Sunday, March 7, 2010

Raining and Easting

Its been cloudy and raining for most of today. I've got a good 15 knots of wind and am making around 8 - 9 knots. Everything on board is ready for the bit of rough weather that I might run into in the next day or two. I've had to use my engine for charging for the first time in about a week. It had been really great being able to run off solar and my wind generators only. I'm hoping I don't have to run it too often. My wind generators are great when there is enough wind, but it takes a lot of wind to get them generating enough power.

I've got a few more questions from you guys, here they are:

How do you keep from being bored? Well, keeping the boat up takes a lot of time. Other than just sailing, there is usually always some sort of job for me to do. And of course, on days like today, cold and rainy, its perfect weather for a good book and hot chocolate :)

What are you eating? I am eating Mountain House freeze dried food. Its pretty good, even after eating it almost everyday for one meal or another. Mountain House is definitely the best freeze dried food out there. But as with anything that you eat for weeks at a time, you get a little tired of it.

Well, I know this is a bit of a short blog, but I've got a few things I need to do before it gets much later. I'll blog again tomorrow!


  1. Abby,
    Stay safe in the rougher weather tomorrow. Get a good meal and some rest ahead of it if you can:)

  2. from another sailor! keep the wind at your back and the breeze in your hair! davy jones! thanks for the photos and videos!

  3. Hi Abby and followers,

    It is good to hear the engine has been off for the battery needs. Are you enjoying the silents? I like the comment on food no matter how much you like something in a food one day it just all blends into "food". I know it is sometime off but what do you think about for a first meal when you get home? I think mime is something from "Kincaids" on my home from LAX. or maybe just In and Out. One of the guys with me ask how I would feel as a Father if my daughter (Tiana) was doing what you are doing and my answer was "I guess I would not need to worry about her dating for a few months". Here is to all the support from you Family.

    Sail Safe
    from the Deserts of Iraq

  4. Solo Circumnavigators or Wannabes for 2010
    (With thanks to Tonya's original research!)

    Jessica Watson (BD 5-18-1993)
    Buderim, Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia
    Currently in the Indian Ocean

    Dilip Donde (BD 9-26-1967)
    Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
    Currently in Cape Town, South Africa for repairs

    Minoru Saito (BD 1-7-1934)
    Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan
    Currently in Valdivia, Chile for repairs

    Jeanne Socrates (BD 9-16-1942 Not sure about this one)
    Hamble Hampshire England UK GREAT PICS!
    Departs Cape Town, South Africa headed East MONDAY March 8th!
    Email Jeanne at

    Abby Sunderland (BD 10-19-1993)
    Marina del Rey, California, USA
    Currently in the Southern Pacific, about 900 miles West of Easter Island

    Bernt L├╝chtenborg (BD 1953)
    Cuxhaven, Germany
    Currently in the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Senegal (Western Africa)

    Ryan Langley (BD 7-4-1992)
    Port Angeles, Washington, USA
    Planned departure - late Summer 2010

    Laura Dekker (BD 9-20-1995)
    Whangarei, New Zealand (currently living in the Netherlands)
    Planned departure - September 2010

    Abby North (BD 4-15-1994)
    Vancouver, B.C. Canada
    Sustained serious boat damage and lost her boat sponsor
    Planned departure - probably will not repeat attempt

  5. Yo Abby, cool blog, and as everyone has said numerous times before, it is awesome what you are doing. I am personally jealous. Haha, I'm only 2 years older than you.

    But the cure of boredom is playing an extreme amount of video games. It comes with being a nerd.

    And as for eating, bar-b-q sunflower seeds. Sounds weird, and gross, but they are amazing. In track my freshman year it was all the seniors ate all day at a meet and they got me addicted. I can't stop 4 years later. =P A bag a week.

    Be safe, and I hope the weather doesn't get too bad. Peace!

  6. Hi Captain Sunderland; I was just thinking, wouldn't it be great if Abby gave her followers a list of all the things on her boat that requires power. I can think of your laptop, Ipod, stereo, running lights, radar, electric toothbrush. Well you get the picture. Please if you could, dedicate a blog on that issue. I would be most grateful. And give Doggie a hug again.
    Vancouver, Canada

  7. Hallo Abby, is it possible for you, to give us your actuell Position in your blogentry? So I can follow you on my great Seaschart on mi Table.
    I wish you all the best.

  8. I agree Mountian House is the best. I went on a hiking trip with a couple guys once on the shore of Lake Superior and had some. One guy laughed at me when I started preparing and then waiting while he ate his hot dog. But when I opened the bag and he smelled it, he got a serious puppy dog look. :) When I offered him some he didn't turn it down.
    Now where is my compacted,dry crumbly survival bricks?


  9. Skipper Abby, thanks for another informative blog. Remember we are all with you all the way to Cabo. As one of our honorable shellback, you have Neptunous Rex and Davey Jones guiding your sails. Stay safe and dry. Fair winds and following seas.

    From the Old Salty Sailor USN(Retired)

  10. Abby,
    Have you been reading The Hobbit?...I loved that book when I was in high school in the 1970's, and of course the very famous movies! The book makes you feel like you are there. Hope your storms are mild, and that you have plenty of hot chocolate! Were you able to get an update on the Academy Awards? We are still keeping you in our prayers for continued smooth sailing, and want you to be as safe as possible! Hope your routine is not too tiring; I'm sure you are on your toes and looking forward to challenges ahead. Isn't it amazing how you have connections all over the are famous!
    Kelly and Dave from Santa Clarita

  11. 03-08-10 @03:44
    Hi Abby,
    Thanks for the up-date, always glad to hear from you regardless how short it may be. This way we know you’re still kickin’, and you sound pretty chipper too…lol…
    Glad to see that you’re well prepared for the oncoming weather, I’ll bet you’re looking forward to it…Yes???? Ha, ha.
    That’s good that you can fall back on the engine, with all that electronic gear I imagine the wind generator by itself would be hard put to work. I hope you’ll get some sun soon but I doubt it since your running into a stormy area.
    Not my questions but I appreciate the information. Thank you.
    My regards to Charlie and Mr. Doggie.
    Well Abby, take care of yourself and the crew and GOOD LUCK in the storm.
    May God hold you in the palm of His hand and may the Angels keep your sails full, and I, I will be praying for you.
    Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

  12. Bruce from Brisbane AUMarch 8, 2010 at 1:54 AM

    I suspect you have a problem each day justifying what you spent the day doing. I know when I did a long solo project the basic day to day housekeeping took more time than the critics could envisage. In my case, cleaning, tidying, maintenance, fulfilling media comittments and just basic meal preparation took all the available time - the workload became the focus - I would have loved the world to stop for a few days to catchup. A good book and a hot chocolate was a dream rarely fulfilled.
    Good to hear your power systems are coping - I'm sure your wind generators will get enough wind to keep the charge up as you run further south.
    Anyway Abby, keep clipped and safe - we are behind you and hoping all runs to plan
    Bruce from Brisbane AU

  13. Hi Abby,
    A good book and a hot chocolate sounds good.
    Hope the weather doesn't get to rough.
    Stay safe,

  14. Dearest Abby,

    Sounds cosy, snuggling up with a good book and a hot chocolate and the pitter, patter of rain falling outside. How is the "Hobbit" going? It's nice that you have time for some R & R (Rest and Relaxation). You deserve it.

    @Michelle Waters - Thanks for this informative info. I found it interesting reading the names of all the people who want to solo circumnavigate the world in a yacht, all from different countries and all different ages. I just wish Gods speed and safe travels to all of them.

    Keep warm and stay safe Abby. Make sure Mr Doggie helps keep your cabin clean so things don't go flying. God bless you Abby. Warmest wishes and hugs from Jan Pace (Auckland, New Zealand)

  15. Dear Abby,
    Nice to see the photo of Wild Eyes riding the waves. Good to hear that you are in a good mood and that you are prepared for colder and more wet weather. Keep up the good spirit and sail on safe, enjoy reading in between.
    Ingrid, Tyreso, Sweden

  16. I'm an old retiree wishing you the best on your
    voyage. Just a suggestion: Have you or your team considered fixing up a hand crank of some sort to charge your batteries? This would be better than using gasoline, if possible. You might have enough equipment on board to rig up something in conjunction with the wind generators. Just a thought for you and your team. Happy sailing!

  17. From dowsing yourself with cold water to cool down after writing your blog to drinking hot chocolate. It sounds as though you have had a complete weather change.
    I would rather be cool than hot.
    That's to do with my age though. lol
    I'm so glad that you are having decent winds to hurry you along. Please God make them fair ones and nothing too rough to handle.
    When I have come home from abroad I always look forwards to the green green grass and a cup of English tea.
    I hope you have got plenty of comfort food to hand? Take care and keep your wits about you in the days to come.
    All the best!

  18. Abby the marketer huh? ;) Thanks for the tip about Mountain House, just had a look at them, look good enough for you too so you aren't just packing 1,000 calories in a meal like some other meals!

  19. if u have enough time, y don't u try movies?

  20. here's a question: how often do u talk to your family? like the above commenter, I'm from Santa Clarita as well... Stay safe girl!.

  21. The map is looking better and better. Hang in there.

  22. Hi abby,
    What else do you eat? I found your blog through searching and i found it to be so interesting ... especially on what you are doing... You are extremely brave...

  23. Hang tough, Abby. Continued prayers from us for you!


  24. Thanks for checking in. No matter how short the blog it is great to hear how you are doing.You are a inspiration to so many.

  25. Abby,
    I just found your site and new nothing of your! I sure did not have the determination you seem to have at 16. I was hoping if you get a chance and you have any advice for a person who's thoughts have become all about sailing and the ocean could you please share it. It is quite obvious to me that you are very wise in this area and I have minimal knowledge in this area. I have enjoyed reading you blogs and am starting to follow your progress. One day I would like to follow your lead and just go with the dreams I have. I pray that all is well for you and my thoughts and prayers go out for you and your family who I am sure miss you like crazy. I have a daughter who is about a year younger than you and I know I would miss her too. Be safe and try and stay dry.

  26. Thank you for the news, Miss Abby, and for the answers, quite interesting. Get well prepared for the coming up nasty weather is the right thing to do first of all. Be ready for action!
    Happy sailing and see ya soon!

  27. Please stay safe in the rough weather. You have my absolute admiration and awe!

  28. I have a question. Do you have your food packed in food bags meant for one or two weeks time, like Jessica? Are there surprises/presents in them? Otherwise you might pick out good stuff first and end up with not so nice food in the end of the journey. I heard that your mother Marianne got advice from Jessica's mum about food.

  29. Hi Abby,

    Quick question. You seem to have to run your motor to recharge the batteries more than Zac did. Is that because you are using more electricity or did Zac have more solar and wind power available?

  30. You sound like you are warm and cozy while the weather acts up outside. I look forward to reading your updates especially now that you are encountering this front.
    Stay safe,
    Mary Lee

  31. Bonjour Abby & Wild Eyes,

    Stay warm, Be cool, Take care, Be safe.

  32. gommie- over the hill in VenturaMarch 8, 2010 at 7:54 AM

    Hi Abby, Dane raises a good point,one I had not thought of (-:- I wish I could send you my famous chocolate cake to give you a little variety in the food department - what kind of chocolate do you have on board- I guess with the wind coming around and picking up some speed maybe things don't seem quite so alone out there-- You take care of yourself-as always thanks for the great updates- You are in my prayers-♥

  33. Abby - you indicated recently that you have finally been able to do some easting - but your track does not show this - how come? God Bless.

  34. Bonjour Abby & Wild Eyes,

    Take care, Be safe.

    @ Michelle Waters: Alessandro Di Benedetto is missing in your list.

  35. You are doing a great and dangerious task.
    I dreamed about doing something like this when I was 14 and never did it. Now I am 60 and I am enjoying very much living the adventure by following your great adventure. As far as being bored. Be glad or thankful when it seemed boring. After all you would not want the trip to be so freightning that you were nor bored but terrified. Be thankful. My prayers are with you each day. CAZ

  36. Hi Abby, From a fellow sailor. I am amazed by what you are doing. Best of luck, fair winds and following seas!

  37. Dear Abby,
    Good luck! wat courage you have but dont you feel lonely? do u have a tv? how mcuh water anf food do u have left? pleas eanser these questions thanxs!

  38. Sorry Abby and folks about harping on foresails too many times yesterday. I know I overdid it and I promise to mend my ways by researching more on my own rather than on Abby's blog. In fact just ordered online two library books about sailing. BUT if I can indulge you who are interested for a brief minute more, ambiguity has always perked my interest and there is ambiguity with foresails. This is probably because the term "jib" is older than "staysail". My guess is jib was used when there was only one sail fore of the mast, and then when a second came about needing a new name, staysail came to be as it's a sail on the stay. I was assuming (and that word can really get you in trouble) the jib was the smaller of the two, maybe because it's a smaller word. But according to this diagram from Merriam-Webster, the jib is more forward:
    OK, done with that and on to Cape Horn!
    Go Abby and your hot chocolate sounds delicious.

  39. How to not get bored? If you like writing, write your story. Write something that you are passionate about. every day a little bit.

  40. Thanks Abby
    Smooth sailing
    Richard (QLD) Aus

  41. Abby-

    Thanks for taking the time to post updates on your adventure.

    Do you get the time to read your Bible? Has this experience drawn you closer to God in anyway?


  42. You're working your way down to the Westerlies Express Way now....hold on, pretty soon 15 kts is going to seem like a calm day.

    "Let's go surfin' now, everybody's learning how..."

    Steve in California

  43. Abby,
    Keep up the great work! We told another class in Georgia about your adventure and now they are following you too. Best wishes for a smooth ride through the weather.
    Your Kodiak friends,
    Mr J's 5th grade

  44. Abby....You are such an inspiration! Always enjoy your blogs and pictures. Keep warm and safe....and saver the hot chocolate. Wish I could send you some chocolate chip cookies :) , they are the best! Safe sailing!keeping you in our prayers. Minnesota.

  45. Bud and Charla Winnett, Wheeling,Mo.March 8, 2010 at 4:47 PM

    Hi again. Looks like you are getting some speed again. Time to rest up for the weather ahead. We would put a pic up so you could see who this old "geezer"(79)is, but haven't figured out how to do that yet. Maybe I will by the time you have ended your journey:) Keep up your spirits as many, many, many folks are behind you.
    We Luv Ya
    Blues skies and friendly seas
    Saty Safe
    Bud and Charla Winnett

  46. Hi Abby,
    Just wanted to say i love following you every day.

  47. good luck! :) hot coco sounds good right about now. I wish you well on your travels.

  48. Good luck with your sail!

  49. Just a comment on the list of potential around the world sailors given earier. There are doubts about Abby North. There are no substantial sources that mention her. She may be a 'hoax'.

  50. Abby, hope you are OK; looks like a sharp turn toward the east and the Chilean coast on Day 45. A shift in the wind? Please blog when you can and let us know what's up.

  51. Hi Abby,
    I like that you post a picture from time to time. It makes the blog more alive!

  52. Abby-I'm a girl from Ohio who randomly came across your adventure (you set sail on the day of my 22nd birthday! 1/23) and I practically CRAVE your blogs. You must know how amazing what you're doing is. As someone with a strong fascination with the ocean, it is a complete joy to read your blogs so keep em going! also-i'm exTREMELY curious about wildlife, and i know you haven't really seen a whole lot yet, but if you read this, please please give any details :) sharks are my favorite however whales fascinate me more than anything, so don't leave any sitings out! thanks for the blogs, good luck
    -Kayla, Cleveland, OH

  53. Hi Abby, Sorry about the bad weather but sounds like you are ready for it. What book do you plan on reading? Thanks for taking the time to write your blogs, we always enjoy your updates. I do worry about you but you are a girl far older then your age. Thanks again, my thoughts and prayers are with you. Gail/Ventura

  54. Hi, you look good on the pictures. Please continue posting pictures, even if it is blue sky and water, and show us the details of your boat. There are many still lifes to be photographed on your boat. And with digital cameras you can make a zillion pictures and pick out the good ones to share on the blog. Unfotunatly Jessica Watson is not posting many pictures and I find her website and blog rather "dry".
    James L.

  55. Abby glad to see you are doing so are just very amazing...and mature for a teenager..I have 3 teen boys that I would not think mature enough to do what you are doing! Godspeed and may the wind be at your back...

  56. Hey Abby,

    Saw you in the news couple months ago, but didn't get to read your blog personally, it's so cool to read it now. You indeed give me a lot of inspirations. Stay safe, and take care!!

    Get us some cool pics too. ^^


  57. Would you please convert
    "About 868 miles Southwest of Akademik Kurchatov Fracture Zone" into English. John & Darlene... Kerrville, Tx

  58. 03-00-10 @ 16:16
    Hi Abby,
    Just wanted to touch base with you and let you know that I’m still rooting for ya. I was looking at P/W again, and it looks like you should be having a pretty good time, for now, at least. You can probably figure out what’s further ahead for you better than I can. I can’t see any kind of a storm. But that’s P/W.
    Have you seen any sun lately, are you having any luck fishing and lastly, are you doing any baking???? Wheeew!!! Lotsa questions…Yes???
    Did you mention to Jimmy that a lot of people are asking about Mr. Doggie, I’ll bet that would make him happy.
    Take care of yourself, Charlie and Mr. Doggie, there a valuable crew. Do you have safety belts for them in time of bad weather??
    Looking forward to your next blog and some pictures(????)
    May God hold you in the palm of His hand and may the Angels keep your sails full, and I, I will be praying for you.
    Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

  59. Abby, look to your starboard side, you may soon be within hailing distance of Alessandro Di Benedetto (BD 5/1/1971)
    Balestrate, Palermo, Sicily, Italy
    Departed Les Sables d'Olonne, France on 10-26-2009
    Currently in the Pacific, east of New Zealand

    Thanks, 45° 31′ 0.02″ N, 73° 39′ 0.02″ W

  60. Hi Abby
    Hope all is well.
    Any chance Team Abby could post your approximate Lat & Long rather than "868 nm SW of the XYZ fracture".
    Best wishes Abby

  61. @John and Darlene... TY, I hadn't noticed that, it is so funny!
    For sure, a longitude and a latitude would be easier to read, but for security reasons, I think, they are not despatched. We can look at the little tags on the chart to have an idea about where Abby is... In fact, we don't need her precise coordonates, do we?
    Jessica's team is following the same security policy, and we got used to it. But the mention you pasted does so much look like a joke... LOL

  62. Godspeed & good sailing!...Riviting story!

  63. I know your journey is far from over, but have you already been thinking about what your next adventure will be?

  64. Hi ABBY,good to see your doing real good out there.
    Sail safe have fun.
    we love reading all your post keep them comming.
    have fun Sailer.

  65. Hi Abby,

    Thanks for the answers to your reader's questions. It is very helpful to all of us.

    I hope the weather is good for you. Stay warm and my prayers to you for safe sailing.

    Clare, Spokane, Wash.

  66. Hola abbygail I am a guy from cabo san lucas.Iknew you. when you stay in the local radio station cabo mil. remember. I listening cabo mil almost everyday ok.since that day I following your trip over seas. sorry for my inglish.girl what you doing is amazing but remenber your not alone GOD IS YOUR COPILOT.I wish you. buena├▒orita. andele andele valla con dios [no bad days]

  67. Team Aby,
    Myself I like when you give us the names of odd things to reference locations. Such as the Akademik Kurchatov Fracture Zone. I just take a quick look on google and learn something new. Your visual map tells me more or less where Abby is. Keep up the good work.

  68. MMMmmm Freeze dried food, fabulous

  69. John & Darlene in Kerrville Tx...Google "The Bloop". It is a unmapped stop in the ocean about 50°S 100°W where ultra-low frequency and extremely powerful underwater sound was detected by the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) several times during the summer of 1997. The source of the sound has never been identified.

    Abby, good evening. You're going to be around the Horn heading to warmer weather before you know it. Have fun, we are.

    Stay safe and God speed.


  70. Abby,
    We really do enjoy reading your blog and other then intense interest have no need to pinpoint your exact location. We sure had never heard of "The Bloop" so it's a learning experience for us. This tremendous undertaking you are experiencing boggles our minds. We are looking forward to more of your unusual location descriptions. Best of luck and God's speed to you.
    John & Darlene
    Kerrville, Tx