Thursday, March 11, 2010

Small Blog and Photos

Just a quick blog tonight. I have made good progress today in great winds. I have 30 knots out of the N which is good for making progess SE. I have to dig out another propane tank and fix a new leak in the water ballast but I will get a longer blog out tomorrow.

Swells are picking up.
A wet ride today!

Still a beautiful sunset.


  1. Beautiful sunset! Enjoy the evening..

  2. Abby are you sleeping well these days?

  3. Abby-- Thanks for the beautiful pics. It does indeed look as though the seas are picking up. Glad you're getting the wind--and from the right direction! Wild Eyes must be loving it. And nothing like the never-ending maintenance of a boat, huh? Hope you get some good shut-eye tonight. Best to you--we're all with you.

  4. Hi Abby, love the last pic in that set, reminds me of my 10,000nm trip, nothing like being many days from land....... Oh what a feeling.....


  5. Hello from Kodiak!
    The kids got out today for Spring Break; I'm hoping they visit your blog and give you some words of encouragement.
    Stay strong and we'll be thinking and praying for your continued safe passage.
    5th grade, Kodiak, AK

  6. Wow, Abby! Looks like you're flying on the waves! The propellers on the third photo are barely visible! Yep, you've got wind now. :-) Stay safe and enjoy this new found pace.

  7. 03-12-10 @ 01:10
    Hi Abby,
    Glad to see that you’ve got some pretty good wind behind you. At least that will keep you in motion, oh yeah.
    I’m sure you’ve discussed the belt with the ‘team’ but it seems to me that you shouldn’t be having this much trouble with the belt. That should have lasted you for the entire voyage, and then some. The ‘team’ should look into this a little further. Do you have spare belts on board?
    Good luck tomorrow with the 20 to 30 knot winds, I do hope it turns out to be a lot of fun for you.
    Take care of yourself and your crew, they need looking after to.
    May God hold you in the palm of His hand and may the Angels keep your sails full, and I, I will be praying for you.
    Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

  8. 03-12-10 @ 01:22
    Hi Abby,
    You’re getting blogs in faster than I can get a post out, but I did enjoy the pics very much. The water looks like it’s kicking up a little bit. I hope it’s not cold out there, just looking at the second picture made me think it was cold. But excitement will help to keep you warm…lol..
    It looks like you’re really gonna be kicking some butt now. Good for you, and enjoy.
    Sail true and above all be cautious. I hope that leak in the water ballast isn't serious, is it difficult to get to?
    My regards to Charlie and Mr. Doggie.
    May God hold you in the palm of His hand and may the Angels keep your sails full, and I, I will be praying for you.
    Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

  9. Hi Abby,
    It must be a GOOD feeling to be going in the right direction! I found it helped my positive attitude no end in my sailing days! And with a good breeze on your tail too. Fingers crossed it keeps up for a few days. Wild Eyes must be able to make good speed.
    Stay dry!
    Toni, from Oz

  10. Time lapsed photos give a sense of wonder!

    Waves sinuous and brawny in taunting youthful encounter engaging Wild Eyes.

    And we peek.

    and you With Us.

    An unbelievable feeling of strength. I wonder what goes through your hands and stays with you as you work the helm?

    These waters continue to shape you. Your photos invite us to stare with you. They keep us close to you.

    Thank you, Abby

  11. You're sailing now. Best photos yet. Thanks for taking time to share.

    Godspeed, my friend!


  12. Hi Abbey

    Your pics are outstanding - We can really sense the movment of the sea.

    You probably already know all this- but here are some ideas for your alternator. The pulley setting could be contributing to the problem

    I dont know the model number of your Yanmar engine

    In general for Yanmar engines – use cogged V belts

    The belt deflection at the top from the water pump to the alternator
    should be +/- 2.5 mm or +/- 0.125 in

    The total belt deflection should be 5 to 6 mm or 0.25 inches

    The alternator pulley and the water pump pulley should align with the
    crank pulley to a gap 1/25 of an inch

    Any misalignment will cause premature wear of the v-belt.

    If the v belt is tighten with a long bar or lever. The belt will wear quickly with associated black belt dust around the engine room.
    It will also come loose and in the worst instance it could harm the crankshaft.

    Abby we love your courage and spirit -may God always hold you in the palm of his hand.


    Mariner Walt Marina del Rey CA

  13. Hi Abby,
    great blog! I prefer a small blog and a regular picture here and there.
    Even the smallest message about fixing things and daily life is great! Absolutely no need to write high level philosophical stuff all the time.
    We love you!
    Dick T.

  14. Go Abby, Go!!! NIce to hear that you finally got some wind so you can make up some lost time, Wishing you well all the time in your journey. We are with you all the way back to Cabo. Stay safe and dry.

    Fair winds and following seas... Skipper.

    An old salty sailor USN(Retired)

  15. Hi Abby and all,

    Great photographs. I enjoy your blog and skys that are some color other than tan. I am sure you know that rounding the Cape can be a fun ride.

    From the Deserts of Iraq
    Sail Safe

  16. Hello Abby, Your pix are beautiful! You really captured the 'action' -- I can almost feel it here in OK!

    Glad you are getting some good winds. I'm sure you are enjoying speeding along and no doubt you are getting to know more and more about how Wild Eyes handles in different conditions, and getting more comfortable as well. Doing the maintenance is a never-ending process, isn't it? (Don't be's never-ending regardless where you are!! :D ) Just live in the moment and enjoy every aspect of your adventure to the fullest!

    Well, dear one --sail smart, sail safe!

    Janell in Oklahoma, USA

  17. Hello Miss Abby,
    Thank you for the pics, beautiful as every time, and for the few words. Like this, we know you are well and how Wild Eyes is doing, without taking too much of your time. Very kind of you! And when you feel in a writing mood, or when something new happens, then you can post a longer blog. It is only a balance to be found between your schedules and mood, where you are, and our care and curiosity, everywhere else in the world.
    Sail fast and safe!

  18. My offshore fishermen friends say that, at 8+kts, you are probably going too fast to catch much of anything. The only thing underwater that could hit your lure would be an attack submarine. You might get some free Beluga caviar out of that, though.

    I'm concerned about your power drain situation. My experience is in airplanes but, back in the days of weak generator output, flying at night meant that, after you've covered the basic needs, you don't turn on anything new until you turn something else off.

    You rock!

  19. Hi Abby,

    Lovely photos again Abby. You're putting together quite a lovely little collection of photos aren't you. My Dad who is nearly 73 years old is an avid photographer and is entering into a photo competition this weekend. I'm going to the Country Fair tomorrow to have a look at them. I can't wait to see them. So it just shows you, you are never too old to be a good keen photographer.

    I hope you get your minor problems sorted on board "Wild Eyes". You're a good lass getting on to the little problems before they become major ones. I hope you get your leak fixed very quickly in the water ballast. I guess you would have good sealants to fix any leaks.

    This Sunday I am running in on of world's biggest fun runs where around 70,000 people run in Auckland's Round the Bays fun run of 8.4 kilometres. I will only be walking as I've injured my back. Good fun with lots of people dressed up and even the Army participates usually pulling a cannon (unloaded) behind them.

    Well my dear take care of yourself and thanks again for your faithful blogging.

    God bless you heaps and I pray that the good Lord keeps you safe on your exciting journey. Many hugs from Jan Pace (Auckland, New Zealand)

  20. Hi Abby,
    Thanks for the update. Great photo's.
    Stay safe,

  21. Bruce from Brisbane AUMarch 12, 2010 at 2:24 AM

    Hey Abby
    I hope all is as it should be!
    Cryptic lines of a water leak in the ballast system and going through your propane do leave us a little concerned. I hope these are small and planned issues and not more serious. Anyway Abby, as long as your safety is assured then go for it, however if there are more serious issues, no-one will think the less of you if you need to take a break and resume at a later date.

    The photos are great but how do you convey the spray, smells and the wind on your face? I wish I was out there too (or maybe not - it's warm and dry here in front of my computer)

    Anyway Abby - Go Girl - stay safe and clipped on!

    Bruce from Brisbane

  22. Hi Abby,

    It is great to see that you are doing well. Im very glad. I hope you get good weather along the way and that your weather adviser will direct you safely.

    Best wishes,


  23. Does the world feel bigger to you at this point in your journey? Just wondering if you have felt any profound moments of awe for the size and beauty of the earth that you never imagined before setting sail?

    Barrington, IL

  24. Thanks Abby
    Looking good
    safe journey, enjoy
    Richard (QLD) Aus

  25. Hi Abby,

    Thanks for the wonderful pic's! Good luck with repairs. Stay happy!

    Keep Safe!

  26. Hey,
    wow i think what you are doing is so brave and you must have such enthusiasm and passion for the seas.
    Your pictures are awesome and breathtaking. I wish you success in your goal to sail around the of luck and I'm sure i'll be seeing you in the record books x

  27. Hi Abby

    Glad you have finally got some good winds and heading in the right direction.

    Lovely photos.

    Can you tell me what the propane is used for?

    Keep safe
    Evie from Bendigo

  28. Bonjour Abby & Wild Eyes,

    Great pictures again, thanks!

    Take care, Be safe.

  29. Hey Abby,
    Awesome shots. Thanks for the update. Hope the repairs went okay. Enjoy.
    39*50'N, 86*9'W

  30. Hi Abby, please take care and stay safe. You have made a huge commitment in one so young. Don't forget that if it gets a bit much you can always go home and try again later. God Bless.
    JeanP - Australia

  31. Was pointed to your journey by an on-line friend, and will continue to monitor your progress on-line. Safe journey!

    Stornoway, UK

  32. Quick and simple. Nice pics. Don't know if you watch Jessica's travels but she found out what happens to zippers in wet weather. best prepare them now while you have some time.

    Just think what you can write for "What I did last summer vacation. LOL Fair winds

  33. Hi Captain Abby, Hope you can repair the small leak in the ballast.I know you will find a way. Nice looking pics. Thank you for the update.
    Be Safe! Be Happy! Godspeed!

  34. We are new but it is great. The pic's are fantastic just be careful and have a safe ride.

  35. Serafino in ArkansasMarch 12, 2010 at 6:00 AM

    Speaking of sunrise and sunset, maybe you can get some good shots as the Orange ball is meeting the horizon on a calm sea. Enjoying the venture that you are under taking, as I was raised on the water in the San Joaquin Delta Region, when I was not on the farm in the big valley area. You are doing something I wanted to do when I was your age. I'm now 62. Maybe someday I'll do it when the time comes. LOL Have you seen any other sailing vessels out there.?

  36. Hi Abby
    Great photographs!
    Are you going to write a book?
    Best wishes

  37. How wonderful to see your photos. I prefer my waves still like these. No ups and downs. lol
    I am useless even on a rowing boat here on Lake Windermere.
    I so admire your skill and determination. Keep enjoying each sunset that comes your way.
    Make sure you are always clipped on too!
    May the winds always be what you need for that moment in time.

  38. Thanks for the short blog. I love hearing how things are daily. Good luck with the repairs. The pictures are great.

  39. WONDERFUL IMAGES!!!!! Thanks for posting them. Keep them coming.

  40. Amazing what you are doing. What an inspiration. I really enjoy your blog and the amazing pics. Stay safe and have fun! Keila ~ Corsicana, TX

  41. Bud & Charla Winnett, Wheeling, MOMarch 12, 2010 at 6:14 AM

    Good Morning Abby. Well it is morning here in Missouri. Beautiful pics. Looks a little choppy out there. You take care. Glad you are making good progress. Reading the blogs, I think most of us have "adopted" you. Let's see... Perhaps you would be a Great Grandaughter.
    We all luv ya
    Stay Safe
    Bud & Charla Winnett

  42. love the variety of your pictures here... i can actually feel the cold ... love the last one!. stay safe girl!.

  43. Nice!
    Your blog with the pictures is great!
    Lu K.

  44. It is still almost unbelievalbe, every time I read your blog, that you have this much courage.. keep on a'keepin on.....

  45. Abby, I have followed you from day 1, never sailed or had the desire to, but to follow you on your quest is totally amazing! God is surely following you in your adventure. He is showing that to you each and every day with the beautiful sunrises and sunsets! Be safe as I know you will with God watching over you.

  46. If I am not mistaken the bottom picture of the sunset actually captures the wind generator in all its glory. The blur at the top right is it spinning so fast in the wind it's a blur. I think so. :-)

    Here's another angle, you have the telecom. mount, the anntenae, the corner of the solar panel mount, then the wind generator ontop of it:

  47. hmmm... that's quite an interesting puzzle. A leak in the water ballast. First let's hope it get's repaired. But what's interesting is which way does it leak?

    You're supposed to pump water into it from the outside to balance the boat. Somewhat counter to the idea of floating a boat on what. So is water leaking into it from the outside. Is water in it leaking to the outside, is water in it leaking into the inside, is there no water in it and the other ballast with water in it, leaking into it, or is there water in both of them and one is leaking into the other.



  48. Awesome pictures Abby!!! Hope you get that leak fixed in your ballast...didn't realize you were a welder. I guess you gotta be a jack of all trades when you all alone on the ocean sailing around the world

    Really like these new photos, especially the sunset photo, very nice- I will use that as my new screensaver
    Thank you Abby

    Mike from Indiana

  49. Hi Abby, nice to see you heading SE. How did you get so far away from S America. Was it all due to wind direction? Fare weather and good sailing!
    Guy from Va.

  50. Wow Capt. Abby:

    My heart skipped when I saw the photos. Hang on for the ride and enjoy it!

    Lisa from Mt. Juliet, TN

  51. I keep reading about all the repairs and maintenance you do... I wonder at where you are and what you will encounter... I'm not sure who is more brave, you or your parents! I don't think I could stand to let my kids float around the world all alone! You come from a unique family--I hope you embrace that! Happy Sailing!

  52. Abby : marvelous pictures you have a talent for excellence! Concerned about your frequent belt adjustments but am confident that you will eventually get it resolved . Best Wishes for a sucessfull Voyage !

  53. Hi Abby,
    Gosh you are so sweet, always worried about keeping us informed. We are greatly appreciate it of course. I really do enjoy your blogs, pictures and oh yes your video, thank you for sharing your adventure with me.
    Abby three questions please:
    Have you seen the 'green flash' while sailing off shore?

    Have you seen the 'southern cross' yet?

    Regarding pic #1, it looks as if there are two flexible hoses coming through the deck next to the toe rail...what are they for? Perhaps one of my fellow bloggers can answer this question.

    Well Abby have a great day and I wish you total success with your repairs. As always you are in my prayers daily.
    God Bless you Abby.

  54. Hello Abby,
    Beautiful Pictures! I hope you get all of your repairs done! Do you ever wake up, step out on deck and think, "Holy Crap! I am in the MIDDLE of the OCEAN, Thousands of miles away from civilization and family?!"

    I think that would be my thought everyday. LOL!

  55. Abby,

    I’ve been out of town for a few days, so it was fun to see what kind of progress you made. Sounds like you’re getting some wind so Wild Eyes can really fly. I imagine the seas are standing up a bit but I bet its fun. You’re really not too far from the Roaring 40’s so the fun’s just getting started. Great job of keeping up on all of your boat maintenance. It’s one of those never ending evil necessities, but so important to keep up on. Thanks for the great pics, Abby. They sure help us have a feel for what you’re experiencing. I’m looking forward to your next update.

    From Seattle, WA, USA

  56. Terrific photos! You've got a wonderful eye for putting them together.

    Must be wonderful to be heading SE now . . . rather than that bit of backtracking you ended up doing.

    think of you every day . . . tell all my friends about you and we hold you in our hearts!

    Be well . . . stay clipped . . . and stay safe!

    Happy Sailing!

    ~ Cynthia (Half Moon Bay, California)

  57. Abby ... Great Photos! It's also very good to see you heading straight for the Horn. You must be getting excited. You've mentioned before your love of fast sailing and I'm happy for you whenever this happens. I bet you wish your wind turbines could spin like in the 3rd photo all the time. Wouldn't that be great?

    I second Jenifer's comment yesterday about Abby being a brave and resilient chiquita. That she is!

    @45N 73W ... The quote goes along with one point I raised. The wind generators spin faster when she is close hauled which happens when she is sailing with the wind abeam or coming more from her bow. But after Cape Horn, she will be sailing with the prevailing wind, so it will mean less wind on the turbines. That equates to the need of running the engine to charge the batteries, but she will also want heat from the engine, so hopefully it will all work out in her favor. I wonder, Abby, can you also use propane for heat, or is it just for cooking?

  58. Hi Abby,
    I have been following you from the start but this is my first comment.. I love the photos, my job involves photographing the Sunrise everyday from Aussie beaches, I am a bit envious of your beautiful Sunset... It sounds like your really getting settled into the journey now, just wanted to wish you the best, stay safe and enjoy...
    Tania from Sunshine Coast Australia

  59. Abby, you are fantastic! You have gone so far in a short time! The pictures of the water and sky are terrific.

  60. Bonjour Abby & Wild Eyes,

    Again, just fantastic photos, really!

    Take care, Be safe.

    @Roski: Good observation. Also the winds around Cape Horn seem to be coming from pretty much all directions which doesn't make it much easier for the wind generators to operate. Hopefully that is not a situation that will last more than a few days and in any case we will have to wait and see what the Team will choose as a route - all considered when time comes. Also Wild Eyes has some back-ups for power generation.

    Good point nonetheless. All part of Abby's adventure.

  61. Enjoy following through the posts. Thanks for great update from the team.

  62. beautifull photos you have...nice article...nice adventure bro...

  63. Love the pics there butiful!!!!! Zoe in West Virginia,USA

  64. Dear Abby, Just dropping a line commending you for a fantastic job on maneuvering, repairing, and captaining your sailboat! Thanks for all the updates and pictures.

  65. nice photos abby!! I always love the sunsets too.

  66. The Bloop:
    An unexplained phenomenon in the South