Friday, June 4, 2010

Drying Out

Things have been going pretty well out here recently. I've had some lighter weather lately and though moving slowly can be a pain, I have quite a bit of work to do so having some calm weather is a big help. Everything down below is wet. It's hard enough to dry things soaked in salt water at the best of times, but when it's cold, grey and windy it's pretty much impossible.

It's been a little warmer now that I am out of the last cold front and it looks like I will be able to get my heater working again. The condensation is really bad down below, so bad that it's like it's raining down here. I keep drying off the walls and cabin roof but it comes back up pretty fast.

At the moment almost all of my equipment is working. Things have been a little dryer outside, other then the occasional shower so I have been able to repair the leak under the throttle. The weather should be picking up again soon so I'll see how well it works! I love lots of wind and big seas, but it is very nice to have a day every now and then to get things all back together.

There will be a short story on ABC tonight on the 2020 show. ABC has been great to work with both with Good Morning America and now 20/20. It is scheduled to be on at 10pm Eastern time.

Also, we should have a link up on the homepage of my web site tonight to buy a commemorative T-shirt of my trip. We are trying to raise some money to cover my communication costs. Sat West has been great by offering us my Iridium sat phone minutes at a lower rate and GMPCS has given us a partial sponsorship of my Inmarsat minutes but it is still adding up fast!



  1. Abby, as soon as the link is up and running, I'll be getting a few of the shirts.

    Stay safe
    God speed girl


  2. HI Abby. I wrote to you about a month ago, asking you and your dad if I could help by setting up an accout for donations. Never heard, so I guess it was not such a good idea. but the thuoght is still there. I am not good at that kind of thing, but would be willing to try. Might be something that another of your fans, with that kind of experience, could do. What do you think?

    I know how discouraging it is to have everything wet... miserable. Wish I could help. Keep your feet dry- if you have ever had a fungal infection from soggy feet - wet for dayw- it is not fun.

    God be with you! Thanks for keeping us up to date. Praying daily!!!

    Ron in colorado

  3. Abby,

    I am glad to read that you are doing fine after your slight delay. Stay safe let the winds be at your back.

    Christopher A. Holts Summit, MO USA.

  4. Abby,
    I will be watching 20/20 tonight. Thanks for the report. I'm glad everything is going the way it should. God bless you. Esther in Costa Mesa, CA

  5. Hi Abby,

    Glad to hear you've been able to take advantage of the calm weather to tidy up Wild Eyes. I will have to record the 20/20 show tonight for my daughter; she had a hockey game tonight and will be sound a sleep before 10:00. You are an amazing young woman and an even greater role model. I can't wait to purchase a t-shirt in support of the communication between you and your family.
    Be safe & God Bless!
    Western New York

  6. Thanks for the update and news tip!!

  7. Hey Abby,
    I've been keeping watch since you left. My father was
    a sailor and so I have fun reading your story each day and
    watching your progress.
    I look forward to purchasing a tee shirt from your site.
    Be well,
    a virtual friend from Montana

  8. Great! I will look at 20.20 tonite!. Glad things are going well

  9. Abby,
    I am so glad that all your equipment is working well right now. I have been faithfully praying for you as you continue your adventure.
    I think a t-shirt would be so neat to have. Will look for the link.
    grace to you

  10. Thanks Abby.
    Well done.
    Keep dry and happy sailing.
    Love ♥
    Richard (QLD) Aus

  11. Hello Abby, you are such an inspiration to many..keep up the good work and will be watching you tonight on 20/20:)
    NJ Mom

  12. Abby:
    GO GIRL GO!!!!!

    It is good to hear that all is going well for you and that Wild Eyes is taking care of you.

    The College Girls Softball World Series is on now. It does my heart good to see young ladies, like yourself, going out and doing it with a great level of maturity and a tremendous knowledge of the sport. I see you in the images on TV, you have a great knowledge of sailing just as they have knowledge of softball and they, just like you, never quit. As I sit here in NJ I get discouraged with the things I see. Then, like magic, the Softball game is on or your blog comes up and I see that the world is in good hands for the future. Keep sailing and keep hope alive for us older people locked away on land.

    Please keep us updated and we will continue to pray for you, Wild Eyes, your family, and your support staff as you continue your interesting adventure that brings so much hope to so many people.

    GO GIRL GO!!!!!!

    John R Willis

  13. Well then, Miss Sailor thing. Now that everything is calm, you can start cracking open those schoolbooks of yours. Your education is far more important than that dumb 'ol boat trip of yours. Don't let me make you turn that ship around, young lady. BTW, your latest course route indicates that you are 600 or so miles NE of Prince Edward Island? Isn't that in the NorthWest Atlantic, where the North Atlantic Right Whale resides?

  14. YAY!!! Abby's on TV tonight!
    She's on 20/20 on ABC Friday 6/4/2010 at 10 EST

  15. Thank goodness all is well, except for the heater, water outside and water inside (condensation).
    At times it can get very frustrating. But one must go on and conquer.
    I shall wait for the commemorative T-shirt of your trip.
    A woman must never run out of money.
    Abbey I wish you all the best for the remainder of your circumnavigation.
    All the best for now and good luck.

  16. Glad the weather is better, so you can rest & breath a little. Go ahead and good luck!
    Marcelo, Mar del Plata, Argentina

  17. Abby you are in my prayer`s.
    I will be watching 20/20 tonight for sure!
    Also hope to purchase a T-shirt.

    God Bless you dear,
    anna margaret <3

  18. Hope you get everything dried out Abby. There must be nothing worse than wet or damp clothing.
    Cheers, from John in Albany Western Australia.

  19. oooo! I can hardly wait for the link. I want a T shirt or two!

  20. Hello Abby and followers,

    Sounds like another day at sea, you are going great keeping up with all the problems. Like I have said before Duct Tape and F4 Tape, don't leave home without them. F4 works good on high pressure leaks up to 4000psi. Keep up the good work and thank you for the adventure.

    Sail Safe
    from around Redondo Beach.

  21. The daylight hours must be really short. Does sunrise/sunset have a noticeable effect on wind ?
    Great writing on your part about this journey...

  22. Hi Abby,
    Good to hear some news from be honest i am watching your blog on a daily basis to read about your adventure!

    I hope the water problems are solved soon, looks like you had lots of work to do as well.As long as you can "rest" a bit before it is wind in your sails again.

    We appreciate what your sponsors did for you, just hope they help bit more with communication & data, will be sad if you must cut back, anyways keep the spirit high and may God be with you all the way girl.You just go girl, we think about you daily.

    Aragon [South Africa]

  23. Abby,
    I agree with Capt. Thomas Peterson.
    This is your chance to develop extreme sailing skills! So far you've made several poor judgment calls, but making mistakes is one way we humans learn. A even better way we learn is to learn from others' mistakes and experiences. I too applaud this blog's openness to include not just praise. There are a lot of talented sailors who know what you are going through. Obviously if they are rude, don't include them! Also, many of us are still interested in that promised list of repairs and enhancements made in Cape Town.
    Cheers to openness and to your sailing success!
    John Marshall

  24. Oh no, wet, salty clothes, walls and table tops are the pits. Hope you get some warm sun and gentle breezes. That tee shirt is a great idea.


  25. Hi Abby:

    Thanks for the heads up about 20/20, I will definitely tune in. I will, also, be looking for that tee shirt.

    With all that wetness, I hope that you are dry. Otherwise, it could be very uncomfortable.

    I so enjoy all your blogs and continue to look forward to them.

    Hugs, seattlesid

  26. HAY! ABBY!


    GO! ABBY!

  27. Abby,
    My wife and I just saw your interview on 20/20 and it looked good. Good luck to you and the rest of your voyage.

  28. Hi Abby,
    I watched 20/20 tonight from my home in Atlanta, GA and I must say that it takes a great deal of courage to do what you are doing. Admittedly, I think it's a little crazy, but I said a prayer for you. I prayed that the Lord God would protect you, give you wisdom, and that you will lean on Him for guidance, and worship Him as you witness the wonder of His creation. May you travel in safety!

  29. Hi Abby.
    I just saw your story on 20/20 and it was amazing. You are so incredible for doing this.
    When I was younger, I'm 16 now too, my biggest dream was to be a veterinarian, it still is.
    You are such an inspiration.
    I intend on keeping up with your blog and maybe talking with you.

    I hope you are doing well and I can't wait to here that you get home safely.



    For those who did not see the TV show!!

  31. You go girl that's an amazing achievement I like to sail and my dad just sold his red little sail boat but you are very brave to go do that all by yourself and I just watched you on tv but keep going you doing great
    ...oh ya my name is Abby too but I'm 12!

  32. Hi Abby! I just saw the special on 20/20! I am so impressed with what you are doing! I do not know much about sailing, but I think that as I follow your blog, I will learn something. Thanks for doing something incredible and thanks for sharing your journey with us. I am a youth pastor in Florida and I will be praying for ya!

  33. Abby, I just learned about your journey on 20/20. Your story has inspired me. Although I do not know you I am proud of what you have accomplished so far. Your bravery is amazing! Keep your spirits high as I can imagine being alone for so long can be difficult emotionally. I prayer the wind pushes you along smoothly and swiftly. I look forward to following your blogs going forward...

    Rachel from Miami, FL

  34. What can I!!! what an amazing feet for a 16 year old, forget that, I mean a human being! It's funny to think that you're set out living your dream when some will never get the nerve to ever attempt their dreams. My wife and I watched your 20/20 special tonight and our praying for your journey.

  35. Hello Abby,
    I just watched 20/20 on abc and learned about you and your courageous journey. What an amazing young woman you are!
    I just want to wish you all the best during this voyage.
    May this be one of the many amazing things you do in your life.
    With respect,
    Sofie :)

  36. Hi Abby.... Well we have returned from our vacation on Cape Cod. Was great. Sorry to hear you had a rough time of it the other night. Looks like you have come thu it OK. Hope you will have some nice weather for awhile. Also liked the pics , very much. Love you much. May the Goold Lord watch over you. Blue Skies and Friendly Winds
    Stay Safe
    Bud & Charla Winnett

  37. Hello Abby!

    I saw you featured on 20/20 tonight and that's what prompted me to check out your blog. My wife & I are rooting for you and we look forward to you completing your voyage. You go girl!

    All the best,
    Boynton Beach, FL

  38. Hi Abby,
    I just watched 20/20, it was my first time hearing of your adventure. You have courage that most people will only dream of in their lifetime. What an amazing journey for you! My only thought of concern was pirates, just stay away from that area. May God guide you and protect you on your adventure. God Bless

  39. Great story on 20/20. I disagree with chris Romo. You and your parents are not crazy. You seem to be a very experienced sailor that is mature enough to handle these challenges. If only more parents were so supportive of their children. It is sad to see parents crush their children's dreams because of their own fears. I applaud you and your family. I look forward to hearing more on your adventures.

  40. Bonjour Abby & Wild Eyes,

    Communication costs sure add up fast but that is no reason to go racing around the world! :-)

    [Thank you Sat West and GMPCS for taking some of the communication costs!]

    I hope that you can get rid of the condensation and dry things soon - no other leaks? - because it looks like more wet weather for the middle of next week.

    Charlie sure is going to look good in that commemorative T-shirt! :-)

    Take care, be safe and Go Abby, Go!

  41. "TAKE THREE"....Captain Abigail,

    As you advised...I did watch the ABC 20/20 item and placed my comments at the end of "A Drastic Change" unaware that "Drying Out" was up....a system delay here I guess.

    SAT WEST and GMPCS....FANTASTIC NEWS....thank you for helping Abby. sounds like you have your hands full with trying to overcome the dampness. Be careful with your own health. And I do hope all the electronics and the heater will work. Despite it're loving it....I can still hear that ABBY CAN DO IT SPIRIT!

    Take care super sailor....big hug.
    john, Bay of Quinte on Lake Ontario, Canada

    PS...I will check out the T-Shirts.

  42. Hallo Abby Schönes Fräulein
    Gutes vorankommen bleib trocken
    hab Blumen auf der Webseite für
    Wünsch Dir Schönes Wetter
    und Sonne und viele 20 Knoten
    und eine Gute Heimfahrt.
    Grüße von Markus aus Germany

  43. Go Abby! My girlfriend and I just watched the 20/20 special. Funny, we are not big TV watchers and actually caught something worth viewing and happy we did! We wish you the best and hope all is going well. All prayers and energy your way!

    Peace from Portland, OR.

  44. Hi Abby,
    Thanks for posting about your 20/20 spot.
    I was able to watch it and was a great video compilation.
    I hope it draws lots of support for you.

    I'm glad you have had some calm weather to regroup before the next set of speed sailing that you love. :)

    Best wishes for safe sailing. Have fun!

  45. Abby, just saw you on 20/20. Awesome. Here I am....just sitting in my house dreading some of life's difficulties and you have the bull by the horns.....and it appears that you are good at it.
    This is life at it's finest.
    You have given me new hope.

    May God continue to bless you.

    Ronnie, Torrance Ca

  46. Hi Abby, i just watched 20/20 and decided to check your blog out. I am so proud of you and what your doing. I am pretty sure you will inspire so many young people to do things they always dream about. I am glad to see you aare doing well. Be safe out there and keep everyone updated on interesting facts. Its amazing what you are doing... It may get lonely out there but always remember there so many people out there thinking of you and praying for you.. good luck and best wishes....

  47. Just sa the 20/20 special. Good for your family for supporting you on this adventure that you dreamt of, planned and are following through. It is not irresponsible parenting! You are doing something great and everyone should strive to follow their goals! If only I were as brave! Hoping for the best of travels, greatest experiences and a safe journey from Barrow, Alaska.

  48. Wow, I just seen your story on 20/20. I am so proud of you.. picking such a challanging dream, and totally going for it!! I'm 29 and I dont think I will ever be as brave as you! I really hope you have an amazing time at sea and get home safe and sound. I will keep you in my prayers. You are such an inspiration!

  49. Hi Abby, I just got home tonight and thought I would check and see how you were doing before going to bed, I was very sad to see that I missed seeing your story on 20/20. Count me in on the t-shirts, my grandkids would love wearing one and me too. You take care and try to keep dry....I hate being wet and cold and my heart feels for you. My prayers and thoughts are with you. Gail/Ventura

  50. Abby,
    I don't think you will ever get lonely again now that you were on 20/ I am so impressed with u and the ambition u have at such a young age...:o) And I thought I was ambitious at your age, you're amazing! I'm glad you're from my area! Be safe out there....joelle

  51. I agree .learning is important BUT ur picking up skills out there that will stand u in good stead!!after the cold days come nice sunny ones!!!
    keep going girl!!
    From South african supporter!!

  52. Hi Abby, hope you're managing to warm up and dry out a bit. I was interested to read in your previous blog that your mom told you that you'd said 237 miles in a day. Don't you keep track too? How much are you relying on your shore team for basic navigation info? What would happen if you lost contact with them?! When you made your initial calculations for how long each segment of your trip would probably take, it looks like you were expecting to clock up 200 miles per day quite regularly. Was it just the autopilot problems that caused you to fall behind schedule? Do you feel you can get better speed now? When the wind is relatively light are you able to power the boat up and sail her as she probably would like to be sailed? - she is a racing boat after all. Oh, and what happened to the info about the repairs etc carried out in Cape Town? I'm keen to learn what I can from your amazing adventure. Good luck.

  53. Condensation is FRESH water. Why not use a few pieces of clothing you really want to get the salt out of, and use them to mop up the condensation; get them really soaked, and store them, water and all, in sealed bins. When they're really swimming in water, dump it, wring them out, and repeat. Do this a few times, and you'll have some salt-free clothes. Best to store them in sealed bins, too. Otherwise they'll just absorb salt again.

    Obviously, rain is a gift from God to get everything soaked, de-salted, and dried.

    Wearing fresh-water-wet clothes -- especially to sleep in -- is a great way to dry them quickly --as long as you guard against hypothermia.

    I know, sleeping in wet clothes sounds yucky, but it works, as long as you've put enough fuel in the drier (food).

    Godspeed, Cap,

    Bill Smith

  54. Well Abby!,
    Your comment in this blog says it all, I quote - "I love lots of wind and big seas,but it is very nice to have a day every now and then to get things back together."
    Unless you are racing, with a crew, nobody in their right mind wants big seas and plenty of wind.Nice sailing conditions would be more appropriate. Wishing for the former conditios may end up in a ' Humpty Dumpty."

    Regarding the condensation it would appear you need your heater woking ASAP. As mentioned before water and electronics don't mix.

    All that said you appear to be handling your problems with aplomb. Try to get the latter to zero by thinking ahead - constantly. Ignore those idiots urging you to go faster, by doing so your 'Humpty Dumpty' will definitly occure.

    There are no Pirates in Nothern waters of Australia, only illegal immigrant boats and plenty of reefs plus Mer' ships.

    Heed the constructive criticism as it is a wise person who listens to good council.
    You are doing well, just keep your youthfull exuberience on a short leash.

    Look forward to many more blogs.
    Sail safe,
    Captain Poppa Bear

  55. Hi Abby,

    I hope things dry out for you soon, you poor thing. Shame there not a dehumidifier on board Wild Eyes.

    The biggest thing is keeping your body warm and dry. We don't want you catching a chill out there.

    You are doing an awesome job Abby keeping Wild Eyes on track. Great to hear that nearly everyting is in working order at present.

    Keep safe my dear Abby and thanks for all the updates and lovely photos. Your camera(s) are working really well. They will give you great memories.

    Big hugs and warmest wishes from Jan Pace (Auckland, New Zealand)

  56. Hi Abby, Keep it up dear girl you are doing well.
    Thousands of Americans supported our girl Jessica and I as an Aussie fully support and admire you, I am sure that there are many more of us following you, indeed I hope so. Take care of yourself, dont forget there are friends all over the world praying for your safety. I am a believer and know that God will keep you safe.As a mere mortal old enough to be your grandfather I worry about you though!Sail on dear one!!

  57. Dear Abby, Well it's great that you are having a moment to dry out some and have a reprieve from all that wet weather you jest when threw, until it all gets wet again. I saw the 20/20 interview and still believe in you and your parents and the choices you made. Now what do you think of younger people then you trying to make the same journey? Jessica Watson was called a hero for what she accomplished, her trip around the would. I agree with her and saying that she not a hero but what a personnel accomplishment to achieve. No one can take that away from her or you and all the others that have made that journey around the world. You can agree or not, but only you can walk away and say that yes I did it,and be very proud of what you have done, I am sure proud of you and Jessica alike. You can probably tell that I'm a father with daughters and have hopes and dreams for them and the goals that they set for themselves.I'm glad you have that sat phone and I'll do my part and get a couple of t-shirts to help the cause. Stay dry kid and put that heater on high,stay warm if you can. bye bye for now

  58. Saw the 20/20 piece. It was bad. "ZOMG! These parents are endangering their children! Isn't that awful!" No, it's not. Abby, I have two boys, one a year older than you and one a few years younger. If I thought they were prepared and capable (which you obviously are!) I would absolutely let them sail around the world. Or climb Everest, or fight bulls, or go wherever their passions take them. What you're doing is great, and I applaud your parents for giving you the tools and freedom to let you follow your dream.

  59. I see you're making great time, keep it going!

  60. You are such an amazing and brave girl, Abby! Even if I'm not your parent, I'm so extemely proud of you! You have a dream, you have a goal and you are realizing it. Many kids your age might become (or have become) couch potatoes, gone the wrong way (drugs/alcohol) and here we have in you a young lady who is healthy, strong, pursuing a life-long dream and reaching for that goal.

    I am certain your parents are extremely proud of you and good for them to allowing you to do this trip. Just think on how you and your parents will feel once you have entered the finishing stretch.

    Go you girl!!!

    I'm watching your blog each day and envisioning what you are going through - not many people can do this - you are so brave.
    Keep your spirits up and God Bless!!

  61. Blessings, Abby! So glad you are safe. My friend and I check on your progress at least once a day and continue to pray all is well.

    [Re: someone's Prince Edward Island question--there IS one in the North Atlantic, but I zoomed in on one of those smal-l-l-l white dots near Abby and it is also named PEI.]

    Blessings, Abby!!

  62. Hi Abby,
    You are an amazing young woman. I feel that you are an intelligent, thoughtful, brave, strong and most importantly a Christian. All these qualities will certainly get you through this journey.
    I grew up in TO near CLU and I used to sail a lot from CIYC, Oxnard, CA to the islands.
    I was also young at age 14-18 when I went sailing (not alone though, but with a 15-19 yr old). So your journey has greatly intrigued me.
    I appreciate learning about your boat and equipment. I am amazed at how things have changed since the 1970's. You are a very fortunate to have this new technology available to you.
    I am wishing you the best and I hope this journey of a lifetime will be remembered with the fondest of memories. Definitely a good story to tell your children and grandchildren!
    Take care,
    Carolyn from Michigan

  63. hi abby i missed the 2020 show i don't have a vcr, i would like to get a hoody from your site but i don't have a credit card i'm still trying to get myself out of debt from my first card. when it's payed then they will reactivate the card, i will ask a friend if they will let me use there card. i wish i was there to help you, i would do all your dirty work for you just so you could relax a bit. i would like to chat with you on messenger some time. i have a hard time at work because you ae on my mind a lot, my boss keeps asking me what's wrong but i don't want to tell him. if something was to happen to you i wouldn't be able live with my self. you are the only friend i realy have, i wish you were my friend to. if i could ABBY i would give you the world. well talk to you later ok

    godspeed ABBY

  64. Hi Abby: I did watch the 20/20 interview last night and it was great...I also ordered my tee
    shirt...I hope you are able to dry out quickly..
    is there any way to vent the area to allow for a better air flow? Keep those pics coming..
    Good luck out there and STAY SAFE..

    Joe Springfield VA USA

  65. Hey Abby,
    Brian ordered a T-shirt just now, and threw in a few dollars to pay for a couple of calls home. Can't wait till the shirt arrives next week....he'll wear it with pride to show his support of an incredible young woman!!

    We caught last night's 20/20, and it was good to see your smiling face in our living room, Abby. Your Mom & Dad spoke very well about their trust in you to complete your venture. Good on 'em!!

    Hope you get your gear dried off, and can enjoy some easy days ahead.

    Clear skies,
    ~Brian & Phill
    Vancouver , Canada

  66. Wow abby amazing how many people are watching your site reading your blogs. It as if you are doing this for all of us who cannot.T-shirt will be cool but I am waiting for your book! Your blog waking up to running water was a great read and will make a great chapter in the book. Sail on sailor. blue wave dave ventura,Ca

  67. I watch your story on ABC and was inspired by your story. I am a "pro swimmer" with dreams of my own still competing after college to try and make an Olympic team. I wish you the best of luck and I will be watching your progress with great anticipation.

  68. Dear Abby; yes u r young, but chronological age doesnt always dictate a persons Maturity level a more accurte measuring stick is how u handle ur self in ur decision making situations. Your pre trip planning, Training, Experiance and ur goal
    dedication also ur realistic attitude. All these are good indicators of a very mature person.
    I also a solo sailer xcept for my Dog mate Kickback). We sail in our local lake now, but we have sailed our 22 ft catalina in san deigo Bay and the Catalina channel, many times i was thankful just to get back to land when the going was rough. this of course was no where near what ur xpceing. so i know how much maturity is required to handle ur situations and issues
    God bless, Happy Sails and Keep ur head, things can be very unpdictabe on the open seas.

    Stay Cool Ed & Dog Kickback)

  69. Hello Abby, je suis française et t'envoie tous mes voeux de courage et de réussite;Tiens bon la barre et tiens bon le vent hisse et ho!!!!

  70. If there is on e thing in life you must do, well go ahead full steam only looking back to track the future. Go Girl, Sail On...

  71. Hi, Abby,hope everything is going well.My prayer's are being sent your way.Bright Blessing's.OwlHawk....

  72. Abby... It's great to hear that you're OK. I don't even know you, and have been trying to read all I can about what happened, where you are and how you're doing! I have a daughter almost your age, and it's an awesome thing that you're doing! Keep dreamin' BIG! May God bless you on your journey and his angels watch over you! :)
    Michelle S.
    Santa Clarita, CA

  73. Thank God she's safe and thank God her parents will pay for the extensive search efforts on her behalf. They recognize that that the resources that were utilized so the Abby could promote and continue with her hairbrain scheme do not come cheap.

    Hats off to the Sunderlands for their decision to pay back every dime for the many hours of searching the Indian Ocean for a boat that cannot sink and a young girl who cannot keep her knees together.

  74. We are all happy to hear of your current situation. Thoughts of your safe rescue remain until you reach safe harbor.

  75. My hope for your speedy return to safe harbor go out to you.

  76. You and your parents must be idiots. What is the point compared to comfortable beautiful sailing journeys? It is similar to the rage years ago when young lads would lay on the track and just escape a roaring train. Some didn't make it. Yours was a roaring storm.
    But renowned Australian round-the-world sailor Ian Kiernan said Abby should not have been in the southern Indian Ocean during the current southern hemisphere winter.

    "Abby would be going through a very difficult time with mountainous seas and essentially hurricane-force winds," Kiernan told Sky News television.

    Conditions can quickly become perilous for any sailor exposed to the elements in that part of the world.

  77. We are so happy you are alright. Godspeed. You are in our prayers.

  78. The opporunity you gave this 16 year old is priceless, more people should allowe with instruction the opporunity to live life and find the weekness that will grow the bubble inside of all that hold -- not to sit on the sidelines.

  79. if your parents are Cristians, i will assume that they're prayers were answered: if not will accept that mine were....either way i am happy to hear that you are safe...YOU are Miss America...try to stay above all th bs

  80. Abby, Good luck in future sailing endevors!!!! Hope this setback does not dampen your sprit of adventure... Tough break on the weather. Keep sailing!!! :)

  81. Godspeed, Abby. Peace to you, and prayers for your safe return.

  82. God bless you Abby - you are a wonderful role model for everyone - young and old. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  83. Bernard Moitessier's "A Sea Vagabond's World" is an awesome book full of valuable reference info, some about the area you are in....don't know if you have read it but if not, it is worth a look....especially his explanation of sailing 'overlapping seas'....God bless you