Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Rocking and Rolling

Another day of hardly any wind. I'm just rolling around barely moving. If it weren't for getting so close to Cape Horn I would probably be pretty miserable right now! I should be at the horn by Monday as long as the wind picks up soon. I'm so excited! I can't wait to get down there. It is such a huge milestone. My dad is planning on coming down to 'visit' either by boat or plane so that will be really great!

It's been about 55 degrees during the day getting down below 50 at night. It really doesn't seem that bad any more. The initial shock of being cold took a few days to get over but today I was quite comfortable.

There have been tons of birds around me recently, just small brown birds (I'm not sure what they are) and booby birds. I've gotten used to having them around, but recently there have been a lot more then usual. I haven't had any birds land on Wild Eyes yet, as Zac did on his trip. I guess big bright wild eyes with the two wind gennys on the back would be a pretty frightening sight for any bird!

It seems from the blog comments that some of you don't realize that I do know Jesse Watson. She was in touch with my brother Zac last year on his circumnaviagtion and we have been in touch with email back and forth during the trip. My mom has also been in touch with Julie Watson, Jesse's mom. They are great people and a lot like our own family. Hopefully, we will be able to meet one day!

Back to rolling around out here!



  1. It's exciting that you are on track to round the horn.

    Take care.

  2. So nice to hear you are so ready for Cape Horn and enjoying the sailing. I have been up-to-date with your schedule and read your blog everyday. You are very brave. I have taken six sailing classes, and would not sail alone from Newport to Catalina. LOL One silly and funny questions....do you feel you are upside down? LOL. Keep up the good work Abby!!
    Esther in Costa Mesa.

  3. Sounds like your progressing very well!! Keep on sailing!! Be safe!!
    Pennsylvania, USA

  4. Aww, take a picture of the birdies! :)
    Chrissy <><

  5. g'day,all you good people who seem to think that a few months difference in the ages of jessica watson and abby are just kidding yourselves.
    the records will show that the aussie girl
    jessica watson will be the FIRST 16 year old female to circumnavigate the world unassisted and in a smaller sailing boat which makes the
    achievment even more admirable.don't worry so much folks'abby will be second and be ok ,as she is using a much larger boat built in australia.
    bob in sydney

  6. Hi Abby

    It's great that your family and Jesse's is well acquainted. It has to be pleasing for the two of you to be able to touch bases while you are each fighting your own battles with water and weather.

    I pretty sure that things are going to pick up for you very quickly, and you'll have all the excitement that you hoped for, then some.

    Stay safe out there.

    God speed

  7. Abby,

    So glad to hear that your approaching the horn. The spirit of Brasil is always with you and Wild Eyes. We think of you always.


  8. Good Evening Captain Abby,

    Glad to hear dad will be making his way to the cape...I am sure it will be an emotional event for all. Here's hoping for MONDAY. Have a good night dear Abby.
    john, Bay of Quinte, Lake Ontario, Canada

  9. It is too cold there. Do you have to use propeller to cut through the ice.

  10. Abby, the small brown birds that you are seeing may be a Skua. There are several types...but, Chilean and Brown
    (AKA: Antarctic) Skuas are the most common found at sea in the area you are going through right now. They almost look like a cross between a pigeon and a falcon with a dark short beak. I hope that you are recording all your wildlife sightings in a journal...it will be priceless someday.
    Godspeed, Captain!

  11. nice experienced and look like you are love birds

  12. Hi Abby

    Thanks for your blog. Good to know that you are in contact with Jessica and that the families are communicating . Maybe Jessica can come out to "visit" with you as you round Australia.

    If possible could you show a pic of the small brown birds. I'd like to find out what they are.

    Your Dad is the greatest for his attempt to "visit" before you cross the horn, I hope that the weather is in his favor..

    Abby, You are engulfed in prayers and good wishes

    <*((((((>< Mariner Walt – Marina del Rey, CA

  13. Abby, how close to land are you (regarding the birds)? Are there reserves around the tip of South America's coastline? I've seen Discovery channel documentaries that focused on lands around South America. The reference to your dad coming down...(hopefully he can hang out the entire time you are sailing through Drake's Passage)...is "terrific" news! That is so cool! That would be awesome! GO DAD!!!! Getting through this next step seems like a significant milestone. I can only imagine what it is like for your family. I'll be honest, for me too (I can only speak for me, but I just know I'm not alone)! ;-) This is some way to get to know what (you know) you can expertly do. You get to communicate with professionals, your Team and others included, who are able to support your progress. That is also great to hear! Thank you so much for the informative daily posts. Go Abby! You have touched many hearts, mine included. I'm joining others and lighting a candle every night with a prayer for you for the next couple of weeks as you experience this significant achievement. Abby....please stay LINKED, stay ALERT, and get some rest as you can.

  14. Bud and Charla WinnettMarch 23, 2010 at 8:51 PM

    Sound great Abby. You are close to the Mark. Will be waiting for you to make the Horn and pass it. That is nice that you know Jesse. Must have much in common, to chat about. Also great that your Dad will make a visit. That's a real treat. Luv ya. God Bless you and keep you safe.
    Blue Skies and Friendly Winds
    Bud & Charla Winnett
    Wheeling. Mo

  15. Hello Abby, Glad that you are doing okay and also am happy to hear that you are in contact with Jessica Watson...she is such a cutie and I hope that one day you two will meet...I am sure you will have lots to chat about.
    Safe sailing,
    NJ Mom

  16. Hi Abs: Stay rested. Eat properly. Check everything.

  17. what is this giuy talking about??? "bob in sydney"

  18. bob in sydney, this is not a contest between Jessica and Abby or their ages, this is between these two young ladies against the ocean. they will be both commended for their accomplishment. so let us not make an issue between these two brave young ladies.

    Skipper Abby, more power to you, sail safe and dry, you have a lots of supporters all over the world

  19. Bonjour Abby & Wild Eyes,

    Small world and shrinking isn'it? :-)

    Greetings Team Abby & family, Team Jessica & family!

    To Cape Horn! Go Abby, Go!

  20. Hate to bust up your little tea party bob in sydney. fact is there are no offical records being recorded. 1st 2nd or 3rd youngest in small medium large boat whatever. maybe in australia they can make some kind of kangaroo plaque for your special occassion? meantime maybe abby can simply celebrate and be more than satisfied for getting out of bed and attempting this.

    the way it should be.

  21. @ Bob in Sydney

    Please ease off the kangaroo juice.

    Both of these girls are doing fantastic and should be commended and supported for their efforts !!

    Our prayers are with both of them.

    <* ((((((>< Mariner Walt – Marina del Rey, CA

  22. Bob in Sydney is an Aussie boaster ...While Jessie Watson is technically an Aussie as she was born in and has spent all her life in Oz, her parents and grandparents (both sides) are New Zealanders. That makes her, in my opinion a Kiwi.

    The bottom line is it doesn't matter who's the youngest; both Abby and Jessie are both very brave, courageous young women.

    Best wishes to both.

    Peter in Brisbane.

  23. hello Abby, glad to hear that all is well even if it is slow. I refer to your last paragraph in your last blog: :"They are great people,and a lot like our family" I am sure that this comment is meant with innocence, or we could think that you said they great people BECAUSE they are like our family, would they not be great if they were different from your family?
    Be very careful as you approach the Horn... King Neptune can get very angry at time with mother nature... fair wind young lady! stay safe.Viv

  24. Abby, don't worry, it will get more exciting in a few days! And you guys quit sniping, it is not very nice! Abby, if your dad comes by motor boat make SURE he has someone considered "above reproach" along for the ride as you don't want to be naive and think people won't say "he brought you something" or "repaired something!" That would be the pits! Stay safe and don't write if it means you lose sleep or something! Go Abby Go!

  25. Keep up the great work! We check your progress daily. It was just my daughter and I checking up on you, but now it's several employees of mine and several members of her sixth grade class.

    Best of luck - no more rogue waves!!!

    Ron, Lisa, and Maryssa Rigdon
    & several folks from Charter Comm & Clyde Hamerick Elementary in Imperial, Missouri

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  27. Thanks abby.
    What can I say?
    You are sailing so well,
    and so confident.
    Luv u
    Richard (QLD) Aus

  28. Hello Abby and followers,

    Sound like you are making good head way. When I think rounding the Cape back when (1971) it was more like the Cape region and it took more than just a day. We did the Drake passage to the Atlantic side and then back down to Palmer Station. As for the birds I think it was watching the Great albatrosses that would follow us for what seemed like days that really got me into motorless flight, gliders and sailplanes. Thank you for the up-dates.

    Sail Safe
    from the Deserts of Iraq
    around 34°40'20"N x 043°33'00"E

  29. Thanks for the blogs Abbey. They are so exciting and will get moreso I'm sure as you near the Cape. Keep safe. Keeping you in my prayers. You go Girl!!!!

  30. Bob in Sydney, Lighten up a bit mate, these brave young ladies don't need the type of crap you wrote. If you can't be positive and encouraging it's best you don't comment.
    Abby, I apologise for my first comment but be assured there would not be many in Aus would write a comment like that.Keep up the good work, I have sailed a 40 ft.boat and know the task you have set yourself is anything but easy.
    Safe sailing and Godspeed
    Peter,Gold Coast,Aus

  31. Dear Abby,

    It's so exciting that you are almost to the Cape, and seeing your dad there has got to be a great moment for you. I am so happy for you, Abby.

    I also check yours and Jessica's site every morning and every night. I am so proud of both of you and am glad you can keep in touch with each other.

    God speed, Abby.

    Clare, Spokane, Wash.

    (Would love to see a photo of your little fuzzy animals if possible.)

  32. Diane from Simi Valley...March 23, 2010 at 11:53 PM

    You are so Brave!!! Keeping u in our prayers!!! Yea!!! you get to see your Dad!!!

  33. Re Bob in sydney comments,
    some people just cant see the big picture.
    therefore they miss the great picture.

    Cheers Abby
    Safe Sailing
    (in Sydney)

  34. Hi Abby
    the 50s!!!!!!
    well done, hope the breeze kicks to comfortable speed and direction.
    Thanks for the comment about you and yours knowing Jessica and her family. The small world of Cruising Yachties is a close and comfy world.
    Moreso when they have yours and her credentials!

    Best Wishes
    Bruce S/Sydney

  35. Hi Babsy,
    I am not sure how I should understand the sentence "I haven't had any birds land on Wild Eyes yet, as Zac did on his trip"? What did Zac exactly do on his trip? Landing on his deck like birds do?
    I am glad that a blip on your equipment is not the only indicator for life forms out there. Luckily you've got some flying life forms! So, good for you you have some company to frolick with!
    Keep up them dodgers,
    Jony the Pony

  36. Wow, Abby you sound jazzed about gettin closer to the cape and being able to e-mail with Jessica is super and besides the possible fly over by your Dad, it would really be cool if Jess could do the same as your Dad later...Stay Safe and Tethered. 38º44"N/122º67"N

  37. @ peter in Brisbane; I came from Europe but my kids were " technically" born in Australia, are they foreigners? Try to tell that to the authorities when they apply for passport!!!!
    I think we should be a little more concerned about supporting both girls and that young fellow who is not far from Abby instead of picking on each blogger's comment. Bob in Sydney is entitled to his opinion, and so is everybody else,that does not mean that one is right more then the other!
    Viv - the foreigner who is an aussie from 1968( I even got a piece of paper to prove it!!!! have you? Abby and Jessica, go girls go..... and be safe

  38. Hi Abby I am sure by the time you get to Australia Jessica will well rested and out on the water with Ella Pink Lady waving as you pass.

    Well done so far keep it up.

  39. Hi Abby,

    Its great to see you are doing so well. I am following Jessica on a daily basis, she also being an Australian etc, but I make sure that I also look at your blog every couple of days.

    So good luck and stay safe out there. Good luck going around the Cape.

    Gary Thompson
    Malbourne Australia.

  40. Hi Abby. Thank you for taking us all on this adventure with you. Don't worry the wind will come up soon and you will be sailing around Cape Horn with all of us cheering you on!! Go Abby!! Go!!

    God Speed. Mary A from Sydney

  41. You make it all sound so natural and right Abby. Thanks for keeping us with you thru your blogs as we keep you in our hearts and prayers. How great to have a 'visit' from your Dad. Amazing stuff!

  42. Hi Abby,
    First of all sorry for not being regular. Just one of those things when land-life can make you apparently busy. No excuse though and I shall be more regular in future.
    You must have passed Cape Horn by now – Congrats. Must have been great RV-ing with your Dad. Please convey my regards to the good and rightfully proud Mr Sunderland.
    You must be battle hardened by now. The initial part of any adventure and endeavor is often the most challenging. Now that you have put it behind you the road ahead can only lead to fulfillment and glory.
    All the best and take care,

  43. Hey all you guys
    I guess it's inevitable that we bloggers squabble among ourselves, since we haven’t got a boat to navigate around the world just at the moment. Meanwhile Abby is doing all the hard work (and hitting the wall occasionally).
    I'm not worried who's the fastest, smallest, youngest, first, or second etc. (besides, the youngest is undoubtedly Mariner Walt's 9 y.o. 4th grader in an outrigger canoe!)
    No, the thing I'm worried about is whether Abby is likely to starve. What with these veeeeery caaalm winds, and the tyranny of distance, is her 6-month's food supply going to be enough?!?!?!
    And if anyone wants to apostrophize about the apostrophic use above please go ahead with another English lesson. It keeps us busy until Abby's next blog, and keeps my brain from seizing up because of retirement. And on the topic of grammar, does anyone want to tackle "your" and "you're"? Salty Dog sounds like the English teacher.
    And I keep putting up Anonymous, because I don’t know to do those other things. Oops.
    Oh, yes, and happy sailing Abby!! (while we talk among ourselves)
    Old Girl from Queensland.

  44. Good morning Abby~~ Nice to read that you and family have been in contact with Jessica and her family. Not sure how either of you feel about it, but I have never viewed your respective campaigns as a competition. As a Dad to a daughter I am so very proud of, I do see both of you as brave, well prepared young women who have amazing support groups. You are both living your dream and for that you have my support & admiration. Sail on Captain!

  45. Hi abby
    Stay warm and cosy as much as you can. You would be getting real excited now and that is fantastic your dad is going to come and see you. We all felt teary when Jesse's parent did a fly over. Hope the weather is good for you as you go through the passage.
    Keep your harness on rugged up and enjoy a cup of chocolate. Jesse's lolly supply is running low so maybe ration yours a little bit more so you have more towards the end of the trip

  46. wow.. sound so great.. wish u bestluck forever.. keep it up.. ;-)..tc..10q..

  47. Hi Abby, having your dad nearby when you pass Cape Horn has to mean a lot for you. You are close to a huge milestone can’t wait. Hope your wind picks up a little just enough to keep you from getting bored.
    Blog comments: I wish the best for all the sailors in their individual quest and I don’t think boat size between Abby’s 40’ Wild Eyes and Jesse’s 34’ Pink Lady or a few months age difference really mean all that much in the end. Both boats have advantages and disadvantages over the other and 16 is 16 no matter how you look at it. Just the fact that you guys are out at sea for months with only your selves to make the journey is really really amazing. The spirit you all have is what great stories are all about.
    Abby how would you compare yours and Jesse’s boats. Your modern high tech ocean sled and Jesse’s classic Sparkman & Stevens time proven and tested design. The sail area versus displacement difference between the two boats is huge. Each has qualities that the other might lack. The two boats appear to be at the opposite ends of the sailboat boat style spectrum.

  48. Hey Abby, with all those birds around maybe its time to throw your fishing line in the water again.

    Glad your spirits are still up, can't wait to hear what its like when you get to the horn

  49. Yay Abby! Praying for stronger winds, calm waves, Sunshine, and Mild tempratures!

  50. Wonderfull hearing from u Abby looks like you,ll soon be round Cape Horn and on to Cape of Good Hope !Brilliant progress have a marvelous Voyage !

  51. Abby, my kids and I are praying for your safety. You seem like a very mature and intelligent person. Keep up the good work. We are pulling for you in Georgia.

  52. The fact that you have lots of birds around indicates that you are close to shore, and that must add a measure of comfort. Good sailing Abby! I check your blog when I first get up in the morning and again before I go to bed.

  53. Your Oklahoma Well-WisherMarch 24, 2010 at 6:37 AM

    So excited for you getting so close, and possibly getting a visit from Dad! Keep it up, Abby, you are awesome! Peace, Your Oklahoma Well-Wisher

  54. Will be glad to see you go around the Horn and into the Atlantic for the 2nd part of your trip.

    It is amazing that so many people are following yours and Jessica's trips. It just shows what you ladies can do. Don't have driver's license so you sail around the world. Guess you have something that most people don't, a Captain's License. :)

    Fair winds

    Jim in Az

  55. booby birds? ahem, can u post a pic of them? glad things are going well for ya.

  56. Hi Miss Abby,
    You look lucky, somehow, as such a calm weather is not usual where you are. Even too lucky, as you would prefer some wind! Don't wish too hard, because you might be overwished by some storm. Taking things as they come is the best sailors' philosophy.
    Your birds must be skuas, I agree with Larry. The most common brownies around. Google some skua image and you will confirm it from seeing the real ones near you.
    So, is Jessica an Aussie or a Kiwi? Why not both? And as her ancestors certainly came from any european country, and probably several, she might as well be considered English, Irish, French, Scottish, Dutch, German, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Polish or from many other shores. Plus, she certainly has dozens of american cousins. Nationality is a secondary question. While sailing around the globe, she is first of all an outstanding teenager, citizen of the world, and a role model for all. May I add that all this should apply to Abby, as well? We have two fantastic human beings, and they are young, and they are females (both points often considered like a handicap). We are proud of them, and their nationality doesn't matter much... even if the places where they do usually live wil be naturally proned to celebrate even more than the other ones!

  57. Abby,

    Thanks for the update. Rockin n' Rollin in 50s on the way to blow the Horn. Could be a new song? Hopefully the wind will be in your favor soon. Take care.

    Charlotte, NC

  58. I am cheering for you Abby! Keep it up.

  59. Hi

    Good luck for Cape Horn. You and Jessica are truelly remarkable.

  60. Super comment, RichieP. You got it. Thanks for those clear and supportive words for these heroines of the wild waves! Go you stateswomen of the world!

    Andy,Brisbane, temporarily in Toscana

  61. @ Jony the Pony: Boris, Jony the Pony, Jony the Pony, Boris



  62. Hi Abby,
    As usual another great post. It won't be long and you will be able to smell that wonderful fragrance of 'land'.
    It was good to hear that your Dad will be checking up on you and Wild Eyes at the Cape. Make sure everything is ship shape! We don't want him sending you to your room while you are rounding the Cape!
    Please be alert out there Abby and keep on prepping.
    God Bless you.
    @anonymous 7:46AM Thank you for the video link of Abby's brother Zac. He sure is a cool dude! I must admit just seeing that video and knowing what Abby and Jesse are doing really makes all the grammer and nationality type comments TOTALLY MEANINGLESS in the real scheme of things

  63. Hi Abby
    I'm disappointing in the comment made by
    Bob in Sydney.

    The comment Jessica is only technically an Aussie but is really a Kiwi is also disappointing.

    Jess was Born: 18th May 1993 on the Gold Coast, Jessica currently lives in Buderim Australia.

    Jess's Parents have chosen to bring there children up in a country of there choosing.

    We in Australia,USA,Canada and New Zealand
    all, except the indigenous population come from from other lands.

    Abby I'm sure you are a proud Amirican like I'm sure jess is a proud Aussie and both of you are proud representives of your generation no matter where you come from.

    I hope after both stateswomen of the world! have finished there journey

    Will stand together on stage and receive equal praise for what they achieve.

    With Respect


  64. Ahhh, the Bobby bird! Definitely got a chuckle from me as I recalled Zac's visit from the bird that would not leave! Good times!

    You are approaching the Cape. Amazing! Can't wait to see some video and pics from the crew as you celebrate this feat. I know your Dad will be very emotional and filled with pride at your accomplishment. Can't wait to celebrate with all of you!

    Melanie in Torrance

  65. 03-24-10 @ 12:21
    Hi Abby,
    Well, if “Wild Eyes” isn’t Rocking n’ Rolling to much, you could always turn up the music and grab Charlie and Mr. Doggie and have a blast…lol..
    Chin-up young Lady, you’ll be getting your wind, and before you know it you’ll be looking back at the Cape and you’ll be saying “Is that all there is to that”
    I’m glad to see that your Dad may get to visit you at the Cape, priceless moments for you both to remember.
    Sometimes it takes a while for the body to acclimate itself to the changes in weather but you’re there now so it’s all behind you. It might be all for the best if “Wild Eyes” is scaring all them birds away. They could leave one hell-uv-a mess behind for you to clean up. Lots of acid in their waste also.
    Well Abby, keep on rolling around out there and keep up the good work. You are doing a great job, now’s the time for a little patience, that’s all part of the job…lol…(The job of entertaining all of us armchair wannabee, couldabeen sailors) Thank you,
    May God hold you in the palm of His hand and may the Angels keep your sails full, and I, I will be praying for you.
    Your faithful friend, fan and follower.
    Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

  66. Hey abby, I've just started reading your blog and I wanted to say that I think what you're doing is absolutely amazing! Keep it up, just always remember that you are incredible for what you do but also for your ambition.
    Good luck, I'll cross my fingers for ya ;)
    Bambi x

  67. re: boat differences: I'm glad they have different sailing yachts as for someone who hasn't been in a sailboat since 1959, therefore knowing almost nothing about this sport or adventure, it's been great educational fun to learn about the workings of each craft. So thank you Abby for being born with a love for speed and choosing a boat other than a S&S 34.

    Jony the Pony: You must have not read Zac's book. He took along with him, knowing he'd be bored out of his mind at times, one of those self strap-on jetpacks and would circle around above his boat often and land as smooth as any self respecting albertos.

    Old girl from Qld: If I had a dollar for every time I've gotten "you're & your" wrong, I could almost join Laurence when he flies South.

    RichieParis: Well said and I might add if you go back far enough, we all came out of Africa.

    Abby: Last but not least! I'll be watching PW often now till you're all the way around and hope you get good challenging weather. Not too little or too much, but just right. Good luck!

  68. Abby, I love checking your map and blog every day to keep track of your adventure! ~Steve (Illinois)

  69. (My last post showed up as posted by Andrea ---don't know how that happened.
    Guess we'll see how this one does....)

    Hi Abby,

    I really appreciate that you post often and keep us so up to date with what
    going on with you and Wild Eyes. As I've said before, we tend to fret about you
    when a few too many hours pass between your posts....it's just a natural
    'parent' thing--in our case 'bloggerparent' thing. :)

    You are doing a great
    job sailing along toward the Cape. When you round it next week I hope you have
    just enough 'weather' to make it interesting for you but not so much that your
    Dad's 'visit' is delayed. It is just great that he is going to be there!!!

    You are making memories for a lifetime.....enjoy every moment of your journey!
    And thanks SO much for taking such a huge crowd of us along for the ride. It is
    a thrill for us too!!

    Stay alert, sail smart, sail safe!

    Janell in Oklahoma, USA

  70. Hi Abby! We are a homeschooling family from Florida and we are really enjoying "watching" your adventure unfold! What a brave young woman you are and how brave your mom is!!!

    To those that choose to make negative comments - I am sure there is enough glory in this event for both Abby and Jessica to share. The number of people that have done this AT ANY AGE is minute!

    Godspeed Abby! ~ A Florida Mom

  71. Hey Abby,

    Sounds like you are doing great and enjoying every day of the journey. We are all behind you as you near the Cape Horn passage. Hope you see your Dad then too. Your blogging is great. I think you got the hang of it. You are being yourself and just sharing your day and showing your sense of fun and adventure about it all. All good preparation for writing a book about your adventures. Just one question: Do you and Jessica talk about boys? LOL!!! Great to hear the two of you are getting on together. You are a good support for each other too having the same goal and all. I don't see it as competing with anyone. Records will be broken and someone younger will come along and break both your records. But you both have this common bond of a love for the sea, sailing, adventure, and testing your metal as they say. And you both are incredibly brave, strong, and determined women. You will both make a good catch for some lucky guy someday. But there's lots of time for that, eh? Be safe out there. When you see those inspiring sights on the ocean, just remember, "This is the day the Lord has made". And we are all truly blest to be a part of it all.

    John in Ashland, OR

  72. Hello Abby, First post here. From near your home in Ventura I have been following you from the start. Thanks for sharing your amazing trip. Can you post some more video ? maybe as you round the cape. Some pictures would be great, some of yourself too. Enjoy every moment! I will continue to pray for your safe passage.

    Your neighbor in California

  73. @Bob in Sydney: I can only hope you are a child who posted such a comment without your parents' consent.
    We should be giving support and encouragement to these two amazing girls thru our comments. And that's all.
    Abby, stay safe, keep calm and positive. Thousands of us are praying for your safe return.
    Neil in Qld (Australia).

  74. g'day u commenters,wow!haven't i hit a collective nerve.all you peoples out there wan't to turn my comments into racial remarks.they are not.i simply want to point out that abby has it much easier than jessica,bright eyes looks like it could sail to the moon and back,with its anteni and propellers and bits and pieces sticking out every where.now jessica's boat is a
    pure bred sailing boat with very few gadgets.
    by the time abby finishers her journey with the help of every device known to man,jessica will have been there and done that. bob sydney.

  75. Abby,
    Just think, you could be stuck in a cubicle like me all day long. Your site is a escape for folks like me

  76. Hi Abby,

    When you see birds gather it could mean that fish are under the birds feeding. This is the perfect time to put out your trolling feathers. During the morning and sunset dark colors are good and during the day when the sun is shinning light colors are better.

    I remember you posting that you had not caught fish yet. You are in an area where there may be Tuna and when the water gets warmer there will be Mahi Mahi.

    So happy you are making reasonable time. You be at Cape Horn before you know it.

    Have a wonderful visit with your Dad.

    TIght lines and lots of wind.

    Kenny B

  77. Hi Abby, I came home before going to my grandaughter's ball game and thought I would check to see how you were doing. I wished you had more wind, I know it is a little boring when you are not moving very much. It will be nice to see your dad, hope that will happen. Take care and hang in there, you are doing great. My grandkids feel like they know you because I talk so much about you and your trip, I keep them updated and they are enjoying it as much as I am. Gail/Ventura

  78. In my opinion Abby and Jessica are the following

    Role models

    I could care less what country they come from.


    Best Wishes from Donna in SF

  80. Bonjour Abby & Wild Eyes,

    You rock and You roll! :-)

    Take care, Be safe.

    Added twonie to the loonie worth of my previous allusion to the parallel discussion happening:

    @ Anonymous March 23, 2010 8:12 PM and March 24, 2010 1:48 PM - Food for thought:



  81. Bob in Sydney --

    When they both finish, Jessica will be the first 16 year old to achieve a solo unassisted circumnavigation, and Abby will be the youngest. Each is a unique achievement that would be a lifetime accomplishment for any sailor. And they are friends to boot.

    Each has different equipment, and Bright Eyes is, as you point out, a wonderful, state of the art sailboat. But lots of people can handle a state of the art sailboat. What they are both putting out is more than half a year of their lives in the continuous vigilance and hard work of solo sailing. It's not so much that you have struck a nerve as that you are simply out of touch with what is going on.

    You don't seem to want to let go of the idea that this is a competition between two sailors. The competition is between each of them and the ocean and both Jessica and Abby are making everyone who is following them proud.

    Insist to yourself, if you must, that they are competing against each other, but don't be surprised to find a lack of sympathy for your position. I for one just don't care.

  82. Hi Abby,

    Thanks again for the update. Glad to hear everything is going well for you. We check in to your blog every day with great anticipation. Glad to hear also that you and Jess are in touch. Although its fun to watch her trip, there's no substitute for cheering the home team. You bring great pride to the United States and we're hoping for your save and successful return. All the best.

  83. Hey Abby. Great updates. All the best for your Cape rounding. Stay safe and good sailing.

  84. Abby-
    He's hoping that you get to make friends with a Booby. Maybe the same one that kept Zac company
    (the messy one) Fair Winds.
    Kodiak Mike

  85. This is a competition alright, no buts about that.

    Both Abby and Jessica are fearlessly competitive young women - they wouldn't be attempting this if they weren't.

    Abby and her team are fully aware they've left their attempt a bit late in the season (because of icebergs, weather etc) and the stop for repairs hasn't helped. However, in order for Abby to claim the 'youngest' title they have to attempt it now.

    More so, this is a competition between Australia and the USA - both countries stand proud when their nationals do well and IMO is why there's sniping going on in this blog.

    This is why I pointed out to @Bob in Sydney that his 'True Blue' Aussie girl is in fact not so true blue after all.

    Jessica has dual citizenship with New Zealand, (she has passports for both countries), all her living family members are New Zealand born (except siblings)and in an article I read her auntie states if Jessica's attempt is successful the family will push the New Zealand nationality side of things.

    As mentioned in my last post, best wishes to both Abby and Jessica - you are both outstanding, courageous role models.

    Peter in Brisbane

  86. Hi Abby,

    How much sleep do you get per day. Do you sleep 8 hours at a time.

    Captain Bill from San Diego

  87. you need to tell more and more secrets

  88. Wow as a fist time blogger it was to mysurprise that this was the first blog i would like to follow and as i am writting this may i say what a wonderful writer you are and hope your trip went well.

  89. Hey Abby,

    Please be careful around the horn! I know you have a few more days but it's really awful down there...be safe and may the whales carry you safely to the other side of the horn...speaking of whales, have you seen many...I'd think you would be bumpin into some humpbacks headed south again.

  90. You rock! Just wanted to let you know that, and I can only hope that just one or all of my three girls will grow up to be half as ambitious as you are. I am just amazed at your will and determination.... Your parents must be so proud and should be. Great Job Mom and Dad! oh yea... GREAT JOB ABBY!

  91. WOW!!! How exciting!! Go Abby. We're with you all the way. Can't wait for tomorrow. Sailor Guy.

  92. Hi Abby. A cowboy from Colorado is writing to you to tell you that I am praying for you every day- someitmes at night I wake and pray for you.
    Are you doing ok? Your pace has slowed, and no post today...just wondering. We have no water here, but Mountains and horses. I spend time alone with them, and I envy your solitude.
    Let us know how it's going.
    May the Peace that only He can give you, be yours in yor darkest hours. May His love surround and protect you!

  93. Congratulations Abby! Nice job. Enjoy your movie.

    Wisconsin, USA

  94. Congrats Captain Abby!!! Put that foot on the table and enjoy the moment for you have certainly earned the right. But their are still challenges to be conquered. I'm certain you are deserevedly proud of yourself for your sailing accomplishments. But, you should be equally proud of the inspiration you are providing to your peers, and showing us 'older' folks that you 'kids' can "git r done". Surfing @ 17 knots has to be a rush! Fair winds and calm seas.
    Harvey ellis/ Gainesville ga.

  95. Thank heaven - you're over a rough spot - with so many prayers and who knows what's keeping you safe under water. Bless your heart. I'm relieved this part of your journey is behind you. Sail On.


  96. Great Job Girl.Gods Speed

  97. Hi Abby

    Many congratulations on your safe rounding of Cape Horn. Another milestone and achievement for a well deserving teenager. Seems like you and Jessica have beaten the boys. Girls RULE OK!!!!!

    Keep safe, God Bless

    Heather Perham