Friday, March 12, 2010

Notes From Team Abby

A few members of the team got together this morning to answer some of the technical questions regarding Wild Eyes:

1) Abby's batteries are charged with a combination of solar, wind and diesel. The solar and wind have been doing a good job of keeping up with her daily consumption. She has augmented that with occasional use of diesel engine charging and has run her engine an average of a couple hours a week. There have been some weeks where she didn't run the engine at all and some weeks where she no wind and little sun. At this rate, she has enough fuel on board to continue for 7 more months. She does not use the engine for propulsion.

2) Some people have asked why we doubled the battery capacity in Cabo and some even suggested that just adding battery capacity wouldn't solve anything. Abby will experience days with lots of wind and lots of sun and some days with little wind and no sun. The smaller batteries did not provide enough capacity to store all the energy that was produced on the good days so much of it was wasted. The larger bank allows her to store the excess energy to get her through the days with no sun and no wind.

3) In Cabo, we fixed the alignment of the alternator pulleys but were unable to increase the size of the pulleys to improve the belt cooling. There are two alternators and a ballast pump that all have separate belts. Abby checks these each week. We do know they are running warmer than we would like. With her approaching Cape Horn, we felt that it makes sense to change one of the belts "just in case". We don't want her to have to deal with a failed belt if for some reason she should she need the engine to charge or to move the boat.

4) Abby is not in a race. It is Abby's and her team's goal to get her around the world successfully and safely. If it takes a week or two longer because of safer routing decisions, so be it.
Also, Abby is not throwing things like used fuel containers, fuel filters, etc. overboard. She is keeping these with her, primarily because of environmental considerations, and she might need to reuse things like belts later in the voyage.

Hope this helps!

Team Abby


  1. Excellent response to many questions that we have about her trip. I sure she is thanful for the awesome team that is supporting her voyage

  2. VERY informative post.


    Steve in California

  3. Great response. It seems like a lot of it would be common sense but there are people from all different demographics on here so it was a great post.

    Hope she is safe and doing well

  4. An excellent and practical response to the questions that have recently come up!

    Go Team Abby . . . GO ABBY!

  5. Cheryl in San DiegoMarch 12, 2010 at 11:56 AM

    Thank you Team Abby.
    You guys are GREAT and we know you always do what is best for Abby!
    God Bless you.

  6. You guys are great. Godspeed.

  7. Bonjour Abby & Wild Eyes and Team Abby,

    Thank you Team Abby.

    Much appreciate you jumping in with the technical update. Will you be doing this at regular intervals?

    Go Team Abby...GO ABBY & WILD EYES!

  8. Thanks for the info.
    Richard (QLD) Aus

  9. Friday, March 12, 2010
    Go Team Abby,
    Thank you for this update. As an engineer in solar energy and power distribution, I found this to be as I would have understood it to be. (My work is with isolated mission stations in Africa, so our solar power use is on land. There is alot more sun in Africa as well.)
    One point you mentioned did give me pause for concern. You said, "We don't want her to have to deal with a failed belt if for some reason she should she need the engine to charge or to move the boat." It's my understanding that if Abby ever engages the shaft clutch, she will be disqualified in her global run. Is that not true?
    My wife and I pray for Abby (and also for Jessica) as they journey on the high seas. Knowing that you are on constant vigil makes us feel better about the well being of these young ladies.
    With excitement and prayer,
    Leon and for Sally

  10. I'm glad to see everyone "has their oars in the water and not feathering them"! Sounds like Abby has a great team working with her. Keep up the good work. Prayers for Abby, and "the team". Norm Strasser :-)

  11. Can you ask Google to help with the Where's Abby Link so that it works with Google Earth rather than the Google Map. It would be nice to scroll on Google Earth when her positions are posted. You go girl!!

  12. Way to go TEAM ABBY....

    I am glad that you are there to field some of the questions that seem obvious to sailors, but may be confusing to the non-sailing world, of which there are MANY that are following. No sense in Captain Abby taking time or electricity to respond. She is doing GREAT by the way.. I am not sure who is more excited... those of us following.. or her.. well. I suppose SHE is probably more excited since she is actually THERE...

    I would like to see a post from the Team more frequently... I really like the more technical aspects of what it takes to get a sailor through this kind of venture. Zac had ports-o-call to fix things... Jesse has food drops.. but Captain Abby is just GOING FOR IT... Pretty remarkable when you look at it like that... And with such a capable Team behind her .. I am sure that it will be a moment in the eye that we will be congratulating her on her return ....

    Thanks for the Updates...

    p.s. I am at a school in Whittier today teaching space.. and a quick detour to the Pic of Wild Eyes... and kids are WILD about Abby.

  13. It is good that you and Abby clarify things. Sceptics use hints of bad skills to critisise her. For example when Abby had a reefed sail in 5 knots of wind on March 3. Abby explained that nicely. Boat and equipment damage is the main reason for a failed journey, for example according to . I believe you have made a good preparation, like Jessica's team seems to have. I hope Abby has enough fuel filters and alternator pulleys and protection against sea water in the engine air intake and exhaust pipe, or it could go like Jeanne Socrates and Minoru Saito who both had to make three month long stops for repair.

    Update on solo sailors out there now:
    Jessica Watson, doing fine, non-stop.
    Abby Sunderland, doing fine, non-stop.
    Dilip Donde, doing fine, planned stop.
    Bernt L├╝chtenborg, doing fine, double laps, earlier on near disaster and unplanned stop.
    Jeanne Socrates, long unplanned stop, engine and other trouble.
    Minoru Saito, long unplanned stop, engine trouble.
    Alessandro Di Benedetto, doing fine, non-stop.

  14. Thank you so much for answering very common questions. There are many of us following Abby from Kennedy Space Center, Florida. I myself am a sailor, and a woman, so her adventurous nature is very close to my heart. Godspeed Abby. We check your blog daily, and we are all praying for you.

  15. Bud and Charla Winnett, Wheeling, Mo.March 12, 2010 at 12:34 PM

    Being a " LandLubber" out here in the Mid-West, I know nothing about her type of boat. I must say that your explainations answered a lot of questions. We think Abby is special and worry about her. While we still will woryy, it is nice to know that her team has it all under control. Thanks for the post.

  16. Thank you for this informative and interesting post, Abby Team. It's always better to understand what's going on. I had got most of the frame, but points 1 and 2 are now completely clear, and I am much appreciating the points 3 and 4, the "just in case" for the belt, and the "Abby is not in a race".
    We know that you are following her for the best. Thank you again! Let's hope that all her mechanical and electrical equipment will be reliable for the whole journey. It seems that you took large enough margins to ensure it.
    Good winds, Miss Abby!

  17. Dear Team Abby,

    Very well said! This team "keeps it honest".
    Sending light and love to Team Abby, Abby & Wild Eyes. Shalom!

    Until next time....

    Your Friends at Prophetic Faith Ministries
    Irving, TX (Dallas)

  18. Thank you Team Abby! Of course we love to hear from Abby, and I'd appreciate any comments from Team Abby whenever you feel so inclined. Maybe discussing aspects of Wild Eyes, her equipment and anything else concerning her voyage. Go Abby!

    Brad in San Diego

  19. Richard Rumble said....
    "Jesse has food drops.."

    Now... Richard, I believe that statement is incorrect, so YOU should post a retraction here
    on Abby's and on Jessica's blog.

    Read the rules...."sail solo around the world non-stop, unassisted".

    That means taking enough food to last the 7 or 8 months that both will be at sea. Right ?
    No drops, no pickups, nobody is allowed near either yacht otherwize they will be disqualified.


  20. A few thoughts,

    It is my understanding that both Jesse and Abby have food for the duration of their respective trips and are not being resupplied.
    I also see that ISwinter asked about if the drive shaft becomes engaged will it disqualify Abbys attempt. I believe that it would, however I believe that Abby's team is just using due diligence and making sure the engine can be engaged in the event that it is needed for Abbys safety. Always better to have it as an option than not.

  21. 03-12-10 @ 16:53
    Hi Team Abby,
    Thanks for the heads-up, news from the home base is always appreciated.
    My main concern was the belts, and now, I fully understand your reasoning and that you have contingency plans for the unforeseen.
    Questions answered, minds put at ease. Thank you.

    @Richard Rumble: A slight correction, if I may. Jessica does not have ‘food drops’

    A job well done “Team Abby”
    I will keep you all in my prayers.

    May God hold her in the palm of His hand and may the Angels keep her sails full, and I, I will be praying for her.
    Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

  22. I'm just so fascinated by everything I read about this voyage! Go Abby!

  23. Hey Team Abby,
    In a picture I noticed a blue line running across the solar panels on the cabin. This could shut down the panel, you might want her to move the line.
    Best Regards,
    Gil eMarine

  24. Excellent, all my questions answered! Mariana from Argentina, living now in Italy

  25. If she receives a new belt, does that disqualify her?

  26. The Frum Family in Moorpark is praying for you Abby. May God bless your voyage.

  27. Ahoy Abby and Team. Great job and thanks for the informative post. What an exciting adventure. We sail in SW Florida and have a strong appreciation for what you are doing. We check your progress daily.
    Fair Winds and Smooth Sailing
    Don Lawson
    CMCS Sail Club

  28. @Richard Rumble. I hadn't understood your three tiny words "Jesse has food drops". I guessed you were talking of her Easy Food menus! But from the other reactions, I get the meaning of "drops". Where did you get such a wrong idea, Sir? It has never been said or even suggested. Composing balanced meals with not too quickly perishable food, and packing it tight enough to embark 8 or 9 months of it, was already a challenge. None of these two heroines is breaking the rules.
    Like the other fellow bloggers, I am dearly waiting for a retractation. It would just be fair. Thanks.

  29. Team Abby
    Appreciation & thanks for the technical update.

    @Richard Rumble ... what do you mean JW gets .. has food drops.. ??????????? Pls explain.

    Bruce S

  30. Perhaps only for the sake of over clarification I'd like to point out an error and an inherent contridication in this "Anonymous" post: (typos in the original)

    ""It is good that you and Abby clarify things. Sceptics use hints of bad skills to critisise her. For example when Abby had a reefed sail in 5 knots of wind on March 3. Abby explained that nicely. Boat and equipment damage is the main reason for a failed journey, for example according to . I believe you have made a good preparation, like Jessica's team seems to have. I hope Abby has enough fuel filters and alternator pulleys and protection against sea water in the engine air intake and exhaust pipe, or it could go like Jeanne Socrates and Minoru Saito who both had to make three month long stops for repair.""

    The Error: The post that first mentioned the reefed main sail was not a criticism, merely a question obviously posted by someone with sailing experience. It certainly was a valid question and I, for one, saw no "hints of bad skills" directed at Abby.

    The Contradiction: The Anonymous commentator's own remark that "I hope Abby has enough fuel filters and alternator pulleys and protection against sea water in the engine air intake and exhaust pipe.." is as easily misconstrued as critical as the reefed sail observation.

    I mean what support team is not going to send off a solo sailor without adequate back up parts.

    Standing by in Flame Retardant Suit,

    Steve in California

  31. I believe that the referral to Jesse was not Jessica, but Jesse Martin?

  32. Do you ever think that their are "too many chef's in the kitchen?" with all the armchair sailors writing in about this belt problem? From what I have seen and heard from Abby, she has things well under control.

    Go get 'em Abby!!

    Marysville, WA

  33. @ Gil eMarine:
    The solar panels you are referring to are not in use. Thanks for pointing that out though!
    Team Abby

  34. Thanks Team Abby and you have my vote to update us on tech matters whenever. It is so interesting to hear from Abby on what she is experiencing, see through her photos and have a feel of how Wild Eyes operates from the engine to the sails. I will stay a bit concerned as the belts heat more than is desired. But what is is and now it's all up to Abby and her team. Thanks again Abby for allowing us along for the ride.

    @Anonymous 12:30 ... About the reefed sail in 5 knots: Nobody was being critical. It was wondering, that's all and Abby was gracious to explain it and understood why the scene was questioned.

    @Michael ... Richard Rumble might have been referring to Jesse Martin.

  35. I am not a sailor but have followed her progress from the beginning. It is so addicting and I've learned so much. Keep at it Abby!!!

  36. All of this talk of retractions of statements made...Please...the only people concerned with the comment section of these blogs, are the people commenting. No one is disqualifying anyone based on some unsubstantiated claim made by a blog commentator. Spare all of us the drama. Ignore the misguided claim. Go on with your business and enjoy the blog. Anything else is too much time on your hands!

  37. Please permit me to emphasize my appreciation for regular updates regarding technical matters from Team Abby. I, among probably thousands, have not sailed; but, I have had children. For me, there is a warm-hearted attachment, Abby; whatever you want to share with us - the thrilling and/or funny stories - will "never" be too much. You have captured our interest! Abby, your pics and references are so cool! I am partial to the puppy's and pelican's adventures, too. I would absorb the sunrise and sunset if I were there; but, that is me. Every day we think about you, talk about you, wonder about you, pray for you, and wonder about the thrills and excitement and ... well, we are just so excited for you!!!

  38. Richard was NOT referring to Jesse Martin.
    He clearly said "Jesse HAS food drops" i.e. he was talking about Jesse's current voyage. Jesse has 18 months food from what I read not too long ago on one of these blogs! Yes, he should retract - what libel!

  39. Abby, the only way
    all your followers
    will be able to avoid
    backroom squabbles with
    eachother is for you to give
    us your satphone number so
    we can phone you and avoid
    the comment messages. We will
    pay for the charges!! (smile)





  41. "Unassisted" means just that. Abby must complete the voyage back to Cabo with only what she had on board when she left. Also, she cannot dock anywhere along the way. Any maintenance or repairs on the boat must be done by her and her alone as no one can come aboard. She can anchor offshore to do repair work, but she can't set foot on shore. No one can come along side to throw her any tools or repair parts....nothing. Anything less would make it an "assisted voyage". Same thing applies to Jessica or anyone else attempting a solo, unassisted, nonstop circumnavigation. Oh.....they can take on solar power, rain water and the occasional caught fish (if the fish cooperates. :)

    Team Abby, thanks for the technical briefing. It's very much appreciated.

    Abby, stay safe out there. We worry about you. When this is all over, besides your many memories, you will have a fan club for life.

    God speed and watch over you


  42. Hi Abby, Good to hear all is going well, stay with it , you are doing fine..... I see where one of the bloggers said that Jesse has had food drops, I wonder who he is talking about, We & thousands of other are following Jessica Watson on a daily base, never have I heard that she has had food drops. He might be good enough to clarify his statement... anyway hows the squid treating your, had many come on board lately?
    I guess the days are getting cooler, another couple of weeks and you will be around the cape. All will go well for you, just stay buckled up. We read you blog daily and look forward to hearing from you. You have a great team looking after you. Bye for now.Kel.

  43. Team Abby:)

    Very imformative post. I am happy that you are environmentally concerned. Though it is not any one's business to be concerned over your own environmental habits (as if someone has enquired). Apart from the law, everyone can look after themselves. I'm very impressed and blessed to see how solid Abby is, and how strong the family is that has brought her up and supports her.

    Santa Clarita, CA

  44. Jesse Martin DID NOT have food drops.

    In fact, I'ver never heard of ANY single hander that had food drops. They might have to put into port, for food, water, or repairs, but the idea of having a team member standing by with a load of food is ridiculous.

    I've read Jesse Martin's book "Lion Heart" -- his wonderful account of his solo, round-the-world, unassisted, nonstop trip. No food drops.

    By the Way: Big congrats to Abby's team for the daily updating of her location chart. Very much appreciated.

    - Grant Fjermedal, Seattle

  45. Abby and Team,

    What a wonderful blog. I am a boater (non sail) with more hours than I want to admit, and I find this trip absolutely spellbinding. What a great adventure! Abbey, your courage, goal setting skills, and shear skill at taking on the difficult and "different" challenges of this trip will prepare you to be a GREAT leader. Your relience on yourself should be a great example to your age group. I didn't use the word "peer" as you have few of those.

    God Speed and Good Winds and Following Seas.

    Montgomery, Texas

  46. Thankyou team Abby for answering our questions, especially for us arm chair non sailors. Abby hope the weather is staying fine and the wind up where you like the knots to keep you zipping along. Stay safe and keep smiling.

    @Richard Rumble-I take considerable exception to your comment concerning "jesse getting food drops" this comment if given in jest did not fall in the catergory of funny. If it was given in true context you are sadly mistaken Jessica has never and will not receive food parcels dropped off to her. Her voyage is solo non assisted. I feel you need to quantify your comment and print a retraction with an apology for this erroronious statement.

    @Irving Tx- Your comment "this team 'keeps them honest'" from a Christian person is uncalled for and I feel an apology to all teams of sailors throughout their journeys is called for.
    This comment is insulting.

    Again Abby keep smiling and safe sailing.

    Evie from Bendigo

  47. Hi Abby,. You are now getting closer to the tough part in the south. Just to say keep going. God Bless. CAN YOUR TEAM email us their email address, thanks. Esme, Ries and Craig

  48. Just to set the record straight, Jesse Martin completed his solo circumnavigation non-stop & unassisted, so did not have food drops.

  49. Great sailing, Abby. Delighted to have the technical feedback from your team, too! I sailed in the Whitbread 1973-4 aged 22 and know that sailing round the world is a life-enhancing experience! Go, Abby, you are doing such a fine job and you are also embarking on life with real style and grit. Roy x

  50. Excellent update Team Abbey.

    I am enjoying following Abbey's journey, and that of Jessica Watson as well. Two young very inspriational ladies.

    On a side issue, and just for clarification - Australians Jesse Martin and Jessica Watson did not receive food drops. Jesse Martin sailed solo, non-stop and unassisted around the world in 1999, entering the record books. Jessica Watson is currently sailing solo, non-stop and unassisted, and will enter the record books when she finishes her journey. Abbey is doing the same, and will then also hit the record books.

    All of these sailors, and several more that have gone before them, are extremely dedicated, inspriational and courageous individuals in their own right. We do not need to make comparisons to make one seem better then the other. In my opinion, they are all truly awesome.

  51. Hello Team Abby, Nice informative blog. Good to know that Abby has an excellent support team. When I change a belt for my car, I keep the old one just in case. Abby, you are doing great!
    Be Safe! Be Happy! Godspeed!
    Mr. Rumble,Jessica Watson does not have someone
    dropping off food to her. Please clarify what you mean.

  52. I thought this post was very informative and I understood most of it. Being a landlubber myself.
    Abby is the most important person on this journey along with Team Abby. That and her safety are paramount. That should go without saying.
    May her journey be as exciting and challenging as she had hoped for. I am so enjoying her journey from the safety of the 'net. God speed angel of the seas.
    Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.
    Be safe.

  53. team Abby: I am rather lost: can youn please explain to a ignorant like myself on all things with sea....
    your quote: Day 47 (3/10/2010) - About 606 miles Southwest of Easter Island

    Day 48 (3/11/2010) - About 567 miles Southwest of Easter Island

    Day 49 (3/12/2010) - About 618 miles Southwest of Easter Island

    Does this mean that abby advanced 12 miles since the 11 march???? or do i misundersand???? I really wish I could understand more.....
    Sorry to bother you and abby, but I am interested
    Viv from down under.

  54. i too think the comment in question refer to Jesse Martin food drops, perhapswe should give the blogger himself a chance to clarify????
    let us not squablle but be understanding of one another and especially those 2 girls who are doing what many of us would like to do....
    Be kind bloggers please, by all mean ask questions, but be civilised as well. those 2 girls deserve our support.

  55. Hi Abby:
    Thanks so much for sharing with us and letting us follow along with you. Love the pictures. Know you are having fun with better wind and waves. I am excited for you. And thanks team Abby for your info, for most of us we don’t question why!
    Happy sailing Abby we love you.

  56. Coming from a lay person, the information from Abby and her Team has not only made following her journey exciting but also a learning experience. Thanks for sharing!!
    Be well & stay safe!
    Donna in San Francisco

  57. Yep, Team Abby, sends a Leer-Jet out weekly with chef prepared gourmet foods. Abby needs only to select from a menu and satphone her coordernance and her food order in!

    Seriously, this scenario seems highly unlikely, but as others here are, I am curious too about what "food drops" means. Maybe Team Abby could clarify, so as to end any notion she is breaking a rule.

  58. I'm more interested in Abby's path to the Horn. :-)

    I was hoping that she would cross wakes with Saito-san at some point, but she's well South of him now an he's still laid up in Chile. Wow. I hope he finally get's home before Abby does. It would be insane of two Sunderlands on two separate circumnavigations, get home before he does on his same voyage.

    Since he's out of the picture, fortunately we got Alessandro Di Benedetto aiming for the Horn right now along with Abby. He's attempting the same feat but in the smallest boat to date.

    Very rough calculations, he's about 1400 miles SW of Abby (maybe she can hail him on the SSB if they can coordinate channels). He's averaging 5 knots vs Abby's 10?

    It would be unbelieveable if they do actually cross wakes and will be very interesting to monitor. Here rough calculation on google earth of where they are and where they're going:

  59. I'm sure Abby doesn't mind us talking about RR's comment about "food drops". She's not the type to want all the attention focused on her or she wouldn't have made the comment about interviews not being her favorite thing to do. I can understand why someone would say "you have too much time on your hands" and it's true, the only people who care about this subject are us, but you have to remember, these girls become our adoptive daughters and in my case grand-daughters and we don't like someone suggesting they're doing something they're not.

    There is an email address on RR's site and I sent one off to him asking him to come back and explain so maybe he will.

    But it's all trivial and not important as we know no one including Jesse Martin received food drops.

    Oh, for the person wondering about Abby's apparent lack of progress, she had been waiting for a wind change to start heading more eastward, and what you see on her chart is apparently the best way she found with the wind she had to go from point A to point B. It's not a straight line when sailing.

  60. It wasn't until last night, when I was musing over the "don't be critical about Abby" and "too many arm chair sailors" comments that I realized that there may be a fundamental misunderstanding operating here.

    ALL the Sunderlands, including Abby, are deeply immersed in the "sailing community"... you can see that from their accomplishments as individuals AND their connections to the wider world of sailing. Having spent years in a small part of that community (albeit in NorthCA, not The Southland)I know it is not only common, but fully expected, that any sailor with even a modicum of experience would have observations, suggestions, comments about whatever aspect of sailing they witnessed. This is the "national past time" of sailors - not only when off the water, but even when just not moving at the moment.

    I'll guarantee that even Abby (as young as she is) grew up in an environment where every race she ever participated in was "raced" over and over after the fact (discussed in depth) at the yacht club or dock side. Crews from other boats think nothing of mixing compliments for good maneuvers on the water with observations like, "Boy, your going over to the far side of course was dumb call, huh? What?.. your tactician was making a head call?"

    Its the sailing community's equivalent of "Yo Mama!"

    So, for me any way, I'm just doing at the key board what Abby (and her team) would expect if we were drinking beer after a race. From my perspective, that's not being critical or non supportive, its just being engaged.

    I certain don't think that Abby or her shore team take blog comments about OUR observations about tech details seriously. In fact, it most likely merely amuses them.

    Bottom line? Keep in mind that this blog is moderated. ALL comments are all posted only after approval by.....Team Abby. If THEY didn't like a particular comment, seems to me they'd just trash it.

    Steve in California

  61. Glad to see the progress, and your taking safe routes around storms, sounds like you are making good safe decisions. One of my rules when traveling, is to take my time, enjoy the sites.

  62. Just curious as to why you were unable to change the pulleys in cabo ? this stuff is riveting to me!

  63. In regards to the exchange below my response:

    Gill @ eMarine the manufacturer of our Solar/Wind Regulator Panels
    pointed out the blue line covering the Fwd. solar panels and i thank him for that observation and have related the story to Abby so she will keep them clear in the future.

    Then there was a post from Team Abby that was incorrect All Solar Panels are being used that are onboard including the Fwd. ones with the blue line over them in the picture.

    Team Abby....!

    The Original posts below:

    Hey Team Abby,
    In a picture I noticed a blue line running across the solar panels on the cabin. This could shut down the panel, you might want her to move the line.
    Best Regards,
    Gil eMarine

    @ Gil eMarine:
    The solar panels you are referring to are not in use. Thanks for pointing that out though!
    Team Abby

  64. Hi Abby!!
    My name is Macy and I am 10 years old. I live in Michigan. You have gone so far into your journey and have past where the earthquake was located. Have you seen any whales, dolphins or sharks at all?? Do you get bored? Do you get to call home to talk?? I would love to try sailing but have never tried it before.
    Best of luck,
    Macy DeWitt

  65. One comment listed all the solo sailors out there on the oceans. Next to Abby's name was the comment: doing fine, non stop, which is not true at all. There was your stop in Mexico and as far as I understand it you are planning another stop at Cape Horn to repair things again.

  66. Hi Team Abby,

    How can this solo circumnavigation be an unassistant, non-stop one if you stop again at Cape Horn to change the belt?

    Though yours is not an unassisted voyage and also not a non-stop one, I still think it's great what you are doing and I wish you good luck!

  67. thanks for the technical explanations. What kind of refrigeration do you have? fair winds, lex

  68. Please use a larger font for the blog. The current one is hard to read. Thank you. Vipaj from Thailand

  69. Nice job of connecting the dots!!!

    Is there a possibility of Abby adding her current longitude and latitude when she writes? It does not have to be daily.

    ThANKS; John and Louise

  70. What happened on days 45 46 and 47 it looks like Abby had changed her mind and decided to go for the Panama canal then changed it again on day 47.
    Does it make any difference in which way she goes?

  71. Great post, team Abby.

    In fact, I'd love to see even more posts from the team. As much as I *love* to read Abby's own posts and photos, I do realize that at times she's probably just too busy or brunt to do a lot of writing.

    This is a nice way to keep us all informed. Particularly those landlubbers like me who don't know much at all about the intricacies of sailing.

    You're doing great. All of you.

    Best of Luck!!

    Dan Woods

  72. 03-13-10 @ 20:02
    Hi Abby,
    Just wanted to chat with you a little bit and see how things are going for you. I was glad to see that you’re in motion to the South and making some good headway, as per your chart. I hope these conditions will continue for you and you can get on with your sailing. I imagine that was pretty frustrating to be spending days looking for some wind. But you made it, patience and perseverance, good for you Abby.
    I found ‘Panov Seamount’ on the Google Map, so you’re not to far from the Cape. I hope you have clean, clear and smooth sailing.
    Do you have any forecasts for that time yet?
    Take good care of yourself, Charlie and Mr. Doggie, that’s a special crew that you have there. Good luck to you Abby.
    May God hold you in the palm of His hand and may the Angels keep your sails full, and I, I will be praying for you.
    Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

  73. Hi Abby, my name is Denver, Jr., and I just wanted to ask how you got so much courage to sail around the world? I am 9 years old and you have inspired me and our entire family of seven kids. You are very cool.

    Denver, Jr.

  74. @Steve in California / March 13, 2010 10:30 AM:

    There is a great deal of truth in what you share. I do agree that the blog can be commented on in a spirit of back-n-forth (and at times, animated) dialogue. Having said this, it seems a bit much for some folks to start demanding "retractions" of comments made by other blog visitors. One poster even goes so far as to state that the claim of food drops constitutes "libel". I mean come on, people! This is utter nonsense. Bottom line...enjoy the blog, follow Abby's progress from your respective "armchairs", but don't take it so seriously that it devolves into a courtroom drama.

  75. Steve in California, I enjoyed and agreed with your comment and felt that it was well said. I think what we all have to keep in mind is that the spectrum of bloggers range from those who are world class sailors to those who have only played with a toy boat in the bath tub. I’m not a sailor but have spent my entire life around or on the water as a stink potter both commercially and recreationally. Even though I’m not qualified to offer any sailing advice to Abby or any of the young circumnavigators, I have fun relating some of my nautical experiences to their great adventures. As I have commented a number of times, all that most of us have to offer is our words of support and encouragement, and that’s not a bad thing. I’ve enjoyed ready all of the bloggers' comments regardless of their sailing expertise and look forward to hearing from all of you.

    Abby, I hope you’re getting as much entertainment out of our jabbering as we are. Thanks for allowing us to entertain you. And thank you Team Abby for keeping us informed. It’s much appreciated.

    From Seattle, WA, USA

  76. Great article on refits:

  77. Hi Captain Sunderland; You have one heck of a team taking care of you Abby. No doubt they have wrung more sea water out of their socks than I've sailed on. They like to drop names like Panov Seamount. Excuse me?!?! I had to research that one on the internet. That's about a mile below your keel! Anyway, you're in good hands. Also, kudos to the moderator of your blog. Lively debate. And self-correcting. Fair winds Abby.
    Vancouver, Canada

  78. Hey Abby,

    Sounds like the voyage is going great. I have been following your journey since you left CA. For one anonymous blogger, Abby did stop in Cabo San Lucas for repairs but it was still north of the Equator so technically her trip started in Cabo and will end in Cabo. Abby made that clear in earlier posts. It's kind of funny to see the bloggers arguing with each other. They only seem to be doing that in response to Team Abby's post. Isn't that interesting? I am sure Abby and the team will find amusement in all this and stay focused on their goal. Kudos to Abby's dad and the team for supporting her in Cabo. That was an interesting side journey and the pics were great. Hey, who could argue with stopping off at a vacation spot like Cabo? Anyway, love your blog Abby and thanks for the update Team Abby. You guys are awesome!

    John In Ashland OR

  79. Is the boat always on auto pilot?

  80. HI Abby,
    Glad to hear that all is going well.
    With all the talk about the supply of food in this blog, I thought it might be time to issue a challenge!

    Jessica Watson has prepared some "special menu" items and posted pictures of the these on her blog.

    How about you prepare a special meal or two and share them with us via your blog?

    Once Jessica and yourself have completed you respective journeys, it might be a novel idea to organize a "Solo Sailor Cook Off"

    It could develop into a bit of an Americas Cup type battle!!

    Best Regards,

    John F
    Brisbane, Australia.

  81. Thanks team Abby for your update. I have enjoyed reading all the responses and the lively debate that has developed about "non stop" and "unassisted" with reference to both solo sailors Abby and Jessica. "Non Stop" refers to finishing in the same port as you started from with no "other" stops. Unassisted means no assistance from anyone and definitely no food drops. I believe Richard Rumble may have become confused when Jessica refers to her food parcels. To help store and keep a balanced diet, you store your food in such away so you open "New food bag" every few weeks. Not sure where one of the blogger's has got the idea Abby will be stopping at Cape Horn from ... I certainly have not read that.
    To all sailors fair winds and calm seas
    Pauline, Victoria Australia

  82. Hey there Abby Girl, haven't visited here for a couple of weeks now but thought I'd pop by, I see that you're not far from Cape Horn the map shows a straight bee line thing happening, looking forward to seeing you rounding the Horn safely.....

    All this Food Drop business...good grief!....and "Unassisted"....doesn't that just simply mean No Engine assisted operation, i.e purly Wind dependent, and or No Crew i.e. Solo....

    Abby....go for it young lady, do us proud!

    Clint - Melbourne

  83. Is there a map where we can follow Abby's progression? Is Google (maps / Earth)following Abby?

  84. i cant believe that you sleep though all of that! that would be so awesome :) you probably had a great time !