Saturday, June 5, 2010

Repairs Going Well and the Heater!

The calm before the storm

I've had another quiet day out here with no more then 12 knots all day. I'm still managing to make decent speeds, around 6-7 knots. I've been able to get my heater working today and though I haven't gotten very far, I'm beginning to sort out everything in the back that got wet.

The wind should be picking up over the night and I am looking forward to another biggish blow soon. Wild Eyes is doing very well and I am finally getting ahead with all the repairs. My two auto pilots seem to be working well - it's such a relief to have reliable pilots.

I am having a little trouble writing my book. It's so hard to start a story when so much has already happened. But now that things are working better I will have a lot more time to work on it. Well, today's blog inst much of a thriller, but that's all that's going on aboard the good ship Wild Eyes at the moment.

I meant to get some new pictures today but got kinda busy working on things so I'll try and get some more up soon.

A little bit of the sun


  1. Good morning, Abby! Beautiful pics, and it's great to hear about life aboard Wild Eyes... Have a great and safe sail today!

    Blessings always,
    Marie, WA St.

  2. Glad to hear things are going relatively well. I was looking back at some pictures in earlier blogs or yours, and they are great; enjoy looking at them. It's been a little while since I checked in on your progress, but not forgotten, lol. Wishing you all the best, take care.

  3. Hey Cap,

    About writing, and getting started.

    What stops many people is the feeling that they need to start at the beginning. You don't. Just start writing. Anything. Begin anywhere. In any order. Sentence fragments are OK. Just write whatever pops into your head. Don't worry, it's all still in your head even if you don't remember it just now. You will find that getting something out, and down "on paper," and safe, will unlock memories, and more stuff will come tumbling out.

    You can re-arrange, and polish it all later.

    Godspeed and Fair Winds, Cap'n,

    Bill Smith

  4. Don't sweat it. These two are great... Saw u on 20/20- u've got a great team... Did u catch it online? the other stories were just as extraordinary... the teen who climbed w/his Dad was awesome

  5. Bonjour Abby & Wild Eyes,

    Maintenance first, book after... :-) Great pictures again! :-)

    Go Wild Eyes, Go Abby!

  6. Thanks for the update

    Great photos!!!

  7. Hi Abby,

    Great update. Thanks for the pictures... very much appreciated. Enjoy the calm.

    Capt'n Mudgie

  8. Here is an haiku for you:

    sailing in the boat
    wild ocean waves crashing on the deck
    cooking is a lot of fun


  9. Abby, if you don't become a writer, or astronaut(lol),or sailor(wait you are already that), well then you can become a photographer because the pics are awesome. It also sounds like you're getting the housekeeping detail down fairly well. So once again I say, Stay Safe,Have Fun,& When Up On Deck TETHERED...Peace & Aloha..38'43"N/122'67"W

  10. Hi Abby,

    Beautiful photos, thanks. Not many people get to see that area of the world.
    I'm glad things are going well for you.

  11. Thanks Abby.
    Nice photos.
    Love. ♥
    Richard (QLD) Aus

  12. Hi Abby: I check on your website every day for your news. Sending blessings and good wishes to you. I would think you have a great bit of the book outlined with all of your web posts. Looking those over will surely bring all of the events back to mind. But when my basement flooded in a rainstorm I was not thinking of writing my book, I needed to attend to the wet stuff first. Give your mind a bit of a rest and it will all find its way. Smooth sailing, Judy in MN

  13. You might find James Herriots "All creatures Great and Small" helpful as a model for your book. He was a English country veterinarian who created chapters from amusing/interesting events in his career. PBS even made a popular series out of it.

    Good luck out there.

  14. Your blog entries, along with some of the comments, are the skeleton of your book. You may not even be aware that this is what you have been doing all along and that makes for some good writing. You don't have to start at the chronological beginning, either. You don't have to tell your life story (short book, huh?).

    You could just as easily start with what it is like to be back in High School after the trip. You have no way of knowing, right now, what that will be like so put that away until you have that actual experience. I guarantee that it will be a shocker, Abby. The same thing applies to getting your Learner's Permit after you have circumnavigated the world solo. There are many things that will try to cram you back into childhood once you return home.

    Another note: does running your heater with the companionway closed lower the humidity in the cabin? Might work to dry things a bit.

  15. Awesome pictures Abby heater working things drying out a bit getting Wild Eyes ready for more thrilling southern ocean sailing adventures ! Cheers !

  16. Hi Abby,

    Just wanted to check in and tell you that I saw the segment about you on 20/20. It was cool to see the footage of your trip. There are many people in this world who try to set the bounds for others. There are a few like yourself who change the bounds for humanity. You go Abby, and don't look back. Bob in PA.

  17. Looking good Ms Abby, keep it up.
    Al P

  18. Thanks for the pix, skipper. They are really great. Doing what you are doing, no matter what setbacks mother nature throws at you, she still will always reveal her wonders to explorers, like you. Those scenes are so achingly beautiful, and yet I know that the photos can never do justice to what you actually saw. I am pleased that recovery from the knock down is going well. Having the heater back in action should get the cabin back to a livable condition in pretty short order. You got a lot of grief from some of us sailors about sail selection, but I think you have drawn the lesson appropriate lesson from you open, rapidly increasing experience.

    Well, Jess and Ella's Pink Lady will be sailing into Mooloolaba in a few hours, and I suspect many of us American admirers will be watching as best we can. Tonight Jess will sleep in her own bed!

    Sail on, li'l sailor, and sail safe. God bless.

    Steve L in Modesto

  19. Abby, as a writer I can understand your difficulty with your book. But since you are still in the middle of your adventure, why pressure yourself? Your blog is a terrific foundation for the book, and
    trust me, you are doing a fantastic job of telling your story - you are already a pro at it!! Just focus on your sailing and keeping yourself safe. If it can wait til you get home, stories often have a way of coming out better once you've got a little perspective on the matter. And I totally agree with Bill Smith's comments above about starting anywhere and just let it tumble out - the editing can always come later. What's really important is to just have fun with it!


  20. good luck Abby.. i saw your story lastnight in tv and i;m following your adventure now... keep up the good work...

  21. Gorgeous picture. Glad to hear repairs are going well. Hope you get dried out.
    Enjoy it while you can. Deb- Florida

  22. Hi Abby
    Thanks for the post and the pictures. We are always happy to get something from you. It is amazing how addicted I have become to your site, checking 3 or 4 times daily for updates.
    I teach writing at the college level and my suggestion to you is to write what you feel at the moment, if you cant write full sentences make bullets of your thoughts of the events that occured that day. Later when you are in a better frame of mind the sentences will all flow together. Chronology does not matter, that is where editing and rearranging the book comes in. Try to put your thoughts down as often as possible. You also have the blogs to refer to. More than anything stay focused on the task of sailing safely home. As you are wisely doing, continue using the calm moments to get prepared for the squalls and waves that always come. This Southern Ocean journey will be a challenge of your skill and fortitude and as you know "Fear is not an option". Keep your foul gear on as much as possible and stay dry.
    May He keep watch over you and keep you safe.
    Sherna T

  23. Abby:
    GO GIRL GO!!!!!

    Abby, you rock, keep up the good work. It is good that you are working the issues together with working towards the future book. Part of the problem adults have is that we focus so hard on work that we forget about life and all the wonders that surround us. As the old saying goes, don't forget to stop and smell the roses. The first order of business is always to sail safe but after that just do a little of this and a little of that and then go on deck and just see the beauty of the ocean around you, you are where most of never will go.

    After you get back you can polish the book. The important thing is just to record what you see, think, and feel. It does not matter what it looks like or sounds like and the spelling, grammar, etc is secondary, just capture the moment for yourself. Once you are on dry land you can put the notes into whatever order you want and then tackle the English Composition part of the task.

    Thank you for the photos, they are always welcome.

    GO GIRL GO!!!!!

    John R Willis

  24. Hi Abby,
    Don't worry about how or were to start writing,write what comes in your mind at that point of time. Once you got started everything will fall into place,btw...reading your blog entries so far, I should say you are a very good writer girl specially for a teenager.You just go girl, you doing great!

    It's so good to hear you are on top of things on your boat and all is fine.And remember a few lines on your blog is just as welcome as a long entry, we love to hear about your progress and your pics are beautiful and well taken. You are a rare and very brave,brite girl Abby.

    Best wishes for your voyage at sea and keep your spirit high,we your followers are behind you all the way.God Bless.

    Andre [South Africa]

  25. 06-05-10 @ 18:57
    Hi Abby,
    It’s good to see that you’re having a quiet day and still making good time. Gives you a chance to get caught up on the ‘little’ things. Glad to see that the heater is working, and good luck on your ‘boatkeeping’ work. I don’t envy you that job….lol…
    Good to see that the A/P’s are working well for you, I’m sure that is a great relief for you, I hope they continue to do a good job.
    Will you be ‘writing the book’, or will you just be jotting down highlites of the different incidents, and then fine tune them at a later time???? Don’t try to hard, just let it all come to you, writing keynotes will, at a later time bring, back tons of memories and then you can work on them.
    Well Abby, even though your post was a “non-thriller”, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it….lol… It’s always good to hear from you. You worry about that too much…really. Besides your version of a thriller has a tendency to jack up my B/P, and I can do without that…lol…
    It’s better you get the work done in a calm setting then when you hit some rough weather. Which from what you said, isn’t to far away.
    I enjoyed the “Calm before the Storm” picture, looks a little bouncy. I always enjoy seeing a portion of the boat in relation to the water, it’s kind of an action shot….
    Take good care of yourself, Wild Eyes and the crew and keep up the good work. Jessica’s having lots of fun of a different nature now, more relaxed and casual sailing, and with a beau. Tom, her brother sailed with them for awhile also. Loads of love and hugs, always thinking of you and very proud of you.

    May God hold you in the palm of His hand, may the Angels keep your sails full, and I, I will be praying for you.
    Your faithful friend, fan and follower.
    Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

  26. Ahoy Captain Abigail,

    First...glad to hear the positive news that you and Wild Eyes are well. You made good progress yesterday...152 miles. Good on the auto pilots and especially the heater.
    Second...the two photos are outstanding. Nice work Abby. far as "the book" goes...I would suggest just keep on doing what you are doing. The blog entries alone are rich and well written in chronological order. The only thing you might consider is writing from deep inside (as the opportunity permits)...topics such as loneliness, your get my drift...thoughts that you will not expose until your book is released to the public.

    Abs...I deposited something for YOU in Lucky's Treasure Chest today. If it helps you in some small way I am happy to do it.(Call mom and dad on me.)

    Clip on. Stay warm. Safety first super sailor.
    john, Bay of Quinte on Lake Ontario, Canada

  27. Bobby soon to be in ArizonaJune 5, 2010 at 4:22 PM

    Hang in there. Put your trust in the one who created the seas and everything else.

    Praying for your safe return.

    - Bobby

  28. Hi Abby:

    Luv seeing the pics from down there on the other side of the world. Keep them coming!! How is Charlie? Haven't seen him since Cape Town.

    Hugs, seattlesid

  29. hi abby thanks for the pics you are doing a great job abby, more pics of your self please that way i know my angel is ok i care about you a lot i just want you to know that. after you get home are you going to still wright blogs. talk to you later bye for now


    godspeed ABBY

  30. You've had a very exciting few weeks. I enjoy your blogs very much and the pictures are great. Be safe and have fun. Nancy M.

  31. I so love your blog and news!! I read it everyday!!! Great photos too!! It's so fun to see what you're seeing - or as close as we can! ha ha

    Bakersfield, CA

  32. Love the golden picture!

    And about writing: I was thinking what Bill Smith already said. Don't think you have to start at the beginning, just write what comes to your head as you sit down. Editing and revising comes later! And in academic articles, the introduction is usually the last thing that gets written. :^)

  33. Forget about that dumb book! LIve! Baby Live!!!

  34. Sail on, li'l sailor

    Steve L in Modesto

  35. "Taking the mundane and making it special", yes that takes a lot of practice as does anything!

    Maybe in your free-time on-board wild eyes you can practice? ;) lol

    Keep up the persistence; you already have what it takes, Abby!

  36. Hi Abby
    What a fantastic photo of the sunset. Do not envy you the boat cleaning with continual moisture mould would be a major problem and it is one thing I can tolerate the smell of. Keep safe during your next voyage into rough weather and hope all your repairs hold up. a trip around the boat with a tube of silcon might be a good idea just an extra precaution.

  37. That fouled backstay story is scary.

  38. As always, dearest Abby, you continue to give us outstanding pictures along with the most exhilarating and adventurous posts ever, that seem to just draw us right in the middle of things, so vivid are they.
    Thanks be to the Lord for keeping you and Wild Eyes lifted up during this marvelous journey.
    We know He will continue to guide you safely across the seas, so

    Sail on, Abby and Wild Eyes, sail on

    Love and prayers from North Carolina

  39. Abby: I have been following you since the start and am so inspired by your courage, your family, and your adventure. Thank you for sharing this experience, the blog is wonderful. Be safe and enjoy.

  40. Dear Abby,
    great to hear your doing good. Hopefully you'll have time to dry everyhting out before your next blow. Curious how long until you will reach warmer waters. Days weeks months? Anyway wish you well on the book progress and can't wait to see some more pics!
    Peace and tons of love,

    Shawn from Texas

  41. Abby ... I think it's going to be difficult for you to write a book because you have lived your life in a very close knit family and they are the ones you open yourself up to. You struggle to give us blog followers details and opt for generalities. We are outsiders not privileged to know your heart, your true feelings. To write a 200-300 page book, you are going to have to open your thought process, to express what you feel. I don't know if you are going to be able to do that. But, I suspect you will and the above comment is only looking at one side of the coin. There is another side and I hope you'll find it.

  42. Fr. Mark (aka Skipper Mark) said:
    Oh Abby, I hope you do write. I agree with one blogger who said that your blogs are the "skeleton" of your book. I also agree with the other who said, "Just start writing. Anything. Begin anywhere." We are all living your experiences vicariously with you. And, don't be afraid to allow people to see your faith.
    We are praying for you and for a safe return to your home port and family.
    God's blessings

  43. saw you on 20/20 the other night! that jerk who said that you, jessie watson, and other young sailors are too young to sail around the world need to learn more about sailing and how you train. don't listen to people like him(not the reporter, he was great, but there was some guy who was totally against young people sailing. can't remember his name).

    and like other people have said, just write what comes to you. that way you have it when you put your book in the pics!

  44. Hi Abby, The picture of the sunset is georgous. Thanks for sharing with us. I have really enjoyed reading your blogs and following you on your jouney, my kids ask me today how you were doing and they were happy to know that you are continuing your jouney and not giving up. You are a great inspiration to so many people and I we are all very proud of you. You take care and remember that my prayers and thoughts are with you. Gail/Ventura

  45. Hey there Abby! I just wrote on your facebook, too, but I just wanted to try and get across to you how inspirational you are to me. I'm 14, but I know that if you can circumnavigate the world by yourself, my petty drama at school in such is nothing. Thanks so much for helping me keep my perspective in its place. I admire you so much and I think that you are the ultimate symbol of girl power. If you're ever in Kansas or want to drop me a line, either check out my FB post or you can e-mail me at Thanks again, so much.
    Good luck!

  46. Hi Abby.... Glad things are going smoothly for you. Nice pics even if only two. Appreciate any you post. My best wish is that all goes well for you, during the rest of your journey. Can hardly wait till you are in Cal waters again. Charla and I kave been talking about coming out to Cal for your homecomming. Make the Good Lord watch over you. Blue Skies and Friendly Winds. Love Ya much
    Bud & Charla Winnett

  47. Hi Abby! I just found your blog yesterday - I just stumbled upon it...and am facinated. I'm not 16 but I WAS a 16yo girl once upon a time!! I eventually bought a 16ft sunfish and had fun with it in my younger days. I'm amazed at your gumption and willpower to do all that you're doing. I started at the beginning and am ALMOST up to current day in the blog. I'll be following you along the way, looking forward to it all. Oh, and you write very well thank you very much! Except I need to go back and re-learn a few nautical terms.......!!!

    Continue the fun ;-)

  48. My great-great-great grandfather left home at age 14 to travel with some French traders from east of the Mississippi to Santa Fe. This was in 1809 and he went with the blessing of his family, returning 3 years later. Don't listen to those wags who have fat kids sitting on the sofa playing video games all the time. You have to love your kids enough to let them go.

  49. Hi Abby - Two more really nice pix...THX! I think you know your photos really are appreciated by all of us who are enjoying your voyage along with you. They really make what you're doing so much more 'real' for us.

    Sounds like you have everything under control....why am I not surprised! Keep up your good work and stay safe at all times!

    We love you!
    Janell in OK

  50. LOVE the photos. The sea is such a mysterious world to most people because it's rarely visited yet it's most of the world we live in. Boring blog entry? I loved it. Although if I had to rely on autopilots I think I'd go a bit crazy with paranoia. It's very exciting to read about and I enjoy clicking on it whenever you post! I'm blogrolling you on my blog so I can keep up with you better. But - your pictures are breathtaking. And yes, what can you tell when the experience is so large and the text leaves so much to be told? I'm sure you'll probably figure it out like a year or two AFTER you get back - lol. That's the way it usually is with things like this. I'll look forward to reading it someday so I can say I followed you online all that time!

    Anyways, Godspeed and God Bless!

  51. I would like post a new forecast on arrival to specific points along the route. I will try to post an update every second week. In this forecast the arrival date is the same as in the previous forecast two weeks ago.

    05 jun ― Latest position ― 41°36S 55°19E ―
    18 jun ― Longitude ninety ― 40°00S 90°00E ― 1570 nm
    28 jun ― south of Cape Leeuwin ― 40°00S 115°08E ― 1150 nm
    10 jul ― SE Tasmania ― 43°42S 147°48E ― 1470 nm
    24 jul ― Longitude 180 ― 30°00S 180°00E ― 1740 nm
    11 aug ― Equator ― 0°00S 160°00W ― 2140 nm
    06 sep ― Marina del Rey/Los Angeles ― 33°58N 118°26W ― 3100 nm

    Abby, don't treat this as a reason to speed up, or to gain back losses. Be careful and arrive when you arrive.

    /Ben, Sweden

  52. My husband is stationed in Korea, so we have a difficult time catching the regular news shows - they come on at odd hours most of the time. Did someone happen to save the 20/20 report and could you post it on you tube or post a link for it? Thanks so much!

  53. (sigh) nix the link part - I found it on the abc website and when I tried to play it I got: "this video is not available in certain territories outside the united states due to rights or contractual limitations". They would, however, let me watch the section about the 14 year old mountain climber. :/

  54. Hi, Abby.
    I was at Mooloolabah To welcome Jessica
    Watson home. A big crowd and many boats.
    I am sure you will get a great reception when you
    arrive home.
    I continue to follow your progress and
    will keep praying for you.
    Love. ♥
    Richard (QLD) Aus

  55. Thanks for sharing abby. About the book you are basically writing the book by living it. There are plenty of people out there that are great bio.writers. It can be real hard to write about yourself. Its not a bad idea to jot down some of the details but the main body of your book will stay with you till your ready. sail on sailor. blue wave dave ventura, Ca.

  56. You're getting lots of positive comments about your writing, Abby, and I wholeheartedly agree that you write very well. I can certainly understand your thoughts and concerns about how to "start" the book.

    Perhaps you might permit me to make a suggestion. You could start at the beginning, if you can somehow decide when the "beginning" was; or you could just start from a major event, and then do flashbacks. For example, here's how you could start from your flooding of a few days ago...

    It happened so quickly; I barely had time to think about how I’d got myself into my current trouble. Here I was, hanging out over the cold, dark Indian Ocean, with nothing but a line clipped to the boom to prevent me from disappearing from my boat forever. It was windy and raining, and I was wearing only a shirt and shorts as my boat moved wildly in the huge swells beneath me. As I struggled to free the running backstay, I was too much in shock about the water flooding the back of my boat to feel how the cold was sapping my strength and my ability to think clearly.

    I just knew if I didn't clear the line holding the boom and main sail in the wrong position, "Wild Eyes" and I might suffer a knockdown, or worse.

    If I’d had time to think, I might have wondered how I’d managed to get myself into this dangerous situation.

    In fact, it all started when I was a kid, and sailing with my family…

    As many of your fans have said, Abby, whatever you write will be great, and I'm sure you will have many people wanting to read your book. Your story of courage and perseverance is one that will inspire many.


  57. Abby, comments like from 14 year old Grace says it all. If girls like you and Jessica can help kids gain a positive perspective on life, then you've done more than you can possibly imagine. Sail safe Abby. Keep the blogs and pics coming. Get you butt over to the Australian sunshine coast so you can hang out with Jessica and the guys for a couple of days. I'm sure Jess will load you up with chocolate and see you off for your final run home. Love and hugs from Florida.

  58. I had a great comment all written up and then in the blink of an eye and slip of a finger I lost everything I was going to say . . . ah well.

    It sounds like you're moving well forward in getting your gear dried out and Wild Eyes is performing well too.

    I caught the 20/20 segment and thought your part was really excellent. You did a good job of conveying what you're doing and your skills and background to accomplish this amazing journey. Kudos to that! I just wish the producers of the full segment had not been so bent on painting your effort and those of all the other fine young people (Zac, Jessica, Jesse, Laura, and all the rest) as irresponsible folly.

    Anyway . . . as others have said . . . your blog will make a nice source of material for your book. You've already got a rough draft right there. Take from the blog what works and write the rest. You can do it.

    Take care and good luck getting everything dried out.

    Fair winds and following seas grrrl!

    ~ Cynthia (on the road from Wakeeney, Kansas USA)

  59. Hi Abby,
    I am so happy to see that you are cleaning up all the 'loose ends' on the good ship (great line Abby) Wild Eyes. Hopefully the heater will allow you to dry out the cabin.
    Abby, I totally agree with everyone, don't think about the task of writing an entire book...just take notes, especially since the adventure is not over.
    Beautiful pictures, beautiful boat and a beautiful young lady; what a combination!
    Please stay safe Abby.
    God Bless you.

  60. Nice Pictures Abby!
    The view of the ocean is just beautiful,beyond words. I have never been on a boat and don't know how to swim but I love everything about the ocean (even have a large saltwater aquarium at home).
    I stand in awe at your courage and stregnths. Keep going girl do what you love to do in life but always do it safely.

  61. Well done Abby! You keep on smiling and killing those miles! Am proud of you. Where is Ritchie from Paris - haven't heard from him for a while - has anyone???????


    Need I say any more!

    God love you, bless you and keep you safe on your journey, Admiral Abby!

    You've got countless supporters praying for your success.

  63. Abby,
    Sorry to hear that something is always in need of repair. That must frustrating. Thank goodness you are a terrific sailor.

    Take care and God Bless.

    Mr. Bill

  64. You can see the 20/20 segment on the ABC News website.


  65. WOW! I just saw coverage of your voyage for the first time on 20/20. You are an amazing and courageous young woman! I applaud the strength of your convictions and am grateful for the example you are to young people. So many students your age are involved in destructive things. It's sad. You are a woman beyond your years and I pray my 10 month old daughter grows to have confidence and vision like yours!

  66. The story on 20/20 was great! Hope ou're able to dry out some!

  67. Dear Capt. Abby; Hopefully Mom is accumulating the powerful book writing advice you are receiving; amazing good stuff, especially that of Sherna T and Wilson James; very handy it will all be when it's time to put the story down. For now your blogs, the responses & pics will serve well as your prompter. It is vital that you leave the reminder strings hanging out. We are very proud of you and remain confident that Wild Eyes will bring you safely to port of home... already you've earned the title, Skipper.

  68. Today's Inspirational Quote:

    "It is good to realize that if love and peace can prevail on
    earth, and if we can teach our children to honor nature's
    gifts, the joys and beauties of the outdoors will be here

    -- Jimmy Carter

  69. loved the pic of the sunset. could picture you sitting back munching on an orange or whatever taking it all in and pinching yourself saying "am I really doin this" By the way did you fill the storeroom up with fresh fruit when you left capetown? what do your meals consist of anyway, I have no idea surely not cans of baked beans etc yuk! Tell us a little of your cooking skills and how you manage to cook with the boat tossing around all the time . All I can visualize is the washing up must be easy as plenty of water around. Glad to read your blogsand wish you great days and wonderful nights.take care

  70. Abby,

    Absolutely fantastic photos. And it was nice to hear that you had a somewhat uneventful day. We need a break for those thrillers. It was great to see you on 20/20. I sure felt proud of you while I was watching. Well, have fun and take good care of yourself and Wild Eyes, Abby.

    From Seattle, WA, USA

  71. Hey Abby!
    It's so hard to watch your struggles sometimes! I worry and am not even your mom! Take care & bless you!

  72. Hi again, Captain,

    I've just watched your 20/20 segment on ABC's site.

    I have some awful news for the producers, and the LA Times columnist. Teenagers are doing horrendously dangerous, life-threatening, foolhardy things right now on dry land that their parents know nothing about. 16 year-olds can, and do legally fly small airplanes alone. Every day, millions of 16 year-olds drive cars, many on busy freeways. Some die, and some kill other people -- but they're on dry land, I missing something???? Is dying on dry land safer than dying in the middle of an ocean? Is being killed by a runaway dump truck crossing the median somehow better, too?

    And, since when is being terrified an automatically terrible thing to be avoided at all costs? It's an unavoidable part of life.

    You are a smart, sensible person, Abby, with excellent judgment and skills. I think you have the right stuff to weather storms both external and internal.

    Godspeed, Cap,

    Bill Smith

  73. I hope that the condensation has been somehow reduced since you drained all the bilge water and opened the hatches for ventilation, and hopefully your heater is working properly to increase the temperature inside and to reduce the dampness.

    S. Nikfar

  74. An haiku for you:

    sunset at the horizon
    flying fish in the air
    savouring hot chocolate


  75. I greatly treasure every update and picture that you send our way. In order to give more weight to your story however, I would have liked to see the pictures of:

    1- Condensation on the walls and roof,
    2- Extent of water damage to the back of the cabin,
    3- Bilge pump at work draining the water,
    4- Heater that has been sprayed on,
    5- You hard at work cleaning the aftermath of the flood.

    At the challenging moments that you have recently experienced the only thought is to remedy the problem immediately and taking pictures hardly comes to mind. But the pictures taken at these moments in life are the most memorable when looked at a future time.

    A more visible place for the donation would attract more customers on the “help support Abby’s trip” referral site; it is placed way at the bottom and is easy to miss. I first thought you just sell videos and tee shirts only.

  76. Good pix! I think that what you have written here so far will be very helpful to you-- that, in addition to the more private feelings and incidents that need to made note of if only to yourself. People will want to read about what you struggle with-- even if it's the fact that you are so in the public eye even though you are in many respects alone out there. And yet not. Lots of good stuff to ponder on that way! I think it's a book you'll be adding to for the rest of your life, really, as you gain in years and perspective and experience.

  77. Make notes on your feelings about things, your struggles, and what strategies you used to pull you through these. Also, any details that help you remember incidents. People will want to read about how you were emotionally suited to this voyage, and how you gained the emotional tools you needed to make it. Much of this story is going to be a testament to the influence of your family; that would be interesting to read about. As another poster said, now is the time to make notes, and fragments that help retain ideas will do at this point. I think this is a story that will write not only one book but also perhaps others as you get older, gain perspective and perhaps watch others do the same thing.

  78. @stacie i got the same message in AUS but try again and chose full episode that worked here in Queensland. @ ABBY keep up the fantastic good work, I will keep following your jurney from down wishes from a grandfather and coastel sailer

  79. Good morning Abby!! Glad you got a start on drying things out, although I suggest focusing on one or two items to dry out at a time, then you won't feel so defeated when they all get soaked again, as we know they probably will.

    As for starting the book, there's no need to have a "starting point." Some of the best stories are never written because they remain in scraps of paper, or in journals, lacking a "starting point." Keep it all together and decide when the brillant idea strikes you. Never force a title or a chapter, you may only regret it down the line.

    I'm very much anticipating this book. I think it will be fascinating to read about your journey, without having to check your blog!!!!!


    XOXO - Alana

  80. Hi Abby
    Thanks for the update, great pictures.
    I'd like to make a donation towards your sat phone but not through the internet. Could your Team kindly send me your full postal address, including ZIP code and I'll send it through U.S Mail. Best wishes

  81. Hey Abby,

    I'm still checking in on you everyday! It looks like you are making good progress. Beautiful pictures you have posted. Thanks for sharing those. I hope you don't get quite 60 knots of wind....YIKES!

    Stay safe Captain!


  82. Thank you to the person who suggested I use the "full episode" selection. I did get to watch it. I thought they were awfully harsh they brushed over Abby's experience and her (awesome) team. They had already decided it was a bad idea and didn't seem real interested in even considering the other side.

    Abs, stay safe, stay strong and stay clipped onto something during these high winds. And be sure to drop us a note as soon as you can so we don't worry TOO much!

  83. I sure hope and pray that this beautiful young lady returns safely. If Mother Nature doesn't present enough dangers, the sick individuals of today's times surely create enough on their own. I hope she doesn't run across someone who would take advantage of her beauty and youth. Pray for her sage return.
    Pete P.
    New Orleans, LS.

  84. please please please get home to write your book...

  85. I'm assuming that all updates will be posted here.

    Hey Mom and Dad. Could you tell us what you are doing to find your daughter? Are you in contact with any of the rescue team? What are they saying? etc etc. Do you think it was a good idea to send your "little girl" out to the big wild sea?


  87. Abby!! we are praying for you hope u are fine god will be with u

  88. Abby,

    You are one of the bravest young women I've had the pleasure of reading about! I've been praying for you as I had heard you were having difficulties out on the wide open sea. I hadn't watched your video until early this morning here in Amish country, Ohio, and I didn't realize you were a Christian! That explains your vibrance and love for life! You will be in my prayers from here on out and I'll be following your journey via your blog. I thank God for your courage and faith. What a testimony you've got! Keep writing that book, girl ... and I know you won't forget to give your Heavenly Father, Who is most definitely watching over you, the glory! Amen!

    Kidron, OH

  89. Hi Abby. Glad you are ok. Hang in there and above all, have fun. Enjoy every minute. Say hi to any squid you come upon. I'm an old lady now but when i was young I had wonderful adventures all over the world and I will always have those memories. Can't wait to read your book. Karen

  90. Hi Abby,
    Good to hear you are safe and although you lost the mast , it is only a temporary setback.


  91. There is a lot of negative news out there. But when all is said little is done to satisfy the grappling hunger of curiosity. Abby you tried and even if you don't make it round the globe, at least you had the guts. Bravo! I believe that this will not go unrewarded and the good thing is you are alive!!!

  92. So relieved and grateful to hear that you are okay.

  93. So prould of you girl so prould

  94. what you're doing is so inspiring!

  95. Way to Go! I think it's a great accomplishment, and you'll complete it at another time...
    Glad you're safe.

  96. Glad to hear that you are safe =) Greetings from Germany