Friday, March 5, 2010

Video Blog #1

Okay, not sure if this will work. I'm sure you'll all let us know!


  1. Awesome! Loved hearing your voice from waaaaay out there. It was a little out of sync with your lips (I read lips because of a hearing loss) but that's all. Loved the fish swimming across the screen too!

  2. Sound and vid for me not synched up. Other than that it is fine. You rock by the way :-)

    Ithaca, Ny

  3. Worked. Great to see you. Could even hear the creaking in the back ground so we know your really out there :).

  4. other then the audio being delayed a bit, it's awesome

  5. It worked!

    LOL I love the fishies and bubbles along the bottom! :)

  6. Bonjour Abby & Wild Eyes and Team,

    Video sure works!

    Abby, you're a riot! :-)

    Take care, Be safe

  7. Video and sound not really synched up but it was great to hear your safe out there! God Bless!

  8. Hi Abby, The Video was great and you doing great, keep it up.

  9. Wonderful Abby. Yes u r So good to c u...u look great!!!!

  10. Abby, as everyone has said, the video and sound are not synched up. Not sure why but maybe you can figure it out. You are so calm and collected... you make this seem like a walk in the park! Hope it will continue that way through the rest of the trip. Will look forward to more videos of the sea, the boat, the crew... especially the captain, and anything else you are willing to share with us in regards to your adventure. Take care girl, and you continue to spoil us.. which we like:)
    Dwight in NC

  11. Hi Abby: I like the video. The little fish and bubbles at the bottom of the screen was a good effect. I hope you have a good weekend. I'm an old retired UNION crane operator and when you retire you sort of loose track of the day's of the week. When someone told me it was friday, I said that was a good thing when your working, but when your retired, one day is just like the one before. Bottom line is, you sort of loose track of time. It's sort of like sailing for a long period of time; one day just melts into the next day.......... I LIKE IT..........I think I'll go take a nap know. Be safe, and stay tied off!
    Woodrow Wilson / San diego

  12. You look great! keep it up. Fair winds and following seas!

  13. Thanks for the video. What you are doing is so amazing. Very brave. Happy sailing!

  14. not quite synched but its good to see u!.

  15. You're looking great, Abby!! Hope to see more video of you really soon. Take care and make sure you're drinking lots of water.
    --Sue McGah
    Laguna Niguel, CA

  16. Nice video...blow wind blow!!
    Martin Slippery rock, Pa

  17. Ron Spears n SC. AKA SeaWolfnscMarch 5, 2010 at 1:48 PM

    ABBY, Very cool video, Keep up the post.
    Wishing you clear skies and good wind.
    Sail on Girl!!! The SeaWolf is with you.

  18. Hi Abby
    Great vlog.
    @ Ed Blonski - I totally agree with you. Did we even have cell phones smaller than a shoebox 10 years ago! Technology today is truly amazing.
    Best wishes

  19. Great video, Abby!
    You are an amazing girl and I enjoy reading your blog. I am praying for you.

  20. Abby your video blog #1 is ok but your voice is not in sinc with the video.
    Libby Di Bernardo
    San Pedro ca

  21. Abby your video blog #1 is fine but your voice is not in sinc with the video.
    libby di bernardo
    San Pedro ca.

  22. Fantastic Capt.Abby
    looked a little like mille vanille lypsicking.
    you're settled in good and so high spirited...
    one of the joys of being the captain is
    "you call the shots"... well at least on board 'wild eyes'...
    team abby, doing alot behind the scenes,
    just wonderful to see the video, hear your voice and see the pics, of first mate charlie and the crew...
    keep it coming ...
    all your vicarious globe trotting crew..."US" want to know...
    keep checking all over wild eye, getting her and you both ready for your next "test"
    mark n adino

  23. Hi Abby,

    So excited to see your video. Picture came through very clear. I'm sure you will work out the sound.

    You're doing great. I love hearing all about your adventure.

    My prayers go with you as you sail on.

    Clare in Spokane

  24. Looking foward to more vlog's! An old friend used to throw a penny in the water for more wind! Couldn't hurt...Happy Trails


  25. Hello Abby!

    Everything looks good from the big comfy couch (navigation station!) Have fun in the wicked weather to come! Thanks for the fantastic blog/vlog.

    Keep Safe!

  26. As everyone said, its not in sinc, but otherwise good job!

  27. Hello Abby

    Great video blog – loved seeing and hearing you again ! You are doing great.

    Tracking two girls circumnavigating the globe at the same time is awesome.

    As you know - Jessica Watson - a few months your senior – in Ella’s Pink Lady started out from Sydney Australia. She is now 15,000 nm and 4 months into her voyage. She has rounded Cape Horn and the Cape of Good Hope. She has entered the Indian Ocean last week and is heading northeast toward the equator and Australia.

    You are both greatly admired! God has both of you in the palm of his hands.

    Stage 6 of the great Around the World Scotch Relay (AWSR) will be posted shortly.

  28. Nice touch Abby! Sounds like your doing great. Hang in there. Look forward to more video blogs.

  29. Hey Abby, looking great, keep it up. Video is load and clear!!

    Al P

  30. hello, glad to see & hear your voice. peace be with you and may God Bless you.

  31. Yeah - that was great to hear your voice and we do pray for your safety. We are rooting for you

  32. Hi Abby,

    I here to wish you well, I have to tell you I am keeping an eye on Jesse as she and I share the same country, (we are both Aussies)but I am here in Melbourne and keep a watchful eye on you too.

    I hope all goes well for you and you complete your journey without any mishaps.

    Stay sake and God Bless you

    Carrum Downs Aust.

  33. video worked! yay! praying for you, Abby.... =D

  34. How clever you are Abby!!!! Well done! What I want to know is how you managed to talk under water with all those fish swimming around??? :-)

    Maybe you're part fish too - a mermaid!

    When I think how it was all I could do just to make any kind of passage, and with my husband as well so there were two of us, while you and Jessica do all these clever things at the same time, on your own. You're both brilliant. Well done!

    Hope you get just a little more wind - from the right quarter for you.


  35. Can you please post your coordinates with each blog. It is good to google map your progress.

    Good luck.

  36. It works, Abby! Great to see and hear you. The audio is delayed some, and there's cute little fish swimming by on the lower screen, but I love it! Really good to see you.
    Catch you later. (hoping for some wind for you..)
    39*50'N, 86*9'W

  37. " I have seen dawn and sunset on moors and windy hills
    Coming in solemn beauty like slow old tunes of Spain;
    I have seen the Lady April bringing the daffodils,
    Bringing the springing grass and the soft warm April rain.

    I have heard the song of the blossoms and the old chant of the sea,
    And seen strange lands from under the arched white sails of ships;
    But the loveliest things of beauty God ever has shown to me
    Are her voice, and her hair, and her eyes, and the dear red curve of her lips. " - Beauty by John Masefield (Bank$)

  38. I noticed that Mountain House is "out of stock" on all Marine Cuisine - must have been you ;)

  39. I enjoyed following your brother's adventure, and so enjoying following yours, Abby!
    I pray that the Lord will continue to protect you and give you joy in the little things. I bet it is so neat to see His creation out at sea.
    God bless, sister in Christ, and I also enjoyed seeing the video. :)
    ~Rachel M.~

  40. Abby,
    The video was great! I don't mind that the audio and video were just a little out of sync. It was worth it to see you and know that you are safe. I think if you were my daughter I probably be going nuts, but this video lets us all know that you are doing OK! Keep your mind sharp and your eye on the goal. May the wind pick up and sailing be smooth.

  41. Video is great... sound is great.... but the sync needs a little tweekin'... Reminds me of the old Japanese movies that were dubbed over in english... lol. Thank you for the video and all the pics. Love to read each post. Your living my dream. Thanks for bringing us along. Keep on keepin' on...

  42. Hey Abby ... I want to see dreadlocks!

  43. Hey Abbey
    Great you finally got around to remembering you have a video cam. would love to see you come out of your shell more and use it more often. The rest of the world is interested even if your not.
    No really have a great time and a few more vids would be fantastic.

  44. 03-05-10 @21:38
    Hi Abby,
    Thanks for the video, I enjoyed that.
    As numerous bloggers have already said, the video was great but out of synch, a minor detail since your voice was crystal clear. Today’s technology is fantastic, here you are over 4000nm's from the home and sending a video to your fans. Way back in the 1940s these things were just fantasy. Dick Tracy and Diet Smith had a wrist radio that had people laughing as being absolutely ridiculous. (Woodrow, do you remember that???) And look where we are now. All this technology is making the world smaller and smaller for travelers, and in cases like you girls(or anyone for that matter) sailing, it makes it much safer.
    Well Abby, I hope you have fun when you meet that front with a lot of wind, but be cautious, please.
    My regards to Charlie and Mr. Doggie, take good care of yourself and enjoy your next roller coaster ride…LOL…

    May God hold you in the palm of His hand and may the Angels keep your sails full, and I, I will be praying for you.
    Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

  45. I like the video. I hope you video blog sometime again!

    I love the fish & bubbles too!

    Maggie, 2nd grade, = )

  46. Fantastic! I can't wait until you hit the Cape. Be safe, and takes lots of pics and video, if possible :)

  47. Hi Abby, You looked great, you are so cute. I enjoyed your video and I'm looking forward to another one. I am so glad that you are doing well, wish you had more wind. My prayers and thoughts are with you. Gail/Ventura

  48. Thanks Abby for making that video for us today. The other Followers gave you all the appropriate & good remarks before I even got signed on. All of us here at my house in Central Florida (shivering)look forward to your next video - you'd be amazed at what we don't notice being so awe-struck and all ...

  49. Considering I still use basic dial-up, (yes there are a few of us left), it came across really well.

  50. Thanks for the video Abby! I heard the boat creaking. Strong winds are patient. I hope someone makes a movie of your adventure after this is all over so we can watch it on the big screen. I hope you at least write a book of your adventure so we can all buy it and read it

  51. Video and sound not synched up, but it's OK, this was rather experimental right?

    Anyway have a nice time out there, hope you'll get to your goal in no time.

  52. Hi Abby, WOW, video awesome what's a girl to do but find her hairbrush and fire up the video cam and I love the bubbles and fish what with the gurgling/groaning from Wild Eyes,I mean she wants to be heard too.Stay Safe and continue to have fun and get some schoolwork done. :-) 38º44N/122º67"N

  53. Loved learning about the sail tracking, seeing you, and hearing Wild Eye's voice along with yours put you right in my Newbury Park home.

    Now if you could see my cat Ollie who loves to sit in the tub and catch his drink drip by drip.

    May your strength and energy invigorate as you take on the front! Ali

  54. Considering that the video was only 1 MB it was great. So you must have set up the autopilot Nav mode since you had time to do the video.....Abby please don't forget to answer my emails.......!

    Team Abby

  55. The sound and video was off, but otherwise it was GREAT hearing your voice again!!! Miss ya!
    Chrissy <><

  56. it must be wonderful at night, i'm rereading "the life of Capt. Cook and he talks about the dome of stars

  57. Hi Abby, from South Africa.
    Great stuff, the Americans did three things; the moon-landing, Captain Anderson with the Nautilus and Abby’s voyage.
    Our son Craig is busy with his seamanship just completed his deckhand now doing his Masters. You are a great inspiration, go for it girl God bless!
    Will you pass SA?
    Esme, Ries and Craig

  58. Thank you for this video, Miss Abby, it's a nice first try! Next time, ask Charlie to handle the micro and the sync. You look well, not even tired at all. How is it possible that you couldn't catch and cook a fish while so many are swimming just under your nose? ;-))
    Fair sailing, brave Miss!

  59. Sound and video not sync up.

    But very good first video.

    Great to hear your voice.

  60. Hi Abby,

    Clever girl, it worked with your video clip. I liked the little fish and bubbles on the screen. You young people these days are so up with the play and confident when trying out new things on the computer. I'm having trouble with my blog. I noticed that the last blog I sent you had "Dave" my husbands name, even though I thought I had set up a blog under my name. I'll see what happens this time and I might just has to set up another blog site.

    Thanks also for putting a personal touch and answering questions us bloggers ask. Although I know you won't always be able to answer all our questions as there are just too many of us.

    Keep safe my dear and thanks for keeping us posted on how you are. Warmest wishes from Jan Pace (Auckland, New Zealand)

  61. Hi Abbey,
    What awonderful example you are, a lovely young lady showing the rest of the world what you are made of. Even more lovely to know that you are a Christian and love the Lord.How wonderful is The scripture John 3.16 showing God's wonderful love to us."For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son that whoever believes in Him should not perish but hav everlasting life." Keep your eye on Jesus look full in His wonderful face and the things of earth will grow strangley dim in the light of His glory and grace" God bless and keep you, Peter, Newcastle Australia.

  62. abby,great to see your video.i am sure u will b cutting that boat forward through the water when am typing in this.praying that u b safe out there buddy.wishing that i cud b out there to help u u wish to b solo rt?so sending all my prayers for u dear.keep us updated ok.take care buddy.all of us r with u

  63. Darn. Won't work on my iPhone 'cause Steve Jobs hates Flash. AAAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHH !!!!!!!

  64. Awsome, It is great to hear you and to hear the boat as it moves along.It is winter here and I won't here the sounds of sailing for a couple more months. Love hearing about your trip. Make more videos. It was great. Thanks so much for sharing. You go girl.

  65. that was awesome!!! Keep up the great work.

  66. That's a GREAT first video .... Amazing to think you are out on that great big ocean in a sail boat and I'm able to 'see' you (through the video) in my basement in the country in Kansas!!!! Modern technology is terrific! Have a great day and I hope the wind picks up for you a bit ~ be safe. Love the little fish :) Betsy

  67. Thanks for the vid, Abby! Hearing the silence in the background except for the creaking of the boat reeeaaaallly underscores the isolation. Be safe! I know you and your dad have trained your whole life for this, but don't take any chances out there. And I CAN'T WAIT to look on the map and see the wind pushing you towards Cape Horn!! You've got us nervous over here!

    All the best,

  68. Abby,
    Thanks for sharing a piece of your world with us, it is so exciting reading your post and keeping up with where you are. Each night before we go to sleep we check in on you to see where you are and how your day was, then we say a prayer for you. Thank you for sharing,
    The Kidds

  69. Here I am in the English Lake District and I can see and hear you on video. What a wonderful age we all live in! You look great and are so clever at being able to do all that with the fishes getting closer to your chin... were you snorkeling? lol
    I pray for your safe journey.
    God bless.

  70. Working video is awesome!! Keep in touch and be safe!


  71. Tremendous!

    When sailors of yore had not enough wind, they used to stick a knife in the mast. I'm guessing that won't work with your high-tech aluminum or carbon-fiber masts! Last time I was out, we didn't have much wind, and I tried the old whistling trick for almost a half-hour, but it didn't help. Maybe you can whistle better than I do?

    Still praying Numbers 6:24-26
    Mouse in Whittier

    Buy "Death and Coffee" here!

  72. Hi Abby - question: been following since the launch but may have missed a few things like why a "non-stop"? Is there some record at stake? I did a solo coast-to-coast,roundtrip on my Harley and the best part was sharing with the locals along the way. Seems I would have missed out on a large part of the adventure without that. Your feelings?

  73. Hey Captain Abbey,Must be using skype ,even on land there ia a delay in conversation. Not a problem ,all your fans are greatful to hear from you.Do not envey 70 mile an hour winds on any boat.That is why reading the wind charts will help in the decision making process to follow the appropriate course.I believe your team is on the ball.In fact wish I had your team to come fix my Sandi

  74. I typed in "outer track for staysail" on Google and guess what the top listing was? ........Abby's blog! Talk about running in circles on my research, lol.

    @Steve ... (by the way, same person, trying out different names) HELP! ... I looked up the definition of jib & staysail a long time ago so got that and for you non-sailors, this is the best glossary I've found so far:

    Looking at a pic of Wild Eyes, Abby has 2 sails forward of the mast. Both are on stays, right? I looked up that word too by the way. Both sails wind around their stay cable when not used. So is the forward cable the "outer track", and if it is, I don't understand why Abby would change the sails (jib or staysail) from one cable to the other. I'm sure I'm "not getting it again", so an explanation would be appreciated. Thanks.

    Bob, Roski, RLBirchBay, Bob from Seattle

  75. Hola~ Abby! The video was great! Love the little fish graphics! Good to see you looking so healthy and well and very settled into your journey.

    Would love to see another video with a tour of your "kingdom" out there on the sea. And the routine stuff, especially food, cooking, etc.

    I join your thousands of devoted followers in letting you know how proud and confident we are in your ability to realize your dream.

    As always, I pray for you safety and your sucess. And I always pray for your family who wait in faith for God to return you to them,

    Mark 4:39-41 Even the wind and seas obey him!

    Blessings and GodSpeed.

  76. I remember seeing a news clip of you and your fantastic goal some time ago. I just started blogging about 1 month ago and was really excited to find yours. To say I am impressed at your achievement is putting it mildly. I look forward to reading your updates. You did a great job with your blog video --because it worked! Even though you are extremely capable, I can't help thinking about your parents and how glad they will be to get you back! I am cheering for you here in PA.
    Mary Lee

  77. Hi Abby,
    I remember seeing a news clip of you and your fantastic goal some time ago. I just started blogging about 1 month ago and was really excited to find yours. To say I am impressed at your achievement is putting it mildly. I look forward to reading your updates. You did a great job with your blog video --because it worked! Even though you are extremely capable, I can't help thinking about your parents and how glad they will be to get you back! I am cheering for you here in PA.
    Mary Lee

  78. In case anyone, who would be interested, missed this discussion, Laura Dekker recently acquired a 38 ft boat for her circumnavigation attempt coming this September. (I think on the September part) This is fun to do for those who have time. Her weblog is in Dutch, so if you don't speak it which you probably don't, do this:
    Go to her site:
    Her "MY Weblog" is bottom right. Click on "meer" which means more, copy the whole thing. Go to Google translate, (you'll find it under "more") translate Dutch to English, paste it. It's not perfect English but you'll get her drift.

    Have fun and thanks Abby for the indulgence.

  79. Hi Captain Abby, That is so cool.
    Can't wait to see more of them.
    Be Safe! Be Happy! Godspeed!

  80. Hi Abby

    yahhhhhhhhh the video worked and nice to see the 'live' you. Louise and I agree w Logan. you DO rock!!! Looking forward to more videos. Life is great. Praying that you get the good winds you need (and movement of the Low pressure areas out of the way so you can beeline for the Cape.

    It looks like you'll be halfway to the Cape from Cabo in a few days. But allowing for east then southward sailing, I'm wondering if you will prob arrive under the Horn sometime between April 15-25th or so. Yes it's too soon to forecast but by then it's only 2 months until winter officially starts.

    Will this affect your decision to continue? I hope not, but if it's necessary to wait a few days before you make that last run around the Cape, maybe it's worth it! I've been following the weather there; the days are getting shorter (like @ 5-7 minutes/day) and of course the temp is dropping fast. Would you be allowed to use the Magellan Straits rather than go under the Horn, without losing your "solo around the world" status? Even you would (technically) have land on either side and sail past Ushuaia, you still would not be stopping. Anyway, just a thought!

    Stay safe and clipped on; we really liked your description of hoiw you are clipped in outside. Love from both of us. John and Louise in Redding.

  81. @Bob, Roski, RLBirchBay, Bob from Seattle: My my, you are a curious guy.

    Let's see how short, yet clear, I can make this. First, a disclaimer: Some of the terms in sailing have regional variations, so your mileage may vary.

    At it's most basic, the mast is both held in place (and the tension developed under is distributed to the boats structure) with the "stays" in front the "head stay" and one behind, the "back stay". BUT Abby's boat has what are called "running back stays"...a pair of stays that can be tightened or loosened for reason unimportant at the moment. The mast is held side to side by shrouds.

    You can see these in The Boat section of her blog

    But (once again) Abby's boat has an additional stay forward of the mast an "inner stay". Both of these stays can carry sails. Traditionally, sails were attached to these stays by metal clips that would slide up and down the stay. More recently the stays carry special thin vertical track that allowed the "bolt rope" of the sail to slide up the track. Abby's boat uses head sails on roller furling to literally roll the sail up like an old fashion window blind. In the picture in The Boat section of main page, you can see the head sail (the jib) full and drawing and the sail on the inner stay - called tada! - the "stay sail" rolled up.

    The inner and outer tracks are down on the deck and rails (outer edges of the boat). They hold the blocks or, more likely, "cars" with rollers on them for the "sheets" (the lines that control the sails down at deck level)to past through and lead back to the cockpit.

    Depending on her "point of sail", those jib (and stay sail) sheets would be led through the appropriate car on track that gave the best "lead" (and best trim) to the sail...hence the inner and outer track.

    BTW: There's a cute saying: "There is only one rope on a sail boat and that's the one that is stitched to luff (the forward edge)of the sails, called the bolt rope. All the rest are lines."

    Steve in California

  82. Yikes: Sorry folks!!.. in my reference to the photos on The Boat page....I had it backwards in my first post. The head sail is furled. The stay sail that is open and drawing. Sorry for the confusion. < I hate it when I do that.>

    Needed that third cup of coffee I guess.

    Steve in California

  83. I loved the video! I really look up to you -- what a brave girl you are.



  84. Hi Abby
    Thanks again for the vlog.
    @Roski Thanks for the update. Have been following Laura for a while and recently a Google toolbar appeared above her webpage offering to "Always translate Dutch". Sorry I don't know why the toolbar appeared but it works well.
    Best wishes

  85. Debbie in Tampa, FLMarch 6, 2010 at 3:19 PM

    Hi Abby,

    I just caught up on your last few blogs and I'm real glad to hear all is going well and that you found your hair brush, I bet that made you happier. You look real pretty on your new video. Thank you for putting that up, there is always some kind of learning curb with those things, but once you know, you know and it becomes easier. I guess that's true with most things in life. Although I do not aspire to circumnavigate the world, I would still like to set sail one day and visit landmarks in the world. You and Jessica have definitely got me learning my nautical terms, oceanography, geography, etc. I hope you will join me in praying for Jessica, some Somali Pirates have gone down as far south as Madagascar. A Norwegian tanker was just captured near there and French Officials just captured 22 Pirates in 6 different boats and are retaining them. I've asked everyone to pray for her that believes in God and the power of prayer, which I know that you do. I know there is danger out there for you two girls, but between the earthquake and Tsunami that you were near and the Pirates that Jesse is near, it's enough to give us adoptive parents a coronary. But I will place both of you in the Protective Hands of our Creator and trust that He watch after you as you fulfill your dreams of Circumnavigating the World.

    Take Care and God Bless,
    Debbie in Tampa, FL

  86. Hi Abby
    I'm Madeline aka SmudgeArt / Maddy, Nice to see you. You are one very brave young lady. I so admire what you are doing, you are an inspiration. Godspeed Lady of the Sea...

  87. Nice to hear your voice Abbey. I am sure you will sort the problem out. Love the fish.
    Keep safe.

  88. going alone in the sea...what a courage...wonderful...

  89. Hi Abby: I saw your video when you first posted it an made some good comments at that time, but I did forget to mention that the sound was a little out of sink. That's O.K., in time you'll get it wright.
    Steve; from S.F., California: I understood the nautical terminology you where explaining to Bob,Roski,RLBirch, and Bob from Seattle; But I think you lost about 90% of people who are posting to Abby. It was wright on, but a little too technical for most people. One word.....Decaf........
    Woodrow Wilson from San Diego

  90. hey abby. how r u? i wish u luck and also my best of wishes. i check ur blog for my computer teacher. he loves it. hope u make back safely. bye and hope u can blog more so i can tell him.

  91. hey abby. how r u? i wish u luck and also my best of wishes. i check ur blog for my comuter teacher. he loves it. hope u make it back safely. bye and hope u blog more so we know what's going on.

  92. BTW Abby, you looked relaxed and comfortable in the video and that's great.

    @Steve ... Thanks again, I found some pics of jib tracks so understand now. Stick around, I'm sure something else will come up which will arouse my curiosity and if too many people don't mind the tech talk, we'll carry on. Woodrow brings up decaf. If you like caffeine, try 5hr energy, it's great! I had to cut it out as I was starting to drink it daily. Probably getting too much vitamin B-12 or something.

    @John and Louise ... The route rules state rounding the Cape. I couldn't find the route rules just now on World Sailing Speed Record Council's website, but Jessica Watson's site talks about it under route and rules.

    Anonymous with a Harley ... Abby is trying for the youngest solo record. She could stop but the most difficult category is non-stop and unassisted. This is what she is trying for.

  93. Good to know you can get internet in the middle of the South Pacific ocean.

  94. Great job ... Now more please!

  95. Hi Captain Sunderland; That video looks to me like academy award material. I hope you are clipped on!
    Vancouver, Canada

  96. hey abby, my name is aiisha and im new to this blogging thing but i see that you are very excperienced and i was hoping you could give me some advice on how to create better blogs. hope to get a respond from you soon.

  97. SHINE, Phillipians 4:11

  98. Abby you are my idol !!!!!

    Enjoy as much as you can and say hi to Argentina
    Nice fish 


  99. Hi, Abby! I am new to blogging, and following you from south central Montana! Great job you are doing, with the adventure of your dreams! Some close family friends would love to see this, if I can show them, because they have been ship captains, etc! Have a safe but wonderful adventure!

  100. I'm a filmmaker and teacher in the Los Angeles area. Saw the article on you just now in the LA Times. We admire you!

    Maybe a movie some day? Be safe.

  101. Congratulations on the first Video blog of the trip! I have been reading your blog alot latly madly trying to catch up. I am amazed at what you are doing!