Saturday, March 6, 2010

Heading South and a Bit East!

A bit of wind!

The winds shifted around so I've stopped heading SW. I can now head SE which is a big relief, I was beginning to get worried about running into New Zealand sometime during the night! Well, I'm not really that close to New Zealand, but it feels good to be heading more directly towards where it is that I'm supposed to be going.
The winds also picked up to a nice 15 knots. I'm finally moving and going at a steady 8 knots. The past few days I had been going about 4 knots which isn't exactly standing still but 8 knots is the kind of speed where you can look at the speed gauge with out feeling depressed!
It has gotten really cold out here recently. It must be all the cold fronts that are around here bringing cold air from down south. Last night it got down to 70 degrees! Seventy degrees probably doesn't count as "really cold", but I did have to put a jacket on! Its been really nice having it so much cooler out. Its made everything a lot easier including blogging. It had been so hot and miserable down below that I just ducked down below to write my blogs real quick and then was back outside dumping buckets of water over my head! With the cooler weather I've been able to spend a lot more time down below now, and its been nice.
Most everything on board is working at the moment, so I haven't had a whole lot to do. I've been working with Scott, from my team to try and sort out some small auto pilot problems, going over every thing everyday as usual, and tossing the occasional flying fish back into the water.
I still haven't had any luck fishing and I really haven't seen any sea life. I'm a little surprised by how little sea life I have seen so far. When I first left Marina del Rey, hardly a day went by without having dolphins playing around the boat. Around Cabo I saw a few whales but since then I haven't seen a thing. I do know that there is something out there, as I am on my third fishing lure!

Picture of Mr. Doggie: Mr. Doggie was given to me by Jimmy the day I left Marina del Rey to keep me safe on my trip. He's done a good job of it so far! :)


  1. Good to see you starting to the SE Abby!

  2. I hope that, when you finally catch whatever is eating your lures, it tastes really yummy (and not at all like lures)! Do you have any batter and chips on board? :)

  3. Glad you are headed where you want to go!

  4. i hope u do realy good with sailing the world in 6 months. i would be scared to do that by myself. that means ur braver then me. bye and good luck.

  5. Nice photo of what looks like a really nice day.

  6. Abby ... Great news about the wind shift and the cooler climate. Also good to hear some humorous talk coming from you about running into New Zealand. It's good to lighten up. Produces endorphins in the brain and prevents complacency (just kidding) Remember your Dad's parting admonishment.

    I'm really becoming an expert here with all the free sailing explanations. It's like taking online Sailing 101. What fun! I have a question though from one of your previous posts.(Steve, are you listening?) You said you had your jib out for most of the trip and with many days of light winds and with the jib being the smaller of your 2 staysails or foresails (right?), why haven't you been using the genoa (the larger outer stay) instead? I think that's a good question, but I'll probably be proved wrong again.

    Anyway, glad no major problems so far. It's a little concerning to hear about an auto pilot glitch, but hopefully Scott will sort it out.


  7. I've been following you now for a few days. I intoduced you to my class (I'm a high school teacher) and they were really interested in your journey. I only discovered you through a link from the Chilean earthquake and a news account of concern about your possible encounter with the subsequent tsunami. Just got through reading about Pitcarn Islands and a little Easter Island research. Looks at though you cut a path right between them. Too bad you couldn't make a stop at one of them though I know that isn't in the spirit or goal of your trip.

    Good luck and will be hanging on every blog post!

  8. Gidday Abby!

    Great to read your blogs and see how you are going. Judging from Jesse the time is going to fly. I know that it has for us and am wondering what cause we will follow with you and Jesse back safe on land.

    The reason you are having some slow days is that you have 1000's of people on board with you. It is a wonder you can make headway at all.

    Stay safe!

    David and Una........Beaudesert.....Qld....Australia

  9. 16?! Are you serious? At 16 I was trying to conquer a 3 point turn about in a 1962 Plymouth Valiant (It was a 14 yr old car then. You do the math.). Truly miraculous.

    I'm going back to catch up on your blogs.

    You're an inspiration.

  10. I just started following you a few days ago and I must say I am so impressed with this adventure and wish you well. You speak to so many young women out there who are told they can't do it but you stood up and said I can and I will. I was worried in the beginning but had no concept of how much training you have had from your family. Chase your dream Abby. And enjoy the ride with wind of course.

  11. Abby,
    I have been following you (as well as Jessica Watson), because I am also following my son and his wife as they continue their own circumnavigation. They are doing it differently, as they are now on year number four, having left from San Francisco. Ü They are presently part of a convoy traveling through "pirate alley" heading to Aden, Yemen. Please send some of your positive nautical vibes in their direction. I will continue to follow your progress and wish you a very safe journey. Way to go girl!!!!!!!!!
    Skip Duke
    Bremerton (by Seattle), Washington

  12. Great to know you're finally headed SE Abby :)
    Good luck on your phenomenal journey, and keep safe!

    Love from California~

  13. Good Evening Captain,

    Miss Abby....thanks for the update. It is great to see in your photo that Wild Eyes is surfing again. I am glad the temperatures have moderated to make your life more comfortable....especially at "command central" in the big chair. We've had a big change in temperatures this weekend too...a high of 12 c expected today but back to snow later in the week. It must seem strange not to see any sea life. Similar to that years ago I traveled extensively with a documentary film crew about the arctic and never saw a polar bear. Of course they are there but not everywhere as one might assume. So...who's biting your hook?...inquiring minds want to know. By the way your "underwater" video was great....very relaxed...Oscar nomination for very very short story (Oscars tonight by the way Abby).
    Finally ...a note for JIMMY....Mr. Doggie was an excellent choice of a sailing companion for Abby...a special friend to watch over her when she sleeps ....I am sure Abby cuddles with him when she thinks of you.
    Safe travel Abby.....night night from john, Bay of Quinte, Lake Ontario, Canada eh!

  14. Hi Abby...!!
    Thanks for the pictures...!
    and the video..!!
    It keeps us close to you...!
    God be with you..!

  15. Debbie in Tampa, FLMarch 6, 2010 at 11:13 PM

    Hi Abby,

    I'm so glad to hear that you are sailing along in the right direction, which is always good. New Zealand is pretty, but you only want to pass that on your way back, LOL.

    It must be nice to finally cool down where you are. That sure makes doing things a lot more comfortable. Florida has had its share of cold weather. It's been unseasonably cold, especially here in West Central Florida. It's been the longest cold streak Florida has ever seen in some time. It's March and we are still dealing with temps in the 30's and 40's in the morning. That is so highly unusual here. The highs have been in the 50's and 60's. Last month and the month before were even colder. Our Gulf water temp is in the 50's, but is should be in the 70's by now. The cause for all of the cold weather is from all the cold fronts that have traveled down and decided to stay awhile. I feel sorry for all the northern snow bunnies who have tried to take refuge here to escape their winters. But it looks like we will hopefully be getting our warmer weather back soon and we’ll be able to take our hats and coats off and trade them in for some shorts and tank tops. But then we might start to complain it's too hot, which it probably will be soon as the humidity starts to make a comeback. I feel like Goldilocks sometimes, It's either too hot or too cold, and every once in a while, it's just right, LOL.

    I really like the pictures that you took. That one looking down the front of your boat is really cool. It looks so beautiful and peaceful out there. I can almost smell the ocean air; feel the wind in my hair and the warm sun on my face. Lucky, Lucky you that you get to be out there doing what you love to do and experiencing all that nature out there in the ocean has to offer. That sure is one heck of an office view!

    I also like that picture of Mr. Doggie. I hope that he is being a good watch dog for you. You can put your Pelican to work too; he can catch all those flying fish. All he has to do is just open his beak where ever they fly in and catch them for you, LOL.

    It's always good to hear that all is well with you and that you are happily sailing along on that big ocean blue.

    Take Care and God Bless,
    Debbie in Tampa, FL

  16. Did you pack a bible for your trip? If not, i'd be happy to post scripture for you every day. keep safe and enjoy God's blessings!

    russell smith
    tupelo, mississippi

  17. Abby, why doesn't your routing info below your map mention Cabo San Lucas at all either coming or going? And also, it seems like if the wind is pushing you towards new zealand, why not just go that way. I read on ryan langley's new blog that only 5 people have done that so you'd have a record that's not likely to ever be broken. Just wondering.

  18. 03-06-10 @ 03:23
    Hi Abby,
    Thanks for the up-date, good to hear from you and that you are now heading SE. Gotta admit though, you were getting a good start on New Zealand….LOL..
    Glad to see that you were rewarded with such good winds, I hope they’ll continue like that so you can cover some distance and make up for your little detour.
    Enjoy the “cooler” weather, and do you really want to catch that guy that’s been taking your lures? Just curious, what is the biggest fish you ever caught?
    I hope you get your auto pilot problems worked out with Scotts help, and they won’t cause you any problems.
    I liked the picture of Mr. Doggie, and I thought that was very thoughtful of Jimmy to offer up Mr. Doggie to help keep ‘Big Sis’ safe. There’s a lot of love there.
    Sorry to see that all your friends left you, they must have been ‘Big City’ guys…lol…
    Looking forward to your next blog so take good care of yourself and the crew(got any more stowaways on board? and enjoy the wind while you have it. Doing any cooking??

    May God hold you in the palm of His hand and may the Angels keep your sails full, and I, I will be praying for you.
    Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

  19. " I must down to the seas again, to the lonely sea and the sky,
    And all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by. " John Masefield Sea fever
    The photos are amazing! The Vlog was, too!
    I can only imagine what the stars look like.... Do you sleep normally, or a couple hours at a time? We all have so many questions!
    Keep your chin up! God (and many others)are with you!

  20. Hey Abby,

    Thanks for a great post! Glad to hear you turned SE toward the Cape. The water looks so blue in the pics and video. Just Gorgeous! What is the approx. water temp? Must not be too cold if you are cooling off with it. Enjoy the balmy temps while it lasts. The southern Ocean will be cool enough for you. About the video, sorry but I had to laugh because the sound and video were out of synch. Reminded me of some of those real old Godzilla flicks where the voices are overdubbed and the lip movement does not match the dialogue. I am sure you will work out that minor bug too. Have any idea how many miles a day you are sailing? I noticed some days you do 100 to 150 NM per day. That's cruising right along I would say. Glad you got some fair winds from the right direction now and God speed you on your journey. But not too fast to enjoy it all. You are a real inspiration to others to go for their dreams. Thanks for inspiring me too.

    John in Ashland, OR

  21. Great to come across an American who knows where New Zealand is. Good luck - I'm following you and Jessica.

  22. Bonjour Abby & Wild Eyes,

    Good wind blowing! Also lots of buoys around.

    Stay warm, Take care, Be safe.

  23. Good to see things are still going well Abby.
    Probably best not to speculate on the demise of the lures but when you do finally land (boat) something I'm sure it will be worth it. Do you have experience as a fisherperson or will being confronted by a silver something with fins and a flapping tail present it's own challenges? I'm sure you will cope!
    I suspect you will be wishing for some of the warm weather when you get further south. A sport called ice dodging is played south east of Cape Horn - I suspect it is played with all warm clothing available to say nothing of several pairs of mittens.

    Any way Abby stay safe and GO Girl

    Bruce from Brisbane AU

  24. Oh Abby,

    You are such a brave sailor and a very intelligent one too.

    What a sweet little doggie you have there to keep you company.

    God be with you as you continue on your journey.

    Clare from Spokane

  25. Thank you for the update, Miss Abby.
    Heading SE finally happened! Good news.
    Thank you for the two nice photographs, too. MrDoggie looks like an Old Salt, and Wild Eyes like a racing boat!
    I like that you can at last go down inside without feeling like in an oven. It must be more comfortable than always outside.
    But I don't like that there may be auto pilot problems... Even small ones. That kind of bugs can only prosper and develop. I hope Scott could help you getting rid of that problem. Keep us informed, please.
    Enjoy your journey while you can still put on ONLY a jacket against the cold. Soon you will need 3, 4 or even 5 jackets! ;-)

  26. Dearest Abby,

    My dear Abby, if you ever do happen to bump into New Zealand you always will have a place to stay here. My threee children Sarah (17), Darren (15) and Monique (12) would love to meet you. We also have dog Albie a Labradore (Prince Albert) and a barking budgie name Tweetie who thinks he is a dog.

    Anyway you are not going to be bumping into any Country are you :-), you and your lovely family can come and visit us all another time, but for now I want you to sail right around our lovely little country New Zealand which in Maori is "Aotearoa" which in English means "Land of the Long White Cloud"; as I want you to accomplish your goal.

    Us Kiwis, (us New Zealanders call ourselves this name after our endangered flightless bird) use degress celcius and so I went to a website to see if it would convert 70 degress farenheit to degress celcius and it did. 70 degress is 21 degress celcius which is getting a little cooler.

    Thanks to Scott and all your team for keeping you safe and on track. They are doing an awesome job.

    Well my dear keep safe and take good care of yourself and for now I will say in Maori ka kita ono. Pomare. (Translated in English is See you again soon. Goodnight.) Jan Pace (Auckland, New Zealand)

  27. Hi Abby, So glad that it is cooler for you. I always enjoy checking to see if you have a new blog for us. You be careful and my thoughts and prayers are with you. Gail/Ventura

  28. Thanks Abby.
    Nice photos. Hello Mr. Dog !
    Smooth sailing
    Richard (QLD) Aus

  29. Hi Abby, Wow, you are finally headed in the right direction and now on with the show. Your pics are once again AWESOME. Keep up the great work and do enjoy this once in a lifetime experience.....Stay Safe, Lynn 38º45"N/122º67"W

  30. I just found you and i am looking forward to following you. I cound nwver do what you are doing iam not fond of boats i can't swim.

  31. G'Day Abby!,
    Good to see you are at last getting wind that you need. Any particular reason you do not have wind vane steering to back up your auto pilot?
    You appear to be relying soly on electronics, which if they fail would make it rather hard on you regarding steering; you mention in your blog that there are a few problems you are working on ??

    I particurarly like the way you use 'phots with your blogs to bring some visual aspect to them. Well done

    Now that it ia a bit cooler at you end look forward to more frequent news which all who are following your adventure consumed avidly, myself included.

    Sail Safe,
    Enjoy !!
    Poppa Bear
    Down Under

  32. Stage 1 - After toasting Abby’s equatorial passage - a half bottle of Single Malt Scotch (Dalwhinnie) was dropped into the Pacific at Marina Del Rey, CA. The bottle is now on its way to Abby on Wild Eyes for her half of the celebration. The world’s first Scotch Satellite Tracking System (SSTS) is attached to the bottle.

    Stage 2 - The bottle has drifted - as planned - into the path of the annual Gray Whale southern migration. This is the start of the Around the World Scotch Relay (AWSR). The lead mammal – a baleen whale named Maxi is scheduled to pick up the bottle this evening. Don’t worry -Maxi is a teetotaler.

    Stage 3 - The Scotch Satellite Tracking System (SSTS) shows that Maxi has indeed picked up the bottle of scotch and is heading south to Laguna Ojo de Liebre in Baja California (about 550 nm ) from Marina Del Rey, CA. Maxi is a bottom feeder but her pod does not stop too often during the migration. With the bottle stashed in her baleen - she has to be wary of boats filled with thirsty whale watchers !

    Stage 4_- The SSTS shows that Maxi is now in clean waters off the coast of Baja California about 300 nm west of the gray whale nursing grounds in Laguna Ojo de Liebre (Scammon’s Lagoon) – near the town of Guerrero Negro. There are close to 2,000 whales and their new born calves in the lagoon. She has met up with two other pods (probably relatives) and has shown them the half filled bottle of scotch. When the 3 pods turned east to the nursing grounds - Maxi sounded to transmit the bottle’s latest position to the SSTS.

    Maxi made great time in the continued pursuit of Abby and Wild Eyes. She will now hand off the bottle of Dalwhinnie - to the next member of the relay team.

    Stage 5 - Stryker, a large Common Bottlenose Dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) and his pod have been patrolling the entrance to the lagoon waiting for Maxi. Stryker was the star performer at Sea World in San Diego. After each act he would be rewarded with some sardines laced with bourbon. He was so good that he was recruited by the US Navy and trained as an underwater scout. The Navy soon realized he was a totally dependent on alcohol. So they retired Stryker.

    This explains why he was anxious to be part of the Around the World Scotch Relay (AWSR). Stryker retrieved the partially filled bottle from Maxi and is now on his way – heading south - racing toward Abby and Wild Eyes.

    **** NEW ****

    Stage 6 - Stryker and his pod are streaking south at about 20 kts. along 123 . 26 W. Off the coast of Honduras he spotted the Red Rooster III a long range sport fishing boat out of San Diego bound for Clipperton Island. The pod swam up to the boat dancing in the bow waves. Stryker -a spectacular aerialist – leapt and twirled with the bottle in his mouth. The fishermen were amazed.

    Hoping to have the bottle opened by a fisherman, Stryker jumped onto the aft railing. But no luck - the fishermen just threw some live bait at the dolphins. Stryker then swam on – trying to catch up to Abby and Wild Eyes. He is approaching the next member of the relay team waiting near the equator.

    Stay Tuned …..

    Abby – Thanks for the super pics and good news about your progress.

    Our prayers and positive thoughts are with you. May God hold you in the palm of His hand.

    <* ((((((>< Walt the Mariner – Marina del Rey, CA

  33. This is just so great. I have to let you know Abby, we are from Kingston, Ontario, Canada, the fresh water sailing capitol of the world. My little girl follows every word that you and Jessica put into your blogs. My daughter will be 12 in August, but it seems you two have become a bit of an inspiration for her. It was absolutely amazing the day she read that you girls were thousands of miles from your parents, and still doing homework. Ever since she read that, her homework is done immediately when she gets home. Best wishes on your trip and my all your wind be at your tail. Smooth sailing Abby

  34. Glad to see your heading "back East". Looks like your on a good course to get around the Cape. Keep up the good work and you have a lot of people praying for you, so don't get discouraged when something unexpected comes up. Safe travels and Fair Winds and Following Seas :)

  35. Go Abby...go Abby! Your fans love pictures. Nice bow shot. Your blog is much more interesting that a certain other young sailor out there. Keep it up. Remember that one day, many decades from now, your grandchildren and great-grandchildren will be reading your stories from the sea! Even on days when you think there's nothing to to us, write to us, even if it's a random thought or a song in your head. Speaking of songs, what sailing music inspires you?

  36. HI Abby, Another high school teacher here and I, too, have shared your adventure with my students and they're really interested. I teach portions of Dove and they are fascinated with the courage it takes to embark on such a journey. You are an inspiration! I'll be checking in often!

  37. Another great post! Glad to hear you are heading more SE towards Cape Horn. It won't be long before its too cold to spend much time out of the cabin. I was wondering what the night sky was looking like? Have you had clear enough nights to see the star show. Most of us live in places that has too much light pollution to see many stars, even on a clear night. Keep up the great work and show the world that Girls Rule!
    Following you from Tampa, FL - Bob

  38. Awesome to hear about the change of wind and you're now heading in the right direction. I'm glad that you have "Mr. Doggie" there to protect and take care of you. He looks to be a good protector and I'm sure he won't let anything happen to you. All of us are enjoying the posts.

  39. Hello Abby from the main land and I do mean main land! I'm writing from Des Moines, IA and as you well know it's no where near the ocean, although I do love and respect the ocean so.

    I feel as if I'm living a little part of my life vicously through you and enjoy reading about your adventure. I've always wanted to sail and my husband, before I met him did have a sail boat (way back when he was younger) and still talks about his sailing adventures. I read your blogs to him and he explains things to me that I'm not so sail boat savvy about. :)

    I'm not sure if you are able to read what everyone writes but a little part of me hopes you do and is some kind of comfort to know that although you're alone on your boat, there are hundreds of people with you in spirit and hope you are safe and secure. We all enjoy hearing and seeing the many pictures that you take and post. It's a great adventure!

    We're all routing for you Abby!!! Hope you catch whatever it is that's eating your lures.

    Take care and we'll be waiting to hear from you again soon.


  40. How are you able to miss so much school? I guess you have to be home schooled. Do you do any school work or will that have to wait until you get back?

  41. HI Abby,Today is Sunday March 7&th and I came to the office first before I go to church just to check to see if you had a new blog and check your position,I don't have a computer at home.I'm glad you can start heading more to the east toward the cape.As you starting heading east you know that your going to have to move your clock ahead 1 hour by the time your at the cape your clock will have to be 3 hours ahead plus an additional hour on March 14 for daylight saving time.I'm sure that your aware of all that.Anyway I'm going to church now and pray for you and your safe return.Abby you are one courageous girl!
    God Love you
    Libby Di Bernardo
    San Pedro,ca.

  42. Glad your heading in the right direction. For a bit I thought you just might go around backwards.4 kts is good dont get depressed untill your doing under 1.5 And even then its a good time to take care of maintence items. The wind will come..Love reading your blogs . You rock girl.

  43. U be careful out there!... Keep Mr. Doggie safe!.

  44. Thanks for sharing the good news. Sounds like it feels like you're doing some real sailing now! ;-) On your first photo, we could tell the waves looked larger than in recent photos. Enjoy the adventure! We're enjoying glimpses of it through your postings. Thanks!

  45. Cheryl in San DiegoMarch 7, 2010 at 6:57 AM

    A great blog Abby! Gee it had to be a least a ten smile read for me.
    You must have the same 'fishing' gene as your brother Zac. Way to go, Dad!
    Thank you for introducing us to Mr. Doggie. It looks as though he already has dreadlocks so Wild Eyes is covered. Is Jimmie your younger brother?
    You sound as if you are totally on top of your game as they say. Please stay safe and alert.
    May God continue to shed His Grace on you Abby and Team Abby and of course Team Sunderland.

  46. Abby You are an inspiration! Congrats on being true to yourself and following your dreams! Know nothing about sailing but know lots about goals and following dreams! Very interesting and informative reads from you with great pictures and I look forward to many more. May you continue to have nothing but blue skies above and smooth sailing below! Take care of yourself and know your guardian angel and you are supported by prayers and good thoughts from all over. The Best is Yet to Be!

  47. You are really moving along.

    Being a sailor myself (and self taught at that... meaning I had an idiot for a teacher) my curiosity has been piqued by Roski's question. I know that I'll use my Genoa in not-so-light conditions (10 kt winds or so) to pour on some speed and I definitely use it in light air conditions.

    Is it just that you use the term jib as a generic for both working jib and Genoa?

  48. Abby,

    Looks like your winds are going to be coming around from the North in the next few days. So that will be some good sailing except the seas for a while will be taking you head on... making it some slow somewhat uncomfortable progress. It should settle down after a day or two, then the winds and seas look quite favorable for a run to the straights.

    Good luck Abby. We are all praying for you.

  49. Hey Abby, good to hear that you're starting to head in the right direction. At least you can think that while you were heading in the wrong direction you weren't going very fast. and now that you're heading in the right direction the wind picked up.

  50. It all sounds so wonderful! You are blessed and I now this is a journey you will keep forever! Try singing to the sea life ;)

  51. Aye, Aye Skipper, nice to hear that you are now finally moving east toward Cape Horn. Hope to have more easterly winds.
    Keep you spirit up, stay safe and dry.

  52. Good morning Abby: Glad to here your heading S.E. and you'v doubled your speed. Now your sailing on course and a pretty good speed. As far as loosing your fishing line, why not putting a heaver line with a bigger hook. I've been sailing all my adult life, but never got into line fishing; spear fishing yes, line fishing no. I'm with some of the other sailers out there in blog-land. Why don't you have a wind-vain as a backup auto pilot? If you loose your electric/hydrolic auto pilot, and don't have backup, you'll be loosing a lot of SLEEP !!!!!!!!!! You need your sleep inorder to make the wright choices in life,and out there you have to make a lot of decisions.
    @ Debbie in Tampa, Fla. Just a little tid-bit, I was raised in Tampa, and people still can't believe me when I tell them about snow and ice in the winter, but the Snow-birds still keep coming down every winter. My Dad still live's there, wright off of Hymes.Ave.
    To Abby: in closing I alway's say, stay tied off. The reason I remind you of this, is because I was pushed overboard by a rough wave because I was not tied off, or clipped on,(same thing) Lucky my wife at the time, turned around and picked me up with a knotted line, and life ring. I thought it couldn't happen to me. I was young, and fit, and thought bad things never happen to young people.......WRONG.......,
    So please, stay tied off, have a safe and fun voyage
    Woodrow Wilson from San Diego

  53. Honestly, I would love to read your blog. But with spots on the background there is no way I will be putting my eyes through the effort. Could you consider changing to something more friendly to the eyes, like a light color with no pattern? I think it would give you more readers.

  54. ♥ gommie- over the hill in VenturaMarch 7, 2010 at 9:21 AM

    With this great shot Abby, and your narrative, I can almost feel the wind in my hair- glad to hear it has cooled down a bit too-ENJOY!! ☺ ☺

    Mr Doggie's make the best companions *wink*

  55. Hi Abby, I have been following you trip and I'm really glad you are going along smoothly. I was a little worried about the tsunami, but thanks G-d it did not affect you.

    G-d bless you on your journey and I will continue to pray for you!

  56. just started following you... God bless and God speed! Pictures of your journey will be on my desktop through your return home successfully, safely and happy! Know that every moment of your journey we are with you, and life is richer because of you!

  57. Good morning Miss Abby ... An experienced sailor from Denmark wrote me and explained most probably why you didn't use the genoa in light variable winds, and that's because you would be tacking often which requires pulling the genoa sheet in front of the inner stay which could possibly tear or chafe it if something didn't go as planned like a gust of wind. (long sentence, have to take a breath) Is that right?

    @Valerie ... One of the many reasons why Abby wouldn't change to an east-west circumnavigation is because it would add at least 2 months to the trip and she would run out of food.

  58. Hiya Abby, What an inspiration you are all. When I was 16, I thought it was a great accomplishment to have competed in Key West's Annual Around the Island Race, which is 12 miles on a windsurfer or sunfish. I cannot imagine sailing around the globe at that age. Enjoy your journey past Cape Horn. You will no doubt be busy, and it will pass quickly, but will be extremely memorable. Stay safe, Bobby S. from Key West, FL

  59. Bud and Charla Winnett, Wheeling, Mo.March 7, 2010 at 10:56 AM

    So glad to hear you are heading South eastward and with some decent wind. Happy sailing. We had our Anniversary Party Saturday and was great. Had cars parked everywhere. It was fun watching them trying to figure out who needs to move their cars first. But all in all was a grand time.
    So much about us. We are so happy to read your blogs and that all is well. May the Good Lord smile down on you and Bless you each day.

    We all luv you.

    Bud & Charla Winnett

  60. Cooling down to 70 degrees and needing a jacket?? That's funny... It's been warming up here in Cody, Wyoming, 54 degrees for our high and up to the high 20's at night... We're getting into tee shirt & shorts weather!! I might be able to get my open Kayak out on the lake soon as the ice melts.
    Glad to see the winds picked up for you and you can start heading to the Horn... I was wondering if you'd be dodging around some of the islands on the course you were running.
    Interesting that 'something' is snatching your lures... whatever it is might be big enough to give you fresh fish for week or more. You could lay it out and make fish jerky!!
    Love reading the blogs and seeing the photos.. the video was an added bonus to so many of your fans & followers!!
    Enjoy your beautiful days on the sea.. see you in Cabo!!

  61. Tom in San Diego, CAMarch 7, 2010 at 11:41 AM

    Abby: It's a pleasure to read your blog! With regards to fishing, here in Southern Cal./Baja, in the summer we find offshore fish on current and/or temperature breaks. For example, if the water is 71.0 degrees for a while and changes to 70.8 then 70.6 then 70.4 this is evidence of a current/upwelling in the area and circulating nutrients. Provided the water is a clean blue color vs. a "dirty" green water, this is likely a "fishy" area. Any floating debris like kelp will serve as a temporary home for fish. Position your lure so it travels just off the piece of debris and hold on!

    My guess is much of the ocean is a biological desert, but other areas are full of life. Keep your eyes open. Birds are a good sign that small bait fish are in the area, and if there are bait fish there's something chasing them.

  62. Yippee Abby! I'm so glad that you finally heading more in the right direction. :) Say hi to Mr. Doggie for me!
    Chrissy <><

  63. I'm enjoying 'following' you on your voyage. After I read your blog entry, I go to your website to see the map that shows your location and progression.

    Fair winds etc.

  64. @Roski,
    Wow, you mean the food was planned that tight? That would be a good reason to keep it short..even though Abby is going to continue to get ahead of schedule because she's in a racing boat. I'm pretty sure I read that Jessica has 18 months of food and water for her planned 8 months' voyage. I would have thought with a bigger boat, Abby would have at least several months extra rations. I guess it's the difference in planners.

  65. Wonderful post Abby:) Mr. Doggie is adorable..thanks for sharing your fun.
    NJ Mom

  66. Hi Abby,
    Love the pictures and the video... who cares if they're not in sync?! I've got a favor to ask: My dream is to someday get to see Tahiti. Do me a favor if you have time and wave as you sail by. I know it's a long way from where you are but it's the thought that counts!! Have fun and keep making memories!
    Capt'n Mudgie
    Palos Verdes

  67. Good to hear your finally sailing SE. How far have you gotting in your book. I havn't read it myself but have seen the movie.

    Stay safe, sail straigth.


  68. Phew, thank heavens you're going to miss NZ! I did suggest you could reverse your circumnavigation if the wind didn't shift. But you're probably all prepared to go the other way, and if you're anything like me with directions you might have got lost going the other way.

    Good to hear that the wind speed has picked up a little too. Not too much - you don't want to be lying on your side trying to eat your dinner! Apart from progress etc, it does make sailing just that big more fun!

    Hope you are making good progress eastward.

    Wishing you all the wind you can manage.

  69. @Bob in Seattle: I see you got an answer to the genoa question.

    Just a small point of clarification. While its true that there are two sails "on stays" forward of the mast, only the one on the "inner stay" is commonly called a stay sail. The other, the "outer one", is on the head stay (usually runs to the head of the mast - though on Abby's boat it actually doesn't 'cause she has what's called a fractional rig).

    Sails on the head stay are collectively called "head sails"....more commonly -jibs. (I'm getting on thin ice here as - these terms shift as you begin to talk about the development of sail configurations over the history of boats.)

    If you want to sound like an Old Salt - you'd drop the "ai" in sail....stays'l or heads'l.

    Steve in California

  70. Hi Abby,

    Great to see another picture from your boat and thanks for the video from yesterday. Looks like the weather is holding up well for you. Take care and best of luck.

  71. Going great, Abby. You seem to have adapted to the solitary seafaring life very well. All the best for your future challenges.
    @ Charlotte, just shrink the screen down to the width of the text, to eliminate the dots! That'll save your old eyes (*wink*).

  72. @Valerie ... Abby isn't going to continue to get ahead of schedule, she's behind if anything with the unplanned stop at Cabo. Her boat is faster than Jesse's so where Jesse planned 8 months, Abby is planning for 6. It seems like Jesse mentioned something about starting off with 1 or 2 months extra food and did make the comment you mentioned about being over-supplied.(18 months) I don't think Abby has talked about how much extra food was planned and Abby, that's a good question if you'd like to address that.

    Ryan Langley @
    said the east-west trip is like going 15 miles for every 10 going the usual west-east route. He also said the boat has to be extremely tough because of all the pounding. East-west would mean tacking back and forth going against the prevailing winds, like riding a bicycle uphill.

    @Steve ... I'm gathering different sailors (and possibly different generations) use different terms like Abby on her March 4th post said "...staysail sheet and jib sheet", which you would call head sail or head stay or since you're an Old Salt, heads'l & the inner stay can be jib or baby stay or simply staysail. I'm sure some people are saying "enough already, drop it and get ready for the Academy Awards". OK, time to sign off.

  73. Best wishes as you prepare for the Horn!

  74. Thanks for the update

    Great Photos!!

    All the best!!

  75. @Steve ... Why are sail lines called "sheets"? That seems odd. I thought Abby was talking about the sail itself. I reread all the sail terms and it seems to me when Abby talked about a staysail and a jib, one doesn't know for sure which is which by those terms. Correct?

  76. Quote " Around Cabo I saw a few whales but since then I haven't seen a thing." Can you please be careful what you blog Abby? The Japanese can read your blog you know. Have a good trip!

  77. @Roski: Easy, slow down a bit are confusing us both.

    The sail on the most forward stay is the head sail...aka jib. IF its a BIG jib, it will be called a genoa.

    The wire cable (stay) between the head stay and the mast is the inner stay or, (as you noticed),the baby stay. The sail on THAT stay is the stay sail, not the jib. So yes you can be sure.... when Abby says, stay sail she means the inner one. When she says jib, she means the one in the very front of the boat.

    I have no idea why lines that control the trim of the sails are called sheets. The sails are not (ever) called sheets.

    Steve in California

  78. Heya Abby, Just want you to know that though we Aussies are of course supporting Jessica Watson, many of us just admire anyone with courage and we are following you with interest too. Maybe it will work out that Jess will hold the record for a while and then you will break it. If so, hey, this isn't about nationalism, it's just about courage and having some fun while you're young and fit enough to do it. So, good luck to you, keep sailin' and keep right on postin' - I have your map and your blog open on my machine all the time just so's I catch your updates with the morning news :)

  79. ur gnarly. respect.

  80. Hey Abby... Great shot out the bow. Looks like a great day. Glad to hear about the wind. So,
    here's wishing you good wind and a following sea.
    Have fun! (3 lures, huh...)
    39*50'N, 86*9'W

  81. Maybe as you do get closer to New Zealand's south island you may seem some sperm whales. Many of them live off the coast of Kaikoura.

    Happy sailing to you. We're continuing to say our traveling prayers for you.

  82. Reading all this about head sails and jibs and all that makes me glad I'm a power boater. My boat has what they call an...."engine". To make the 'engine' work, I hit the...."throttle".

    That concludes todays lesson.


  83. Great adventure. Pretty cool. Fair winds and following seas. All the best Abby.

  84. Watched the Academy Awards tonight...Not that I revel in everything Hollywood. It was more out of curiosity. People who only pretend to be people involved in notable moments in life. Sometimes portraying the bravery, courageousness, and determination of real role models. I wonder which actress will portray Abby?

  85. Hi Captain Sunderland; That was very nice of Jimmy to give you Mr. Doggie for company. Give him a hug for me.

  86. Captain Abby,

    Sorry I havn't blogged back in a few days... I have been on the road doing shows and such... and while 1500 mi. in a car is nothing compared to YOUR trip... you at least can get up and walk around whilst I am seat belted in and not moving around.

    8 kts is good... 15 kts would be more fun.... but your going to need some real wind for that I suspect. Doggie looks all good for the wear and tear of the trip... hope your doing as well.

    Second star to the left.. and then straight on till morning...

    Sail safe... Post Often and have fun...

  87. Hi Abby....My son (He's 11) and I are excited to be following your adventure! We had such a great time with Zac's and are looking forward to his video! We learned so much!
    We just finished catching up on your blogs! Your pictures are fantastic! We wish you a great safe sail and perfect winds!
    Pam and Colton
    Vancouver, Canada

  88. Oh....I meant to also add:
    Thank You for taking the time to share your adventure!
    Pam and Colton
    Vancouver, Canada

  89. Thanks so much for the great updates, video and picture of the handsome and well kept Mr. Doggie. You are doing great! Grandmom, Patrica and granddaughter, Courtney, 13.

  90. you aren't doing your school work are you? Someone at home is doing it for you, aren't they?

  91. how's 'The Hobbit' coming along. i loved that book. It's good to see that your not gonna run into New Zealand, never been there personaly but i hear it's a pretty sweet place to go...

  92. Hi there Abby, I too, check your blog and track where you go everyday. I too, am so amazed by your young wits and courage to sail the world. I do also know your not the only 16 yr old out there. But your determination and will for sailing is the key. Your a wonder.
    Dee T. Santa Clarita, Ca.

  93. Hi Abby, I live in San Diego, CA I've been telling my friend about you. I have a Catalina 36 footer and I thought it was a big deal to sail to Catalina. When the weather is bad in San Diego and the wind is blowing hard, I think of you out on your boat. I worry about you and I do pray for you safety. Captain Bill

  94. hi abby,
    my name is macy im 10 years old and live in michigan. i like to tell my friends about you and how already sail so many miles in only 50 days. anyway i like to check on or website and see how far you have gone and you are doing well so far lets hope you dont run into any trobble in the next couple of months you are out at sea. so have you got to call home to tell every one how it is different compared to your older brother.anyway we pray for you that every day you are out there you are save and not sick at all.
    best of luck ABBY!!!!!!
    macy from michigan!