Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St Patty's Day Gale

Well, things Have started "roaring" a bit to day. Its actually not really roaring, more howling. I'm in my first real gale right now!! Just a small one, with the wind about 35knots and some nice 10-15 foot or so waves. Its been cloudy and rainy all day long, but the sun came out tonight for a few minutes just before going down making a very pretty sunset.

Its not exactly the type of weather for running around up on deck but it looked so nice out tonight that I suited up to go and take a 'quick' picture. I ended up out there for a good long while. It was very wet out there and before too long I was quiet drenched as my hood kept blowing off letting every wave that hit go right down into my jacket. So, I'm not exactly happy with all the pictures I ended up with but my fingers were too numb to push the buttons on the camera!

After being outside for a while the 60 degree cabin feels nice and warm. Sixty degrees isn't all that cold but when it is when you've spent most of the past month in 100 degree weather, so hot you can hardly sleep at night. Going from that to 60 degrees in three short days really makes it feel absolutely freezing! But the nice thing about cold is that you can always put another jacket on!

In answer to a question from the comments, no, I don't have an Eskimo suit :) But I have something close!! A survival suit. Its big, orange, like a full body life jacket and impossible to move in. Its for if I decide to go for a dip down around Cape Horn. As of now, I have no plans for using it, but just in case! I also have lots of different kinds of layers thanks to Patagonia. I even have some high tech wool that Steven Mann said was the best of all.
As far as the weather goes, tomorrow will be the day to decide what course to take over the weekend. Tropical Storm Tomas that formed SE of Fiji is headed south and at this point if I am on a collision course with its mighty remains if I continue SE. The conditions where we are supposed to meet on Saturday night or Sunday morning are 50-60 knots of wind and seas to 30-40+ feet. I'm sure that Wild Eyes and I could handle it if we had to but if we can avoid it, we probably should. That isn't all that is going on down here. I still need to get south quickly after that system passes because there are more fronts on the way.

For now I'm having quite a bit of fun in this gale. Everything about it seems so much better than a nice calm day (in its own way, calm days are nice every now and then too!) All the noise, the waves crashing over the boat and water getting right up to the window as we speed along!
Happy St. Patty's Day!



  1. Patagonia is awesome! I love em!

  2. Glad to hear you are doing well. We are continuing to pray for you back in CA. I saw you family today at the roller dome.

  3. I like the flex conduit covering on the shrouds!

    Buckle in girl, the E Ticket ride is comin' your way.

    Steve in California

  4. Bud and Charla WinnettMarch 17, 2010 at 8:07 PM

    HI Abby... SOunds like you are really enjoying the Sail. Good fun if it doesn't get too wild. Be glad when you get around the Horn. Pick the right time to get in between those fronts. Have fun. This is a trip of a lifetime.
    Luv Ya. Stay Safe
    Blues Skies and Friendly Winds
    Bud and Charla Winnett
    Wheeling, Mo

  5. Abby your an inspiration to us all.
    Whats the one thing (besides family)that you miss the most right now? Your in our prayers for a safe trip around the big blue marble!

  6. Hi Abby,
    When you get home, may I take Wild Eyes around the world? What a blast you must be having! Thank you for keeping us up to date on OUR adventure!
    Charlie C in Colorado

  7. Good Evening Captain,
    Thanks for your great report and "quick" photos. I hope you can stay "toasty warm" below riding out the conditions. I will be thinking of your safety tonight Abby. Sail on brave young lady.
    john, Bay of Quinte, Lake Ontario, Canada

  8. Abby girl, great pics as usual. The sunset in the last one overcomes the diamonds! Sounds like you are going to be playing a game of dodge ball (or dodge front) the next couple of weeks. PLEASE do not get in 50-60 knot winds with 30-40+ foot waves if you can possibly help it! We pray for you and care about you so keep the captain and crew safe.
    Dwight in NC

  9. Hi Abby
    Just wanted to wish you well. The tropical cyclone certainly caused quite a bit of destruction and here in Australia we have one headed toward the Sunshine Coast of Queensland rather low down and tending to be a late season system. What with tsunami's and cyclones the Pacific Ocean has been a cauldron of unsettled seas.
    Again stay safe.
    Happy St. Patrick's day and I wish you the luck of the Irish whilst sailing.
    Evie from Bendigo

  10. Sounds like you are weathering the storm quite well. Thanks for the updated pictures.

  11. What an amazing journey you have ahead!! Good luck and have fun Abby!

  12. Have a safe trip and try not to do a 180 with the mast.

  13. Where is the Bloop? We,ll be thinking about you. I've never been in anythig more than 50k. I don't think cyclones will go that far south.

  14. Have fun down there with the TS remnants, and stay warm, full, and safe! :)

  15. Take care and stay safe. I'm rooting for you!

  16. Abby: I just came across your Blog by accident. What an amazing young lady you are. I have a six year old daughter and I am teaching her to be strong, independent and fearless. I intend to read through all of your postings, so I can figure out when you will be back in California. I hope my daughter and I will be there when you sail in.

  17. Dear Abby,
    I pass on your news to my students from time to time. Most can't even imagine what you're experiencing. Sounds like exciting days are ahead of you! Sending prayers for your safety.
    Diane in Iowa

  18. Happy St Patty's Day Abby.

    I suspect that things are going to get really fun for you now. I'm so glad that you're enjoying this weather, because it looks like you may have a lot of it for a couple of weeks. Ha...

    Thanks for the pics. The are always an added treat. The one of you in winter gear makes me shiver. I'm sitting on my patio in a T shirt at a calm 71° @ 8:30pm. Still, given the chance I'd trade places with you in a heart beat. Not because I like cold, but to experience the once in a lifetime adventure that you are. I guess that's a little selfish because if we traded places you would have to start all over from MDR. :)

    Stay safe Abby. God bless you.


  19. Love Patagonia!!! Happy St. Patrick's Day! Enjoy the cooler weather.

  20. Great blog! Do you also have Twitter Abby? Is there a site where we can see more pictures? Good luck <3

  21. Be safe Abby! My daughters 11 and 7 make it their first order of business when they come home from school to check on you! My youngest wanted to know if God would let you know we were praying for you. I asked why and she wanted to make sure He did because you're alone out there. She is trying to wrap her brain around that concept so it's been a great lesson on faith.

    I know I'm not the only parent out here concerned for you. We all want you safe and home with no major events. So sweet dreams and better weather! We really do hope you feel the thousands of prayers on your behalf.

    The St.John's

  22. Patagonia gear is indestructible and warm! Glad to hear they kitted you out.

  23. Happy St Patrick's Day to you, Abby!

    Your photos are great and it's always a special treat to see a new blog from you. Avoid the bad weather as best you can and continue to let us know how you are - as often as you can. I am amazed at how fast you are closing in on the Cape.

    Good sailing, be careful, stay safe.

    San Diego

  24. Abby,
    It sounds like fun sailing in the Gale you are in now. Even though I haven't sailed anything more than a Hobie-Cat, with some experience and a boat like "Wild-Eyes", even 50 knot winds and 30-40 ft seas is an experience I wouldn't pass up given the opportunity. I'm not trying to encourage you to go that route, but just saying, that after making it through something like that, a person would never forget it, and man, would you have a story to tell!

    Just my rambling thoughts of the moment, and I realize it's easy to say when I'm sitting at my computer on the edge of the prairie, about as far from a substantial body of water as one can get in the USA.

    Just keep having fun, and continue keeping us posted.

    As always, my prayers are with you, and best wishes from the Black Hills of South Dakota.

  25. Hey Captaim Abbey, I can hear "sum "upbeat in your.. beat.Wind brings a sailor alive again ....clapping...yeppy..50 60 knots pass on it...30 40 ft. waves pass on it....We all want you back.I am sure you will rise to the occasion if weather is slammed upon you and wild eyes at any given moment.If you can avoid? "BUT OF COURSE" do HAPPY SPD..Keep the wind behind you and always dance with the stars ..Sandi on the Chesapeake

  26. Hi Abby,
    Thanks for another detailed report; you make us feel as if we are right there with you! You are just as talented as a writer as you are as a captain...and that's a huge compliment because obviously you are an outstanding captain! (We'll have an autographed copy of that book, please.) Also, we vote that you get to skip Senior English class altogether! :) In the meantime, stay safe and keep up the great attitude. Watching your progress and praying for you daily.
    Keith and Kathy Wargo, Lynchburg VA

  27. Glad to hear you are doing well with the heavy weather! Sounds fun, but a bit cold. Best wishes from Wisconsin, where the inland lakes are still full of ice... no sailing yet.

  28. Skipper, nice entry on your quarter deck log, nice pictures too. Nice to hear that you are having fun out there.
    Again stay safe and dry and I look forward to your next entry.

    Old salty USN(Ret)

  29. Hi Abby,

    Your pix today are wonderful! All three are nice, but I think the close-up of you will be etched in my mind from now look like such a fair maiden, so beautiful, everything good. I know you are a skillful sailor BUT, PLEASE take every precaution as you are staring bad weather systems in the face. 50-60 knot winds and 30-40+ ft seas sound incredibly frightening to this landlubber in OK! Precious one, please no risk taking!

    You have captured the hearts of many across this country and beyond. We are ever so proud of you and your dream. Your round-the-world goal is our goal also, BUT your safety and well-being is our primary concern. We love you!

    Sail smart, sail safe. SAFETY FIRST!

    Janell in Oklahoma, USA

  30. It seems like it was raining.Wow you are brave and adventurous. I would freak out.

  31. Thanks for the great pictures! What would you like to acomplish next after you get home from your amazing journey around the world? I'm happy if I can get my kids to bed on time. :-)
    Stay warm and dry dear.
    Alyssa from Irvine, CA.

  32. Enjoy your comments so much! Please be careful and safe! I check on you each day. Your blog means a lot to many people. You are a brave young lady. God Speed! Stay warm and Dry. Avoid the big storms

  33. Shiver me timbers! What a salty dawg ye be!
    Like hearing the tactical jargon as you ponder up coming choices.

    A much anticipated forward look to the Horn your message brings. A thoughtful voice relays a hearty "bring it on". I want to tell you "You Rock". Your inner strength journeys through to the surface of your writing. I am mesmerized.

    Photos verify the rhythm of your thought. Each set you send feeds my curiosity, gives me a sense of our world in real time and I am grateful for all you are and give to us.

  34. Abby! That sunset picture is AMAZING! :) Keep up the good work girly! :)
    Chrissy <><

  35. Hey:)All the best for your journey! It looks so know it's great that you are chasing your dream..never give up!Be safe.

  36. Hey Captain.Nice Photo.You doing good.Stay safe.From:Herman.Hampstead.NH.USA.

  37. 03-18-10 @ 01:30
    Hi Abby,
    Looks like you’re starting to get into all that ‘fun’ you’ve been talking about. I do hope you’re enjoying yourself, seriously.
    It looks like you’ve got everything under control, so just use your head and keep doing a good job out there.
    In regards to your explanation of the upcoming weather, I know you’ll make the right decision. With more fronts on the way, how big of a window do you have between storms?
    I noticed there were a number of good suggestions as to keeping your feet warm with the plastic (saran wrap) over your socks and then another pair of socks over that. Works every time. I hope you got your boots dried out.
    That survival suit sounds real cumbersome, but it has been tested many times for it’s purpose. I imagine you would have to be extra careful walking around in that trying to keep your balance. Slow and easy does it…lol…
    The pictures were great, especially the first one, you looked very relaxed and happy. Pictures are important, but not important enough to be taking any unnecessary chances for, please be cautious. I know, I know, nag, nag, nag….lol…
    So enjoy yourself and have as much fun as you can handle, this is a chance of a lifetime taking on a challenge like this, and you’re doing a fine job.
    For a voyage that started out slowly it certainly has picked up in excitement, and with more to come, so take care and good luck to you Abby.
    I hope you have Charlie and Mr. Doggie anchored down.
    And a Happy St. Paddy’s Day to you and yours.

    May God hold you in the palm of His hand and may the Angels keep your sails full, and I, I will be praying for you.
    Your faithful friend, fan and follower.
    Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

  38. Ok Abby, time to stay focused, trust your nose and guts, think and use your brain... as great as it is to appreciate the rock-n-roll of nature's beauty now, the unknown confluence of nature ahead is serious stuff...

    God bless, God speed!

  39. Wishing you the best Abby. Be safe and be smart. I'm glad you and your team are monitoring the weather as closely as you can. You're an inspriration for many. When my daughter is old enough, I'll share your story with her. Make it a great one!

  40. This ought to warm you up; one used to be able to get a full driver's license at 14. No learner's permit, no restrictions at all. No adult needed in the car with you, night driving OK, no curfew, no limit on the number of kids along for the ride; you had the same license as a 30 year-old and insurance companies didn't penalize you one bit.

    That ought to keep you warmed up for quite a while. You were born in the wrong part of the 20th century.

  41. Having only one sailing experience by completing an Outward Bound program at Hurricane Island, ME, I can't even fathom the extent of your adventure and what you have set out to accomplish. I check your blog every day and I gain more respect each time for all the skill and character that you project through your very interesting comments. May the Force be with you! You are such a role model for all young women.

    Don in Escondido, CA (retired former Marine)

  42. Hi Abby, It looks like the adventure is really getting under way. If you do happen to run out of wind let us know and we will send you some of ours.We have a cat. 4 cyclone in the Coral Sea heading S>W. The national Surf Life Saving titles are due to start tomorrow and officials are worried the 24 ft waves might be a bit big for a safe carnival.

    From your comments it looks like you will be doing the "spider walk" for the next few days. Hang on tightly, keep clipped on and Godspeed

    Peter Gold Coast (Aus)

  43. Abby you are one brave young lady!!!
    30-40 ft waves ha!!! lol
    From everyone's comments the Horn is an area that commands caution.
    What are the main areas on your trip that require extreme caution due to rough seas??

    What is your definition of dangerous seas? Be safe! love your blog

  44. nice post..visit my blog and happy blogging..followme please

  45. Hi Abby
    thanks for the photos and update!
    yes the weather systems and routing are significant factors you and Abby Team are guided by.
    Every best wish that they will pass further South.
    Like they say, you make your own luck ... nice to have a bit of help, too.

    Thinking of you and Wild Eyes
    Bruce S / Sydney

  46. YAY !!! for patagonia!! I'm the one who before you left said here where the heck are they in coffingup clothes for their namesake on your trip!!! :-)))

    yay for the sun came out tonight,that should send 'viv' into a mindspin if it's 60 degrees but you don't know the temp because the thermo'sinside :-)))

    yAy for babsy!!!

    We lurve her !!!


  47. @ Steve :-)

    you'll love (appreciate} this the "the flex conduit covering on the shrouds!" are in fact vents for the water ballasts!


  48. Abby,
    Your pictures are beautiful, you did well. I felt cold just imagining those waves hitting you. How exciting to see you getting closer to the Horn; your skills are showing, as you manage to guide your boat through those hills and small mountains of water. By the way, if you even noticed the comment about your "its" word, (which isn't worth paying attention to), you used the CORRECT spelling... the apostrophe is used only when the word is a possessive, such as "the boat showed it's true worth, making it through those rough seas"; we know you are very intelligent, and no one should critique you in the least! Have fun, brave one!
    Kelly and Dave from Santa Clarita

  49. Dear Abby,

    Good to read your update and to hear that you are in a good mood despite the wind and the wet.
    Ths for the telling photo's. I like the sun set, such a good photo too.
    Sail safe and keep dry.
    Ingrid, Sweden

  50. Abby...!!!
    Thanks for the pictures and all your comments...!!
    We enjoy very much to hear from you..!

    God Bless you..!!!!!

  51. Hi Babsy,
    great pictures! Nice blog!
    No more time to worry about any sorts of life forms. So is the howling foarty a male or female?
    Keep up them dodgers!
    Jony the Pony

  52. Fall is three days away...
    Get south quickly, girl, so you can get back to the mid 30's where you belong, in time to miss the real weather.
    Thse storms are moving faster than 8 kn as they chase each other around the Southern Ocean. Weather maps are beginning to look scary, with some ever deeper lows.
    You're in my prayers for a safe sail.
    B.C. Hofeld
    Grand Terrace, Ca.

  53. Hi Abby, you say you've got a bulky survival suit but have you got a yachting drysuit too? Good luck, stay safe!

  54. Hi Abby,

    Such an interesting post from you today. I so look forward to hearing from you even if you only have time for a line or two.

    Sorry your fingers got numb taking the pictures. They are great pictures and I so enjoy them.

    Looks and sounds like you are really enjoying your voyage.

    I was on the ocean just once, a couple of years ago - on a whale watching boat out of Florence, Oregon. I was holding on for dear life. It was scary and exciting and a neat experience, but compared to what you are doing.....You rock, Abby.

    God bless you and watch over you. You're in my prayers daily. Stay safe and warm.

    Clare, Spokane, Wash.

  55. Hi Abby,

    Great pics. it is always good to see your surroundings and sounds as though you went to a bit of trouble getting them. Thank you for sharing your picturesque sunset, must be amazing being out in the middle of the ocean experiencing these vistas with not another sole in sight!! Do hope things are not becoming too uncomfortable with all the rough weather that is about. Stay safe and tethered. Babs

  56. Hope everything goes well and you weather the strong wind. Do not forget a Gale is wind from 35 to 40 knots but the Beaufort Scale is actually a measure of the sea state. The state is Moderately high waves of greater length; edges of crests begin to break into spindrift; foam is blown in well-marked streaks along the direction of the wind.
    Your picture don't capture that and landlubbers will not understand your situation thinking it is much worse than in fact it is.

  57. Hi Abby,
    I did not know what 'The Bloop' was, so I asked Google. The results gave me an interesting evening reading about this mysterious phenomonon. I know that the Weather situation there now is a bit rough now, but that makes the whole Story more interesting. So Please tell us when you pass over 50`S, 100`W and what you Hear when you pass over it. Might you have a Depth Sounder, or better yet a 'Fish Finder' on your Navigation Panel? And have your Camera ready, as nobody yet knows what might still be lurking down there. ;)
    Happy Sailing, stay Safely snapped, Dry and most of all Enjoy Your Adventure!
    Dave H., Tampa, FL

  58. Beautiful photos Abby. Please take care of yourself and be safe. You are an amazing person.

  59. abby, the pictures are wonderful!.. looks like u r having the time of your life... i love the last one!. u be careful out there!.

  60. Just joined your blog and I have to say it's very nice. The pics you're posting are very plasent to look at. Just don't freeze to death in that "warm" weather...hahaha...I know, lame joke. But wish you all the best with your goal. Will keep in touch. Ciao

  61. I am in awe of what you are doing, Abby. I've read about but never really done any sailing and think it's one very difficult thing to do. I can't imagine how one can sleep on a small boat in the middle of the ocean, alone, and in a gale. I enjoy your posts and wish you all the best. I mostly enjoy hearing about the howling and roaring winds and weather you're encountering and how you are managing the boat in them.

  62. Having more fun in a gale than on calm seas? Abby, you are an adrenaline person! In another post you said you have learned not to go on deck in this weather without your gear, even for a moment. Experience is a great teacher. I hope you stay teathered to Wild Eyes so you don't have the experience of learning what the line is for as you watch your boat sail away without you! Enjoy the trip, we are all cheering you on.

  63. What an adventurer you are. Good luck and enjoy the ride. Stay safe!
    Fort Walton Beach, FL

  64. I hope you manage to avoid those big storms coming up Abby.
    Wonderful pictures, especially of your happy smiling face. I sense a great deal of excitement in your words today. Enjoy the thrills but stay warm and safe dear girl.
    You are so special to many people following your adventure.
    God bless.
    Jeanie in the Lakes

  65. Hello Abby,
    Thanks for the interesting post. Sounds like things are going to be a little demanding for you for awhile. Nothing like a change of pace to keep you from getting bored. I'm enjoying your blogs. My daily morning ritual includes reading yours, then Jessica's, and for awhile, Katie Spotz. Now that Katie has successfully rowed across the Atlantic I only have yours and Jessica's to read. The blogs bring a little excitement to my life. Keep 'em coming.

  66. Hello Abby!

    Another great post! Thanks for the awesome pic's. The sunset pic with the little diamond reflections is really, really cool and artsy looking.
    Don't keep that cabin too warm, it'll get like a rain forest in there, lol.

    Stay Safe, Stay Happy! Stay Dry ;-)

  67. Hi Abby,
    It is amazing what you are accomplishing at such a young age and I am enjoying the ride with you. Thank you for your very descriptive report and beautiful photos. I love your sunset and diamonds photo. Remember that you are never alone. The Lord is right there with you and the rest of us are watching and praying for you. Always keep your eyes on the goal,stay vigilant, remember the things that you've learned and enjoy the journey. You are greatly loved.
    Janelle - Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia

  68. what I would give to just drop in on you and wild eyes,show me around play some cards.In my prayers. This is your time really enjoy it.Its your deal!

  69. Great pictures Abby.

    It sounds like you had the best St. Pattys day ever

  70. Abby . . . the pictures are great! Especially the one of you. You look so happy and confident!

    I have always loved stormy weather . . . either sun or storm for me . . . it is the grey, just grey, that gets me down.

    What an inspiration to us all you are!

    Be well . . . be safe . . . and stay clipped in!

  71. Abby....Great pictures and blog. Stay safe and warm and soon you'll be back to smooth sailing.You are incredible! We check in on you every morning and evening.Have a wonderful day with ordinary miracles :)

  72. Abby,
    Great pics, especially the sunset. Thinking of you daily. Good luck maneuvering the weather. Happy belated St. Patty's day.

    Charlotte, NC

  73. Hi Abby. Its really good to see pictures, thanks. Anyone who has sailed in 35 knots of wind knows that its no small task. Anticipating 50 – 60 would test even the most seasoned sailors. I check your blog each night and my thoughts are with you. Trust your boat and be prepared, I know you will weather the 40s and 50s just fine. I would have to agree that its best to sail around or away from the storms. All sailors know that eventually you will come face to face with one so just be prepared and keep safe. Can’t wait to hear from you next and I’m looking forward to reading about you passing Cape Horn.

  74. Awsome Abby. Take care Wild Eyes and she will take care of you. You Rock girl.

  75. He plants his feet upon the sea and rides upon the storm. May He watch over you!

  76. That third picture is awesome - you could sell that one for money. :^)

    I've been smiling every time I read your responses to the decreasing temperatures - such as when it dropped down to the 70s and you had to wear a jacket. Here in Michigan, it's finally gotten up to the 50s and 60s so people are throwing off the layers of winter. I work on a college campus so I see kids walking around in shorts (crazy!), but even stodgy adults are in short sleeves. It's all relative! And we'll be getting more cold weather in the next few months, so I'm sure I'll have more opportunities to commiserate with you.

  77. Your Oklahoma Well-WisherMarch 18, 2010 at 6:49 AM

    Really picking up out there, eh? I love the pictures, even if they weren't exactly what you hoped for, I thought they were each wonderful! So good to see you out there, see the grey conditions, and then to see that sun peeping out for a moment before it sinks below the sea horizon... amazing! Take very good care out there -- all my best to you and your team for the challenges ahead! Peace, Your Oklahoma Well-Wisher

  78. We wish you fair winds and a following sea.

    Hughes - Dallas, TX

  79. Thank you for braving the elements to take pictures to share. I always look forward to reading your blogs and your happy face is a really nice addition.

    Be safe, young one.

    fondly, Ferret

  80. Hi Abby:
    Thank you, for the update and the pictures I’m with you on avoiding the storms no use taking chances, you don’t need to prove to us that you can handle the worst I’m sure you can BUT wild eyes is another story mother nature can put more stress on her than she can stand, never know what is embedded in those storms. We worry about you being so fearless,
    Please sail safe.

  81. Hi Captain Abby, I'm sure you and your
    team will decide on a course that will
    keep you safe from the worst of that
    tropical storm. Excellent pics.
    Be Safe! Be Happy! Godspeed!

  82. We are enjoying reading your blog. Stay safe!
    4th grade class - Hampton Roads Academy - Newport News, VA

  83. Bonjour Abby & Wild Eyes,

    Nice post and more good picures, thanks!

    Enjoy, Stay warm & dry, Take care, Be safe :-)

  84. great picks, great job good luck

  85. Perry, West Hills, CAMarch 18, 2010 at 7:48 AM

    One day, Abby, when we look up the term “Human Spirit” your photo will be there.

  86. B'ful pictures, especially the last one!! :)

  87. Hi Abby,

    Under what wind/wave conditions would you bare poles and deploy a sea anchor?

    Good Luck!

  88. THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE PHOTOS!! Happy Saint Patty's Day.

    PLEASE take a hard hold on now because the weather will be tough. We all are with you and think of you every day. BE SAFE


  89. say H~E~Y Capt. 'Gail'
    Now that your in your first gail as it were, thanks for showing us that green 'sheet' on St. Patty's day how appropriate, that's called artistic license...
    Youre doing great Babsey, great attitude and it's coming through in your writing and high Spirit's...
    just a suggestion on your 'wet' boots... stuff them with anything such as socks,anything that can 'wick' the moisture out of them, if the socks are warm all the better, you can always take the socks out and dry them out easier, than the inside of a boot...
    bungy cords around your ankles and boots to keep the water out,
    remember, 'necessity' is the mother of invention...
    we got your back Abby, lots of prayers for you and "wild eyes" keep the LORD in the middle of it all...
    and reading "The Psalms"
    you're doing GREAT Abby, "Keep it UP"
    Mark n Adino

  90. Hi Abby: You look cold down there in the roaring 40's. I hope you don't have to use your survival suit, but I'm glad to hear that you have one, just in case. Is your EPERB up to date? How many SAT phones do you have on board, and do you have plenty of batteries. Make sure you keep them dry. I'm a firm believer in redundancy when it come's to survival equipment, and lot's of new spare batteries.
    As I alway's say in closing; when topside and during angry sea's below, always stay tied off. We would hate to loose our Abby.
    P.S. Do you have equipment to strap yourself down , incase of a 90 or 180 degree knockdown?
    Woodrow wilson from San Diego

  91. this is really cool, good pictures.
    best of luck with the rest of the journey

  92. this is really cool, great pictures.
    best of luck with the rest of the journey

  93. You are Extraordinary, Amazing, Talented and very Knowledgeable in your craft and a true inspiration to me and my family. Lot's of prayers being sent your way for continued safety Abby!
    God Bless,

  94. Thanks for having us along Abby...trip of a lifetime even for us armchair old folk lol.

    Michael, Florida

  95. Hi again Abby: The Bloop? Some bloggers where asking it's location.
    The bloop is a name given to an ultra-low frequency and extremely powerful underwater sound detected by the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration several times during the summer of 1997. The source of the sound remains unknown. It's located somewhere around 50 degrees S. by 100 degrees W., off the South American Southwest coast.
    Woodrow Wilson from San Diego

  96. what kind of heaters do you have?

  97. snwgoos: Kelly and Dave, Santa Clarita
    I normally don't comment on spelling errors "(which isn't worth paying attention to)", but please correct yourselves on the words "its and it's". Any dictionary will show you.
    Pieter,s/v LadyK

    Abby, Great to see a picture of you.You look well. Keep up the good work and you know we're here to help.

  98. Abby ... Don't worry about the apostrophe comments. I've always struggled with the damn thing myself. :-)

    I was wondering if Tomas would effect your route. Good luck threading your path trough the coming weather systems. I imagine some sailors delay the final push through the passage according to the forecast.

    @Steve in California ... I think you'll have to eat crow on this one ol' buddy. Non sailor dude's answer seems much more plausible especially when you see the shrouds in front of the flex tubes in the pic. :-) On a different subject, was wondering where the engine exhaust exits as I've never seen a visible exhaust pipe. Underwater?

  99. @non-sailor dude: Hey, for a non-sailor you sure gave me the skinny on the vent tubes. Thanks.

    Obviously, I didn't recognize them. As far as I'm concerned internal water ballast is an oxymoron. The water is suppose to stay OUTSIDE da boat.

    Steve in California

  100. Hi Abby,
    What a great morning for me. As usual I go diectly to your blog as soon as I fire up my computer and Voila'!, the first thing I see is this beautiful young girl staring at me with big shinning eyes and an infectious smile. An earlier post said it perfectly, a fair maiden, a fair maiden indeed!
    Great pics Abby. The sunset with the diamonds was just awesome as well.
    Please stay safe young lady and out of those big storms even if you have to stall the boat or back track for awhile. I know you could handle them, but I don't think all of us (your blogger family) could!
    @Perry West Hills CA 7:48AM regarding Human Spirit. GREAT comment.
    @Non-Sailor Dude 11:27PM....thank you for explaining what the flexible hose looking tubes are. I had seen them in an earlier pic and asked if anyone knew what they were since I had never seen anything like it on a sailboat.

    Abby may God continue to shed His Grace, Love and Peace on you. Enjoy your wild ride on Wild Eyes.


  101. Question to all:
    Can anyone tell me why I have that little delete icon next to time designation on my posts and how I could eliminate it.
    Thank you,

  102. Commonly engine exhaust is through the stern of the boat. My bet is on that small round stainless port on the starboard side of the escape hatch.

    You can see it here (from the MDR boatyard pics)

    and here in the pics of Wild Eyes in her original incarnation as BTC Velocity.

    BTW: The BTC photos (link to "The Yacht") show very interesting construction photos, as well as photos of her first roll over test.

    Steve in California
    (pickin' the feathers from between my teeth)

  103. Hi Abby, I just discovered your blog, and It is great. You are on a great adventure and I look forward to following it the whole way. I wish you all the best, and stay safe.

    Frank from San Antonio.

  104. Such big waves Abby! It certainly sounds like you're enjoying everything "out there". You are such a brave young lady. I love your blogs and photos.

    Keep safe and God speed.

    Sunshine Coast, Qld. Australia.

  105. Abby---

    You are such an inspiration! I really enjoy reading your blog and following you on a daily basis. All the best!

    --Joe, North Hollywood

  106. Thank you for keeping us updated Abby. You are a very brave girl who can make any father very proud and worried at the same time. Keep safe and warm. We'll be standing by as you reach Cape Horn. GOD SPEED.

  107. Hey guys, the ballast system with the vent tubes works great. It is designed to put sea water ballast on the high side (up to 1200 gallons) in order to keep the boat upright as possible. This allows Wild Eyes to milk a few more knots of speed when needed. The water intake for this system is both passive (a scoope that drops down below the hull) and active (a Jabsco 1-1/2" belt driven pump). When the ballast is full the water shoots out the top of the ballast vents like a water cannon.

  108. Wow!!numb fingers and all..Thanks for braving the weather and the wet to share it with us..Stay hypothermia for you..okay? And while you said the wind is howling and growling..and from the splash and didn't say what we all want to hear you say..even if you are in a floating will be tethered and clipped on..right?

    Amazing Sunset with Diamonds...
    You are in my daily prayers for safe sailing..and good't forget to eat..I know its so easy to get so busy you lose all track of time...

    Bleesing Abby!!

    Gary & Jan

    Happy St.Pats from the Green Waters and Parades...

  109. I like this blog. You seem to be a real ocean sailor who love sailing and don't mind some bad weather. Keep up the good spirit!

    According to my calculation there is 1366 nm to Cape Horn with estimated arrvial on March 29.

    For those who think 60F (15C) is warm, with the windchill and moisture, it is not so nice.

    Ben, Sweden

  110. Cheryl in San Diego

    You are the only one that can see the icon on your post. Each one of us sees it on our own posts. The purpose of it is the be able to delete your comment if you change your mind after you've already posted it.


    Stay safe always
    God speed


  111. No one commented on the green rope. ;-)

    Just how thoughtful is our young Abby.

  112. Great blogs, keep it coming and the pictures too.
    What are those two corrugated (flex?) tubes attached to the life lines?
    Wishing you the best
    Dan from SoCal

  113. Hi Abby, my first post but I have been following you from day one, as I did your brother. Besides being a fantastic sailor, you are a wonderful writer, and along with your photos, you allow us to sail with you vicariously. Remember, "one hand for you and one hand for the boat". Stay safe!!

    Nina from MdR

  114. Hello Miss Abby,
    You are a little cheater: you look all sweet and quiet... and you are a sea wolf, happy in the gales, and the way you say that you should avoid the remaining winds of Thomas lets me think that you are regretting it!!! Naughty girl!!! No, brave girl and strong sailor!!!
    Being careful is not a bad option, of course... Less challenging for you, but probably better for Wild Eyes... You seem to trust her, and that's good, but a real nasty system might break some important piece somewhere.
    Thank you for your blog and pics... Keep always tethered, and if you don't have enough pleasure with the stormy systems, you are allowed to attack the chocolate's bag!

  115. "Sixty degrees isn't all that cold but when it is when you've spent most of the past month in 100 degree weather"

    Sounds like Texas every month, because there are no months. It is the bipolar weather state.
    Now you know what it feels like to be a Texan. =P

  116. Green rope; you mean green line right? Well, OK I'll give it a try. It appears to run through a small block attached to the base of the stanchion, so it can't (or should) be carrying much load. It also appears (in the blur of the photo) to run forward to the roller furling base of the stay sail, so....I'm going for ...ta's the stay sail furling line.

    What that has to do with Abby being thoughtful is beyond me. I've been dead wrong once today; let's see if I can go for two in a row.

    Opps...wait, wait, don't tell me! Green line. St. Patrick's Day...could be, maybe, huh?

    Steve in California

  117. Abby,
    Hello from Kodiak! Sounds like you're getting some of our weather down there. The kids will be back next week; we'll catch-up on your journey when they return, they've been out on Spring Break.
    Blessings to you on your roaring adventure.
    Mr. J's 5th grade

  118. Hello Abby, I read about you in the Ventura County Star and saved your blog address. I am ecstatic to read of your progress! It all sounds wonderful! The stories you will have to tell - thank you for keeping your journal. I wish you God Speed - Sincerely,a teacher in So. Cal.

  119. God Speed Abby! Be safe.
    Kathi in NH!

  120. Abby, I am thinking about loose gear right now. It was always my downfall; such that some companions referred to me by that name. During the next few days you need to locate and secure all these potential "missiles." Even the small things rolling hither and yon can be disturbing if not dangerous. Yeah, I know, you already did that... check again...please.

  121. You are living the dream. The sea in your face. The wind at your back. Can't get that in a cubicle.

    Fair winds and following seas Abby.

  122. Hi Abby, you are doing a great job, keep it up. Love the blog and the pics. Happy sailing

  123. For those of you who can't find the bloop, it is at 50 degrees S and 100 degrees W. It is one of those unexplained underwater sounds. What new thing do we get next? Do you expect to pass the Horn in the daylight or at night? Jessica Watson had a nice rainy picture of the Horn, hopefully you'll also be able to take a picture. How far are you from Cape Horn? Take care and enjoy that which few people are able to do. Jim in Porter, OK

  124. Hi Abby. I wonder how your day was. I read that you were about 262 miles north of the Bloop. Because I had no idea what that was I looked the word up and learned there is an ultra-low frequency sound detected that is coming from that area and that NOAA scientists have not determined the source. There are so many things to learn about the planet we live on. We had a beautiful blue sky day up here in the NW today. I finished my exams and believe I passed. It is Spring break now. My thoughts and prayers are constantly with you.

  125. Now you be careful out there young lady. You don't want to get sick out there. Your a long way from a doctors office. lol
    Just kidding of course. I know you will be fine. Keep up the good work and stay dry.

  126. Hi Captain Sunderland; In 1958 there was a movie called The Blob. It was about this alien that came down to earth and devoured everything in its path. I believe the Bloop is its younger brother. You can ward it off by throwing it some chocolate. Can't hurt. Nice pictures. Alfred
    Vancouver, Canada

  127. Hi Abby,
    You sound as if you are enjoying your ride. Thanks for the photos. Take care and try and miss that cyclone. We have one about to hit the coast of Qld. My son is on his way to work in Qld and trying to get to his destination before
    it hits.
    Take care,

  128. Hi Abby,

    Have been super busy lately and I'm just checking in on you. Sounds like things are going smooth for you. Hopefully the next few days will stay just as smooth. Glad to hear you have some cooler weather ours is finally starting to warm up, if you call 40 degrees warm! Love the pictures! It must be awesome! You take care and sail safe!

    Denise and family
    South Dakota

  129. Whats is the Bloop?

  130. My daily routine is not complete without checking to see the progress the markers on the map have made as Wild Eyes and her skipper make progress on their adventure.

    I was obviously born many years too early, and habour a real envy of Abby, her brother Zac, the UK's Mike Perham and Australia's Jessica Watson.
    I wish there had been such role models around when I was in my teens - but they manage to inspire me even at my age . . . although towards slightly less extreme adventures.

    Wishing you a fair wind and kind seas!

    DD (UK)

  131. This is really inspiring; thanks so much for sharing your dream!
    I loved your pictures, by the way.... Happy St. Patrick's Day!
    What kinds of music do you listen to on your boat?

  132. 03-19-10 @ 19:21
    Hi Abby,
    Just felt like chatting a little bit, I hope you’re enjoying yourself and that it’s not getting to rough out there for you. (lol)
    Stay warm and dry and above all be cautious, I do worry about you, as do many of your faithful followers.
    From my ‘unprofessional’ calculations I figure you have less than 1700nm’s to go to the cape, or roughly one (1) week. Do you have an itinerary that you would share with us, or is that to be kept quiet for now?

    Just for the record, I wouldn’t care if you spelled all your words backwards, or missed a dozen apostrophes, as long as we hear from you.

    @ Steve in California: Thanks for the link on the construction of “Wild Eyes” Very interesting.
    Take good care of yourself and the crew, looking forward to your next post.
    May God hold you in the palm of His hand and may the Angels keep your sails full, and I, I will be praying for you.
    Your faithful friend, fan and follower.
    Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

  133. Greetings Abby. I have been following your blogs from start. You are living a dream I have yet to accomplish. Wild eyes is a beautiful vessel !!! I have time on the ocean = berring sea, gulf of mexico but on large crabbing vessels. I know what 30 ft seas feels like on a 90 ft vessel. The rougher the weather, the more I like it. I would like it more on a 40 ft sail boat. I think it brings you closer to the ocean and mother nature in a sail boat.
    Be safe Abby and may the wind fill your sail.

    Jason A Byrd = elem-orions-3

    Jason Byrd = on myspace
    Yakima, Spokane, Washington State.
    Horse head for default pic.
    For crabbing pics.

  134. Hi Abby!! So enjoyed following your brother - and now we're hooked on you!!Great pics!! Stay warm and safe..All your fans are sending you good thoughts and prayers!!

  135. Hey Abby, Great pics and it looks like you are getting ready for the COLD Southern Oceans. stay safe and always enjoy each and every day....38º44"N/122º67"W

  136. I would so Love to do what you're doing. Unfortunately, I just turned 51 this year so now I'm too old. Take all my hopes for joy with you, young one. ~ Barbie

  137. Hi Abby

    it seems that I, and many of the LiveSkipper fleet will pass Cape Horn before you. see,-92.373047&spn=29.229372,56.513672&t=h&z=4

    I am 1000 miles from the Cape this morning 20/3 03 GMT in good westerly winds mid 20's.

    Fair winds

  138. Anonymous asks "what is The Bloop?"

    The Bloop is the name given to an ultra-low frequency and extremely powerful underwater sound detected by the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) several times during the summer of 1997. The source of the sound remains unknown. origin at about S50 W100.
    for more read

  139. that last photo is incredible!! :)
    great post
    stop by some time xx

  140. great job, I hope you are gonig be safe. I just want to ask you, if it is possible to add night sky photos.

  141. You are doing great , with that one night of being wet all night you are getting your Sea Dog training