Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Weather & Work

Cool shot...

The wind has died down a bit today. My average speed was about 6knots so I'm still moving along - just not as fast as I would like to be. I was having a lot of fun with the 20 knot tradewinds!

From the weather report it looks like I have a cold front I'm headed into. I had hoped to hit it at a better angle but nothing is for sure with the weather. There are all kinds of wind angles and strengths where I am headed so it will be interesting to see what I get. According to the grib files (the weather forecasting software that I use on the boat) there won't be over 35 knots. I have a weather router who sends me reports every few days as well. He really has a much better idea of what is going on out there because he is looking at more than one weather model. I like to look at the grib files because it is really great to have all the details right here to look at as well.

Grib files for tomorrow.

Its over a month since I left Marina del Rey and going on a month from leaving Cabo. Before this, I had never spent so long at sea alone, but it really doesn't seem like a big deal. I am hopeless at keeping track of time out here. Day after day I do the same thing, so the days really blend together. There is everyday maintenance, or rather, maintenance prevention, of just going over the boat checking everything, checking lines, sails, belts, filters... cleaning off solar panels, tidying up the cockpit, topping off the water tank.

So far I've had very few problems, and anything that has happened I've been able to take care of before its turned into any big problem. I've patched up my gib, changed the engine diesel filter, cleaned out the water maker filter. I've flushed out and refilled my water tank (I had been having problems with the water being dirty, but its all cleared up now) and tightened the alternator belt a few too many times. Tightening that belt has got to be one of my least favorite jobs as it requires a few more hands then I've got, but I have to say, I'm getting pretty good at it!

Today I did laundry and its all hanging out side right now, hopefully it will dry before I get any squalls or much more wind!

My buddy charlie (a pelican) and me. I've lost my hair brush again, as you can probably tell.



  1. Abby, Sorry to tell you this now.
    There is an alternator "jack" for
    $15 that helps with belt tightening.
    I read that in March 2010 SAIL magazine.

  2. Be well Abby. So love reading every post and watching your progress with my girls at home.



  3. I know it's a lot easier on a truck than in a tiny engine compartment at the bottom of the hull, but I remember when I taught my daughter how to adjust an alternator belt. Before, she said she couldn't do it. Now it's, "that's all there is to it?"

    Glad all is going well. Still praying, but G-d is with you. Even when we forget, He doesn't.

    If anyone here is going to the Fred Hall show in Long Beach this week-end, I'll be at the OCC booth on Sun. afternoon. Stop by and chat! then other people will ask us who that Abby is that we're discussing, and we'll get to tell even more folks!

    Still praying Numbers 6:24-26
    Mouse in Whittier

    Buy "Death and Coffee" here!

  4. Abby,

    Great pictures even without the hair brush you still look great.
    Say Hi to Charlie wish he can help you on your daily chores.
    Good job on keeping WE on top shape. Not a lot of problem is all good.

    Nothing much happening here in So. Cal. except the Lakers won tonight.

    Whats your ETA rounding up Cape Horn?

    Take care always,


  5. You are doing well, keep the routine going especially on the maintenance.."a stitch in time saves nine."


  6. I'm learning so much about sailing from reading your blog. I found your grib files fascinating, and am going to research more on it. Great photo of the clouds. Good to see that you're staying vigilant like Big Brother advised. Take care...

  7. Awesome pictures Abby thanks for sharing.

  8. Hi Abby,

    Great to read your updates and to see the photo's, thank you. Good to see you happy with your buddy Charlie. You seems to like it a lot out there, never a dull moment with all the chores. Interesting to see the grib file.
    Keep on sailing with a smile, and the good winds come your way.
    Take care.
    Ingrid, Sweden

  9. Looks like you are having a great time out there Abby! For some of us stuck on land, you are living our dreams!


  10. Hey Abby got to really hand it to you you're doing a great job out there! Keep up the good work! I'm hoping one day I can maybe sail a third of what you're doing! :) Father has a boat in Long Beach CA but haven't been out much lately since the weather's been pretty lousy and lots of work. No worries God is good and every day is a still a beautiful day regardless of what happens.

  11. Hey, Abby--
    A terrific post today--"cool" pix and all! I've done my share of ocean sailing in my day--but nothing like what you're doing. I hope you know you're an inspiration to people all over the world. And all of us are keeping an eye on you and keeping you in our thoughts and in our prayers. May you have an easy voyage with just enough challenges to make it interesting. After all, you're going to need plenty of good stories to tell when you make it all the way around and back to California--though nobody is going to be able to buy you rum to keep you talking. It's not the destination, is it? It's the journey. As for that pesky alternator belt, just decide in your mind that it's the highlight of your day, something you look forward to, something that makes you start humming your favorite song. It's amazing what attitude can do. You and Charlie and any other crew on board, be sure to be safe and stay clipped in. Fair winds, clear skies, and trailing seas to you and Wild Eyes. The whole world is with you.
    Best to you--from Denver

  12. Hi Abby...!!
    Happy to hear from you again...!!

    Beautiful picture...!!

    Thanks for sharing this adventure with us...!!

    Feeling so close to you has made you part of our families...!!

    God be with you.

  13. Abby,
    We are so happy to hear about your routine, and to know that you are managing everything with such expertise! It must be challenging to keep up with the time, but then you don't really have to, as long as you are keeping everything functioning. Your positive attitude is apparent, and it seems you are having fun still, while also being responsible and sensible. Remember to be safe...its what we tell our own 22 year old daughter each night when we talk to her as well. She is also adventuresome and fun, like you! Good luck with your "belt tightening", laundry and with finding your hairbrush, it will show up when you least expect it. Our prayers to you for continued good wind and safe travels...Keep up the good work!!
    Dave and Kelly from Santa Clarita

  14. Good job Abby. Way to stay focused. I find both your navigation and chores to be quite interesting. Also, any more marine life encouters?

    Santa Clarita

  15. Great update and I am amazed by your inner strength!

    Best of luck on the rest of your journey!!!!

  16. Bud and Charla WinnettMarch 3, 2010 at 6:17 AM

    Sounds like you are a busy girl. Well, that makes the time go faster. We do envy you, in a way. Such an adventure for anyone, but at your age, a tremendous one. Truly you are an amazing young lady. Enjoy the pics you send.
    Blue skies and friendly winds.
    Stay safe
    Bud & Charla Winnett

  17. Good Morning Captain,
    "Cool shots" and cool post Abby....lots of great information. It sounds like you are dealing well with being alone and keeping busy. Given your weather report I hope your laundry was still in place this morning...hard to replace out there.
    Stay safe Abby ...and Charlie (careful not to squeeze him too tightly)...have a great sail today.
    john, Bay of Quinte, Lake Ontario, Canada eh!

  18. just keep on keep'in on.. I have three daughters, i am going to email your site so they can read. goodness you are a brave young lady.

  19. I'm surprised that the alternator belt has to be continually tightened. Usually after the belt has streached out it only needs to be tightened once or twice more over a long period of time. The usual need for tightening is indicated by squeaking type noises when under load. Is it possible that oil or grease got on the belt or pulleys?
    If so, it might be better to remove the belt and carefully clean the pulleys and install a new belt that may need to be tightened once or twice after it has been run in.

    You could try cleaning the old belt with a detergent and fresh water and then keep it for a spare.

    Over tightening the belt could cause damage to the alternator shaft bearings. I suggest that you consult with your team on this matter.

  20. Hi Abby--Haven't posted before but wanted you to know we are reading your blog in Colorado...

  21. Hi Abby

    Nice to hear from you and that you are doing pretty well out there.

    As you are now going to the south pacific, i did some research and I found this very nice animated Wind Forecast.


    It looks like you are going to get up to 35 knots of wind but that's it, and you are moving to where winds are going to the east.

    Let mi tell you that i don't know a thing about sailing or winds, but i am trying to learn in memory of my beloved father who's dream was to have a sailboat (he never did), and I am following day by day your journey in his name.

    Bes safe..... God be with you all your way arround the world and back home.

  22. Hang in there, Abby!

    The pictures are great!

    We pray that you have good winds and calm seas.


  23. I am not at all surpised that you are doing what you are doing You have such a positive attitude to what life throws a you. Well done! I hope your washing soon dries. I bet you are glad you don't need to iron it. lol

  24. Thanks Mike. Some of us Abby fans will benefit from that suggestion. You look good Abby! Keep smiling and have fun. We love pictures. You can't post too many. Stay safe!

  25. I am so proud of you Abby!!! Love love love reading your blog and the photos are wonderful.

  26. Abby, excellent post wonderfull photo Photo illustrates the weather so interesting how pictures captures the action! Cheers!

  27. Abby,

    Glad to hear you're tending to the details. That's the best guarantee of a safe passage. Every dad worries about his girls, but yours can rest assured that you're being diligent and careful. He taught you well!

    We were shocked by the tragic death of that lovely girl from Poway High this week. You may be safer at sea that on the streets at home. At least, you're out of reach of all the bad people we can't seem to keep at bay.

    Blessings and safe passage,

    John (dad of 3 girls!)

  28. Great to hear from you! I look forward to your blog posts and, as always, send you good wishes!

  29. LOL @ Kevin New Zealand who want's Abby to post more blogs so that everytime he checks the blog there will be something there.

    Kevin, there is a little orange square button with 3 white stripes either on your address bar of your browser or the tool bar. Click that button and subscribe to the feed of the blog. Once you have done that depending on your browser or email client, you will be automatically notified everytime a new blog as been posted. No need to check ever single day. Allow the computer and the software to further make one's life even lazier than it is :-)

    This is the simplest tutorial I can find:


  30. Hi Abby-

    We all love hearing from you. Thanks so much for the notes. Love the photos too! I check on your progress everyday as do hundreds of others. Be safe girl and stay safe and sound.


  31. Hi everyone, especially Abby.... enjoy your posts, though not frequent enough!!!

    For all of you, like me, who are not familiar with GRIB charts, here is a fairly easy to understand explanation... pretty interesting... so thanks Abby for pushing us to learn more...


    Abby... you are doing all the correct things... like checking all the little things... as the little things are usually what cause the biggest problems in the long run... I know it is boring, but check all the screws, nuts, bolts, lines, wear and tear areas all the time... much easier to check when it nothing is happening rather than trying to fix it when all heck is happening. Keep up the great sailing!

    Cowboychincs, South Carolina, USA

  32. Abby, as the saying goes, "Sailing around the world is nothing more than the privilege of doing boat maintenance in exotic place." However, being alone out in the ocean doing boat maintenance is not a great privilege. I totally admire your knowledge and strength of character.

  33. Hi Abby. Time is a funny thing for all of us, including God 2 Peter 3:8 says "But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years and a thousand years as one day." I kind of like it when they go slowly. That's when we are supposed to appreciate the little things. God Bless, Mel

  34. Ahoy Abby,

    Happy to hear that you're taking care of business, keeping Wild Eyes fit and trim. I trust that you are doing the same for yourself, and using sunblock.

    I've enjoyed following your preparations, departure, and cruise to date, and look forward to your posts, and eventual success. As your charts show, it's a big world, but you have the skill and equipment to circumnavigate it.

    Stay strong, stay smart.


  35. Goodmorning Abby, You have started my day out in a wonderful way. I was so glad to read your blog this morning and to know that you are in good spirts. Your pictures were great, keep sending them. Don't worry about losing your brush, you still look great!!!!! You have wonderful day and I will keep checking in on you. Gail/Ventura

  36. You look happy and at peace!.I bet your family is proud, I know I am...

  37. I love that picture that says, "cool shot." It makes me feel like I am there. Awsome!

  38. Hi Abby,

    I'm a new poster and just want to say God speed and be safe!! I enjoy your detailed maintenance blogs and of course the pics. I, like so many check your posts every day before work.
    Marsha, Fl

  39. Thanks for the great detailed blog. It really lets us visualize how it is for you. You are doing great.

  40. Stephen in MemphisMarch 3, 2010 at 8:00 AM

    thanks for the update! Remember Zac's Pelican that kept hanging out on deck and and making a mess? Yours seems a little more hygenic! our prayers are with you daily

  41. Bonjour Abby & Wild Eyes,

    Very informative and concise. Written like a true professional!

    And your pictures are really good too. You have a future in photography.

    Keep smiling, Enjoy, Take care, Be safe.

  42. Abby, again thanks for the update, it is good to know that you are doing great and having fun. Keep up the good work, take care, stay safe and dry.
    "Fair winds and following seas." from this old salty USN (Retired)

  43. Cheryl in San DiegoMarch 3, 2010 at 8:17 AM

    Hi Abby,
    Thank you for the wonderful blog this morning. I had to literally laugh out loud as I visualized Wild Eyes flying along with a line of clothes drying in the breeze! That a girl!
    You look great, there is nothing wrong with a little wild hair on Wild Eyes.
    It just might be good thing to experience a 'blow' in WE as preparation for you as you bear in on the Cape. Please stay safe Abby and enjoy your ride.
    God Bless you dear girl.

    PS @Dane, thank you for your service and please stay safe as well.

  44. Hi Abby
    Thanks for the update and photos.
    I guess its back to using a fork to comb the hair, ha,ha!
    Best wishes

  45. Good morning Abby: I guess I've ruffled a few feathers with my comments about if I did the wright thing by calling the Coast Guard wright after the earthquake in Chile. To Steve in S.F., I didn't mean you were a armchair sailer, But can we just agree to disagree? We all should just be happy that Abby is safe and hope that the rest of her trip is a safe one.
    Abby; I hope you continue having a good voyage. And as I always say in closing; Stay tied off, we would hate to loose our girl.
    Woodrow Wilson From San Diego

  46. do you sing or talk out loud to yourself to make human noise? love reading your blog~you are very courageous!

  47. Abby, glad to see you are doing so good! The hair is fine, so don't worry. Sounds like you are very organized and intelligent! Keep up the good work and Go Abby Go!

  48. Abby, I am really happy for you and your latest blog is perhaps your best yet. You really have a future as a photographer should you choose to do so. The first picture with such a 3D effect between the foreground sail and ropes and the background sea and sky is phenomenal. Obviously a good camera for such clarity and a great photographer to frame that with the blue sky showing amid the grey clouds. Anyway, the second pic is terrific also... a very cute captain, a fuzzy friend/first mate, and no need for a hair brush or hat! You really seem to be enjoying yourself and that is so important.
    Dwight in NC

  49. Hi Abby!
    Thank you for taking more pics! I love them! (You didn't take a picture of your toes!!! :D )
    I love Charlie! Say hi to him for me! :)

    Miss ya!
    Chrissy <><

  50. Iv been reading your blog any chance i v got , wish you luck , you name will be in history books , have fun and be safe ,

    Jim , Pacific Palisades

  51. Abby ... Excellent "cool shot". I agree with stirnaman 007 that it makes me feel like I am there, but also the flat sea reminds me you have bigger waves ahead. You must be excited and perhaps a little nervous. You do seem to enjoy the stronger winds and that's one reason why you're a good fit with circumnavigation.

    I'm not a sailor but something doesn't seem right that the alternator belt needs so much attention. Jessica has also commented on doing this chore. I'm surprised Yanmar being the top name in marine diesel engines hasn't installed a tension pulley or some type of self maintained system. I mean we can put a man on the moon but we can't figure out how to keep a belt tight? Go figure.

    Your pic's great, you look happy and who cares about a brush! Throw it overboard, let the hair fly! You're living your dream! Embrace the sea! Make it happen!

    Abby, it's been quite awhile since your control panel video. The first sailor I followed was Ellen MacAuthur from England. She had 4 live webcams going and I would sit glued to the screen fascinated watching her sails flap and the waves breaking over her bow. As you come into weather, how about narrating a video showing Wild Eyes rolling with the waves. You wouldn't even need to brush your hair.

  52. Hi Abby,
    That's some sky you're heading toward. Great pic too. Sounds like you're doing ok, and I'll assume, enjoying yourself. Thanks for sharing your adventure with me (& us..).
    Fair winds...

  53. Abby-
    Glad you are sending pictures. We follow your progress everyday. We even got a big world map like you guys have and hung it up to see where you are and where you are headed. Good luck and be safe.
    The Wildermuths

  54. Hi Abby,

    Well, that pic makes it look like you're sailing into some gloomy, wet, chilly weather. I hope all is well. Take care of those lines and keep tethered! It sounds like you're taking care of issues as they pop up and even before they pop up. That's awesome!

    My hubby insisted I get a pair of skechers shape up shoes. He got some and he loves them. I found them on the shoe city website and ordered them. I shall think of you everytime they are on my feet!

    I hope you are eating well and getting enough rest.


  55. Hey There Abby,

    Glad to hear you are getting along just fine out there. Say Hello to Charlie from us....Sounds like your having fun and keeping busy which is key....that PM ( Preventive Maintenance) could play a big role in success or failure of your trip & dream.
    Keep up the Good Work and Remember

    One Day at a time...

    As a father of a daughter, I'm rootin for ya kiddo!

    Big luck from Small Delaware!


    PS Keep me posted on the fishing... Last I heard you had a bite off, was it a bite off or was it a bad knot? You can tell if the end of the fishing line is curly, then it was a failure on the knot...

  56. Did you see the ghost of the HMS Bounty anywhere?

  57. That was a NICE post! More! More! :-)

  58. Hi Abby was showing my 17 year old daughter your blog, you are an inspiration as to what can be achieved if you set your mind to something. God speed

  59. Good Job Abby - you've got a whole group of people from Arkansas cheering you on! Best of luck. Tim

  60. Good job Abby - you have a whole group cheering you on from Arkansas. best of luck to you! Tim

  61. 03-03-10 @ 15:53
    Hi Abby,
    Yeah, I’ll bet you were having a lot of fun in that 20 knot wind, but like you say ‘you’re still moving’. I’m sure that there will be more fun for you further ahead.
    Thanks for the very informative up-date. I enjoyed reading all about your work schedule and the grib files and your weather router. That makes me (an armchair sailor) very happy that you have a source to rely on. Not that I thought you’d go out without one. I’m sure that you have just put a lot of peoples minds at ease with that bit of information.
    One word of caution, if I may, be careful when tightening the alternator belt, don’t over tighten it or you could burn out a bearing. I’m sure your Dad told you about this, but I just had to say it….lol…
    Looks like you’re keeping yourself pretty busy, and I’m glad to see that you’re right on top of anything that does go wrong before it becomes a major problem. That makes for an enjoyable cruise. You’ll be a first class mech by the time you get home.
    I enjoyed the picture, but which one is the pelican?? Lol…. Just teasing, just teasing, don’t you go throwing a hissy fit now, your still a very beautiful girl even if you can’t find your hairbrush. Windswept hair is just part of sailing.
    Glad to see that everything is going well for you, and I hope and pray it continues to do so.
    Take good care of yourself, ‘Wild Eyes and Charlie, be cautious and don’t take any unnecessary chances. We want to see you return home.
    May God hold you in the palm of His hand and may the Angels keep your sails full, and I, I will be praying for you.
    Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

  62. Dear Abby-

    I am wishing you a safe passage. Your adventure is one I have only dreamed about; so I will follow your blog and sail where I can… Keep the photo’s coming, there are wonderful.

    A calm sea never made a skilful mariner.
    (favorite quote by anonymous)

    San Pedro CA

  63. Hi Abby
    Stay safe and PLEASE don't ever go out without your equipment on. I log onto Jessica and your blogs everyday. You have a long sail ahead of you, not like with Jessica on her homeward bound. To bad you couldn't take a real pet with you. However, I know that would have been unsafe. It has to get real lonely out there in the middle of the ocean.

    Our prayers are with you always,
    The Anderson's (Northern California)

  64. Hello Abby, It has been awhile since I posted but have been keeping an eye on your postings.:) wonderful as always. Love the picture you posted of yourself. Stay warm, safe and enjoy each moment.
    New Jersey Mom

  65. Go Captain Abby!

    It's good to read how well you are doing! Keep up the good work and sweet girl, you look just fine! Be blessed!

    Psalm 91
    Lisa from Mt. Juliet, TN

  66. In 2006 I wrote the following poem..as I found the journal I wrote it in the otherday I was pleasantly surprised by what I had written..and as I told Jessica on her blog a few days back..I now know the Children of the Wind have names...Jessica and Abby..: I hope you enjoy it...I typed it up today...

    Why Do I Dream Of Canvas Sails?
    © 2006 By Gary S. Trent

    Why Do I Dream of Canvas Sails? Of Vast Blue Water- Of The Tales—Of The Children Of The Wind? Why Do I Run To Mountain Tops?
    Why Do I Never Cease To Stop__For Water Falls To Hear __ The Sound That Racing Then? Why Do I Seek The Places__ That Few Would Seek To Be?__ Why Do I __Think Of Chasing The Sea?___Oh Me…
    Why Does The Feel Of Breezes Blowing__ Strong Upon My Face__Create In Me A Strong Desire__ To Sail Around The Cape?__Can It Be___That We Are Born To Fly?___Is It That The Moon And Stars Conspire __ To Rise?__What is it About The Starry Night?__ That Challenges The Soul?___
    How Much Is Planted There By God?__While We Are Still Searching Goals?__And Is It To Be__My Destiny?___To Always Be Surprised__ When I Find That I’m Still Dreaming?___Year To Year Of Flying High?__ Oh My…
    The Fiercest Crashing Surf And Sand__ On An Uncharted Isle__ That Is The Place That I Am Now__Churning In My Atoll__Sunshine Flowing On The Morning Breakers Roll __And The Dolphins Squeal And Arc__
    What Can It Be That Drives Our Hearts Onward When In Fact__ We Find Our Spirits Landlocked And Bound __ Unable To Get Free?__The Simple Understanding That Is Indelible Within__ God Creates Strong Charts And Course And Helps Us To Know__
    That There Is A Place__ Beyond Here And Now __A Place He Has To Port__Streams Of Living Waters Flow __And Deeper Waters For The Keel__Stable Winds And Stronger Currents__ Press Us To Keep On__ The Way Is There__ The Place Is Fair __And The Accommodations Are Exact__ That Where He Is We Too May Be __ And Soon We All Will Know__ The Bird Of Paradise In Flight___
    The Dove Has Flown And Will Perch__ Upon The Rail As Fore And Aft __ Direction AND goal—what Is it About the Starry Night___That Challenges The Soul?
    Why Do I Dream of Canvas Sails? Of Vast Blue Water- Of The Tales—Of The Children Of The Wind? Why Do I Run To Mountain Tops? There Is A Place__ Beyond Here And Now __ The Way Is There__ The Place Is Fair __ And The Accommodations Are Exact__ That Where He Is We Too May Be __ And Soon We All Will Know__ The Bird Of Paradise In Flight___

    Stay Safe..Abby...

    Those are Great pix..and a Great blog too!!!

    You never cease to amaze me..

  67. Hi ABBY, sorry it took me so long to read your post but im back at it.
    Wow your doing so good out there.
    So Brave but your the gal that can sail the seas.
    Im a lil slow coz after watching both you girls the wife talk me into getting a sail boat so we now have a 33 ft pearson so we will be on our way to sailing soon.
    Well i love watching you sail im learning a lot.
    Keep up the good work Sailer.
    keep up with the posts
    God Bless and be safe.
    your friends from North Carolina

  68. Gosh! You make folks real happy and relieved when we hear from you each time! I'm getting a sailboat to live on when I return from duty in Iraq. I can't wait! You are a great inspiration. Thanks!


  69. Hi Abby,

    God be with you on your spectacular voyage.

    Clare, Spokane

  70. Love your blogs.....keep up the good work Martin..Slippery Rock, Pa

  71. Kath, Qld, AustraliaMarch 3, 2010 at 5:31 PM

    Glad to hear that you are sailing along well Abby, hope everything continues going well for you.
    Stay safe X

  72. Hi Abby
    Hey, thx for the grib illustration; looks like the winds are a bit strange for the next few days. Also both of us are VERY proud of the daily maintenance you are doing.

    I guess all of us are aware that 56S 67W is only weeks away. You're doing the deal, as well as any sailor twice your age (or male) could or could do it. You are anticipating Murphy's Law daily; we know you have and will stay totally focused. We're following your weather on Passageweather.com; I love that part because it tests my ability to forecast where you and Jess are headed for the next few days, even if my predictions suck!!!!
    Hope you have a spare hairbrush or even better find the one that's maybe inches away from where you put it. LOL I wish I could drop you one :-).

    How's the food doing? Jessica is sick of beans and dull stuff, but has a good handle on the good stuff. We had BK whoppers today and thought how much you could use some goodies off the grill.

    BTW do you and Jess ever talk? That might take the edge off of "same old-same old". Right now she's avoiding a nasty low to the south of her; she's at 32S 35W as of last night. Like you, her winds are not the best lately; the southwest Indian ocean is weird!!

    Abby, be safe for sure and like always, we are continuing to read your blog. Lots of love n hugs from both of us J&L

  73. God Speed Abby....... You give all of us strength to know we can do ANYTHING if we put our mind to it! wtg!


  74. Your looking mahvelous dahling!. Seeing your healthy skin color reminded me of a conversation I was overhearing when your brother was celebrated. Someone came to him with an offer from a dermatologist wanting to examine him for the effects of daily exposure of his skin at the earth's different latitudes, especially the eqautor and just his constant exposure to the sun.

    In addition to the narrative of your experiences (like no other in the whole world), and so curiously anticipated each day, there are other unique happenings that probably hasn't crossed our minds.

    Pay even closer attention to things especially until the 8th of March and a bit there after when the Moon's pull gradually abates. During full moon water is pulled up 3 feet. Where you are do you experience its effects? You are sailing at a unique time.

    At the Ventura Keys docks were damaged and a few boats were off there moorings but soon gathered up this past weekend.
    hope you find the hair brush. I always feel better when my scalp gets a good scratching when I'm in the back country or out on the Channel Islands.

    You have my every prayer and support.

  75. Not only does Abby's blog make for interesting reading, so does the comments by her followers. A moments reflection makes one aware of how much of a big deal this whole adventure is, and just how dependent on modern technology it is. From a team abby approach, custom weather reports,coast guard communication, concern of followers, well wishers,abby's navigation equipment, the internet blogging and email capabilities it all enables practically a here and now view of the journey....which is so unlike the isolated early explorers but no less of an adventure or profoundly impressive accomplishment......Abby and Wild Eyes.....and modern technology!!Love the blog and the pictures!!!!thank you

  76. Hey Captain Abbey, Looks like your in a Jimmy Buffet motto on the feet side.Charlie needs to get out his splicing needles and fix the rope.Hope you have a book on rope making and splicing.Wind comes unseen; we only see it go...lolSandi PA

  77. hi dear i m ur new follower!!! u luk nice even without hairbrush...here's a request for u that i just started bloggging..so plz become my follwer n fan too!!!

  78. nice post and pics, both weather and work, and happy feet. gives us a look at your days and life on the sea :)
    keep going!

  79. I love the pictures , its amazing . God bless you.Tack care.