Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cape Horn at Last

I rounded Cape Horn today!!

I didn't get to see it as I was around 50-60 miles offshore when I went around. Even though I didn't get to see it, it's very exciting to finally be here! I've covered a lot of miles and have been through a lot, so finally getting here to Cape Horn is very exciting!! Unfortunately, I wasn't able to hook up with my dad. The local sailors don't take sailing around here lightly and sailing out to sea nearly 100 miles to take my picture and say Hi didn't quite qualify I'm afraid.

Cape Horn is considered by some the Mount Everest of sailing and I believe I am the youngest person to ever sail around it alone. Of course, there are sooo many people who have been such a big part of this. A big 'thanks' to my sponsors, my supporters and an even bigger thanks to my support team. Who knows where I would be with out you guys!

Today has been pretty nice. It has been cold, grey and raining but a nice 20 knots all day and some 15- 20 foot swells. The rolling around makes getting around the cabin pretty hard and painful but after one very flat night I actually missed the big swells and the thrill of surfing down them watching the speed gauge as it goes right on up to 15, 16 and 17 knots (17 knots is my record so far).

Being so close to shore I have seen a lot of ships on my radar recently. When my AIS alarm went off for the first time in months, I jumped out of my skin! It took a while for my heart to stop pounding but I'm beginning to get used to it again.

I am looking forward to getting further out to sea again. I'm celebrating with a movie tonight - Charles Dickens' Little Dorrit with my foot up on the table. :)



  1. Good for you....God Bless

  2. Congratulations, Abby! What a great milestone to accomplish, and now it's on to the next leg to the next Cape. As a boy I read "The Dove" by Robin Lee Graham, the account of his solo circumnavigation at age 16, and I've been in love with the idea ever since (now I'm 44). Following your trip online has been a pleasure, and I'm pulling for you! RichG in Minneapolis

  3. Yay, you! Congratulations. You go, girl. We are all so proud of your accomplishments, zest and courage. You are quite the inspiration. Stay safe.

    Alice, Maine

  4. ALL RIGHT!! Way to go!!

  5. Hi Abby, congratulations on rounding Cape Horn, this is a great achievement. Sounds like you are having some real fun - 17 knots - how exciting! Hope you get the hydraulics sorted to make life a bit easier. Keep it up, you are doing so very well.
    Graeme Joy

  6. Congradulations! We are praying for you - the Strands - Torrance, CA

  7. Woohoo, congrats, but still a long ways to go yet!

  8. rock git r done

  9. Congratulations Abby! Welcome to the Atlantic Ocean! And now it's onward to Africa! Godspeed!

    Watching from Maryland where the weather is turning warm at last...

  10. Congratulations! It's good to see you're enjoying the voyage so much.

  11. Abby,
    Your Awesome is the only word that comes to mind but not good enough. I watch ur progress daily always wanting to see if u posted anything. I hope ur travel to Africa is as safe...Always in my thoughts. cory

  12. Nice work Abby - Congratulations on a great step towards your goal!

  13. My name is Donathan and I live in Florida. I am a Worship leader at my church and grew up sailing out of New Port Beach Ca. I started following your blog and will be praying for you. Here's a verse from Is 43:2 "As you pass through the waters I am with you." I love that verse when I am on the water sailing or surfing. God bless You as you sail for Him.

  14. Well done Abby. Very well done!

  15. Congratulations Abby on this historic occasion!

  16. Three chears for Abby
    Job very well done,
    Brian from Va.

  17. Congratulations Abby! That is an amazing accomplishment. Good luck on the rest of your voyage and keep surfing those swells. The fastest we have ever reached is 12 knots, so I am a bit jealous =)

  18. Yeah Abby!! I am so excited for you! I'm sorry you didn't get to see your dad but I'm sure you too will hook up again on your trip.
    Enjoy the movie! :-)
    Alyssa from Irvine, CA

  19. Gerald (Jerry) Crosby near Columbus, OhioMarch 31, 2010 at 5:27 PM

    It is great that you have made it around the cape. Did you celebrate? Sorry you didnt get a chance to see your dad but the thought was there anyway. I imagine that the Drake Passage is busy. You didnt comment about your primary auto pilot. Do you use the HF radio at all? If it would be on the US amateur frequencies then It might be possible to hear or even talk to you. How much daylight did you have the day you passed the cape. How are you generating your electricity. Hopefully your next leg will be a little warmer

  20. Incredible what one human being with a purpose gets to accomplish - I salute you - at my 74 years of age and having been born in Panama [suposed to mean land of sailors and most of the merchant marine carry the Panamenian flag [because of the discount they get crossing the Panama Canal]] I have few experience with the sea but I share your deep respect for it and the fear and boredom you mentioned I have also experience. I am not a sailor nor would I know which rope to pull.
    Know a lot about food preparation in factories and about mesquite trees and about trash industrialization and as a retired person have the time, if any of those subjects are of interest to you.
    For the moment my best wishes and my respects for your character and live expectations.
    George Bain / as for profiles do not know what is meant hope anonymus gets to you.

  21. No April Fools are the real deal!
    Congratulations!! Praying for you as you continue on your journey.
    Oak View, CA

  22. Wow, youngest to sail round Cape Horn solo, aka Abby. That 17 knots is impressive and so is that Cape Horn thing. Too bad your dad couldn’t get out that far to see you. Take care Abby and hopefully the Atlantic is good to you.

  23. Abby, Congratulations!!! A fantstic achievment for any sailor, solo, young or otherwise. Sail in peace.
    Santa Cruz, CA

  24. Congrats Abby!!! Awesome achievement!!

  25. Congratulations! Bye-bye Pacific. Welcome Atlantic. Though it is all the Souther Ocean, I guess.
    Best wishes, fair winds, and best of luck for whatever lies ahead.

    Do you know the poem that is written on the Cape Horn memorial? I think it is beautiful and so here is it:

    I, the albatross that awaits for you at the end of the world...

    I, the forgotten soul of the sailors lost that crossed Cape Horn from all the seas of the world.

    But die they did not
    in the fierce waves,
    for today towards eternity
    in my wings they soar
    in the last crevice
    of the Antarctic winds

    Sara Vial
    Dec - 1992

  26. I Love It!!! Keep it up. I know that you will make it.

  27. Hi Abby, Congratulations Shellback!!! Now you have "Rounding The Horn" to add to your resume!!! Keep up the good work. Keep warm & dry. Our prayers are with you. Bob O Redondo Beach CA

  28. Greetings from Colorado! I've been anxiously awaiting to hear the news that you made it 'round Cape Horn! Way to go Abby! Big CONGRATS!
    -- Mile High Fan!

  29. Congratulations. I rounded the Horn this time last year, but on a 117,000 ton liner. I can't imagine what it is like on a 40' vessel. Glad you made it and good luck of the balance of your voyage.

    Somis, California
    (Just over the hill from your family)

  30. You are incredible, seeing you sailing to Cape Horn solo it is like taking a big step for man said by Neil Armstrong...
    Keep up the good work.. ^.^

  31. Congratulations, Abby. What a fantastic accomplishment... I've been checking your blog several times a day and have been pulling for you. It's too bad your dad wasn't able to be with you when you rounded the horn. I know he (and your mom too) are very proud of you. Best wishes for your continuing successes.
    John & Darlene
    Kerrville, TX

  32. Congratulations on your milestone, Abby. Sounds like you're having smoother sailing, and took a better route, than Magellan did on his westbound voyage a few centuries ago.

  33. Abby:

    Congrats! I am so happy for you. It has been a great day today for a lot of reasons. Now that you have made it around, it even makes it better.

    Keep going, never give up. The spirit of Brasil is always with you. A special Bossa for you. We celebrate your great day.


  34. G'Day Abby,

    Well you are finally 'Around the Corner' Pity about not not seeing your Dad. Maybe an overflight would have been better. In fact a lot of bloggers were probably expecting that to be the intention.

    You would appear to be having your fair share of ptoblems - auto pilot - water - sore hands -etc. Hope things settle down and you get to the same old same old as young Jesse.

    Sail safe,

    Poppa Bear
    Down Under

  35. Congrats! I have been checking all day to see if you had rounded the horn yet. I'm so glad it went smoothly for you. Enjoy you're movie--you deserve a little r and r! Daina from Kentucky

  36. "Youngest Person To Sail Around Cape Horn Alone"....CONGRATULATIONS ABBY SUNDERLAND!!

    And yes BRAVO to TEAM ABBY. Sorry dad "missed the boat" so to speak but being there for Abby was...really FANTASTIC DAD! And congratulations to mom for keeping it together at the Home Base.

    Be careful sailing through the "local traffic" out there Abby. Enjoy your movie can put BOTH feet up on the table tonight... SUPER CAPTAIN OF THE HORN.

    Wishing you continued success AROUND THE WORLD,
    john, Bay of Quinte, Lake Ontario, Canada

    @ MARINER WALT...thank you

  37. Great job Abbey, keep it up!

  38. Congratulations Abby---what a thrill! Sounds like Wild Eyes is taking good care of you.

    Diane Tampa, FL

  39. I called to my husband (the sailor in the family) "Abby made it...around the HORN!" We hooped and hollered in congratulations! We follow you feels like we are aboard with you. Thanks for making your trip, a trip for us all! God Speed

    Two in their roaring seventies!

  40. Congratuation, we assume that you have writen your blog after the "Where is Abby" post, because the same date shows you there about 71 miles south , and not quiet around, so again well done. can someone explain to me how this all thing works? Jessica Watson passed the horn also and she is younger then Abby, so why does abby says that she is the youngest passing the Horn? do you guys work it by the days? seems to me that there is a competition going on all the time...does it really matter that much? and isn't the achievment of passing a monster greater then all the boasting? I wonder sometime guys, one has 10,000 fans, Jess has 103,000.00 does it really matter? they both face the same dangers and both have safety issues to contend with.they are both alone facing monster waves and everything else that is thrown at them....I am done watching this blog for while!!!

  41. Congratuations Abbey for making Cape Horn! Well done? Welcome to the Atlantic! My ocean! I am on the East Coast near Philadelphia.

  42. Congratulations Abby,

    Good show – I do so admire courage.

    Have you fixed the hydraulic leak in the steering system?

    Do you have to return to Cabo before California?

    Thanks for sharing your voyage with us,

    Arnold Tarling
    Dunedin, FL

  43. Skipper, Crossing the Equator, Rounding the Horn, congratulations. Sail on, stay safe and dry. Wishing you fair winds and following seas.

    Old salty USN(Ret)

  44. Congratulations on this major accomplishment!!! Keep up the good work and stay safe. Fair Winds and Following Seas :):):)


  45. Congrats! Sounds like your having an awesome time! Your a hero to every teenager that knows about you! Way to be a good example :P I hope the rest of your trip is amazing and hastle-free (although that might take some of the fun out of it). Good luck! If you ever feel bored and want to talk to another 16 year old, feel free to email me, I'm always willing to talk and listen :)

  46. Bill and Tee EastonMarch 31, 2010 at 6:04 PM

    Hi Abby: We are happy and relieved to know that you have sailed past the Horn. We were on a Holland American cruise ship four years ago, almost the same date (March 27th). We took some nice photos of the bluff and the coastal marine station and a rainbow! I tried to imagine what it would be like on a small sail boat, as the seas looked pretty rough that day. We are proud of you and keep you in our prayers. Your blog is most interesting and caters to our imagination in what you are experiencing. Steady as she goes, matey, Bill & Tee, Roseville, Ca.

  47. When I stuck the pin into GoogleEarth today, it was incredibly exciting! The trail of yellow dots behind you is pretty neat! Can't wait to plot your path across the Pacific in a few weeks!

  48. Congrats!! As a sailing Dutchman I take off my hat to you, young lady. The world's a better place with you IN IT!!! Wow - I got goosebumps when I read that you'd rounded Cape Horn. WELL DONE!
    - Guido, Rolling Hills, CA

  49. Congratulations! What a milestone on this trip! Take care - we are all pulling for you!!

  50. so PROUD of you as if you were my own Daughter... Congratulations Girl, put that foot on the deserve it...Im so sorry to hear that you could not meet up with your Dad, im sure that was tuff for you as well.. and I know this much, if i was would tear me up im sure he did not take it well either...Abby, you just remember this.. that your Family has grown way bigger than Mom & Dad & Brothers and have givin praise & glory to our lord thru the hearts of so many that are reading and following and Praying for your safe return, your such a Brave and Courageous young Lady, and your in the hearts of many...Be safe Abby, and my the Lord be with you..

    as always, God Bless
    your Brother in Christ

  51. fabulous, fabulous, fabulous!!!! So excited for you. I've been checking for this blog every few hours and hoping I would see it today. Congratulations little one.

  52. Congratulations Abby! Great Job, can't wait to hear about going across the Atlantic. You are amazing - to think that your only 16, wish I could do something that amazing in 3 years! Good luck and hope that you're not getting to lonely. Your trip is really inspiring to me and I imagine it is the same for other teenagers all over the world. Way to follow your dreams!

  53. 03-31-10 @ 21:23
    Hi Abby,
    Yaahoo, Congratulations to you young lady I knew you could do it, and in fair form I might add. I knew that you had the skill, ability and tenacity to succeed at this, and I’m sure that thousands of your faithful followers helped some also with their prayers and support. That was too bad that you didn’t get to see the Cape and I’m very, very sorry that you weren’t able to hook up with your Dad. That was a real bummer!!!!! But I’m sure you were extremely excited, and I hope you danced a little jig, did you????

    I’m glad that you’re getting some wind behind you now, I hope it sticks with you to get you into a warmer climate. I imagine you’re being careful in the cabin since you’re getting tossed around some, watch out for any sharp edges that there may be.
    I’ll bet you’re having a blast surfing along now, that’s great, enjoy it while you have it.
    I’m sure that AIS alarm going off did startle you, but at least you know that it’s working and you can count on it.
    I’m so proud of you Abby, God Bless You.
    Glad to see that you’re going to enjoy yourself with a movie, and taking advantage of a ‘Shellbacks’ privilege….lol…good for you.

    Take good care of yourself, “Wild Eyes” and your crew, be cautious and don’t hurt yourself in the cabin.

    May God hold you in the palm of His hand and may the Angels keep your sails full, and I, I will be praying for you.
    Your faithful friend, fan and follower.
    Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

  54. Congratulations Abby! I checked in a couple of times yesterday when I did not see a new post was afraid something went wrong. I mean this is Cape Horn where talking about serious business. I am relieved to see you are okay. I just wanted to let you know you gave me some inspiration.
    for years now I've been wanting to open up my own business but have been reluctant to take the risk. reading about your adventure has given me that extra push I needed to make my decision. nothing ventured nothing gained. I have a daughter a little bit older than you know I plan on telling her about your adventure over the Easter weekend. I hope you are able to get some photographs loaded up. you must get some really good views of the stars
    on a clear night. you mentioned you had a video camera. most of the new
    ones are able to take slow motion video/ or time lapse video. if you can access the setting and mount your camera on a tripod set it at their horizon and let it go for the day. when you play back you get to see the sun and clouds moved by a really quick. or use the same setting and pointed to the stars one night. you are in a position to get photographs that the average photographer would never get a chance to see. I don't suppose you have a dehydrated Easter ham in your food rations. happy sailing live the dream.

  55. Congratulations Abby ! Praying for you all the way 'round.

    Stay Safe and have fun,
    Kathy Bend,OR

  56. You go little lady.I told you that you would be at the horn before you knew it,well,there you Africa.Sorry you missed your Dad.You know we luv you. Pete from the OC.

  57. Congratulations Abby, well done! Big milestone under your keel. Yes, surfing in a yacht is much more enjoyable than rolling! Of course, there can be a limit to the surfing too! Better not wish too hard - you might get what you wish for!

    Stay safe and dry

  58. That is amazing news Abby! We are looking forward to hearing more. Your journey is now quite a conversation piece in our home. My friends and family continually ask for updates and cheered and did the happy dance for you when they found out you made it safely around Cape Horn. Get some well deserved rest and enjoy your night!

  59. Congratulations Abby!!

    All the Best

  60. Well done. Three cheers I am so glad that you are around safely.
    Keep up the great sailing.

  61. BRAVO Abby, BRAVO!
    Oh, thank heavens that part is over cheez that was a nail biter to say the least.
    Thank you Team Abby and of course Wild Eyes for keeping our young lady safe around the Horn.
    I am so sorry that your Dad and you did not hook up, perhaps at another milestone. The important thing is that you made it safe and sound and in good spirits. Abby please relax tonight but don't let you guard down though, OK?
    I am so so happy for you.
    God Bless.

  62. Hey Abby:

    A BIG huge CONGRATS Hug from Toronto, Canada. What an achievement. You girls, Jessica and You, are showing your salt and I'm sure, making yourselves and your parents very proud. My friend Derek Hatfield from my club in Port Credit rolled in his Open 40 Spirit of Canada during thelast Around's a knarly place. Next Stop, AFRICA! Say Hi to the Falklands on the way by. BE SAFE....

  63. I am very proud of you Abby!! Keep up the good word and may God watch over you

  64. I am happy for you Abby! Your spirits are high, as I read your blog, I sense your happiness of your accomplishment. You now sound relaxed wih your feet propped up with a movie on. Bet you could use a bowl of popcorn and a soda! Congrats today girl! Smooth sailing!

  65. Awesome....that's you Abby! We think of you all of the time...When we look at the full moon we try to imagine what it must be like for you out on the ocean with the moonbeams dancing on the water! Congratulations on rounding the Horn! 1-4-3 :) greetings from Southwestern Minnesota!

  66. Very cool to be the youngest to sail solo around Cape Horn. I'm glad you had the 17 knot surf: adds to your celebration.

  67. I am amazed at your courage, I am so glad you are safe..I have you in my prayers now, I am praying that you will accoomplish your goal and return safely.

  68. Incredible accomplishment! congratulations, and continued safety be with ya!

  69. Yeah!!! Congratulations on your milestone and accomplishment...
    Stay safe, warm and dry..
    Onward and forward...

    South Florida

  70. Congratulations on rounding cape horn!

    You are amazingly brave, sailing in conditions that local sailors dare not challenge without a legitimate reason.

    Stay safe.

  71. Just Awesome Abby! The O'Toole family is continuing to pray for you and your journey! Cape Horn, how exciting. Your courage is inspiring. Peace, George

  72. Dear Abby, congratulations on this huge and amazing feat! From where I've been, looking at predictions via, I cannot express how much of a difference one week made. It sounds like you had more weather-related turbulence waiting out the cyclone; but, it goes without saying that those who sail the seas in Drake's Passage respect the ever-changing conditions enough to not venture out even when the passage is relatively calmer... I wonder how your Dad feels, too; it must have been a large disappointment for both of you. I did envision that he would fly over unless there was an emergency situation. So, you are popping up your foot on the table and kicking back. I hope you give yourself a pat on the back and acknowledge that your adventure has not been an easy feat and Drake's Passage (with its well-earned reputation) is Mt. Everest of the Seas!! In celebrating the accomplishment, consider what you are doing goes beyond the doing; you are having a profound effect on many. So, what are your expectations of the days ahead beyond some more challenges... I wonder what the differences are going to be between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans - more traffic in the Atlantic??? Have you seen any killer whales or? Stay clipped and remain alert.

  73. Congratulations on such a wonderful accomplishment!
    So glad to share in the journey with you!
    ~Joseph A. and Momza, Colorado Springs, CO

  74. Abby, As I sit here in the comfort of my den and type this I am in complete awe. You are a very courageous, intelligent and articulate young woman. I salute you. I'm a 67 year old vet who like other old geezers occsionally hold the generations behind them in comtempt. You've restored my faith in the future. I wish you smooth sailing and a following wind for the rest of your journey. God Bless! Larry J. Cool, CA

  75. Abby, Congratulations and well done! I'm gld to see you got your watermaker up & running also I hope you get a chance to get your 2nd autopilot back up and running. Wishing you a safe journey.

  76. Congratulations! That's one foot on the table...I look forward to watching you get to Cape of Good Hope and putting *two* feet on the table!

    I'm glad you finally made it and I was back in time to send this msg
    As for your auto piolet lets all hope you get a chance to fix that asap.
    Sorry you missed your dad Im sure both of you were looking forward to it
    Safe Sailing and now you can look forward to the next step Cape Hope.

  78. Congratulations Abby !!!

    Being the youngest to sail around the Horn solo and unassisted is quite an accomplishment. This will always be part of your and your family's heritage.

    I assume that you are now heading eastward thru Drake's Passage.

    Sorry your Dad could not rendezvous with you. Maybe he will he try again at the Cape of Good Hope.

    I'm toasting your passage and your entire team with some Dalwhinnie Single Malt Scotch - just like I did when you crossed the Equator at the start of the Around the World Scotch Relay (AWSR).

    Abby please stay cool and vigilant.

    Abby, When the waves are towering over you and the wind is screaming - reach out and touch the face of God - He will be there for you.

    <* ((((((>< Mariner Walt – Marina del Rey, CA

  79. awsome congrats capt. abby and team
    u have foot up on table now all u need is your gold hoop ear ring lol
    no small task especialy for a person so young in age u seam to be way beyond your years
    hope u have the weather to look for that fluid leak in auto pilot
    god speed stay safe and clipped on when out
    paul in maine yim psr927

  80. Just awesome, Abby. You have accomplished one of the great feats of sail. As an old, though not too accomplished sailor, I know you will remember the moment for the rest of your days. Fair winds and following seas to you.

    Steve L from Modesto, CA

  81. congratulations to a great feat for someone as young as you.
    and a sigh of relief that you are always safe and dry.

    i waited, together with the rest of the world with held breath for this moment for you and regularly checked for your updates.

    it was a good thing we were assured later by your mom's update.

    definitely, it's a time for a celebration!
    it's just sad about your dad not seeing your accomplishment. i know he is bursting with pride for you.

    i have been reading the comments also in this blog and i know that you inspire so many out there with your courage and your passion.

    sail on with the inspiration you give to the world who are looking for courage and resilience anywhere they can.

    God's speed. Remember that there are many of us who are praying for you and cheering you on!

    fr d philippines

  82. Bud & Charla WinnettMarch 31, 2010 at 7:17 PM

    Congratulations Abby!!!! A job well done. Sorry you did not get to see your Dad, but perhaps another time. Boy of Boy you were making good time. Wishing you continued safe journey.As always our love.
    Blue Skies and Friendly Wilds
    Bud & Charla Winnett
    Wheeling, MO.

  83. Big thanks to The Mom for that recent heads up for us Followers so we could breathe. I'm thinking she has a lot on her mind and elsewhere too... Bet The Dad wanted to kick his birddog on the miss-cue. It's surprising he didn't come out paddling a canoe. We, my family and some friends, are so proud of your accomplishment. Now get your feet on the deck Captain and let's do this.

  84. Hello, Hello,

    One foot on the table, eh??? ....You earned it, and you deserve it! We knew you could and would do it! Great going, Abby!

    Sorry to hear your Dad couldn't get out there. Is there a Plan B? Maybe the possibility he will do a flyover? Sure hoping the two of you can still connect before he has to return to the US --can't imagine how thrilling it would be for both of you.

    Many, many Congratulations on this big milestone!

    As always stay alert, sail smart, sail safe!

    Janell in Oklahoma, USA

  85. You are amazing Abby. Keep it up dear, I am following your progress every day.

    St. Louis MO

  86. Congrats, Abby!! Been praying for you, especially as you approached Cape Horn. What an accomplishment and an inspiration!

  87. I stumbled upon your website a few days ago and am captivated by what you are doing. Your maturity and determination to undertake a journey like this is simply amazing. May The Lord keep His hands on you and your safe return to your family.

    C. M. Wolf
    Jacksonville, Florida

  88. Big Congrats to you deserve a movie night girl..

  89. Yay Abby! Congratulations on the Cape Horn achievment! I'm sorry you couldn't see it and take pictures for us. Now you know how courageous you are...we have experienced sailors afraid to go out 100 miles to take your dad to see you and here you are at 16 sailing around the world. Tell those sailors to go visit the Wizard of Oz and get some courage or maybe they can borrow some from you!
    Hats off to you angel...
    Wayne Wild I. Moraga, CA

  90. Congratulations Abby. God speed

  91. Hi Abby,
    Just wanted to add our note of congratulations as well....Great job rounding the Horn! On the next milestone. God is with you all the way!
    Keith and Kathy Wargo, Lynchburg VA

  92. Hi Abby
    CONGRATS on reaching the Cape!!! I check your site here many times a day and was thrilled when I saw this lasted posting that you finally reached Cape Horn, and the youngest person to do it alone to boot,, how impresive and insperational.
    Please stay safe out there ( I now find myself thinking and worrying about you during the day ) and enjoy your well earned movie! :)
    Stay safe out there my insperation and no that you are in my thoughts and prayers.

    Rich from Canada :)

  93. Bonjour Abby & Wild Eyes,


    Kaap Hoorn in Dutch (hence the name), Cabo de Hornos in Spanish, Cape Horn in English, you rounded solo the Everest of sailing today!

    Sorry for you and your dad not meeting; not all sailors are as daring as you. You send us a picture of yourself. :-)

    Enjoy your movie and Wild Eyes the surfing!

    Take care ( of your hands), Be safe.

    Since you know a bit of Spanish ( at least from your Cabo visit), here is the original poem at the memorial:

    Soy el albatros que te espera

    En el final del mundo.

    Soy el alma olvidada de los marinos muertos

    Que cruzaron el cabo de Hornos

    Desde todos los mares de la tierra.

    Pero ellos no murieron

    En las furiosas olas,

    Hoy vuelan en mis alas,

    Hacia la eternidad,

    En la última grieta

    De los vientos antárticos.

    Sara Vial, Cabo de Hornos, dec.1992

  94. Hi There Abby,

    Well done, well done indeed! Now stay diligent and don't become complacent. Enter a good entry in your log, and mark off the major step. Many more to come... and we are standing and cheering for you here in the center of the USA..
    And don't forget to thank the Man upstairs!
    Bob in OKC

  95. Hey Abby,

    Congrats! Hope you enjoyed the movie. Wish we could see some pictures from the area. Smooth sailing…arrrgh! :)


  96. Way to go! Quite the achievement. You're a real inspiration.

  97. Yipeeeeeeee Abby! Congratulations! This is a really big deal, gal! We are all so happy for you. Here is a new upbeat thought for the day... TGIT Thank God It's Today! Courtesy of Barry Gottlieb. And what a day it is for you. Too bad your Dad wasn't able to get a photo. Like one of the writers above said, sure hope you will make a documentary of your adventure. And/or write a book. You have so much adventure ahead of you but yes, today is a really big day. You are in our prayers...

  98. Congratulations! You deserve the movie night after such an accomplishment! Wishing you smooth (and exciting sailing) to the Cape of Good Hope!

  99. Wow, you are so fortunate to have this opportunity and the courage to pull it off. I love the tales of the wild seas of the Cape. It is indeed a fateful accomplishment. Is there a season when the seas are rougher around the cape?

  100. As a father of four I can imagine how proud you parents are of you. You have some very speical parents to support you as they do. I can't wait to read your book of the journey, you blogs have been a great read.

  101. Congratulations! Hope you get a bit of a rest in the Atlantic. Safe travels!

  102. Congratulations, Abby! That is quite an accomplishment. As your reward, enjoy the movie tonight, "Little Dorrit" is one of my favorites. Don and Doris, Landlocked adventurers in Michigan.

  103. I'm new to the blogging world- and yours is one of the first that I began to follow! You are such an amazing girl! congratulations on this huge accomplishment! I'm sorry that you didn't get to see your dad. Good luck on the rest of your journey.

  104. I just started following you, I have two daughters --an Abby! (who's 14) and her big sister who's 17, I can't imagine them being alone and doing what you're doing! I'm now following your journey w/ great amazement! Take care! --Brian

  105. CONGRATULATIONS ABBY !!! You are so amazing and I am just so excited for you. I was holding my breathe and praying for your safe travels around the horn today !!! Way to go !!! Can't wait to see how the rest of the trip goes !!! Blessings to you !!! Elizabeth

  106. congrats abby...hope your keepin warm! ON TO AFRICA!!!!

  107. Where's the marine life?? Dolphins, whales, sea lions, jelly fish, giant squid, flying fish, whale shark, the south Atlantic right whale.

  108. Well, just plop that foot right on the table because you deserve it for your masterful achievement. The Cape of Good Hope awaits and that is the Flying Dutchman's turf; do you know the legend (fact?)? No less a personage than King George V of England, along with 16 of his crew, claimed to have seen the Dutchman around the turn of the last century and many others have claimed the same sighting.

    Here is how it goes: the Dutchman, Captain Dalland, was beat back from rounding the Cape numerous times so he swore at the devil to round the cape even if it took all eternity. The devil took him at his word and so he is still out there, and will be until the end of time, trying to beat around the Cape.

    His square rigger appears at night, with glowing red sails and a mournful loud wailing from the crew, on a ramming course. He puts the helm over at the last minute and tries to come alongside and grapple. The only thing that will save him is the love of a true woman (oops!).

    Richard Wagner wrote the opera to end all operas about this (Die Fliegende Hollander), in the mid-19th century and I double-dog dare you to play this music around the Cape. You'll pull in to Cabo with your hair still standing on end.

    The good news? Once you round both capes, you can put BOTH feet on the dining table. Depending on how you do this, the soup course could be interesting.

  109. You have made us all very proud, Abs.

  110. CONGRATULATIONS, ABBY....youngest solo sailor to Round the Horn!!! We are very proud of what you are doing, and wish you smooth sailing as you enter the Atlantic for the next leg of your fantastic voyage.

    ~Brian & Phill
    Vancouver, Canada

  111. A huge congratulations Abby! Your strength and courage would be amazing at any age but at 16 ... truly awesome!!! I hope the swells subside a bit and wish you fair winds on your crossing to Africa. I'll be eagerly awaiting future posts and photos.

    Ottawa, Canada

  112. Congratulations!! Fast & with determination you achieved your first Cape. Great post, your voice came shining through. No April Fools joke about the cape for Abby.
    How about some pictures or video with all that great equipment? No equator or Cape Horn? Are you're really lounging in Costa Rica?
    Sharing images on blog will not hurt the footage you MUST BE shooting for a movie. Make em wait, while doing it anyway, is not the way to long-term sales/fans. Perhaps your sponsor of communications can give you more assistance so you could post more?
    Next up autopilot. You made the cape, your Dad is around, why not get some anchor, try a fix and get some help if you need it---save him the re-trip. I
    f not sail away into the Atlantic....
    Following you since day 1 (pre-wild eyes), I wish you success during & after your voyage.
    Marketing partners: Youtube & Flickr are free and waiting for abby to show us the oceans. Think Jessica & Sam Davies. People want to see you!! You will regret not posting more. Videos make the news spread. Stories die. Video & pics --Immediate & continued CONTENT.

  113. If this is not exciting then you sure can MAKE it sound exciting!

    Tupelo, MS

  114. Nice work, abby!! Enjoy yhe movie, watching your progress daily and living vicariously thru your safe.

  115. Great job Abby!!! Wow! What an amazing young women you are, congrates on making it around the Horn! So sorry you could not meet up with you Dad but it must have given you happieness that he was trying to get out to see you and he was close. I can't amagin sitting there watching a movie in your cabin! i get SOOO sea sick and would be puking my brains out! LOL hearing you talk of liking the ruff water turns me green just thinking about it! Im enjoying following your story! it's better then reading an adventure novel!! Stay safe! and enjoy the movie

  116. congrats Abby,

    you now qualify to be taken seriously. just watch the quantum leap in the number of followers henceforth.


  117. Wow, Abby! Congratulation
    I am praying for you to be safe.
    Good luck and God bless you every single minute.
    Paul Do - Orlando Florida

  118. Congratulations on making the Horn. Now you can set your sights on the other Cape.

  119. boys and I are following your incredible voyage and we did a little celebration dance for you today. You are in our nightly prayers! You are Awesome Abby in our house!

    Emily (in santa cruz,ca)


  120.        Y      Y          O O            U       U
             Y   Y        O       O         U       U
               YY         O       O         U       U  
                Y           O       O        U       U 
                Y           O       O        U       U 
                Y           O       O        U       U 
                Y             O   O             U U  
           H     H            A           V      V        E E E
           H     H           AA          V      V        E   
           H     H          A  A         V      V        E   
           H H H          A    A         V    V         E E E 
           H     H         A A A         V   V         E   
           H     H         A     A         V V          E   
           H     H         A     A           V            E E E 
           D D             OO           N      N        E E E 
           D     D       O     O        NN   N        E 
           D     D       O     O        N N  N        E 
           D     D       O     O        N  N N        E E E 
           D     D       O     O        N  N N        E 
           D     D       O     O        N   NN        E 
           D D             OO           N      N        E E E 
              I          T T T T                 !!        !!
              I               T                    !!!!     !!!!
              I               T                    !!!!     !!!!
              I               T                    !!!!     !!!!
              I               T                     !!        !!
              I               T                                
              I               T                     !!        !!

    You have done it!
    You have rounded the most famous, infamous, feared and respected place on the world seas!
    Your performance so far has been simply great, world class! You have handled all sorts of weather and been able to maintain the boat. Telephone support is one thing, but you still must be able to do it yourself.
    So all people doubting your ability were wrong.

    Of course the people who prepared Wild Eyes must take a part of the honor. You did a great job!

    Remember, regarding the tough conditions and the moisture and all other hardship: Pain is temporary, Pride is forever! Think about the arrival and the future, how proud you will be to have done the circumnavigation.

    As with climbing Mount Everest you must get back home also. Safe sailing and congratulations!! Sorry I can't be at the arrival in California, but I will follow the blog and the news broadcasts.

    Bengt "Ben" Larsson, Gothenburg, Sweden

  121. Abby,


    Absolutely fantastic. What a great accomplishment. Rounding Cape Horn is something that so many of us have dreamed of but very few will ever have the opportunity. It’s a story that you will never get tired of telling. I’m sorry that you and your Dad didn’t get a chance to meet up, but what a great thing that he was able to make the trip in support of you. Your Dad, Mom, brothers and sisters deserve so much credit for being so supportive as do all members of Team Abby. Well done every one of you. Now hopefully you can find some warmer weather and blast your way across the Atlantic to round Cape Agulhas. But remain very aware of the boat traffic until you put a bit more distance between you and land.

    There are a lot of us celebrating with you tonight, Abby.

    From Seattle, WA, USA

  122. Abby, way to go girl. We rounded the horn 2/5/2010 between 4-6 p.m. on a cruise ship, the seas were calm (basically flat) with sun shine have been praying you could experience this. We were around the horn also 2/2005 at that time they said the seas were calm (between 6 - 8 a.m.) no where near what it was in Feb. It was windy both times. Wish you could have seen the grassy rock out there, wishing you a safe journey from now on. We tried to reach Antarctica and made it on our 2nd try. Drakes Passage we know is not a fun place to be. Have watched your blog and hoped your seas would be calm as we had 94 mph winds and swells 34 feet crossing Drakes Passage.
    I can't imagine what it would be like to be in Wild Eyes. Your a brave gal. We're sailing along with you.

  123. Congratulations Abby, about as far South as you will be on this trip. So very proud of you. When I was your age, (a very long time ago) I dreamed of riding my bike across the USA, but never did meet that dream. I am so happy that you are living yours. You are amazing and a powerful young lady. Will be watching you during your entire trip.


  124. Absolutely AWESOME Abby !!!

    A day to remember for sure!

  125. CONGRATULATIONS Abby, Another ocean and you are past one hurdle and on to another one YOU GO GIRL and enjoy your movie. Remember Stay Safe and Enjoy Each and Every Day, and when you're outside Tethered...38º44"N/122º67"W

  126. Congratulations on rounding the Horn. You are making good time.

  127. You go Abby! Congrats
    Peter in Santa Cruz

  128. Congratulations Abby!

    And as far as being the youngest to round the Cape - Yes you are!

    But your greatest achievement is your ability to set your sight on a goal - and then actually reaching for it! A lot of young adults your age don't even know how to set a goal - much less reach - and accomplish - them. We also know that you will accomplish this goal and I believe that you will accomplish your future goals as well.

    Keep up the good work! Stay safe and we are all here as your support team!

    Neil & Sheila
    McAllen, TX

  129. WOW.... Amazing, simply amazing!

  130. Sweet as~

    This is truly an accomplishment to be extremely proud of!

    You are part of a very elite fraternity of sailors who have ventured out and rounded the Horn.

    You are indeed sailing the dream.

    You do have a lot of courage.

    Cheers, Abby Sunderlund!!!

    Jeffry Matzdorff

  131. Congratulations on rounding 'The Cape', Abby! Keep up the good work and here are more wishes for fair weather and following seas.

    Bruce de Mich
    Michigan USA

  132. Hi Captain Sunderland; Congratulations on rounding the Horn! Your brother is no doubt very proud of you. What's this about a movie tonight? Don't you need to tighten a belt, clean the bilge, swab the deck? Just kidding.
    Vancouver, Canada

  133. Hi Abby!
    I've been following your progress since you left. Everyday I follow you. I'm not interested in sailing at all, but you have captured my interest. I'm so concerned about your well-being and I'm so proud that you have made it around Cape Horn. You are living proof of the American spirit. We are so proud of you and would love to meet you someday.
    Love the Bouton family from Camarillo, CA

  134. Congrats from Canada! You are one of the elite sailors to round the Horn. Well done! I've been following you daily. Love the pictures. Keep sharing. Stay safe.

  135. Congratulations, Abby! Great news.

  136. Congratulations, Abby!!!!!!

    What are sailors called that sail the Cape Horn?? Mossback??

    Anyway, be safe.

    From Michael from Sacramento, California

  137. Absolutely wonderful news!!
    Congratulations, Abby!! And congratulations to everyone who has helped get you so far. Best of luck for the rest of your trip!!
    Chris in RPV, CA


  139. Here's a "shout out" to Capt'n Abby... way to go girl!! Let's put this one in the "Major Memory Column! Congratulations to you, your team and to all those who are involved in helping you achieve your dream and keeping you safe.

    Ok... celebrations over. Now get back to sailing (after the movie).

    Capt'n Mudgie
    Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA

  140. Just wanted to congratulate you as well. You are amazing. Be safe!

  141. Bengt Ben Larson from Sweden you celebrated Abby as finely as it could be said.

    Ye Haw!

    The excitement in your writing voice Abby was thrilling. It was as if you came down below to move us from preoccupation into your joy.

    It is good to hear celebration is part of it all.
    You've more than earned it.

  142. Congratulations Abby!
    We all, I am sure, have sighed with relief!
    I'm looking forward to seeing how fast this boat can actually go as you head to the next Cape.
    best wishes and happy sailing!

  143. Congratulations! Captain Abby...'Youngest Around The Horn'!
    Hip-Hip! Hoo-Ray! Glad to hear your Dad made it down there O.K. GO TEAM ABBY! And Thanks to your Mom for holding down the Fort at Home. ;) Now Onward into the Atlantic with more Surfing down those 15-20ft. swells @ 17 Knots! Enjoy your Movie and a good night sleep.
    God Bless and Enjoy your Adventure. :)
    D. Harris, Tampa, FL

  144. Ahoy Abby, Wow how cool is that! It was so exciting to click on your site and get the news
    You must be so proud to have accomplished to be the youngest person to ever sail rounding Cape Horn!!! Even the experienced sailors in the area were not gutsy enough to sail your Dad out to you 100 miles,while you have sailed for thousands of miles to get to that point. Congratulations to you for accomplishing your dream. Good luck on the next section of your journey. John on Carese

  145. Congratulations to you Abby and your team for rounding Cape Horn,,,,amazing young ladies doing amazing sailing,,,,,and making us old sailors feel very old,sitting at our desks watching you both realize your dreams....Its a changing world and i like it.With 2 teenage daughters I've put a padlock on our mooring lines,!!!Congratulations again to the 'Abby Team'...Cheers ''Different Drum,freo

  146. Awesome job, Abby! Best wishes for smooth sailing to the Cape of Good Hope ...

  147. Wish you all the safe and joy; enjoy watching the movie you deserve it, God bless always

  148. That's awesome! Congratulations! The Kinnaman family in Ventura is cheering you on!

  149. ***********************************


    How does it feel to round cape horn? It must be incredible. C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S !
    Ok, lets make it to the next milestone safe.



  150. Well done, Abby
    Keep smiling.
    Luv u.
    Richard (QLD) Aus♥

  151. Abby I'm new to the blog, I've been following Jessica's trip daily but as she's getting closer to home I look forward to following both of you on the rest of your voyage, as we have done from day one. Good luck from my family in beautiful Melbourne Australia

  152. Hi Abby Sailing around the horn solo at your age is pretty good........but I did my taxes all by myself!

  153. @Ray March 31, 2010 5:47 PM
    Jessica isn't younger than Abby. Abby is 5 months younger than Jessica. Also, there ISN'T any competition between them. They know each other and communicate although they have never met face to face. There has never been anything other that encouragement between them. They're both out there doing the same dangerous thing. They're both after the same goal, to make it around the world safely. When Jesse arrives in Sydney she will become the youngest person to solo circumnavigate the globe, non-stop and unassisted. When Abby arrives in Cabo San Lucas she will become the youngest to do it, until the next one. They both will have the same distinction. There really isn't anything for them to compete, unless it's who's the best "freeze dried food chef".

    CONGRTULATIONS ABBY! We are all so proud of you. I hope you enjoyed the movie. You deserve it. I trust you had some popcorn on board.

    I hope that the hydraulics on your primary autopilot turns out to be an easy fix. Even if not, I have no doubt that you can handle it.

    Heading a little northeast to warmer waters will be another well deserved reward for rounding the Horn.

    On to Africa and Cape Agulhas, only a short 3,626 nautical miles away as the crow(or albatross)flies. You'll be there in no time.

    As always, stay safe out there Abby. Your safety is Job #1. We all love you like our own, and pray for your safe passage.

    God speed Abby Sunderland.


  154. Congratulations Abby, Sorry you missed your Dad.

  155. Dearest Abby,

    What a weapon Abby. WELL DONE! Give yourself a big pat on the back. You are doing so well. Sorry you didn't get to meet up with your Dad. Did you get to speak to him as he was pretty close to you wasn't he.

    Keep warm and keep safe my dear. Big hugs and warmest wishes from Jan Pace (Auckland, New Zealand)

  156. Hooray! hooray! Congratulations..even the rest of the journey, you will complete! we are with you and praying for you..

    You inspire me!

  157. Nice to hear you've become the youngest solo sailor to round Cape Horn. predicts fairly light air over the next few days, and I hope that helps in your efforts to get the 2nd autopilot up and running.

    In the heavy air sounds like you were doing some smart sailing with the main down and making great time with just your small jib up.

    Best Wishes for a continued safe and successful voyage.

    - Grant Fjermedal, Seattle

  158. ....and on to the next milestone. What an exciting ride! Checking your updates are now a part of my daily routine. Nice Job!

  159. Congratulations, Abby!
    Jan, Waitara, NZ

  160. Great job Abby!
    Wishing you good winds, from Hungary!


  161. Abby! I just want to say that you're kinda of my idol now :) What you're doing is without a doubt the bravest, most miraculous thing a girl our age could do (I'm also 16). I wish you all the luck in the world and I pray the winds will carry you safely home with your mission accomplished! I'm rooting for ya, girl!

    ~Mickie Age:16 State: IL

  162. Abby,
    Wow! That's how it feels to hear you sound so happy and excited to accomplish this remarkable goal. Wow! What a dream come true! Only you can make the gray and rainy weather sound better than California sun. It was wonderful to see the article about you in our "Daily News"...You are a star! Continued success to you, Master and Commander! Our prayers are with you.
    Kelly and Dave from Santa Clarita

  163. Congratulations to you Abby for doing a great job on this voyage and rounding the Horn, from a guy that was raised up on a 85' schooner ( Pilgrim aka Tiki from " Adventures in Paradise " TV sieres in So Cal.
    Long way to go so important to get you auto pilot and back-up working correctly or you are in for some rough times. Also watch out through the Atlantic crossing as Jessica and Zak found out stay alert. I am following you every day and pulling for you and I know you are up for the task at hand, Go get it girl. I followed Zak on his adventure and was there at the Marina Del Rey when he completed his voyage.

    Good Luck
    John M.
    ( Pilgrim )

  164. Bruce from Brisbane AUApril 1, 2010 at 1:33 AM

    Congratulations Abby
    One more milestone accomplished. Glad to here the weather and seas haven't too bad.
    Stay safe and stay clipped

    Go Girl


  165. Congrats Abby. Next time you are having dinner with Zac you should put your foot up on the table... and then tell him he is not entitled to do that! By the way, Happy Easter.
    Dwight in NC

  166. Congratulations!
    Keep up the great sailing.
    The kids and I enjoy following your progress.

  167. Hope that you enjoyed "Little Dorrit". It was a powerful Dickens story that was serialized in a British magazine in the 1850s.

    This gave me a great mental image of you, snug as a bug down below with a hot chocolate and your foot propped on the table, with a big grin on your face as you move into the South Atlantic.

    Lots of work ahead but you have proved to be ready for that. Get a good night's sleep tonight and fix the primary autopilot tomorrow.

  168. Im glad you made it safely around Abbey
    but please learn a bit of modesty.
    Whether your the youngest or not is totally irrelevant to anybody
    Jess get over a million hits a week to her website
    because she is down to earth and would never think of bragging
    Yes Im from Oz and proud of our girl
    Remember its not a competition and I do wish you luck and hope you make it safely


  169. Congratulations ABBY on passing the Horn. Onward to Africa and the next important milestone. Stay safe...........Barbara from OZ

  170. Congrats Skipper tis a very big deal! I get sea sick in the shower (JK) so doing this solo is awesome. Hey can you pop some popcorn to go along with that movie?? God Bless and protect you.

  171. CONGRATS!! I bet your family is proud!.. Give yourself a pat on the back girl... I bet your smiling from ear to ear...

  172. I'm so very happy to hear that you crossed Cape Horn safely. This adventure of yours I have talked about with my other classmates and most knew about you already. You do make for some very interesting conversations, all good might I add. We all support you and wish you the very best on your next leg Abby. Happy trails!

    Amy, Megan, Alicia, Nick, Brad, Mike
    Class of 2010 - Clearwater, Florida

  173. Abby, what a great inspiration you are to all of us. Congratulations for passing the Cape and I wish you well in your continued journey. May God's angels and Neptune guide you along and keep you safe. Abby, you rock! Great job.

  174. Congratulations, Abby! Sorry you missed Dad, but what an achievement!

  175. Congratulations! It's a thrill to read about you and your wonderful adventure! Godspeed!!

  176. Alright Abby! Congrats and I'm glad you went around so easily. I'd been watching for you all afternoon yesterday and missed your post till this morning. I'm excited for you. Nice way to start my day, for sure. Sorry you missed your dad, but I wondered how that could've worked out anyway. Flying maybe, but by boat...?!
    Anyway, you go girl! I think you're just great and I'm having a fine time following with you. Thanks for sharing your adventure.
    39*50'N, 86*9'W

  177. Hi Captain Abby, Excellent work getting
    to and passing Cape Horn.Sorry you
    didn't connect with Dad. Wild Eyes
    is one fast boat.Before you know it
    you will be heading northeast and
    into warmer waters.
    Be Safe! Be Happy! Godspeed!

    I feel so proud of you! If that's little old me talking, then how enormously proud your parents must be. Relieved too I expect. Such a shame your Dad was unable to come out to cheer you along but those seas are no mean feat to navigate, as you well know now.
    A big sigh of relief from me and all your followers is now chasing behind you and wishing you further safe journeys through the rest of this epic voyage.
    You are a 'Special Angel'.
    Take care and don't have any more frights during the night. Rest when you can. I hope you enjoyed your movie.
    God bless you and keep you safe until you come home.
    (((((Big congratulation HUG!)))))
    Jeanie In The Lakes

  179. Abby,

    Congrats on attaining your Mt Everest...Cape Horn. The 17 knots of boat speed sounds like a big achievement too. That will be a record that will be hard for you to beat. Keep on enjoying your sailing and I hope you feel warmer shortly. Good Luck!


  180. Congratulations, Abby!

    Paula from NH

  181. jonnyrawcon@yahoo.comApril 1, 2010 at 5:30 AM

    YEA!!!Sail on, Sailor!

  182. Qlaudia from QueenslandApril 1, 2010 at 5:30 AM

    @ Ray March 31 2010 5:47 PM

    No worries Ray, it's all very friendly.

    You asked if someone could explain how this thing works between Jessica Watson and Abby, and since I don’t see any other posts on the topic, I'll have a try.

    Here is a short summary of circumnavigators.

    Jessica Watson left Sydney Australia 18 October 2009. She rounded Cape Horn on the 14th of January 2010. She was then the youngest solo sailor to do so.

    She held that distinction for 2 ½ months, until today, when Abby (who is 5 months younger than Jesse) takes over that "title".

    When Jesse arrives in Sydney in about 6 weeks from now, she will be the youngest ever to circumnavigate the globe, solo, non-stop, unassisted. She will hold that designation until Abby completes her voyage a few weeks later. Jessica and Abby and their families have been in contact and are supportive of each other's efforts.

    Of the recent youngest round the world sailors, Abby's brother Zac, did his solo circumnavigation (with stops and assistance according to Wikipedia) June 2008 - July 2009. He was 17. He was superseded 6 weeks later in August, 2009 by Mike Perham, also 17, but younger than Zac. Neither Zac nor Mike went via Cape Horn. It was the 2 girls who did that. Yeah girls!! (Sorry for being a bit sexist here, we girls need all the encouragement we can get).

    Perham, the current title holder, and good friend of Jessica Watson, will be de-throned when Jesse sails into Sydney Harbour in May. (But don’t worry, he plans to get his own back by beating Jessica in an arm wrestling contest.) As far as is known at present, Abby should be the final youngest solo round the world sailor for 2010. She should retain her status for a couple of years, depending on what happens with Laura Dekker.

    In 2009, Laura Dekker, then aged 13, was prevented from sailing by a Dutch court order which is due to expire in July 2010. She plans to sail solo, but with stops and assistance, over a two year period. She does not plan to go via Cape Horn. If she finishes her voyage before June 2012, she may qualify then as the youngest circumnavigator. And of course we don't know who else is making plans out there…..

    The important thing from my point of view is that both Abby and Jessica are doing something so extraordinary that they are inspiring many people, young and old alike, to stand up and do their best with their life, to become achievers, to be the best they can be. If nothing else, their example may make people think, 'Why settle for an ordinary kind of life, when you can have an exceptional one?' We need these sort of heroes!

    Abby and Team I'm adding my congratulations to everyone else's. A magnificent milestone!!


  183. So happy for you,congrats........... safe sailing.Sherry

  184. Congrats, Abby! That has to be incredibly exciting and such a sense of accomplishment! Stay safe...we're all praying for you! ;)

  185. ATTA GIRL!!!!!!!
    Kris and Connor again. Gosh, The last time Connor was this excited he was waiting for Santa to come down our chimney!! We check to make sure you are ok every night before bed time, and Connor has asked me to tell you that he has been adding you to his bedtime prayers. So welcome to the family Abby!!
    Godspeed Abby!!
    Kris and Connor Hamilton
    Killeen Texas

  186. Abby,

    What an accomplishment!!! Congrats on doing what so few have done before you. No one can ever take this away. Good luck as you head back out to sea. Take care.

    Charlotte, NC

  187. Abby,
    I hereby dub thee "Queen of the Southern Seas"

  188. How Exciting! YAY! GO TEAM ABBY!!!

  189. Congratulations Abby, on to the next milestone! Our family has been monitoring your progress, we are very excited for you! Your courage and conviction is a great example for the old and young!

    You'll be in our thoughts and prayers, god bless!

  190. Hi Abby,

    Congratulations on achieving a monumental milestone by rounding Cape Horn.

    Now get yourself north a bit and into warmer weather.

    Safe sailing and Godspeed.

    Georgia Guy

  191. Woohoo girlfriend!!!! You go girl!!! You made it around the horn! Glory to God for your safety! I have a knot in my throat with excitement for you and what you have accomplished already so far and the love pouring out from all these folks around the world for you and your family. Abby, you are a blessed young woman!!!! Good job, mom and dad, for the life lessons you poured into your baby girl. She is a joy to learn from her and her adventures.

    Lisa from Mt. Juliet, Tennessee
    Psalm 91!!!

  192. OOOOOH! A comment window working!!!
    I don't know why sometimes (most often) there is only a large white square, with no possibility for typing... Does anyone else meet that bug?
    Then trying to go fast before the window is cut off: Congartulations, Miss Abby! The weather is completely on your side, good point!
    Sorry you didn't see the Cape nor your Dad (yet, for him?), but happy you are enjoying the big swell. Keep being very cautious, though!
    Best wishes for the Atlantic!!!

  193. Congratulations Abby. On to Good Hope!

    Safe travels.

  194. That is so great congrats. You are amazing and have accomplished a lot.