it being good or less than good is a subject of debate. But you are where you are in your record attempt and the only way to proceed without someday possibly regretting your attitude or actions is to head towards the finish line with the single focus of trying your hardest. That's your only option and that worries me because of the weather window concern.

    Something else you might be reflecting on is the shear endurance of this trip. Day after day, night after night, sail change after sail change; it is an endurance challenge, and you are aware of that more than any of us. Overall Abby, it seems you are handling the situation extremely well.

    Good luck.

  56. Thanks for the 100-day thoughts, Abby. Great to get a peek inside your mind and further our (my) experience following this exciting trip and experience through your blog. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Stay strong, stay safe.
    Craig, Fair Oaks, CA.


  58. I can see how being with crowds--even friendly ones-- after so much time alone could be quite overwhelming. I'm sure your team will help you have all the time you need to simply acclimatise, and will protect you from giving more of yourself away than is healthy. The Lord will use times like this to teach you things many years into the future, and means any hardships to accomplish good. Go with the flow, and all will be well. This voyage is a beautiful picture of the way life goes, in the real world. The best part is that you are not alone, not unloved, and definitely not ever out of the eyes of God.

    This old lady sees a sweet spirit in you. You'll do fine. Rest in that, dearie!

  59. Keep sailing your direction, the right direction.

  60. Abby,

    You seem to be making steday progress. That's great. I'm glad Zac is coming down the 2 of you should have a blast in Cape Town. Take some time for yourself and your boat. I'm sure you & your team will go through it with a fine tooth comb. Then stock up and head back out to your new-found home at sea.

    God bless and safe sailing and docking.

    Nick - Waterbury CT

  61. You said it best, Abby. Make the most of and see the world as you circumnav. You won't be sorry. I'm rooting for you. Fair winds.

  62. "After all, it is a little bit of a waste to sail the world yet not actually get to see any of it."

    Well said! Enjoy every moment of every day!

  63. You didn't lose a world record. You are still the youngest person and first girl to sail around the world solo...... or are you? Actually I am not very sure what I just said. But you are having fun and that's what counts.


  64. Abby,
    I'm still very amazed at your journey. Record or no record, you've made a bigger impact on more people than most of us will make in our lifetime. You are an extraordinary young lady!

  65. Hey Abby!
    You're doing great, just be careful while on land and enjoy it while you can. Rest up and double check everything while you have time. We love you and are very proud of you!! Good luck girl!

  66. having single handed my 53 footer over 100k nm, you are feeling what every single handed sailor feels nearing port. mixed bag. you have a whole life ahead of you so stay in the moment either at sea or on shore.

  67. From what was written even before Abby left, was that despite appearences, she's extremely competitive. Therefore you can appreciate that there will be this continual "itch" about stopping. But as has already been mentioned there are a number of firsts to be achieved within this "record" attempt underway. 5 Capes is huge. None of the youngest to date have done that or are doing it. There are two more oceans to cross, where there should be some sort of record for each. There are Nm records, 24 hour period records. Find a workable record to attempt within this record to scratch that itch. Too claim solely as your own. Nothing wrong at all with youngest solo, with assist at all. Add to it to rekindle the fire after Cape Town, via 5 Capes and/or with fastest Indian Ocean crossing or with furthest distance in a 24 hour period, or fastest 100nm etc etc. There should be enough out there to aim for to get going with the same vigor and enthusiasm as the first day leaving.

    Don't worry about the weather "over there" right now. It's fantastic its the worst weather in history today just while someone else is out there, doesn't mean in a month or two just when you are there it will be the same. Remember, they said don't do Cape Horn, way to late in the season..and? The weather for the past 2 years has been upside down and inside out around the world. Defying historical weather patterns for the regions you have come from and are going to. Get there as fast you can or want first, then worry about it.

    Point being many options exist if you still have a desire to secure your own exclusive record and get rid of that itch. That is if and it's a big if, after shutting down in Cape Town relaxing and reflecting, if you truly care anymore. Just don't go in to Cape Town thinking all is lost, then struggling to leave there to continue on. There are still these little options attainable while underway. Again IF you still feel the need once you leave.

    Maybe after a monster braai'd steak an awesome ceasar salad, tons of sleep in 100 thread count Egyption cotton sheets, a day of shopping, lots of laughs and reminiscing with family and new friends, come time to leave you'll say you know what F*** IT!, I no longer care and I'm gonna head out and have some fun. ;-)

    You've just gone through massive growth spurt both physically and mentally these past 100 days. Once you let your body heal, you will know exactly, what it is you want and where you want to go. It will come to you at the right time when you are ready to ask yourself it.

    In the meantime chillax in Cape Town and at least get up top of Table Moutain, drag Zac who missed that when he was there, or go to Oudtshoorn and ride some ostriches and stand on their eggs. Don't know if someone there can wrangle a 48 hour trip up North to a proper Game Reserve. But one thing, do not, repeat do not take any buses or any trains anywhere!!! even if Zac insists on it. Just do not do that. PLEASE!


  68. Abby you have done a marvellous job,but remember the worst is ahead of you, getting around Australia and New Zealand, you will experience seas far more "challenging" than any you have encountered yet.Think very seriously about how you will contend the mountainous seas and wind that lay ahead of you.You will succeed but prepare well.

  69. 100 days without seeing a South Atlantic Right Whale. I can't believe it.

  70. I share your blog with my students here in Wisconsin. You are an inspiration to all and we're rooting for you. God speed and best wishes for a safe rest of trip.

  71. Twenty foot seas is rather high indeed, and it doesn't make me one bit sorry I'm a landlubber but it doesn't stop me from admiring the courage, strength, and tenacity of you or what you're doing. As I've said before; just being out there makes you a winner, so Godspeed to Cape Town and take care little lady.
    Sunshine Coast, Qld. Aus.

  72. I hope your transition to land for a short time goes smoothly. It has been and will continue to be a pleasure reading your posts. You are an amazing young woman and I know your family is tremendously proud of you. Keep up the good work, Capt. Abby !!

  73. Abby, you are one fine gal! Your ability to tell it like it is gets all of our attention. The emotional roller coaster analogy is just that I'm sure...the way it is. Your team will build you up as you deal with the minuses of having to stop and your accomplishments thus far will get you going again because they will keep reminding you of your accomplishments ahead of you once you set sail again.

    Yes, by all a tourist while you can!

    Thanks for your ongoing updates and stories and thoughts. Captain Jack is right on... You are the best!

    God bless...


  74. Maybe on your next trip around the world, you can stop at many ports. As with any race, you miss so much of what you pass in your hurry to finish and there's plenty to see in this big wide sphere we live on, even if you are only near the coasts! I salute your bravery in taking this voyage alone! Enjoy your visit to Cape Town and best wishes for a great second half of your journey!

  75. Dear Abby:

    Congratulations on your 100 days at sea! You have not lost a record but have gained an experience of a lifetime along with believers in you from around the world who will remember you the rest of their lives.

    Enjoy your stay in Cape Town!

    All the best,
    Wayne Wild I. Moraga, CA

  76. Have a good rest on land and keep going Abby. We have read some silly comments from people about you breaking the journey but do ignore them. We love that Jessica Watson but love you too. How many "antipodal points" are you goping to cross? You seem to jhave much furtehr to travel to make itt around Cape Horn even. We get seasick when there is zero swell so admire you tremendously. E and B from Pakuranga NEW ZEALAND.

  77. Abby,

    Your voyage is so much more than an entry in a record book. It’s a tremendous experience that will be such a big part of your life forever. Your visit to Cape Town will be a HUGE part of your trip. I’m positive that many years from now you’ll look back and be so happy that you had the opportunity to see such a great area. A visit to Cape Town would be a trip of lifetime for so many people, so make the most of it. You’re very lucky.

    Congratulations on 100 days. That really is a big milestone and something to be proud of. You already have quite a story to tell with many more chapters to come.

    Take care and have fun, Abby.

    From Seattle, WA, USA

  78. Hi Abby
    Yes take time to rest it will be you last on land for a long while. jessica is in here final run from Tasmania to Sydney. this week some time.
    Phil. The word is keep on keeping on.

  79. Jessica will be up to day 200 next Friday. There aren't any shortcuts to round the world.

    Very sorry you were thwarted in your original plan by a failed gadget. I'm sure you would have made it otherwise. However keep following your star.

  80. hi abby how was your day. i hope your's was good because mine was crap my mother doesn't even bother with me oh well i don't care anymore. i'm from corrnwall ontario canada that doesn't matter i'm leaving this city for good. my father was the only one that ever cared for me. l'm better off in heven with him, i just don't like life any more. i miss my father a lot at least i will be able to see him i think . i don't know where l'm going all i know that it is going to be far away. sorry to bother you i know you don't want to here this, anyway by.

  81. whatever you it right. make your trip something to remember for yourself. record or not just make it memorable. Do the 5 capes, no shortcuts, that would only lessen your memories of doing something the right way. Stop and see Jesse it would be like both Zac and Mike met in Cape Town. That is something to remember.

  82. Greetings Captain Abigail,


    As you approach Cape Town I was wondering what experience's brother Zac had arriving there on his circumnavigation. I would like to direct those interested (I trust with Zac's approval) to: (copy/paste)

    For those of us who will never experience arriving at CT under sail there are two beautiful photos of entering Cape Town Harbor. Following the blog from Jan. 22/09 through Jan. 27/09 you can read about the approach to CT. (Thanks Zac.) you shared your thoughts so far.... "There have been good times and pretty frightening times." "I'm happy out here. I love everything about being out here." It's clear to me as was written in brother Zac's too "are in the zone" and "living life to the fullest". I would agree with others who have are maturing before our eyes...that's a beautiful thing.

    In closing...the line I love the most is "So, I have decided to make the most of my little stop." Enjoy CT Abby....sometimes these wonderful opportunities only come once in a lifetime.

    We love you Abs.
    john, Bay of Quinte on Lake Ontario, Canada

  83. Good for you, dearest Abby on your one hundred days of sailing.
    Blessings on your next one hundred days that we know will be full of great memories and unforgettable times.
    You do such a fine job with this blog. Your posts are written so well that they give a vivid picture to the mind of your adventures out there on the sea. Thanks so much for this.
    We know God will keep you lifted up during this awesome and beautiful journey.

    Sail on, Abby and Wild Eyes, sail on

    Love and prayers from North Carolina

  84. Not quiet 100 days at sea, its 100 days since you first left.

    Never the less anything over a week is more than most of us bloggers have every done so WELL DONE.

    Enjoy your well earned rest

  85. What you are doing is so commendable! I can't believe how brave and mature you are for your age. I don't think I could do it now, let alone when I was your age. I wish you luck and safety on the rest of your journey and look forward to reading about it. Congrats on making it 100 days!

  86. Abbey,
    What an exceptional view of what is in your head. I had started this out and had to delete it all when I read the comment of Steve L May 2 2010 @ 1:48Pm. I definitely would have been accused of plagiarizing someone else's work, as it was almost word for word.
    You started out as a young, 16 year old, girl with a dream and today you are a very mature 16 year old lady who is realizing her dreams and has gained a valuable insight into who Abbey Sunderland really is. There are very few young men and women in the world today who are as advanced and wise as you are. For me, this past 100 days has shot by so fast is is scary for a 68 year old. Your departure from Cape Town will be with a fresh new start with experience and enough additional insight to make the next leg of your journey that much easier. Enjoy your stop in CT Abbey. I will be waiting with baited breath, for your return to the sea and your next leg of the trip. Always keep your sight set high, keep your head screwed on straight and never look back.

  87. hi abby
    I read about your adventure from the yahoo news and I think it is so amazing and cool!
    I was wondering, do you have time for a quick email interview?
    My friends and i have a newspaper we right for and its mostly for kids 13-18 plus a few of our grandparents.

    interested? email me at or @makenagadient <--twitter
    I understand if you are too busy.

    God bless,

  88. Just keep sending us pictures and keep the blog updated. You ROCK..!!!

    Keep on keepin' on..!!!!!

  89. Thanks for the update.

    All the Best!!

  90. Hi Abby,
    Congratulations on the first 100 days, what a remarkable journey you are having. I totally agree with your stop in Cape Town, Let all them good folks get a first hand look at such a lovely little adventurist. They would never know what they had missed if you didn't need the repairs. All things happen for a reason.

    So get Wild Eyes sea worthy again and Sail On. Enjoy the dry time while you can.

  91. We're looking forward to Abby's book!
    In the meantime, you can pre-order your copy of True Spirit: Jessica Watson's story.
    According to Hachette, you can pre-order this title now from any bookstore. If you have difficulty ordering this title please refer the bookstore to the ISBN. This will help the store locate the book. The ISBN is 9780733624971.
    Bookstores (or individuals) can order the book from
    Also check your library at:

  92. Abby~

    Enjoy yourself while on land. Have fun with your brother, I am sure he will show you the hotspots. I know you rather stay out on the open sea but you are doing the right thing in stopping for repairs. I check your blog on a daily basis and enjoy reading what you have to say. Its great to hear what you are going through, as I would never do what you are doing (shoot I dont even know how to sail).

    Take Care and God Bless,
    San Clemente, CA

  93. Thank you for opening a window to your life and sharing so honestly your experiences.

    All the success to you

  94. Nice to read the great wealth of advice and encouragement heading Abby's way in response to her nicely introspective Day 100 post.

    This might be the most philosophically rich set of posts that I've seen on the site. Especially like the advice about staying in the moment, and being open to change and new directions.

    Hope that some South African folks reading this can band together to make sure Abby gets the Royal Treatment, and is able to take in the Best of the Best sites and experiences while in Cape Town.

    @Annonymous 1:19 p.m. suggested reading Bernard Moitessier's book "The Long Way." It is a very appropos suggestion as it is all about changing goals and perspectives.

    As a participant in the 1968 Sunday Times Golden Globe Race (the first ever Round The World Singlehanded race), Moitessier was leading the fleet by a great margin, with all the difficult passages behind him. Awaiting him was the fame of becoming the very first human to sail nonstop solo around the world. But instead of heading back to England to claim the honor and the glory, he decided to instead head for Tahiti. He had gone through a spirtual transformaton during his solo sailing. This was before satellite communication, and he was out of touch with humanity for all the months of his voyage.

    Somewhere along the way, he fell in love with the ocean, and decided to just continue sailing. The fact that he would turn his back on the race and the fame, to embark on a new quest and head for Tahiti, has fascinated and inspired sailors ever since.

    This isn't to suggest you give up anything, but take time out to enjoy your stop in South Africa, and when you head back out (assuming that you want to continue the trip), enjoy the heck out of it. Some folks have suggested looking for new records to break, but - - for what it might be worth - - my suggestion would be to go at your own pace, and to try to pull as much enjoyment from each day as you can.

    Some have mentioned you write a book, and my suggestion there would be to write as much as you can - hour by hour, and day by day - as it will never be fresher than what it is in the moment.

    By the Way: You might enjoy finding a copy of Moitessier's book in Cape Town. Talk about the perfect time and place for reading his epic book. For the fun of it you might grab the collected works of William Shakespeare, the complete Sherlock Holmes, Walden, and other classics.

    Enjoy the Journey.

    An old quote from somewhere that seems to ring true is:

    "The Journey is Everything.
    The Destination is Nothing."

    Wishing You Well, As Always,

    - Grant Fjermedal, Seattle

    Post Script: Had a great day serving as the committee boat for 107 boats crewed by a combination of singlehanders and doublehanders in a 30 mile race down Puget Sound. After losing several hours to lack of wind, many ended up putting into emergency ports when a gale blew in, with winds up to 50 knots forecast for this evening. I spent most of the time working the radio. Some of the small boats lost sails and couldn't motor against the wind and were taken into tow by larger bots. A stand out call was from the most respected sailor in Seattle, who called us from the beach, asking if we'd heard from the boat his son and granddaughter were doublehanding. (This was the only father-son pair to ever win an Olympic Gold Medal in the same event (sailing Star class) in the same year.

  95. Hey Abby,

    Glad to hear you are nearing Cape Town and that you will see Zac. That will be fun and exciting, yes? And I am sure you will be hard at work in port like in Mexico. Enjoy the sites! What would be cool if you and Zac could sail around the world together like when you finish High School. That would be an adventure of a lifetime, eh? Providing of course that you could stand each other that long! LOL!! Anyway, time for repairs and a little R & R for all your hard work thus far. You have earned it! Hope the weather is nice in Capetown too. Godspeed and safe sailing.

    John in Ashland OR

  96. I wish there was a way for me to spend the rest of my life out here. I love that sentence because it reminds me of myself.

    I have been critiziesing this project for many reasons but i love your spirit.

    Stay happy Abby


  97. Enjoy your stay in Cape Town even the first explorer's spent time on land after being at sea for extended period of time.
    Good Luck on your journey!

    Life is a journey... and its better when your young to sail around the world than later in life when you have more responsibilities.

    All the best from San Francisco.

  98. Hi Abby,

    I've been following your blog ever since you have started your journey,what a brave girl you are !!! I find it truely amazing that you are handling this stop in Cape Town with such maturity, and that you are rather changing your goal, than just giving up on it. You are doing a marvelous job !!! I can't imagine attempting anything close to this when I was 16 !! I also follow Jessica's blog. She's almost finished now. Can't believe it. You girls are so brave !!!

    I live in Cape Town, South AFrica. I know you'll probably be busy with Wild Eyes and all, but should you wish to meet a true Cape Town girl, pop me an email on, and maybe then we can meet up. Enjoy Zac's company until embarking again on the rest of your journey.

    Good luck to the rest of your trip !!!!

    Cape Town, South Africa

  99. Hung from Hong KongMay 3, 2010 at 2:34 AM

    Dear Abby,

    Thanks for sharing your inner thought after this 100 day extraordinary experience of a life time. It intrigues me to come to a sense that people entering into any form of contests is trying to prove a point. Positively, it may be either proving what you can do or what is your worth. Negatively, one may try to prove someone's opinion on you is wrong. If life is to be entangled into proving who you are and what is your worth, it will be a very heavy and tiring journey for anyone young and old. There are never ending list of things or targets for you to prove. And to be frank, you have proven your mental and physical toughness in handling unpredictable situations and making prudent decisions. Through your calm reflection on what life is like at the moment, I suddenly am given to realize that "discovery of your own potential" is a more meaningful goal than proving the limit of your ability. Every one is gifted differently by God. Discovering what you can do in His strength and giving glory to Him make more sense than blind contest for a breakable record. I am sure you now have made this newest discovery of the ultimate meaning of your solos journey of circumnavigation as well as your own life. Live it to the full with as many discoveries as you could explore, in Cape Town and life afterwards.

    Your soul mate, Hung from Hong Kong

  100. Dearest Abby,

    REMEMBER: Buy another camera when you are in port. VERY IMPORTANT. We'll look forward to seeing lots more of your lovely photos.

    Well done my dear for travelling 100 days at sea all by your little self. What an accomplishment. I can't wait to read your book. It will take a special place on our bookshelf.

    Keep safe Abby and thanks for all the interesting blogs you send our way.

    Big hugs and warmest wishes from Jan Pace (Auckland, New Zealand)

  101. hello again Abby,
    Great to hear that you have come to terms with what must have been a devastatin decision to make port to fix up your auto pilot. You have to be saluted for your courage in even attempting such an adventure.
    Having also been following Jessica's voyage and the difficulties she has recently encountered please, please give careful thought about attempting The Great Southern Ocean at this time of the year. This is the mose unforgiving and terrifying ocean in the world at the best of times and to attempt traversing it in mid winter scares the !!!!! out of us.
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you what ever you choose to do. You can hold your head up high for what you set out to achieve and for what you have achived, technical failures are NOT Abby failures!
    May God be with you,
    Tony and Magpie, Gympie, Queensland, Australia.

  102. There are only two things you should NOT worry about; the things you can't change, and the things which you can change.

    Life is too short to worry about the "what if's". You are doing great. Enjoy the journey!

  103. That is exactly right!!! Why sail the world and not see a bit of it! I understand not making this record must be very tough but to reframe it and continue to see the positive sides of this is great. If it were me, I would get back and think - hmmm.....I have this record but I have never seen any of those places still. And someday - someone might have broken your record, and then what. At least now - you get to see your family, and meet Zac's friends and make your own. Having the repairs on the boat done will make the rest of your journey so much more pleasurable. Treat yourself - pamper yourself - enjoy your family - praise God you have the ability to experience something like this!!!!! I am so proud of you - yet don't even know you. My nephew lives 10 minutes from you - I told him about your family and what amazing people you are. He is an amazing your man - who loves God also. I'll probably make him go watch your arrival back into the marina. God bless you Abby!!! Have a blast! Kay - Ohio

  104. Hi Abby,
    Problems come packaged with solutions. Enjoy all the aspects of your adventure, I think you deserve to. Go girl.

  105. Great Blog Abby,
    What a great achievment so far. Enjoy your time on land and we look forward to following the second half of your adventure.
    Keep safe

  106. Hi Abby, well if you have to stop then make the best of it. After only a few days out I always find things that need repair I could only imagine the list of repairs after 100 days out. Enjoy your brief stay on land and I look forward to hearing more soon.

  107. HAY! ABBY!

    Don't stay out to sea too long, the world needs courageous people like you. See the world, enjoy the ride come home safe.

    GO! ABBY!

  108. @Outlaw Get a grip friend Life is always a challenge as Abby has shown us and is showing us today,now and tomorrow.You must care for yourself first friend and your strength will grow.Pls start there ok,and you must write a little good news each day,something small is all it takes ,a smile from someone new a kind word you give or receive.A small step each day friend.lets both wish Abby well and help her deal with the hard realities she has to face on her Journey,let it not be said we weren't there to cheer her on.If only we could make her load a little lighter.Cheers Outlaw and Safe sailing Abby...Stevep

  109. Gidday Abby,

    Well done. How many people (not just 16yo young women ) would ever have the guts to do what you have done. You haven't lost are a winner!

    Stay safe.

    Dave and Una.......Beaudesert, Queensland, Australia

  110. Hey Abby, wow your getting so close now, a day or two out. Enjoy your visit with Zac, I'm sure he will be happy to see you as you will him. Relax and enjoy the week, it is nice that you have Zac there to show you around. Hopefully the repairs will go well for you for your trip back home. 100 days wow thats a feat in itself, congrats. What an adventure....imagine telling your grandkids someday that Nana..sailed around the world by herself! Again enjoy your stay and visit..take care..thinking of you.

    Bob from Boston

  111. Hi Abby,
    After reading your from the heart blog entry and reading a few other blog entries, this is how I feel. Only you and your shore team know what you should do. Oh! And God! Cabo to Cabo with one stop sounds good especially round the five capes. So does stopping at a couple of stops and enjoying different places. Perhaps you could try the Cabo to Cabo option and see if you NEED to stop anywhere else or not.You may need to keep any stops brief too. The cooler weather and how the boat holds up will determine the outcome for you especially if you continue to put your own safety first. Praying for you.
    From Lynne in Australia who has been following your adventure on this blog from your leaving the West Coast of the USA.

  112. Dear Abby,

    It's really an achievment of you passing 100 days alone out there. Most of us on earth, couldn't have coped with it. Good on you Abby. Enjoy your time with your brother. This will charge your batteries for the next 100 days.
    Sail on safe Abby.
    Ingrid, Tyreso, Sweden

  113. Dear Abby,What you said is a good way to look at things. Only you can decide what to get from this trip. Enjoy it for all it worth:) Bye

  114. Mornin' Abby

    I appreciate your comment about the difficulty of entering and leaving port. So true. And, on land, you will walk like Popeye for awhile. lol. Please keep the blogs coming while ashore and more photos would be cool. What you are doing is amazing by any measure.

    Jon in Oregon

  115. I have to agree Abby, at least this way, you get to see some of the amazing spots you may have traveled by. Maybe you should just stop anywhere you want now that the "goal" is just to make it around the world.

    I know you're a bright girl, cause there's no way that many people would have let you conquer the world if they didn't have some faith in you. And we have faith in you too Abby.

    I cannot believe it's been 100 days!? Of course a piece of you will be with the ocean forever, and you know that the remainder of your blessed life will include long trips out to sea, you've got ocean water in your veins little lady.

    Anyways, best of luck in the Cape. I know you will be so excited to see everyone, and when you get back on the boat, you'll be that much more ready to go, just like when you first set sail! XOXO


  116. Hi Abby,After reading your blog and reading all the comments,I think it's all been said.
    This is the time at age 16 when a young girl like you can take this kind of an adventure because once you have a husband and a child your lucky to go out for dinner and a movie,let alone a solo trip around the world,so make the most out of it while your there.
    Enjoy all you can because this is a trip of a life time.
    You will be telling your children, grandchildren and greatchildren of this great adventure some day.
    I wish you the best of luck on the rest of your voyage.
    Like I said on my previous comment,make sure you have a sea anchor,which I think you have.You don't use very often but in the case of an emmergency it sure comes in handy.
    I hate to repeat myself,but you are an ammazing young girl.
    Enjoy Capetown!
    God bless you.

    Libby Di Bernardo
    San Pedro,Ca.

  117. Abby, just enjoy your adventure now and do what needs to be done. Just remember most ALL records will be broken. So no big deal...just press on, enjoy as much as you can along the way and remember that you will never be this age again and you may never sail around the world again either so sieze the moment. BE safe!! Capt Ron

  118. To help you sound as smart as I suspect you are, please learn the difference between THAN and THEN.

    When comparing one thing with another you may find that one is more appealing “than” another. “Than” is the word you want when doing comparisons. But if you are talking about time, choose “then“: “First you separate the eggs; then you beat the whites.” Alexis is smarter than I, not “then I.”

  119. HI Abby,
    That's a great accomplishment for a young lady at 16. Enjoy every minute and every opportunity that comes your way.
    You have a very loving brother, a loving family and great supporters around the world. You are a champion, an inspiration, and I am glad you have that opportunity to fulfill your dream. Enjoy and keep smiling!!!
    Trina and Marv Ventura, Ca

  120. Dear Abby,

    I loved your update! You are amazing Abby! I'm praying for you and thinking of you all day...every day!

    Warm wishes from Kansas,

  121. Abby,
    There has not been a day that I have not checked your blog and your map since you left us here on the left coast. It is the first thing I look at in the morning but this is the first time I have made a comment
    What you have accomplished so far is no small feat for a 16 year old and when you complete your trip you can very proud of what you have done and when you finish the trip you can stand tall and say "I did it"!

    The ocean can be a very angry mistress and you have conquered everything she has given you so far. Sometimes the equipment is not as durable as the human body and mind.

    God speed on the rest of your journey until we see you again on the left coast of America!

  122. Good attitude Abby girl! Who cares about holding a record, what you are doing is accomplishing a great personal goal! Slow down and soak up as much of life, (and your adventure) as you can, focus on the journey not the end of the journey! Your admirer, Karen Harrison CA

  123. Let's call a spade a spade. Jessica encountered 10 meter waves close to Tasmania, which means Abby could find herself battling a storm with 13 meter waves and potentially bigger rouge waves which spells DANGEROUS. Her start was delayed by 2-3 weeks if I'm not mistaken, a week delay at Cabo and now another week's delay at CT. Plus Jesse sailed 500 miles south of Africa so Abby's route with this stop has increased by several days. It all adds up to a perfect storm of worry. So how about this idea?

    Abby has a few months leeway to become the youngest with her birthday not till October. So there is NO rush except for the southern hemispheric weather. Now awhile back I asked about her going north of Australia and Steve in California said "forget it" because (besides the pirate issue) the current is going the wrong way and too many reefs. So how about this? Zac flies into Darwin (town of my hero), finds a boat and escorts sis through the Torres strait and protects her from pirates. That would be assistance but Abby has already been assisted so it won't effect her youngest record as long as she continues to sail solo.

    Then she could at her leisure head down to visit Jessica and dock at Gold Coast, Queensland which Jessica lives by and is awesomely beautiful:

  124. Hang in there Abby. All that happens to you out there is part of your amazing journey. Be proud of your accomplishments. While you are not alone in your attempt to sail around the world, your own experience is quite unique. Embrace it and have the time of your life!

    Best of luck, a fan from So. Cal Cassandra

  125. Abby I've been following Jessica Watson and came across your journey when she mentioned you last now I'm following you.
    I was born and raised in Southern Ca so know exactly where you and your family's been 30 plus years tho since I've been back so I'm sure it's all changed...what an inspiration to the younger generation.
    Doesn't seem like you and Wild Eyes have been out there for 100 days...I know your looking forward to dry land and a nice soft dry bed to sleep in.
    I wish you all the luck in the world...enjoy your stay in Cape Town and have a safe journey after your out to sea again.
    Hugs from Pattie in Idaho

  126. Abby there is no question are a sailor through and through.

    I just loved Steve L from Modesto's and Gramma Lees' comments this morning. They were heartfelt and spot on.

    Please be very vigilant as you head into Cape Town. Once there however, 'let your hair down' girl and enjoy your time with Zac and friends.
    God Bless you Abby.

  127. Abby, it’s sooo interesting to read your comments, clearly, roller-coaster is a good title… It’s also soooooo sad to see you have to stop for an “equipment” problem, just know, that Abby Sunderland, the human-being, was ready, willing, and able to keep going….

    I think I’ll call you Able-Abby from now on………..

    Good luck, tell Zac hi from Daveh and Skipper….


  128. Buy a camera so you can send more photos and videos. Jessica did a good job sending photos and videos.

  129. you might already know the answer to this: how are your legs when you walk on land after being at sea for 100 days? and when you are falling asleep at night do yu feel the rocking of wild eyes? enjoy your time at cape town. lots of hot showers, fresh fruit and gallons of cold milk! i look forward to following the rest of your journey

  130. Hi Abby,

    Congrats on 100 days out. Thats a pretty big milestone. I hope your not in CapeTown too long. Hope you have a safe trip!

    Camden ( not to far from you)
    San Francisco, CA

  131. Abby,
    Enjoy your time with your team; we wish you the best and thank you for being a positive role model for our students!
    Mr. J's 5th grade
    Kodiak, AK

  132. Hi again Abby and fellow bloggers
    Thought you might like/need to know limited airspace restrictions and no-fly zone re-introduced from tomorrow (Tuesday) morning affecting Ireland, possibly extending to Scotland and England in the afternoon.
    Quench that volcano! and that oil leak!
    Best wishes

  133. yes, Yes, YES! Make the most of your land time.

    Only sorry because I know you didn't want to have to stop. But on the otherhand, really glad that you are getting to do a little bit of tourism. :)

    And you might just be there TOMORROW!

    Safe sailing the rest of the way....and HAVE A GREAT TIME!!!!!!!!!!!


  134. Hi Abby,
    Yourself and Jesse Watson are two amazing teens.
    I have been following you both since day one.
    Stay safe.
    New South Wales.

  135. Yo Abby. Ithink I can imagine how you're feeling. And, for me the adjustment to land, people, noise, smell, demands would be difficult. But, it's So Afica, and you may never get there again. So, try to enjoy what you can, get her fixed up good, and be on your way. I'll bet the way out of port will be refreshing. Anyway, good wishes on you, and I'll be idling out here waiting for your return. Enjoy..

  136. Abby
    I would just like to say that I really admire you in the fact that you have gone 100 days out in the world, and around it. You are my inspiration, and i would just like to say also...well done. I would have loved to do what you have done, and I could have been doing that too, but i don't think I would be able to cope, and that is what makes you special. You are mature and intelligent and just reading your blogs makes me smile. I am 16 and I am still in school, wanting to become a midwife. But that seems minute to the task that you have set yourself, and you have done it...I don't know how, but you have, and you are very brave!! :) I admire you greatly for your achievements, and it is people like you who I enjoy talking to and reading their blogs, because you are the type of person who is bothered about what they want to achieve in life!!

    I applaud your achievement Abby, and hope you are well!!

    TigerLady Sam

  137. enjoy your stay in cape town! maybe you'll meet some of zac's friends! any of them cute? ;) be sure to post some pics of cape town!

  138. also will you be stopping anywhere else after cape town?

  139. Depending on how long you opt to stay in CT theres still the possibility of setting your own record. It wouldn't be 'official' but what the heck..You could beat your original estimate of how long it would take..or you could just enjoy the visit leave when you get ready..and take in the scene..Tania Aebi in 'Maiden Voyage' wasn't doing a non- stop and except for about 53 miles that she carried a passenger she single handedly sailed her 26 ft Contessa from Ny to Ny. She was 18 and hey I still remember her as the girl who sailed around the world...with a kitten named Tarzoon..and its' quite a read...So you too are making history..Wild Eyes has already made alot of people take notice..and many more will..We'll cheer you on back around..and into Home Port...Rest and find that center place..You'll do just fine...Be Blessed Abby...
    You'ree in our prayers...

    Gary & Jan

  140. Hi Abby,

    There's nothing like re-living your past through the eyes of someone like you. I did a yacht race from the UK to Australia 30 years ago with one stop in Capetown. I still have vivid memories of the silhouette of Table Mountain appearing on the horizon on the morning of my arrival. It took two months to get to Capetown, the last five weeks being frought with heavy seas, a snapped forestay and food rationing. Table Mountain was the first sight of land in five weeks so the sense of excitement, anticipation of a hot shower and a decent meal was enough to forget the riggers of the trip so far.

    Alas, I only had two days to savour the overwhelming hospitality of Capetonians but an unforgetable moment in a long voyage.

    I hope you can enjoy every moment, take time to relax and recharge your batteries for the next leg. I know you are looking forward to completing your journey as much as you will look forward to returning to Capetown one day.

    I'll look forward to watching your progress as you pass below our small island and head home.

    Best wishes,

    Sydney, Australia

  141. Michael from New JerseyMay 3, 2010 at 2:58 PM

    Hi Abby.

    Glad to hear that you're enjoying yourself at sea. As I stated before, it was probably a tough decision to make to stop at Cape Town, but I think it's the right one. It's great that you'll be able to see at least your parents and your brother while you're there.

    I'm sure you won't have that much of a problem getting into port. You seem to have enough experience that I'm sure you'll handle it without a problem.

    Enjoy your stay in Cape Town, and I'm sure you will also probably enjoy a nice bed and a hot shower in a hotel while the boat is undergoing the repairs / replacements needed.

    New Jersey

  142. Hi Abby,
    I assume that your comment about it being a waste to sail around the world without seeing any of it can only mean one of two things, either you are going to make many stops as you finish your trip, or you were having a go at anyone else who might be attempting a non-stop record at the moment?

  143. Are you going to plan on future stops as you continue your travels (to see the world, etc), or will you be minimizing the stops? Good luck with the stop. It sounds like you know somewhat what to expect; hope the culture shock isn't too rough on you.

  144. Hi Abby, A stop off in Sydney would be grand, but well out of your way. As much as we'd all like to see you sail into the harbour, the other side of the country (Perth) is the most logical point to touch down in Oz. (which of course you know) Then again, if you stop off, you might never want to leave........

  145. Dear Abby,
    I have soooo much respect for you right now! I'm just a few months older than you and I think you are the perfect example of how you can do something amazing at a young age. never give up, girl!

  146. Its seems that you love your family, God, friends and the mother earth. Bless you Abby in all of your travels whether it land, sea or sky. From anybody that feels the same way I do. Steve the guy who has never been to sea.

  147. Abby,
    I have to tell you that I absolutely envy you. I love to sail, but unfortunately I never got a chance to really take it to the level I wanted to. The fact that you are 16 and and circumnavigating the globe is amazing. The fact that you have made it 100 days at sea by yourself is completely mind blowing. I wish you the best of luck. I love reading your blog. Keep it up! You can do this! You have so many people backing you up.
    Crofton, MD

  148. Captain Hank KellerMay 3, 2010 at 5:16 PM

    Abby, I know you have the right attitude and I want to encourage you to rejoice in your accomplishments and don't let the setbacks annoy you. I was struck by your comment that it could be a waste to sail all the way around the world but not see ANY of it, so I'm sending you a link to the log of my good friend Captain John Gage's trip around W-E, when he was 70. He stopped a lot over about 3 years and kept a great log. Read all about the voyage of DreamCatcher and see the pictures too, when you're bored, and feel free to contact him if you like! All the best.
    Fair winds!
    Capt Hank Keller US POWER SQUADRON
    New Jersey USA


  149. Dearest Abby,
    Congrats on your 100th day at sea. I'd be jumping off the boat and swimming for land in a second. Heehee. I'm so glad to see you've made it this far and been this brave.
    With all my hopes for you,

  150. 05-03-10 @ 20:44
    Hi Abby,
    Hi Abby,
    Looks like you were making some pretty good time in the last couple of days, having fun???? I hope so.
    I don’t think it will take you long to get your rhythm back, you’re only taking a short break so it shouldn’t interrupt you to much. It will be interesting to see how that works out.
    I’m glad to see that you have your head together as far as ‘worrying’ is concerned, as you say, it doesn’t change anything. It will only make you reach for the ‘Tums’…lol…
    I hope you have a good time in Cape Town and that you get all your repairs taken care of. Here’s to a fast week or 10 days and then back to the high seas again.
    Take good care of yourself and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy…..
    May God hold you in the palm of His hand and may the Angels keep your sails full, and I, I will be praying for you.
    Your faithful friend, fan and follower.
    Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

  151. Hooray for Abby! YOU GO GIRL! Have a good time!
    You are a wonderful example of what can be done with tenacity and skill.

  152. Your last sentence sums up my thoughts exactly.

    Keep your chin up and have a good time with your

  153. Abby

    I think doing two half-worlds is more interesting than doing one full world. When you arrive at Santa Monica in some hundred days from now, you'll know what to expect, having done the same in South Africa. Second, this gives you opportunity to do the world trip a second time, when time and resources are available; not to mention, companionship. Enjoy Africa, and Zac.

    Santa Clarita

  154. Hi Abby. For some reason only about 1/2 my notes to you are going through, but do know we are all behind you and very impressed with your stamina and commitment. I read some other blogs the other day from folks who seem to know more about you than you do, at least that was the implication. I am sure they mean well, but ignore them. Whose hand is on that tiller? This is about you and the hands you are dealt daily. You have been playing your cards masterfully, and you are sooo correct to start mixing your pleasures at sea to include some shore time and exchanging of cultures. You have so much to look forward to, Ab. You are a very fortunate young lady. Chat later, Gary from Folsom, Ca.

  155. Abby, I'm the elementary teacher in Encino. My 4th graders check in with your site daily. Your description of the sailing is marvelous. I know what it's like beating upwind, but I prefer that to a quartering sea.
    Samantha and Julia, age 9 says "HI!"

  156. Thats pretty cool that you live your dream and sail around. Most people settle for less and work 50 hours a week to buy the things they think will make them happy.

  157. Abby ... Are you prepared for the avalanche of Jesse followers who are going to jump over to your blog once she lands at Sydney and posts no more?

  158. Dear Abby,

    You're almost there! I'm so excited for you. Take a deep breath, big smile and give your brother a great big hug:) Aren't brothers wonderful. What a loving family you have.

    God bless you and enjoy your time in Cape Town.

    Clare, Spokane, Wash.

  159. Aww... 100 days? no joke? you are so cool!! I will get sick just for 10 minutes... ;)

  160. Bruce from Brisbane auMay 4, 2010 at 2:09 AM

    Hey Abby
    I can understand a quieter note in your posts. It is certainly a downer having to reschedule your goals however you have shown your strength in the past and we know you can find the strength again.
    There will be other challenges in the future to stretch your boundaries meanwhile the challenge of becoming the youngest person to circumnavigate the globe is still in front of you.

    Go girl - stay clipped and stay safe.

    Bruce from Brisbane Au

  161. I just want to say that I'm very very proud of you Abby. No matter if you have to stop or not, you are an inspiration to me and my friends. We talk about you at our school each and everyday, following along with what you are doing, where you are, etc. I can't ever imagine myself doing what you have already done, and even that you are two years younger than me, I look up to you. Your future looks very bright for the younger generation too, as I see you as one of the best explorers for them and this generation too. I pray for you each and everyday Abby.

    Happy Trails!

  162. Hi Abby, I am a 47 year old mom of a 16 year old daughter. My brother in Colorado, my family in Oklahoma, and me in Portland, OR are all following your blogs. I agree with a person who commented on this post about your growth as a person during this journey. Your voice has matured as you have literally held your life in your hands one minute at a time through flat calm to high seas. I love sailing, but have only been on short trips. I always dreamed of living on a 45' boat. Through your blogs, I get to imagine it a little more clearly. I admire you immensely, as a person. You, Zac, and your family are inspiring. Love to you, and you are in my prayers. Aleta

  163. Abby,

    Don't get yourself down and out. What you're doing is amazing! Keep your chin up and enjoy every moment you have. Take it all in with a smile! Sail safe.

    Denise and family
    South Dakota

  164. Hung from Hong KongMay 4, 2010 at 3:53 AM

    Hi Abby and Jesse,

    Addiction of any forms should not be a habit of a pastor. But I have to confess that I have to drag myself out to have a break from getting minutes updating from you and the Jessican blogger families. One of my daily routine to get a break is a bicycle ride. I used to ride in the late afternoon with no definite route. I enjoyed the surprise from discovery of new scenic spot and lovely people along the bicycle track. Lately, to follow the advice of my dietitian for weight loss, I have changed my habit to ride on a fix route of medium distance. The objective is to consume maximum energy to finish the ride in the shortest time. It is energy draining and exhausting but another kind of satisfaction. I share this just to assimilate the journey of Abby and Jessica that they are now experiencing. In Abby’s blog, some people seem to have been suggesting that the adjusted goal and course of Abby to stop and see the world should be a more meaningful form of expedition. It implies that all the non-stop endeavours for a record are of less meaning missing chance to explore the big places of the world. I think this is a loser sentiment when you failed the latter and changed to the former. In Chinese folklore saying, this is the so called “Ah Q spirit”, or self-justifying for ones failure with a self comforting cover up. I am not saying this is Abby’s adopted attitude. NO, NO, NO, she is perfectly genuine and sincere in admitting not “defeat” but accepting “reality of machine failure” beyond her control. I am talking about just a few of her overly anxious admirer trying to comfort her in an imbalanced manner. Just like my experience, both are satisfying and enjoyable for a different goal.

    If we think deeper, the non-stop expedition actually also has an element of self-discovery.
    I am sure Jesse might have learnt to understand herself better after all these trials and test of patience. Jesse and Abby both of you may have amazed yourselves and the world that what a tough cookie you two are. More so, Jesse may not have discovered places of interest, but she has discovered all kinds of seas and weather conditions along her sailing route that perhaps no other human being has ever tracked on it. Of course the biggest discovery of all is the monstrous waved at our Australian backyard. She has aroused world interests on our lowly rated Tasman seas boosting its sight seeing value.

    So, my long winding sharing leads to a conclusion that both Abby and Jesse are worthy of our whole heart support without the need to weigh their achievement with a scale.
    Keep going girls, enjoy every moment of your discovery/record breaking journey of a life time.

    As a last note to Jesse, good on you to plan ahead for a land travelling. Our withdrawal symptom may have a cure now. We certainly will look forwards to travelling with you in your future journey of discovery.

    For Abby, just enjoy your Cape Town visit with Zac and recoup for teh unfinshed fight at the many seas and capes ahead.

    Hung from Hong Kong

  165. Outlaw~ It is great that you are following such a positive influence like Abby. That is a very healthy thing for you to do! Good job!

  166. It´s pretty cool that you live your dream and sail around the world. Everybody has a dream but most people don´t life them. They´re just dreams.One day I´ll do the same like you.

  167. Hi Abby:

    Day 100, congrats! It was a good day for relection and thanks for sharing yours.

    Party harding in Cape Town and take lots of pic to put in your album for us to see. Glad you are going to get to see some of the land world as you go around.

    Hope you stop in Sydney to see it and say hi to Jessie. Also, stop in Tahiti and enjoy some of the sand and sun there.

    Besure to grab the Tasmain Devil by the tail as you sail throught those rough waters. Be Safe.

    Hugs, seattlesid

  168. Congratulations on your first 100 days! Did you pass any major policy initiatives in that time? Just kidding :^) Here's to hundreds more days, at sea, following your dreams, testing your limits, exploring new horizons. You go, girl!

  169. Abby,
    I hope you are well and all the best

  170. Hi Abby, Congrats on 100 days at sea! You are doing a super job out there! I hope you can relax for a while and really enjoy the sights of Cape Town and being with Zac. Hope you will make the most of the stop-over. Soon enough it will be time to be back at sea and taking on the next challenges. You can and will do it! Love ya girl!

    Janell in Oklahoma,USA

  171. Making some good numbers now. Wondering if its the wind or because knowing going to port to fix everything, might as well let Wild Eyes fly? 150 miles to go. Should pull in during the day time which will be good for ship spotting. Weather looks iffy though, all cloud with rain. Looks like that for the next 10 days as well :-( hope you can even see Table Mountain from the ground while there.

  172. You are one exceptional young woman. Always make the best of your situation.

  173. Jeanp, AustraliaMay 4, 2010 at 3:34 PM

    Hi Abby, well done on 100 days. Remember that through all of the centuries women have had two cures for lifes difficulties, Chocolate and Shopping. Fortunately we have mastered the art of doing both at the same time. So! do these to the max in Cape Town and enjoy yourself. Best wishes, Jeanp Australia

  174. Be very proud of yourself young lady. You have more of the world and done more brave things than most people will ever have the courage to even attempt.

  175. Lucky you - Cape Town is AWESOME - RCYC will take good care of you. It's my home town !

  176. It is not to late.......... not till you have actualy gone in that is when it's over....still hoping you'll listen what is at the end of the true finish is what will change your life

  177. Hung from Hong KongMay 4, 2010 at 6:33 PM

    Hi Abby and Jesse,

    Just heard from the TV news that, Jessica record may be in doubt for 2 reasons. 1) The world sailing council have stopped authenticating youngest solo record for fears that people of younger age will chase after Jessica and Abby driving the age to a dangerous 14, 13 level. 2) Jessica’s route is still not long enough to qualify as a circumnavigation record. This actually has been brought up by Fred in Abby’s blog to encourage her to keep going as Jesse’s planned route is not meeting the requirement. The News Media use the terms a “great blow to Jesse’ record breaking attempt”. To me, and possibly the whole Jessican and Abbigans world family, both girls exhibition of courage and maturity are beyond the achievement of a breakable record. No mater what turns out to this record breaking issue, Jesse and Abby have both made their marks first in their own life and more so in the world wide Jessican and Abbigans fan’s life. Jesse, you have weathered waves and storms of the 7 seas and 5 capes. Our prayers and support are with you to weather this yet another storm of media coverage which is meant to demean your achievement and positive impact to so many lives around the globe.

    To Abby, now you should feel blessed as you have been free yourself of the heavy burden of record breaking nightmare. Just keep going to fullfil your own dream and enjoy your journey.

    5/5/2010 11:21 AECT

  178. Hi Abby,
    You're absolutely right, no need to worry or wish otherwise because what you're doing is absolutely amazing, absolutely courageous and absolutely inspiring! And you will still have a record after all!
    Well done Abby, keep smiling and keep safe :)
    Caroline, Australia

  179. Bernard Nansen (another Boaty)May 4, 2010 at 8:35 PM

    Bernie Nansen,Australia
    hullo Abby, I wish you safe passage fair wind and calm seas may this be the journey you dreamed of

  180. Abby,
    Your outlook and positive attitude are refreshing! You must have an amazing family, congratulations. Am enjoying following your adventure.
    Cragg Rogers, Texas (a San Diego transplant)

  181. Hello Abby: You are a remarkable young woman. Keep up the great adventure, enjoy being on solid land for a few days and then onward to the indian ocean and to south of Australia. My son Jesus and I enjoy your blog and your expedition around the world.
    brian from los angeles