Sunday, June 13, 2010

Aboard the Ile de la Reunion

Everything is going well out here. I'm still getting used to walking around on board and it takes both hands to keep myself from falling up and down the narrow halls. I'm still having trouble typing on this key pad but I've got a few more days to get the hang of it.

Everyone on board has been really friendly. They have come a long way out of their way to help me and I am so thankful that they did. My mom has told me about all that the different rescue groups did to help find me. So thank you to all of you. I had only hoped that a ship would pass by me within a few weeks. I am really in awe. Thank you to everyone involved.

The captain is a big, friendly, bald guy with a big beard. He speaks English pretty well and he says, "Is no good to worry about the boat. Is just a boat, you is safe. You should not think about the past." Which is true, but its hard to keep my mind off everything that's happened.

Everyone in the bridge has been fending off the press and I'm very grateful for that. I really don't want to start doing interviews quite yet.

I have started writing. At first I decided that I wasn't going to write a book. But then I started to think about all the good times Wild Eyes and I have had together. All that's left of the voyage of Wild Eyes are my memories, eventually they will get fuzzy and I won't remember all the details. I don't want that to happen. Wild Eyes and my trip have been the best thing I have ever done or been through and I don't ever want to forget all the great times we have had together, or the bad ones for that matter.

The story of Wild Eyes is over, but my story is still going. I'm still out on the ocean headed to a little island called Kerguelen and then will be on another boat for ten days up to an island near Madagascar. From there I will eventually make it home.

So, on goes my adventure!


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  1. Abby,
    I'm so proud of you. Keep it up. I am really looking up to you. you're only one year older than me. You have shown me that even through the tough times to have faith andnot give up. God loves you girl.

  2. Do it, Abby. Your dreams are followed by many. Keep dreaming so others may have hope..../D

  3. Dear Abby -- You are a precious young girl. I'm grateful you are alive. It will be interesting in the future to watch you 'go' and 'grow'. Am sure you have gained a significant amount of wisdom from all you have done. Take care of yourself!

    Janell in OK

  4. Abby - You go Girl! I am a mother of two, and I would have never let my kids do what you 16, 20, 30 or 40 for that matter! Why? Because they didn't and don't have what it takes. Neither do the other 99.999% of the population. All of the nay-sayers are comparing apples to oranges. You are a true testament to grit and strength of character, as are your parents. I prayed hard for you.... Thank you for letting me see a prayer come true. You will go far in life. God Bless you!

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  6. Hey Abby,
    I'm glad to hear you have started writing. Writing is probably the best way to process your feelings for Wild Eyes and your oceanic experiences. She sounds like an amazing sail boat!


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  8. Dear Abby,

    Lots of luck, looking forward to reading your book. I do believe you have writing talent and a keen sense of humour. And omething to write about. Don't wait too long...

    Lots of luck X

    Ace from the Netherlands

  9. Abby I am playing an extra 5 dollars a day on lotto(twice a week). If I get lucky enough to win the first thing I will do is contact your parents and give them the money to bring the boat home. I know its a long shot but stranger things have happened.

    You should definitely write a book, I know I would buy it in an instant. Add pictures and your life story to this story and you will be able to build a brand new boat with the money that pours in. I almost died when I read that you were lost at sea. You are so damn brave, I am ashamed that I never had the guts to put myself out there like you have done. I am glad you are safe.


  10. Yeah, I think you could probably swing a decent advance for that book.

  11. Michael from New JerseyJune 13, 2010 at 2:58 PM

    Hi Abby.

    Glad to hear that you're doing well, and that everyone on board the vessel is treating you well. Good to know that the bridge is fending off the press, as I know they may have mixed questions they want to ask you.

    It's true that you can't do anything about the past, like the captain stated, but I can tell that you really enjoyed your time on board Wild Eyes. I hope there are people out there that feel the same way I do and can donate to assist in the towing of Wild Eyes to the nearest port. I know that you probably have 100s if not 1000s of followers that have been following your adventure from the beginning.

    Also, as the captain stated, the most important thing is that you are safe and sound. Glad to hear that you're writing your thoughts about your voyage down, even if you don't decide to turn it into a book.

    I know you have lots of comments to go through, but it appears that there are some people that feel opposite how I do in many different ways (cost of Australian taxpayer dollars for your rescue, etc). I hope you can just throw out or disregard the negative comments.

    I really admire you for what you were trying to accomplish, and unfortunately, weather got in the way, which you can't do anything about.

    New Jersey

  12. So glad you're writing! I will definitely buy the book when it comes out. You're very well-spoken. And hopefully all of the thousands of comments are well-wishers, because we all are proud of you and care about you! : )


  13. Dear Abby,

    All I can say is 'thank God, you're safe'.
    Pray everything goes well and you will be united to your family real soon. Take care.

    Dad o4d's
    East Malaysia

  14. Dear Abby,

    You are an incredible kid-- God Love You
    So do I

    A mother, Helen Seagull

  15. Use all of us, who have followed your remarkable journey, as your source of calm, peace and power. We have anxiously followed your blog entries and enjoyed reading about your everyday sailings. Everything from losing your hairbrush and of course to the swells that were so difficult for you and WildEyes.

    Keep strong, Abby. And like I said before, I am a wife, mom and grandmother who is proud to say that I follow your blog and am part of your support team.

    Fondly, Ferret

  16. Dear Abby,
    You have accomplished what many never do. I am a parent of four, and I congratulate yours on having faith in you and your brother. Sometimes the best lessons we provide as parents, are giving our children the opportunity to explore knowing they have our love and support. Best Wishes, Donna Volpe

  17. As brave and remarkable thing is you have done, very brave in fact and that alone is to be commended - I do hope any money you or your parents make from this adventure some amount is contributed to the Australian rescuepeople who faced risks to save you!

  18. Abby, I'm so glad that everything is okay and that you'll make it home safely! You will certainly have one story to tell! There's no counting how many people you've been an inspiration to.

    If you do publish a book eventually, I will definitely read it! I've been following your journey for a while and would love to hear all about it. I know this goes for many other people as well.

    Good luck, and stay safe on your way back home!

    -Howard W. California.

  19. As the Mom of a 12 yr old girl I will look forward to seeing your book and having her read it. You are a strong and independent young lady. It was wonderful all the people that came to your rescue and we are so glad you are safe. Do you plan to make a donation or share any profit's from your book with these brave souls?

  20. Hi Abby just a thought from a great man: “It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong girl stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the girl who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly; who errs and comes short again and again; because there is not effort without error and shortcomings; but who does actually strive to do the deed; who knows the great enthusiasm, the great devotion, who spends herself in a worthy cause, who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement and who at the worst, if she fails, at least she fails while daring greatly. So that her place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat.”

  21. Abby,

    The others have said it so well. Just remember when you eventually have to face the press how many of us are praying for you! We know you will do a great job, as you have with everything else so far! Two things I haven't heard in the discussion threads: (1) It is odd that the same people who think you shouldn't risk your own life would gladly let you abort a baby, and (2) During the rest of the trip, you were in constant communication with your support team and could ask for advice anytime. Once demasted, you were completely on your own in a disabled boat in heavy seas, and that is harder than anything Jessica or any of the others had to face. Yet, you managed to secure the boat, get the heater working and stay safe till help arrived. You proved your seamanship, just as Wild Eyes proved faithful to the end.

    Sign me up for a copy of your book. I can't wait to hear the whole story.


  22. Abby,

    I am glad that you are safe. I have been praying for you ever since I heard about your story. The media only reports what sells, so don't let them hassle you. You and your family are doing what is good and right. Thank you for having an adventurous spirit, and I look forward to your next attempt!

  23. Dear Abby,

    Stay strong and keep smiling. Never give up on a dream. Whilst the chapter on Wild Eyes maybe over, I am sure you will have many more pages to fill with adventures in the future.

    I for one cannot wait for you to release and book so that we can all share the memories and experiences you hold.

    Take care.


  24. Hey Abby, You are amazing!!!! I am very proud of you and thankful to the Lord for your rescue. I am really looking forward to reading your book. It will be quite the story and well worth the telling. You and your wonderful family are in my prayers and I look forward to your next adventure.

    Have fun on the fishing boat. Stay safe and sail on,
    Kathy in Bend, OR

  25. Abby,
    I am so glad that you are safe and well. I just heard about trying to save wild eyes. I am more than willing to help save her. It would be so awesome for her to be repaired and for the two of you to complete the trip together. Please dont give up on your dream. I am so insired by you and your abilities. I want to see you live your dreams. Keep going girl, I believe in YOU!!!


  26. We are all very fortunate that Abby did not lose her life a few nights ago, because in this world of video games, reality TV, corrupt political agenda driven news media, kid gangs, terrorism and insane power/oil/money driven wars fought by teenagers for corrupt politicians….. We absolutely cannot afford to lose her or the few other kids like her.
    Abby’s journey didn’t get the attention it deserved until it was brought to an end, at which time the media, for the large part, ignored Abby’s bravery and the incredible sense of adventure that she possesses (the sense of adventure that made the United States great in the first place) instead choosing to blame and attack her parents. With some prominent members even referring to them as “abusive”
    Perhaps Abby would be better off to be more like the daughters of high paid anchormen and cable news executives (I know a few personally) hanging out at clubs in New York and LA drinking and doing lines off of a VIP Room table at 3am…. I personally don’t think so.
    Those of us that still posses some common sense appreciate the fact that “she chose to follow in the wake of the explorers of the past. She is proof that the spirit of adventure is alive and well, ready to pursue a goal whose only object is the journey itself.
    We should all hope that there are more adventures ahead for Abby”
    Oh and by the way….. Many of you that think it is ridiculous, selfish ect. that Abby and her parents would be incredibly sad about losing her boat “Wild Eyes” and want to at least try to get it back after it was her home, shelter and protector for months. Are the same self serving people that spend more time washing and waxing your BMW or Mercedes than you do with your own kids….. Take a good look at yourselves before you throw stones at others.
    Thank You Abby. We all need you right now, whether we know it or not.
    Glenn W.

  27. Hello! I've never written before, but have been following you for quite some time now. I have enjoyed your journey and am in awe of your strength and determination. I commend you for your positive attitude no matter what you are facing - don't let anyone's rude comments change that. Yes, please write about your adventures - I'd love to read them.....and they will be a great way to keep Wild Eyes alive. Praising God that you are safe.

  28. Dear Abby,
    Once again we just glad you are safe!As far as writing a must do it,for it a journey in your life which you never will forget.We kind of get to "know" you through following you day by day,we cerntainly want to know what you doing from now on,you a young adult 16yr old teenager,very intelligent. A good writer you are indeed, an inspiration for young and old. You earn our respect and are your followers little hero!
    A name for your book,how about "Wild Eyes," I think you owe us an book and how you live on Wild Eyes for 6 months.

    Live your dreams and reach for your goals Abby, you got what it takes, your future looks bright ahead, you are not your average 16yr old, youre are one of a kind. You earn my highest respect and I salute you for how you have handle your ordeal at sea.May God be with you for ever.

    [Port Elizabeth,South Africa]

  29. Hooray for the Captain, I agree! Hooray for Abby, what a roaring success you are. I can't wait to read the book and I'm not even a sailor--I'm a pilot!

  30. Hi Abby:

    It was so good to hear from you again. Is Charlie still out there floating around on Wild Eyes?

    Love the fact that you are going to do some writing while things are fresh in your mind.

    When you get to Kerguelen be sure to take some time to explore then thourghly, because how often would you ever have the opportunity to visit there again. Plus, do the same when you get to Reunion Island, they have a couple of national parks there that could be very interesting. Keep your adventure going.

    Hugs, seattlesid

    When you get to the Ke

  31. Hey Abby -

    Congrats on having the courage to make the journey - and the same to your parents for allowing you to follow your dream.

    You have proven that kids can handle challenging situations - sometimes even better than adults.

    Have a safe journey back here to California and keep your dreams alive. You are an inspiration to all!

  32. It sounds like you are being well cared for. The kindness of strangers amazes me. I do look forward to seeing your book someday. It will an inspiration to millions of people, expecially teens to show them if they work hard, NOTHING is impossible. You GO GIRL! God's speed with your family reunion. God bless you.

  33. Dont get down on the negative comments.. we run a coupon blog of all things and we get tons of negative comments about the stupidest stuff... i think its just soceity today!
    So get back on that boat and do it again...
    age has nothing to do with a storm and a broken mast! you made it so far... go for it!
    show them who is the one in control.. if you don't go out again, then every negative comment is in control...
    Have fun! see you on the other side of the world!

  34. Abigail: Love your name!! You are an inspiration to everyone who reads your blog about your adventure. As you say age is not important, it is your wonderful spirit, strength, and experience which you have shown when difficulties happen. So sorry about Blue Eyes!! Hope she can be rescued too. God Bless you on your journey home.
    Grandad & Grandma, WLA California

  35. Just read that note below your post!. See the world cares about u Abby!. That's a great idea of writing about your experience... phew, i thought my comment from yesterday was deleted....

  36. So glad you are ok kid! You ll be back in California soon. Enjoy the summer and maybe take another shot at it again whenever you can. If thats your dream, go for it. Dont let any naysayers bring you down. They abandoned their dreams long ago. Live your life!

    God Bless ya kid!

    Abby Rocks!

  37. Write the book. I will read it. So glad you're safe.

  38. Abby . . . I could not help but smile as I read through your post. The adventure continues even without Wild Eyes. You're traveling along on a french fishing boat that is taking you to a little island to transfer you to another boat that will take you to another island . . .

    What a story that is! Combined with the story of how it all came to be because of your journey on Wild Eyes and it will be perfect! You've got stories to tell us all . . . you've got stories to tell your kids someday . . . and you've shown just how much strength and character you have!

    Way to go grrrl!

    ~ Cynthia (somewhere in Colorado at present)

    P.s. you can make the press wait . . . get some writing . . . and some grieving done first!

  39. Glad to see your on the positive side of things! Also glad to hear that you are making friends with your fellow shipmates. Hope you have a save ride home to your family and good luck on the book!

    Sam O, Texas.

  40. I think you are incredible!

  41. glad to hear that you are ok Abby

  42. I really hope you do write about your entire adventure. Most of us will never have the opportunity to experience life on the open seas. We will only read about it in accounts from those who've been there. Please include the good and the bad and even about that dreadful last few days. We want to know what a thrill it is, but we want to know about the heart break and pain too. Thank you, Abby!

  43. Abby - i'm so happy to hear you are starting your book - especially while everything is fresh in your mind. but don't worry that you won't remember everything - when you get home and have time to think about your journey all the memories will still be there and you will have perspective on it and it will all come together. you are on a journey which headed in a bit of a different direction than what you had planned but as you say your story is still going on - and it would be difficult to make your story more exciting than it already is!!!

    keep the faith girl and stay strong in the face of any criticism you may face. there will always be adventurers in this world trying to achieve their goals -- and the world would be a sad place if we couldn't allow people to follow their dreams ♡

  44. As always, it's good to know you're doing well. Don't give up!

  45. I once read a book called "Into Thin Air" about a failed and disaster-filled climb of Everest. It reminds me of you and perhaps the book you will write. You may profit from reading it. Godspeed!

  46. You are truly an amazing and remarkable young lady! I have followed you from the beginning. Such determination...such awesome mental strength..and such a sense of humor...can't wait for the book!

  47. Capt. Abby
    i wish i could donate money to get wild eyes back to safty but ive been unemployed for 2 yrs
    ive followed you and wild eyes since your journey began please write a book ill find a way to read it also may be a movie might come
    god speed stay strong
    you are 1 strong person i know you will have many more adventures some will not end up how you want like this one but others will end up better than you expect thank- you for your time
    paul in maine

  48. Abby,...
    You have made the entire world of sailors proud..... and some of us are in absolute awe at your adventure!

    You are the most famous sailor in the world right now. Just remember the responsibility that comes with that honour.

    You, Jessica Watson, and in a just a few days Reid Stowe will make this the most glorious year in the history of sailing since Magellan.

    Thank you for all you done, and for being a wonderful ambassador for the sport we live for.

    Gerald in Canada

  49. Abby
    Congratulations in defeat. So weird to here you being criticized. Look at what you have done and been through. You are alive because of your talents. One of those is being prepared. Too bad so few understand. Thank you for the inspiration. Thank you for being a ggod diplomat for our sport. Hope you get along well with the french. Too bad they're fisherman and not tri sailors doing it in 53 days. Dreams can be real and there can be loads of success in failure. Peace

  50. Hi Abby - you probably don't remember me. I met you in Ensenada shortly before you departed. I had a few problems myself with a boat banging into Grand Journey at the marina and then the marina frying all my electrics with 220 3 phase being pumped instead of 120. Anyway - glad to hear you're safe. It sounds like this is just the first chapter of a lifetime of adventures for you. Good luck my fellow seaman, Andy

  51. Miss Abby; When you return to school this fall, you are going to have one heck-of-story to tell; "What I did on my vacation"
    God bless and return soon.

  52. Thanks Abby.
    The journey of life never ends.
    It carries on into eternity.
    Keep smiling and take that next
    step forward. Love you. ♥
    Richard (QLD) Aus

  53. Abby . . . a friend just sent me this Helen Keller quote . . .

    Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. Security does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than exposure.
    Helen Keller ~ US blind & deaf educator (1880 - 1968)

    It is most apropos to all the criticism that has been tossed you and your parents way.

    ~ Cynthia

  54. As I've said before--you are a role model and an inspiration to today's youth. I'm so proud of you and in awe of your parents for having raised such amazing children.

  55. Dear Abby,

    I'm really amazed by everything that you've accomplished! I think you can be really proud of yourself!
    I've been thinking about you being all alone in the middle of the Indian Ocean, just drifting, and it was hard to wrap my mind around that! I can't even imagine how it must have been for you, actually being in that position! I'm so glad that you are safe now.
    I wish you all the best coping with the loss of your boat, and good luck with writing your book. I'm looking forward to reading it!

    -Dieuwertje, from the Netherlands

  56. I am so happy that you are safe..My family and I have been following your blog for months and rooting you on..I look forward to hearing more from you..Take care and I will be glad when you get to your families arms...

  57. Thank you for the latest Abby, Team Abby, et al!
    Very good to learn some about great people who have rescued you! Please thank them on behalf of all of us who wish we could personally do so.

    Australian SAR team were in the world's news so the world got to see them. Perhaps you can take photos of the ship's crew and share them with the world sometime.

    I predict you will write your first of several books, starting with Wild Eyes adventure and including a future book about your completed round the world sailing journey. Also your story will make a very fine "inspirational" book - as from my personal experience -even with all the amazing technology humankind has - your rescue is nearly a miraculous one, i.e. there were other factors involved (and many SAR ops don't end so well).

    Hoping you enjoy all of the time as much as all your fans enjoy learning about you and your story.

    TC from Texas (USN-retired former global Open Ocean Airborne SAR operator)

  58. As a father I would be proud to have a daughter like you. From all I read that you did, i am sure that you have the seamanship needed...and as for age, I would not worry, if someone tells you no, in a couple of years or less you would be able to do it free and nobody will be able of stopping you!! Keep having dreams! How can some prefer a kid that plays video games all the time over having a kid like you?
    As for your parents, I am sure that they are proud of you and proud of having raised two great sailors in their family.

  59. go abby!! you went for your dream, and thats all that matters!! and as for the book.... i cant wait to have it!! if your followed your dream, and you had fun and learned from it, good for you!! i am going into sophmore year next year, and it still suprises me how some adults can be so stupid as to assume all the stuff they do on the reports of you and "Wild Eyes", but i bet all of them hide under their beds during a thunderstorm!! good luck, and cant wait to hear what you try next!!

  60. I am really sorry to hear about Wild Eyes, but glad you will keep those memories alive for all of us.
    Good luck on your next adventure!

  61. Abby,
    I contributed to the "Rescue Wild Eyes Fund" on PayPal, and encourage everyone who if FOR you to so the same.
    If there are only 100,000 followers on here, and the each donated a mere ten bucks, that would generate a million for Wild Eyes.

    What do you say people?
    You have laughed with Abby
    and cried with Abby;
    and you have prayed for Abby.

    Now, lets put some money into this.
    Do it for Abby!!

    Abby....I am so very proud of you and your family! You go girl....

    Dave Warwick
    Tulsa, Oklahoma

  62. Abby,

    Glad you're safe. You know lots of folks are wondering if you were too young to sail solo around the world. Here's my view. If you were my daughter, I'd try all I could to persuade you not to do it. That's as far as I'd go. Some in Australia for example say that the government should prevent kids your age from sailing around the world solo. This is silly.

    In the US a young person with parental permission can join the Marine Corps. Certainly as dangerous as what you do, and you didn't kill anybody.

    As for who pays for your rescue, that has nothing to do with your age. You can read the Aussie papers any summer and discover some fool as done something stupid and needs rescuing. Nobody says, "ban middle aged men who are out of shape from boating."

    I guess I'd just repeat. If I were your Dad I'd try to keep you from sailing. But you did sail and you've got guts, and I'm really glad you're ok.

  63. You go, girl. Your desires and projects are yours. Our job (here in the "public") is to make our own adventures and not judge yours. If we notice your actions, fine. But you owe me (us) nothing. Personally, I would like to read the book. I admire your high aim.

  64. Abby, I am sorry I didn't find your blog earlier, it must have been very exciting to follow your adventure all the way. I only joined in when u were lost and really hoped that your rescue to a bigger ship is just temporary and you can continue with Wild Eyes as soon as the storm is over. Even though it's very difficult to let her go, the captain is right and God also knows what's best for you. Don't see this as a failure, I don't think you do, you are wiser than that. I encourage you to write the book with many photos, remembering Wild Eyes. She has served you well, but every end is a new beginning. I am certain that we will hear from you again in the future and when I'll have children, I will tell them about you as an example of someone who made their dreams come true. Hang in there, you'll be home soon! /a Hungarian from Sweden.

  65. 12,000 comments! WOW! I think that shows the inspiration and admiration that Abby brings out in people.

    I'm glad to hear you are writing the book. I'll be on the list to purchase it the minute it's available.

    The trip home is just another chapter in the adventure! Make the most of it, brush up on your French!

  66. You did a great job out there Abby,never let anyone take away your dreams of going out and doing it again.I know it was hard for your family to let you go out and live your dreams but they did and how many 16 year olds would have the drive to go out and do what you did,not many at all.They're far to busy texting,partying and sitting on the couch playing video games.I've read many of the responses from people,which I suspect are non sailors and have no idea what it takes to run a boat,and how they've accused your parents of being horrible parents..I disagree they were trusting enough to let you live your dreams,and that is rare.
    Anyway I'm glad your safe.I know God does answer prayers and your living proof of that.Get some rest and dream of your next adventure I know it's right around the corner.
    I'll leave you with this Yvon Chouinard said this"It's not an adventure until something goes wrong" and you've had quite the adventure..
    God Bless you Abby

  67. Hi again Abby,
    As odd as this may sound, your distress beacons, the international response, the rescue, and the events leading up to it, will be avidly read by all, and should be regarded as a positive.
    Your unexpected trip to the Reunion Island is a new experience for you, and will probably become a highlight.
    The emotion of losing the boat ( at least at this stage) will also be appreciated by all.
    So dont be downhearted, enjoy the new adventures, and keep up the blogs!
    best wishes,

  68. Amateur radio call sign that might be of interest:

    Jean Jacques Longere (FT5XL)
    Kerguelen Island
    French Southern and Antarctic Lands

  69. Dear Abby,

    I'm amazed by what you've accomplished, and I'm so glad you're safe!
    I wish you all the best coping with the loss of your boat, and good luck writing your book! I'm looking forward to reading it!
    -Dieuwertje, from the Netherlands

  70. Good onya, Abbey in seeking to do something for yourself. Try again next year and go for it!

  71. Abby,

    Something should be done to retrieve Wild Eyes! She’s your boat and you deserve to have her back - even if she’s not sailable, it could be a hazard to other boats/ships just floating adrift.


  72. Dearest Abby:

    All is well now that you are safe and returning home. Find comfort in the following prose:

    What though the radiance
    Which was once so bright
    Be now forever taken from my sight
    Though nothing can bring back the hour
    Of splendor in the grass
    Of glory in the flower
    We will grieve not, rather find
    Strength in what remains behind

    There can be no regrets, only the wonderful memories and lessons of youth which will pay dividends in all that you encounter in your remaining years. Way to live life!

    Wayne Wild I. Moraga, Ca

  73. i am so happy you are safe i have loged on to you site every day since you started you are a very brave lady and i wish you well in any endevour you deside to do ''you go Abbey lokking to see and hear from you again ...have a safe trip home once again you have made a lot of people very proud ......john norman mississauga ontario canada

  74. write that book when you do I'll buy a copy!
    you had a wonderful adventure true you didn't
    reach your goal but you did get almost 3/4 around the world!
    good going!

  75. You'll always have a spot at the docks here on the Isle of Palms, SC.

  76. Write, write, write!!!
    Can people not see the humility of the young lady, who expected to sit out there for weeks until a boat passed by?
    People who want to make it their business have latched on to the "cost and danger of rescue" argument in order to have standing to be busybodies. Ignore that.
    The argument about her qualifications to make the trip is settled simply by reading how she got that far - probably farther than most experienced sea sailors would have.
    The final decision to go for it in Cape Town was a tossup from a distance and nobody can fault you for wanting to keep on.
    Welcome back to the world.

  77. Keep bing strong, i know it is hard being seperated from you family for this long.
    you rock.
    love, Hannah

  78. So glad you are safe and what adventures you have to tell, yes please document them while they are fresh in your memory. I SO admire what you have should be VERY proud of yourself. Let the harsh comments bounce right off...they are people who are sitting on their sofas and do not have the drive or courage to ever do what they are passionate about so they must say something negative!!! Abby, you are a testament to women and men everywhere in the World!!! Love you girl...stay strong, Glenny from Pennsylvania

  79. Abby,
    A book would be a great way to journal your life's most recent events. You have set out to fulfill your dreams. Remember that the adventure is not so much about the destination as it is about the journey! Your adventure became a world wide focus and everyone was able to participate along with you through trials and victories! The French boat captain is correct in saying that all that is important is that you are safe. Read Psalm 139 and know that God is ever present for you! Keep looking up!

  80. You are an amazing girl. Our family was praying for you since we heard you went missing and then continued out prayers of Thanksgiving when you were found safe.

  81. Dear Abby,

    Can you hear all the amazing comments being made about you? Because they FAR outweigh any criticism out there.

    As a parent, I firmly believe that we are duty bound to support our children in pursuit of their dreams and your parents are doing that.

    Glad that you are writing, it is cathartic... we will all read your book.

  82. Abby - - My Dad, Brother, Nephew and I have been following your adventure and we are absolutely thrilled that you are unharmed and in the safety of a very humanitarian French fishing boat. What a great crew they must be. Tell them "Bon Jour" for us! We were just sick to hear of your dilemma Friday night, and were thrilled that the airborne Search and Rescue team were successful in locating you, so fairly quickly! Good girl for not taking any chances and delaying the activation of the emergency beacons. I know it must have been humbling to be out there a few days under the power of Mother Nature - - but thankfully you were unharmed.

    We look forward to hearing the details of your story - in your book, and will run out at buy it as soon as it is available. Thank you for dreaming big, taking the rest of us with you, and showing everyone of all ages, that dreams and adventures should be pursued and come true with various endings! Just wait until you are an old lady, telling your Grandchildren the story "When I was a young girl...".

    May God Bless you and keep you safe. Thank you again for letting us co-pilot in your pursuit.

    Nancy M, Williamsburg, VA

  83. Dear Abby, You are a precious young girl. I'm grateful you are alive.You are truly an amazing and remarkable young girl.I wish you all the best and take care of yourself.

  84. R.I.P. Wild Eyes.
    You served well and honourable.

    Leslie in Toronto ON Canada

  85. Fair winds and following seas on this new and unexpected part of your adventure!

  86. Just look at it this way Abby; writing your journey down will be a great way to remember all of the things that you & Wild Eyes have shared together. As you stated, your adventure carries on.

    ~Brian & Phillippa,
    Vancouver, Canada

  87. Hi Abby. Follow your dreams. I hope you do get the chance to finish the journey. People are bashing your parents I do not agree. I support you and your family. Everyone should follow there dreams. Your parents would not have allowed you to do this if you did not know what you was doing. Hold you head high and be proud. Good Luck

  88. Abby - I know you miss your boat but remember Wild Eyes kept you safe until you could be rescued - she was there for you all the way and will always be with you. Take care and keep your positive drive toward the future!

  89. Hi Abby. I'm glad the Captain speaks English. That makes life onboard a little easier for you. Try to stay away from the press until you get home and have your team watching out for you. The news media can be so mean. I know that on Abby's website, Team Abby is looking for donations to get Wild Eyes home but I've been reading that they are going to sink her or let her sink. I'm confused. Can someone explain. Anyway, try to stay positive Abby. You have a whole life of sailing ahead of you. You also have over 24,000 fans on your facebook page. Wow. Hang in there Captain. You'll be home soon. xoxoxo

  90. Abby, Thank God you're safe. I'm reading comments for and against, the most important thing to remember is that accidents are normally due to a combination of factors, learn from the experience and the next attempt will be better placed to succeed.
    The interest of the whole world in your safety should be more prized than the loss of Wild Eyes.

  91. Abby
    I believe you really should tell tour story! you should because so many out there will find hope, courage and inspiration to face life's students could learn a few things about perseverance from you! You should not let people's prattle about age deflect you from pursuing your dreams...its not about age! Rest?, yes....regroup, yes...surrender? NEVER! Reach out again and take up the challenge set forth in your dream....My prayers are with you and your family....Remember have not failed, you have only learned and grown! Only those who never try anything can really fail!!

  92. Doug from St. Louis, MO

    Adventure--Awesome! Don't stop.

  93. Hi Abby,

    We are so glad to hear from you again so soon! Thanks for keeping us posted on your trip home. For us, taking a fishing boat from the middle of the Indian Ocean to one island, then another boat to another island, then who knows what, is still quite an adventure!

    It was so funny to hear your dad say "some people are accountants and some people are adventurers" because I was an accountant and now I am an accounting professor! We are in complete agreement that "accountants account" and "adventurers adventure". We hope that you will continue to do so! We have happily followed your adventure, have prayed for you regularly, and hopefully have encouraged you in some small way. For us, it has been very exciting, and we are looking forward to reading what will no doubt be an excellent book!
    God Bless!
    Keith and Kathy Wargo, Lynchburg VA

  94. Hi Abby
    So so glad you are safe. I have followed you and Jessica all the way. Don't be dismayed by all the criticism and the costfactor. All that talk is not coming from normal Aussies. Aussies will do anything for anyone, thats our nature. I have a big feeling that someone will go out and tow Wild Eyes back. I sincerely hope so. Take care Abby.
    Chris J from Sydney

  95. quite the inspiration you are to the world abby, good on you, your family, friends, sponsors, rescuers and many more no doubt. congratulations! enjoy your time boating back to port. cheers, scott

  96. Abby:
    GO GIRL GO!!!!

    The adventure continues! Go are on a different boat but the adventure goes on. Enjoy the company of the crew as much as you enjoyed the solitude of Wild Eyes. I am sure that they enjoy your company as much as you enjoy theirs. This will make a great chapter in the book!

    I listen a lot to what Will Rogers said, I will send three quotes for you. "Do the best you can, and don't take life too serious. Never let yesterday use up too much of today. A stranger is just a friend I haven't met yet." These quotes sum up what is happening.

    Abby, you are an amazing young lady and I do not believe that we have seen the last of you. You will be back bigger and better than ever. You live life instead of letting life live you. You have a great dream and the little set back that occurred does not diminish the effort that you put forth. Nor does the set back belittle the dream. As I said before, regardless of what happens next, when you are an old lady you will be able to say, "In 2010 I..." while those around you are saying, for their whole life, "I should have..." You have success just in the attempt. How many people attempted sail around the world this year? How many completed the trip alone? That gives you some idea of what you did.

    I hope that your trip back to your family is an adventure and you enjoy every minute of it.

    Be safe, be happy, and, most of all, continue to be just be Abby. You have made sun shine in my world and I look forward to a sunny tomorrow.

    GO GIRL GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    John R Willis

  97. i am glad you are well on la reunion boat and started writting. the captain is right, whatever happened is in the past you are safe now. you have shown to the world that dreams are no longer dreams until you fight to achive them. you have shown of what you are capable of i'm proud of you. go ahead, keep it up abby.

  98. I've followed Admirable Admiral Abigail’s trip from the start and experienced so many emotions along the way. Like many others I was unable to sleep on Thursday until reading the reports that the search plane had found Abby and that she was “ fine” and in no immediate danger with a ship in route to pick her up.

    I've got no doubt that if the Sunderland Family had been called by BP when the oil spill started it would have been stopped within hours. Taking that one step further, had Team Abby been drilling in the Gulf there would have been redundant systems to prevent this disaster from happening. I'm sure the only person on the planet who was happy about Abby’s predicament was the CEO of BP who was thrilled to have news of Abby Sunderland lost at sea push the BP disaster from the world’s headlines.

    I admire Abby's efforts and believe that she and her team were fully prepared for this. I also know that if you are 16 or 60 you can be dismasted by waves and wind which interact in random ways. Clearly all necessary preparations and precautions were taken to address such a situation. In typically Abby fashion, she kept her wits, took all the appropriate actions in the correct sequence to minimize risk which is why she is still here with us today (thank God).

    Although it's always sad to say goodbye to a friend, unfortunately the responsible thing to do is to say goodbye to "Wild Eyes". It's neither financially responsible, practical or safe to send a team of people 2000+ miles to the Indian ocean to retrieve "Wild Eyes" and tow her 2000+ miles to shore only to have to ship her back to the states.

    Laurence and Abby know better than any of us the cost to replace the mast, standing rigging, sails, equipment and return the boat to her original condition. Having observed Abby's personality and rational thought process, I'm sure in time she will come to this extremely disappointing realization soon. Although there is a sentimental attachment to “Wild Eyes” there is no doubt that there will be a “Wilder Eyes”, “Too Wild Eyes”, “Wild Eyes Too” or if you want to be less subtle “Wild Eyes II” and it’s likely the more economical and practical option.

    Cleary Abby and her family (we all are) are extremely appreciative of the efforts and resources which have been utilized to ensure Abby’s safe return. Rather than expending effort to save "Wild Eyes" it would be more admirable to raise funds to reimburse those who assisted in the rescue effort. I'd gladly provide financial support should Team Abby decide to reimburse her rescuers but, unfortunately I can't support an effort to save the boat.

    I’ll continue to pray for Abby and the Sunderland family until Abby returns home safely…….once that’s accomplished do you think you can get Team Abby to look into that oil leak in the Gulf?

    Much love and even more prayers!
    Mike in Maryland

  99. We are so thankful, dearest Abby, first to God for keeping you safe and lifted up during this time, and then to all of the people involved in your rescue.
    You are so right about going ahead with your book about your and Wild Eyes' journey together.
    You and Wild Eyes are a special pair, and it would be a beautiful book that you, as well as everyone else would treasure for years to come.

    We know that God will continue to bless you and give you the wisdom and knowledge in the days and months ahead for all of the great things He has in store for you.
    Your book could be the first step.

    Write on, dearest Abby!

    Love and prayers from North Carolina

  100. I have a feeling this wont be the last we hear from you. The world is yours young Abbie.

  101. It's good to know that the captain and crew are so supportive of you. I think you are wise to take some time before dealing with the press. It sounds like they're ready to pounce!

    How sweet of the captain to try and console you. I'm so glad you are still going to write the book. Can't wait to read it!

    Lori in MN

  102. Abby, you are right. Your journey is still happening and will be for the rest of your time here on Earth. I am sure there are things to learn right where you are. So the Captain is right. Be present as the past is just that. Embrace it and move on to what you are doing right now. That is an amazing lesson in itself! So be there enjoy your new experience, which I do believe there are no accidents! So eyes wide open wild thing and we look forward to the read!

  103. GOD's speed Abby...iam praying for your safe return! Louisville, Kentucky

  104. Abby,
    I wish that I would have been able to follow your journey from the beginning, but whether or not a story is news-worthy is a fickle thing. I am the mom of three children, a 17 year old daughter and two sons, 14 and 13.

    I have been thinking about you for the past days and praying for you and your family. Today as I read about your idea of writing a book, something not unexpected as I imagine you will even receive inquires for a movie, I have been thinking about the legacy we all leave behind. I hope that the Abby Sunderland story isn’t just Abby at 16. I hope that in the future we will read headlines such as….Abby Sunderland, now 28, spends her days helping under-privileged kids achieve their dreams…or…Abby Sunderland Foundation works to feed homeless children and provide after-school literacy programs…or Abby Sunderland, once lost at sea at 16, has donated much of the funds from the movie about her voyage to provide HIV/AIDS education in India. There are so many great things that can be accomplished, things noticed by the world and things unseen by all.

    We are raising our children to view the world through an attitude of service and responsibility. When my children see something terrible on the news, I don’t want them to say “how sad”, but instead “how can I help?” Our children have served food to the homeless, visited foreign countries to help kids, ministered in prisons, and traveled all summer to share with kids on the street. They are learning to have a broad world-view and to follow their dreams always with an eye toward others.

    So I will leave you with this…

    “For of those to whom much is given, much is required”. Bible (Luke 12:48). Quoted by John Fitzgerald Kennedy

    Blessings to you and your family,
    E. T.

  105. I heard about your misfortune and then your rescue a few minutes later. I'm sure your adventure seemed longer than that! Can't wait for the book. John NY.

  106. It's amazing to remind myself when reading your blogs that you're a 16-year-old girl. You are more mature than a lot of people I know much older than you, and your writing is extremely impressive. You definitely should write that book.

  107. Dear Abby
    I just wat to say God Bless You when i heard you might be lost at sea i had tears in my eyes.. I started to pray for then i heard you were ok i was so thrilled...You should be so proud of yourself stay strong and again God Bless
    Joe Pasquale

  108. Abby, your adventure has not ended in the least! It has simply changed form! I can't wait to read your book, too! You have inspired me to pursue my own dreams, and to encourage others to let go of fear and do the same. Please keep us posted as things develop!
    Kevin, Aiken, SC
    P.S. I'm glad the captain isn't sore he went for a little swim! :)

  109. Some quotes that I thought might be pertinent:

    “You can't cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water.”-Rabindranath Tagore

    "Life is either a daring adventure or it is nothing."-Helen Keller

    Excellent job. Screw the media. You are awesome, you're parents and family are awesome, and I look forward to seeing you complete the journey next time around.

  110. Hi again Abby,
    Oh gosh, i have tears in my eyes from reading this blog. Sad tears for Wild Eyes and happy tears that you are safe!! I wish one day I can get a chance to meet you. Im only about an hours drive away. My two kids, 10 and 8yrs old always asks about you too. Enjoy your time and adventure back to California. We will continue to pray.
    Alyssa from Irvine, CA

  111. Abby I am so relieved you are safe but as a past cruser, I know how hard it must have been to leave Wild Eyes behind. I know you are only sixteen but you are idolized by thousands including me. I donated a little hope it helps

  112. Your book will be quite and adventurous read! I can't wait!! I'm so happy you are safe and well!

  113. Hi Abby, I knew you are a Christian and God burdened me to pray for you the day you triggered your emergency beacons. In my prayer, He spoke to me and said that you would be OK. I am greatful to Him that you are. Keep looking up! He loves you. Rod in Phoenix, AZ

  114. Hola, Abby~
    (btw, you have no idea how thankful I am to write that again knowing you're still here to see it! :)

    You're right, your age did not stop you nor did the design and ability of Wild Eyes. The Southern Indian did what it has always done -- it throws everything it has, with as much force as it can muster... at the sailor who dares...

    Wild Eyes dies an honorable death. But as we who believe know, there is no death but life everlasting. And Wild Eyes lives on.

    Someday, darlin, you may be rocking your first grandchild to sleep and the late news comes on...some intrepid deep sea explorer has found the remains of Wild Eyes... COULD happen, and probably will.

    I am SOOOO proud of you. Keep writing, keep dreaming, and keep sailing. You did good, Abby. You did wonderfully good.

    Stay safe (cuz you like adrenaline), and Godspeed always,

    (Shanon Kay in So. Calif)

  115. Abby, The captain ia right: Is just boat. You are truly an inspiration. I look forward to your book. Gof bless you.

  116. Please keep posting as we are all very interested on how you are getting on.
    A few people have commented on the cost to Australia for our part in your rescue.
    I am an Australian taxpayer and very glad that we played a part in your rescue and the cost does not matter and should never even have been raised. We do a lot of different rescues as we have a very vast and sometimes dangerous country. I just hope that we can help with the rescue of "Wild Eyes", all is not lost yet.

  117. Dear Abby,
    I am so happy to hear you are safe. I have been following your story and find you very inspiring. I am 17 myself and could only dream of doing something like what you tried to conquer. I am sure you will go on to do even bigger and greater things, and I wish you the best of luck.
    p.s.- I would love to read a book all about your journey!

  118. Godspeed Abby! So glad that you are safe. So many mom's out here can sleep better knowing that you are alive and well. There are a bunch of us that are huge fans of yours! You have learned a huge lesson, life doesn't always turn out as we plan. One of my favorite quotes...
    God promises a safe landing
    not a calm passage.
    You have a ton of supporters!

  119. Wow, Abby you just continue to amaze me and your blog is very well recieved and even almost expected, no really its good to get your ideas down on paper or on a hard drive etc. Something else FORGET the silly people that all they can do is sit at the computer and lay all this negativity on you and your proud parents. Wild Eyes will always be in your mind and really in your heart. With that being said stay positive and continue on the book, and enjoy not having to do a lot except getting your energy level back. Peace & Aloha...38'43"N/122'67"W MsLynn707 in Sonoma County, California

  120. Abby,
    I know you must feel terrible about losing Wild Eyes, but just try to remember: If your boat came back without you, your family and friends would have nothing. They would not be able to bear looking at the boat, since it would remind them of all they have lost. If you came back without Wild Eyes, they will have everything! and be so grateful to see you and touch you. You have courage, spirit, and maturity that most people could never hope for. Best to you in the future, you shall surely go far!!

  121. so sorry for the hatefulness of some sad souls--BE BLESSED--thank the merciful Father above for his watch care over you!!

  122. Dear Sunderland Family,

    I am so happy and relieved for you that Abby is safe. I fully supported your family during the stress of Abby's ordeal and offered Reiki on behalf of Abby several times.

    I ask however that you please remove the request to fund the return of Wild Eyes. The rescue operation for Wild Eyes would be extremely risky, placing other people's lives in jeopardy. While Abby's life is precious and we are grateful that she is safe, I am also very grateful that no one else has lost their life trying to save Abby's. Please let Wild Eyes go now.

    I fear that if a rescue is conducted for Wild Eyes and someone's life is lost in so doing, the emotional consequences to Abby will be far greater than the sadness and grief she feels now.


  123. Bonjour Abby, comment va?

    You're really something else! :-)

    Your book is going to be a bestseller, for sure. I guess you'll have to put a paragraph or two in french! By the way, how's the cooking?:-)

    You're the best, take care.

    Again thanks to everyone for helping Abby and supporting her adventure. Thank you Team Abby for being there.

  124. Hi Abby,
    Good to hear from you and glad you are sounding positive. Do write your book as you say in time you will forget some of the things you have done. It will be a great read for your Grandchildren.
    Stay positive,

  125. I just came on line to say that I support you in what ever you do. Abby you have a big heart and alot of courage. I have the resources and trying my best to get wild eyes back for you, I do have a dream that has come true I will be sailing around the world, I am strating from Vancouver, BC. Canada July 28th 2010 so its very soon, if you have any courage commesnts please bring them to my way. I need all the encourage as I can get. I all ready have sponsors, my sponsors are Pansonic, Remax, Source for sports, Canadian Military since I was once a military soldier for 12 years. Anyhow I hope you get home safley and hope we can bring wild eyes home too.. ;)

  126. Abby, You're goal was definitly worthwhile... but not when you're 16. Being so young and having so much drive is good, and it will take you far in life. I simply do not understand your need to break a record. You could have easily waited until you were 18 to complete this journey on your own. If you really felt the need to travel the world for God's sake do it with a group of people. I simply can't imagine the state your parents were in when you were lost at sea and I believe they are idiots for letting you do this. There was much to much money going out in order to find and rescue you, and regaurdless of who was on the boat where it was going ect, you needed to be found. The issue was, why should this mcuh money be spent when you could have brought people to help you... or you could have waited until you were 18 to stop the bad press. Good luck in your future endeavors.... If you have the skill to navigate your way this far I can't imagine what you'll be able to do when you are truly of age... Just do one thing.... you've cost the authorities too much money already... don't demand someone find your boat. If you do so, you will be attacked by the press. Good luck with everything....

  127. Please write the book, the money you will make will help get a new boat, if thats what you want, everyone is backing you, and encouraging you to do so..
    By the way, when I was 16 I got married and traveled on 4 different trains across the united states by my self and I did it 3 times in a year. The next year at 17 I had a baby and raised him alone for a year while my husband went to viet Namn, I didnt think I was too young, and I dont think you are too young.

  128. My wife and I are very thankful you are safe, Abby. We have prayed for you for months and hearing about your situation in the Indian Ocean intensified our prayers. We do thank God He is merciful and you are OK. Bob and Kathy in Michigan

  129. Abby, Pay no attention to the criticism from those who don't understand or who have just accepted complacency and the status-quo as the norm. You are obviously a well-skilled and mature 16 year old. I'm thrilled to see people like you who dare to try new things. It's what made America great. Keep your dreams alive and know there are many, many people whose lives your journey has positively affected.

  130. Your journey will continue to inspire, because your journey continues to transpire - just in a different way. Keep "Looking unto Jesus" and tell your story honestly and truly, and the world will see the value of a teen aiming higher in this life than how fast they can text.

    Praying for you!

  131. keep on rocking in the free world!!!

  132. Hello Abby, I know you are depressed about the events of the last few days but now is the time to pick yourself up a start the next adventure. You are on one right now, try to learn all you can about a French fishing boat. It is an opportunity that you will never have again. Maybe you will be able to help out somewhere on board and blend right in with the routine. Turn a negative into a positive I always say. Good luck to you, Ed in Maine

  133. Regarding a fool named Robert (from Las Vegas) who kept posting negative comments while we were still unaware of your exact situation or condition (the first night - before the Quantas flyover)...I'm sorry some people are so ignorant. He was really irritating!

    Most of us support you, and can't wait for you to come home and plan the next voyage! Save a copy of your book for me, too!

  134. I've been following your progress for some time now and have been in awe at your courage. I'm glad to hear your safe and hope you can one day realize your dream of sailing the world! We need more people like you out there living their dreams!

  135. Melissa Kennedy, Arkansas USAJune 13, 2010 at 5:43 PM

    Alot has been said about Abby's amazing bravery to have embarked on such a daring adventure. While there is no doubting that bravery, I have to say that I also greatly admire the courage of Abby's parents, Laurence and Marianne, in allowing their baby girl to follow her dreams, even if it meant that they took a risk in losing her. As a parent myself, that takes some major selflessness that I'm not sure I would have in me. To be able to suppress that natural urge to protect your children, no matter how old they get, in order to allow them to follow their own dreams and do what is going to make them happy in their own lives, is truly amazing. So a big pat on the back to Mr. and Mrs. Sunderland. And of course to Abby. May you never lose the determination to do the impossible.

  136. Abby, I'll read your book. And don't worry about the boat. The resources it would take to recover it would be better put toward getting a new boat. I really hope you try again. The record is irrelevant; you're an inspiration.

  137. abby - I was praying and will pray for you. keep on going and take care, tough girl. L.

  138. Dear Abby,

    I am so happy to hear you are writing all of this down. It will be a great adventure for you to share with future generations.

    May God Bless you as you continue your journey towards home.


  139. You are an amazing young woman! I have two wonderful, ambitious and awesome children who are older than you, but I always told them there wasn't anything they couldn't do. I may not know you, but I am proud of you!

  140. You are awesome! I am happy that you are safe, I want to hear your story someday and I hope you also get to complete your trip around the world--live your dreams! I am the mother of an 18 year old daughter and when I hear your story I think of all of the endless possibilities for young women everywhere. Lisa Nelson, Minnetonka, MN USA

  141. I hope you succeed in writing. I too wanted to write but never thought that I would have the patience too. Your story has inspired me and I know you will set a great example for those inspired young writers to follow!

  142. Hello Abby and followers,

    So sorry to hear about the past few days and very happy for the ending (or new start) as it may be. Thank you to your new host, the law of the sea at its best. I was thinking with the early problems fishing this may be a good way to sharpen that skill at the same time learn a little about French high seas cooking. Keep up the blog as at least I enjoy the adventure old and new.

    Be safe at Sea
    from around Redondo Beach

  143. You are such a brave girl , I have 13 year old daughter and i hope she has half of the drive you got at age 16 , You are a winner in my eyes, I agree you should write the book , Ill buy it!!!

  144. 06-13-10 @ 21:01
    Hi Abby,
    It sure is good to hear from you, I‘ve missed reading all your blogs and your interpretations of your problems. Not that there was anything wrong with them. I’m glad that things are going well for you and that the people on board are easy to get along with. I’m sure that they feel extra special for having rescued a damsel in distress. There is a rewarding feeling for being able to help someone in need. There were a lot of people ready and willing to help and aid you any way that they could, it’s really nice to have those kind of people available, who give from the heart and their reward is your safety.
    I had a good laugh at your impersonation of this big burly Captain telling you not to worry about the boat and that your safety is first. It sounds like all the people on the bridge are very protective of you and that is nice, you have enough things to contend with right now, so you don’t need to be hounded by the press. I’m kinda glad that it will take a while before you get home. That way your situation will have quieted down some and the ‘dirt dogs’ will be off in another direction. But I’m sure they’ll catch up with you.
    I’m very sorry about “Wild Eyes”, I can well imagine what she meant to you, you were a team and I recall pictures of you working on her and you always looked so happy. Yes, when you are rested enough, get started on the book so all the little details do not get ‘fuzzy’. And I’m sure you’ll find some peace of mind thinking of her and writing it all down, you’ll still have one hell-uv-a book. There was a lot of good times and a lot of action and excitement in the time you were sailing. So don’t give up on those memories, they are priceless, and this is a very important and memorable time in your life. Look at how much that you have learned from this adventure and now you can use it to your advantage in the future.
    Enjoy your travels as much as possible, and enjoy not having to worry about any of the daily routines that you would normally have to go through. I know that you’ll probably get bored to death, but you’ve got your book to work on. Take good care of yourself and look forward to the future and what it can bring to you. Have you been up on the bridge yet? I figure you would enjoy that.
    And now what, your off to Kerguelen Island and then a cruise to Madagascar, will you be able to take a plane from there?
    God Bless You Abby, stay strong and keep that chin up,
    Loads of love and hugs, and remember God is with you.
    Your faithful friend, fan and follower.
    Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

  145. Ms. Abby, It is important that you write your book, you have inspired a lot of young people, and your book can give hope to their dreams. I have been interested in "Outliers" in our world, and I too look forward in reading your story. Best of luck Ms. Abby! Edmund in Vermont

  146. Dear Abby...your story captivated me from the get-go. The could'a-been-tragic turn of events kept me awake. Now...this book...I can't wait to read it. What a fabulous experience! If you share it with us, oh, kiddo! How great that will be!

  147. Abbey i also am glad to hear that your ok. PLEASE do write that book. Do not let your dream fade your still young and Hope to see you give it another try.

  148. Write your Book Abby Im looking Forward to reading about your Adventure By the Way YOU Did Awsome girl looking forward to more of your Adventures

  149. I'm sorry to say that since your initial departure, I didn't keep track of what you were going through except for the occasional update via the media...I never knew you had a blog...but going back over your blog entries these past few days, you've had such an amazing adventure...the places you've been, the sites you've seen...I'm having the greatest fun looking up the names of some of these places and discovering more about this great planet.

    I look forward to your next not ever give up on your pioneering spirit!

  150. Hi Abby, Your situation left me speechless until now. All I could have done was sit with you and hold your hand for comfort, however you were over two thousand miles away. What do you say when such a thing happens? So much and yet so little to say. I'll say the little. I am so glad that you are safe.
    From Lynne in Brisbane Australia

  151. Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover – Mark Twain

  152. Hi Abby, I am Darlene Foster and I am from WV. Even though we don't know each other. I just wanted to let you know my whole family is praying for you and your family. You did accomplish your dream of sailing solo around the world, even though it didn't end the way you planned it, you did accomplish your dream. Through that you proved to the whole world how couragous you are for a young woman of 16 years of age. Some day in the future the Disney producers will make a movie about your adventure on the high seas

  153. Don't let anyone talk you into doing something like that again. Live your life. Don't throw it away.

  154. Abby,folks understand more than it looks like from the horridness of some. You know what? I think you'd get a bang out of reading Richard Halliburton and the scrapes he got himself into-- laughing at himself the whole time! And you will laugh, when the dust from all this settles and the loss of Wild Eyes has been processed. You're well on your way to being a deep, deep woman. And that always comes at a price. Chin up, dear.

  155. Abby,

    So so so happy to know that you are safe and sound and are so proud of you! we hope you were able to save your video footage - would certainly make for some interesting viewing that is for sure! We love you and look forward to seeing you when you get home.
    Don, Sandy, Cassie (Mama Moose), and Roxanne

  156. i get really annoyed with governments and departments that want to be payed to do a rescue---

  157. Hi Abby, I would love to read your book on my iPad when it comes out! I have been also wondering... when you go next time, isn't it possible to chronicle your journey with video? I believe there are many people who want to experience adventure like yours, and they would enjoy it immensely. -Seiji, New York

  158. Hi Abby,

    Found your blog in all the media coverage. Best wishes for your return home and for coping with all the fuss.

    I also find myself living something of an adventure, albeit one not nearly as notable as yours. Some have asked me about writing a book and maybe I'll find the time to do so sooner or later. For now, though, I'm still living my adventure!

    Book writing is all well and good, but don't let it stop you from living your adventure, first! If you want to get back out there sailing then go for it! Book writing can happen down the track.


  159. Abby,

    Never let your memories be greater than your dreams.

    No dreamer is ever too small; no dream is ever too big.

    Your journey was great at any rate even if fate intervened...

    You're an amazing girl with an amazing family... don't let anyone ever tell you otherwise. Go tell the world - go shout it on Mount Everest lol ... or just write a book. :)

    ~Wishing you the best!~
    -Bailee M. Copas

  160. "Wild Eyes and my trip have been the best thing I have ever done or been through." What a woman! Abby, everyone is so very, very proud of you. Yes, please do write your story.

    -- Pete

  161. Don't let no one kill your dreams, not even yourself.

  162. hi there Abby: I,m so glad you are safe, I would enjoy reading your book. I can see you doing this again some day again going around the world.

  163. Hi Abby, I'm sorry to hear that there is a possibility you might not see Wild Eyes again. I am sure Wild Eyes was one of the biggest if not the biggest impact and influence in your life. I am confident that someday in the not-too-distant future, you will one day get a boat even better and you will name that boat Wild Eyes 2. What's more important than Wild Eyes is you are safe and that's the bottom line.

  164. Hi Abby! Although your journey did not go as planned, I truely believe that the Lord has big plans for you and for Wild Eyes' journey as well. I believe you are going to have an amazing story to tell, not just about your solo adventure, but your rescue and those you will meet along your way home. Those that you would have otherwise never had contact with if not for this turn of events.
    Try not to loose heart! Stay strong! I cannot wait to read your book. Just think, if thousands are waiting to comment on your blog there are probably thousands more that would read your book!! :)

    Lisa <><

  165. Yeah, you should write a book about your adventure. It will be very interesting for sure. You have also made yourself into a "celebrity" (I didn't know you before the incident):) Somebody will make it a movie some day :)

  166. You have shown great courage to sail alone and put up with the hardships. Life keeps throwing challenges all the time many of them not so obvious! wishing you best of luck in your life as you sail thru many more waves and trials. be a light unto yourself and others
    May God bless you always dear little friend

  167. We all love you Abby. You've gotta do the book. What you've done and are doing needs to be shared.

    Enjoy your trip home, and take notes. Have fun!


  168. Abby: Life goes on. I've done multiply Middle East tours with the military. Regardless of how bad your situation has been it is unique to you. Others will not understand unless they have been there. wish you the best.

  169. Abby,
    I have been following your story and am glad you are safe. You made your dream come true! Anyone who has anything negative to say is simply jealous. Age means nothing, though I think your journey has reminded some people of how much of their precious Life has been wasted.You are truly inspiring. DREAM BIG!

  170. Abby - I'm glad you're safe. Don't listen to naysayers... you keep on sailing. You're an example for the kids of America. Bless you, and stay safe.

  171. I am so jealous of you!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You are a strong willed woman.
    The boat is AMAZING...I couldnt even afford a canoe. Ha. What a kick a** experience.
    You have so much accomplished at ten years sooner that me. Lucky.
    Forget what anyone else says....I having been following your journey via blog, coolest thing eva.
    when I can...I hope to fly around the world one day, solo.
    Twood be amazing.
    Youre an inspiration!
    Your fan,
    Ellen from Oregon...Hope you do the book!!!

  172. Abby: I echo all the semtiments above and wish you well in your journey, the sky is the limit and you are well on your way. Don't know if you'll get to my comment but if you do, can you post a status on Wild Eyes? I donated to get it towed but am wondering where it is and what it's doing..can it just float around without further damage. Keep you dreams alive, write your book while the memories are proud of what you have accomplished. The best to you always.

  173. Abby,

    What an adventure! I'm glad you went for it (even though it didn't turn out quite the way you planned), I'm glad your family supported you, and I'm glad you were so thoroughly prepared. To have your mast snapped off, yet keep the boat upright and you with it, took lots of skill and preparation (and cool). I only wish I were 1/100th the sailor. You inspire me by not just sitting back; staying completely "safe" is just existing, not living.

    Best wishes for the future. Revisiting the same old quest over and over would of course get pretty boring after a while. And this society has a tendency of sidelining folks who don't fit in any pre-existing pigeon hole; arrangements between around-the-world sailors and colleges mostly haven't worked out all that well. May you succeed at creating your own unique hole, one that's both personally fulfilling and societally productive.

    For now, you've got a primo opportunity to pick up a little French. And if writing a book turns out to feel like overkill, consider writing a website instead.

  174. Dear Abby

    I am so proud of you and admire your courage! Don't you listen to any negative things people say....I did an Atlantic crossing on a 36 feet yacht when I was 24 (I am 51 now)...and I did it with three other crew members. It was a great experience but also hard one who hasn't done it can even imagine what courage it takes to do something like go girl! God has a great future for you, you know that and I will pray that He will give you wisdom about what steps to take next. Keep following your dream(s) .....we know that there are giants in Canaan but our precious Lord Jesus will guide and take you through until your dreams are reached!!!! All of the best!
    Ingrid deVilliers

  175. Dear Abby,

    So happy to hear that you're safe!

    Enjoy the quiet time with your rescuers while it lasts and when you get back, ignore the armchair experts who don't have the guts to leave their living rooms! It's your life and you've already done more with it than plenty of these people who've reached old age. Never forget that Mark Twain quote: "Twenty years from now..."

    Find the lessons from this situation and learn them well, I'm certain there are plenty! Then go out and continue to make your dreams come true with the benefit of the wisdom you have gained!

    I was onboard a sailing ship when it capsized and sank earlier this year - I spent two days in a life raft, a few hundred miles from land, not knowing if our EPIRB had worked. I can only begin to imagine what it must have been like to be alone and so much further from land or help!

    Best wishes!

  176. I have read everything I could about Abby Sunderland's round the world adventure. I am tired of reading about "should Abby be allowed to do this or that". Abby exercised her freedom and her right. Abby escaped the bounds of conventional wisdom. Abby sought greatness. Abby conquered and she is a champion. Not many people have the muster to take on the task that she undertook, and she deserves nothing but the highest degree of respect. Those of us who sit on our sofa's or are keyboard warriors, should keep our opinions to ourselves, except of course to acknowledge that Abby did the greatest thing that anyone can possibly do, and that is to exercise her freedom and right to be a champion!

  177. Hi Abby,

    I’m just one of many moved and inspired by your faithful guts and tenacity as well as your loving and supportive family. It seems we all want those things throughout the course of our lives. Just think - you'll never say "I wish I had..." Thank you for being such a great example of strength and perseverance to me. Regards, Dee

  178. I've been following your blog since glad you are safe. And I can't wait for your book, you write so well on your blog, I'm sure it will be great! =)

  179. Abby, I am very sorry about the loss of Wild Eyes. Your great partner is gone.

  180. Greetings from deep in the heart of Texas! You are truely an inspiration to me. You are livin' wide and may you live long. Blessings to you for taking advantage of the gift of life. Looking forward to buying your first book. Julie in Boerne

  181. Keep your spirits up and don't get down about media critisizms . You're an inspiration for other teens.

  182. Oh Abby-I am so glad to hear from you. A book would be outstanding. You write so well. I loved all your blogs. I missed thiw when it was first posted. I have been sleeping all day. Nothing like the sleep you need- but I coulden't go to sleep when I thought you were in danger. I enlisted all my friends for a porayer vigll and I wanted to make sure I was up the whole time. I was so happy when the first word you were "fine" came in.Now I can truly sleep. Hope you can too. Write your book. The outline is obvious- chronolical.ILY my sis

  183. You have endured storms that grown men cant. You are a beacon of strength and I know many in our lifetime will never dare to dream in the same capacity as you did. And I think your story is all the more interesting for having your mast go, as sad as it is. How intrigued we all are with a young lass who has coped in a situation where others would have gone mad. I am really amazed and I take my hat off to you. Well done!
    Judy, Melbourne

  184. Abby, you go girl! I'm sorry that people are actually posting negative criticsm when you endured such a terrifying and trying time! At 16 years old, I don't know anyone with your strength, drive, focus and determination to follow your dreams! There are plenty of people out there that have not and probably never will attempt to live out their dream! You can't put an age or price on that either!! I'm very glad you are safe. I would love to read your book if you do decide to write one! Stay you and never give up on your dreams!


  185. Happy to hear you are safe; be well!

  186. Hi Abby- A thought. Maybe your next boat can be "Wild Eyes too" It can't be a replacement boat but a continuation of a great name for a great sailor girl!! YEA I am working on my book about my horrible times. Mostly for therapy and for a few friends and authors. Writing well help you to remember and in that rembrance you will see God's certain hand in your life. You are my inspiration.

  187. Abby,

    I am soooo glad you are so safe, my prayers have been answered the way I asked for! You are a young woman to be watched for a long time to come, as you will go far. Actually, you could write 2 books...the one you planned on, and one on THIS adventure alone! I am so proud and impressed by you, young lady, and pray that you will soon be happily reunited with your family, and God willing, with your beloved Wild Eyes. Remember, if Wild Eyes does not come home, she will ALWAYS be in your heart. I think you are absolutely wonderful!

    For those who are athesists, Abby's rescue is enough to show that God does exist and still does miracles! To be alone in the Indian Ocean during a horrendous storm with huge swells, and then waiting in a damaged boat in very cold waters, well...the outcome could have been so much worse and Abby received a miracle! For those whose faith is lagging, this should be a "shot in the arm" for it.

    May God Bless You and Your Family and Friends!
    beth (mom of 2 teenage daughters)
    in Augusta, Ga

    p.s. Abby, you are so blessed to have met so many different people from around the world...something that many people do not get to do! When you get all caught up with everything, post pictures!!!

    with love,

  188. Hey Abby;

    You Go Girl!

    I notice from some of your photos of you and W-E that you are hauled all the way in and have a great deal of heel on. You probably know this and those are probably ad footage. But in case, ease your main sheet and reduce your heel to under 20, you'll hold more air, won't slip as much and be closer to your rum line. Oh yes, the boat will go faster too.

    When you are getting set to go round again, give Dame Lady Ellen McArthur or Izzy Aussitier a call and chat. It will be a fun chat and those ladies have been there and done that!

    Looking forward to following you again!

  189. I have a feeling that you have not seen the last of Wild Eyes!

  190. I just had a thought that caused me start crying again. Were you able to save Mr Doggie?

  191. Abby,
    Been following your blog for a few months now and can tell your very upset over Wild Eyes. I wish there was something I could say that would help but there isn't. Only time will help...

    Glad that your safe...

  192. Abby,
    To often these days kids your age are afraid to even cross the street!
    Congratulations on what you have achieved so far. I'm sure we will hear more from you in the future!
    -Michael A father of 2 teenagers, who DO cross the street

  193. Dear Abby,

    I am so moved by you and the fire you have for life and for your passion. As a fellow sailor, your adventure awes me. When I was 16 I was just starting to compete in the North American Laser Radial championships, and I thought that was a big deal! But what I have done is nothing compared to the adventures that you are undertaking. I cannot begin to tell you how awesome I think your goals are.

    I believe that everyone can find something in their life that they are truly passionate about and truly in love with; big or small, adventurous or not, everyone has something. Congratulations on finding your thing; it is a feat not many of us can say we have done.

    Best of luck to you as you complete this magnificent journey - never forget how special you are. (and please do write the book - I agree with everyone else that it would be a magnificent read!)

    Happy sailing!


  194. Hey Abby. I've been on the road for the past few days, only getting bits and pieces about your situation. I cannot express the relief I felt when I was able to get to a pc Fri a.m. and learn you had been located and ALIVE!! I know you're swamped right now (no pun intended) but please take all the positive comments all these wonderful folks are sending your way and attach my sentiments to them as well. And as far as those who actually think their negative critiques are of any value, they can KMA. I've said all along Abby, you have awesome parents that obviously love you very much to support your endeavor on a life-long dream. You are awesome, your family is awesome, don't trip on the butt-heads. I am ecstatic we still have you. Take care, Gary from Folsom, Ca.

  195. i'm glad you're writing a book! i think you'll inspire many young people to go after their dreams and not let people bring them down. 16 is not too young. it's all on experience you've had and you've had a lot of experience and training, and it's something that YOU'VE wanted to do. nobody forced you to go sailing around the world, so criticizers should stop blaming your parents and you, because you can't control the weather. and i also wish people would stop comparing you to the balloon family. that was a stunt. the parents made their children lie for their own benefit. your family isn't like that. i know you'll sail around the world someday! it's a new beginning!


  196. Wow! You have even managed to push Jessica Watson out of the news media in Australia. That's quite a feat!

  197. What an adventure you have taken us on. Can't wait to read the whole story.

  198. Abby, Kerguelen is one of the hardest and roughest islands to get to in the world. You're lucky to be going there. Even though it is little more than ice and rock and wind, not many have been there.

    Ile de RĂ©union is gorgeous and has wonderful tropical fruits and waterfalls. Spend some time there! Don't be in a hurry to leave! It is the easternmost part of Europe, being part of France. If you have a chance to hop over to Madagascar for a bit and see things there, do that as well. Lemurs are awesome.