Sunday, June 20, 2010

Abby is Almost Here

Many people have been asking where Abby is and we are excited to report that she is expected to arrive at Reunion Island sometime around June 24-25. She should be back in the USA a few days later. We have spoken to Abby and she is in good health and spirits. She is so thankful to everyone who has expressed concern for her safety and humbled by the great support from all over the world. Abby has asked us to again pass on her gratitude to all those who played a part in assisting her and she is looking forward to doing this personally very soon.

We’ll let you know further updates as we know more information. Stay tuned.

Media / publicity enquiries – Please contact Lyall Mercer:
USA: 310-776-7557 (Int: 1-310-776-7557)
Australia: 0413-749-830 (Int: 61-413-749-830)


  1. Abby's supporters are here and all across the globe.

    Warmly, Ferret

  2. Hello Abby I am Brazilian and I think the really cool this works well with adventure that's been doing, I'm sorry that did not work this time.
    but will soon be at sea again and has full support of the Brazilians and non-critical call ok


  3. Thanks for the update. The lack of news was somewhat disconcerting. Wishing Abby a safe journey home.

  4. ola Abby sou do brasi e acho muito legal este trabalha bem com aventura que vem fazendo, sinto muito que não deu desta vez.
    mas logo estará no mar novamente e tem total apoio dos brasileiros e não ligue para criticas ok

    abraços Renato

  5. Praise God! So glad that Abby is headed back into the family fold.

    So sorry that the media has caused such a dark shadow of late; but for those of us who admire her and have respect for her incredible feat---we do not listen to such garbage and only want to celebrate this young lady's success.

    Abby, you rock. Plain and simple. We would love to hear more about your wonderful journey as you feel comfortable sharing. God bless you and your family.

  6. Dear Abby's parents
    My deepest wishes to you to have your kid back into your worm arms
    May Allah save her and keep her safe
    Greetings from Cairo
    Medhat Khattab

  7. That is cheerful news for sure!
    Roll on homecoming time for you all.
    Jeanie In The Lakes

  8. Godspeed to Abby and her safe return home to her family and loved ones. May it be a blessed reunion!

  9. Hi Mom and Dad.. thanks for the post.
    Hi Abby,
    I was just wondering; are you learning how to fish??? If so, maybe next trip around you'll be able to catch lots of fish. We look forward to hearing more about your recent adventures.
    Fondly yours,
    Patty Murray

  10. Wow. Abby is almost here. Glad to know.

  11. Hello Abby and followers,

    When you get home don't forget to enjoy the first meat at home, take a little time to reflect on your adventure and then off to the next one no matter what it may be. Enjoy life.

    Travel Safe
    from around Redondo Beach

  12. Laurence and Marianne:
    Once again, THANK YOU for the update. It is good to know that Abby is making forward progress. I hope that Marianne and the baby are well and I wish all the best with the new addition that will be arriving soon.

    Again, THANK YOU,

    John R Willis

  13. Thank you for taking the time to keep us posted. I'm sure we, as fans, want to respect your privacy, however we do wait anxiously for news and check back often. So, again, thanks for the updates! Best wishes.

  14. Abby:
    GO GIRL GO!!!!!

    I am glad to hear that you are making forward progress and that the journey continues. I hope that you are enjoying this part of the adventure, having a lot of fun, and making new friends along the way. Just remember that we only pass this way once so make the most of what time you have on the path. Yesterday is a memory, today is the adventure, and tomorrow is the dream. Each day is precious, do not waste the gift of the day.

    You really are an amazing lady and you are a beacon of hope to all the negative stories and bad news that is in the media today. You give me hope that tomorrow will be better because of your willingness to live and go for the golden dreams.

    Please do not listen to the detractors that always flock to the news with siren cries of gloom and disaster. These are shallow people that have done very little in their own life and all they can do is throw stones at the outstanding that do attempt to live life, that dream, and that set out to accomplish the dream. They are worth listening to only in so far as it serves as an example of what not to emulate and they show just how shallow some of our fellow travelers on space ship earth can be.

    Anyway, Abby, you just continue to be Abby and continue to go for the dream. I feel confident that we will see again on the trip of a lifetime. And, thus time you will silence the critics.

    THANK YOU for the update, via your loving parents.

    GO GIRL GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    John R Willis

  15. Thank you so much for any and every scrap of information you are able to provide. Can hardly wait for Abby to return.

    As Bradley Harrington so eloquently wrote: "To see the spirit that drives us all in the person of Abby Sunderland, a 16-year-old girl, is a gift none of us have the right to expect."

  16. Glad she is doing well.

  17. Yippy-A, Yea-Hoy! And Hallelujah to the Highest! I'm so elated to hear the good news! May God bless everyone!!! Staying tuned!

  18. And now for the hardest part of the trip, the public and the media. Good luck!

  19. So glad that she is nearly home and in good spirits! Have been checking for updates -- thank you!


  20. Just wanted to say I have been following Abby's adventure and I think that she is to be commended for her courage and I hope she is not discouraged and will continue to follow her dreams. Good Luck on your future plans

  21. if you want the boat back. you could contact google earth and ask them to take a picture of where the last location of the boat and ask the people to look threw it. then ask them to take a picture a day or 2 later and compare the 2 pictures to see where the current is taking the boat.

  22. Great news,have followed Abby from the start and check for information on her every day, be great to see her home with her family. Regards, Ian McGregor, Kihikihi N.Z.

  23. Woo Hoo! Godspeed Abby!


    Sandy, Don, Cassie, Roxanne

  24. All I can say is FANTASTIC> She will be home soon.

    Our best to you and yours.
    Bud and Charla Winnett
    Wheeling, MO.

  25. That's terrific news! Thanks for the update!
    Kevin, Aiken, SC

  26. Hi Abby:

    Glad to see you are on your way back. I sure hope you are able to take some time to see some of Reunion Island when you are there. There are a couple of national parks that probably are very interesting. Hope you take the time, because how many times will you be able to visit this part of the world.

    Look forward, to hearing your travel progress.

    Hugs, seattlesid

  27. Dear Abby,

    It's so good to hear that everything finds you well and that you'll soon will be back home with your family again.
    I look forward to hear about what you have experienced lately, and what it looks like at Reunion Island.
    Welcome home to your loving family.
    Ingrid, Tyreso, Sweden

  28. I am so glad that Abby is on her way to rejoin your family. I am also glad that you are still posting updates, to let us know what's going on in her life. I was just going to check once a week for updates, but it's so hard to do that, so I've been checking several times a day. Thank you for allowing us, Abby's fans, to come into your private lives. Abby has become so much a part of our families, as she is a part of yours. Thank you again.

  29. Thank you so much for the update. Abby is in my heart!

  30. Great to hear that you are safe and heading home soon. There has been so much speculation on your father's motives when it came to you sailing around the world. I know in my heat that your dad would have never tried to make money off a TV deal in your name. I know that you being in the southern ocean at the worst time of the year was well thought out. I also know that you are more then capable of handling your self down there. Some experts say you where in the wrong boat for this type of voyage but i am also sure that that was well thought out as well. I have to laugh at the media. They where all behind Zach when he made the attempt to be the youngest to sail around the world. Not one media outlet mentioned that that was child abuse. Why, because he made it. I suppose this is a better story when the media can get on their high horse and start making up things to suit their reporting. I am 44 years old and do not have the same amount of sailing experiance as you do. If i was to make the attempt to sail around the world at the worst time of year and in a boat that many thought was not suitable and lost my boat due to weather no one could careless except my family and close friends. Now you are younger and ten times more experianced then myself but some of the public and the media looks at their own lives and thinks hey here is a story. We can get on our high horse and make some money off this. Where was their critique up until then? Oh i suppose they they where waiting just incase you made it. Then they would have embraced your success.
    Get home safe Abby and never give up your dreams and goals.

  31. Thank you sooo much for the info. I have been worrying as to where Abby was and how she was doing. I check the site 3 or 4 times a day and was so happy to see new information on Abby today.

    Abby, I'm really looking forward to your post whenever you feel up to it. Enjoy your time at sea. I know how you love the ocean.

    Not too much longer now and you will be in the arms of your loving family. What a wonderful time that will be.

    You are in my prayers daily that God will be right there by your side. Just a breath away.

    Your friend,
    Clare, Spokane, WA USA

  32. Well she is sfe & in good spirit

  33. This is great news. Even after being in the Navy, I need to remind myself about the speed of boats compared to everything else. So naturally, Abby's voyage to Reunion Island is taking longer than everyone expects.


  34. GO Abby!! I can't wait for you to get back to the good old USA. You deserve all the concern that you have gotten, and more!!! Don't lose the dream.

  35. Hallo Abby Schönes Fräulein
    Gut Dich zu höhren
    hab Blumen auf der Webseite für
    Wünsch Dir Schönes Wetter und
    Gute Zeit und viel Gesundheit
    und Gutes Heimkommen
    Grüße von Markus aus Germany

  36. Thank you so much for the long awaited up date.
    I wish Abby a safe trip home, Many are awaiting her arrival along with any news. I am also waiting for the news of the arrival of your son to
    this world. Bless every one, have a joyous father's day

  37. Bonjour Abby, Family & Friends, Team Abby,

    Waiting :-)

    Take care

  38. I am so glad to see that Abby is almost home! I know she's had an exciting time, & is ready to see the family!
    pat in Texas

  39. hello,

    I am a French fan who has followed the adventures of Abby.

    Abby is currently aboard the Maritime Patrol Osiris who has yet to travel 2600 km from the Kerguelen Islands to the island of Reunion. they are expected to arrive at Reunion Island around June 24.

    I posted an link from a newspaper of La réunion:
    Abby Sunderland en plein tourbillon médiatique
    where you will find the latest information in French

    It is true that the fishing vessel "Île de La Réunion" which was diverted to rescue Abby has lost one week of work but just like the Australian authority, it is very unlikely that the French authorities claim financial compensation for sea rescue

    The French are a great nation of seafarers and love sailors like Maude Fontenoy or English Ellen MacArthur

    Vive Abby !

  40. Hi Sunderland Family,
    Thank you so much for the update on Abby's travel home. We continue to think about and pray for all of you during this exciting time!
    Keith and Kathy Wargo, Lynchburg VA

  41. Abby is on board the Osiris for the moment. But this ship is facing a swell of 6 to 9 meters and winds up to 100 kilometers an hour. That’s because things don’t go as fast as it could be… The ship's crew reported that Abigaël Sunderland did not want to speak to the medias. "She was surprised by the presence of the media upon his arrival at Kerguelen island. The crew of the Osiris has confirmed that "despite its 16 years, the girl was mature and very determined."
    I found some informations about the ship Osiris where Abby is on board now: Crew: 10 men, including 5 officers + 2 police officers. In January 2003, the ship was an illegal fishing boat and her name was “LINCE”. The ship was boarded by the frigate Nivôse while fishing illegally in the TAAF zone (note: the frigate Nivôse fought several times effectively against somalians pirates more recently). Confiscated by justice, the ship was upgraded and rearmed. The ship was renamed Osiris, a government ship assigned to monitor the fishery. The Osiris performed each year about 150 patrol days to fight against illegal fishing in the TAAF alongside the vessels of the Navy and under the watchful eyes of radar satellites.

  42. We are happee you are safe. Follow your dreams kiddo
    Benny & Lily

  43. Wish You A Safe Ans Speedy Journey Home...I Know You Can't Wait To See Your Family And Your Family Can't Wait To See You Again..Take Care Abby.And May An Angel Guide Your Journey Home,


  44. Abby - I admire you so much for all that you have accomplished. You are an inspiration to so many of us who only dream but never follow through. I wish you all the best and I am so thankful that you are safe and will soon be reunited with your family. All the best!

  45. Hi Abby, Following your journey for just a short time. What an amazing experience you have embraced. The experience can serve you well in the future and remember that the jouney is more important than the destination. I could not find my way 10 feet from the dock in a sail boat. You used nav equipment, communications equipment and sailing skill and went 1/2 way round the world.
    The media has lost it way and is at least to me irrelevant. Hope you can steer clear of them. They will add no value to your journey. Best wishes from Boston Massachusetts. - Mark

  46. Abby & Family: We were so happy to see your blog today and know you are safe and will be arriving soon to come home. We believe in you and whatever you attempt in the future. You are a very smart and level headed girl Just stay the way you are. We love you. Hope your Mother is doing well also. Our prayers have been with you all the way. Grandad & Grandma, West Los Angeles, CA

  47. Big Hello to Abby and her Family!! So glad to hear that Abby is doing well. Been thinking about her this past week and was glad to see an update on her blog. Big thank you to the Sunderland Family again for the updates. My prayers to Abby and Sunderland Family for a safe reunion.

  48. Abby, I am sure you will succeed when you have another go at a solo circumnavigation. The triumph will be all the greater for having overcome this setback.

  49. The Reunion in Reunion could cause worldwide publicity that Reunion could never get before this. You could be responsible for stimulating the local economy! Imagine that!
    Cheers Abby! You are a champion on so many levels!

  50. I have followed Abby since January and have prayed for her many times in the middle of the night. As a father of four it was very difficult to hear of her being in distress on the open seas. I knew many people were praying for her and I felt the Lord would protect her. I am an airline pilot and was relieved to hear of the Quantas jet sent out to find her...tense times indeed. I really have hated all the armchair quarterbacks that have criticised Abby and her family. These are people who never followed things from the beginning and are reacting to what the media tells them. I am trying to ignore them but it's been difficult. I hope Abby gets Wild Eyes back and I hope she tries next year to go around the world again. I would be disappointed if she didn't!

  51. Dear Abby and family,
    So many people are logging on many times a day for updated information just to feel a small sense of relief that Abby and all of you are hanging in there and doing the best you can. We wish you a warm homecoming, continued support and many prayers. You are very unique and special..thank you for sharing yourselves and this story. It has been quite a journey for all.

    Susan and friends from Boston and Newport RI

  52. So very glad Abby is getting closer to her family reunion. She has been through a lot and will need some down time with her family. My blessings to the Sunderland family. Nancy M.

  53. We appreciate the info Blogs from the French(?) citizens regarding the vessel transporting Abigail. I noted also the Blog that charged the adverse & critical super media's trash as "irrelevant." Great and accurate description. That's the sort of comment I'd like to make. Are preparations being made for the next circumnavigation attempt? Okay sponsors, the line forms to the right!

  54. Thank you so much for the update.
    We check the blog every single day hoping for some news.
    So glad that she will be home soon.

  55. Ahoy Everybody!

    This song "popped" into my head when I heard the good news and after some modifications I though I'd share it with you:

    When Abby makes it home again,
    Hurrah! Hurrah!
    We'll give her a hearty welcome-ing
    Hurrah! Hurrah!
    The men will cheer and the boys will shout
    The ladies they will all turn out
    And we'll all be glad when Abby's home again.

    The old church bell will peal with joy
    Hurrah! Hurrah!
    To welcome home the one we love,
    Hurrah! Hurrah!
    The village lads and lassies say
    With roses they will strew the way,
    And we'll all be glad when Abby's home again.

    Get ready for the Jubilee,
    Hurrah! Hurrah!
    We'll give the s-hero three times three,
    Hurrah! Hurrah!
    The laurel wreath is ready now
    To place upon her loyal brow
    And we'll all be glad when Abby's home again.

    Let love and friendship on that day,
    Hurrah, Hurrah!
    Their choicest pleasures then display,
    Hurrah, Hurrah!
    And let each one perform some part,
    To fill with joy the sailor's heart,
    And we'll all be glad when Abby's home again.

    Hey, I know it ain't original, but some of the words "are" mine, and for some reason feels appropriate.

    Til then!

  56. TEAM ABBY,


    By the way....WELCOME on board to Mr. Lyall Mercer (media/publicity). Lyall...don't forget to put on your life-jacket!
    You might need it.

    As a follow up to an anonymous comment today at 2:53 pm...if anyone would like to read an in depth article about the OSIRIS (Abby is on board right now) and the role it plays in fishery protection check this out:

    And finally....a request from the heart tonight.
    The Sunderland family despite the wonderful news that Abby is homeward bound are under some tremendous pressures right now. The family needs our prayers. Thank you.

    Thinking of you Abs always. Safe travel home.

    john, Bay of Quinte on Lake Ontario, Canada

  57. Thanks for the update. I am so glad to hear that Abby will soon be home safe and sound. I will be looking forward to Abby sharing with us about her jouney home. I hope everything is well with your family and soon you will have a new baby boy....if you wouldn't mind, could you please blog us with the news when he is here. Thanks again for letting us know about Abby and I will be checking in again soon. Gail/Ventura

  58. Yes, This is Abby---will rank up there with many of the most famous sayings. Maybe the name of your book or movie

  59. praying for abby as she transitions back into society. we are so proud of her and her accomplishments. the sunderlands are an amazing family and i pray for God's protection on them as critics are so cruel and heartless to such a good family.

    portland, or

  60. Hi abby . Good to hear ur amost back to MDR. Happy Father`s Day to all the dad`s out there. Be smart!!!!! see ya back in cali soon.

  61. I could not be more happy for you and your family and thrilled that Abby is safe and sound. How wonderful in these terrible times to hear of all these people pulling together to accomplish the safe return of a BRAVE young women to those who love her most.

  62. 06-20-10 @ 22:27
    Hi Folks,
    I’m really glad that Abby is getting closer to home, I take it for granted that she will fly the last leg of her homecoming. I’m also glad to see that she is in good health and that she’s maintaining her good attitude. Abby is a real trouper, I’m looking forward to her homecoming and hopefully the book.
    Again thanks for keeping us informed.
    Her faithful friend, fan and follower.
    Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

  63. HELLO ABBY AND FAMILY, thank you for latest up-date. I, also find myself checking every day just in case there is some news. Having followed both Jessica and Abby from the start I, like so many others are both concerned and interested to know how they are doing.

    Thanks again, until next time.


  65. Great news! Best wishes to Abby and the entire Sunderland family!

  66. I hope you can spend a couple of days in Reunion and see some of the island. It could well be one of those "I will never be here again" places, I have not been there but a friend has and she said it was spectacular. It can be another chapter in the book, for which I CANNOT wait. I'll be in SoCal in a couple of weeks, time to get some shoes from Shoe City. Has anybody told you that you have a totally awesome smile?

  67. So glad that all is well with Abby. Sorry she didn't accomplish the goal, would have been an interesting book, but actually the book she cold write NOW will be more interesting, considering the unexpected turn of events. Welcome home Abby, get busy telling your story.

  68. Abby,

    So glad to hear you will be home soon.
    We live in Agoura very close to your home
    and have been following your story the
    whole trip. You have carried yourself
    with such class through all the various
    adventures and we are very pround of you.

    Gary in Agoura

  69. Thank you much for the update.I have been keeping my distance, blog-wise, so you all can have some breathing room. What a tight family, you are all sooo fortunate!! I bet Abby Baby can't wait to get home to such a wonderful life. My best to all of you, Gary, from Folsom, Ca.

  70. Marianne and Laurence, thank you very much for the update to let us know where "our girl" is. Hope you are making the most of the experience and taking good notes Abbey. Can't wait for your book!! You are all in my prayers.

  71. Thank you for the update. I rejoyce with the family knowing they will soon be reunited. Praise God! You are an awesome family!

  72. Dear Abby and Sunderlands,
    We hope the journey home is a safe one. We continue to pray for a safe journey for Abby and a glorious reunion with her family on Reunion Island...waiting to hear that all is OK. Prayers to Marianne for a safe delivery also. We are all so proud of Abby, and just know that you have countless suppporters! Continue to be the wonderful young woman that you are, and we are anxious for more stories of your "adventures". Hopefully you are still enjoying your journey, and stay strong in the face of have nothing to fear! We know you can find a way to handle the return; just stay as positive as you have been all along. Many blessings to you!
    Kelly and Dave in Santa Clarita

  73. Thinking of you Abby and all your family, I know you will now be looking forward to being home and in the loving arms of your family.

    Thanks for the updates and letting us know that Abby is okay and nearly home.

    Much love and big hugs from Jan Pace (Auckland, New Zealand)

  74. I too was so excited to see the new update. I hated to be cut off from Abby and her adventures. This leg of the adventure is just as exciting and I am sure she will have lots to tell us when the time is right. The majority knows where the media is coming from. They want to rob the story from Abby and make it their own. I am glad you are not letting them do that even though it cuts us off for awhile.
    I enjoy checking "Where is Wild eyes" with sadness.
    sail away home.

  75. Abby, you've done something few men dream of and even fewer women dream of by setting off on this journey. I hope T.O. isn't too boring after all these adventures. I grew up boating & I've read some of the circumnavigation accounts. I'm in awe that you even attempted it. (Kudos to your brother, too.) I hope you'll tell your stories to kids & young adults so they realize there's more to life than video games. I (also) thank God you were found safe & sound. If & when you talk about your trip, I'd love to see you & your brother in Santa Barbara or here . . . Susan, Carpinteria

  76. WooHooo!! Awesome!! - I have been worried sick about Abby. Praise the Lord she is delivered into safe hands. I can't wait to read about her next adventure.

  77. Breeze in Southern CaliforniaJune 21, 2010 at 12:31 AM

    Hola, Abby~
    I know your voyage didn't go as planned, but OMG -- how absolutely FASCINATING it has become! Wow, from Cabo to Capetown to being rescued from the Southern Indian by a French fishing boat! NOW I envy you! I can't wait to read your book!

    Papa Laurence & Mum Marianne~ Congratulations on your newest little wonder -- (surely he/she will grow up to be courageous, self-confident, willing and able to carve a personal place in this big world)!

    And I hope once the little one and Abby, the wandering one, are both settled in at home...PLEASE DO a family show! Lord knows we parents and our beloved children can use all the positive role models we can get!

    To you, Abby, and your family and your team, I am sorry you've had to deal with such negativity from the media as well as those small-minded persons who left evidence of their ignorance in writing without bothering to learn the facts, or even read thru the blog.

    Also, I would like to add my warmest and sincerest thanks to the Australians and the French who came to your rescue. May God bless you, your families and your countries for doing the right thing at the right time. If Abby had been age 18, 21 or 58 -- you would have done the same.

    Stay safe and Godspeed -- sorry this post was long but I wanted to speak my mind and support you and your family.

    ps: Since recovering Wild Eyes was not feasible, I wish she could have been put down near where she fought the good fight. Better that than having her wash ashore and be picked to pieces for salvage and souvenirs.

  78. Valiente estafa lamontada por esta familia, que solo miran por su interes economico y nada por la seriedad de la aventura

  79. Thanks for the update,Abby is in our thoughts constantly.Wish her a happy and safe journey back home.Abby you became a star around the globe, you touched our hearts with your bravery and wits, you became part of our daily lives, your courage is unbelieveable. Forget the critics as you have a huge fan based of supporters that out numbered all swines out there who critized you as if they are experts from there couch. Enjoy Reunion and your trip home, may you have a heroes welcome on your return.
    [South Africa]

  80. Abby, I've just been following your story for the last few days. Guts, Brains, Perserverance, and Beauty - Way to go, Girl!! Thank God for being safe. When you get to Reunion - Consider a few Tourism Promotion thank-you interviews. The French would love the PR. By the way, since you're all the way in that part of the world - why not stop in South Africa for the World Cup. At least have some well-deserved vacation. Here's an interesting thought - why not talk to NASA about a wo(manned) trip to Mars. Not many people have the social psyche to handle such an endurance trip. It'll be about the only thing that could really top this adventure. I've never tried something this crazy- the best I can come to is a few hours down the Arkansas River through the Royal Gorge in Colorado. I've got a crazy question - What kind of Guy do you want to end up with (by the way - I'm way, way, way, too old for you)? - Just Curious?

  81. I am thrilled you are going to be home soon. I hope you write your story. I would buy it for sure. You write so well. I loved reading all your blogs and had you in my prayers every night. Then when your mast snapped I just continued to pray as did all my friends. I am so thankful you are OK or "fine" as you put it, hehe. love anna

  82. Ms Sunderland was due to land at La Reunion on Thursday 24 June. Heavy storms in the 'Roaring Forties' have meant that traversing it has cut the cruising speed from 9 knots to 5 knots. She is now due to land there Saturday 26 June prior to midday (La Reunion time).

    Denise Murphy

  83. Laurence and Marianne Sunderland: Don't let the petty, small-minded media-fool cowards faze you. You are fine parents, and wow, what an extraordinary daughter you have raised.

    Welcome back, Abby. GO girl!

  84. Hi Marianne And Laurence
    When I first heard in January of a 16 year old girl trying to circumnavigate the earth my first thought was, are these parents crazy letting a 16 year girl sail around the world non stop alone!
    This got my interest and I was following her every day and I was seeing how she was handling herself.Her blogs were very well written and being a commercial fisherman,I could tell she was a very brave,courageous and talanted sailor and I followed her every day untill her mast broke in the Indian Ocean.
    Even with a broken mast in the water she had the knowledge and experience not to cut it loose and she used the mast in the water to act as a sea anchor.
    I would put Abby alongside any of the top sailors plus she has youth and in top physical condition.
    I look forward to her getting a new boat some day and trying again.
    I wish Abby the best of luck in whatever she does.
    God Bless Abby.

    Libby Di Bernardo
    San Pedro.Ca.

  85. I saw a photo of Abby wearing a blue tee shirt with a low cut front. It has a logo on it for Show City. I went to their website to try to buy one just like it. I have a question. Where did Abby buy hers? I think it looks so cool. I want one just like it. Can you help me out?


  86. Great news and hang in there. You have a great family and the world is much more behind Abby and all of you then the media is interested in reporting.

    Safe, brave, accomplished; It is all there and Abby deserves to held at the highest possible standard as do you all.

    Go Team Sunderland!

    Father of Seven, Denver McGarey

  87. Your Oklahoma Well-WisherJune 21, 2010 at 6:27 AM

    Great news -- hope all is well with the rest of the family as well... is there a new addition yet? Peace, Your Oklahoma Well-Wisher

  88. sorry you had to give
    i am sure you will try again
    good luck in all you do

  89. Abigail, Team Abby and Followers,

    Here is a collection of 74 terrific "rescue" photos with background information....many unpublished. (Use the arrows on either side of 1 to 74 to move through the photos.) Of particular interest are photos 1 to 4 of the rescue co-ordination center with Arnaud Le Mentec, French naval officer and deputy director of the CROSS Reunion (Security and Rescue Regional Center) currently bringing Abby to Reunion. And here are my favorites... photos 6 and 7 showing Abby posing at the door of the so-called 'rescued room' a few days ago in the port of Port aux Francais, on the Kerguelen Islands, Indian Ocean. Abby's name will later be engraved on the plaque. Abby....after all you had just been through you look great....and do I detect a little smile? Good for you.

    Here's the site:

    As this is still a rescue in progress we thank ALL those with Abby's best interests at heart. And our prayers are with the family.

    Safe return Abs.
    john, Bay of Quinte on Lake Ontario, Canada

  90. Didn't realize how much I miss the blog until I saw this one. Safe Travel home, Abby.


  91. Hurry home soon! You are a very brave girl and I'm sure you'll have enough to write five books. We're all so amazed by what you have accomplished and have no doubt this is not the last we'll have seen of Abby Sunderland. You are an inspiration to female sailors everywhere.

  92. Abby, will you be sailing home from Reunion on a new sailboat?

  93. Hurry home Abby. The warm California summer weather is here now. Maybe get Zac to let you borrow Intrepid for a week or so to go over to Catalina. It might be good to get away for awhile and sort things out. Get away from some of the crazy people who live here. Sure glad that you are OK.


  94. Hey, I am following Abby, in french, english, though maps, through websites, watching the winter storms and owercast indian ocean on meteo charts, I both hope she doesn't get seasick on board the wave riding Osiris, and also that wild eyes, will find a safe heaven. To much emotions and tears, I must confess, while gazing unable to help in many ways she needs it this June. But cheer us up, make a few videos at home, with your smile, and your knotted sailors cap. Take a rest, and prepare for school, and ask if you need support from your admirerers, you have fought for it and deserved it!

  95. It's good to know that Abby will soon be on a plane, on the way to the USA.


  96. Abby, When you get home. The media can't back you into a corner. There are way too many of us standing behind you. You have made us proud and it's our turn to make you proud by standing with you as well as supporting you on your future quest to achieve you dream. Truth is Abby for many of us. Your dream has become our dream for you. Godspeed Abby

  97. Kudos for going for your dream and facing a tough challenge. Can't wait to hear about the trip.

  98. Thanks ever so much for the update. I still prayed as usual but had to cover the globe not knowing where she is to pray specifically. But of course He knows where she is and that we are praying for her. So many thoughts must be going through your mind. Know that your family and friends all around the world are keeping vigil..and thinking of you as you travel.

    Be bLessed and everyone get some rest..

    Gary & Jan

  99. Hi, glad abby is safe....

    can you please explain the story of the captain falling overboard while trying to rescue your daughter?? I've only read that there was a captain that fell overboard and not what exactly had happened... can you please explain what happened there please?

  100. Nice to have some news. Don't care about what medias say.The age of Abby doesn't really matter, Abby is skilled, smart and awesome. She came from california to the middle of indian ocean with her boat, alone. When you are able to do that, you are able to make the other part of the travel. She just had very bad weather and bad luck with her mats. If she was older, it would be the same. Americans can be very proud of her: She is amazing.

  101. Thank you so much for the updates, "Mom and Dad"! What a story Abby will have to tell! Wishing you all a bit of tranquility amid all the craziness!

    @ Breeze in So. Cal... Beautiful post! Thank you. I think you speak for many.

    Blessings and continued prayers,
    Marie, WA St.

  102. Abby, I'm with you. I think you've made a mark; for yourself, importantly. And for the rest of your followers.
    Sadly tho, the saga has become curiouser and curiouser...
    Stand tall girl. You've got it.

  103. Good luck Abby! It is a shame what happened, but more of a shame how the media has reacted to it. I am a 26 year old sailor and could never do what you have done. I tip my hat to you. I look forward to reading more about your adventures, and who knows maybe some day you will set sail again for a voyage around the world.

    -Chris from Oregon

  104. I miss our girl's honest blogs. I'm left to wonder which is worse? The demasting she was trained, prepared for and clearly capable of handling or the fact she's been sucked into the vortex of the spin machine? Grown-ups suck.

  105. The media will never understand your perspective. Christians are not afraid to take risks because they know that they have a loving father and even if our lives are taken, we will be with Him in a better place. I am all for you finding your boat, or getting another and completing the trip. Our prayers will definitely be with you. May God bless you richly. Thanks for the update. Steve

  106. Dear Abby,
    I just wanted you to know that you have won my loyalty and devotion. I am now a follower of you as-well-as a mega-fan! You're in my prayers-always!

  107. Wow, I just listened to a book called The Power of Attraction. In a nutshell, it says, if you focus on what you are wanting, that is what you will get. If you focus and put your thoughts into what you are not wanting, that is what you will get. Abby has learned this already from her parents and her faith. During the storm, she had to have her thoughts on, not 'please help me,' and instead on, 'I know you are with me and that you will help me.' And that is what she got. I saw Wildeyes and Abby in a photo after the storm. It looked like just about everything on Wildeyes was broken and battered, and yet there she sat, floating in the water, holding up her precious, unbroken Captain Abby. What can I say. I believe. I'm grateful for everyone who has come to Abby's aid and is helping her get home to her family and that new bouncing baby who gets to be part of such an amazing family!


  108. Thanx for keeping Abby's loyal fans and supporters updated. Over the past 6 months, we feel that Abby has become like family, and we worry about her. and wonder how she's doing. We know she probably doesn't have much internet time these days, but we do keep somewhat updated from her Facebook page. Please keep the blogs coming.

    Looking forward to getting our Abby T-shirt.

    ~Brian & Phillippa
    Vancouver, Canada

  109. Most excellent news...Thank you! So very glad to here she is doing well!

  110. Glad she is going to be home soon. All the debate on her quest has been interesting to me as a parent. Ultimately, only your parents know if you are ready to do something before you are out on your own. I support the spirit of adventure and the willingness to take meaningful risks. Best to your family in this emotional and complex situation.

    Be good, do good.
    - Dale

  111. i am glad she is geting closer to home. i hope the press will leave her alone now.

  112. This is addressed to TEAM ABBY...
    I noticed that it has been some time since you updated the where abouts of Wild Eyes. Has Wild Eyes sunk? It appeared as if it was heading east towards the pacific ocean. I was hoping that the currents of the pacific ocean would have driven Wild Eyes northward towards Hawaii and then east towards Baha California. I was tracking Wild Eyes position and now there's nothing. Did Wild Eyes Sink? I was just wondering.

    You don't have to post this comment. Thank you.

  113. Hi Abby, writing from Germany and wishing you all the best to return home safe to your familiy. I hope you will write your adventures down in a book like Jessica does it. Even if you failed this time due to bad weather conditions. With these experiences you made this trip you have a good basis to improve your stuff the next time.
    What you survived in reality most of the world will see in PC-games only and don`t have a glue what it means to be out there.
    Your pretty tough, girl.

    Keep on sailing....

  114. Edward, my understanding is that the Roaring Forties are forcing Wild Eyes to drift westward. She is too far south to end up on the Australian coast, and if she is not mowed down by Japanese whale chasers, she will head for Antarctica.

    No GPS emitters are functioning from her, so it's all a bit hypothetical.

  115. Hi Abby,
    So glad that you are ok! Don't let this knock you down, keep on sailing!
    Any news on Wild Eyes location/status? Will your team attempt a recovery of the boat? The map of where Wild Eyes is has not been updated in sometime, so I was curious if it had been recovered or sunk.
    Keep dreaming big and putting those dreams in to actions. You are an inspiration to so many! Best Wishes!
    ~Mandie, Pittsburgh PA.

  116. Abby, you and Jessica are my heroes. And I hope my kids' heroes too.

    It doesn't matter that you didnt make it. You tried. And both you girls showed that teenagers still can achieve great things. Joan of Arc was 16 when she led the French troops; Marco Polo was 17 when he set out to explore the world; Einstein was 19 when he determined the theory of relativity. And then there's all the others who've sailed around the world as teens. And the Olympic athletes

    We forget the greatness within our teenagers. We treat them like kids and they act like kids.

    Your parents and Jessica's are also my heroes for showing us parents we need to put more faith, trust, belief and responsibility in our teenagers.

    Hope you get another crack at Jessica's record and hope it goes the right way next time.

  117. @captain19, i raced with the maclean f1 team in the 70's, i feel so old. I had to comment, you present as a very mature young lady. I loved your response regarding the perverts in the southern ocean.
    We were more of a threat! Must saw, nice line on the banked turn.

  118. Dear Capt. Abby & family: we think that everything that goes around comes around and have lived long enough to prove that old saying several times really does!
    The next time we have something difficult to layout plainly and to the point, we are going to ask "Becky" (see above) to do it for us even if she is a Cornhusker and is almost out of boys at home too... Becky's 6/21 comment said it for all of us and just what we always think about; thanks gal (RTR-GG)

  119. 06-22-10 @ 14:56
    Hi Folks,
    Now, Now, Melissa O’Neal, please point your anger at the people who deserve it. I would venture to say that there are as many ‘grown-ups’ behind Abby as there are teen-agers. We all love and admire her very much and can appreciate the hardships that she has endured and will probably face more due to the media. I’m 75 years old and have followed Jessica through-out her venture and Abby as well. As soon as Laura Dekker sets sail I will be following her also. These girls are very special in the sense that they are dedicated, intelligent, tenacious, very personable and know the ways of the seas. So please don’t think all ‘grown-ups’ suck. Read all the posts and you will see that there are many Mothers, Fathers, and Grandparents who follow Abby faithfully.
    Thanks again for the up-date, I’m looking forward to the next one.
    Her faithful friend, fan and follower.
    Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

  120. Hey Abby, I can see some of the publicity has died down, which makes me (and I'm sure, you and your family) very happy.

    I am thankful you get to make it home (hopefully in time for the birth) and get to re-group for a little while, before your next attempt, I hope:)

    Just know that your supporters are rooting for you, and will defend you and your wild spirit before, during, and after you solo-circumnavigate the globe.


    Best wishes, my dear. I'll be checking on you :)


  121. Dear Abby☺
    I am eagerly awaiting your arrival home and can't wait to hear all the scoop. Plus I miss your blogs!!!
    Yours Truly,
    J♥ (≈33°11'29.60", -117°23'19.87")

  122. a P.S. of sorts to my prior post (Family Post, comment from June 19). For those out there who have been going on about how "she's only a child!" or "she's just 16!" and so on...

    You are obviously thinking back to when you were 16 years old, or thinking of your own children at 16 years of age. Abby is not you. She is not your child, who just wrecked his second car in as many months. Forget about "age" as in years on this earth - she's not a typical high school student. In fact, she's not a high school student, at all! Abby is a college student!

    So, if the media wolves and nay-sayers were required to use that as the indicator of her age... "the college student who set sail on a trek around the world"... nobody would blink an eye.

    Congrats again, Abby, and WTG to your entire family for being such supportive, loving people. Just a couple more days, and you'll be home!

  123. Thank you for the update. Look forward to hearing Abby is home safely with with her family. Please continue writing your book, you are a brave and courages teenager and I look forward to reading about you adventure even if the ending wasn't as planned.
    Best wishes

  124. Hope to hear that your back home with your family real soon. You are one courageous person! God speed, Abby.

    Greetings from Texas.

  125. I tell you what has really irritated me to no end...The people that have been ignorant enough to leave critical comments here and abroad in the media. Have we seen any of those individuals try to attempt such an adventure? You have a tremendous amount of supporters. We are proud you and your attempt. I hope that one day you do retry your quest and succeed! Keep your dream close to your heart!

    Supporter from Orange Beach, Alabama!

  126. Abigail and Followers,

    With Zac's approval of course here is SOME NEWS FROM ZAC that he has posted on his site:

    We all wish Zac a safe trip to meet Abby and accompany our super sailor home. Our prayers go out to the Sunderland family at this time.

    Safe trip home Abs,
    john, Bay of Quinte on Lake Ontario, Canada

  127. Abby: go ahead and do your thing! Too many old fogy's have gotten too comfortable with their coccoons and want everyone to submit and be corporate cog. Why you think there has not been much discovery or innovation in the last 30+ years.

    Good Luck and fear not.


  129. Glad Abby is on the way home! I hope it's a very safe trip.

    And I hope she won't ever undertake something so unwise and foolish again. It's only by God's grace that she's alive right now.

  130. Now the press will question if Zac is old enough to go get his sister in Reunion. So I ask the press, was Mary old enough to have the baby Jesus?
    Was Joan of Arc, old enough to be burned at the stake?
    Have fun you two, and ditch the press!

  131. What a blessing your courage and fortitude is to all of us out there, especially your fellow homeschoolers! You are one amazing young woman and we want you to know we're praying for you especially for protection from the media. Keep you're eyes on Him, let your words be from Him and you'll do fine. Blessings from the Breese family, Southlands Christian PSP, Walnut, CA

  132. Wonder if you'll be attending the CHEA convention. It would be wonderful to hear you speak....Blessings, the Breeses

  133. I too miss your blogs, especially after having followed you and your trip for so long.
    I hope that the infrequency of news is not the result of everyone ducking for cover!

  134. Don't give up, Abby! The Lakers didn't. Go Abby! Go Lakers!

  135. FANTASTIC NEWS ! This will give you 6 more chances to finally have the youngest circumnavigator in your family. What a blessed family you are.

  136. The La Reunion Regional Co-ordination Centre for search and rescue (CROSS) has just informed that Ms Sunderland's arrival at La Reunion will be Saturday 26 June at 8.30 am GMT +4 hours.
    After disembarkation, she will attend a brief press conference.

    Denise Murphy

  137. Dear Abigail,
    There has been some gibberish about you "only" being a 16 yr. old girl, a teen-ager and stuff. But from what I've seen and heard from you and about you, I say you have reached the status of ... WOMAN!!! In fact @ 16 yrs. old you have done more than most women will ever do. In fact you've done more than this male will ever do!
    Oh BTW, in regards to a movie or T.V. show? I say go 4 it; because, you're on my mind 24-7-365 anyway :-) LoL
    God bless you, your Ladyship


    Local website in Reunion LINFO.RE is monitoring Abby's return with today's headline:

    "ALERTE INFO >>>>Abby Sunderland arrive à la Réunion ce samedi à 8h00".

    that's 8 am Saturday local time.

    john, Bay of Quinte on Lake Ontario, Canada

  139. Keep us informed on when you plan to make your next attempt, don't give up!

  140. Dear Abby and family,
    I am so glad and relieved that you are safe, Abby! No matter what the critics say, stay strong....all of you. Abby, you and Zac are two of the bravest and brightest young people I have ever heard of. Your family is amazing to have raised such worldly, adventurous and intelligent children.

    People get so wrapped up in their own little worlds that they never get to see that there is so much more out there. I always say, Things can and will always be taken away from us, but no one will ever take our experiences away from us. I give you credit for doing what most of us only dream of or never dreamed of.....being a free spirit and experiencing what life has to offer.

    I wish you luck enduring the next storm that isn't coming from Mother Nature. Thicken up your skin and don't let the critic's words speak louder than your supporters! You are loved and cherished all over the world.

    Thank you for letting me live vicariously through you.

    Best wishes for a long life full of adventure,

    Lynn, Tampa Bay Florida

  141. Susy RG, Chino, CAJune 23, 2010 at 12:51 PM

    Hi to Abby's Parents.... I am a huge fan of both Abby and Zac.... I have two boys ages 16 & 18. I think you are by far the greatest parents. Please don't let those negative comments get to you. I wish all your kids (and the newest baby) the best in their future adventures.

  142. it's good to see that gratitude is being expressed!

  143. last news :

    Yesterday at midday, the Osiris, was still 2,000 km from the coast of Reunion, at the Roaring Forties. After two days of storm, he was "able to resume a normal speed of transit," according to a statement from the prefecture. On board the old pirate ship converted into a patrol of Maritime Affairs, Sunderland Abby, the young American sailor rescued last June 12 south-southeast of St. Paul Island (Taaf), sharing the lives of twelve men of crew.
    They have also had to cut short a mission of monitoring of fisheries in the EEZ of the Kerguelen Islands to bring the girl to the ground after a mast in a storm.
    The Osiris, whose arrival was originally scheduled next Thursday, will enter the port of Pointe-des-Rollers on Saturday at midday. Members of his team and his family (his mother's coming remains uncertain because it is late pregnancy) should receive it.

    The media, especially American and Australian, wait anxiously the return of Abby.
    She should be back in California early next week

    Abby Sunderland à La Réunion samedi

  144. Here is an exctract of an article in "Paris Match magazine" where Paul-Louis Le Moigne, captain of the fishing ship "ile de la Réunion" explains how Abby was saved. He explained how and why he fall on the water and others details. It is very interesting, but sorry it is all in french.

  145. Dear Abby
    Best wishes to you on your voyage to La Reunion.

    my pennies worth for your book -
    perhaps you might tag some worldwide events into the timeline of your voyage, for ease of reader rememorance

    for example: we know where you were when the earthquakes hit, the tsunamis arrived, the volcanoe erupted, the World Cup started!
    Oddly enough, today also made history!
    Yes, I know both USA and England have qualified for the final 16 playoffs in the World Cup but
    tonights score, after two days (10 hours on court) between John Isnir (USA) and Nicholas Mudah (France) in the Wimbledon mens single first round, going into their third day is noteworthy - Score is 2 sets each, 59 games yes FIFTY NINE games each. This game has shattered records for all tennis games in the history of the sport.

    Just a thought
    perhaps you might include a little world wide goings-on in your book so we can relate to your timeline

    Best wishes

  146. Bagg-man@hotmail.comJune 23, 2010 at 5:01 PM

    Abby I am glad to here you are safe and heading home. I am thankful to all the people that helped in Abby’s rescue. I am also thankful to all the people that read Abby’s Blog before passing judgement on her and her Family.

    To Abby I Started reading your Blog in mid February and have enjoys everything you have written. Your writing gave such insight to your adventure, I think many of us felt like we where living it with you. Your writing style is just great I can not wait until I read the book. I hope you include what you went through to stabilize wild eye once you lost her mast. Most sailors know what need to be done, but are glad they never had to do it. For me I would find it impossible to do it myself at high seas.

    Abby I have missed reading your blogs. It was unfortunate that some misinformed people used your blog for their own agenda. Anyone that has read about you with a truly open mind knows you where well prepared for this adventure, and that there was no reason that you where not capable of completing it. As any good sailor know problems can happen at any time. Your’s just happened in the most isolated place in the world

    Abby don’t listen to the naysayer in the world. We need more people like you willing to live there dreams. You have inspired many people bother young and other, and that is no easy feat.
    Boat NO-RAIN-A

  147. Dear Abby, Sir Laurence, Maam Marianne, Zac and all your wonderful kids!

    We have not posted anything these past ten days after I read "Family Post" in deference to Abby's Dad and Mom who wanted to return to normal family life.

    Like the rest of Abby's fans all over the world, we have been regularly opening this blog and praying for Abby's safe travel back home.

    Thank you Sir Laurence and Maam Marianne for sharing to the world, to all of us, your brave and wonderful Abby!

    To the critics of this great journey, may I request - please stop your attacks. Enough pain has been inflicted on the Sunderlands. As I said in a past blog, the costs of rescue and lost man hours are nothing compared to the billions wasted and millions of innocent lives sacrificed in senseless wars.

    Just continue your wonderful journey Captain Abby. We wish you SUCCESS!!!!!!!

    Jacky O

    San Fernando, CamSur, PHILIPPINES
    June 24, 2010

  148. Safe journey Abby if you decide to go again I would be willing to put into the pot for another attempt after you have had some rest. Roll Tide!!
    "And the sea shall grant each man new hope, While sleep brings dreams of home" Christopher Columbus

  149. Hi, team.
    Good to see that all is well.
    Is there any chance of salvaging "Wild Eyes"?
    Richard (QLD) Aus

  150. Hi Abby,

    I followed your journey so closely and so disappointed.
    Don't forsake your dream, but don't underestimate the southern ocean.

    Phil Taylor.
    New Zealand.

  151. I'm glad you've been to and seen the Kerguelen Island. I'd love to go there too. And now you're going home. Why? Please go back to's much safer there...with the pirates!!! -10514

  152. Abby,
    You sound like a wonderful person, I'm sure you are. I am sure you are aware that hundreds of years ago people were sending their children out into the world to fend for themselves as a right of passage, many were younger then you are. I hope your parents belief that they did the right thing in letting you take your trip is unswayed.

    You have inspired many other kids and adults as well. I am so glad that you are safe and will soon be able to start a new... I will be keeping an eye out to see what wonderful things will be on the next horizon for you.
    Follow your dreams

  153. Abby - You Go Girl - Don't give up your dream - pursue all of them. You have something most girls don't - a zeal for life and living it to the fullest. You are most unique don't change.

  154. Abby - reading above Globemasterone reports you have arrived at Reunion Island and that Zac will be meeting you - great news indeed!! Wishing you a wonderful reunion of your own and safe travels back to the States. I miss your blog and look forward to hearing the latest in your own words!! xoxo

  155. Abigail, Team and Followers,

    more specific details translated from LINFO:RE.

    "The patrol southern fisheries surveillance of maritime affairs OSIRIS which now brings the sailor Abby Sunderland to Reunion is expected in Western Port, Dock No. 8, Saturday, June 26, at 8:30 precisely, according to a statement from the Prefecture of Saint Denis."

    "This Saturday, June 26, two tugboats take charge of the OSIRIS near Port at around 8:00 to do the docking. After these, OSIRIS will be docked at 8:30, "says the Prefecture.

    "After descent of the boat, Abby Sunderland hosted by her brother and Philip Museux, director of CROSS should answer questions from journalists."

    After all that has happened ...don't you just love the words "at 8:30 precisely"?

    Your followers CAN"T WAIT ABBY!!!!

    john, Bay of Quinte on Lake Ontario, Canada

    PS Marianne....our prayers are with you and the family.

  156. You are the Captain of all Captains,
    The Sailor of all Sailors
    The Skipper of Skippers
    The Beauty of all Beauties
    I saw you in a picture on your web site (About Abby)
    you were at the helm of a huge yacht
    I thought you looked Majestic!
    ♥♥♥ Welcome Home ♥♥♥

  157. WTG Abby!! You give us all insiration to be the best we can be and to follow our dreams no matter how big or samll. I have been reading your blogs and you are a brave girl. All of america need to to pay attention to your story, maybe all the bad could be turned into fantastic dreams!!! I love you even though we have never meet. Your courage makes it easier for me to get up in the morning and cope with this crazy world. I hope you try again to sail around the world --- Always follow your dreams and never give them up!!

  158. Seven photos (1 to 7) of Zac's arrival at Saint Denis de la Reunion:

    Looking good Zac!
    john, Bay of Quinte on Lake Ontario, Canada

  159. Abby,

    So glad you're safe and well, and almost home. Although I'm sure you probably consider Wild Eyes as your home, since you spent so much time with her. I'm very sure you're determined and strong-willed enough to be back on the open seas in your quest in the very near future. I really would love to have that kind of lifestyle, so I'm very jealous of you! Ahh well...
    Anyway, please keep your fans up to date as soon as you can. In the meantime, relax and enjoy some time with your family, and relish all of those around the world who care about you.


    Bruce C.
    Baltimore, MD

  160. Hi Abby!
    It's sad I can't make any more forecasts on your sail journey. At least I can calculate the distance home by air.

    Réunion is located near the opposite point on earth to Los Angeles. This means you can fly in any direction and it will not make so much difference in distance.

    There are no direct flights between Réunion and Los Angeles, so a change is needed. Réunion has flights to Paris, Bangkok and Sydney according to Wikipedia. The distance to Los Angeles would be:
    *via Paris 18477 km
    *via Bangkok 19540 km
    *via Sydney 21255 km

    Have a good journey home!

    Inspired by you and other adventurers, I am going to make a little adventure on my own. It is much much smaller than your adventure. I will bicycle 1200 km (750 mi) from Gothenburg, Sweden to Frankfurt, Germany in 7 days and I there I will watch friends take part in the Ironman Europe Triathlon. I will blog about it.

    Thank you for your blog, Abby, it was interesting.
    I hope you will make a new round-the-world sailing some day.

    Ben, Sweden

  161. my name is ashley im 15 i have been following everything to do with abby she is like my hero and i love her very much and hope she gets the chance to prove she can do it. :) im so glad your alright abby dont scare me like that again :P

  162. Hi Captain Abby, Mum, Dad and younger sister,

    Thank you for the most recent update.

    To Mrs Sunderland we hope all is going well with the expectant birth/birth of you new baby. Yours truly comes from a family of 15 children. All single born – i.e. no twins or triplets. My Mum and Dad announce at their wedding they intended having at least 12 children, God willing. My Dad built this huge house (1,210SM) and then proceeded to fill it with children. Might we suggest the challenge of raising such a large family is probably getting up there with solo sailing. Enough about us.

    It is great to hear you are will be home soon Abby. We were thinking about your boat Wild Eyes. There is no reason why this well built boat cannot stay afloat for many years. You never know what will occur in life and just maybe, this boat will continue to drift towards our neck of the woods and get close enough to Australia, to be able to be salvaged. If this did occur we can only hope the persons that achieved the salvage would return the boat to you. Better still the boat could possibly be refitted and then you could sail it home. Just a thought.

    Again congratulations on your extraordinary courage and determination. We look forward to your continued journey and your book (see our previous blogs on this).

    Kind regards,

    James and family. Berowra Heights, NSW, Sydney, Australia.

  163. I am so happy, glad and relieved that you are OK, Abby. Best wishes, and I am so sorry for your loss (of the boat) I am sure you are mourning Wild Eyes. Cathryn NY USA

  164. Bonjour Abby, Family, Team Abby, Zac and followers,

    Almost there, waiting! :-)


    Keep those posts coming!

  165. We are quite ready to hear some words from Abby now. Enough tennis grunting, soccer horns bee-buzzing, oil leak finger pointing, Good General firing,... et al.
    What about "our" New baby Sunderland, anything?
    Really folks what is happening to Wild Eyes? No I'm not going to hush...well maybe for a while you go ahead & talk... hang on skipper we're still here

  166. Dear Abby and family,

    Let me first begin by saying thank you for the update. This is some real good news from all the bad ones the press has been giving her in the last week or two.

    To Abby, you showed grace under pressure on the open seas and I salute you for that. Regardless of what others have said that you're too young to sail solo around the world, you prove the nay sayers wrong and you're coming back home to the Good Ol' US of A in one piece and as a hero. You're a lucky kid, keep your chin up.

    Good luck and Godspeed
    Native New Yorker

  167. Abby,

    Welcome back to solid ground and a big step towards home. Know that you can hold your head high and be proud of what you have accomplished. There are things that a skilled sailor like you can control and things that no one can control, such as Mother Nature. It’s just great to know that you will soon be home safe with many fantastic stories to tell.

    Coach John Wooden once said: “Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are.”

    Best wishes, Abby.

    From Seattle, WA, USA

  168. 06-25-10 @ 01:32
    Hi Folks,
    I copied this article from a French newspaper so you’ll have to ad-lib in some areas, but the gist of the story is there.

    Published June 22, 2010

    Yesterday at midday, the Osiris, was still 2,000 km of coastline Reunion, at the 40th roaring. After two days of storm, he was "able to resume a normal speed of transit," said a statement from the prefecture. On board the old pirate ship converted into a patrol of Maritime Affairs, Sunderland Abby, the young American sailor rescued last June 12 south-southeast of St. Paul Island (Taaf), sharing the lives of a dozen men of crew. They have also had to cut short a mission of monitoring of fisheries in the EEZ of the Kerguelen Islands to bring the girl to the ground after a mast in a storm. The Osiris, whose arrival was initially scheduled next Thursday, will enter the port of Pointe-des-Rollers on Saturday at midday. Members of his team and his family (his mother's coming remains uncertain because it is late pregnancy) should receive it. His press secretary did not know yesterday morning. Onshore, the media, especially American and Australian, the wait at a halt. At 16, Abigael Sunderland had started a world tour to sail solo and unsupported in January. His Rescue full Southern Ocean has mobilized two offshore research centers (RCC Cross Meeting and Australia), three ships and two aircraft. She had to abandon his yacht, Wild Eyes (12 m), the sea and around the world. It should be back in California early next week

    Her faithful friend, fan and follower.
    Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

  169. Dearest Abby,
    "I'm Your Captain (Closer to Home)", circa 1970, performed and written by Mark Farner, of the band Grand Funk Railroad, makes me think of you. I supported your journey with all my heart, and while I am heartbroken that you caught a bad wave, it's your courage that counts. Don't let the naysayers bring you down, for the overwhelming majority of them, haven't ever had the guts to leave their own backyards. You are a true goddess of the sea. God bless you Abby, and may you sail for all your years to come.


    A picture of Abby arriving at the Kerguelen Islands, where she was able to phone to her parents before being transferred to the Osiris. She will indeed be arriving Saturday afternoon

  171. Hey Abbs, & Fam. Too!
    Keep your chins up, don't let the rats pull you down because they don't have the guts to dare. Remember, Who Dares, Wins!
    Is that open forty drifting to a sea anchor? 24 NM a day is pretty fast for a bare hull in those waters. All things being equal W/E should fetch up near SW Aussie. you ougth to see what they'll charge to keep it off the rocks. Or perhaps a Commercial Vessel can snatch it out, the Epirbs make it easy to find, but they'll bat out in a week or so. Good luck what ever you try! :-) Sailor Sends

  172. Our family supports yours 110%
    Go Sunderlands!

  173. Hello,

    FYI, in another link in french from La reunion:
    it is stated that Abby will arrive Saturday at 8:30 AM (local time) at Ile de la Reunion.


    A French follower in Paris.

  174. Hi Abby ... Really looking forward to your and Zac's press conference Saturday and I'm sure someone here will post a link to that interview. Thanks someone. Welcome back to land after a stormy ride on Osiris. I bet you've had enough of rough seas for awhile but only you know that and you'll probably be back at Marina Del Rey and itching for a boat ride soon after you're arrival home. I would love to know your feelings and emotions as you land at LAX if you can see MDR from the air. Try to book a window seat on the right side of the plane as they usually land from the east and MDR would be visible from that side. I remember when I commented on the girl with blonde hair in a boat with big wild eyes entering the Pacific. Seems like only yesterday. When you blog again, please gives all of us at least some of the story of what happened that fateful night of June 10th. OR we practice patience and wait for your book to come out. It's your call as it's always been. Glad you're back safe and sound.