Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Happy Feet!

Today has been a very slow day. I haven't had over 5 knots of wind all day and its been coming from all over the place. My clothes survived the night outside, they even made it through a squall! Its all safe down below now.

Wild Eyes does really well in light wind. In 5 knots we were doing about 4kts, but its not going to be fast enough to get me to were I needed to be to use the cold front to push me down to the Horn. Luckily there is another front coming on Monday or Sunday, so I should be able to use that.

I was doing some cleaning today (again) and I found the book I had been reading! I keep on misplacing it. This time I was quite sure it was gone for good since I hadn't seen it since Cabo. The book is the Hobbit. Its not really the type of book that I usually would read but a friend gave it to me way back when I was in Rhode Island picking Wild Eyes up and its really a good book!

Now, if the wind will just stay coming from one direction for more than ten minutes, I'll be able to find out what happens to Mr. Baggins and the dwarves!



  1. thanks for all the new updates and photos!!!

  2. Dear Abby:

    (1) Great pics! Love the toe shot and your Pelican makes a good "first Mate".

    (2) Thanks for posting again so soon... nice to get updates from you more often...

    (3) Remember the little things... check and recheck before you get into rough weather...

    Be safe... and vigil...

    Cowboychincs, South Carolina, USA

  3. glad you are having a good day.. I wrote a post and linked you Blog on my site today. Small following for me, but I wanted them to know about your journey. keep on a keepin' on, glenn

  4. how do you have internet all the way on in the middle of the ocean?? just curious if anyone else can answer this please come to my page..

  5. David from Seattle:

    The Hobbit is one of my favorite books. The rest of the series was harder to read for me but that one book is right up there. I suspect as you get just a little more south, you are going to have more wind than is comfortable, so enjoy the weather you have now. I have spent a little time in the south when I was active duty Navy, and it can get nasty down there. Take care and keep us up to date on your trip.

  6. Your story is like an adventure novel to me. I was follower #2799; now look how many followers you have. Wow. I always smile when my Google Reader shows your post. Thank you for sharing your adventure. Praying for you every day. The Lord is with you every moment of your journey, and rumor has it that He is quite capable with wind and waves. :) Blessings. Bill

  7. Great pics Abby...THANKS. I see you fixed the funky lead on the head'sl.

    @Mr. Wilson: OF COURSE, we can agree to disagree. If often makes conversation much more interesting.

    Steve in California

  8. I love that book. I swear, when I'm like 80 I'm gonna smoke a pipe, blow smoke rings, and read the Hobbit once a month. You should definitely finish it and, if you like the story and the characters, try delving into the Lord of the Rings trilogy. It's much darker and wordier :D

  9. I hate to admit that I kind of like when the wind is slow cause then you post pictures and new blog posts. You have been my twice daily work distraction for the past 40 days, so it's nice when there's something new to see. Good luck getting to that cold front.

  10. The Hobbit - def a good book! Read that plus the Trilogy. Hope you have them all with you. I'd mail them, but I don't think that would work. LOL

  11. YEY!!! Thank you Abby!!! (I like the feet pic! :)

    Glad to hear that you didn't get hit too hard in the storm.

    Miss ya!
    Chrissy <><

  12. Clean laundry, a good read, and Mr Pelican (sorry I don't know his name)for good company, sounds like a few good days to relax and rest. Know you are anxious to get where you are going, but you're already there, for afterall it's the journey that counts. Stay safe, and happy sailing, kiddo. You are looking good!

    Kerri from California

  13. Bonjour Abby & Wild Eyes,

    Happy Feet, Laundry, Hobbits, Charlie as Aristote Onassis...Abby, you're a riot all by yourself! :-)

    Also a skipper and navigator on a long journey.

    And a very good photographer.

    Enjoy, Take care, Be safe.

  14. Hey Happy Feet,

    How fun it is to watch you is so much like reading a live story...your story and like someone else said it is so much fun to see you come up on the reader! I can't believe it was all the way back on the 19th of Feb when you crossed the it's March and that is amazing!

    We are getting ready for softball season here in Ohio and there are still huge piles of snow in the parking lots! But they are shrinking...yeah!

    Stay alert, don't be complacent, and we will continue to pray for your safety each day.


  15. A very nice end to an excellent day - thanks much for that update and the happy photos. I am liking that Charlie all the more.
    We are having much colder weather here in the Daytona Beach, FL area. This is "Bike Week" and who so says there are 500,000 bikers here is not far off. Everyone is enjoying the elegant slaw wrestling contests and such.
    Jay Leno has his spot back which returns the Earth to its equilibrium. Get your dad to tell you about the little kid that was filling in for the heavy duty flight controller. Lots of us here at my house are thinking about you gal, all the time.

  16. Hi Abby I have read the Hobbit and Peter Jackson is at present filming a movie for it in New Zealand.They rebuilt the hobbit houses that they used in Lord of The Rings.
    Safe sailing. Cheers Shona

  17. Wonderful update. Nice to know all is well and dandy. Great photos! Love your Pelican!

  18. Hey Abby! We are a Christian, home-schooling family that just heard about your adventure, and we are so excited to follow along. We prayed for you tonight and will continue to do so. Our kids are 11, 9, 7 and 5. I'm excited to have them learn so much from watching you follow your dreams and hope that it will inspire them to follow their's as well. It is definitely inspiring to me, as their mom. Take care. My daughter said, "You can do it, Abby!"

  19. Have to laugh at the pictures. There we're all worried you're huddled in the tiny cabin holding on for dear life as you navigate around the world, little boat being tossed around like a cork in the ocean, and then this, a picture of what could be a day on a beach in the Caribbean, laying out in the sun relaxing while the washing is hanging out to dry. Even with proper big wooden clothes pegs!

    Totally awesome :-)

  20. Captain Abby... I didn't See the safety line hooked to your feet... LOL

    WAY back when I was in School.. and that was the lit. assignment.. we had to memorize all the names of the dwarfs... ready.... GO..

    Sail Safe.. Post often and have fun...

    Richard Rumble
    Dana Point, CA ( in RENO tonight though)

  21. I found you through Glnroz. I'm amazed and had to become a follower.

  22. Abby, thanks for the update, kinda surprise to read your blog 2 days in a row, but it is most welcome.
    Take care and hope the wind be more friendlier soon so you can get back to Cabo on time to have a dinner with your family.

    From this old salty USN(Retired).

  23. Abby,

    Great pics. That’s a good shot of the laundry room and Charlie P. is sure styling. Sounds like you’re doing great keeping up on the nasty chores. That’s just a real necessity to save yourself big problems later. Well done, Abby.

    And I might as well tell you what happens to Mr. Bilbo Baggins. After he lost the dwarves and lost the wizard, he…………wait, I’m not going to give it away. You’re just going to have to finish reading the book, so make sure you don’t lose it again and enjoy the rest of the Hobbit. Have fun, Abby and always be safe.

    From Seattle, WA, USA

  24. Abby,

    I would love to hear more from you about your feelings about being out at sea all alone. More importantly, what does it feel like to be in all of Gods Wonder?!!

  25. The Hobbit is a great book, you'll enjoy it, especially when Gollum says "my precious"....
    Your happy feet look sooooooooo... relaxed. (Envy Envy)
    Hope the cables are strong, gives me the willies to think of you standing so close to the edge.

    Thanks for posting again so soon.

  26. Dear Abby,

    It is so wonderful to live vicariously through you and your journey. I’m just a mom in Indiana and I can only imagine how proud your parents are of you. This is the time of your life; take every opportunity to reflect and focus on your task and adventure. A bit of advice though, in reading your blog, you write about losing things. From my experience of 45 years, being organized keeps your mind centered. When you let your environment become cluttered, it distracts from your focus. Your focus should be on staying safe and making the best use of all your time…even if it is just kicking back, reading about a new friend (your Hobbit and my Abby), and sailing into the sunset.
    Safe travels!

  27. Hey Abby, Wild Eyes isn't a frat house ;)

  28. wishing you a nice safety trip and God bless all the way.

  29. Do you ever go swimming or do you just stay in the boat?

  30. Abby, I am so addicted to checking your blog... I know its sounds Crazy... since I don't know you but I really enjoy the info, weather etc, you send our way. Maybe its the "explorer in me... I am old enough to be your Dad or maybe Grand Dad and I find myself just checking in a praying for you... Hang in there we will pray you to the Horn!! Keep posting!! Web

  31. Abby ~
    I check your site every day ~ and pray for your safety. Looks like you're having a wonderful time. Love the pelican pic :) Thank you for sharing with all of us your great adventure ~ (I'm quite the 'land lover' but did take a cruise once). I think you are an incredibly brave girl and you must know that we are ALL so very proud of you! Oh, The Hobbit is a wonderful book ~ it will be great reading for you. Betsy in Kansas

  32. Hi Abby
    When you have finished reading the Hobbit someone will need to get you a copy of Lord of the Rings so you can see what happens in the end. Lovely shot of your toes! You go girl!

  33. Hi Abby,
    Thanks for the update.
    4 knots boat speed with 5 knots of wind? Must be nice. Those of us with old, slow boats are jealous. I hope you get some real wind and surfing seas.
    Sleep, clip on, and take care of your crew.
    San Diego

  34. everyone is always searching for a purpose greater than themselves. you help inspire people to search for that purpose. thank you.

  35. 03-04-10 @ 01:55
    Hi Abby,
    Thanks for the up-date and the pics, they’re great.
    Looks like you’re having a good time, the ‘Happy Feet’ look more like ‘Relaxed Feet’, enjoy it while you can, after a hard days work, you deserve it.
    Good luck to you on the next front coming in, I hope you get that one, and that there’s plenty of wind for you. Glad to see that your laundry survived, you still need clothes….lol…

    @cowboychincs: Thanks for the grib link.

    Charley is a pretty cool looking guy in his straw and shades, and pretty big too. Aside from moral support does he help with the work?
    Glad to see things are going well for you, except for the wind, and that you seem to be in good spirits, keep ‘em up!!!
    Sometime back in the ‘70s I read “The Lord of The Rings” and really enjoyed it. Later on, I got the movies and almost wore them out watching them. That’s my kind of entertainment, plus the documentation of what the producers and directors went through to produce this excellent movie, I found to be very enjoyable. Let yourself go, and put yourself into the story, I hope you enjoy it.
    Take good care of yourself and Charlie, and most of all, enjoy, enjoy and then enjoy a little more. I’m very proud of your accomplishments and your dedication towards your goal, you’re a very strong minded girl.
    May God hold you in the palm of His hand and may the Angels keep your sails full, and I, I will be praying for you.
    Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

  36. Fellow circumnavigator-to-be Ryan Langley's new blog is up at:

  37. Thank you for the nice pix, Miss Abby!
    From your naked feet and the drying laundry, I get that you are the board's Cinderella, exploited by the Mafis Boss Pelican Charlie. He looks terrific with his straw hat and sunglasses. I hope he doesn't make you work too hard!
    It is good to see both of you enjoying your journey. Keep on that way!
    If you have some spare time, think of letting us know how you are sleeping; did you reach regular patterns? And what about your meals? How do you feel about the food you have?
    Fair winds, Skupper Abby!

  38. Great update... Great pics too. The Hobbit, as well as The Lord of the Rings (the trilogy), are some of my favorites. By the way... the butler did it... hehe... just kidding. Thanks again for the posts, and the pics. It's like you're bringing us along for the ride. Good luck and Keep on keepin' on !!!

  39. Thanks Abby
    Richard (QLD) Aus

  40. Hi Abby,

    Really enjoyed hearing from you again so soon. Thanks heaps for the additional photos --loved all three of them. They each seem to speak many more than a thousand words! Priceless! And aren't you clever the way you promoted your sponsor with the 'Shoe City' tee on the 'clothesline'! :) Pretty clever!

    Abby, you are a terrific young lady! Capable and smart, too. And, you are endearing yourself to a huge following out here. We are all cheering you on to your goal.

    Janell in Oklahoma, USA

  41. Hi Abbey,
    Glad everything is going well. Good to see you are keeping up with the washing and maintenance on Wild Eyes. Keep safe,

  42. Abby,

    Looks like you and Cahrlie are having a little R&R. Thanks for sharing your pictures.
    Always good to hear from you.

    take care,


  43. Hey Captain Abbey,While your relaxing put Charlie to work on splicing the rope under his nose. Looks a liitle torn. lol.........Did you forget fingernail polish? girls want to know? Sandi

  44. Aha! Bilbo Baggins. Many years ago when my sister first read this book of Tolkien she chose to name her cat after Bilbo. He loved to go for a walk in the park on a lead. (Just a bit of nonsense for you to
    The Hobbit is an amazing read as is the Trilogy. Loved the washing line..wait whilst I go get mine! That looks like a good drying day.
    Enjoy these moments and stay safe and sound.
    Good luck!


  45. Hi Abby,

    I thoroughly enjoyed the pictures you sent today. They brought a big smile to my face.

    I so look forward to hearing from you every day.(when possible)

    God bless you in your great adventure around the world.

    Clare, Spokane,WA

  46. Hi Abby.
    I'm SO glad you enjoy the book, I said it was good and you seem to see it the same way. It is funny though to think of Abby the adventurer, reading about Bilbo the adventurer. All though a reluctant adventurer, as opposed to you.
    I'm currently in Bermuda, and will most likely go on towards St. Barts. in a few days.
    We had a bumpy and tiersome passage down here. We had an est. average windspeed of 30knots, sustained high of 40-45kn and never under 15kn, but all that is cruising winds for you I guess. We had 3 lowpressuresystems over 6 days, and I imagine that is about as close they are able to come. We altso had some minor damage, a ripped dodger and a broken stanchion. We even managed to get a few bucketloads of ocean through 2 of Maryams 6 doradevents.
    At the moment Maryam is hogtied to the dock waiting for a storm. We hope that we'll have nice cruise onwards, and I wish the same for you Abby. Thanks for warming my hart. Fair winds Captain and may Wild Eyes carry you gently home.

  47. Gotta love that go-swimming query there! Must be kind of tempting with the heat you've had to be fair Abby? But a little tricky that when sailing solo, no?!! You're making some solid progress given the conditions there really - Very quick boat for a circumnav boat old WildEyes is huh?! Hope you looking after yourself and keeping the fire within Abby! Take care & Godspeed girl. Bruce & Lucy, Brisbane, Australia

  48. Great pics, Abby!... I bet your mom is praising the fact that u did your laundry!. good going... love the pelican...

  49. How funny, we're reading the Hobbit here too (just started chap. 10 last night).

    Abby, we're fascinated by your trip and sense of challenge! My family used to sail in Europe, on Lake Geneva (which was a training ground for many good Swiss sailors), and now we're in So Cal. You're making us think we should get back into sailing! Enjoy your adventure, and thank you for your postings (we love reading them).

    God bless.

  50. Why don't you take the reef out if the wind is only 5 knots??

  51. Abby, you're reading my favorite series of book of all time! Way to go, Hobbits Rule!

    Take care and keep the posts coming, you're got lots of devoted followers and folk cheering for your success.

  52. Abby . . . so good to see another update so soon! I am envious of all the sun and sea you have right now. It looks wonderful from up here in cold and grey NoCal.

    The Hobbit is one of my all time favorite books! Bilbo Baggins and his friends are perfect company for your voyage!

    Da' feets and Charlie Pelican look relaxed and happy . . . and your . . . ahem . . . laundry room is the nicest and most shipshape I have seen! *grin*

    Happy Sailing!

  53. Abby i really admire you for the strength and courage you have. I hope your journey goes well. God speed Abby

  54. yes i loved your pics!!! i love getting new updates from you...I was telling our Pastor about you and journey, sunday night...and we have this huge world map in our church..and he told start putting markers up there to let everyone know...and we are going to start praying as a church for you!...I told him about your dad's prayer from mexico..he thought that was great!
    I wonder also..while you are out aren't can always talk with the to be in the mist of His Creation!!!..
    We love you Abby!!!
    And safe journey to the Horn...and the rest of your Adventure!!!
    Crystal from Galion,OH

  55. The Hobbit is one of my very favorite books. I read it in high school, then a few years ago read it out loud to my three sons.

    This poem fits nicely with what you are doing!

    Roads go ever ever on,
    Over rock and under tree,
    By caves where never sun has shone,
    By streams that never find the sea:
    Over snow by winter sown,
    And through the merry flowers of June,
    Over grass and over stone,
    And under mountains in the moon.

    Roads go ever ever on
    Under cloud and under star,
    Yet feet that wandering have gone
    Turn at last to home afar,
    Eyes that fire and sword have seen
    And horror in the halls of stone
    Look at last on meadows green
    And trees and hills they long have known.



  58. Hi Abby,
    Great pictures! Gee that was alot of laundry and such monster clothes 'pins', whoa! Charlie is soooo cool! Definitly a SoCal pelican. Your piggy's looked very comfy hanging out on the boom. You are tethered, right?
    Abby I believe you are blessed with many wonderful followers, it is heart warming for me and I am sure for you as well to read the blogs for example Sunny Miller's today when she included that wonderful scripture from Joshua and that wonderful poem yesterday from Grant, WOW. Gee many days I can get another daily devotional, wonderful humor, genuine knowledge and of course a dose of seeing people 'loving one another' by just reading you and your bloggers insightful comments. Thank you Abby for bringing all these magnificant people together and taking us all along with you.
    Please stay safe and continue to enjoy your wonderful adventure.
    God Bless you.

  59. Abby,
    I enjoy reading your blog. The pictures really add another dimension. It is like we are along for the ride. I am a tax accountant in Chicago and we are in the middle of our busy season. Your blog is a pleasant distraction-don't tell my boss. Godspeed.

  60. Dear Abby,

    It looks very nice and comfortable out there. When the sea is calm it should be O.K. for me.
    Great pics again and Charlie looks so cool.
    Thank you. Sail on safe and enjoy it out there.
    Ingrid, Tyreso, Sweden

  61. Hello from Kodiak!
    We are excited to see you have a cool 'buddy' on board. Also, it was a reality check for the kids to see you have to do your own laundry. Imagine that!

    I'm also reading The Hobbit! What chapter are you on? Eric

    Way to go Abby! Charlie looks awesome! Cassidy

    I hope your clothes don't get blown away by the wind. Matt

    Did you find your hairbrush? Elin

    Have you seen any ducks lately? We are doing the Jr. Duckstamp pictures. Maybe we can send some pictures in e-mail. Isaac

    I wish you good luck on your trip to the Horn! Leah

    Keep on going! Johnny

    Keep your chin up Abby, many of the kids are going to follow your progress even after school gets out at the end of May. God bless.
    Mr. J's 5th grade
    Peterson School, Kodiak, AK

  62. @Anonymous 5:37am: you wrote: "Why don't you take the reef out if the wind is only 5 knots??"

    I'm not a sailor and was really puzzled by the reef talk when I first started following the two girl circumnavigators. Steve in California can correct me if I'm wrong but here's what I found out. The definition of reef is to reduce size of sail. Therefore you reef when the wind is too much for the amount of sail at the time. There are reef points which divide the lower part of the sail into equal parts and when the wind comes up (and this is more when you are heading into the wind when your sails are taut called close hauled) you will "take out a reef". Check out this sail pic:
    And check out this video of the Hydroptere which holds the world speed record and has the main reefed.

  63. Abby-

    Just saw your post and it made me smile.f While I deal with the day to day obigations and hassles that we all do, you are a ray of sunshine and it is always a pleasant part of the day to read of your journey and to know you are well.

    Laundry done, pelican good, great picture of you relaxing with your feet up. I am so happy that things are going good for you.

    Interesting that you are reading the "Hobbit" as that came up in a conversation I was having about you the other day. Great book, but nothing compared to the adventure you are undertaking. I always think this about you...Brave girl, great boat, amazing heart and are NEVER alone. We are thinking of you always. We watch you daily and wish you success. We send you big love and always, the spirit of Brazil.


  64. Keep on going Abby! Your story is so inspirational and I personally hope you don't get lonley out on the high seas there. :) My World History class is learning about Columbus and other explorers, and my teacher told us all about you! We are all eagerly following your blog and hope you safe!

  65. Hello again from New Zealand.
    How fitting that you're reading The Hobbit. Maybe on another trip when you have more time you can come and explore this beautiful land of the Lord of the Rings. You must know that Auckland is called the city of sails.
    Praying for your safe travels.
    (a transplanted American living in Christchurch, New Zealand, waiting for your arrival)

  66. Your blog is beautiful. A visit to the Brazilian coast.

  67. - Happy Feet - sure nice to take cat naps after breakfast up in the main. I hope the boom brake
    prevents accidental gybes.

  68. Make this all into a book!

  69. Hi Twinkle Toes
    Thats one BIG hammock!
    Enjoy and Best wishes

  70. Your Oklahoma Well-WisherMarch 4, 2010 at 1:34 PM

    Really enjoying the pictures and keeping up with you on your blog, Abby! You are an amazing young woman and I'm thrilled for you and your team! Keep it up! Peace, Your Oklahoma Well-Wisher

  71. Super Shots..I love those great shots of the sea..even the pinkie shot..I wondered whether your wind turbines were whirling and the camera stopped them know...The sea looks superb..the skies are incredibly blue..and all in all it looks like you have a perfect day going on there.

    Praying that you are safe and in His care...

    Smooth sailing Abby..and clip on..if the sea gets more rambunchous..:O)

    Be it appears you are...Cool shot of the Pelican...Like the hat...

    Gary & Jan

  72. See, if you keep going, you'll find out why LOTR did so well in films!

  73. Hi Abby,
    I've had a very busy week so it was a surprise to have the time to check your blog and see you have been busy too - blogging.

    Glad you didn't lose your clothes in the squall - they can come out of nowhere! At least where you are you can hang your washing out and no one will get to see your "smalls"!

    Hey, I thought this was supposed to be an unassisted circumnavigation! What's with the crew on the winch??? A stowaway perhaps? Maybe s/he stole your hair brush.

    Re the hobbit, when my (ex)husband and I set sail many years ago, I took the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings trilogy with me. They're among my most favourite of books. But I won't spoil the ending for you.

    Light boats have an advantage in light winds don't they? At least you keep moving, however slowly and erratically.

    Stay safe and dry, and hope the cold front appears just when and where you need it.


  74. @RLBirchBay re: Reef comment-

    Happy to help but not sure of your exact question.

    Most of your research is essentially correct- at its simplest "reefing" is reducing the amount of sail exposed to the wind. This is done for a number of reasons depending a whole bunch of factors. If you are "just cruising around" you might want to reef down a bit just to reduce the boat's heel so its more comfortable below (that way you walk on the cabin sole - the floor - instead of having to walk on the sides of bunks!

    If you are racing, or pushing the boat for best performance, you also don't want it dragging the leeward rail in the water. The strain on the rigging and the steering systems (tiller, rudder post and bearings, etc) also increases with speed, just as the strain on the rigging increases with the wind speed.

    ""There are reef points which divide the lower part of the sail into equal parts and when the wind comes up (and this is more when you are heading into the wind when your sails are taut called close hauled) you will "take out a reef".""

    The middle of this statement isn't as strictly true as it's would consider reefing on many points of sail, not just close hauled. The last part is OPPOSITE of the reality. As the wind comes up, you would consider taking IN a reef NOT taking one out.

    The reef positions are commonly called "reef points"..first, second, third (sail size being reduced at each step) are common. If you over hear someone say, "The barometer dropped so fast we were down to the third reef in less than 40 minutes and then it really started to get ugly." are about to hear an interesting story.

    The blogger who asked about the reef on Abby's boat, noticed that Abby's "toes shot" was taken with her lying in the folds of the mail sail, as it lay reefed down on the boom. You wouldn't expect someone who was in hurry to get around the world to have put in that reef in only a 5kt breeze. They were sharper than I; I noticed that in previous photo the block on the deck through which the head'sl sheet runs was too far inboard and it was effecting the sail trim, but missed the ramifications of the "toe shot".

    Clearly we don't know why the main sail was reefed. Maybe it was done for the safety of the shot...Abby set up the bellied sail as a cozy location for the shot. Maybe she was planning to go below after the photo and tighten belts again and didn't want to get pitched into the engine if a gust of wind blew through.

    (I'm proud of you for researching the topic! From my perspective the followers who learn something new while cheering Abby on get the most out of the blog.)

    Steve in California

  75. Hi Abby...!!
    Pictures ALWAYS say more than words...!!!
    They make us be right there... close to you...!!

    God bless you...!!

  76. Hello from one Abby to another :) I am fascinated by your journey and love reading your blog. Thank goodness for inmarsat, right? As a former Naval Officer and navigator, I couldn't imagine sailing around the world without a warship and a crew of 350, so I really am amazed at your bravery and dedication!

    In my Navy days, there was nothing better than being alone on the bridgewing in the middle of the ocean in the middle of the night with a million stars in the sky, the waves lapping up against the bow, contemplating our place in this world and thinking about my loved ones back home. It's a time of peace and tranquility that I'm unable to find anymore in my busy life and city lights, so I hope that you cherish those moments. Lose yourself in the stars and then let them guide you home.

    You have a lot of people thinking about you and praying for your safe journey. I look forward to reading more from you and following your travels.

    Fair winds and following seas,

  77. Hi Captain Abby, Looks like your relaxing and making yourself at home.Showing us how you really live on board is very refreshing. The wind will definitely pick up. Be Safe! Godspeed!

  78. Bonjour Abby & Wild Eyes,

    Still on deck or doing some cooking?

    About Reef:

    It is all about balance, keeping the sail full, going easy on 'Parker', gettting the most out of the wind with as little work for the sailor and as little strain on The sailboat as possible for a given course and sea state.

    No two sailors would make the same choices on the same sailboat and even less so on different types of sailboats.

    I have absolutely no doubt that Abby and Wild Eyes are perfectly tuned to one another and that Abby's choices are the right ones.
    For sure, Abby is a professional and very smooth skipper. I wouldn't want to be caught second guessing her choices. :-)

    Go Abby! Take care, Be safe.

  79. Hey Abby,

    I am a fellow young lady in her teens who has been reading your blog for quite a while now, and am enjoying following your journey around the world. I was also very excited when recently I read about your brother Zac on the Harris brothers website *the Rebelution*. You two are a great example of teen's doing hard things! Keep it up.

    The Hobbit is such a wonderful book! When you get back you should start The Lord of The Rings, it is just as good(and exciting), if not better.

    God Bless,

  80. Keisha,

    Abby has a gyro stabilized satellite antenna that gets internet data and phone almost anywhere in the world at $12.00 per MB so she can be on the internet any time she likes it just adds up to a very large bill every month.

    it is the large dome in the picture.

    Team Abby

    See Photo at Link Below:

  81. Abby the Hobbit is a classic,I read it at your age many many moons ago.Book is much better than the movie.Another good read is Three cups of tea, by Greg Morterson.,A mountian climber who devotes his life to building schools in Northern Pakistan.,like you he,s a truly an amizing person. True story check it out on line God Bless and Smooth Sailing

  82. @Steve ... Thanks for the explanation. I hope others beside me learned something new, then my blundering would be worthwhile. I thought reefing in or out was synonymous, because of the word reef, meaning to lower the sail. Now I understand, with your explanation what Anonymous 5:37am was talking about. I thought he was the one who didn't know anything when it was me. Too funny. You can't beat first hand experience!

  83. Abby,
    I read The Hobbit (and the Lord of the Rings) when I was a teenager almost 4 decades ago. I loved them. You will get addicted to them! Enjoy.

    St. Louis MO

  84. Bud and Charla WinnettMarch 4, 2010 at 7:27 PM

    Sounds like you had a nice relaxing day. That's good. Kick back and read a book.Hope the winds pick up for you. Waiting to hear of your trip around the Horn.
    Wishing you Blue Skies and Friendly Winds
    Stay Safe
    Bud and Charla winnett

  85. Well, it appears that you are having the time of your life!

  86. MUCH BETTER sail trim on your jib! Good an ya!

    Good luck!

  87. Tell us about the stars at night.


  88. Just love your pictures Abby, especially your stuffed friend, are they designer glasses that he is wearing:)?
    Safe sailing to you,
    New Jersey Mom

  89. Abby the photo of you drying your clothes made me chuckle. I was just thinking that if it were me, shoot I would be wearing the same boardshorts day after day after day. :)

  90. nice pic where did you take this

  91. i love your pelican stuffed animal with it's hat! so adorable! if you like the hobbit enough to read more of those types of books, you might like artemis fowl or an earthly knight. a really great inspiring book is an autobiography called front of the class, about a teacher who has tourette's syndrome. do you have time to watch movies on your laptop? i'm sure you have youtube and itunes on there. books are a great way to escape because if you're by yourself it's easy to imagine that you're really there and aren't alone. love the updates!